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Adele is a singer and songwriter who has achieved record-breaking sales and global recognition for her four albums which document her life from the age of 19 onwards. Her cache of awards includes 15 Grammys and nine BRITs. She also won a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for the James Bond theme Skyfall which she co-wrote. She was born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins in London in 1988. In 2002 she won a place at the BRIT School for Performing Arts where she studied music and developed her performing and song writing skills. In her final year a friend posted her three-song demo online which attracted the attention of several record companies. In 2006 Adele signed to XL Recordings and the following year she released her first single, Hometown Glory. In 2008 she released her debut album, 19, and the following year she won Grammy Awards for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. Her next two albums 21 and 25 consolidated her superstar status. In 2013 she was appointed an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to music. Adele’s fourth album, 30, was released in 2021. The songs addressed how she was adjusting to life post-divorce and her feelings about her new role as a co-parent. Adele lives in Los Angeles with her son. DISC ONE: Roam by The B-52's DISC TWO: Dreams by Gabrielle DISC THREE: Need Somebody by Shola Ama DISC FOUR: He Needs Me by Nina Simone DISC FIVE: Bills Bills Bills by Destiny’s Child DISC SIX: I’d Rather Go Blind by Etta James DISC SEVEN: Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs DISC EIGHT: For All We Know by Donny Hathaway BOOK CHOICE: The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur LUXURY ITEM: A self-inflating mattress CASTAWAY'S FAVOURITE: Dreams by Gabrielle Presenter: Lauren Laverne Producer: Paula McGinley
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Previously sounds music radio broadcasts, hello, I'm Lorna van, and this is the desert island discs podcast. Every week I ask my guest to choose the eight tracks book and luxury they want to take with them if they were cast away to a desert island and for rights reasons The music is shorter than the original broadcast out you enjoy listening. I my castaway this week is the singer and some writer adele. She was born Adele adkins and is quite simply the hue case, best selling female album artist of the twenty first century. Her treasure trove of awards includes fifteen grams.
Multiple brits, a golden globe and an oscar when she releases an album, it's a global event. Her fourth thirty followed its predecessors in documenting her life at different ages and charted every lurch of her heart from her childhood and tottenham to beverly hills where she now lives on stage. She combines charisma with an unpretentious chatty, intimacy and power with raw vulnerability qualities which have enabled her to pull off that rare feat of being the superstar. next door. She says I'm confident, I'm loud to be in any art. You have to crave love, you want approval. I hate people play being shy and reserved adele welcome to desert island discs. What introduction I mean no true to tell us get straight
into it. I mean, when your last, album, thirty or latest was released. You've been out with a spotlight for about six years, and I think he said to friends at the time that you were having to kind of gear yourself up to be famous again. What does that gearing up process involve getting ready to step out into not really having very much control over? You know the sort of attention on my life and I'm so priva, which isn't only because of my career. I've always been like that, even just as a person, it has to be like as good a month build up to it, so I'm not shocked gain in the run up to the pommel horse kind of thing. Airlines are slow and steady. You still only thirty four, but you have lived quite a life already inter everything that you ve some about. You know heartbreak marriage becoming a mom to force and the loss of apparent. I know that you said you feel more. Peaceful. Now, lately the knee having a long time what you put that time to think of therapy.
