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9/23/20: Vaccine Slowed Down as Election Looms

2020-09-23 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Jesse Lee Peterson, Host of The Jesse Lee Peterson Show and The Fallen State, joins David to discuss American politics, Donald Trump, and more, in the way only Jesse Lee can

--Democrats may well be powerless to stop Donald Trump's replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court

--Donald Trump plans to nominate a true Handmaid's Tale dystopian nightmare to the Supreme Court to replace Ruth Bather Ginsburg, potentially a 7th Circuit Court Judge named Amy Coney Barrett

--This week's edition of Hatriot Mail

--In breaking news we learn that the FDA will put in place stricter requirements for an upcoming coronavirus vaccine Emergency Use Authorization, all but guaranteeing there will be no approval before election day

--Donald Trump's latest rally in Moon Township/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania goes horribly wrong

--Donald Trump supporters are already intimidating voters participating in early voting, including in Virginia

--Pro-Trump voicemail caller asks David why any Jewish American wouldn't support Donald Trump

--On the Bonus Show: Pelosi won't rule out another impeachment, 9 million Americans still missing stimulus checks, NYC among "anarchist" cities named by White House, much more...

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The David Jackman Shell, David Tagamet, died guarded, ok guys. We have to start today with a very real, very soul, in conversation. I wish we didn't have to have this conversation, but I'm not going to blow smoke up down in out of anywhere. Maybe we can get. The positive out of it, and I say that in a sort of toy, or you know it's gonna- be asked way a teachable moment like maybe we can
actually get something out of this, because its increasingly clear that Republicans, if they choose to if they decide that the political risks are reasonable, are going to have the votes to move forward with a replacement of Ruth Baker. Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, yes, hypocrites! Yes, there completely ignoring the guidelines they claimed were necessary in twenty. Sixteen, deny Barack Obama a Supreme Court, pick to replace the late justice Anthony Scalia with America. Ireland, but the reality is we have to deal with reality. That Democrats right now don't have a path to stopping Donald Trump from replacing Ruth bade her Ginsburg. It will be up to report and remember that the numbers are Republicans at fifty three of the one hundred Senate seats.
In order to deny them the fifty one or it's really fifty votes that they have to be denied, because even in a fifty fifty vote, MIKE pants gets to tie break and you know how that will go. We need to find or Republicans who will refused. Move forward with a confirmation we heard from early summer cowskin from Alaska? She is one such Republican, who has said at least not before the election during the lame duck. Who knows? We then heard Susan Collins remain on another republican senator who says not before the election now but bear in mind, even if we wait it out until November third, and Joe Biden wins these same two Republicans last summer, Cowskin Susan Collins, may well be willing to put someone through during a lame duck period and in any case Who isn't going to be enough to stop it Donald Mitt Romney, rather is someone that people have been looking towards.
Maybe Mitt Romney could be a third Republican as a right now, Mitt Romney has said it looks like he's going to be ok moving forward, and even if Mitt Romney could be added as number three tuna lest you need a fourth, so the reality today is we have to contend with this situation. There is a very real practical lesson here and it's a lesson to all of those people. You remember them. I remember them some of them. And have you tube channels who, in twenty sixteen, were saying trumpet. Hilary are two sides of the same coin. If its tramper Hilary, I dont care they're, both corporatist centrists and it really doesn't matter which one is elected for the next four years or eight years, and I mention the Supreme Court in Twenty- Fifteen and twenty sixteen- and you know some of these clowns- some of them said Supreme Court. It's not like Hilary going too
EC. Any real left wingers to the court. Well, Donald Trump stole one Obama with Neil Gore such and then he got Brett Cavanaugh two ludicrous ideologues, the likes of which Hillary Clinton never would have even considered putting on the court and now Donald Trump is on the verge of in greening the most conservative Supreme Court in a long time by replacing Ruth bade her Ginsburg with a straw It up, handmaids tail right wing coldest, who I will be talking about later This is not, I told you so stuff, This is a learning experience. This is learning from mistakes. If we can learn from it now, if we can, then we arguably deserve what's coming and what's coming could be very, very bad. The Supreme Court did matter the people who wrote it off in twenty six,
in and the people who are writing it off right now in twenty twenty, they were wrong. They are wrong period. Abortion rights are now going to be in question partially because there were people in twenty. Sixteen who mistakenly thought Trumpery Hilary can lead to the same results. This is not about shaming people. This is not about shame. This is about hey guys. Some of us questioned the importance of the difference between trumpet Hilary in twenty six need, not me, but some of us did. This is about understanding that there are things we can do, chrome and things we can control in twenty. Sixteen, we could control our votes in the primaries. Once Hilary was the nominee, we couldn't change that, but we could then control whether we voted in November of twenty sixteen and who we voted for, and some people made the decision not to vote some people who supported
and that its other than Hilary during the primary made the decision not to vote or to vote for tromp or to write somebody in or whatever and of course, a whole bunch of other things happened as well, which affected the results, but it was ultimately seventy seven thousand votes in three key states, and now Donald Trump is going to get his third Supreme Court Pick in one term, possibly with more coming. If he gets a second term, they were wrong. Then many of them acted like spoiled children. Then there are not the only thing to blame, of course, but they were wrong. The whole both sides- or this aim. Ideology is an easy way for lazy people or intellectually and curious, people to feel as though there above it all, I've sometimes used the term enlightened centrist, there's also these folks on the left and on the right. It's not just centrists and it has been a disaster. So ok, it's almost October. What can we
control. Now we can control whether we vote in this election weaken control, whether Donald Trump get for more years and potentially one or even to more Supreme Court picks and, as a result, gets to set the country on what will potentially be one of its darkest periods, certainly of the twenty first century. Probably for for longer, and if you need any further words of warning. Let's discuss next, who Donald Trump is considering to replace Ruth Vader Ginsburg, it's just opiate, let's discuss it. Everybody needs to buckle up because things are about to get absolutely insane as Donald Trump is to nominate one of a few distill paean handmaids tail type. Ideologues cultivates literal contests to the Supreme Court to replace Ruth bade her Ginsburg Donald.
