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9/9/21: Cases & Deaths Higher Than a Year Ago, Biden Addressing Nation

2021-09-09 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Henry Giroux, Professor at McMaster University and a Distinguished Scholar in Critical Pedagogy, joins David to discuss authoritarianism, neo-liberal fascism, the lack of critical thinking pervading society and culture, and much more

--COVID cases are 300% higher than a year ago, while COVID deaths are 70% higher, and vaccination has stagnated in the United States

--A Japanese video circulating about Ivermectin for COVID-19 is actually from February, and since then, Japan has not actually approved Ivermectin for use against COVID

--Janene Hoskovec, the anti-mask woman seen deliberately coughing on shoppers at a Super Saver grocery store in Lincoln, Nebraska, has been fired by her employer, SAP

--Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott's approval rating has collapsed to its lowest ever as COVID is ravaging the state of Texas

--Feds have asked Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene to account for $3.5 million in donations that she previously received

--Donald Trump received a fawning, softball interview from Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, and it's unclear who was most humiliated during the interview

--Donald Trump calls a statue of confederate General Robert E. Lee "magnificent" in a statement released after the removal of the statue in Richmond, Virginia

--Voicemail caller presciently asks how everything can be Joe Biden's fault if, as many claim, Biden is merely a puppet and someone else is actually in charge

--On the Bonus Show: Joe Manchin lays out list of demands, $3 million deal reached in rough arrest of woman with dementia, Amazon will open cashier-less Whole Foods, much more...

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You know we really had this virus on the ropes for a little while there, but it has come back. Really strongly at a spot, its way back, mostly through the on vaccinated through the unmasked, and we now have listened to this through times the average daily cases of one year ago and close to twice the daily death of one year ago were going to go through the numbers here, and this is building on yesterday. Segment about scientists are sure about the future of this pandemic, when the end is going to be later today
Joe Biden is going to be addressing the nation in announcing a bunch of new initiatives, including a vaccination requirement for every single federal worker. That there's going to be met with some resistance for sure, and we are going to look at the numbers which are also making it very difficult to guess about the end of the pandemic, so, as reported by a whole bunch of different news outlets daily. U S cove and Kay. Is up more than three hundred percent from Labour Day last year, daily corona virus cases are four times higher than they were following labour day weakened. It really seems closer to three now that the numbers of kind of shaken out the number of daily deaths twice as high, but it's almost twice as high about seventy percent higher based on data from Johns Hopkins University. So let's look at the actual numbers here. A case per day in the United States, are now three hundred percent higher three times higher. We could say it might actually be,
and worse were still getting data from Labour Day weekend, and some states are now reporting really slowly in terms of deaths. Death. Sir, now seventy per at higher per day then they were a year ago and again like with cases actually even more so we are still- data from the last ten days in terms of death, some states like Florida, now reporting deaths on a huge delay to always make their most recent numbers look better. I explained that mechanism to last week in terms of vaccine asian those numbers are not looking so good. We are really stagnant on vaccination, we're still now in September of twenty twenty one, just a hair over fifty three percent. Fifty three point: two percent fully vaccinated. In the United States and when you look at other countries, if you look at at least one dose the: U S, is it sixty three percent
we're way way way behind. So many countries leading? The United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Qatar, Singapore, Spain, Chalet Ireland, Canada Belt France, the UK, ITALY, ITALY by the Netherlands, Cambodia all these countries with more first doses than the United States, and that is particularly depressing when you consider that we had had essentially a full supply of vaccines, meaning you want wanna vaccine you go and get one. We had a full supply much earlier than just about every single one of those other countries. Now, for those saying you know David Sir cases, don't matter of people aren't getting sick if people are getting hospitalized? Well, I already told you death, Sir up seventy percent
but hospital is Asia, are also weigh up compared to a year ago. Hospitalizations are about three hundred percent higher around one hundred thousand. We only had about thirty thousand people hospitalized with covert a year ago. So what are the dictators in our favour. If there are any one, is that relative to cases deaths His high and what I mean by that is deaths when we had this level of cases previously, deaths were higher. Cases are up three hundred percent, but deaths are only up seventy percent. That means each case is less likely to lead to death because half the country is now vaccinated. But of course too many people are not, and then maybe you know we are sure yet the case sir levelling off the hospitalization, or levelling off, and we can hope that we're going to start to see a decline there. But at this point the additional complexity
is how much of that levelling off is because of the reporting delays engender. Roll and because of Labour day weekend. We just don't know yet so the situation could be dramatically better than it is. I will be lost streaming later today. If you, you know, you'll, probably be an hour after the show publishes today, but jobs and will announce a six pronged new strategy for fighting the virus. It will reportedly include from what's been reported by CNN Caitlin Collins. So far, it will include a full vocs in mandate for all federal workers. That's a lot of agencies across the country, reaction to that is going to be all this is tyranny, and, of course it's not, but the situation is not looking good and we must work for big I feel morally required to follow up about Iver Mechlin. So let's talk about that Next Europe. This is a really important debunk. I've
