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Christine McVie enjoyed huge success with Fleetwood Mac, penning many of their signature songs including You Make Loving Fun, Oh Daddy, Little Lies, Everywhere and Songbird. The band has sold more than 100 million records and the album Rumours remains one of the most popular discs of all time, with sales of more than 40 million copies. The album was recorded during 1976 whilst the band members were going through relationship break-ups and the stories of excess and drug taking during the 1970s and 1980s are well documented. In 1998 McVie was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Fleetwood Mac and received the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music. The same year, after almost 30 years with the band, and having a developed a fear of flying, she opted to leave and lived in semi-retirement for the next 15 years, releasing only one solo album in 2004. She bought a Jacobean house in Kent and spent the next four years restoring it. Christine rejoined the band officially in January 2014, and that year she received the British Academy's Ivor Novello Award for Lifetime Achievement. Presenter: Kirsty Young Producer: Cathy Drysdale.
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This is the bbc hello, I'm kirsty young. Welcome to desert island discs where every week I asked my guests to choose the eight tracks, the book and the luxury item that they want to take with them. If they were cast away on a desert island for rights reasons, the music on these podcast versions is shorter than in the regional broadcast. You can find over two thousand more additions to listen to and download on the desert island discs website. This is an standard edition of the original broadcast. my cousin. We this week is the musician Christine Magee
As an essential part of the super group, fleetwood mac, the singing some writing an keyboard playing, she contributed to their son- was either defining you make loving fun. Daddy little lies everywhere and songbird at a few of her most in june, in compositions, but whilst fleetwood max I put represents the ultimately mid seventies. Melodic rock their backstage behaviour was often less than harmonious was breakups booze drugs. egos making life in the band complex. Yet suitable castaway seem to steal a relatively straight path, never entirely giving way to the worst excesses of the rock and roll playbook. Maybe it was something to do with her background, her father There was a concert violinist her grandfather and organist at westminster, abbey and her Name is I kid you not christine perfect, She says of the glory years with fleetwood mac. The music was all we lived for. That was what Titus together. While everything else was
in part. We would all living in this dream world into many jobs and drinking too much all busy getting divorced and fighting among ourselves- and therein lies quite a tale christine movie, but you- Really, I think, musicians and artists. Ten, to be. When I speak the most passionate about the things they are doing right now and what you have been doing right now is touring. Tell me a bit about music that you are currently making will finish sylvan with lindsey buckingham, which has turned out to be a bizarre happening. because you may or may not know the left fleetwood mac for fifteen years, and that happened. A number of reasons. Primarily my father had been ill and I've been living in amerika. For thirty years I decided I had to go back and see him. I was afraid of flying for multiple reasons I just felt, who wanted my roots back, and that meant
You know I would have to leave the bandit. I was ready it. I've been out of a suitcase for so many years. I hate suitcases to this day, and so making music with lindsey buckingham. Of course, legend Dudley part fleet would make as well. What does that experience been like the two of you making music together fantastic when I first rejoined fleetwood mac? I started to right again, which I haven't done from the news about. even looked at a piano here as well I don't know why, but that's the way, but anyway I started writing song again the sending the mover tendency he's my favorite guy to work with and between the two of us we can power quite a few bits of material and before the two studies have what it over did earlier on rule china put these down in studio to reconnect another word because we didn't know chemistry we haven't seen each other for so long and we both walked into the steward
not knowing what was going to happen, and it was ass, though it was only yesterday when I left the band with amazing I mentioned, some of the enduring songs that you ve written among them. You may loving, funnel daddy little lies everywhere, but I'm gonna fan bomb. You know I'm songbird, which is one of valuable yeah. I'm gonna throw the lover you saw It is one of my colleagues and I'm gonna take advantage of the fact that I've got you here to ask you how it was written, such an immaculate and beautiful of some. Well, that's a mist, to me as well, because all I know is that we will the cooling, rumours and city, and I work sharing condominium in socialism and I've gone to bed? I couldn't sleep or not. I got this song in my head and fortunately out a piano in my room, nothing to recorded on, but I had to play the song. It was as if I've been channel
something the sun came out, the wholesome the whole complete cords words everything within half an hour. This is it three o clock in the morning, and I couldn't go to sleep in case. I forgot it so hard to play all night Until I get in the studio about nine o clock the next day, I just had to get it on a two track type. I do you explain that I can't explain it. I wish also is good. I just felt as if it was a universal kind of prayer was something I just don't know where it came from. This never happened to me since or before Christine oddy. Let's start with your first choice of a day, tell me a little bit about this piece of music. Specifically, why you ve chestnut
this was most with my father, because my father would be a constant vines in his soul, always used to hearing practising in the front room is recorded and he was often playing Vivaldi.