He said he will be making the announcement Saturday, five pm eastern from the White House, one of the people, Donald Trump, is reportedly considering who is again. Reports are the chief the front runner is Judge Amy, Coney Barrett. Who is it and Strove E weighed against abortion connected to the right wing, federalist society, part of a pseudo relief. This cult and has a long list of absolutely disturbing beliefs which we are going to discuss now. Why is he me Coney Barrett, unknown entity. She's, a known entity, because a back and twenty seventeen under Trump she was confirmed to the Seventh Circuit Court of appeal, and so we learned a lot about her in twenty seventeen. To start with, she is a strict construction, honest who has
criticise Roby Wade many times and said that the court is likely to chip away at abortion. Protections on the Friday show all talk more about what that could actually look like bear it, and her husband are members of a group called people of pre is this is a cult. I got emails from viewers whose families were previously involved with people of praise. It is a pseudo religious pseudo church cult, it's not exactly a church, it's a christian Parish Church Organization and it is reminiscent of Gilgad in Margaret outwards, handmaids tail. If you read about people of praise, you will see that example, the highest office, a woman can hold in a people of praise community is, Now called woman leader it used to be called handmaid. I am not exaggerating, this is literally trump going in the direction direction of a Margaret Atwood skill
yeah, I'm not making it up, as I mentioned, bear it used to be a member of the Federalist society. That's the group that actually was bank rolling, the nomination of bread, Cavanaugh the court Amy Coney Bear. It is eager to get rid of Obamacare Barrett reportedly spoke to students will now she did speak to students at Notre. Dame reportedly said that a legal career is merely a means to an end and that the end wait for it is building the kingdom of God a religious called. This too believes legal careers are meant to serve. God is potentially going to be nominated to the Supreme Court to replace Ruth bade her Ginsburg. That is what we are up against here: seventy seven thousand votes in three states, God,
here today now bear. It is only a few of what are considered to be the front runners, so we could go into berets court decisions which are disturbing but she may not actually be the nominees so weighed on that will wait and see who actually is selected on Saturday. The time will come for that. So we are slow but surely moving more and more towards a status quo that resembles that of disturbing in fiction, including that describe by Margaret Atwood in Handmaids tail and the sequel, the testaments, which I also record I read it a couple months ago and this is where we are. We have an election in under six weeks to go from Ruth Bayer. Ginsburg to this lunacy is beyond devastating. Gilias is a sort of report, lookin, religious right, winger wet dream, and it is what Donald Trump is created: a sort of male dominated conservative society suppression.