makin has become all the rage as a possible treatment for covert among some Americans, except there are actually any blind. Randomize control the trials in humans with a placebo group that prove Iver MAC than is good for covered in humans. Recently, Iver Mechlin got a big publicity boost because Joe Rogan took it along with multiple up medications when he got covered about a week and a half ago, and then in a recent segment on his show with Comedian Tom Segura Rogan cited something that tons of people are citing, he said, did listen. Japan said, let's use it. Japan is super conservative medications on elements of medical and yet Japan said use ivory acting for covert, except they actually didn't. This is a huge red flag, debunk that we have to do so. Let's start with
Joe Rogan sat on his programme and then go from there. It, sir post to have what is the exact thing it's supposed to do? There is there something that I highlighted the this is Obviously another doctorates, as I remember, was found to be a blocker of viral rapidly rep a case. Our e p l see a essay protease, and this word is human. T m p r s s two adona. But what they didn't highlight is the better you get better quit. He was trying to make. It seem as if thing doing some wacky, that's completely ineffective. Right CNN was saying that I'm a distributor of misinformation. All oh, that was the other thing that happened the in Tokyo in Japan, which is apparently there
very conservative, about the medication that they they use and the patients that they endorse, but the Tokyo me it Association chairman who held a live press conference recommending, I remarked, and to all doctors for all covered patients. Ok, but there's a lot there, a lot of it. We already looked at last week. Let's focus on the Japan thing the the claim is there was this conference press conference in Japan and at the press conference they said doctors should use Iver, Mechlin and is being endlessly repeated, its being endlessly posted. The same article keeps getting posted, and The truth is that that video is from February its being posted now as if this is a new development, based on studies of Iver Mechlin. It's not ok, the village, has been floating around of a chair person in the Japanese Medical Association. Saying we reckon
and doctors in Japan use Iver Mechlin to treat coded nineteen, its being posted now late August, early September, as if it was just filmed and is based on recent data. It was filmed in February. It's not knew the visit oh, is from before there was really any investigation of ivory. Acting for covered nineteen, it is now seven months later, Japan has not approved of ivory, acting to be used to treat covered nineteen and, in fact, after the February statement that people have been posting Japan's health ministries covert. Ninety treatment guidelines were revised in July and they put ivory acting on a list of drugs whose efficacy and safety have not been established, that's July, so the guidelines refer. Reports that the drug does not improve mortality for covered. It does not shorten hospitalization for covert. It does not accept
a rate, reducing viral loads in patients with mild symptom. So, first of all the FDA, the double wait, show and other organisations. They have a pair is about ever met in which you could look at so already sang Regan ignore all of these opinions and just look at what Japan said. That's already strange, like if you're going to choose to ignore all of it and say I am only going to look at what Japan is doing. You're already chart cherry picking, but even if you say I'm going to only look at Japan. The most recent statement from Japan is this doesn't work. I remembered it doesn't work, so it duets when people posts that do not be swayed by it now. One other thing in this segment Rogan says I took I've react in an I got better. This is the epitome of specious region reasoning. I would love to be back on Jos Programme and to talk about this. You have a condition.
Which most people recover from right. Like remembered the death rate overall of covered, it depends on how many people never get tested, but we believe that that the death rate is somewhere between zero point, eight percent and one point five percent roughly in terms of the infection fatality rate in it- includes the fact that some people never get tested. Most people recover from covert regardless of what medications they take when you take ivory actin and as a throw my son and monoclonal anti bodies and present his own steroids and vitamin drips. There is no possible way. You can a tribute one recovery to one of the things that you
took especially when most people recover without taking anything. It's just not an empirical statement. It's an anecdotal statement now believe me. I get Emil's from peoples in David why're, you against, I remarked why're you open to ever met in this. Second, we have a blind, placebo, controlled, randomize, controlled trial of ivory. Acting that says it works. I will be right there supporting it. I said the same thing about I do. See Chloric and lots of other things. We had the combination of two HIV drugs that were being looked at all these things. A couple of these became politicized and popular mostly among the right. I don't have a I'm completely agnostic about all of these things give me the double blind,
placebo, controlled trials. That say they work for covered and I will be right there saying: let's go ahead and do this. We do not have that evidence right now for Iver Makin people pointing to Japan are focusing on something said in February. When Japan updated the recommendations in July, it has to stop. It has to up. Let me know your thoughts. You can find me on Twitter. It department. One of our long time. Sponsors is sunset: Lake CD. There are so many see beady companies out there, but Sunset Lake is the one we chose to work with because, unlike others, they actually craft their products using c b d they grow and process on their own family farm, which is Outside Burlington Vermont, one of my favorite places on route to Montreal, so you're buying it straight from the source sunset Lake DVD offers a variety of handcrafted, see beady, oils, edibles and topical, designed to help with stress aches and pay
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by not telling companies who you are you keeping your bank or credit card info protected against data breaches and identity theft, and it's free and, like I said, you'll get five dollars to spend when you sign up at peace they see dot com, slash pachmann. You can find the link in the podcast notes. Ok, let me start with the follow up about a story from, today yesterday I showed you the video of this coughing anti mask woman in a grocery store in Nebraska. We did not yet have that much information about her yesterday now we know much more about her and she has been fired. Their name is Janine Husk back. This is in Arizona, woman who used to work for these software company S AP. She has been fire she was in a video that has gone but gig viral. I would call it coughing.
