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9/7/21: The Weaponization of "That's My Right!"

2021-09-07 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Thom Hartmann, host of The Thom Hartmann Program and author of his latest book, "The Hidden History of American Healthcare: Why Sickness Bankrupts You and Makes Others Insanely Rich," joins David to discuss healthcare in the United States. Get the book: https://amzn.to/3tjlMC6z

--Despite what you might be seeing on Facebook, you do not have a "constitutional right" to refuse a vaccine

--Multiple Trump insiders now say Donald Trump is now almost certainly running in 2024, including his former adviser Jason Miller and Trumpist Republican Congressman Jim Jordan

--An anti-vaccine mob starts a brawl in front of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in London, and then tries to storm the building

--15 Miami-Dade educators have died from COVID in 10 days

--Calls to poison control for Ivermectin consumption are surging, prompting the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to post warnings about its use

--Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has a total Ivermectin meltdown, appearing to take the drug on air, although it's not actually clear he did

--Voicemail caller wonders whether David speaks Judeo-Español, also known as Ladino

--On the Bonus Show: Portland to vote on Texas travel ban over TX abortion law, judge rules OH hospitals cannot be forced to give Ivermectin, El Salvador becomes the first Bitcoin nation, much more...

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