Of minority rights prevalence of certain people seen more as though they are less than human and more like property than others. Not literal slavery, of course, at the suppression of women's rights. It's all happening Margaret Atwood created the story to serve as a warning and the report, can party under Donald Trump is using it almost like a blueprint. Republicans are trying to create that religious body within government within the Supreme Court, giving them veto power over culture and society. It's not just this. This is no longer like left versus right, it's far deeper than that its ideological, it's this dopey and it's a nightmare, and we can't control everything as I said, but we can still control whether we all get out and vote. Forty five percent of eligible adults didn't vote in twenty,
sixteen non voters, one so to speak, or if not, Voting was a candidate non voting would have won in something like the five or ninety percent of the states in twenty. Sixteen, let's not forget that we have agency here we can take action but it looks like it's going to get very, very ugly, very, very quickly. Let me know your thoughts about the direction of all of this. I'm on twitter at deep I, the David Pachmann Shell, David Pachmann, Dotcom, real,
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programmes mostly funded by memberships membership, serve quick, easy, cheap and come with the daily bonus show an extra show just for our members grab on them. Ship in under a minute or take long Grammy? Listen if you want to spend five minutes on it by all means, but you only need about forty five seconds at joint Hackmen dot com. It is time for hatred, mail, reminder. What is hatred male anyway, because we don't care about liberal colleagues, so much that we spend our time writing to their age Orient ridden by patriot. To Hay David Bagman, because America, because freedom, yeah so hate male. Is I get a lot of hate mail and some of it is interpretive. We read by a professional voice over our, There is a lot of meat and real
ugly stuff in this week's patriot male. Let's take a lesson David Pachmann hating on guns, whole jewel, confirmed YAP, predictable, I could only get through a moment of your socialist drivel. Weird does David really look jewish, I am, but into him for a second send. You know David howdy, explain jewish people success yet don't look? Jewish continue. To be an interesting one that we we ve talked about that and in fact there is. There is actually a lot of interesting sociological stuff about this
the of looking jewish or looking this that or the other thing let's not get into that- is that it's pretty ugly, but still with the socialist stuff. At this point it a very interesting thing. I think I get as much criticism from the audience from people who attack me wrongly for being a socialist or a communist as do from people who are mad, that I'm not a socialist or a communist. It's a very interesting thing, as many of you know, I'm a social. I'm a crowd in the northern european tradition. The this is a form of capitalism is well regulated. Capitalism, using redistributive mechanisms to sure that no one standard of living is, is unnecessarily low and There are people on the right who dont care and insist that I am socialist or a communist, and then there are people on the left who are mad. Then I'm not actually a socialist or a communist. You can't please everybody and lately
It seems like you, almost companies, anybody, but what you can do to fight patriotism in your community is too. Use the coupon code. Patriot, forty, when you sign up for a membership, you go to join Batman, dot com. You will be presented with a coupon code field, you type in Hatriot for T H, a t r. I o t for zero and you'll save forty percent. Okay. We do have some important news today about the hopefully forthcoming corona virus vaccine as men if you now Donald Trump, has put many political eggs in the basket of being able to announce a corona virus vaccine before election day and on, from his for a while now been talking about, could be MID October could be even sooner and remember that this was never going to be a standard FDA approval for the vaccine. The hope was what tromp was counting on. Was an emergency use
authorization from the FDA now at its core from the starting point. An EU way is already not as rigorous of a process as a full approval for a vaccine, but even the possibility of emergency use. Authorization now is significantly less likely because the FDA announced just hours ago that it's going to be tightening up the authorization standards for vaccine emergency use making it very unlikely that Donald Trump is going to get this announcement before election day. Now this matters for two reasons. First of all, this matters from a public health standpoint. We need a vaccine and it's going to be longer than some hoped for the EU way now the cat Your point is, we all knew that Trump wanted to win. Now the EU way, even though the vaccine doses were, never really going to be available widely in twenty twenty. So this
not really change when the average person will get the vaccine its merely. In a change, Donald Trump, getting to announce it before the election and that's why there is a big political implication here. Donald Trump was counting on being buoyed in the. Holes. By being able to say we got a vaccine now we knew all along that, even if he got the emergency user authorization in the next few weeks before the election it was to be a while before anybody could really get the vaccine any significant number, a number of people, but incredibly this may be even more self inflicted damage by Donald Trump as part of the reason why the FDA is now saying we're going to make it tougher. Stricter we're gonna boost transparency, part of the reason they are doing. This is because so many people have expressed concern that Donald Trump has politicized. The vaccine and people are rightly sceptical about.