Mother and daughter who were shopping at a super saver, grocery store in Lincoln Nebraska she's done folks, let's review the video first, so we're all on the same page. This is from yesterday and it is horrifying. Excuse me, I'm coming through by trial. Nothing, How does she know how you your number two years ago, before it of any sort of man you're? Ok, we got no, I'm ready
my Janine can you deploy those new updates to the code? Please she No, don't you see that our? How you don't know anything about my? Maybe I haven't been nobody she thirty seconds prior. She says we don't need masks I'm not sick, and neither are you and then she says you don't know anything about my health or her health already. But nobody knows anything, okay, so listen! She has been fired. She has been fired. Essay p, the company that she used to work for, put out a statement. After the woman was identified, saying quote the health and safety employers and the communities in which we live and work are of utmost concern to us. We taking the matter of an essay p employ incident. Very seriously and investigating the situation going on to say via Twitter, We have reviewed the incident and can confirm that the individual in question
No longer works for essay p. This is, of course, the right decision for S AP as a business. They made the decision that was best for them. And Janine. Huska back now can go and participate in the market place of employment and of our Yes- and there may well be a company that will her because of this unhinged coughing Brandt or not, and that would be the market place ideas and employment that the right so desperately claims to want. So that is one follow up. That is a very, very good thing and no word on charges. Yet we did talk yesterday about how under Nebraska LAW, one a layman's interpretation of third degree. Assault suggests that this could be third degree assault. That's one thing: in addition, in times of covert,
One could argue that federal terrorism charges could actually be levied against. Folks, like this for deliberate coughing on others, I dont think weeps in it, but that was a legal opinion that was floated a few months ago. We looked at Forbes article yesterday, that explained it as yet no charges that we know of against Janine Huska back certainly being judged in the corridor public opinion, as the video has been viewed amid the original post was viewed more than four million times, but it's been replicated in dupe. That's just on Twitter, between all of the re posts to Youtube and Facebook, I assume at least twenty
million people have seen this over the last forty. Eight hours, so that's going on. Let's go next to talking about Texas. We talked about in the state of Florida, Governor Rhonda Santas. His approval rating has collapsed, as covered has become, as Florida rather has become a complete and total cove. It hell Scape deliberately delaying death numbers to always make it look like deaths or on the decline of the wacky wacky stuff going on in Florida, and the Good NEWS is its bad. That Florida is a covert hell scape, but it's good when politicians approval rating response to what is going on and it is, it is just and justified that run dissenters. His approval rating has declined, Gregg Abbot approval rating, the governor of Texas has
Also now had an all time. Low Texas is also having its fair share of covert problems. Article from truth out outlining this Texas governor Gregg Abbots approval rating has dropped over the past months, as he has led Republicans in the state to pursue and pass a number of restrictive and discriminatory laws over the summer polling done just before The abortion ban in the state of Texas took effect by the Texas Politics project finds that Apple abbots approve it. Approval rating went from a net, even forty, four percent approval and forty four.
Sent disapproval in June to a net negative in the groups. Most recent poll now forty one percent of people polled approve of the GNP governors job performance, while fifty per cent disapprove abbots approval rating dropped with people across the partisan spectrum from eight percent to six percent. Among Democrats, not a big change, their seventy seven to seventy three percent among Republicans and the biggest drop forty one down to thirty percent approval among independence. This is the lowest proven for Gregg Abbot since he took office in twenty fifteen. The pole found a majority believe Texas is going in the wrong direction. Only thirty five percent believe it's going in the right direction. Part of the reason for the declining approval and pay some ism may be due to the pandemic. This is really an eye opener for us. The pull found tat Texans generally disappear.
Move of abbots handling of the pandemic- that is also at its lowest level. Only thirty nine percent approval, the delta variant has surged across Texas case rates are now flattening, but the state has some of the highest rate four infections and deaths and a relatively low vaccination rate, only forty eight percent- the mask mandate ban, remember some states have put in place mask mandates. Other states have put in place bans on mass mandates. That's Texas, that's unpopular and importantly, the poll was conducted before the abortion ban went into effect. It is quite plausible that the Orson Ban will also continue to send Gregg Abbots approval rating further and further into the toilet. So this is all the ito. My preference would be that Texas, better handled covered
that Texas didn't ban mask mandates that Texas didn't pass oppressive, restrictive abortion bills. That would be my preference but if they are going to do those things, then I think it is better. For the approval rating of the governor. That's doing it to stoop to say can t go into the toilet as very often it feels as though no matter what some of these politicians do? Things just remained split among partisan lie, They mostly are remaining split amongst partisan lines. It, and what I mean by that is almost no Democrats approve rabbit in Texas and the decline is, been a couple percentage points. Most Republicans approve of abbot and the decline has been only a couple percentage points, but it's been the independence where you see that eleven percent decline
will it is good for the approval polling to respond to the disastrous things that Gregg Abbot is doing? So that's Texas? Let's next talk about Georgia. In Georgia, radical republican congresswoman, Marjorie. Taylor, green is now being asked by the feds to account for three point: five. Five million dollars in political donations, made to her that she has. Art itemised. This is a very, very important Newsweek article says the Federal Election Commission, the F p c, has asked: Marjorie Taylor Green for more information about three