In which some very lucky that unable to have access to, but I also I used to be so needs We ve all of my reactions and my decisions with things when I fell overwhelmed, and I think I just I'm tired now that I'm getting older, I you know, I ain't got time for drama, or I ain't got time for arguing and haven't got time for latin, not resolving anything, I'm just happy. I don't put my self in situations anymore. That drain me, like you, know how to spell out, good. I'm sure I'm gonna walk away from it, and I choose people very very carefully. who are in my life because of all those things. You know why you are a home with no demands on your time. You must really slip into a different space. Second, imagine that you treasure that time. Oh I love it. I loved her. Go home body what powering around- and you know suiting at roles and being with my son and my animals and being with my friends yeah I love is, doesn't take much for me to be happy and content
you know it's really little things time, few first disk. What are we gonna hear on? Why you taken with you today wigan in rome by the be fifty twos and I think it's the end. I too it is nothing new said the song and our member just being really like curious. Bad at my me, my mummies to sing it and dance around them, women tottenham. I love them so much, and I remember it so clear member that right, Remember the couch we had. I remember the like the wallpaper she painted it out of here. I love this and it makes me so happy really
by the be fifty two's adele. You were born Adele lorry blue adkins, which is a particularly great name. You mom penny. just eighteen when you were born, she was an art student, so always making things and it sounds like you are real tight little unit, the pair of you when you were growing up when you think back to those days. What do you picture thick as faves? thereby both thieves and am friends will always really good. Friends. May my mom, like you know so she she's a maker, then She made a great the house itself. Well, my earliest claim to fame and was mystic meg on the lottery and my mom made her chair that I've gotta fixed own fair. He threw herself into carpentry and she's to make incredible like big wooden furniture and it sounds like you was surrounded by music. Then, so you must play the piano guitar. I think she took to gigs as well. Oh yeah, what she wanted to go to the gigs She was a young mum. She didn't have a childcare
so am yes she's taken with her. She sneaked me in under a trenchcoat, say my my earliest memory of a show was the beautiful south at brixton academy, and there was this bodybuilder there that some random guy, He was already loving it and he became friends with my mom and her friend, and he just picked me up and put me on his shoulders. So I got to see the whole show cause. Obviously I was tiny cars as I couldn't see anything. How old were you at that point? I think three or four and music for you you've described as a friend in those days. Can you remember when you first, I started to play yourself. My momma always had a keyboard or piano in the house and she used a twinkle around the guitar and stuff like that. Every day, when I got home from school, I would sit down at the piano and teach myself random lawyer for one am calm colds really, because they're not officially called that random things. And at nice, and then I started writing in writing them in a book. So I about thirteen
and what will you writing about? We writing about your life. Do you remember I, member the first songs, latin and it was overcome. brown or anything I know, but it was called. This is my life and. I really do believe that I channel something from somewhere else because If something of a summit that person you know- and I don't always know why, but it was deep, it was. I was talking about being in pain, You know my grandkids I've been on his ten and I was really traumatized by that. So maybe it was from that and I haven't figured that out at the time So grumpy was your dad studs annoy you spend a lot of time with him and you none of their house in wales. What would you like? He was apply mammogram paeonies, to go to work, am going to ordain. He come back in. He be smelling of light being a plumber and I loved it and I'm you know we cuddle. We make me watch six o'clock news. It's a bit raw. I bet you always bake him with my nana, and this I have is the spoil, rotten and smothered with love
but it is felt like a really great routine united. always lacked a most of my life signs that you and your grumpy in particular, were incredibly close, and I think he dedicated to some timid glass region, you, my house say I don't remember much of it because it was it was such an overwhelming experience by december imagined him. May he would have been proud as punch up any words he would have hated glasses can be bought with that. Let me he loved the wealthy, but not all that margin them below. Although know the bloody hell is going on, but it was, and I think he would have been so proud of me, dunston few second disc, what are we going to hash dreams by Gabrielle? Is the fairy is the very very, very first song I remember in my life I was four or five and I think the lyric
dreams can come true, is so loud infectious for, like a little forfeit because we're watching disney movies and all of those things and it's easy to sing along, but I remember being like mesmerized by her so like pure and so like delicate engines, for without wasting away? She Musha eyepatch owners or muckle what kind of sequined. I part jealousy and an ip ass, yet I can jump device and I m so Eric it'll. Do we always and my mum and pharmacists letters we noticed wherever I am, and I patch of my mom so sequins onto it for me to be like apprehend hands. Look at our goals that look on the streets, for she was massive. She was number one,
there was an obvious note. I want you to say that your prayer in baby and dynamic, they know your dreams by gabriele sue, Adele, your parents, separate. I think when you were very little and you dogma, move back to wales seems from their rigidly out. You look back on your relationship with him. Now always being very exciting to see him whenever I did, but it was always a bit of a let down I haven't had a yearning for him because he didn't really deliver. For me,
I you know am so so what was going on with him? He said it was, it was a bit of a let down when you did see him when I was a kid just because you know really have his attention or you know he said it would come and then he didn't and then, if we did come, we'd only go by cut out flat half hour and then he dropped me how he was. He had a disease yeah. He was a an alcoholic. He was a really big. alcoholic and can had loads of demons body. We understand that when I was younger- and you know I didn't need that conversation with him when I was like seven, eight nine ten wherever and then I decided to stop seeing him when I was that twelve cause I've gone to put off to surprise him for fathers dining and you know month Montana. You know said common soften. He didn't come, so I stopped seeing him as soon. Very briefly when I was about fifteen, when my great grandma died so his nana and he did apologize, I was fifteen
want to hear it enjoy mean I was like a just. A t was just a teenager as well like you know, yeah, and then, when I found out that he was ill a few years ago, when I got the call when I drove straight there, it was hard, but it was definitely one of the. this moment of my life in a good way when I went to go and see him latina, he had concern and very sadly, died. Last year we were able to make peace with you. Why made the piece of him when I found out? He was sick and we really go on which was amazing, but also sad, because we the miss time yet say he was really bloody. Funny he's really funny, and I don't remember that when I was little, but it was pretty nice we laughed and we gossip, then you know we cried and it was. It was great for both of us it's time for some more music adele what he got for us and why you taken it with you to the island. I've got cider, I'm as you might need somebody. She has this for bra o in her voice.
