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Kirsty Young's castaway this week is Bruce Springsteen. His career has brought him 20 Grammys, two Golden Globes, an Academy Award and his albums sell in their millions around the world. He grew up in New Jersey where the Catholic church played a central role in his early life. The family teetered on the brink of poverty, and his first guitar was rented, rather than bought. He spent his apprentice years as a musician and singer with local bands before landing a record deal in 1972. When 'Born to Run' was released in 1975 it turned him into a household name. His first Top Ten single was 'Hungry Heart', ahead of his most successful album 'Born in the USA' which was released in 1984. In spite of having long transcended the environment he grew up in, Springsteen has remained a chronicler of blue-collar lives. His records are frequently a political commentary on the struggles of ordinary Americans. In the Nineties he settled into family life with his wife Patti Scialfa who sings with his E Street Band. Producer: Cathy Drysdale.
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This is the bbc hulu on Kirsty young. Thank you for downloading this podcast. This is an extended edition of the original radio for broadcast for rights reasons, the music choices of shorter than in the radio broadcasts for more information about the programme. Please visit bbc d dont uk- slash radio for My customary this week is bruce Springsteen. The barred of blue collar america for over forty years, he's been capturing and music and words and performance. The defining truth of lives lost their lives,
Factories and diners dive bars and schoolyard chronicling in his own words the distance between the american reality and the american dream, his twenty grammy's to golden globes and an academy award a pretty much shorthand for not just sales, but the significant cultural mark. His music has made- and he couldn't surely have done it so well. If he hadn't lived the story himself born in new jersey at the tail end of the forties, he was brought up in a sold, often beset by poverty and emotional chaos. He says I believe every artist had someone who told them they weren't worth dirt and someone who told them they were the second coming of the baby Jesus and they believe them both and that's the few that starts the fire and so welcome proceedings in the fuel. That starts the fire. Who were the two people in your life that were telling you those two things: it's usually your prayers.
and it was for you, he absolutely obviously your mother's telling you the second her, maybe Jesus and your father. down the other than any other part of the roll on meeting you a fascinating time. It strikes me because you ve just finished a massive tour. Youth written your men. While the book is called born to run that's a song, you wrote when you, I think just twenty four, As I understand it is always on the settlers steeply. Every gig still is it could not be happier revolt. I imagine what does it mean to you know tat your bag. It takes you forward. Good song takes your and all those different directions. Thing jackson browser work, nice thing about good songs. They stay written, knowledge they stay written, but they they live their lives. The years with you, it's sort of take the measure of your moment at night. When you play that song
and, I suppose the show bills to it. It's cathartic and it is still something I find a lot of satisfaction and playing. Tell me a bit about this list of eight tracks. The eve eve chosen, men, was your basis for choosing them. It's not an unusual grouping of songs song had a lot of people are gonna, be familiar with the affected, I'm sure many others, but I chose it because this was the music that electrified me that when I heard them for one reason or another, they just galvanised me into changing my life in some way. Tell me about the first type. Ok, that's hound, on Elvis presley. If I had to choose an album, I probably choose a sun sessions. That's probably my favorite Elvis music, but for a single track, which is the first Elvis saw. I ever heard that when I was relative
yeah, probably seven or eight years, seven years old or something when I heard it adjusts shot straight through to my brain, and I realized suddenly there was more life and work I've been living here. immediately went out rented a guitar try to play the thing couldn't quite yet to playing, but I was then in pursuit of something and there's been a vision laid out before me it was just an incredibly meaningful record elvis was considered a novelty act. He wasn't deemed to have a lot of cultural significance initially at all, but so you were just dealing with the pure thrust: the pure energy of the music itself and, as is twice ass, so very Young, but is still hit me like a thunderbolt and still sounds great to this day. We still based
our snared rum, sound, they weren't the ultimate. Their drum sounds his own house dog, it's beautiful, beautiful sounding record and, of course, Elvis sings at fabulous. You said he said: do you in those Elvis bruce Springsteen? You started like them
world news in new jersey, you're in this little sort of l shaped enclave, you lived with your grandparents and surrounded by ants and uncles. What you're areas memories of that time? It's always the church. The church, the church. I think, because it was the center of our existence. I think the thing I remember most, is just the tall steeple at the end of the corner in the red bricks of the church. It was your second home you lived there. You know every sunday and friday and we saw every wedding every in town because we live next door, so was there was always a show going on. Somebody was always getting married, you're getting dead, so it was
an enormous centre of of my childhood life and, of course this would have been the early fifties and signs. You know this little el sheikh grouping of houses, the church just across the yard that can all signed intellect, but but notably you do save your childhood. You grew up, surrounded by very ill secrecy. People with disturbing unpredictable behaviour. Yes, tell me more There was a lot of illness that ran through my family on the put on the irish side, particularly, but even somewhat on the italians also I young, you don't think anything about it very, very much behavior might be hot. depression in a mental illness that just swept through my family and china gets passed on down and saw an intriguing counterbalance to this. Is your mother Adele tell me more about her and her sisters? There were three italian sisters.