yeah That was the second. Mrs in t veld is four seasons: concession on before an f minor winter, with NATO kennedy on violent. a company there by the english chamber orchestra. He said to me christine movie during that that it took you right back to watching your father plea in his. What is his beard would be going in. The whole set of house would be reverberating with this music. Yes, the eager virtually hidden feels it was just a wonder, vague being the kitchen.
Single number because in the kitchen door, this time away and a few mistakes here there was just a delight, and so dad was Cyril. He was a music lecturer. He made a living as well as being a performer. You once described him as eccentric. Tell me more fully was he was a man I think that kind of lifted is means always and then to him in his evening suit with cuba, because he was forever going out to kansas his beard and had long gray, hair and his violin in hand and he's too begun a lot, but he was a one for going to the bar. After having a couple of scotches with the chaps, you know not uncommon among musician, not uncommon. Yes, but I mean- and I did your mother feel about Logically- she liked it very much concern she didn't drink and you know you wouldn't get battle midnight or something but ie taught during the day to music teacher training college and he played together
family, a christmas. I waited yemen amused attempt to play the veal. She was not least remember that model. the played second volume. I don't play first, I pledge shallow and Somehow we managed to crawl through several christmas carol. Sittings mostly ended up laughing the whole time. There was good fun, so your mother didn't drink. She wasn't particularly musically gift to know what was she like mother when you conjured up. What do you see what she was the most amazing mother? She was three year, psychic very psychic woman and actually was a healer right. Tell me more about that Will she I mean my experience. My memory of it was any were once concerning myself when I had done water, and my nose rightly also haven't scar, but it was huge in it
came from nowhere was eleven or something like that non set me up in that one night and put a finger. She said that gun in the morning, and it was next- will need it was gone. and people come to the house to see her and has no no nervous. She kept at sight of his army. I've I wanted attitudes. Will she kept herself quite quiet about all that side of her kind to scare me when she went to her bedroom and shut the door and they would have wished the answer that side of her life are rigid kind, you didn't want to hear about. Gaza was growing up. I was nine ten eleven when I was aware of this site among them, but I just want. To be an ordinary mum, but she secretly had a group of friends that she would have silences with and she belongs. I kick society, Birmingham, nothing She would guess you goes the sciences and she had
guys and she couldn't pain to told was she was it a chance? She drew a painting, offers very guide. Who is old silver shadow, something indian with the head dress in everything. It was a profile of this american indian team. of all that? Now I don't know, I guess chills we'll talk about it. Actually I don't know. Goodman mom died that she quite young shes fifty two and she died of cancer, so she I'd really young, then such a pity. Let's have smoking. Christine, looking listen to your second track. Just a little bit about this. What's on your list today, well, I used to study just music growing up I was in their practicing one day and on looked independence tool in those a book domino music which belong to my brother, nine. I haven't seen it before: I picked it up and started site reading
and this was one of the songs, and I think that's how I got interested were my boogie left hand came from an that's kind of with me throughout. My society is even but my son, rising style changed does. It was being a little bit of the booty base. So that's what this is all about. You made me cry, you say it by road, where you see a wheel,
That's doma, embarrassing breaches by christine oddy because he said that was the moment when, if you will, the classical scales fell from your eyes. You find the bitter sheet music in the pianos. Do you had been classically trained up until then, as a musician? Did you enjoy that processes? Falada, kids, it's pretty arduous and all about it. It was argued aside appendage each year. road could not Amelia a and she was. One of these really strict teaches that had the match? months of the other than the s pedestrians in the windows, and she was really strict and she had a rule. I actually hated it. Fortunately, my pants very forgiving about that. They, let me stop going too classical lessons. I just started going my way in such to play the blues. When did you discover, then that you could write so While I agree the first saw ever route was at home and I think our spots
seeing upload it to my mom and dad was cruder I'll, never stopped loving. You remember what would you think a bit of it yet his prey, plenty knocker berliner except run dry. Do what No, I never stop law at sixteen not bear the I'm trying to think. I was trying to think of female singer songwriters that you might have had his room I could only pathetically come up with one journey mitchell towards the mid and end of the sixties, beginning of the seventies, whether any women you were looking ass and thinking, I'd like to do what she's doing it I get outta my way, led lights, do what she's doing? No, I don't think so. I was very reticent about right. seeing it was mic that really encourage me gotten together good. I made a solo album with a couple of