What it would really mean for an early you away from the FDA if the FDA is merely under the thumb of Donald Trump, the FDA is going to put in place a number of new requirements. It is going to put in place the requirement of following participants in these late stage, critically, go trials for a median of at least two months, starting after the second dose of the vaccine. The predominant number of vaccines being tested are two doses, typically separated by about thirty days per the news times as a sign that the vaccine works. The agency also is planning to look more closely at people with severe cases of corona virus and look being an ogre specifically people in the placebo groups, who got corona virus and doing a lot more than what somewhere, being would be done. If you were hoping for an early
approval of this is going to take time and the agency a previously said that any vaccine would have to be at least fifty percent more effective. And a placebo, so now were hearing from all sorts of experts, including Paul off it who directs the vaccine education centre at children's Hospital of Philadelphia. He says: quote it's hard to em imagine how an emergency use authorization could possibly occur before December? Medina has now said that are unlikely to have the required data by the end of October, asked Rosetta has had to stop their trial as there looking into this serious, neurological problem that happened to a participant in that trial. Pfizer had a vaccine, which Conceivably could have been the one that may be in Tobruk could have gotten an emergency use authorization, but based on the new restrictions that is likely to be postponed
now there is another sort of parallel story to this, which is that a whole bunch of the country still says they're not going to get a corona virus vaccine. They will not seek it out, and that is more Trump people than Biden people. People who, thanks in part to Donald Trump Administration, still aren't taken corona virus seriously. There is new data from the Pew Research Centre, which reports that the percentage of Americans who say they get the vaccine if it were available today has dropped to just about fifty percent back in May. In that same study, seventy two percent of respondents said I'd get the vaccine now, just over fifty percent of respondents say they would get them, seen so consider the insanity of this country. On the one hand, Trump has been banking on announcing a vaccine that
had no role in developing to try to get himself reelected. On the other hand, it's his followers who disproportionately the plan to get the vaccine anyway. Raising the question of well with the vaccine announced even really help trump that much I dont, know the answer it stunning stuff and it doesn't seem as though Donald Trump is going to get. That announced now one other issue to talk about. This is a broader issue and we're looking into bringing an expert on two asked them about. It. Should vaccines ever be authorized via an emergency use authorization anyway, there are critics who say EU ways are not for vaccines. Okay, you do you get early data room DES Severe is working. You do an emergency use. Authorization with would be no caveats and restrictions. You
early data that deck some methods zone is reducing mortality and serious corona virus patient? do an emergency use, authorization for a vaccine. You dont do it say some critics. Now there are others who say you you do, I keep an EU way for a vaccine on the table when you have thousands of people a week dying. If you get an efficacy signal that is good enough and what good enough means of Core- this needs to be delineated. More specifically, you you consider and Eu Way, then to figure out, do any of the vaccines that we actually have available warrant an EU way and that's a more specific question to be answered reasonable. People can disagree about that from a political standpoint. It does not appear that Donald Trump is going to get. It we're going to have more on vaccination on the David packing show? Instagram, that's David Pachmann Show on Instagram make sure you're following a state
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Is it the studio when I was in LOS Angeles? Yes, you are, you are you? Are you a pastor as well? Do I recall that correctly or your christian pastor- I am your and what what denomination now do domination of Christian. Ok, and I remember that you're studio and allay people may find this interesting. Is it also some kind of christian counselling centre is. Do I remember that correctly? Were you council, young men yeah, but in this area. We have. I am offices upstairs his only we council, I ain't, housing, boss guy bottle of all a by fall, we do have is easy for the votes. That's fast waiting and so now you're you're, not like a therapist right you're, not a social worker or a psychologist, or anything like that. No different, council, ok, that's on in California, that's an unregulated credential right! Anybody can use that term. Will you have two? You have to be a minister or pass your as simple as that
you could do counselor under the heading of your ministry wow, and that in insurance doesn't cover that right. It ass. It does in California. You can go to a councillor whose just a minister and its considered a medical visit. One hundred monsieur as amount of vat is better that you come to maiden and people with I well, that's an opponent, that's an opinion, but I'm concerned with the legal piece. If you know about away, we are where is David, even though I had to know you? When are we still really thought about throw my friends are ok they're up, but if better did you come to me than a person with a degree, because if you notice to educate people dumb, they have no sense. I would have noticed that I have not noticed that they end up given People actually run after just before it. People brought out a mighty. They give a medication because a therapist, the train therapies and causing a psychologist as I can.
Who have no common said: wait: a lotta people, you mention real alot of the people. You just mentioned, can't even prescribed medication, so psychologist don't prescribe neither do social workers. So what you're saying you know you know it's not true right where what I'm saying is that people with degrees dummies they have no common, said Joe guy. He was so went o them. I gotcha are now I understand the first thing you said is literally impossible because they can't prescribe, but Glad to that. You glad to hear that good and you can prescribe you're, not prescribing anything, I'm I'm guessing. No, no, no good! So listen, Jesse! We're on the press, this here of an election, and the reason I wanted to talk to you is to figure out on, because you're such a master of policy, be no economics, and trade, and all of these things I wanted to figure Where are you are on Trump and policy, so let just begin with. I mean you, you approve of the job. The president is doing right, he's done.
