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9/29/21: GOP Votes For Shutdown, Unvaxxed Getting Fired

2021-09-29 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Republicans vote for a government shutdown and for the US to default on its debt in the latest pathetic display of partisanship led by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

--175 hospital workers have been fired in North Carolina for refusing to get vaccinated, and various health systems are having to do the same thing

--Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson says that people are being "forced" to get fake vaccination cards during a deranged segment on his program

--Fox News panelist Jessica Tarlov crushes Jesse Watters and Dan Bongino, who try to spread disinformation about crime in the United States

--Donald Trump reportedly skipped receiving anesthesia during a colonoscopy in order to prevent Mike Pence from temporarily assuming the power of the Presidency, according to the new book "I'll Take Your Questions Now" by Stephanie Grisham

--Donald Trump reportedly told Russian President Vladimir Putin that he had to pretend to be more tough on him in public, according to the new book "I'll Take Your Questions Now" by Stephanie Grisham

--Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott is now completely underwater with 51% of voters saying they would not vote to re-elect him

--Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz has hired a bevy of lawyers who specialized in defending sex crimes, signaling potential trouble upcoming for him

--Voicemail caller asks whether the "Blacks for Trump" group that is prominent at Trump rallies is actually a real group

--On the Bonus Show: NBA anti-vaxxers trying to push league around, mail delivery about to get permanently slower, NYC can proceed with vaccinate mandate, much more...

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welcome to the show everybody there. They are doing it, they ve done it. They are actually vote being for the government to shut down and for the United States to default on its dad and for the paychecks to start being withheld from so many government workers. I'm talking about Republicans, of course. This is now exactly winning. This is not exactly America first and what we have to remember as we go through this story and go through. The fact is that they want Kay ass, they are taking. This sort of acceleration is burnt down approach when it comes
who Democrats currently having the White House in having the Senate and having the house. Let's take a look at what's going on of course it's now Senate Minority leader Mitch Mcconnell, who is orchestrating all of it, a Miss MC Nl Senate Republican has voted for the United States to default on its debt and for the government to shut down there, doing it again and worker we're gonna. Look at the history of this and we'll see that this is another one of those reckless political footballs. But this time only one side is even, playing the game. We often talk about debt and deficit. The football is thrown back and forth. Democrats and Republicans both play the game, although its Republicans, who don't actually care about that in deficit. In this case, it's it's a football that Republicans are only tossing back fourth between themselves, business, insider reporting, Senate, Republicans, led by minority leader Mitch, MECCA oh blocked a measure on Monday evening that would have averted both a debt default undergo
shut down, bringing the? U S another step closer to a financial debacle as Republicans escalate their efforts to derail President Joe Biden domestic agenda. All fifty republican senators voted against the House approved legislation that funds the government through December, third and suspend the dead ceiling until the end of next year, heightening the brinkmanship over the federal government's ability to pay its bills. That has Royal Congress for months. The as you are, also includes twenty eight billion dollars in disaster aid funding for communities ravaged by a recent pair of hurricanes, along with aid to resettle afghan refugees in the United States. The vote was forty eight to fifty and the bit bill failed to clear the sixty vote threshold to end debate
known as the filibuster after the vote majority leader, shimmer assailed Senate Republican, saying they quote, voted to drive our country straight to a government shut down and the first default in the country's history Do we think the? U S really is ultimately going to default on its that? No, no and that's why I actually think oftentimes, I think, the adjectives and described hence in articles are, are very wrong, but brinkmanship, sort of his accurate here. In this particular case, the article notes, Mcconnell, has insisted since June that Republicans will not sign onto a debt limit hike or an increase of how much the? U S. Government can pay back its bill even ass. He said earlier this month. It was a necessary step because America must never default. Wait if he said Erica must never default wisely voting in that way. Now what you have to understand and remember is that they want chaos they basically want.