Endless optimism was a part of of who they were no matter how hard life got. That was always there. They always decided that life was worth living. They just insisted on the fact that life would be good, no matter what curves through- and this was. This is what they they brought into I live in my sister's life from my entire childhood, no matter how stranger, how rough things got, they were the sort of world war, two generation never say die, insisted on joy and beauty. What did you dad differ as you are growing up. I did a lot of different things worked on the wine, the ford motor plant. It worked regarded the jail, For a short period of time, ie worked in a plastic. Factory drove a taxi, did a lot of different things and you, and mother. On your father's side, she ceaselessly
indulged you. You were more than the apple of her. I just explained the circumstances of our gaze say. The circumstances were were the unusual she tat, a young child who died in a traffic accident around the corner from my home she's, only five years old was my father's sister, and so they were in bed for several years and it was very damaging part of her life that you never really forgot. So when I came along, I was sort of the first new child in the family since that that had happened, and it gave me quite a bit of licence What does she let your way with a zero out? A strange things arouse was a young kid. I was staying up to three a m and waken up at three p m in the afternoon, and so that we can get brutal rock and roll anywhere. They are already. I always say that its very
strange the way the choices you make play out, I always say that I went to school, which I hated within the minute I got out of school. I found a job where I'm up to three a dot m and I sleep for three p dot m, so it couldn't have been a coincidence tell me about your second piece of music bruce Springsteen. What are we going to hear? I want to hold your hand by the beatles. This was another song that just changed. The course of my life harmonies were very unusual. It was a very raucous sounding record when it came out of the radio and nineteen sixty four and once again I went for another shot. It gets a hocker, and this time I kept planet and it was really the song. It inspired me to play rock and roll music to get in a small band and to start doing some small gigs around town, but it was a life. Changing is still a beautiful,
entered the way it once again, the way it sounds, and it was just a life life changing piece of music. Maybe that was the business in hand, Springsteen underlies them a little bit.