An amazing job. Thus far is by other children. Other lie, yeah children are allowed a liberal media, democratic parted and now the trappers right, o Republicans neglect race hustlers. In a radical homosexuals. They have been a guess how, by is our enemies overseas as well, but it is vital that he's done an amazing jobs are former years other grief, white, hope, media and when you talk about the job, that Trump has done just pick something to really dig into and make the sum you know. I want to take the interview seriously and you know, hopefully it devolved the way. Some of the prior interviews have electing economics and taxation, for example, do you like the Trump tax plan If so, what do you like about it? What that's why I like the fact that he is cut back on tysons and give him more money to the workers rather than taking it
I like the fact that he has made it easier for small businesses to get Goin, even though we have chinese bar situation right now, so do economy has Doppler a bit, but is starting to combat a new. What counts in Brasilia donation? But let's pick something like that, but I for one thing: what is Trump done to make it easier for businesses to get going back cutting back on so many rules or regulations that democratic had established like what. What's an example of such a request, such a rule, I don't have any say in my right now be a book. Rules. Regulation that was revealed in small businesses will start in happy taken away by the great? I hope what would be, but so give me I don't. I know that there's dozens and dozens, but what one such rule that was taken away, that now makes it easier to start a business, nothing to my right now it is there anything
that you can remember even seeing at any time nothing come to mind nothing wow! That's amazing! Mosher, yeah! Ok, all right! So let's stick with economics just for a moment. What do you think the top marginal tax rate should be for for top earners? Good question man? I don't know I've thought about this warrant. Is it to hire too low? Currently so I know, I'm sorry, would you say you fall, went off woman words, you say I said: do you think the car top marginal tax rate is too high or too low. I'm not sure this avenue, you're not sure. So how do you know that trumps tax plan is good? If you don't even know what tax rates are and how we change them will be. As I have not been focusing on that lately more important stage and think about and know who that has not been one of my primary focus at this point. Are it well? Let's take a different topic, then Donald trump me a huge deal during the campaign in twenty. Six
and now about trade trade with China, Trade with Mexico and Canada, Do you believe that Donald Trump has fulfilled his campaign problem? is on trade, or do you believe he has fallen short? He has not fallen short, but he has not come needed them. It is sad that, while we have to wonder to read about not do all that, we have to do former years gaps, so he can find the trade deals that he is working on. What would You, like tat all you him do on trade that he's not yet done to make sure that America has been treated fairly and tree deals We are not giving away or being used as we. Been abandoned impasse in those ways, interesting so Donald, yesterday at his rally, said that he fixed China, that now China has to treat us fairly because he fixed it, and he says that he fixed Canada and met
ago with U S embassy ay, so there now treating as fairly so who is left, that's not treating us fairly on trade imagine that yesterday I didn't hear that at all it was either yester, Emily, rallies or blending together. Maybe it was the eighty four did he say who who was laughter? He? How can you know I'm asking you the EU is treating us remains a car, the why half postmen boys person and they can ask worth it for? I have no idea what I miss in but I'm trying to understand just government, so you asked me the wrong question right, but so You? U asserted that you, like a lot of what Trump accomplished on trade I believe, but who I see address it out now hold on Jesse Holler half about David? You have to call the how you are going to have plenty of time to answer. Let me just get the question out. You asserted that you, like Some of what he did on trade by you want to see him do more, I'm saying what more should he do? I have
No idea Dave you gonna, he does so you should call them and asked them. You asked me to run quite an oak. That's that's interesting because it sound like you, don't really know. What's going on, not We not now tat area and I'm not concern about that. Either I'm gone well, but you mentioned. It is something you like, so it must concern you to send a group that has done it for bringing jobs back as far as some of the changes he has done, but for more information you should contact them but you don't think you should be in your way on you. I just saw you should contact them. Don't you understand, you is hard to understand. No! It's crook coming! It's actually coming here earlier than that. If you want to continue, you need to move on because you asking the wrong person so a very strong advocate of the president and you very low how're. You worry you powerfully say on your programme. People should vote for him, but you seem unable to articulate what is actually done by those say you just
I have no idea neighborhoods. Ok, how would you tackle climate change Jesse? No such thing. Ok, in an elaborate on that for law about a liberal Democrats in order to get more money and power and control people. Climate change is fake. You know in some countries climb change is much less politicized. In other words, you might have scientists who are conservative and scientists who are liberal? They all agree about it. Why do you think in other countries, even the serve it. If scientists except the science on climate, I have no idea, but in America Climate change is fake, in America, Asia Goethe. Maybe it knows that I don't know Will Europe be able those other countries they control the people, because people weak minded and allowed himself to be controlled by lies? Interesting,
and that's how many ages frigates happening in other countries- our maybe I don't know for sure, was gone on other country, road and my country is climate. It fake. Are you on your ear? Of course in coasts, California, which is the place that if the sea level he used to rise could have flooding problems. We have also seen a no or of prominent conservatives abandon California for more politically conservative parts of the country. Is that something you're thinking about about abandoned for you, yeah, because it so liberal, not at this time of me at one time, for the first time in Alma avenge uses nineteen sixty eight yeah it cross, my my, but I'm not ready to pack up a run at this time. I believe emerge. Odd. California will come back to become a conservative state, because Democrats have done a good job is screwed up.
