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9/8/21: COVID's Future Unknown as New Variant Makes Headlines

2021-09-08 | 🔗

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--Sergey Young, founder of the Longevity Vision Fund and author of the new book, "The Science and Technology of Growing Young," joins David to discuss the latest developments in anti-aging and longevity research. Get the book: https://amzn.to/3DWAx2K

--Scientists and public health experts are increasingly of the mindset that the future of the COVID pandemic is uncertain, without a clear end in sight

--The number of headlines about the COVID "Mu" variant increase dramatically, but does the actual data justify such a concern?

--Joe Biden's approval continues to decline, as predicted, but what will turn it around?

--A COVID denier in a Nebraska supermarket coughs on shoppers and generally behaves like a horrible person

--Former President Donald Trump lies endlessly during a Newsmax interview, already claiming that the California recall election has been "rigged" by Democrats, and again falsely claiming to have been at Ground Zero on 9/11

--Black Republican California Gubernatorial recall candidate Larry Elder suggests reparations for slave owners during an interview, something that slave owners actually already received after slavery was outlawed

--Voicemail caller who is a medical student explains some of the confusion that people are having over the drug Ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID

--On the Bonus Show: Unemployment benefits end today for millions of Americans, flu season is coming fast, plans for $400-billion city in desert are unveiled, much more...

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Let's get right into things today, because we have so much to discuss I'm not going to waste ten minutes with a meadow segment telling you what's going to be on today's show I mean this is the show. Let's just do the show right, that's my perspective. I told you yesterday that today we would talk about a sort of new. It's almost like an anti consensus, the increasingly the consensus from scientists about covered and the trajectory of this pandemic is The end is uncertain, we don't actually know and you'll still here, summoned visual public health experts and epidemiologists, and others say if we do. Acts will probably be mostly
back to normal by some date. But at this point it should be pretty clear to most of us that it's not clear when this. is going to end and that the ifs that are often referred to if we get to this level of vaccination if there is no more contagious, her dangerous variant. If this these are it's over which we really have very little information and its significantly unclear. So I want to start here with an article that outlines this for scientists, path to covet endgame remains uncertain. This is her by Mark Fisher from the Washington Post from this weekend it's basically over already. It will end this October, or maybe it won't be over till next spring or late next year or two or three years down the road from the most respected epidemiologists to public health experts who have navigated past disease, panics from polemicist to political partisans or part
sands. As some like to say, there are no definitive answers to the central question in american life as a drug report headline put it recently, is it ever going to end with children returning the classrooms in many cases, for the first time and ten months and is the highly contagious dealt a variant. Spotty vaccination uptake send case numbers in deaths, shooting upward many Americans wonder what exactly has to happen before life can return to something that looks and feels like twenty nineteen, the article rightly of pointing out the answers come in a kaleidoscopic calves Kate of scenarios, some suggested without most humility, others with mathematical confidence. The pandemic will end because deaths finally drop to about the same level were accustomed to seeing from the flu each year or will end when most kids are vaccinated or it will end because Americans are finally exhausted by all the restrictions on daily life. Innumerable put it
and over the course of the pandemic, have come up lame. Some scientists have sworn off suit. saying, but as they learn more about the corona virus that bestowed or bestowed cove nineteen on mankind they build MA those and make projections and described the hurt that remain before people can pull their masks, pull off the masks and go about their lives. The good news is, there is some feel from for optimism, and I think that that I think that this is an here it in terms of the possibilities of optimism, let's look at what it says. I try We truly think we are in the endgame, says, Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease specialist. The cases will start plummeting middleweight September and by MID October we will be in a manageable place where the virus is a concern for health professionals, but not really for the general pop. That is very optimistic, but we are seeing if you expect cases to be much lower, knocked her. were the levelling off. We ve, seen over the last seven days suggests that that's a possibility.