surprised to learn that you're, a regular flighty nights worries of the young men, christian association, it you were dancing the monkey, the swim, the jack, the pony the match, with the rising to do them now, and I decided to learn the dances and what did he look, like I'm sure, a complete fool, but before I play the guitar, I realized that girls to dance, and so I spent quite a bit of time in my own home mirror practicing different dance moves the day. Will you good enough? There was good enough to get the girls in the dance floor here, and what about the here How did you look in those days pretty hideous? Let me see I would use my mother's hair clips,
to pin my hair down and then I would sleep on it exactly right on the pillow hope, because I had it curly hair. When I had more here, but I would put it down- and it was the straight as Brian and then I would go to the. Why so it was. it was. There was a complete presentation that I got ready for on Friday night. My black jean owes a black shoes, the pointy toes red, sox, red shirt and end my hair just so, and off I'd go if of course play these legendary stadium gigs in front of tens of thousands of people. You have played the superbowl intuition in front of imagine tens of millions of people of alive tv audience, but your first ever life performance on stage was ass. The freehold alex club- or can you remember
I will do you. I was really maybe fifteen. What was your said. We had a bit of a stone's playlists and played a lot of arm, be some blues and The cap was at the end of the night. I was seeing twisted shack because it was still the day when there were many groups with singers. The invention of the group that sang everything, road, everything and played. Everything, of course, was the beatles, but before that, all local bands were instrumental they played based on like the shadows than the state it was. The ventures saw. You come to a dance at night and there were no microphones. A ban would simply set the ramps up by instrumental all night. Long, no one would say And our idea was, we were going to be one of the first groups in town that tried to sing and so
Really, we had no voices, but we gave it a shot, and that was air. It was our calling card too often disastrous results, but did you feel at home on stage from the very beginning, yeah. I did. I was nervous when I first started, but at the same time. It was a very singular place and I was Seeking that out some place it was gonna cut me out is as different, because that's it confirmed that you were different. You felt yourself, yeah yeah. I suppose everyone feels like that, but I was looking for some place to express it in so getting up to that my and then doing whatever I didn't. Do it at the time was exciting in laos, felt good afterwards ass, you go next piece of music. What are we gonna Hannah
This is it's all over now by the rolling stones. I suppose the penultimate saw me for the rolling stone still satisfaction that was the song solidified, the stones in our neighbourhood as real competition with the beatles you know, but it's all over now a special place for me, because when I got thrown out of my first ban, I learned the guitar song I went on that night and I was pissed off. And what my room- and I said, alright right, I'm gonna be illegal tar player and for some reason, That solo felt like something I might be able to manage, and so I put the record and I sat there all night until I was able to scrape up some relatively decent version of key solo on it's all over now that, and also once again, is a great sounding record, the echo and the way to get two guitars
london mix and there's a little country influence in it, also, which I was light coming out of the stones mixing the gray, but it was once a very important record for me because I was the first saw I ever I used to bring them here and absolutely still
and it's all over now. You ve written response team that throughout your teams, talking about your father, you said when my dad looked me. He didn't see what he needed to see and then a little later he loved me, but he couldn't stand me. Those are very powerful words explain the background to those words. Why do you Your father felt the way you felt was just the lay of the land in our household of the time. You know it was my dad a sort of gruff exterior, but inside it was really. It could be quite soft and sensitive, The quality she had inside cyber the things I wore on the outside and they were just difficult for firmer deal with you. Who, in seeing your sensitivity, reminded him of the things that year ended,
yeah might have reminded him of his own frailties and some way or fragility. So it was just a terrible cross. Current of the motion that went on between us know it was it was. We supported through some of it, as as he got older and his I got older powder. It was sad when I was young. We live in a time now, of course, when people talk within families, people talk about their feelings, something It wasn't that way in the fifties and Sixtys. It was a very, very different culture within the family. You ve spoken about this extremely loving, optimistic mother that you had. Did you talk to her about your dad at the time? Because I'm sure you couldn't talk to him? No, no
I don't remember me she would occasionally she would cover foreign, but it's very hard to explain to day, but at the time people simply speak about their inner feelings. You don't even think about speaking it wasn't on the table. It also you just sort of. Lived with it. I think you know mother. Try to make up for his best. She could through were given lot of love and a lot of affection very. Physical and very warm was very warm person and so You learn the other side through what you were saying, which this lake is basically learn.