It's insane. It's like a hummingbird in her voice. Light is so stunning and I love the brass and just the attitude and it was so soulful. I loved the video like she's got the cat in the video law in one she's laughing can about life and stuff. Like that and leave the- and I remember when I heard, and I remember being let loose she means it. I didn't really now that many americanized until a bit later, so you know for me it was the homo got another. British go live, it fell, people might say it will can demonstrate.
you might need somebody shown rama adele. You were born and taught them grown up. We lived in brighton for a while and then west norwood, where you wrote your day, be single hometown glory, your member writing it. Oh, I remember I used wasted in the kitchen with my late at night and am couldn't really what my way around the guitar like? I can't really do bar cause. It hurts my fingers too much so, as you just saw play the guitar like a bass and picket, I was with my friends. I live here at the time,
and my mom and we re the flat and was no woods and we were going to the march the following day against the iraq war down by parliament, we were making these and you know all the signs. I felt like such a sense of power in that you know me and olivia were like fifteen sixteen and we went- and I just I just was mesmerized by everyone. I was really like soaking it all in and that night, when when we got back and I got home and stuff, I wrote it yeah, but it was just it was. It was very profound- and I was very I was very proud and to walk the streets with a million other people, and that was the first proper song. I wrote. The offense
wisdom- and I knew it was good- saw as lack spy, breakthrough, hair, lightener and then songs always have been. I think, a place for you to put your feelings. You are obviously writing from a young age and working on your own material, you're known for your very raw and heartfelt writing. Is it a case that you can put in songs what you're feeling? Perhaps even if you can't say it are one hundred percent are definitely realize that more on this album for a, I am very articulate, but I don't my communication. Skills aren't always great live in, and I'm still working on that today, because I just get so defensive. So I like, Explode Ralph then have an adult conversation and stuff like that. You know looking back on like nineteen and twenty one and twenty five as as so many I get so many answers out of out of my songs for myself, so it was in two thousand and two, and you for foreseen Adele it you auditioned for place at the bridge school for performing arts and technology in croydon. How much was riding
you get in a place there. I radio to ago, and you know a lot- my friends start getting pregnant. You know, and I wasn't why the I would but the way what its close anymore they couldn't come to school on time and stuff like that, an arm is like living. My mum was a bit more worried about that that side of it and she wanted to give me real focus and model edition- was great wheel nailed it. What do I do now? Where do you come home? I sang free by stevie, wonder and then pay to tumble down, blues or mclaren it, and I had at the time of my life. There is not a stage station,
but of course, as kids during that period, since the hallways and stuff like that, life is like that. But it's not it's the only non fee paying performing arts school in the uk, or at least it was at the time, and it was such a melting pot of every single type of teenager. You know it's like you've got people doing amazing like new, so you got people to enroll people, people writing amazing pop songs. As I'm sorta play my guitar, I figure out the failings. It was absolute Heaven it's time for your next piece music. What have you got? First, Adele is called. He needs me by nina Simone. My mum used to always have nina simone playing am in the house, especially in west norwood, or maybe I was just old enough at that point, to realize how amazing the music And I'm a member hearing, the song, maybe stop him. Contracts are quite my eyes out this. That undying love waiting for somebody because he needs me. It was
real moment in my life, the emotion and a voice he made me he doesn't know, but he needs me. he's so no matter though he doesn't care He knows nina Simone and he needs me. You drifted away during that truck adele la where were you. I just saw this in my living room in west norwood yeah down. Do you think you're potential was recognized early on at the brit school. I was always chosen third by the teachers and stuff that there were two other thing is the the already chosen for everything else. I don't really philip
I put myself forward all the time like I could have just like cut out now and what was where was that coming from, I just know: you'd have to audition for like one time we did am dark side of the moon as a whole. You know strand, I remember my mum being like go and audition for great gig in the sky and cause that's gonna, be huge, vocal line in it when they, when they were. There were three massive vocalists in Urim ima in my ear and stuff, like that, I didn't want that pressure. That comes with I can but myself forward and one if I don't get it s not about disappointment, but how I feel leading up to it. I could just do without you know and so anxious, but I can enjoy it any final year bits