Half a million dollars in contributions to her re election campaign in two filings posted to the Effie, see website Monday and surfaced on Twitter by Georgia, public broadcasting, reporter Stephen Fowler on Tuesday, the Congress woman's husband, Perry, Green, who is also her treasurer draining this outbreak, was asked to provide additional details about donations. The campaign received during the first two quarters of twenty twenty one look at these numbers between January and March. The green campaign receive two point: five million on itemised donations from undisclosed donors, while the campaign saved another, nearly a million dollars in Anatomize donations between April in June. The campaign report a total of more than four and a half million dollars and donations during the same period. Candidates are not look at this candid, you're, not legally obliged to itemised donations or disk the identity of donors for contributions that total under
two hundred dollars for an election cycle for donations that, you need to be itemised, campaigns must supply details, including name of the donor, address occupation, employer and the date of the donation. The Effie Sea has in the green campaign until October twelve, to provide clarification about the three and a half million to comply with effusive rules that pain must either provide information about the donors or show them and he came from small donors only from at least seventeen thousand six hundred and Eddie individuals contributing. Not no more than a hundred ninety nine dollars. Ninety nine cents, each it is can capable mathematically that this was only through small donations, but it is not particularly likely so she pretended to be about draining the swamp and you She is the swamp on itemised donations. Husband is campaign, treasurer anybody sick of hearing about
these stories, and then nothing ever actually ends up happening like everything these people do everything these people do. Yes, is a rift I'm still wondering how did she get away with declaring two homestead exemptions at the same I'm on her taxes. Do you even remember that story that was was its six months ago was twelve months ago. You are only allowed to have one homestead exemption or declaration Marjorie Taylor Green had too, and we discovered that it was being investigated? I've heard nothing since, what's going on with that, could this be a simple Marjorie Taylor Green, just as using her campaign donations as a personal slush fund and used it for personal expenses. Could it be that simple hopefully, will find out more and she has, until October twelve to disclose the oranges. Or the origins about per your preference and usage of those donation.
We will try to follow it. Unfortunately, too often the story goes nowhere and we never hear about it again. I will become These stories, as well as updates to other stories from earlier this week on the David Pachmann, show Instagram, make sure you're following us. There at David and show and follow me at David DOT, Pachmann signed. Has shown us that lowering your body temperature at night helps you sleep, I can't sleep hot room. That's why I love our sponsor Chile. Sleep which makes customizable climate controlled sleep solutions to sleep better. Their flagship products are the Uller sleep system and the cube sleep system, which is what I heard both are hydro, powered temperature, controlled luxury, mattress pads. You can make them as cold as fifty five degrees. Fahrenheit If you wanted, you could go as hard as a hundred and fifty degrees. I like the cooler option. I keep mine at sixty degrees and it gives me a great cool night of sleep,
no feeling hot, no more sweating, I'm falling asleep faster and at Paris perfectly with Chile. Sleeps waited Chile blanket which keeps you called on top too they'll give you twenty percent off everything. When you go to Chile, sleep, dot, com, slash, Pachmann, that's c h: I alliance sleep dot, com, slash pachmann! The link is in the podcast notes, its rate to welcome to the programme today, Henry Giroux, who is the chaired professor of scholarship in the public interest at Mc Master University. His most recent book is race, politics and pandemic pedagogy pie, blushed at this year by Bloomsbury it so to have you want. I appreciate your time today. I am delighted to be here so you know that There's been many political analyses made of this authoritarian slide that we ve seen that we could say led up to the election
Donald Trump and twenty sixteen, but then also was further fomented by the election of Donald Trump and twenty. Sixteen. I am interested to hear from you more your thoughts on the cultural aspect of this and how far back you think thee the kind of catalysts for this slide go and how we should sort of bee conceiving of it we ve seen this political and thought. Stream is imminent in the United States. Has a long history. We ve with the Mccarthy period we saw with the red scare and then, of course, is the legacy of colonization. I mean there's the way You're not of indigenous populations is Jim, crowded slavery, and I think that one of the things that this country has failed. Front is not only that legacy, but how attends to reappear in different forms in different historical moment, and I think that where I see an enormous turning point in the United States is in the nineteen seventy one
certainly seems to me, this is a counter revolution emerging against the sixty against democracy. Of the Social WAR against the attempt to and in some way eliminate massive inequalities in wealth and power and was Reagan, something happens and what happens if there's an enormous shift in cultural values than that ship moves away from supporting the public good to basically in many ways, destroying it and claiming that the market now should be the template. Not simply for judging the economy and your managing economy before all of social life. This has enormously destructive consequence
it seems to me that the United States and it begins to give rise the far right wing movements who, for the most part, hate the public good hate, the common good and all of a sudden, find themselves on the side of reproducing echoes of history that pretty dangerous, whether we're talking about right wing extremism, racial purity, massage any militarism, ultra nationalism. I mean all these forces, begin come into it, become very visible and come to the surface. In light of the increasing misery, did I NEO liberalism against the capitalism produces as a result of the nineteen AIDS. When I, when I spoke to known, I'm ski a couple of months ago. The political points that he thought were relevant in that Read your talking about include as a reaction to the civil rights Movement, the ISAF publish the establishment of the war on drugs, for example
the fight against Roby weighed and that some of these points lead to what the Republican Party They became in the early nineties under New Gingrich, and then we can sort of like followed the political line. Culturally, though, what was it about those things that were happening prior to do? and after the seventies that kind of changed this american right? When I mean why would you begin to see culturally or a couple of things area? Logically, you see an ideology of self interest: rich modem, reproduced in many ways and celebrities, culture and consumerism. Susan- should take on a very different form. Culturally. After the nineteen AIDS all said, the obligations of citizenship citizenship have to do with this. Tourism. The more becomes a temple of of the saint so to speak, but you also see something else. You see