songs on written myself, which I really had no confidence in whatever one female vocalist ideal twice in fact, in one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine and one thousand nine hundred and seventy were well regarded for your voice. But but you didn't to secure. You know, I think, because they weren't that many things around at that time. It was duly driscoll, on me. The first ever ban that you join I think signs of blue. Not one gives a clue. What's the music went well you making and while there was a blue, but we also those of flautist in the banker Chris would who would then John to be, I think it was traffic whisky winwood, who also became a friend of mine. All these guys. burning a minute, so I guess it Please don't, but I played base and what did your dad make of this? They let me go. They really let me get home and they really wanted me to teach, because I went to burma college and studied sculpture, but I was meant to have gone on done a final year for teaching diploma,
and I knew I Didn'T- want to teach us It no longer leave now got my national diplomacy design, and then I saw wool. Now, what do I do? You can't go and get a job is the sculptures? Can you I got a job as a window dressing in nam, real street, and I hated it. I'm gonna ask about that. No second for noticing be, let's have a little bit more of your music, and I want to hear your son track. Just tell me about this. This is roll over basin. my parents boot me the beatles album for christmas and under it was during Beatlemania. I was born The beetle maniacs must have been about nine in august twenty and oh I played this really was There was nothing left handed over over and over again and I used to get myself in the mirror. The young girl did holding a brush or something and see along to the jackson shaking my head and an that signed.
Was soon you and so fresh at the time were impacted. It have on, you will think, did it. It was so spouse I mean there was barely any instrumentation. It was all about the melody, the songs, the harmonies, the voices, the so upfront ensued crystal clear and I think the day use of space in the news it was crucial. Just gave them.
the sun was held up to some one. After the other, the beatles people Much of the classic rule based an interesting the you mentioned the job that you hated and it was dickinson jones western store in london. It round about nineteen sixty six. What did they make?
he wears a window dressing. What was he was dreadful bombing it. The all the girls had to wear tapered was the charges with asean seiners and agree common. In which this was london. In nineteen sixty six year, both bosnian kashmir was really itchy fabric. In its two minutes, you hated the job and by nineteen sixty seven you mentioned this benda chicken shit, my nineteen sixty seven. You had joined chicken shit man, you'd debuted in six the windsor johns festival upon stage singing. I did that feel that you enjoy the limelight. Woman No one knows I was doing really. If you know this friend of mine from sounds blue is walking past the window diffuse jones one day, sue me in the window, not on the window, so I went out to meet him on a coffee breakin. Is it You want to join a band means down farming's to group. Could tunisia, we need a cable player, so I, but I can't really play
blue sea civil I'll give you lot records? You can just haven't it. So that's what do not listen to tons and tons of booze rituals and stole of you nix here and there I got myself a little. Libraries stuff to play so that that's. Why a joint, chiefly second, got this now do outgoing. It was better than being a window. Just tell me, then, about the time when you ran off the stage that was in nottingham was the solar to undo what happened? I don't know, I just use it the solar sing wasn't for me. I couldn't sustain in time performance. Just me, I'm part of a group unkempt over to light lindsey annoy, for example. And down very very happy within the framework of flew back. and so round about that time. Then, just looking back for a moment longer elsewhere, peter greens forming fleetwood makin it
regional inclination named after two of his some fellow funding members make fleet would ensure mcfee. I did you get to meet John well fleet mac and chicken check were world the same circular, the bruise clubs in the halls above pubs. things and flew back had a massive following? They were huge and justifiably so, new, a fantastic and often chicken shock but open for them certain shoes, and saw met them all a new them all quite well, and it was actually, I think it was pretty green. I had a bit of an iron, was rather gordon was gorgeous through that she I started talking to join a night fell head over heels about him, and so you'd worked at a co opted into the ban to be the line up. Eventually I mean I was still in chicken. Shit are then left taking shape because otherwise, Jordan, I would never see each other, because we would the meeting on the doorstep, with suitcases going in opposite directions,
