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9/3/19: Trump visibly struggles to speak while tweeting classified info

2019-09-03 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Donald Trump visibly struggles to speak in recent video from the long weekend, raising more questions about his cognitive state

--Donald Trump tweets out a classified image, which is immediately reverse-engineered to a specific American satellite

--Donald Trump again claims that he hasn't even ever heard of a Category 5 hurricane, despite having dealt with multiple during his presidency

--Donald Trump directs Vice President Mike Pence to stay at a Trump hotel in Ireland despite it being inconveniently located for the purposes of Pence's trip

--Viewers ask David why he didn't attend the Straight Pride Parade in Boston over the Labor Day weekend

--Viewer wonders whether independent left-wing media shows like the David Pakman Show are simply collateral damage in YouTube's fight against extremism

--A group demands Popeyes' fried chicken sandwiches, which are now sold out everywhere, at gunpoint in Houston, Texas location

--David's latest book recommendations

--Voicemail caller claims conspiracy in the recent selection of EDM and dubstep TDPS theme song remixes

--On the Bonus Show: Hardest-hit industries by Trump's tariffs, reusable bags and sexual orientation, the problem with MRI's for low back pain, much more...

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