To at least make it seem as though they are willing to burn it down all the way. In the end, I don't believe they are actually willing to do that. They'll blame it on Demek still say. Oh Democrats failed to negotiate a bipartisan deal. This is often what they do. They pulled it with the Biden Covert package, even though, with the Trump packages it was like yeah, ok campaign. If we do whatever you want, they are counting on. I guess enough, Republicans and independence. Getting upset and saying well, things went wrong. It must be the party in power to blame right and the sad part is to a great degree, that's exactly how it might play out. Smart independence would realise this is Republicans sabotaging the economy or at least coming close to sabotaging the economy. To hurt Democrats, its extraordinarily reckless and it's all, to make Joe Biden look bad and to make other Democrats look bad,
Mcconnell is not bluffing in the sense that he really wants it to appear as though the U S will default on its that. Ultimately, I dont think they will do it. But they want to divert attention away from the damage done by Trump. They want to divert attention away from the fact that more and more or evidence is coming out that there may be premeditated is not an all encompassing term, but that the January sixth riots at least connected to all sorts of different participants in the Republican Party who wanted to create as much chaos as possible when it came to the election of Joe Biden and as I said at the top of the segment, this debt ceiling stuff,
is really all Republicans like it. It's not really a political football in so far as its one side that playing this game. Much like with covert stimulus. Let's talk, covert stimulus, first trumped up covert stimulus. One Democrats have some comments. They have some slight disagreements, their worried that the implementation of some of the programmes will essentially be slush fund, which they were right about, because that's exactly the way it was, but they weren't saying no, no, no, we're not giving aid, because a Republican is in the White House. Democrats did covert back one and then they did Kobe package to Republican said this is the patriotic thing to do. This is the right thing to do. Some of them are a little concerned, but the exact sticker price Joe Biden takes over says well it's time for the third covert stimulus. We're not out of this thing. We need to do something and Republicans all of us and say: oh this,
This is too expensive and these provisions are giving money to undocumented immigrants. The provisions were no different than the provisions under Trump covert package one and from covered package to, and it was report. weakens? Who did the one eighty based on who was in power? Go back to October of twenty fifteen in October of twenty fifteen Senate Republicans, under the leadership of Mitch Mcconnell Majority leader at the time, voted to suspend the debt ceiling for two years. They did. They suspend the deaths in September, of twenty seventeen Senate Republicans under the leadership of the majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell voted to suspend the debt ceiling again that got us to August twenty nineteen and Senate. Republicans under the leadership of the majority leader Mitch. Mcconnell voted to suspend the debt ceiling for for years and now, in September of twenty twenty one. Now it minority leader Mitch, Mcconnell same situation, my
minority leader, Mitch Mcconnell, is blocking the democratic majority. Fifty fifty with Comma Harris's, the Thai breaking vote, except when you need sixty right, but it is a technically a democratic majority, now all of a sudden that very same republican Party under the leadership of the exact guy image, Mcconnell there, oh no, no, no! No! We can't too. We can suspend the debt ceiling, we're going to go forward with the fault and with a government shut down. These people are pathetic. They really are and when Democrats and Republicans or the same or basically the same, we talk about it when they are dramatically different. We talk about it, and this is exactly one of those cases ultimately the debt ceiling, I believe, will be raised and the U S is not going to fall down its that's eventually, but the damage that will be done. Getting to that end. The embarrassment that will be will be suffered getting to that appears like it will be pretty significant. We talked yesterday
to relevant stories yesterday to what we're going to talk about now, which is firing related to people who are refusing the vaccinated for their jobs, as required by their employers. Yesterday, we had two stories sort of about this. One story asked: is it time to start firing on vaccinated employees and mass so to speak? That was one question we talked about yesterday, my leave you wrote to me and said yeah. It is it once once you say those are the rules you ve got to follow through. Otherwise these are empty threats. It's like the parent who makes an empty threat to the kid or around about whatever analogy you want this second question: we ass here, today in another segment- and many of you wrote about this when as well is- are some of the people saying they're going to quit over a vaccine mandate, lying or exaggerating, or maybe
and misunderstanding their own willingness to quit and they're not really going to quit their probably just going to go and get back stated in. One of the examples we had yesterday was Massachusetts State troopers, where the union for the state troopers said we ve gotten dozens and dozens of massive dumps of resignation, letters. The union said that but state police, human resources said, one one trooper actually resigned now will see how it all shakes out. We now have a couple of additional data points. and it seems as though there are p more willing to quit, but more likely be fired over not getting vaccinated, but yesterday's estimate that it might only be half to one percent. Half of one to one percent of employees at any given organization, may well be right. Let's look at a couple of data points: Washington, Post reporting, North Carolina hospital system, fires
about one hundred? Seventy five workers in one of the largest ever mass terminations due to a vaccine mandate. Timothy Bela right to North Carolina based hospital system announced Monday that roughly a hundred and seventy five on vaccinated employs were fired for failing to comply with the organizations mandatory covert vaccination policy. The lady in a series of healthcare dismissals, we're gonna get to that. No Vant Health said last week that three hundred and seventy five on vaccinated workers across fifteen hospitals and eight hundred next had been suspended for not getting immunize. They were given five days to comply Nova Health spokeswoman Megan River where's tweeted Monday, that almost two hundred of the suspended workers receive their first dose by Friday. The hospital confirmed that the rest of the suspended employees who did not comply were fired, although the exact number
those dismissed, was not specified. We stand by our decision to make the vaccine mandatory as we have. responsibility to protect our patients visitors in tee members, regardless of where they are in our health system. We couldn't be prouder of our team members who made the choice to receive the cove at nineteen vaccine, remain part of the team. Later the article says, the mass termination of unboxing, aided hospital system employs, is among the largest of its kind to date. More than a hundred and fifty healthcare workers who didn't comply with the mandate at Houston, Methodist, which was one of the first to require shots were fired or resigned in June. After a federal judge upheld the policy and, importantly, more Ninety nine percent of the system's thirty five thousand employees followed the programme. We have a few other data points here, as well. Becker's hospital review put out