When it comes to illegal aliens. Homelessness is not a lot down for this called chinese bars, the fires, high taxes, and even with all of that Jesse, you still prefer it to other conservative parts of the country after decades. That's interesting! I because I love avoid light they were used. Be beauty up beautiful at one time, a light, the opportunities in California and just an amazing state. We just need to get the Democrats out every place, a whit conservative Republicans right and you think you'll like it even more. If republicans take over California, if they are conservatives, and not rivals. I believe that we can put it back to normal state a b and prior to the democratic, completely taken over what something really specific in terms of the law that you'd like to see California do differently, it could be anything it could be on. You know guns it could be on economic policy,
What would you like to see changed in California from a legal standpoint? what number one I would like to see the borders closed, shit now incompleteness zone illegal cannot come in like to see a lot of us if we were not and cannot and should not pay for so called health care for illegal aliens or anyone whose unwilling to work for themselves. I would love to see lower taxes for home buyers land by some people say that the restriction as far as the second amendment rioting, take their hands of our second amendment. We have the right to buy bullets while oh whatever guy we want at hat as many as we want. I would take some of those rules,
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Donald from held another rally. Yesterday, this time it was an moon, Township Pennsylvania, which is where I guess the Pittsburgh Airport is Trump having in every state and basically telling them all the same thing. Now your state had its best year ever last year, then The China virus came in ass. He calls it, but next year is going to be the best again. It's gonna be the best year ever next year, Trump seemed sort of. Particularly wound up yesterday. Maybe he was reacting to early news that the vaccine emergency you saw. The relation he had been hoping for four October is not going to happen, as we discussed earlier in the programme could have any You never know could have seen something on the plane on the way and that enraged him. Let's look at some out. Rageous moments? I know that lots of these rallies start to blend together, but we are under six weeks from the election and people are voting now early voting absentee voting. I dont want
any of this behaviour to be normalized, so we're going to keep talking about it maybe the strangest moment of the entire event was Donald Trump. Mending that he doesn't have any friends anymore check this out the crowd sort of doesn't know what to make of it. I could call up every guy, they call me up and they say, Sir, how are you, Sir Mister President? I a frenzy I dont have too many friends because I used to be comfortable. You may have to be comfortable with Paypal, and I have friends I have one Frederick Talk about animals epidemic multiply this times a hundred people, and Richard used to call me up five six years ago. Here, let's have dinner, where do you want to go gotta, some crazy russia. Today, the restaurant draw closer to you. I didn't want to open up. They want to make do badly until November what don't wear their opening a November for so much richer on the phone wretched. My friend for many many years,
I said I, Mr President, How are you sure, well he's been gloomy, Danny and die dj at all. Richard you, ok, ever they good your service Sir you're doing a great job and I'd like to thank you good Richard Richard loosen up. As you will have to call me mister. I said that just call me Donald. It's ok! Thank you done labour, We appreciate it and you hear the guy can't breathe, is having a hard time be very nervous and then there, surrounding us. Mr President, again, thank you so much for the job you do hangs out myself. How can you be friends with you know? It just doesn't work. It's like I've lost a lot of people this way there is a lot going on there psychologically that would be great fodder for a few years of psychotherapy for Donald Trump, really a ton of it. But as a story, TAT I'll at a rally. It is bizarre and odd, and then this was maybe
I favour a moment of the entire rally. Trump did the sir routine, about millennia, his wife, so the sir routine is when Trump tells a story of some one talking to him, he'll kill say, and they came to me and they said sir. We can't do it or whatever right. This, time he tells a story in which MILAN Nea refers to him. As sir outrageous the bizarre happening that thing we're turn around like a pressure, and I guess, but they I want to show the crowds they never last. I now I went home and I judge you those. I go home all the time. First, lady how'd, you like that sir. I did you see it. I didn't Milan, yes said the Trump sir. I didn't see the crowd. How strange is that is this confirmation that trust
sir stories are lies, or is this an admission from trumped that his wife refers to him as Sir, either way it's not exactly stable genius, then trump went back to something he's been talking about more and more lately, which is space exploration NASA not as he. Referred to it over the weekend Mars, of course, as you, and I would know it and Trump. I guess, because he's just constantly thinking about golf talked about NASA's great Fair ways, rather than runways, take a look at the moon and the United States will be the first nation to land an astronaut on Mars. You know NASA was absolute disaster. Grass was growth with a fair deal, the fair ways to that, Airways, that's about all the use with available, and now we have something right through the the runways totally just utterly unintelligible. Donald Trump
I don't know if people have noticed this, but we saw their trump. Does this unintentional? Lee hilarious thing where most people, when they read a speech off of a prompter, the the idea it is. These are my words that I'm reading this is my speech. Trump reads: the prompter, almost like he's, reading a news, article and react to what's on the problem, you're like its news, and sometimes he actually seems sort of like surprised by what's on the prompter, it's bizarre, then Trump went into the These are our friend Erin Rupert on Twitter, called it Gore Porn Giorgio, already porn about S. Thirteen using knives. It is this which is just makes almost no sense. If you don't mind, Democrats will bring em
the hell out of our country will get a matter here. Some of them are so vile and we have to keep a widow wanna how's them for fifty years. But if we let him go, they come back in as much as we watch. If they come back and we want it, we don't want him. So we keep a mere. We have no choice. If the left gauge power they will abolish, Republicans will always they could abolish. Republicans will always stand with these incredible heroes of ice and border patrols. You have to see these ice people, they go into a den of Emma S, thirty and they go home again a nest. We have these guys at a vicious vicious gang members and they go in there. They just swinging the craziest. They they love it. Now who once said job you want that job. Even look he's a tough guy said he you, too tough guy, you don't want any part of it, it just incredible and they love our kind.