Gandhi basis. Her optimism on the fact that all previous epidemics of respiratory viruses have ended through the acquisition of immunity, whether vaccination, natural infection. Although viruses do keep changing potentially circumventing people's defences, they mutate quickly at a cost to themselves weakening overtime, our guest of in rack and yellow last week from the this weekend, virology podcast said the same in terms of the mutating to be less serious. Gandhi said she but the delta variant. That has hit the. U S so hard this summer will mark the peak of the virus is strength but Gandhi, worn. She has been wrong before in February twenty she said the youth would not tolerate a disease that killed a hundred Americans a day. People would come together and do whatever it takes to stop that. That didn't happen. The bad news is, there is too much cause for doubt. Zeke, a manual professor of medical ethics at you, pay We're in a moment of uncertainty in humans, don't do well with uncertainty, telling people it's going to be two or three more years of this is really hard, but
think anyone can be comfortable with the current state, with a lot of kids ending up in the hospital and a thousand deaths a day. That's not right turning to normal and a manual also says his crystal ball has sometimes been cloudy in March of twenty. He said the count would be back to normal in November of twenty one for that, his friends dubbed him mister pessimists. Now his men this is at least as unwelcome it's going to be at least spring twenty two and possibly much longer before things go back to normal. So at this point this is as much a psychological question of what is it due to society to be living with this, for we don't know how much longer now that psychological pressure has pushed some who never took it super seriously to just say we're back to normal: either I'm vaccinated and we're back to normal or I'm not vaccinated,
and I never thought we needed vaccines or to do anything and I'm going to continue in that way. But when you look at the case in death members tomorrow, I'm going to actually show you. Cases are three times higher than a year ago, deaths are to time higher than a year ago. That doesn't feel like it's almost over But at the same time you ve got some points of optimism. There are some studies that show that an overwhelming majority. Eighty, even more per cent of sums. Some populations in some cities have some degree of anti bodies which would be due to a combination of infection. Vaccination, people who never knew they had an asymptomatic cases etc. So do what? What is the point? this, do we really know anything? No, yes, maybe I don't know we do know some things. We know that this mutates slowly enough, that when you start getting through these higher levels of immunity, you may not do away with cases but cases
won't mean nearly as much because it will mostly mean colds and for the vaccinated population that sort of already the case I mean when you read, fifteen hundred vaccinated people have died, tarred to feel like that means, if your vaccine aided this no longer matters but The grand scheme of the numbers? That's quite small number people die of the flu, even when vaccinated, etc. So the last part of this how do we define the end? Are we comfortable saying the end is when the death number are the same as a normal flew season? Is the the end. Has this so traumatized us that even that won't really signify the end. Will it be well any one of any age who wants to get back made. It can be vaccinated, which could be some time until young kids can get vaccinated. That's another piece of this, which is how do we define the end? The next thing I want to talk about,
is this Mew very had em you, which meant If you have been emailing me about yesterday, I mentioned that today. Is going to talk about the covert Mew variant, which appears to be even more can t just then the delta area. But I want to do something that I dont think is being properly done in many of the headlines that are being written. It appears as though Mew has already lost the delta based on the end, nation we have and that the peak from you already came a month or two ago, The headlines about Mew are the exact types of headlines. You would expect disaster worse than delta. More contain than delta, potentially looming disturbing situation, but what you actually have to understand is that it seems as though the peak of you Mew has passed and it's not even going to overtake delta. So, let's look at a report from the new
daily NEWS, the headlines similar to many headlines. We ve seen New Mew New Mew. Why that's tough new Mew covert variant now found in forty? Nine? U S states owe since being done in Colombia the country of Colombia. In January, that's nine months ago, The new variant of covert has spread to nearly four dozen countries and has made its presence known in Hawaii and Alaska. It has so far been in forty nine states, with Nebraska being the only state not to have a detected Mew Variant Case- health officials, believe me. It is even more transmissible than delta and has the potential to resist vaccines in the EU. Ass. It has been in forty nine states in Dc. California has reported highest number of the latest variant with three eighty four one, sixty seven were in LOS Angeles County, the identified asian variants like me, when the spreading of variants around the growth globe highlights the need for L, a county residents to continue to take measures. This is why
I'm getting vaccinated and protections are so important on August thirtieth, the devil. You show called me a variant of interest due to its ability to be more transmissible than the other strange to see see us are these seedy sea has not yet made similar classifications about meal found. She says we are maintaining close eye on the new variant, despite it being not at all, even close to becoming dominant in the? U S, but here is actually the most important line of the article they ve buried, the lead, buried, buried the? U S saw it peak of new variant cases in MID July, but case numbers involving that variant have been declining. Since signalling either a weakening of the strain or indicating a worrisome future so potentially were some. If something even worse is replacing it, but this is a really important detail that is not being included in the sky is falling art
is about new, giving it p. In July, and has been declining delta continues to grow as a percentage of all cases. Sir When you look at the articles, more transmissible, of course, is concerning. Then the question is What about more deadly, and often it takes around A long time to get information about that, you ve got a track. Hospitalization, you ve got attract death rate, etc, but it appears as though we have already passed. The mew peak now why they say worrisome is, if some even worse, is ultimately going to be what Knox Out Delta and becomes dominant, but I actually think that on this issue, a lot of corporate media been spreading a lot of what we call but fear uncertainty, and doubt we appeared beyond the peak of meal delta. Means dominant and
If we have growing overall immunity, I'm not gonna use the term heard immunity because we seem to be still far from that. But if we continue to grow the number of people, with some level of protection, Mew to beat Delta will need to find enough. People all with no protection in order to start grabbing a bigger and bigger foothold. So, of course we watch it. Of course we watch it, but that last line Mew appears to already have peaked in July and is declining. should really be further up in the articles and I know dozens of people have been emailing me about this, and this is that the most important piece of data we have so far is appears to have peaked in July. Let know what you think you can find me on Twitter at De Pachmann. We will take a break after the break Biden. Approval continues down, as we predicted
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and declining approval rating and it's been a significant decline. As of last week, Joe Biden approval rating was down about sixteen percent. Now, that's sixteen percent, not sixteen points from about fifty five to forty six my sense last week was a job. His approval rating would probably continue down before it might recover, depending on what happens, but my sense was we hadn't yet the bottom. The reason that I thought that was that the full scope of the Afghanistan situation wasn't yet in last week, polling, and what I mean by that is that the polling we looked at early last week was taken mostly before the suicide attack by ISIS at Cobble airport. In Ghana Stan, and in fact I pointed out last week that Joe Biden approval decline actually started July before any of the Afghanistan situation got going by certainly the Afghanistan situation was not helping and that we would probably see a further decline.