so I left chicken shack and became a housewife, and then it was them when Peter was given some type of acid upon. in germany and he kind of never came back the level sign comings and goings of the members of fleet would makin who was in the night of the band, could make an entire seeds, and indeed has on occasion I think, another networks. I want to wind forward to nineteen. Seventy four when fleetwood mac went to amend, and decided that they were going to try to make their music and maybe even make their fortune there. It was, I think, a mexican restaurant Street, in LOS angeles, when you first met stacy cv, nick susie buckingham they'd had a relatively long term romance together. Can you remember what you'd impressions were of them meeting and for the first time in that mexico old vividly? It was fantastic and I just saw the fight of the sitting round the table. I just thought this has to happen
did you hear unmixed already said to me that it was down whether I got on with the girl rice, because I would do in your new girl in the back, and he said well, if you do like a kind of screwed Fortunately, when I mess around my midget Lee took to her, I just thought she was charming and funny. I just remember her sense of humor, which she still since day, you know, do her plus lindsey was the god. such a good. Looking guy stood Then the chemistry flowed from there. Let's have some music christine they were going to listen to your fourth track of the day. I guess this is Peter green. This is towards the end of his musical career. Ruth flew back nothing. You can hear of cotton, reflective song on Cyprus. Beautiful. Some. It really give me a little too in my eyes, beyond his is just before he left and
one can only wonder what he would have written had. He stayed because he was just finding his feet in a different direction: music from the blues shut. Tell you I found yes I guess it would make a of the how'd, you seemed dressing the very deep in thought. Space we said we
will she could have been doing when you listen to have beautiful? That sum is ended. It was regarded as possibly one of the finest muse makers and guitarists of his generation, but for now you you said it was. It was quite brilliant. Your face lit up when you said you know, I looked at the flag of a sitting line that table in that mexican diner, and I just thought this has got to happen when you, when particularly the three of you stevie an lindsey in you were standing, mind the mike's and making those exquisites harmonies together, what struck you- There is one particular time, the very first rehearsal in ally and I'd written sancho say you love me, which ended up being on the white. and I saw it all- goes like this- and I came in with the course stevie Lindsey just chimed in with perfect homenas. First, I'm through,
we'll just got goosebumps summit. We were one hiking be so it was a shrill and that first opened the white avonlea meda. I remember being the most fantastic time, nor seven rooms, so rumours it came out in seventy seven you'd spent much of nineteen. Seventy six recording the It would go on to sell forty eight million copies and counting sir, being so is doing the job here lower, but it still less hovering around saw many songs on other gone on, to become rock classics, brilliant for those of us who have loved it. What was it like for you to listen to that and to watch it connect with so many millions of people are We were in a state of disbelief
We knew we gotta great record. There was no question of that, but I think because voice internal anxious that we were all going through I do think we could really believe it and it became quite normal for it to be number one and, of course, a siren brilliant, music. It was essentially the sort of back to back diary of two relationships. in part, I mean that's what the songs will bite. It would take me back to that moment. I will you relating to each other, although little group, This is the got already well. So how did you get on with what I got some with everybody, but John, your husband and Steve get on with everybody, Lucy Lindsey. got on with everybody receiving a mixed. In the middle, going through divorce of his own. With jenny void side Yes, sir, the weaker groups of is that goes on. Fine you got there People in one room? Tat could be difficult. I mean at such
you, don't cliche, isn't that universe of pain comes grace hearts, but what do you make of it? Well, if, if rumors anything to go by us. I think it has to be true. We need ranked. What's remarkable is probably if we had talked to any ben, certainly maybe around the same time and I'm guessing, even though you know they're all the interpersonal comings and goings, people have affairs within groups of people? Their tooting together is a lot of booze around sometimes lot of drugs. That is the perfect alchemy for that sort of chaos. But what happens is everybody says I'm checking it and they leave. Why did you stick with the band laughing. It was because of the music of the out. I think we just We had an alchemy, wasn't tens I'm there, and then I mean we're in the studio. Oh yes, crucibles under was one control room. once you do one lounge, unethical The basel ii hang