They love our culture. Then people say that too rough. You have no idea how bad some of these gangs, what they do they use knives because it's more painful they got people up again. The crowd is a mix of people, some of whom will just clap at anything trumpet. There was a particular woman behind Trump no matter what he said. She would start pumping her fists in and you know, cheering anything he said, but then there's another half of the crowd that has no idea what tromp is talking about the day ago, almost silent during these rallies, because it's all crazy trump then went into the portion of the speech which he's been doing lately, where he glorifies violence against journalists. Here he's talking, out, how funny it is that a guy who was a reporter was manhandled by law enforcement. Grab them. They were grab it on the left and right sometimes they grow
The grab one guy, I'm a reporter of reporter daddy, they reside like you is a little bag popcorn, but nobody, I've been Obviously, when you watch the crap that we all have to take so long. When you see, That is actually you don't want to do that. But when you see it, it's actually a beautiful site. It's a beautiful sight. Trump says reporters tossed around by law enforcement. You love to see it says trump and again the crowd summer. Cheering mindlessly, but others of wondering like wait, a second. We we toss around reporters. Now that should really be cheering for this like there. Actually, are some people in the crowd who you can see her a little tentative about what trumpets is talking? and then continuing with the glorification of violence against reporters Trump keeps mocking NBC reporter Alley, Val she forgetting hit with a upper bullet or tear gas in Minneapolis? He refers to him
the CNN guy he's not a CNN guy. He's MSNBC, take a lesson going where the National Guard and remember that beautiful sight straight was a mess that idiot reporter from sea then got hit on the new with a connoisseur of deer gas and he went down. I've been I've been Haven had the one with the shaved airship there. Maybe I'll do that one day I'll give it up. So Again, he keeps telling the same story: the CNN guy, the bald CNN guy he's talking about MSNBC Alley, Val she but were laughing at media getting hit that that does not seem american to me. It seems like the exact opposite of everything I thought this country was supposed to stand for and then Trump plays up the Joe Biden, dementia stuff and the Joe Biden is on drugs,
Duff. The gloves of this guy doesn't have. It will get us nowhere. Valley is get my shot or something I don't know he's gonna get somethin L B, because I watched him so badly. He performed so badly that debates than with burning he was average, not great, but he got through, and I said what the hell is he taking? and would like to ask when I said that we want to drug test. We want to jump about that. Yet from just continues to act like it, you know, Biden before the Bernie debate was like Sammy. So sing, they get more home, runs or something like that very, very strange and, of course, not totally unreasonable to see this as projection, maybe its trump, whose using uppers to increase performance and then the last one- that's just hilarious trump asks the crowd. What gas costs these days
and someone yells out that it costs fifteen doth, hoofs and trump seems to believe it. Energy almost seven thousand dollars, but we have to include energy. I mean how much he apparently a gasoline. You never saw a two dollar gasoline, you less red sludge. They go up its less now it's a big difference at what is it now days come on. Tell me I haven't got it. I guess I haven't stop recently at a gas station on fifteen ok, just for a while. I was way under to imagine being so out of touch that you think gas might cause fifteen dollars per gallon, like that would be weird for the average American Maybe if you live in a city you dont dry If you don't even go by a gas station or when you do you don't look like me. Maybe somebody might
no is where exactly is gas trump? Is the president and he's talking about gas prices and someone else out, fifteen and Trump, thanks. Gas might be fifteen dollars a gallon. I've had an election. Are for a while. I have not been a gas station for a while, but I be reasonably certain that gas is like. Clean, a dollar eighty and three. Seventy a gallon right fit somebody says gases, fifteen dollars a gallon, it doesn't pass. The sniffed has trumpet the president anything Oh, it's at fifteen are no rally onto a schedule for Donald Trump. As of right now he is scheduled to do a press conference reminder September, 29th, just six days away, the first debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump- I will be streaming: it live starting at eight hundred and thirty p dot m in the east. Five hundred and thirty p dot m in the west on.