a rise of what I call the punishing state and the decline of the social state, and with that comes a number of cultural apparatus? Is that begin to reinforce what I call the most insidious, the cultural aspect of NEO liberalism against the capitalism, and that is the individualization problems? Have everything becomes privatized? All problems are a matter of individual responsibility and what that means. Culturally, it becomes increasingly difficult for people to translate private troubles into larger systemic considerations, so the social begins the collapse. Now what happens as a result of that, culturally
what happens is you have the war on drugs? You have, of course, commitments of war and the welfare state. You you have the sudden strategy, I mean all of things all of these things combined a question, a racial purity and what I call white supremacy with the logic of capitalism. Somebody has to be blades and who has to be blame. Emigrates, blacks, care for our young people are all those groups that are going to be powerless in the face of this overall, mainly political and cultural apparatus, now David to something else- and I think the other side of this is what we have to understand- that education takes a radical turn in the nineteen AIDS. It increasingly becomes privatized, commodified undermine defended and all of a sudden we're not talking about educating people to be critically gate, citizens able, which will he bought them. We table teaches that each with a test- yep, yes right through a whole range of presidents, I mean the republican indeed
the credit parties bull shit, a notion of education is an intellectual, destroys. The civic imagination impose what I call a pedagogical repression and basically produce and increases anti intellectualism. That is in schools and, in the larger cultural apparatus, cited second point: dont confuse schooling with education budgets. Schooling is an institution that we know a public higher, but education takes place in other spheres. They, the the new social media, the digital media, the rise what I called rocky image based culture- and these are largely control by the right, and so you Does she know me of Anti intellectualism right wing nonsense lies misinformation. Conspiracy theories emerges, the nineteen seventeen
you find their end point than trunk. Why would I want to get back to the education peace because it right? I have so many notes about one small thing that I was thinking of in your Europe. Cultural idea of the kind of individualization of problems is this related to the an issue in the United States in this specific sense that, on like in many other countries too. Many. People in the? U S c gun. As a way to solve problems that are that are really systemic problems, but they say I will solve individually this problem with a firearm August, a brilliant analysis, he's right on time. I think, Simply when you individualised problems, you say that people have to take are both responsible, those Brahms individually and have the right to engage them in ways that suggests that the government is the enemy of freedom. Rather, something that could be useful in dealing with these issues. The The sight of this is that when you individualised problems in this way, you can address them.
Ultimately show you begin to increasingly criminalize social problems. So you know if, if you that France's acting out of schools you're the principle, does it come? Gotta, hey come on, let's talk! You call the police and all of a sudden, you have little five euros in handcuffs it kindergarten, so it seems to me what does increasing criminalization of social problems you have a notion of freedom emerging that is completely removed from this any notion of social responsibility, rhinos freedom. That simply says I can do what I want self interest is all that matters all problems are individualised is what I call the individualization of the social and the social sphere and the social contract in the central good and a public good David begin to collapse. We lose those sites where people can understand the interconnections that make a democracy possible couple that within it, vacation and schooling system that basically produces new forms of civic illiteracy,
and you don't have a democracy anymore, because you can't over democracy without informing citizens so on education I frequently will get calls from viewers I mean listen talking about individualizing things. I will get calls from viewers who say MIKE as in my uncle, whoever they ve fallen for false beliefs about vaccines. They fallen for false beliefs, about what it doesn't matter. What, but that they're not think they ve just they fallen for it. How do I talk them out? and I struggled to say anything other than you know what the individual level it can take weeks or months, really getting some one to re, examine their beliefs. That's like a retail strategy. It's not a wholesale strategy. My instinct is it's too late, and and really if people learned critic- thinking and media literacy and a in middle school. We prevent this from even happening in the first
ways to some degree, not with everybody, but maybe we give people the tools to not fall into this in the first place. Is that a fair critique of of of at least a piece of what's wrong with the educational or schooling system, as you call it today, no, I think it's important piece armies foundation in that the way we educate people says something about the kind of agents weapon who's the kind of future we want. It seems to me education, coolly and actions is very long term. I think the other side of this is that: how do we talk about taking concur all of these cultural apparatus is that basically, the machination machines? And they were not just talking about how you said the ability to get people to think critically. Rationally are to be able to engage other positions, that's important, but we are also talking about
I just the stomach apparatus is that need to be challenged by people like eyes like it when social movements and reproduce in ways that give people the opportunity to be able to recognise that the most fundamental questions are not whether their falling for lies. But what kind of future do we want for the children, did they want. Healthcare is afraid that they want to be in debt for for the rest of their lives, cripple consciousness matters, but it has to translate. Ideas have to translate and be whether the PA and it seems to be when we removed the question of power. From the question of insight, we fall into a trap that we unconsciously report who's that we may want to stay away from, and that is to say we'll just talk to each other. I know I'm sorry, it's not about just right, John. It's about changing the various situations that have put as they are in the first place, and that's not just the burden of people were confused because that's a political obligation that we all have to engage with