Zanu, and there was a lot of drugs. Everybody was. Hush brownies, and so it was all very psychedelic. If you wanted to go out. I understand how this music came out of Are we talking about music having space this record? When I listen to it today, still got that comes basement so cleverly produce I what was done on lebanon? trusting that feed. Marina. Listen to some of your music at this is your first tell me about listen and why you ve chestnut dearly brothers, llanos at college I was huge heavily brothers fan me in my girlfriend. Teresa angry sought him. guitars and singularly ably brought the songs. I was filled, and she was gone and they came to
in the burning emerging and treasure night sky of school took our paths and decided to set up an sketch the back door, the stage door of the urgent suggestion, So, anyway, it's freezing cold. Somehow we manage to get into the back state hide in the cupboard. Finally they do have been on stage, we were still in the cupboard we decided. We could Take it all. We got out and just mingled with a bunch of people. Nobody took I didn't know service under was phil standing there through lovely must catch broken eastward, I see those so shooting was sketchbook alive said, could have you sakharov prize? so he gave me his autograph and then Yes, he is later on message when I was crystal movie from fleet. And every day to do it together, told
Not really he remembered These. I was there. Billy brothers and cathy's claim kristen view have touched throughout our chat this morning on the years of access, and I feel it deserves a good few questions all of its own, because it was quite a period that time when fleetwood mac, where the super group they were tooting world. They were selling multi millions in volumes of record sales there.
well, I'm any limousines picture you up at the airport about fourteen limousine moon will not quite that many there be one per band member, I five and then plus two or three trucks for luggage. Plainly mix mainly mixed the money started. Ruling in the access was happening. What are you spend? Your cashman will want particular occasion. I remember we were rehearsing for the tusk galvin because it takes a little while for the money to come creeping through. So we got some big whopping check. Does the room that time- and I just took it upon myself- to cool my business managers, they outward spirals ruth today. I want to join get out the this room, so I did I was it enjoyable year, the first half hour well the first half of our terrifying, those afraid I've been crash, the thing but no mean it was just totally over the top
I mean I don't need a rolls royce sooner. I ended up getting rid of it getting something smaller brute. Just the fact that I could- and you say well, numerous is being made to the hash browns around loaded drug taking and that you produced this exquisite. The music and went on to do more people, of course, get very exercised about that they say this is very in we shouldn't talk about these things positively because of course, drugs wreak havoc and miss. ray and destruction on people's willingness. Why we're not? Why? But do you think that they had some? thing to do with the brilliance of the music you were producing? Do you think you needed that to make that music would something that will never. Would you get to know? What are your thoughts on that? My thoughts on that. I don't know if I would have written songbird had I not had a couple of
of cocaine, half bottle of champagne, and I just couldn't sleep or all written any of the sun. They were on that out because I mean, I think, we're all pretty loaded. And again I ask you how come in those circumstances the whole thing didn't full two bit I mean at one point: you were you. Did this eighteen months world to nineteen seventy nine after tusky were in germany shared the bill with bob marley. You walked right in front of two hundred and fifty thousand people Imagine every single one of them delighted to see you How does one hold it together to go and perform and do every night after night after night when all that is going on backstage, I think you just you get it in four nutrients, because the agenda, so amazing. Give you there
jeanne the adrenaline russian the cake you give it back and they make the whole region performing live complete. At its wildest. How did it get for you all of that crazy life? For me gale was probably the most restrained la I mean I did have lots of days of state. Way from it all in distant pattern, in being fairly sense, will no angel and what is very interesting about you as a group is new, all look fantastic hope because you should look. I mean by rights should be a bunch of shambling wreck. Like I don't know, veils over. That is very true. Everybody does a great and all
clean and serene knowing and sober happy in here you mean a healthy. Somehow we crawled through the cracks you'll find as wealthy zoning, of which I am just tell me about your six choice. Yes, dear old, dennis whose boyfriend, ninth and its wealth and in his wilson from the beach was yes, he is one that didn't get through the crowd Sadly, he was a mess, but he was carries magic and charming and really handsome, and he swept me off my feet big time and we had a very roller coaster affair for cover views are just the door. It was best.