Yesterday, a sort of summary of departures at eighteen, different health systems. Now departure could be firing. A resignation could be either entity Cloots, Saint Luke University health network. Seventeen thousand employs about a hundred and fifty total refused to get vaccinated and resigned that is just under one percent new delawares Christianity CARE fired about one, fifty or the equivalent of under ninety full timers for not compliance in New York City, New York, Presbyterians, forty eight thousand team Amber system had fewer than two hundred and fifty resignation slash firing things that is about half of one percent along with our estimate from yesterday, New Hyde Park, New York's North Well Health had about. Who does in leaders not allowed to continue. We don't know the total number there
you can go and look at the exact numbers here, but what are we learning so far? First and foremost, it does seem that when there's a disproportionate amount of headlines about people resign, more people saying fire me fire me sirs that the real number of people willing to go when, whether its resignation or a firing that doesn't really make a difference, it seems that it's about half of one percent to one percent. That's number one! The second thing here is: you know when it comes to health care systems. This is not just about the employer,
vacuum saying you, gotta be vaccinated and otherwise you're out with no real connection to reality. This clearly also has to do with patience and what they should do. Is the nurses that don't wanna get vaccinated the administrators that dont want to impose vaccination. If there are any the doctors that don't wanna get vaccinated, they should start their own clinic. They should start their own hospital if patients prefer to go and be seen at a place where the employs nurses and doctors might be vaccinated or might not. But it's not required if that's more appealing to participants in the health care marketplace, because that's what it is in the United States if people would rather go up to the place where maybe the employees
port service providers. Health providers are vaccinated, then that would be a business open, a clinic and say hey. If you want freedom, come be seen here, come to our iii. Are we not make the nurses get vaccinated? We don't make the doctors get vaccinated. If that's a popular idea in the market place of ideas, then do it and it will be very profitable. My prediction is most people who go to a healthcare setting want to go somewhere where they know the people providing care to them have been vaccinated. This is a great opportunity to test it. What do you think would happen in that situation? Let me know you can find me on Twitter at department. one of our long time sponsors is sunset. Lake see beady. There are so many sea beady companies out there, but Sunset Lake is the one we chose to work with because, unlike others, they are,
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we'll get twenty percent off your entire order. When you use the promo code pachmann at check out the David package Oh does depend on folks like you to support the programme. We have a membership programme, it join pachmann, dot com, you gotta, commercial, free, audio and video stream of the show. Every day we do. An extra members only bonus show every single day for our members and you can use the coupon code better, twenty one to sign up today. hundred Karlsson, the well known Fox news, propagandist, had a very sort of strange guest on last night and during the segment Tucker claimed that there are people being forced to get fake vaccination cards and there
few things about this that are ironic see if you can guess what some of them are going to talk about them after we first look at the clip. Take a look at this point. If you haven't gotten a vaccine which is free and readily available, there's a reason for it. You thought this through undecided, not you! You thought that was your right, but people being forced to some are being forced to get fake vaccine cards, which is understandable. I think that they fear for their trap. What do they do to there's a few ironic things there? You were you able to spot the mall it it's quite a few and I want to go through them. So, first of all, Tucker claims to be part: the Party of personal responsibility. This is one of the cat, the it's it's a principle. I was gonna, say trope. This is one of the stated principles of the Republican Party, personal responsibility, but he's completely missing. Who is actually responsible for getting a vaccine card that is fake? It's the person who gets the fake card, that's whose actually responsible for that
It's not whoever whatever employer says hey, we ve decided you ve gotta be vaccinated to work here. They are not responsible for you getting a fake vaccine card. You are responsible party of personal responsibility, supposedly but blaming everybody, but the person doing the actual illegal thing. Second, now one is even really being forced to be vaccinated. Never mind gets a fake that in card- and what I mean by that is, of course there are organizations and companies that are now requiring employees to be vaccinated. Some of them are just you just got to be vaccinated like the hospital systems we. About earlier. There are some organizations that are saying you ve gotta, be vaccinated or you have to test weekly or you ve gotta tell daily, but in all cases you as a free individual
our magical country of America. With the market place of this in the marketplace of that in the job market, you can decide as an individual. I can choose to meet the requirements of my employer and stay working here or I can quit Andorra get fired and go find a different job and, of course, as an individual who defends the freedom of corporations to be unregulated and do what's best for them. You couldn't possibly oppose that right. Those are your principles now, but they oppose it all the time, but you get to decide and then Thirdly, and I'm guessing. Some of you knew that I would eventually get to this. Tucker works for a company with a vaccine passport system and a stricter vaccination
policy than the one that Joe Biden announced a few weeks ago and Tucker hasn't complained about at once on either of his programmes on his nighttime programme, nor is daytime programme and, as a reminder, few weeks ago Joe Biden came out and said we are putting in place a requirement for employers with at least one hundred employees, where the employees either must be vaccinated or they ve got a test weekly. That was what Joe Biden put in place. Fox news has a far stricter policy. The fox policy is you ve gotta, be vaccinated and submit proof of vaccination through our vaccine passport system. If you're not vaccinated, you have to test
daily. Remember Biden. Plan by this program is Weekly Fox, says we're going beyond it. We're saying if you're not vaccinated me to daily test and you need to continue wearing masks in many settings where a vaccinated individual would not have to wear a mask. Okay, Tucker hasn't mentioned it once Tucker hasn't said hey by the As you know, all these segments I'm doing about how terrible all of these requirements are foxes requirements. My employer has even speak
requirements, and I denounce it. He hasn't said at once shocking right, given how principle Tucker Karlsson as oh, no, of course, because it's all a drift to the degree that I would assume Tucker is vaccinated, and I would assume that much like will get to later. Based on what people have said, Tucker knows that this is a way to get good ratings by making people angry and afraid so saying that someone is forced to get a fake vaccine card because they don't wanna vaccination is like saying I don't know, I was forced to rob a bank, because my employer doesn't pay me enough. Money really
and, sadly, this perverse logic is sometimes used to justify violent and horrible actions. We were driven to riot because they stole the election from Trump we had. We had to do. It will hold on a second what happened to personal responsibility. We were driven to loot and to destroy property because they came out and protested for better policing, which we dont think we need Y see how that goes. They were forced to be criminals, and yet they claim to believe in personal responsibility. Bottom line. Remember Tucker,