Indeed in the last week Joe Biden, approval has exactly as expected, continued to decline not dramatically more than last week, but the downward trajectory is clear and he's down to just a hair over forty five percent approval. We care more about the average of poles than about any individual pole? We want to look at sort of the general direction, but are now. Some individual polls show Joe Biden at only forty two percent and forty four percent approval and there may be even more of a decline. So what? What are the important notes? Your? Why is this happening? What are we looking for? What do we expect too the major drags on Joe Biden. Approval right now are covered resurgence with Delta, for which really republican governors and
and he vast Anti Baxter's and anti maskers are to blame more than Joe Biden. Policy by this policy has been get. People vaccinated, keep school safe, but I dont deny that ultimately, the buck stops with Biden, and he has said that so that's wonder AG, which at a sort of nitty gritty level, is actually the fault of mostly republicans. This second drag is Afghanistan, so, if covered improves by November of twenty twenty two for the midterms idle, people will have forgotten about Afghanistan. In general, foreign policy impacts, voting less than domestic policy and Biden him Love is not actually on the ballot. You can see November of twenty two as a sort of for end on Joe Biden for sure, but this not really be the end of the world. For Joe Biden and Democrats in November of twenty two now for a comparison to prior President's Joe Biden. Approval today is still seven points higher than trumps.
This point in their presidencies, but below both where Barack Obama was at this point in his presidency and below, were George W Bush approval was, at this point in his presidency, So what does it mean? What's next, Really there is no change from what we outlined last week on Afghanistan, execution aside, job and got a sound of a war that we need. To get out of. That's good, that's the big story. The big story is Bush got a sin to Afghanistan, Obama didn't get us out Trump didn't get us out. Biden got us out where their execution mistakes, of course, and we talked about it. There is no doubt about that, but I dont believe that the big narrative which is Biden got us out and it didn't go perfectly, is going to impact. Twenty twenty two, the tough part comes where Biden now really needs a big success, but
the lower his approval rating, the less likely that Republicans are going to be in and devise to work with him unless he makes some gigantic compromises, for example on infrastructure, which might turn binds victory HU a pyrrhic one, a pyrrhic victory, one in which you. Staying so much damage in getting the victory that in practice, it's a question as to whether really it's a victory. So it's this vicious circle, bite and needs a big accomplishment to buoy his approval rating but having a Lowell lower approval rating reduces the pressure on Republicans to actually work with jobs. because his approval rating is already lower and the expectations from the american public that Republicans work It may also be diminished. Joe Biden is expected to address the nation tomorrow, Thursday about covert there's a question is too there. He will be announcing new guidelines, new restrictions, mandates. Whatever the case may be, we will see. What kind of an audience that gets we
see if it does anything for his approval and I dont know what time that is tomorrow, but my intention is to cover it live on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. So I hope you will join me. It's been already kind of previewed by the Biden administration that There is not going to be an announcement of a federal vaccine mandate tomorrow they there- there were some theorize, using an theorizing is even probably too generous a term. There was some speculation. some on the right that tomorrow is the day that Biden announces a vaccine mandate and that's it for many of them. that means I dont know it sounds violent, but ok, but the admitted nation has already said. That is not. That is not the plan. in so many words that this is not their wording. This is mine, but it was made clear that job and is not announcing a vaccine Mandy tomorrow, but he will be announcing something and will see what that does and will continue to track his approval rating aright
I want to talk about another one of these horrible incidents and listen every time we have one of these anti mask incidents of assault in that's really what it is. I talk about Mental Illness clearly seems to be a component with these points. the woman in this video, which some Our calling an anti mask Karen I really am not big on Karen, because it is clearly a racially loaded term. It's really applied to white women, so I stay away from it. I call this person a really bad person. Also maybe mentally ill This is another one of these incidents, where a woman in Nebraska some kind, covert denier. Some kind of and Masker is repeatedly coughing. Coughing coughing on the person who is filled and we're going to look at this and then we're going to talk about what crimes may have been committed here. So, let's start with the story, this was posted to the Lincoln Nebraska Sub. Read it a few days ago,
and the person who posted at you a username Jesse Bird on Unread. It says My kid and I were at the store night to pick up a few groceries when this lady approached us and said politely excuse me and to be honest, I thought she was going to ask me for help or asked me where something was I was about to say: Work. Your lady, when she asked me why we were wearing masks. That's when I realized wasn't wearing one I started walking away, while replying because of the delta variant and also there's a mandate and she went on about how she was born and raised here Nebraska and it's too bad some Nebraska of turned into sheep. She asked if I've had a vaccine. And said that my kid and I don't need to wear masks because we look young and healthy. There were several people around wearing mass, but for some reason she chose to pick on me and my kid at the end of the video some poor guy working, there tries to intervene and basically total told us all just go our separate ways. Karen, walked away, and I told the guy what happened. He said it wasn't the first time he had to deal with people like her at work. I tried to continue my shopping, but the late
