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9/4/19: Trump allies raising money to target journalists

2019-09-04 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Our long form deep dive into the continued problems of regulating social media and content platforms, including possible solutions on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more

--Embarrassing hilarity ensues in British parliament as new Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffers abandonment once again putting Brexit is in jeopardy

--Donald Trump's allies are raising money to target journalists in the latest escalating of the authoritarian fight against a free press

--This week's Hatriot Mail

--Donald Trump congratulates Poland on the anniversary of when they were invaded in a bizarre video

--A religious zealot named Kat Kerr commands Hurricane Dorian to turn right, away from the coast, in the name of Jesus

--Voicemail caller suggests that it's time for either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren exit the 2020 Democratic primary in order to surpass Joe Biden

--On the Bonus Show: Conversion therapy group comes out as gay, Dems want to look into Trump's hush money payments, non-drinker charged with DUI gets $1 million settlement, much more...

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