a friend of yours uploaded you demo online and I got record companies very excited. Now, one of the people you contacted you with nick hook it from exile recordings. How quickly did everything happened for the next day? I will I went in, and I've never heard of exile at the time and my guitarists, no, my friend at the time Ben whose now my stomach guitarists he used to play guitar when I sang at school in a still monetarist today. Are you coming Me I'm scared, what is a widow and then so we got on the tube from dixon. light, we sought argument to newgate ends. We saw the little mews house, you know cause it's not like her, a big corporate building yeah, so you can match our was not impressed. I was like this. I was like what is this
as as good laugh anyway and then I'm a go inside and the water is magical that place haven't been there for years. Prodigy, like am I a dizzee, rascal white stripes, always I wore I automated, and I met nick and he's all right. My and we got on. He was like who's your manager, and I was like oh pat the gap, so I was working at the gap one hundred of the time and he was the ardent know who It was their surname and stuff like that, and I couldn't believe the views that we want to sign you an awful awful. I was at a really good laptop pay or myspace, and I was I bet they want me to be a scam. So this issue does not take favorite songs, that you'd kind of sheds a little playlist papa is where could do your favorite on myspace behaviors pages? Where and when the dependent they they wanted to sign you as an artist You said how much he loved my songs and am thus the essay as assault weapons down
rabbit hole, will find out what happened next in minutes. I think we better have some more music first was going to pay bills bills bills by destiny's child. I was in year six they had a cd walkman. My friend and minimise cholera. She was and then singing along- and I was like what's this island is our song was on his ass, so she put the head fred in my ear My life carry for airbus is this. I was obsessed of arms still am obsessed with them not yet opened again light was there was an introduction to some one that has been a soundtrack to my entire life every single day ever since this is down to the artist of your life, you cool. Yes, she really is the eyes of my life consistent
so yeah. I remember hearing this and I was like whoa hold on stay on track the nuts inside brother sailing by nasa about what the heart wants to help me out. The feels bills bills, destinies child.
Fidel you signed a deal with excel and your debut album. Nineteen was released in january, two thousand and eight one of the tracks on it. Chasing pavements, helped you crack america and you performed on the tv show saturday night live it's some a song about heartbreak, yes, but in true adele style as a really gutsy backstory behind the lyrics. Where did the inspiration come from? I was seeing this guy, and am it was a folk or indie club night go frog and I went, I went there and he was in there kissing his girl, but I got so angry and fed up and I slapped around the face and then I ran out cause security came off because I saw me do it and I was running down tottenham court road in oregon onto regent street and oxford street and stuff like that, and I remember being like not even doing it if you just chasing the pavement and also yeah when studio the next day
to pick up my guitar, I've been to a planet aka a five day session with aig wyatt, and then I went to pick up my guitar I'd left it there and then we wrote chasing pavements that day and you won the first two grammys for the album. That must have been quite a night for you. I had no shoes on gummy my mouth awful duffy was gonna win it. I was so always that always law is that you too. at the coldplay. What a like kanye was there all these people were there and I'm like oh, and they called my name. I bright blue gum in my mouth. I had a blue past from your fingers. I pulled off me acrylic the night before having a tickling fight with my boyfriend and then you know shoes, and it was just it was all crazy. He said you had terrible stage fright when you first performed in front of an audience. Is that the same for you today? I think it was exactly the same steadily the same
it was then I'll faint, my nerves and anxiety with my sage fry and the pressure and be like whoa. I don't know if I can do it means I care and often a lot of people actually don't care anymore and my life. It breaks my heart when I go to a show, or here now, but some and I'm not. I don't think they're in it anymore. I don't think they both doesn't feel that they care about what they're doing. Nemo. It breaks my heart, and so I'm even when I do get that wild rush of like terrifying adrenalin. On the other hand, according to me, I'm excited my generally means. I'm excited my nerves means I want to go into a great show, and I at that is my that's my last measure of when I don't feel like that. When I'm done, I won't do any more disk number. Ex. What have you gone for I'd rather go blind by james. I've got to see when I was in new york, touring twenty one she paid it be became.