followed me around the store I told her. She needs to keep your distance and her coughing on me was assault. She kept laughing and saying looking you it's so cute. How scared you are by this time I was absolutely livid, try my best to hold it together in front of my kid. I didn't finish my shopping. I instead went to the self check out to pay for my stuff. She followed me to use the check out right next to me I form the employ manning. The check out this woman assaulted me by coughing deliberately, but Didn't wait around to see what the employer would say. I'm! So, let's take a look at this video this. This is horrifying and what's horrifying about. It is in its less about the specific risk of contagion, but it's that there are people in our country who would do this and who think that they are making some kind of prescient point by doing this all right. Let's take a look. Let's take a lesson. Excuse me I'm coming
So this is a disgusting person, but is she so mentally modern! Oh I don't know I mean it. Normal people dont behave this way, but even that term normal has become very loaded and covered times nothing You mean you don't know how you now you're, not by the way, how annoying or those fake coughs
two years ago, before anybody start talking about old man, you're, ok, we're goin out, not knowing ready and she got a nose. You know when she does- and I don't know anything about her- how you don't know anything about my maybe I have a MAC medical needs of. You might have a medical where. So I think you get the point now there were some people saying call the police.
time, but one user and on the red it post about this, had call the police this time, which I agree with this video evidence of a crime being committed. Ok, what crime, we were looking into this and it seems It is, though, in Nebraska this is a salt. In the third degree, this is Nebraska revise staff twenty eight three one: zero assault. In the third degree, a person commits the offence of assault. In the third degree, if he intentionally knowingly or recklessly causes bodily injury to another person or threatens. There in a menacing manner. A soul in the third degree, shall be a class one misdemeanor unless committed in a fight or scuffle entered into by mute mutual consent, in which case it should be a class to misdemeanours. Oh, that's the most likely thing the other idea that's been floated? Is that coughing,
corona virus coughing attacks might be able to be prosecuted as terrorism and this is an article from what is the date. This is from April of twenty twenty. When these coughing incident started where, Nikita Malek, a contributor to Forbes wrote that covered nineteen is, can hitherto biological agents, meaning that it deliberately cough on a policeman or merchandise, which was what was going on at the time. You could be charged with terrorism, I think you know it's probably a stretch to get it. A conviction on that. But at least there is the idea that it could be We do need to throw the book at these people. This is not in a one. We too about Anti social, behavior detrimental to all of society. Air, culturally from a health standpoint for Any aspect you want to look at this not taking seriously
people who go out and to make some kind of political point. I don't even know what it is or because they're just out of their minds or a combination of the two are often during a pandemic on people to scare them right. It's gotta be taken seriously as the law allows. So I am all for if you, if, if you can, do it, Terrorism charge, do it. If this is assault, third degree under Nebraska LAW go with it, but the people have to call the police peace- and I understand that this woman rope I just wanted to get out of there- I am not blaming her for that, but lie all come together and say that if we see this stuff- let's make every effort to actually get police involved and really make sure that these people, even if they dont get convicted, have to spend months dealing with the justice system because of the disgusting. The day did will have more more on this particular incident on the show Instagram. You can find a sun Instagram at David packing
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Jump right in. I recently been reading. In addition to your book of the books scale by Geoffrey West and one of the things that Jeffrey West, talks about, is that when it comes to human aging, when you look mathematically at me, Balikh rate and a few other sort of basic factors. It seems as though the top and kind of natural life span, if you avoid car accidents and infectious disease- and you know the best scenario- is about a hundred and twenty years of age. Now one of the things I find really interesting about your book. Is you start to talk about this in steps? You talk about living to one fifty you talk about that so, you're, not just jumping in saying, as some do a thousand years of lifespan is very very soon on the horizon. You're you're talking about incremental soaked, talk to us
about that. I mean how. How do we go from this natural limit of one hundred to one hundred and twenty up to one hundred and fifty perfect grade question, so I will let's, let's start from today: what are the options that we have today to extend our life span so, frankly, speaking all of them people could call him boring- or my mom told me that so it's lifestyle changes its early diagnostic using power off whereabouts technologists. This will help us to leave two hundred healthy and happy years. So that's that's what we can do today from today's, like a state of development of dignity. Science. Is this actually breaking born, because we have something exciting in the field of longevity science and technology common to all of us in the next ten to twenty years,