giving his audience the problem that they want, and that is really profitable for him. Tucker is almost certainly vaccinated, he's almost certainly in favour of vaccines. He's not offended enough about vaccine requirements to even mention the fact that his employer has one of the strictest ones, and there is a very good article from the Washington Post called Tucker. Karlsson ties his vaccine fearmongering to a core republican insecurity. Philip bump wrote this and he tried to explain this as follows: quote he's enough mostly skilled Tucker at elevating fear among his viewers at presenting them a sensible line of defence against an irrational and devious world. So he wraps the effort to vaccinate Americans into a broad sense. that America is changing in ways that under cut its traditions, imagined treating a vaccine as a god which, of course no one does Fox news. Obviously, seas
how you and amplifying republican concerns about the vaccine, if it didn't it safe to assume that its programming, including Carlson's, would be redirected, Fox NEWS employees, whose with the daily beast described the network's focus on undercutting the vaccine, or at least government advocacy of it, as quote great for rating and something that is unparalleled in getting quote our viewers more excited or engaged. They are admitting why they are doing this a lastly, Philip bump rights, fear inferior great motivators and, if you,
make vaccination seem, like part of a government promoted effort to push Americans away from religion all the better. This is the game that he's playing and he's playing it quite well. Let's look at a very interesting segment from a Fox news yesterday. This is a segment in which Jesse Waters, I believe, as the host of this programme, this right winger, whose very popular and social media one of the top view getters on Facebook, Dan Bonn GINO is a guest or periloust, and the topic is crime in the United States. This is a favorite topic right now of the right to lie about and to deceive people about on right wing, media and fox. I guess she's, like a contributor she's, a guest on this programme, Fox contributor, Jessica, tar love, absolutely
crushes waters and bind GINO. Now I dont Jessica, tar love may be a centrist. I dont know that much about her. I'm not calling her a hero, I'm not saying anything other than in this particular segment she's, really really good at crushing. The dishonest, Luzhin Ally's of two of these guys on Fox NEWS. So let's look at the segment again. The framing here is the crimes surge which Republicans are attributing to Joe Biden but they're using twenty Many data to attributed to Joe by now you might be saying hold on David Trump. Was president in twenty twenty. How does that have to do with Joe Biden? And that is exactly the right question? So, let's take a look at the segment, and these fine can martyrs again was only in areas dominated by liberal politicians. So this is obviously not
it's obvious on the issue of the politics not go so the framing there is we're going to talk about the fact that the crime is up in cities rather than the fact that the crime was up. Well, Trump was president, but of course we ve talked it before cities tend to be run by Democrats, quote dangerous cities or run by Democrats and safe cities are run by Democrats because a general Democrats perversities and Republicans prefer none cities. Ok, let's see how just a guitar love deals with this. I'm not sure that it has signed a DNS thoroughly wed the politics. There are few things are important here. One Jesse we'll do another! Second on that, but all those countries you read, they don't have a rampant gun problem like the United States of America, is check how many weapon even kill you with a knife, good they're they're, not a kilometer. I lived in a long time where people got knife to all the time and it still nothing closer murder rate so get. This is a bit did this? Is they loved this talking point, but its very dumb?
knives create less death than guns in equivalent situations. Part of it is to kill someone with a knife, there's something much more sometime viscerally repelling. I mean the action right of stabbing. Someone to death, you ve gotta, be people not throwing knives from across the room you ve gotta be right on some one and the fact that, with a gun, you can create more distance and still inflict damage to someone just makes it less likely that a mass stabbing would even be attempted in the same way that the mass shooting would be, but we have data about mass stabbings and most people survive one of the most deadly mass stabbings. We covered it at the time it was in twenty nineteen in Japan, two people were tragically killed, two kids, so
contain, were injured and survived someone with a semi automatic weapon in that situation, with the amount of time that this incident lasted would almost certainly kill many many more people so good that good for just a guitar love for pointing that out, Jesse Waters is gonna say people can be killed by knives. Fine. It may not convinced that many people on Fox NEWS, but just a guitar love, is getting it right. Now, let's get to the twenty twenty thing, which is just unbelievably done that they're doing the data that we're talking out is twenty twenty. Those were the trump years. So all of this blame it on President buying that's happened now, actually are president vitamins watch. The murderer has even gone down. Another important component of the FBI Data that the short term increases was in all regions, not just as liberal Citys, all regions that reigns in places where conservatives are. That means that this can all be because of bail reform to fund the police,
a yadda yadda and also the murder rate and the crime rate overall is lower than it was in the nineteen. Ninety is so can serve as a running around screaming we'd. Never seen anything like this. You have seen my actual boozer, all very good points, and they all should be dealt with individually. If the problem is that the the danger and crime are happening in liberal cities, we need to adjust for the fact that liberals tend to live in cities and run cities and conservatives ten, to overall live in more rural and suburban areas and in terms of per capita crime rates. We actually see that per capita
some of those rural areas are really really dangerous. The problem is its hard to compare a city to a tiny town you have. You have really have to look at an area where you have enough of a population. Tat actually evaluate this and then of course, number two long term. The crime rate has been going down. We did see a bump in twenty twenty, but Trump was president and my It was despair related to the mishandled pandemic. They were blaming Biden back then saying. Well, it's the culture of people who would vote for Biden combined with people saying we should define the police, even though it has actually been done? It had just been proposed by some, but I thought the buck stopped with Trump or whoever was president. So this is a really great example of He narratives that they push not having anything to do with the facts and a sensible person in this
is just a guitar love just saying hold on. Let's put some facts in the way of the propaganda. How many fox viewers, convinced by this. I have no idea- maybe not many, but this is exe exactly the way that if you're gonna participate and Jessica tar love is a contributor to Fox are clearly, she is, if you're going to participate in these set up debates that are set up against you. This is eggs, actually the way to do. It will have more on this on the David package Instagram, which you can find at David Pachmann show you can. Find me on Instagram at David DOT, Pachmann one. Sponsors is nebula who have developed the most impressive shower had I've ever seen. It was designed by former NASA engineers who spent years researching how to save water and what they created the nebula by Mon spot. Shower uses forty five percent less water than traditional shower ahead, but we than eighty one percent, more powerful spray, and they do this by you.