Anyway, I mean there's a small percentage of what you say. I think that registers on them, but at the end of the day they do what they have seen and my mother try to balance balanced, set out as best as she could. You were making you what you say. You were soon out of one group of EU and onto another small group, and you began to make your way in your musical career. There came of age, pivotal moments when you match on land. Are you ve had this forty year both professional association and also very close friendship. There was a moment when he went to see you as a music producers go nine in legend, neither the review he wrote of the gig in Boston and he pen the line. I saw rock n roll future and its name is Bruce Springsteen when you first met him after he had written. Aside from the flattery, what was it that meant that you got on with each other? Why did you when I first met a metal, vickie that already written that peace yet, but it really
The small review that was checked up outside of the club we were playing trying to get some breathing customers in for the night. You know who is replanting club in Boston that eight or nine people in it? No review was tackled glass window outside and who was in winter time, and I was standing out. Cole. My jacket wrapped up around me reading this little review and that exact moment along came to When was John laying down the other one was david marsh and they said hi I said hi. What do you think? So that's pretty good and he introduced himself as the guy who written the review and they came in and saw the show that night and we struck up sort of a modest friendship, but it was a show at I think, we'll harvard square theater. Where John saw us and wrote that particular piece that little bit later on
now let me around create a basis. The hell did you do you like it or does it requires? The proclamation. That's for sure literally was was a little a little difficult, but it may looking back at all. It's all funny. Now you went on to collaborate with him, of course, on on born to running, and you ve said that you wanted to pen a record. Like the last record. You might hear the last one you'd ever need to hear his client ambition for young a hand Well, let me see I was twenty four and I was an ambitious young man. I was a kid. but also you must have thought you could write that song. I guess I did. I guess I did and,
maybe I have a lot of a lot of experience before then then already been, I've been been for ten years and had experienced just about every sort of of gig you can imagine, played supermarket, opens drive in theatres, fireman's fares, VFW halls, weddings, I'd played in front of every conceivable audience. You could imagine and john thousands of people to my shows at that point, Ben. I had called steel now. Would you thousands of people without a record to our local shows? So I knew what having some success was. I travelled around the country. Already. I've been back and forth across united states several times travelled to San Francisco, with with one of my bands competed in that area where there were a lot of good musicians in those days? and we held our own pretty well. So
I've seen a lot and I felt like well, I've been around a bit, I've seen a lot and I still feel well, I think I'm one of the most distinctive musicians, I've seen at my And so I had a lot of confidence, a lot of confidence and I had a certain vision It wasn't so much a revolutionary as I was an alchemist do well, to do borned around him, and I had dwayne eddie and mad roy orbits, great phil spectre, record's dillon. This cavity Elvis, somehow mix all these things together, and I want to make the greatest record anyone's ever heard. You tell me what you nice piece of music, and this is here. forced disk, Madame georgia mars and asked for weeks extremely import.
Record for me a lot of other people that made me trust in beauty. He gave me a sense of the divine. The divine seems just run through the veins of that entire album. So there was a spiritual side of it. That was very, very deep, of course, was incredible. Singing playing of richard Davis on the base had the jazz influences. It was trance music. You know it was. Repetitive. It was the same cord progression, three cores over and over again, but It showed how expansive something with very basic symbol underpinning could be so They ve been on new york city serenade. If there had been asked for weeks- and this was of course my favorite cut off the entire wreck Stop
gene industry. Lagging MA am, guy singer madge than a sham, in saying, Madame that's when you While I was there,
Orson met, a majority said glinda that response team, that it taught you among many other things, to trust in beauty in nineteen. Eighty four, you released what remains, in spite of all, rather huge success as your you most successful selling album born in the usa, and that I connect image on the cover the needs of its photograph. You said at the time in the end, that picture was chosen because my ass look better than the picture of my face, which was mixed, miss mobile, it tells tales of ordinary americans of people just grind the goat, their jobs of trying to make difficult relationships work of of dealing with being short of money. I mean that is still what you write about and yet the further away. You have moved from that in your life. How is it to always connect when you go to that place of writing with the ordinary lives of everyday americans?