within what I call in the book me horizon of lunch avian evasion, but is very important to stay on lunch, eighty breach and be asked how the and happiest possible so then in in twenty years time. Our body and mind is worth extending its resource. So that's one and is like a separate part of the book, as a bonus chapters is as asked twice as long as any other chapters. So many thing you can do to echo at ten lunch dvd choices. So then this second piece: a new horizon of longevity innovation and again, this is technologists and and scientific breakthroughs, which will be available to all of us in the next ten fifteen twenty years and when people ask me what are the most exciting from this least I'm always talk about gene, editing and gene therapy organ regeneration, our ability to regroup, replace organs inside our bodies, similar to what we do with the old car, extending its resource and
David. You, an appeal in the next ten years, will have a completely new class of drugs, which will focus on asian score rather than any particular disease. This is the kind of drugs that we have today, so that again near horizon of longevity, and then something more on the horizon in its call for our eyes and of lunch, av innovation, and I'm talking about if knowledge is which will be available to us in the next twenty five to fifty years, now- and this is when man and machine will become one were when we talk about integration between computer power and and human intellect, and without changing, definition of human, it's gonna, be very difficult to leave beyond conduct untrained your hand then fifty or so I'll get let's. Let's stop there for a second cause. That's really important, so you you seem to be acknowledging that there is this sort of
metabolic and cellular natural ceiling to human longevity. That is going to need some more major change or intervention in order to be extended significantly. Yes, so what we nobody in the car and biologic of you on the human body biological perspective, because the limit but its candidate or in twenty four hundred and thirty years. I don't know, but it's obviously in this field. So then we need. We would need to complement the Bible, Jacob Perspective, an engineering or technological perspective and look at the integration of this for us to be able to live longer. But the big question is not the signs and northern technology. The biggest question is ethics and regulation. As we have read, it took knowledge you to extend our lives David, but we haven't created life though we want to extend sixty to eighty percent of people in the world depending on the country, would say no life extension opportunities, so we will need to soar
a lot of ethical issues and almost greed than you amazing version of this world and society for us to embrace the idea of law I call it morality of immortality, and this is my biggest war. This is my biggest concern. This what we need to have a conversation about ethical choices before we embrace it technology yeah? Well, you know I ve interviewed longevity researcher operate a grey several times over the last fifteen or so years, and he often makes news the things that are more salacious daddy as like the first person to live, two thousand has already been born or something like that and it out. Maybe that's true, maybe it's not but that What I find more interesting about what he says are when I bring up the ethical concerns. durations how Three eyes: considerations: change if the upper limit of life is extended or what is the economic impact? What is the environmental impact of people living so much longer? He says it's
of will mostly work itself out like if people live a lot longer, the birth rate will go down, for example. What what do you think about that? So I do believe that there are so many things that we need to change. in this world, for us to be able to enjoy this far horizon of longevity, so few of them, like I do believe, will enjoy the longevity technology has an opportunity to become a unifying theme for the nation and for society, because someone need to gloss inequality, which is widening all the time? So I did. My mission is to read affordable inaccessible version of digital healthcare and technology to the world. I'm not interest integrate something for reach once right. So that's that's. One second is this whole relationship with mother nature. As you pointed out, when you leave seventy five years, is there's always a temptation to say. Ok,
I'm going to die in twenty years from now. Next generations will sort it out for themselves. If you going to leave Huntington train two hundred and fifty years, I do believe that it give us an opportune. Here to be much more responsible in our relationship. Where were the planet would among the measure we gonna face. The concept and some of our own actions or the other thing is and if appropriate final comment on the ethical side is called social constructs, this binary social conscience, now we have today like Korea, marriage retirement, they ve been developed in a society where the average lifespan was thirty. Five years, like two thirds of the marriage, is going through divorce in the first five years of their alive and
it's not great, and we would need to come up with a variety of the options for two people in this world to be to fix their responsibility for, like is growing ah or anything else, or the Skull Korea thing retirement thing. It's all so binary. It's just you work full time and if you like, full time retard and tumor dangerous years over. Your life is the ear of your birth because we still have this high infant mortality and ear of your retirement, because you loose in in Today's binary framework full time work full time. Retirement people Lucy opportune media for social realization, and this is one of the most important component of you. Your desire will this inability to live longer, so we just need to rethink, and I have as many curious as decades in my life. I need to have an answer to this.