Using atomizer droplets that rinse soap and shampoo off faster than any our head, I've ever used. I installed, the by Mon Spar shower in my bathroom at home, took five minutes to set up by the using it for about a year. I in and out of the shower way faster because of that powerful spray. But again it's helping the plan and your wallet by using forty five percent less water than a traditional shower head Nebula is currently offering free shipping in the: U S on pre order products and for all other navvy approach. like the shower head, which starts it just one. Ninety nine you'll get ten percent off when you go to levy a dot com, slash pachmann and use the promo code pachmann, the link is in the podcast notes. right. I got a bunch of emails from folks over the last twenty four hours about this new book coming out from the very short lived, Whitehouse Press Secretary, Stephanie Gresham, who work for Donald Trump for a little bit. She has written
new book in some of the allegations in the book or just absolutely crazy, we're going to talk about them. Each is crazier than the last or the previous, or whatever, sort of a phraseology you want to use. Let's start with this first one about Donald Trump, having what's being discussed There's a surgical procedure, a minute talk about this in a second and opting not to receive anesthesia, because if he had received anesthesia tat. He would have had to temporarily turnover presidential powers to the vice President MIKE Pence. This happened when George W Bush had, I believe, also a colon. Ass could be back during his presidency and Dick Cheney was briefly temporarily, given presidential power. So the story is trumpet skipped Anastasia for a previously unreported procedure. It Walter Reed to avoid giving pens temporary power. The details are that Trump skipped anesthesia for a previously unreported colonoscopy in twenty nineteen, so he wouldn't have to ten
rarely relinquish presidential powers, this is, according to a new book called I'll. Take your questions. Now, Stephanie Gresham wrote it former White House Press secretary, chief of staff to Millennia Trump? She said in the book that this was for a regular colonoscopy. Now, let's talk about that. A little bit The initial story was wow trumps. Pretty alpha. I mean he saying: do they Opera. Do the surgery without anesthesia that it that is, wild then it came out into coal and ask me so you might be asking is: is it accurate? say that it is surgeries, is colon. Ass could be really surgery is class, why'd as a minor surgical procedure. Sometimes there just taking a lead sometimes, if there's a polyp or something, then they are cutting something out and then it's been a more more clearly a surgical procedure.
It is generally done with anesthesia. Often it's like a deep sedation you're not like out like I was for my famous appendectomy, but you are you're sedated. But it is one of the things that that is done without anesthesia, and some say that it is safer without a general sedation. I I'm not a medical experts, I dont know exactly, but it's the patient's choice, and sometimes patients don't realize they have that choice. But it is not an accurate Call it a surgery in the sense that that is how it is classified. So the article goes on to say Trump puzzled, reporters with a mysterious unscheduled November, twenty nineteen visit to Walter Reed- you might remember this- is that infamous? Why did he go to Walter, Reed and added to the can fusion by saying it was part of his routine annual physical for twenty twenty remedies at that was just hang out and I thought I'd go and get it get a jump in twenty
nineteen on my twenty twenty physical, that was a lie. We believed it to be alive time and it was- and it was for a call and ask me, but the Big NEWS is that he, according to Stephanie Gresham, opted not to receive the general Anastasia in order to maintain the power and not have to relinquish it to Vice President MIKE Pence, Gresham wrote in the book, Trump could have you, the procedure to spread awareness and educate Americans about the importance of Colin OS copies, but as with covert, he was too wrapped up in his own you go and his own delusions about invincibility, and he quote: didn't want to be the butt of a joke. How immature do you have to be as a seventy plus year old man? So, first of all, there is the the the desire to keep power and may be Trump was imagining if pence
were president and I was the VP. I would be using this opportunity to try. somehow sees the power of the presidency when the president is being sedated for a cold and ask if he so maybe trumps idea of I don't want to give it up to pence was rooted in. If I were pants, I'd be trying to seize power, we don't know, but that certainly tracks with Donald Trump. But then the other part of this is the idea that you're gonna be laughed at, because you gotta call an Oscar, be in your seventies rather than hey. You know what this is: a greater
opportunity to talk about the importance of routine screenings and colon ass could be being a part of that. But now that's not the way that Trump functions, so it all tracks. Here and for me, the bigger story is with this Stephanie Gresham Book and we're gonna get in a moment to more of what she writes in the book. This is another person Stephanie Grecian, who was in trumps. Inner circle had a front row seat to what was going on, who saw the reckless, dangerous and petty hey view that Donald Trump was engaged in did nothing said nothing at the time and later is speaking out about it. Now, when there is an opportunity to make money from it from writing a book that should come as no surprise either because tromp was surrounded by these people, but it is yet another despicable action by one of these folks. That's now talk about the next story from Stephanie Aggressions new book, okay, so one story from Stephanie Gresham's new book I'll. Take your questions now
is Trump, opted not to receive, receive anesthesia general anesthesia, deep sedation for his colonoscopy in twenty nineteen, because he didn't want to temporarily give. Potential power to MIKE pants. Ok, that story number one. The second story told by Stephanie Grit, which were going to look at now, is, I believe, far more disturbing, because again is more of a day. Another data point in this smitten meanness are no that's a word in Trump being smitten, with authoritarian, like Vladimir Putin, Stephanie Gresham rights in her new book that Donald Trump told Putin privately, I'm gonna have to act a little tougher to you
in public for the cameras. Ok, salons John School Nick wrote about this yesterday. Donald Trump, reportedly assured Vladimir Putin that he had to act quote a little tougher next to the russian President quote for the cameras, according to a forthcoming book by trumps Whitehouse Press Secretary, the book I'll take your quest, now by Stephanie Gresham details a host of never before seen insights into trumps relationship with Putin brings to light a number of more bizarre personal rip requests. His terrifying temper, and strains in his relationship with the former First Lady millennia Trump. According to the New York Times, the former president went out of his way to please Putin, telling the Russian or during the twenty nineteen Osaka summit, the G20 that he would put on a display of machismo, but just for show trump, reportedly told Putin. With all the talk of sank,