you you have all of your experience to draw from all the time, so you you can always go back and draw on any place. You ever been in the formative years of your childhood in your young adulthood. still remain incredibly powerful, which is why people feel most connected off to the music that they were saying. school with at a certain moment or knowledge, joy, early, twenties, interfere, What of years, the music that you used to build your identity always remains very prominent in your tastes. You know people who have had great pain and difficulty in their childhood off the often managed to me to make a success of being an adult by not going there anymore and yet in order to to write about
the things you do you you, you ve always gone back he's there. There was there a price to pay and that in mining your past four year, your current creativity of going back to where you came from a fake. that you work on this in its eating away at you, and I think that farmers that we feel are wrestling with something significant? Are the performers that hold they hold our attention. Why couldn't people take their eyes off brando? Something was always eating at him. I don't know if it was ever named, but whatever it was, you couldn't take your eyes off him when he came on screen. Why can't you take your eyes off of Dylan
something eating arab. So a lot of my work is drawn from the period in my life, where I'm trying to go back and make sense of things that at the time were unfathomable and uncontested realisable and that continues to this day. I constantly go back, and I put my father's clothes on walk out on stage and I present some version of him and myself at night to my audience, and why am I doing well, I'm trying to find the piece of it that would lead to a certain sort of transcendence over those circumstance is it. I grew up, and so these are all things I'm working out on stage at night and why people come to see us. It's clearly worked professionally hasn't worked personally
were generally doesn't. Work is well perks,
at some point you have do you know you addressed these things and you you lead a certain amount of them go and, of course you move on, but you're always called back to those moments and while I don't live in them any more, I do occasionally revisit them. I know you didn't have a beer till you, twenty two stephen sent says you're the only person he has ever known, who has never ever taken drugs. You operate your band set up in a kind of benign dictatorship. It seems that the control that you have been able to exert personally has also been a very significant part of that. You exerted just untypical in your industry control of behaved unsure too much at times better. I come from a chaotic childhood, I fell, and so what I was interested in doing
creating some order and a safe environment for myself, because my childhood felt very unsafe and a structure where I can express myself freely and grow into to grow into a man. So for me my first luxuries were, place where I could create some semblance of water out of my life, and I think that explains why I really didn't go, introducing into my system any any sort of chemicals that I thought were going to unbalanced right ahead enough and balance. So I went. I went in the other direction and initially I was very tight about it. Then, of course, as you get older you you relax with things, but I did you know I didn't really drink learnt all. I was a little older than most people, and it was just it was
I was in pursuit of ours in pursuit of a certain, I wouldn't say tranquillity, but certainly a certain order that been missing for my life when I was young, I have more music respecting about your next one. What's going on right, Marvin, Gaye, frizzle, this entire record is from start to finish his masterpiece. It was cell tree and very and sexual while at the same time, having very political point of view dealing with street level pilot. it's that had a big influence on me, along with the idea that it was somewhat of a concept record without being cursed by that name. It was a record that had a thread you could follow from the first song to the last, and it created a world that you could walk into and then come back out of, but bring along with you things you learned and energy in a source that you'd found for living.
What's goin on was erected really struck home for me for all those particular points,
You get tickets, so you can see. What's that was Marvin Gaye school, useful, beautiful? It was nineteen. Eighty four, then, when petty skilful joined the east ST band pivotal time for you, you were of course, to fall in love to get married to have children, but a very significant unsure. Part of your relationship has been that you share the music together.