those people hopefully. So in that sense I mean when, when you hear these very superficial, narratives of part of the problem is left and right. Dont engage anymore, or that the dialogue has course, and this type of stuff it is. Does that not really strike you? As particular, I learnt that that's a diversion, my fine as it were a political diversion because it doesn't deal with fundamental questions like look What's the result of massive inequality in the United States, and where does it come from right? Is it what does it mean when some people a trading medicine for before, before your food stamps what does it mean when schools are collapsing? You know I did that now with the right left into up to each other ass? A matter of how do we talk about? Democracy is a country if take democracy seriously and where the forces, are undermining he's a very different kinds of questions. What does it mean to live in a country where economic activity is removed from social costs? What's a country
whence it that and how does it go down on our lives? The last thing is that we have to be able. Shame is a terrible pedagogical too. I didn't show me. People does nothing which is reinforced the worst divisions, I think the real question for all of us is how do we begin to use a language in which people can recognise themselves and which we could ship consciousness in ways in which people can say here? That's that makes sense to me without putting their identities on trial. We need a language as rigorous accessible in order to make something meaningful to make a critical to make a trip. Can you give an example of that in terms of on any issue? Could you an example of the wrong way that the language is being and then how it could be improved. I mean I think, in talking to people that France's dealing with shrewd spoke, I walked issues are failing, is terrible
we should hold school, and one of the questions I always raise is that of school is so crucial to the school is crucial to democracy. To your light readjustment. Yes, then, why have been defined it at schools are failing to David. They D been defined it I mean the problems, other schools of family. The problem is that they actually, Sir, a very important purpose in society. We have to ask ourselves: why do people want to destroy them, and why do some people have access it? You don't? What can we do to make schools matter in your community? How would we do that together? How would we see to the. How would we may schools were richer? What resources doing what policies Does it mean to get on a scoop? What can we do that it wanted to change a curriculum so that Europe was free meals for your kid in the morning? Philosophic can't learn. Sorry, you know right. Teachers were forty, seven gives it a class can't work. So I think we To deal with particulars and make them resonate with the very conditions of people
recognising their lives. We may something meaningful to make it work. I'll give you one last example Seattle up with me: why don't you come to the United States. Come back and I said well, would you get national Healthcare and I said what do you mean? I said look How do these surgeries haven't paid superhighways serpent sent by Georgia? Basically free, I walk into a corner doctors office drop. Instead, and get free medical care, and they don't believe this stuff when I say no more than the United States is now due to medical expenses ripe I'm a you know. What I know just recently won hung like a good Tennessee. Just somebody. Six thousand seven fifty dollars for three test run a virus. You know this sort of thing has to be talked about illustrate, and I think it is, we connected do the people's lives in terms of on the language that were seeing to sort of shift back a little bit or to the earlier part of the conversation Federico fingers,
nine from the new school regularly? A fellow Argentinian, I might add here He has written a lot about the analogous language between you know: past authoritarian and dictators, and the kind of modern language of trumpets, etcetera to part question one to what degree Do you see the language as analogous and to our these politically astute comparisons to be making from a practical perspective, even if they are true I think they're absolutely bracted than I know his work, and I know it, and I think that if we can learn from the past as the old saying, goes, where more than doomed to repeat it, we might ass, we might find ourselves in. It's just that we never could imagine could happen. We might find ourselves faced with the unthinkable, and I think that when we talk about,
nationals we talk about. Militarism, I mean we talk about France's the Nike derision, the forties, one of the things that we have to make clear its simple because fashion, what I call a fascist politics emerges but doesn't present itself in an exact replica does not mean it doesn't exist? It means it's always remission pretends to emerge in different forms, and I think that what we have to look out of the signals we have to look at the similarities, and certainly he is absolutely right. As is timid, these NEO Jason, Stanley and a number of others who say, hey, look look at this language lies. How centre with a question lies in in the Nazi regime, racial curing, racial cleansing. What does that tell us where that go in the ninety derision?
the appeal to militarism, hyper masculinity attack at women's bodies, the attack on others, the friend enemy distinction. They d be ongoing attempt to demonize people at the claim that the public sphere is only for white people, my god I mean, if that doesn't conjure up an image of the past and echoes, the past that we should take seriously. Then the ointment, if you believe, if you don't believe in that, and now it's just you're, going to have to end up in a cell somewhere before you actually realize bright patches. Politics is here alive, well and throbbing. Think about the January Sixth, attack I mean even Robert, or perhaps they do first with the greatest story of fascism who sit knows job is not a fascist has come out recently. Is it I was wrong. I'm sorry, the lightest with cross, we are basically now in a fascist culture and fascist party
This is on the rise of the analysis and represents a very dangerous moment on the latest book, Henry Giroux is race politics and pandemic pedagogy published by Bloomsbury. We ve been speaking with Andrew chaired Professor for scholarship in the public interest at midnight to university. It's been so great having you want. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your time today that you there to pleasure. One of our sponsors is magic spoon. Breakfast cereal, sweeten tasty, like the cereals I loved as a kid, but without the sugar or the carbon Every serving of magic spoon has zero grams of sugar, only foreign at Carbs hundred and forty calories, and packed with thirteen grams of protein perfect, if you're doing Kido perfect, if you're doing low carb great, if you're just trying to reduce your excess sugar and taken because its packed with protein, it's great before or after a work out.