against Russia, for interfering in the twenty sixteen election and for various human rights abuses. I'm going to act a little tougher with you for a few minutes, but it's for the cameras and after they leave we'll talk. You understand in another instance. Gresham also claims Trump joked with Putin about quote getting rid of journalists who produce quote fake news, telling him you don't this problem in Russia, while the Washington Post got a copy of the book, it details tensions between Trump and his wife, millennia, who quote unleashed her head to contempt for her husband, The reports that his attorney Michael Cohen, paid adult film start torrent, Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about their affair. It was during this personal d, called that Maloney reportedly grew much closer with Gresham telling her that she added leave her husband's denials of the affair. Oh please, are you kidding me. I don't believe any of that this is
the equivalent. So I don't care about the Millennia stuff Trump saying to Putin, I'm to have to pretend to be a little tougher with you for the cameras, but we're gonna talk, everything's, fine, this the equivalent of bombing Syria quote bombing. Syria, but telling Putin ahead of time, and bombing an empty runway which was back up and running within hours. Now I was not for the escalation of tensions with Syria. I don't engine that anecdote, because I'm saying Trump should have really crushed Syria. That's not what I'm saying is an example of the subservience of trumped Putin, it's not about. They were in a room together, plodding this or that we never believed that that was the case. It's not about the quote: collusion with
I was going to be so proactive that it was gonna removed from that was never the case. Go to my cliffs April April. Twenty seventeen we're I'm telling you that this is about the level of again Trump being smitten with people like Putin and just enamored and sucking up to them. The other funny little detail is that if this is true, if Trump did tell Putin, I'm gonna have to act tougher in front of the cameras, but but don't worry, it's not gonna, be real trump didn't really act, half with Putin in front of the cameras. I think there was like you know. I asked him about the hacking and he said they didn't do it
That's acting tough! What are you talking about like if that was Trump, acting tougher with the cameras on imagine the level of suck up brown nosing? That was taking place behind the scenes, and it's just becomes so clear in the time since Trump is left office that Putin and the Russians there really good at this stuff. They really are. It's not me. Taking a position is just Putin and the Russians, no a perfect mark when they see one and Trump is just the perfect mark. This shouldn't be surprising to anybody. I saw funny comment which were you know we ve had more on president's before we ve had cowardly president's before, but a more on coward in trumps configure patient was really a unique combination. You could say that, as far as the grecian book goes, she did she said
Grand Old another disgruntled former person who you, you can't believe anything. She says. Maybe maybe, but that room to be seen and so far everything that's been reported as being in her book from the advanced copies that in the New York Times in the Washington Post got it all, is very, very much on brand we'll take a quick break when the book is finally out will have much more from it. I'm sure one of our sponsors is magic. Spoon Breakfast Cereal sweeten tasty, like the cereals I loved as a kid, but without the sugar or the carbs, every serving of magic spoon has zero grams of sugar, only foreign at Carbs hundred and forty calories, and packed with thirteen grams of protein perfect, if you're doing Kido perfect, if you're doing low carb great, if you're just trying to reduce your excess sugar in taken because its packed with protein, it's great before or after a workout magic spoon, flavors include cocoa, fruity, frosted, peanut butter, blue
berry and cinnamon they're, bringing back cookies and cream they're bringing back maple waffle. You can build your own variety walks and try them all magic spoon is so confident in the product. If you dont, like it as much as I do? They will refund your money. No questions asked: go to magic spoon, dotcom, slash pack, The link is underneath this video and you'll get five dollars off when you use the promo code pachmann at check out. so one of the young twenty twenty two races that were following more more closely as that of the Texas Cooper notorious race. We believe that a better or work is going to be entering as a democratic challenger against the incumbent republican governor, Gregg, Abbot, Gregg Abbot has been an absolute disaster for the state of Texas He has been disgusting along with his lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick since day, one of the pandemic of the infamous grey
most willing to die for the economy incident. Of course, as you might remember, Gregg Abbot has been absolutely horrible on energy taxes, of course, with this big boy, libertarian independent energy grid, which has failed them in winter and its failed them in the summer, and it's just a disaster for taxes and then now, of course, recently with Texas encoded run rampant during the delta spike. This has fortunately really hurt the approval ratings of Gregg Abbot, have additional new data about this. More Texas. Voters now believe that Gregg Abbot does not serve reelection and, of course they are completely correct, more taxes, voters believe Gregg Abbot does not deserve to be re elected. According to a pole, released yesterday, Tuesday, the survey was conducted by Quinnapin University finds that fifty one percent of registered voters in Texas believe Abbot doesn't deserve reelection compared with forty two percent
who say he does deserve a third term. These are disastrous numbers for an incumbent, Republican, Texas, governor and I love the opposition to Abbott's re election, is up from June. A different Quinnipiac poll in June found forty six percent said reelect and forty eight percent said no. Now it's only forty two percent say reelect. Fifty one percent say no, basically, like a four point slide in the direction of bad. I should say from the standpoint of negative
The most recent poll also found only for forty four percent of Texans approve of the way abbot is handling his job as governor forty seven percent now disapprove. This is the first time since Quinnapin reacts started, polling, Texas, that abbots approval rating is below disapproval referred to as being under water. This is absolutely fantastic. Now, most republican still support abbot. Eighty three percent of Republicans approve only twelve percent disapprove. As far as independence go forty three percent approve only six percent of Democrats approve in Texas, now just as an example. Ok of how absolutely horrible this guy is. This was over the weekend on Fox NEWS. Chris Wallace really grilling Gregg Abbot over his claim that listen. We don't have to worry about the abortion law, the dust