is to a musician and the performer tat is so great songwriter and very distinctive. Inter regional voice, she guessed the show about one hundred the vat on stage with the street ban riches. Smithy very good records? I initially saw her funding abandoned asbury park, singing the song, the excited called, tell him, and she just add, a sound that sort of was part dusty, springfield part neuron, edson, crystals, It was just a beautiful combination of elements, and then she just said something in it. That was her own. And petty joined the ban literally days. when our own tour nineteen, eighty four, and then it was years later. We, I guess, three, four years later, we got together as a couple when there was very interesting had been involved with another musician before
and so she had a lot of understanding of where I was coming from and some of the choices they make in a little bit about twisted parts of my personal. But she knew how to handle and live with better than some of them. other relationships. It was a lovely beginning to her. What's better very beautiful relationship save had three children. Can I haven't jessica and SAM tell me about that point. Nineteen, ninety, before the birth of adding your first child, where your father got in a car and drove hundreds of miles to come seen. Why was he doing and what happened? I think it was there'll be a father and I think the he'd had said things he wanted to say, which is very unusual for my for my dad, but he must have felt press to come down and sort of
me slightly a bit of a warning as to where he felt he went wrong? What what did he say just that he dare he felt he had been present enough for me and had perhaps, but is good, is he might have wanted to be, and it was a very short conversation is my does not much of a talker, but it was. It was a pretty meaningful one. At a time you sagging away- poignantly you you put on your father's close as it were, to go on stage. You are an amalgam of both yourself in him when you performed of state becoming a father yourself. What what was that transportation, tehran Burnett had a great quote where he said hall of rock and roll somebody going daddy Why so, It is certainly true in my case It's my indulgence again but but
dad myself was, is a very different experiences. It was Opens your life in year in opens here are your mind, your life up to a world that was present, but that previously. You had not recognized nor seen so. Suddenly you get this beautiful flooding of of another vision of life and of world. It can be. It surprised me how much I missed and soul when they come. You know, there's a little window that opens in they they bring in a certain amount of grace with them and suddenly, when that's gifted to you, it changes the way. You see everything the way you right away, you saying
You step outside and new fill your lungs with it feels like with more air. It was, has been and continues to be, an incredible thing to experience. Let's have some music response to. This is your say out of sight, pure excitement pure electricity pure get out of your see, move your ass. You're, sweat, filled, gospel, filled, raw rock and roll with men blues got to do. Agnes, durban, you know you die
god man, let's keep give me. It was James bond. fascinating. I haven't heard then, while and it's like a taught rubber band. I was surprised at how tight and restrain record sounds very exciting. Eve spent your professional life being here. One stage too many many people, Barack Obama ceremony running for president- that can't be Bruce Springsteen. How much are you concerned about being as open as you have been remember, and indeed, as you have been occasionally onstage, and certainly in your music about depression, because people want to think of you as other than them. And here you are sharing your weakness. Everybody
think about it them hurt. When I went to write about it, it was just if you're ready biography. You have to open your life up to a certain degree and you agree to show them your mind and how it works, and how are you made major decisions in and the things that have affected you that have shaped your music airily. I tried to do What is universally and his discreetly as possible, but it's too something spare part of my life means much more difficult for my pop and for a lot of the other members of my family who suffered from a lot, but
to deal with? It is as times passed on and usually ok and then, once in a while churchill's, black dog and jumped up and later in the ass for a little while and develop some skills that help me dealing with it. But still it's it's a powerful, powerful thing that really comes up from things. It still remain unexplainable to me, and can I ask you what the skills I was? As you say, you develop skills to land, just naming it. Sometimes you know it's a particular. It's a chemical imbalance also. What most people tend to want to do is when they feel bad. The first thing you want to do is name a region as to why you feel that way. I feel bad because you'll trance that someone else, because Johnny said this to me, or this happened that you know it sometimes that's true, but a lot of times your simply looking the name, something that's not produce.