in times square, which is like it's a small. I fear, like you, know, like jazz club and she must have been in a seven ays. She was holding that like being sexual signal, those that sexual songs she was firecracker and then the means, and just don't do ST james and I'd rather go blind, so Adele, your second album too
one came out. Twenty eleven by that point, you'd want to grammy's seed, achieved stratospheric record sales in the level of fame. That must have seemed exhilarating, but also at times I'm sure a bit scary to how did you feel learn about that It was really intense and at times it was really hard to enjoy, because I can't keep up with the pace lie. You know it if we got to the point where sometimes already now was you know, You know where I was and what day it was, and it was intense, but it was incredible at the same time, and the media interest of course was intends to. Did you find that difficult to handle? I think sometimes I feel like of field it in the past by being such a recluse indica. Sometimes I used to be easy to use it. I wouldn't be seen
anywhere language? Where were you just just hang at home, but also like you know, I have a whole set up of how our move and no one ever knows that you know just so. I can go out and light be like completely care free, but you know I think now might mean the relationship that I'm in here is that if you want to go to that rest, you should go and try to food at that and if you want to go to this birthday party, then you should be going like you know not. Yet we can't miss out on these. Things was the worst that could happen. Lately. There's been a lot press on social media? Curiosity about your recent weight loss- and I was actually very touched by what you had to say about the effect that you felt your changing appearance had on some eu funds? What's it like tat, I have to deal with that scrutiny while at the same time explaining changes that you've chosen to make in your own life. I understand why the press are fascinated by it and
want to know cause. I didn't share my journey, like everyone else, does that most of the people have a dvd out by now or like It is our duty, and I did it on on the quiet for myself, but I felt terrible for some people that felt like other people's comments. Mental they weren't looking good or that they won't be people who live there and gradual eighteen. You you felt like that was you know that would be interpreted negatively by There are some little beggar s. Yes for some people, it was, and I felt tat oh and some of the ones I saw were young. They were like fifteen light, you know, and there was some other people that felt very betrayed by me, being like oh she's, giving into the pressure of it and which did
would he bother me cause like you? You ain't holding my hand at night at four, am when I'm cry maha out with anxiety and like needing a distraction and stuff like that and getting into exercise. That's been hugely helpful for your anxiety by the sounds of it. One hundred percent gave me focus. It gave me somewhere to get rid of all my energy good or bad and made me feel like I was getting stronger mentally by getting stronger physically in january. You postponed your las vegas concerts at the last minute and that left some funds very disappointed and upset, and your relationship with your fans is a very personal one for you. How did you balance their disappointment with your own creative decision that the concerts just couldn't go ahead, and do you think you got it right.
I don't know, I definitely fell everyone's disappointment and I was devastated and I was frightened about letting them down and I thought I could pull it together and make it work, and I couldn't- and I stand by that decision. I don't think any of her artists would have done what I did and I fitness why it was such a massive massive story was like I don't care and lie. You know, and things like that and you can't buy me. You can't buy me for nothing. I'm not going to just do a show, because I have two or because they can be let down or because you never go lose. Those are money law. I'm like the shows, not good enough. You, of course I could be. Someone on tik tok Mr brown alive everyday bailum working on a lot. Of course, I'm working on it, of course, on work.