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made, may see this any may not like it. What was notable about this interview that he had is that it was with the former President Donald Trump, often in Inter interviews with Trump trumps Theo Guy who's humiliated, but in this interview its both trump and got felt is this is maybe this would make me Maria barter Romo blush. It so far, being and brown nosing of Donald Trump, the interview opens with got felled basically saying he loves Trump and his pride, even like his prior critiques of things, trumped said, were maybe like not fair aid very strange check this out and right and then you started, and now I think I don't know it's love. What is getting closer. They like it, I wouldn't say love, but I would say it's admiration and also admitting that I was wrong because I was focusing on words and not deeds in our at a time where
There are no more mean tweets and we have a really nice president, because he's been banned from twitter and the country is in the cropper. So what would you rather have I don't know that he's a nice president one but is what is the laughing like? Is this? Is there a studio audience? That's reacting, is it a laugh track? Is this many show. Is it a news show it's all very weird: it's not working as either quite frankly but I can tell you: the country has never been more unsafe. We, where people pouring into our southern border, which everyone should talking about- that's not true about right now because of the travesty of Afghanistan, and if you look at the people come invite you can get felled instead of saying right could so easily disable that it and diffuse and say: oh, how have the numbers changed of people coming in and how of deportation numbers changed and eating or give it gives us the trumpet say well out or nobody just it's really bad just got does look,
just look hundreds by the thousands, and these are not the people necessarily that wanted the protection right. These are people, so are they terrorists anti terrorist coming here and there were aggressive aggressive at the plain and they push out felled, is saying right and yes to every single thing. Trump says after talking about how great trump is got felled, then ass trump. What would you say to my wife to convince her to get vaccinated apparently got felt wife isn't vaccinated and from goes well, I recommended, but if she doesn't want to, she shouldn T think he hits the. He still has to be careful because if he really says like just vaccinated his audience will go nuts because you had covered at my wife. You met my wife and those like six years ago in embargo logo, she's still I've gotten vaccinated and I keep talking to work together to that end can get vaccinated energy. And what would you say to her
first of all say why is she not doing it? Does she have some kind of bringing added to those thing now sceptical she's kept? It doesn't trust we need. With a laugh it like that there was laughing when Trump asked. Why the it's you who, if someone's using a laugh, track its being used at very strange times, russian. Yes, you can argue with Russia first more very hard headed, yes, I think I know your wife a little bit right number twenty seconds ago from sea. Not to remember meeting her, but now trumpet Talking about how well he knows got felt wife could is this concern an use interview Let us do what you want to do. I got vaccinated. I feel very good. I think we're Millions and millions of people were why'd you know. Nineteen seventeen, they say, nineteen eighteen most a hundred million, approximately a hunch. Million people died. I think we could have been into that situation because it was very bad and now, if you vaccinated
It shows that if you do get sick you dont get sick. Like they were before me. Now you don't die trumps right about all this by the way so I would recommend, but I also say that let her have her freedom see. Another word. Freedom right yeah, exact WWW, she needs freedom from found got filled. The premise was, how can I convince my wife to get vaccinated but as soon as Trump says, her freedom not to get vaccinated is important, gut filled, says yeah exactly there, there's nothing trump.
Said during this interview were: got felled, wasn't like well, were hobo hold on a second here, then the questioning gets really tough got felt ass trump. How hard is it to be president from one to ten? Was it a difficult job question? I won't. I bet no one's ever ass. It is, I think I know the answer. Will a five year old would ask this Donald it is it hard to be the press that this is what a little kid would ask. So it's it's not. Nobody is no note reporter journalists would ask such a dumb question. How hard. Is it being threat being president scale of one to ten? What I had that now hear the laughing makes sense right. The the question is so stupid that I actually think there was not enough laughing. You're performs a presidency number one. I had a run, the country work on the world and yet do things and the other thing I do survive yeah.