Tube twitch and Facebook, and I do hope that you will join me. Are you know we ve been talking about the possibility that, on election day, Donald Trump will try to use federal troops to intimidate voters at polling places, and it turns out that too May, not even half do because his own supporters are showing up an early voting sites and already intimidating voters were seeing a big advantage for Democrats in terms of absentee ballots and in terms of early voting and the trumpets showing up and doing what they can to intimidate voters Virginia had its first of early voting groups of Trump supporters were shut not including in Northern Virginia blocking the path to the location. This was a disproportionately democratic area,
junior chanting for more years. It actually lead to county election officials having to provide escorts for voters to get past the protesters groups of trumped support, Those were chanting for more years and doing all sorts of other stuff we have video. This was captured by Maryland. Photography Anthony, Tillman and you'll see the crowd, caring trump signs flags chanting right outside the building, making it difficult to get in and out. Now remember the of legality of this is unclear, because electioneering at polling places is an allowed, what counts as being at the polling It depends on the state in Virginia. My understanding is that its within forty feet of the front doors, it certainly seems as
in this video, the protesters are within forty feet. Of the front, doors so, as you can see trumpets, creating a blockade chanting blocking the path, and now there are people who were so including the Virginia Republican Party, which I'll get too there? Are people saying this is an intimidation only the most triggered snowflake? could consider this intimidation. Anybody can just walk by guys. This is,
not how elections are supposed to happen. There is not supposed to be electioneering at polling places if you are just a picture. Thing fear a seventeen year old woman showing up to vote for Biden and you have to we ve your way through a crowd of dozens of trumpets by the front door, chanting blocking the path holding signs screaming. That is not how elections are supposed to happen. In the United States, there are election officials and Fairfax County Virginia and who are admitting that voters, and even some of the pole, workers felt intimidated by this crowd and again they required escorts to get people in and out of the building and again it's elite in Virginia. You can't be within forty feet of the precinct in Virginia now. The Virginia Republican Party just mock the entire thing. The New York Times put out a story about this and
the Virginia Republican Party tweeted. The story with the message. Quick, someone called the WHAM violence, which is just you know, the height of maturity and interesting the sum of the voters who were in line to vote were asked. Why are you stand In such a long line to vote in person, you could vote by male you're you're standing in line to vote early in person and voters said we don't trust the male. Take a look at this report from CNN. I got an innocent. I stepped out years. You can t just how far back this line go. If I mean it's about to football field, here will Keaton magnificent huge government building and Fairfax Virginia the biggest county here and there at capacity inside of the building other try and keep people here outside socially doesn't. But, as you can see, it is difficult, particularly given the fact that this line is so enormous and once they actually get inside of the
getting there are still at least an hour and a half way. Now we have talked to several of these voters about why it is that they chose to show up early. Many of them think they knew. It was going to be a very big election that it with critical that there is going to be a lot of interest. They wanted to be one of the first people to cast their ballot. I, but we also heard about mistrust of the postal service. Take it listen to this cruise the real right. That's why I've gotta stay here all day, and so this gets me to the one good in that I am seeing in terms of enthusiasm, its seems to be high. I've been using this phrase for a couple of months. People might be willing to crawl over broken glass to vote. It seems p, who are willing to do it and the death of Ruth bade. Her Ginsburg, tragic,
and may lead to one of the most conservative supreme courts in decades, but it seems to have increased enthusiasm on the left. Donations to Democrats have been pouring in since the path it passing of Ruth bade her Ginsburg and if anything like this happens, when you are voting, I want to hear about it. If you can safely take video, take video and get it to me. We will be talking about the voter intimidation that takes place, keep an eye out, and let me know what you see here:
the voice mail from a trumpet asking a question that I think is worthy of discussion. A little bit not take a listen to this and even called you. So if you turn your life was now gonna happen to do again, so always out of carried by particular thing as a jewish man, you still haven't you find yourself, not Gordon Donald Trump, so I want to find their first of all as a voter about job for him for an american first foreign policy right o my personal well and he has broadly pursue an agenda had been pro Israel presided Emma
you ever do anything like either a lot for your people right people, so out of hearing about their no trump has done nothing. For my people let this is. This is a great opportunity to try to explain American Jew These are very liberal one of the most liberal voting blocks in the country and our priorities are left priorities to different degrees. You ve got centre left and more progressive, ok, whatever what Donald Trump has done with regard to Israel is the same. Unproductive nonsense that Benjamin Netanyahu has done, which is virtue, signalling not so much to Jews. But to these evangelical Christians who have this, messianic view of what needs to happen in Israel moving the em if your American Progressive Jew and you see
from move the embassy from TEL Aviv to Jerusalem? That does nothing for me and in fact it's an impediment to peace, then impediment to peace, so the framing is completely wrong trump, for my people, from has done nothing and in fact, trumps presidency has normalized the types of extremism that led to more out in the open, Anti Semitism, so the framing could not be more wrong. We ve got a great bonus for you today? We will talk about wait. A second are democrats. Looking at impeaching Trump again, what is the point of that? Let's discuss nine million Americans still haven't received their stimulus checks, in New York is among cities losing financing by being desert. Needed anarchist cities by trumps Justice Department, all of those stories and more on today's bonus show.
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