I'm lookin update you. If angle muffins up that you will let you know that doesn't leads to more disappointment, and you know maybe that ain't been well balanced. I that maybe my silence has been not deadly, I don't know, but it was horrible and it was there was. The reaction was brutal brutal. I was a shell of a person for a couple of months. How did you get tree that upsets way out that's a way out and them and just grieve it. I guess, does grieve the shows and you know, get over the guilt and yeah, but it was brutal it's time for disc number, seven, what's it going to be and why You taken it with you to your island today, map spires years session. On that favour, the tell album was that it was up I would help him it was like it was that chaos. It was like throwing everything against the wall and now she's a bloody superstar and all these things and to have her dislike dragon. Have this tender moment bloomy sucks
I met her at sea. When I moved to l a coward I, like my my fifteen year old self, was like she is like I'm saying like dragon on stage and so too so to a real life is so weird, and just at the time that is all lay through the house on this phenomenon: great bills. Loving, max by the way, I guess so
Well, your son Angela, was born in twenty twelve did becoming a mother change. You affect you in ways that you weren't expecting every single way. Every single way, a good badge strange and I love being a mom like st angelo- is just fallen in love with music. You know, because he's been into video games for the last few years, which is very much his dad's area, not mine, and we sit down and have the most intense conversations music, but it's not like I'm like well did you know, obviously like we sit down and we listen to the songs together and we pick them apart. You know when we're talking about you, though, what do you think this means an alumni? Well, I dunno, but life could be this. It could mean that and it's just heavenly he mentioned his dad's. You know your your ex husband said. He lives very close and it is obviously very much kind of involved and and you're raising him together. Of course, there's a huge amount of press interest in that relationship and in the two of you breaking up that much
in a tough period for for all of you, it was, but you know it was never really tricky, because with such good friends and am over, my dead body is market. Having like a messy divorce in his life there are no issues and there were no issues, so I guess that gave it. It was easier to make sure that didn't happen, but I was blessed with them in him. He's just the best. You know, and I definitely approached it all with grace and I think that really paid off. Looking beyond thirty to forty, maybe even fifty, how do you imagine life looking? What would you like to see for yourself they're, not just in your career but in in general, I definitely would like a couple more kids, it'd be wonderful. If we can, if not of go angelo like you know, I just want to be happy. I'm about to cast you away down how'd, you think you'll cope while listening to all the songs. I think I'd have a right laugh at while I'm glad in that case, we'd better have one more before we send you there
for all we know by Donny Hathaway. He liked write songs like he's a mathematician like he's einstein or something like he finds all these crazy chord progressions that no one else would ever think a of or b to put together and like his cadences and then wherever his voice, slack lands and then he's like always singing just behind the beat so that you're trying to sing along in your car- and I just love the lyrics of let's just live now and I'm always sorry it loves. You know I love listening to songs that are in about the future as well of knowing what's going to happen, and every time I hear this song I imagined being like fifty and like just with a glass of wine. And light, knowing where I'm an omelet chilled
we do. We may never me, you don't have any for all we know so down it's time they send you away to the islands. I will give you the books to take with you, the bible, the complete works. If shakespeare and another book of your choice, what will happy I'm going for the sun and her flowers by rupee call every little poem is its own masses story that light bolgia mine and takes her brains of a so I felt I could get
Endless stories out of that book and it makes you feel strong as a woman, I love her books. You can also have a luxury item. What will that be? I'm going to take a self inflatable bed mattress, because I love my sleep just the other day rich was that you take sleeping so seriously. He was that you're, not the mike tyson of sleeping I'm like I have to fall asleep and when I'm in my sleep I love there. I never used to get any sleep. I feel like I'm catching up on all the sleep and all the insomnia that I used to have accuracy for twelve hours straight and finally, which one track of the aid that you've shared with us today. Would you save from the waves if he had to rush into the surf james by Gabriel, because it reminds me of being little and it's my favorite song adele? Thank you very much for letting us hear your desert island discs. Oh thank you. I've always wanted to do it. Thank you so much I loved it
hello the you enjoyed my conversation with a down. Let's leave us sleeping inner inflatable bed to the sound of the waves we ve costume. Many citizens summarize, including nearly Alan george, Michael undead Shirin he, can find these episodes in our does undisguised programme archive through BBC sounds the studio manager for today's programme was emma heart. The assistant producer was Christine Pavlovsk iii and the producer was pulled him again. Next time. I guess we'll be several row. Taylor, Andrew rum group. I do hope. You'll join us alive, I'm stephen fry and I heartily recommend you listen to the bbc's history broadcast.
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