still be an abortion law that we passed restricting the ability of women who have been raped from obtaining abortions. The worry about that, because we're going to eliminate rapists band of right: I mean just make murder illegal solves the problem. Ok, listen! Is it reasonable to say to somebody who was the victim of ripe and might not understand that they are pregnant? You know until six weeks. Well, don't worry about it because we're going to eliminate rape as a problem of attack. It doesn't make sense now, but let's see what he says. Well, there's multiple things I have to say ass. It is for the first thing. Obviously, is
survivors of sexual assault. They deserve support care and compassion. Now, it's funny how he's is obviously much of the Republican Party doesn't make it obvious actually, and taxes is stepping up to make sure that we provide that by signing a law in creating in the governors office. a sexual assault. Survivors test cesspool, as force but separately from the present, got borne out about the ways that I fall to going to arrest and apprehension and try to eliminate re. But I thought the death penalty, but rather a great who is the governor scares me because we are running out of time. There were more than fit thousand rights and twenty nineteen. When you were governor, apparently just veto and rape by threatening people with really strict punishment? You do we keep. He wanted the death penalty,
four rapists. We really continue to lack evidence that the death penalty is really a deterrent. We ve studied that for a very, very long time But you know we're gonna eliminate rape is kind of like Ban corona Virus and just be done with it. It doesn't make any sense and then, of course, meanwhile, the latest is TAT this. Has this disaster with Cove id Texas? Has this disaster with energy and what is abbot, doing abbot is launching voter fraud audits from the twenty twenty election bowing to trumps pressure. Vanity, fair wording. Gregg abbot is suddenly bending over backwards to find twenty twenty election fraud, office says it has been reviewing boats in certain Texas counties. For months,
but others say the mad dash only started after Donald Trump demanded. An audit Gregg Abbot is going to be pushing for auditing multiple count. Auditing, recounting who even knows what these things mean at this point in time for counties in Texas Trump one Texas, there is no point We talked about this on the bonus show yesterday. There is no point to do this whatsoever Texas, so poorly served, Gregg Abbot, lieutenant When her Dan Patrick remembered the Cancun crews fiasco, it would bring me no greater pleasure than to see Gregg Abbot just absolutely rushed in twenty twenty. Two. And better or work could be the guy to do it. I don't know I mean coming off of a loss is never doesn't put you in a particularly
wrong position. Last week, one of our life collars asked is better really the right guy to face off against the abbot, given that he lost his last race. I dont know the answer to that, but we have time, listen, Matthew, Mokanna, he Matthew, Mokanna, hey. Death, depending on your preference, better or work beta or whatever pronunciations you you have for these folks. They would all be better than Gregg Abbot for sure and we're going to follow this race very very closely. So um- We had a call maybe was last week. Maybe we before. Where of your asked me, what do I think happened to the whole Matt Gates thing? The investigation charges were expected, forthcoming, etc. And I said I don't know that these things can take a while. I dont you know- I said at the time I dont know if Matt Gates is going to be charged. It's not looking good, but I dont know if Matt Gates is going to be
urged. The latest news is that Matt Gates has hired a bevy of sex crime lawyers to defend him, and it makes sense that if you expect charges of murder, you would hire lawyers who are experts in defending you against murder charges sort of his logical that makes sense and he's entitled to get lawyers. But this is a sign of maybe the direction that things are going best. Levin writing for vanity, fair, that the last We checked in on the legal comings and goings of Matt Gates. Things were not looking great for him, since the news broke the spring that he was under investigation for pain, women for sections really for sleeping with a minor and transporting her across state lines. The hits have included gates
former wing men pleading guilty and having charges dropped from thirty three to six. In exchange for cooperation that that didn't look great forgets, the news that gates had allegedly paid the women he compensated through online payment platforms, leaving a digital paper, rail, not good. The news that the feds are additionally looking into obstruction of justice charges. His former wing man, reportedly giving the feds years have been mode transactions and thousands of photos and videos and gates being heckled on the street by sea. Your stout shouting. People think you're, a pedophile gates is denied allegations, but the list, News in terms of his lawyers suggests that this could be real trouble. Gates has hired a major team of lawyers, the tea according to reports of Roger Sullen Burger, includes attorney mom,
EMU Casey, who has defended the Trump Organization in a number of legal battles- Isabel Kirshner, atop criminal defence lawyer who represented Albert hadn, T X, Columbia, university, gynecologist accused listen to this by two hundred, actions of sexual assault, ultimately pleaded guilty with regard to two patients lost his medical licence, didn't get time in prison, so it seems that Isabel Kirshner is the right person to hire. Meanwhile bill gates his campaign is returned. The service retained the services of New York trial lawyer mark Furnish, who has the distinction of having defended sum of histories most notorious criminals, including Jeffrey Epstein, the mexican drug, Lord Joaquin, Goose mine, a k, L, chopper and Keith Rainier
who was sentenced to a hundred and twenty years in prison for running the annex. I VM sex called where women were branded, but physically branded and forced into sexual slavery. All of this suggests gates is taking the possibility of winding up in legal trouble. Very very seriously, spokesperson for gates declined to decline, to a request for a comment. So there's a lot going on all right in the context of our there ever going to be charges this signals, we should be keeping an eye on this, because there could be charges very very soon and they can be very serious charges. Now. Here's my view on the lawyer thing. If you ever need to defend yourself for any crime, your accused of whether you're guilty or innocent doesn't matter whether you're guilty or innocent, if you're, a cue of a crime. You should hire a lawyer that specializes in defending people against that type of crime. Any sensible person would do that, given reasonable mean so Matt Gates can hire whoever he wants.