action in our society needs to be radiant and and change itself and its norm to accommodate this. Dear, that's a very interesting social question about Greece, lifespans that I've read about which is maybe both from the standpoint of career and even for some people from the standpoint of relationship, there would be more more chapters, are you would plan on more chapters, maybe that than people plan on now. Let me ask about it: full of other. What kind of finer point things in the law jeopardy circles. There's a lot of talk about the possibility of drugs, specific medications, providing additional lifespan? Often the diabetes medication met foreman is mentioned. What is the? What is that real data, unmet foreman as longevity drug, so they Holly issues that aging is not consider is diseased
so there is no regulatory framework for someone to launch meet form in study which will test particular outcome of taking it form in there. You'll basis for your longevity, and this is where we are today. I do think that you are all of us will have an opportunity to invest more time and resources in You know improving our house when lifespan, when the regulator well well happen. Having said that, there are so many cases sin in medicine and accused of medicine were something has been discovered, is a side effect, and apparently this is what happened would meet foreman, so its clear that for certain portion of population, certain age and in relation to diabetes, we'd form and adds to three four years to the Lifespan House ban. While the question is what its works only for people who are in a particular risk,
like suffering from diabetes or it works for the general population, and this is still a question that we need to resolve. So that's why I'm on it of American Federation of Aging Research and we economic trial, it's a huge trial, Serbia launch, hopefully, next year in the U S and the FDA approval and guidance where three thousand people were taken, it foreman and we'll have we're dating free five years from now whether we have a new class of drugs which you, which is looking at and focusing the aging and a score or emit forming as agreed diabetes, drug but unfortunately, doesn't really have any particular positive lifespan extension. In fact, only other parts of population, so it's very promising, but as everything in medicine we we will it just ass theirs before we embrace the ideal off looking reforms. So that's why you know everything. I talk about any new horizon of longevity five, ten fifteen years from now. I'm always
guys be conservative unless you ve been advised by a doctor to take it- and this is you have a critical condition- Let's just wait, stand longevity reach for five ten years at, so that we can improve, embrace and and use this technology and this scientific discoveries in much more responsible and less risky way yeah that seems eminently reasonable, and if people Google met foreman longevity, they will find of hyperbole that does not yet matches your pointing out the other data, very important life expectancy over Last few years is actually down slow we in the United States and, of course, work. Pandemic that has, on average, slightly reduced life expectancy. We have big deal, parity based on economic situation in the United States. When you,
looking longer term at longevity. What do you make of this short term reduction in life expectancy? So of eight scary? U s problem. We I haven't seen the other developed nation on this planet, which would show this very difficult eight with a lot of love right, this tragic situation work life expectancy, Emily smaller number is decrease of zero point two years ripe read any at seven in the will and the last three years out of five brief and dammit similar reasons. Being s is something needs to change and in the healthcare sector. In U S, you ask us the most expensive eighty percent of GDP and the most inefficient healthcare system in a whirl Uk United Kingdom spent eight percent of its GDP on Healthcare, because much better results like seem. Gabor spend five percent of their watcher GDP on
healthcare and thought there on number one another to place in the world. Health spend wizen lifespan wise together with Japan, so something needs to change, and- and obviously this huge impact of opium oil prices to this number. So if we will look alike, this follow me. It's gonna, be better by the obvious. There are a number of fundamental problems like with obesity would have died of Americans with high dig. Ray and and and and intensity, often see Bionic Syn II in a meat and fish it. Sarah, so having said that, there is a light in the end of the tunnel because in medicine of the future, a school and be much more dignified, driven and based on data. So that's why I'm re saying in a lot of wearable which are common to all life, where bosses naughty convenience do
I swear you anymore, and it doesn't matter what its feed beat. Whoop or apple watch or ordering does not merit it's gonna, be our personalized healthcare device and the change in healthcare will come from new players doing completely new thinks. This is where I see the solution to it, car prices and in medicine, while two of the really to other things you talk about that. I love because so many longevity investors really don't talk our number one. We we have to make life such that people want to extend number one that's very, very important, I'm glad you mentioned that and the number two there are economic questions about access, and you seem to be addressing both in the book, which I think is great. Thank you, David Yeats, very boring, like any. You ass, you do Zeb gots next to each other, have fifteen years of difference in their lifespan.
I couldn't find even your logical oration will explanation behind us in our part of, inequality gap there, we have in this world the minutes and the? U S, not an exception like in London, this same city. it will give you in some other cases, seventeen one, seven years difference Well, that's why I'm embracing technology investing in technology to democratize, access to healthcare like decrease in the cost of cancer diagnostic by two five ten times degrees in the course of which are sound, and also by ten times I need this is real numbers from the start up, so we funded or decrease in the coastal farm organ transplantation likely or quotation might end time, so on very hopeful that this will give us an opportunity for all of us to be ass. Brave, ass thinking of healthcare is a basic good and basic service which would need to be provided to everyone for free of charge.