But it was the drugs anyway. This suddenly, I think call Wilson wrote this, but he wanted tends to sing it he's gonna, very husky voice. I didn't think genesis acclaimed enough. He was kind of tunnels, guy Do you, see
wang with Dennis Wilson. You want. I love on purpose, though that was the beach boys and angel come home and tell me christine agree about this. It signs were fascinating for my purpose. is this period in your life. When you entirely withdrew, you'd been living in california with cream Roy says in the hot and cold running at overbearing young, whatever else, and you decided that this isn't for me anymore, I'm gonna, sell up, I'm gonna buy for a broken down manner: jacobean manor house in kent- I only was I'm gonna, give it all up. What did you think your life was going to become I think I heard the sum the image in my mind, those going to become a country, lady, complete antithesis, somebody in the rock and roll will. So why did you want that? I think he wanted to settle. I wanted a nest, wanted to be backing in england want to tread on it,
the soil? Everything had to be read in English, the argus the range of the hunter boots, the barber jacket, even the horsey sky, and did you take part in country pursuits known are nervous, So who's that'll get at the back of my people of people must have said you don't go. you won't like its or what on earth are you talking about their they do? Is I mean every single band member individually and collectively try to dissuade before him leaving, but nothing because my dad was ill to start with and then had died. I wanted to be closed the rest of my family? My brother lives in kent, and that's why I moved to kent Did you just to take on a different pursue nor the people bother? You did they say I've got my
you sign. This for me, I got rumours in the locals at a corner. Now I didn't really nobody paid much attention to me. It was quite amazing, a few people of this. He knew who was, but nobody bothered me. I was there. I was miles away from any homes amene, except through the local village and honestly honestly was then abyss. If that was bothered by that, people didn't think skirting the law, even that always outraged nobody knows You have your ego fed for all these years, and then it isn't. Is that fine? What kind of light through? While I mean I must admit I didn't, leave the burned on left it a hundred percent. I think I left my ego behind suavity two degree here, because I I just read a completely different life: and you were made for the second time by then did you want to family life? Was that part of london nodded not for children, go nerve and got got well? Prestige,
Do not never wanted children under, but that marriage was on the point of breaking up the long story. Should we got divorced and I ended up in the big house, a mile and do I mean where was music in your world? At that point, we will you playing a beautiful piano there and studied never played as this peculiar. Yes is on a site. The blank canvas again. The perfection is than me everyone must down to play. The piano wanted to write, songbird again saw was afraid to sit down and try. Even in the meantime, fleetwood mac continued to make music, they continued to tour and the point came in. I think it was two thousand and nine when you went to to watch them. But what were you feelings at that point? I thought they were growing I thought they sounded fantastic did you think are missing something I didn't. It was an interesting set for me because they put all kinds of songs and that they wouldn't have done. I don t,
in the band, but there was always that empties, but where I, we have been. I never feel that up it was always left empty and so you went backstage, presumably afterwards- and they said what oh lou through the sea you see, the user is bendy. My arms gonna get me to come back in, but I at that point was not ready You say you ever going to go back to flew mecca haagen. I draw the line at the bottom of my car, something like outstanding crass, you know, but I can't tell you how happy I am that change my mind about. It was twenty thirteen. Then I think You changed your mind the beginning. Today, when we were talking, you said you know I develops, Chronic suit of flying- and I had other issues elaborate on, that will issues of isolation. On developed agri food, the dreadful fear of leaving my front doors,
I mean I couldn't even get in my car. That's about it was answer. Then this third descent. Both first would you have to get someone to drive your car out of the garage so close to the house, so that happened. He's no gun touch cigar have a look inside it then. The next day sit in the joy see. I did not for about two weeks and within two weeks cells jointly, again extraordinary everything started to move forward. The stars were lined. I'm sure tell me about your next music. But what are we gonna hear your seven lock ascending VON Williams, tartans backed my father again, but also when I first heard this piece of music a collapse in tune with emotion. I just thought it was probably the most beautiful, piecemeal, I have heard.