This is a signal of what may be coming and that's it if I were being criminally tried. I would want a criminal lawyer if the criminal charges were murder, I would want someone experienced in defending murdered. There is no question about it. The fact that he's hiring- People signals that there are some really serious charges potentially coming related. The sex crimes doesn't mean he's guilty. He gets his day in court every time we talk about possible charges, people write to me and they say David. Do you not support due process? Do you not support innocent until proven guilty, but first of all to reflect do I support gravity? Is we have due process and people are innocent until proven guilty? He gets his day in court everybody's entitled to that.
But this signals that the charges may well becoming. However, he really shouldn't be allowed to use campaign funds for these lawyers, because these are personal charges. Now there are people making the the argument that part This is retaining council for his campaign so that if there are charges the campaign for re election can continue unfair. It feels pre week to me these Charges are for personal actions and he should not be allowed to use campaign funds for his defence. I feel very strongly about that. The there has already been reportedly twenty five thousand dollars for a lawyer been paid by the gates campaign, even though the charges stem from gates alleged personal actions, that's not good that shouldn't be alive,
but let's buckle up because this really could get very interesting very, very quickly. We have a voice mail number if you want to call it, that number is to one nine to David P. Call any time during the Trump rally on Saturday. We talked about this group, blacks for tromp. They wear shorts that say blacks for Trump. They are black book the individual's mostly, and we ve talked about how it is a common thing at Trump rallies that the few black attendees are placed very conspicuously onstage behind Trump. Here's, a collar who tried to figure out who, who are blacks, were trump and he did, come up with much take a lesson I missed. My name is all over your Romans boughs and I will watching your show, and I just had a question for you. You should, video trunk. Just recently, In reality, this is three twenty seven, twenty five
young, Anders events, people they had blast verge from tee shirts bearing weight with black letters and thereby people. And I was just wondering if you could give us a take on that way. That happening. I looked up. Blacks, fortunes dot, com. I looked up black through Trans. Really, I don't see anything so I was just wondering if maybe you could enlighten us. I love what you saw a member and date use, a much poorer when you were now, there is a reality thinking so listen. I've been treading a little bit carefully about the blacks for Trump thing, because they, if you do a search for blocks for tromp you find a lot of articles about one of the individuals involved with lax for Trump, but there's very little about this supposed group and I dont want to get. It feels wrong to me and disqualifying
to just basically say: if there are black people at a Trump rally, clearly its astroturf or are they ve been paid? I don't evidence of that. The fact that there is so little about blacks for Trump as a stand alone group with anything other than just hearing. It rallies in part of their sort of repertoire makes me one you're very much about the sort of veracity that this is it. This is a real group. Every time we do a rally in black for Trump people are up behind Trump. I get emails from people saying look David, the Trump campaign. The Trump team is known for hiring people to go to rallies, here's a craigslist posts. when they advertise. I get it, I'm not ready to say the group is totally made up. There are black from supporters, but from supporters exist, I'm not going to say it it it just. It seems problematic to two just right off
a group, a minority group, a historically oppressed group and say what they purport to be. Their political views are real and clearly is made up. I'm not gonna do that, but there are real questions about what exactly blacks for Trump is and and sort of what to what extent it exists. As an organization, I encourage you to look it up. Maybe at some point will get some kind of more definitive answer. We have a great a show for you today. How do you get the bonus show? I wish I knew no, I you know you sign up a joint pachmann dotcom today on the bonus. Shall we will talk about the anti backs? Push in the NBA actually seems to be working to push the league around a little bit, we'll talk about Lebron James thing. I did what was right for my family and I was get vaccinate we'll talk about other player, saying no. We will talk about mail delivery about to get permanently slower and more expensive. Why you can progress and, lastly, following up
Monday story? A judge has ruled that New York City can go forward with its vaccine mandate for educators and staff in the New York City school system. All of those stories and more will be on today's Bonus- show up joint Pachmann Don T speak to them
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