That's my dream. The book is the science and technology of growing young. We ve been speaking with the books author, Sergei Young, Sergei, so great having you want. I really appreciate it and could David stay healthy and happy? Please don't forget that the best way to support The David Pachmann Show is by becoming a member which gives you access to the daily bonus, showed the regular show with no commercials. You also get access to our entire you're archive of every episode dating back. A really long time and plenty of other awesome membership perks go to join pachmann, dot com and use them. coupon code, better twenty one for a huge discount, join Pachmann dotcom. Alright, let's get to a few more things, it's been a very, very strange twenty four hours for
Former President Donald Trump, while Joe Biden prepares to address the nation tomorrow about corona virus into lay out a six pronged, strategy for how we are going to get beyond this thing. Donald Trump is going to doing paper view commentary of some kind for a boxing match former President Donald Trump and also appeared unused MAX last night and lied, completely uncontrollably just totally uncontrollably about everything. I want to start with this first Clip Donald Trump was. About the California gubernatorial election, which we will be talking about in the next segment. We are going to be covering the results live next week. This is an important situation in California. Donald Trump claimed of key without any evidence that it's probably rigged. This is happening in the context of Gavin, knew some starting to pull away in terms of people saying we want to keep Newsome instead of recall him in the polling, we'll get that pulling in a moment. Here is Donald Trump.
spreading lies it wasn't a joke when we said they will just claiming any election they lose, was rigged. That's exactly what Donald Trump is doing here. Take a look at this got the Rico election coming up in less than a week, is actually happening as we speak. The poles appear to show. Newsome looks safer at this point: Larry Elders, the man they could take it from, and what do you think happens in California Well, it's probably rig this any out. All balance is all to the debate. Sir, your mail out imbalance, in fact, I guess you even have occasionally you can make your own ballot when that have and What he's gonna win accept these Democrats show our luck there very good. The one thing they good at is rigged elections, so I predicted a rigged elections. Let's see how so what's going in reality is simply that govern,
some is pulling away. It was very, very close about a month ago, in early August, a basically split awareness, was much lower about the fact that this was going on at the time among Californians and as we and others I mean I'm, not I'm nothing. We accomplish anything, but just as there has been more and more attention by media about the fact that hey you could see new some removed despite the amazing economy in California, and replaced with a loose? take like Larry Elder, you ve started to see that keep knew some crowd. Pull away where now they are almost plus ten plus ten. Now, everybody's, got a vote in California. My brother said he was was filling out his ballot today, it's gotta be post spot marked by actually, I hope, That is, I hope, right about that. I think that's me postmarked by Tuesday
Hopefully that will happen, but there is no evidence whatsoever that that this is rigged. It wasn't a joke when we said this is the new story. any time they lose they'll say it was rigged, Mitt Romney. Who won in Utah, remember that confrontation. I believe it was at National Airport in Washington DC were away and came up to him and said you didn't really win that your wind was also rigged any when they don't like, they simply say, was rigged. and what's going on, unfortunately, is that this is the type of stuff that could lead to what were worried will happen on September eighteenth, which is another one of these rights I hope it doesn't go that way. Trump continuing to lie throughout the interview than he repeated? His often cited lie that he was down there at ground zero on nine eleven we're coming up on the twentieth anniversary,
We have nine eleven and here's Donald Trump revisiting that same lie. At that time you you offered to help a we had in New York City gifts, reflection of that period of time, twenty years- imagined by the way, asking trump to reflect. That's it. That's that's! That alone is funny well down there right after that, and I brought a bigger people down and I helped a lot of other people helped those first. sponsors a very brave and I'm Tellin, you that's a lie from, has been telling that lie a really really long time back and twenty nine hey, you might remember, commemorated nine nine eleven first responders by making it all about himself, he has told this lie many many times here is trump in twenty nineteen telling some very similar untrue it all no provides pensions for those who are suffering from cancer and other illnesses stemming from the toxic debris there were.
Supposed to in the aftermath of the attacks. Many of those affected were firefighters, police officers and other first responders, and I was down there also, but I consider myself a first response, but I was down. There has been a lot of time down there with you said there. There appears to be absolutely no evidence of that. Slopes looked into it and He claimed that he was there, Doing who knows what? But snow spoke to officials from New York City Fire Department? They spoke to the construction demolition people who were at ground zero for days and days and days after the nine eleven attacks. Nobody recalls ever seeing trump down there and Trump has been exaggerating about it for a very, very long time. So that's what's going on and then even weirder as if it needs to get any weirder Donald Trump is, would it be providing boxing and Terry for
thrillers Vander, wholly field Vader Balfour fight on the top? Edith anniversary of nine eleven. Just like everything is so bizarre, it's weird enough that Trump as a former president doing boxing commentary, it's kind of even weirder in some strange way that he's doing it on the twentieth anniversary of nine eleven, just all of it reeks, bizarre confusion, and I dont ultimately no what trunks political future but so far it's all looking very strange. Let's now talk little bit about the man who is the most likely to replace Gavin use in California? If the vote recall him decides to remove him. So remember, it's sort of like a two part vote in next week's California. Gubernatorial recall the first thing is: do you want