Leave amiable and if you miss name it, it just makes everything that much worse. So I think my skills, that sort of saying- ok, it's not this- it's not that it's just this. This is something that comes is also something that goes in. Oh, maybe something after live with for a period of time, but if you can acknowledge it and if you can relax a little bit with very often it shortens its duration, and you said that in in recent years you suffered and export of depression where you were close to the abyss he felt closer than you had ever been eyes of a dangerous place to be. What was it that brought you back from that paddies very helpful,
and sometimes just time or sometimes the correct medication who need the right drugs that can really help also. So these are all things that can put you back into your life and certainly, in my case, how bless my life span. Let's have some using force and tell me place units one on your announcement to secure seventh like a rolling stone. This could be at the top of the list were described it in I am delighted to the rock and roll hall of fame, and so the snared rounded opens. The song feels like somebody kicked open the door. To your mind, your own stone is a target that comes rushing right. Towards you floods, your soul fly your mind, alerts and wake you up instantaneously two other worlds:
other lives. Other ways of b is perhaps one of the most powerful records ever made and still means a great great deal to me, along with all of dylan's this is the first time I heard it was it came out of the radio I didn't know anything about. Bogdan was acoustic music. I was a creature of top ready. So the first time I really hurt him was on the radio with his sword and it just instantly started three changed my life
At age was spoke to her sick feel the difference. Then this is your specialist subject: springsteen the difference between the american dream and the american reality in your music over the decades has asked this way: big questions about what it means,
be an american what it means to be free, what it means to be a man and a new written landmark albums the risings written response to nine eleven, the wrecking ball after the crash of two thousand and eight financial crash. Do you think rock and roll still has the cultural muscle to reach people now? Do you think it's where we go to to understand our experience in here meaningfully reflected back as well. Music has gone very faction lie, so it is very different. One of the most precious statements on this subject was lester. Bangs were great rock critics in the seventies when Elvis died said well from here on in
I have my own heroes and you're going to have yours. I may like iggy pop you may like Joni mitchell, but this is going to be very few things we're ever going to agree to ever again. So, instead of saying goodbye to Elvis I want to see, by the you and it was very very forward looking and I think that that's what we had to deal with as the lay of the land over the past quarter century of pop music, I don't know if there is any one place where people go to hear cultural common these days. I think you can find it in the super pop in an hour and be that's on top forty radio days. You can find it in a lot of india, music, so rock doesn't have the hegemony that it used to have everything
He goes to the coal mining and digs as best as they can, but this also acts that have to behave as if none of the above is true. We have to go out looking for your biggest audience and, It is that you feel is interested in the times at your writing about and the form that, using to communicate your insight wherever they may be, and that's the way I proceed with my job. Thank you, too does something like that artists as varied as cardio west go out and do what assuming they can speak to everyone at a certain moment. I think that's! That's how I like to approach a tasty, we're gonna cost you away to desert island on this show. You know that I'm imagining real yeah when you get there, you will be all alone. How A copper, your guy, who can cope, I mean, are you? Are you practically minded decent? You built to survive as some ways, I'm pretty good on my own. on the other hand, I am not sure I would
Certainly be my best company: let's have your final piece of music, we springsteen. What are we gonna here? What's your rights baby, I need your love him by the four tops and I had to have some motown, because Motown was an incredible part of my youth, it was also if you want to know how to write, how to structure successful pop records. You could it all from Motown the sound of the ban. The importance of a great singer. Motown was just the school where you wanna, go to learn your craft and this The song every little bar band played this one back in the day and, along with that was just a beautiful,
recent news, then there was the for talks began in june that ensue bruce Springsteen. It's come to the point in the programme where I give all or castaways a couple of books to take with them, and you get to take to the silent, the bible and the complete works of shakespeare and, along with lose you get to choose one other book. What is your book? Gonna? Be that's a desert. That was a tough question
fan of philip raw, John, cheaper, Jim thomson, James m kane, flattery, oconnor, all some guys. But if I had to pick a booklet sort of change, my way of thinking it might be Joe kinds, woody guthrie biography would gather your life was very influential book for me and changed my way of thinking about what he might be able to do with popular news. Ok I'll give you that pick your allotted a luxury to. A chef really got any living being or think. That's the bad news is even catch me alone. You cook occasion was good as they're gonna do me or you guitar. Would you like? It's definitely bring. The guitar does
you're the one and only once again, not getting the kitchen, but you are getting the guitar and if you had to save one of these eight discs from the waves which single disk would you run to save? That's really tough. I'd have to say like a rolling stone. Ok, it's he whispered. Springsteen. Thank you very much for that. In his view, your desert island is appreciated.
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