Slovakia is much tougher, quaint, listen, he was busy not only being president but try to keep up with golfing watching tv and sending off sexual assault, lawsuit, really tough stuff, and then here's just the last clip in this? One trump suggests that Taliban leaders, when he speaks to speak to them on the phone that they grunt now what's funny is supposedly Biden, would be bad for dealing with the Taliban here Trump talks about when he would deal with the Taliban, but it's all about calling them Abdul and saying they grunt strategy is still celebrating. Ok, I told you about Asia and when I first spoken by phone, I said nice, speak you by phone Abdul, and it goes
therefore, I should like you gotta roadway shows they fight they liked. If I have been fighting for about a thousand years, how like Enron, what a humiliating interview and then now the eminent now drop in the cherry on top. This is like nothing. I've ever seen got felt says yes to everything. He opens the interview by saying how great trump is. He asked questions like how hard was it to be president from one to ten says right to everything Trump says, and then this guy named Titus or tireless tight tire tighten tireless. I think it is who has a wrestling belt he's? I guess a panel list on this programme, he says you know it was great about this interview. Gregg felt you didn't kiss trumps ass tyres. Did you watch the interview, the it it's beyond parody, take a look. Normally would never do
man like while man that was that was what would it was a conversation, and you didn't change now people. When the interview president change, Kisses S. What's what's the use de the interview applause, you and you got a great and he had a conversation even told them. I did like grace to hear more this guy this guy, and that was it there. Great conversation is, it is truly beyond parity, and it is just stunning that this I mean what that interview would have made Maria barter Romo Blush. That's how much of a of a sick offend brown nosing interview? It was, I, I hope, gut felled fields humiliated because he should it was a humiliating interview. Ok, I
do you want to get too something a little more substantive? We continue to see this debate over statues and monuments and statues are getting pulled down when they are sometimes confederate statues or what were the case may be, and we have another example of that in Virginia in Richmond Virginia, a Robert E Lee statue has been reached, Robert E Lee a big confederate general, essentially a trader, it was Robert Lee was a guy fighting against the union, a k, a the United States at the time for right to continue owning slaves? He was a pro slavery trader to the United States is the way that I would put it. Robert E Lee statue was taken down in Richmond Virginia and Donald Trump, put out a statement saying that the statue
magnificent, and Robert E Lee was a genius. What I mean it, it's beyond words, it's beyond words. Let's take a look at the statement this put out through these save America Pack of President Donald J, Trump Trump says just watched as a massive cry. He took down the magnificent in very famous statue of Robert E Lee on his horse in Richmond Virginia. It has long been recognised. States waxing poetic about a confederate statue. It has long been recognised as a beautiful piece of bronze sculpture to add insult to injury. Those who support this taking now plan to cut it into three pieces and throw this work of art into storage prior to its complete desecration. Robert E Lee is considered by many generals to be the greatest strategist of them
now greatest strategies. This is like saying not see the german armies nazi strategist, Herman Goring, was really a good strategist. That doesn't mean we have a statue further guy. Ok, Poverty is considered by many generals to be the greatest strategist of them. All President Lincoln wanted him to command the north, in which case the war would have been overrun on day Robert E Lee instead chose the other side because of his great love of Virginia and except for Gettysburg would have won the war. He should be remembered, as perhaps the greatest unified. Force after the war was over Arden in his resolve to bring the north and south together through many means of reconciliation and imploring his soldiers to do their duty and becoming good citizens of this country. Our culture is being destroyed in our history and heritage, both good and bad or being exe.
Wished by the radical left, and we can't let that happen. If only we had Robert, he led a command our troops in Afghanistan. That disaster would have ended in a complete and total victory many years ago, what an embarrassment we are suffering because we don't have the genius of a Robert E Lee. This is what the former president of the United States has been relegated to praising prose,
slavery, confederate generals as geniuses and bemoaning the removal of a statue. Now I've said before I actually don't pay too much attention to this statute stuff. In that I I don't find it particularly substantive. Now, if you come to me- and you say David Sir, do you would use remove the statue yeah? Of course I would remove it, or would you rename the middle school away from being named after a confederate general yeah, absolutely absolutely, but
for me. It's not a big substantive focuses. The point that I am trying to make, but the bemoaning it as the greatest loss also strikes me as completely unhinged, deranged and wacky. So there is Trump saying this man was a genius. This pro slavery, general who fought fur ah, who fought for the confederacy is a genius and the statue is magnificent and it should remain that's just horrifying stuff. All right. We have a voice mail number, and that number is to one nine to David P. Here's a great voicemail, because it points out the impossibility. The it points out the conflict between dick
current Biden. Conspiracy theories. On the one hand, the idea, that Biden is just a puppet and someone else's really running the show and, on the other hand, the idea that Biden is ruining everything and is responsible for everything. Bad, that's going on! Take a listen to this day of it. I'm curious about Bulgaria. I thought, maybe you could ever for me yeah. Why is it that by then is a pauper? Our Harris is right on the contrary, PAMELA his old mare, who, just Babylon, doesn't even know roomy them. Yet it's completely has for every time something goes wrong. You know this is great, because if someone else is actually the Biden Puppet Master, we we should be blaming them whenever something goes wrong. Right, butts Biden is simultaneously a disastrous president me
in disastrous decisions who deserve singular blame for everything that goes bad and also not actually in charge of anything, and other people are controlling it's just yet another one of you to a sort of like. Ah, this is the greatest vaccine ever developed by Trump, which we actually aren't going to go and accept because the virus isn't that serious and we don't really need vaccines. Well, then, in what sense is it really of major accomplishment for tromp? If it's a vaccine, we don't need for something: that's not serious. Anyway. These people are pathetic. On the bonus show today We will talk about Joe mansions latest list of demands and whether anybody should listen to them. We will talk about a three million. Dollar deal that's been reached in the case of the rough arrest of a woman with dementia and lastly, Amazon is going to open some cash wireless whole food stores,
next year. There's also Amazon GO stores, and this could be a real paradigm shift in terms of the way grocery stores are organised, and I have some specific thoughts I share with you all of that on today's bonus show get instant access by signing up that's going to happen, and I will see you there,
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