to remove Gavin knew some. If the answer is no, that's it it's over Newsome stays and let's hope that takes place. If the answer Is yes, then there is a sort of subsequent ballot where the quest it is well, who do you want to replace Gavin use him with the guy who's leading, is a black conservative named Larry elder? Who has a long history of disgusting comments about abortion about gay? AIDS about so many different things he appeared on I this is yet this is the Canvas Owens Show which I guess it's part of Prager you Dennis Prager part of Prager you. and Larry elder the guy who, if it's not going to be given, you has the best shot at being the next or of California said you can make the case that slaveowners should have gotten reparations when slavery ended. Let's take a listen to this together, tripod
by the way when you mentioned that the UK was ahead of us, they were. Do you know that they slave owners were compensated after they lost their foreign for property, the government compensated slaveowners. I didn't know you until when people talk about resolutely admiration, yeah, fascinating Candice is real learning a lot here? How they really want to have a conversation because, like it, Slavery was legal, and so their property. Their legal property was taken away from them after the f of the civil war. So you can make an argument that the people that are old reparation in not only just black people, but also the people whose quote property close quote, was taken away after after the end of the civil war. Isn't that just amazing guys now says you can make the argument, there's lots arguments that can be made, but shouldn't be made. It sort of like we're just asking questions. Where I an oculus enough phrase, but sometimes the questions your asking an end that and the questions you're not asking and the answers that you are presenting, it's all very toxic,
And manipulative now, by the way wave owners got reparations after the civil war. It's not just that. What Larry Elder is saying is vile. It's not just that there would be nothing more retrograde, then electing as governor of California, of any state but of California, because that's where we were actually looks, at a recall here, it would be crazy to put a guy who talks about reparations for slave owners in the governors Mansion, California slaveowners got reparations after the civil war on April, sixteenth of eighteen sixty two president Abraham, Lincoln, signed the District of Columbia, Compensated Emancipation, ACT, the law prohibiting slavery in the district and at four, it's nine hundred odd slave holders to free the slaves and the government pay the slaveowners about three hundred dollars per slave. That's like eight grand in
in modern money, inflation adjusted now that wasn't in every state, but we seen reparations for the slave owners and it's all pretty damn car easy. Now, during this same interview, I want to look at one more clip of this Larry. There also added black people get longer sentences but for legitimate reasons. He he likes the fact that there is a sentencing, decide ready for the same crimes along shall lines quite a guy huh, he hired Erika, holder his age, who once said comes to matters of race, american nation of Cowards and Eric Holder- has called voter DE unexampled pernicious racism, he's the fact that last longer senses- and they do so for legitimate reasons that you're, taking conservation, your entire criminal history. He called out example initial racism. He called the fact that black, we ve got, kicked out more often than white boys do in schools, and example a pernicious
it has never mind or behaviour this guy It's been a more dangerous racecourse hussar, in my view, than even Jesse Jackson and Ashraf and facilitate suit untie speaks and become we and people have much more so there it is guys it is black conservative quote conservative and zones learning from black Republican Larry Elder about why it makes sense that black boys would get harsher sentences for the same crimes than white boys. This is the leading alternative to go when you're Gavin Newsome to become the governor of Caliphs. Yes, just a reminder. Fortunately guy the new sum has been pulling away now. Leading keep Gavin, leading by almost ten points over remove Gavin
but everybody in California must vote we're going to have live coverage of results to the extent that we get them on the same day next tuesday- and I hope you will join me- for that- We have a voice mail number. That number is too one nine to David P, to one nine to David P here, is a voice mail from a medical student explaining for some of the riffraff around I've ever met in is coming from. Let's take a listen to this day. And I just wanted to call and say that I really look your statement on hybrid beckon. Today. and I also wanted to say that I think I can make things a little more complicated and people are letting on. Obviously, eigenvectors does not work Humans were covered by a lot of those people who think that reciting aid. That is that, with that, I connected in vitro way, though they do so
help me. Peter dish objected that, but I respect- and I won't be going to kill covered by the dosage- is required to do that is so incredibly high that in any person they try to retain that level of. I respect their blood, they would probably tie or have spheres like. So that's why it doesnt work. So I can finish it. No one should be heightens that so migrating lucrative. I appreciate the additional information. This is one of those things where like. If I've back then really worked, I would be saying this is fantastic guy like I don't I don't care. You know before the entire hydroxyl chloric when fiasco exploded about ten days before Trump came out and talked about hydroxide, I did a segment where I said here are six things we are looking at, that are being studied which might have an effect on covert and I listed hydroxide clerk went but look I've.
I've never had a problem. I dont know anyone on the left, who really has a problem in enders. There's this conspiracy thing about the reason that their covering up that these things work is. If there is a good treatment for hope it. Then the vaccine wouldn't qualify for emergency use authorization. There's no evidence whatsoever that that's going on. If I ever met in I had and efficacy signal in a blinded with a placebo group, random these controls trial. I would say we should be looking at using that or Hydroxyl Chloric when or whatever, but it's just not the case, and we cannot pretend that things are something that day we ve got a great bonus show for you today, unemployment benefits entity for millions of Americans, we're going to talk about it, flew seas. Is coming and it could be a pretty bad flew season. I got my flu vaccine couple weeks ago. I will tell you how it went in. There are new plans for all four hundred billion dollar city in the desert, which have been unveiled very interesting and we will talk about,
All on today's bonus show sign up at joint Hackmen dot com, and I will see you then in mere moment
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