And also interestingly, piece of green was very impressed by this piece of music. It talking to some of the elements of book pieces playing his guitar playing when he plays albatross and other such prisons me. I just love this cycle
Notwithstanding part of rome, Williams, lock, ascending and assiduous there was tasman with the BBC symphony orchestra conducted by Andrew Davis, costing we would it be to say that the most enduring relationship of your life has been with fleetwood, mac and expand members. It seems to me that that is above all else. The thing that you have sustained would it has been you know, is married to one in the seven years and joan isomer came out of all. Chaos and no, no, really good friends like britain system make. I was always in touch her neck and he said com Chris, you gotta go
plank amount. See me, you know, said to me walter do it, but I did so. Yes, they have sustained me for forty five years and longer gaza. I was there before save you the joint you you're going to embark on a tour in their twenty eating with meat would make the world to upon stage again and of course with, as you say, Stevie stephen economically words, don t lindsey buckingham describe. Can you playing on stage was people that you have so much both musical and personal, his with what is that like, when you step out with their wallets gratefully belonging, something that I felt so only about when I came back after fifteen years of not playing music, one rediscovered my love for that children, the stage for the reversal besides rehearsing, and it was so familiar to me. I felt the foolish
use melted away, and I have this great feeling of sheep. Respect and love for these funds. small musical family, and I do every single one of them, and combined, we just create something. Even we feel Don't staging. To measure what it must. Light must be like to be new agents if you a fleet with mac fan, because feel so great for us and tell me about it. Ego then, because I get in spite of all this extraordinary success I guess I sense of somebody who seems rather to have their feet planted on the ground. I mean us because it would make me cross if new instrument will work. You things right age- you know professionally, they ought not to have microphones falling off the things like that. I'm really not a supposed. Maybe I didn't have to be taken here Here's the thing I do near, but I'm aware of who I am, whereas I don't think I did before I am aware of your status, my state,
in the ban. No, it's a secure because we ve said to me: you gotta we all combat you. Gotta commit sausage computer, commit a document, so I can't leave a promise. The word- and you are one of the very first women to have played your own fellow, in the way that you decided to make your rock n roll career. No, I will not be forced to be the front women. I am contributing great big If hits I'm in no sense second place. How do look upon yourself, as I think can fairly say a role model. You ve got to love it I say: go for the love of the music, not for wanting to be famous for being famous sake, Gotta go in. Do you ten? You get out on the road work plan, live, given that you have that period of
of isolation and withdrawal from the world. The idea of plumping on a desert island seems unbearably cruel. How do I do you think you would do it hateful of you? I do tat. I would you get on to think more fully. Never been on designers, albeit with a large and banned as things ass much, and it would be quite a challenge to not have anything the two. How long would I be only on indefinitely o forever, never impossibly well, I believe, choose a good book on my way coming to that for now. Just tell me about your ex choices of music was this. It was suggested that I could. by might vernon. Who was our music producer at the time with chicken check. Also it was, song and I also don't ever can really see this cause. He talked me through it.
I managed to see unbelievably went into the charts. this kind of heralds the beginning, my career and let me watch as a james singing I'd rather go blind. It's time, no christine for me to do what I do with all the castaways. I give them some books, the bible. You will get the complete works of shakespeare and you get
another book along with them? I wonder what use is going to be. I have a great fascination for henry. The eighth right saw was going to say the largest biggest facets book that I could possibly have The life in times of henry the eighth, including the social history, will find that, for you, a luxury to something that would just make life a little bit more livable on this island, for me is obvious, would have to be appearing to write any particular piano, my song, the piano which is always to take on the road with me. This happens beautiful said, the baby grand ok, I don't know what happens when a gazelle june. That's your problem to fix, some of which are uplands, the terms are giving you a tuna tomorrow if you had to Just one track from the east that you ve chosen, which one track would you say from the waves? I think my goodness gracious male. Thank you citizen
machine man of the world and VON Williams. Ok, food williams- it's yours! Christine VIII, thank you. Much for letting us here, you're desert island discs. Thank you very much to be my pleasure. I hope you enjoy that interview with christian the and you'll find over two thousand other programs to listen to a baby seed or co. Uk slash desert island discs, including additions with any lennox george Michael June. I'm a trading elvis costello an edge Shirin, and I have a favour to ask if you could rates and review the programmes whenever you download your protest.
it will really help other people funders thanks for this. This is the bbc.
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