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Classic Desert Island Discs: Freddie Flintoff

2019-08-18 | 🔗
One of the best players of his generation, he was part of the England team that won the Ashes in 2005, a year that marked his sporting coming of age. On the strength of that historic victory he was awarded an MBE for services to the game, and the public voted him BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Barely out of his pram when he picked up a cricket ball he turned out to bat for an under-14 match when he was just six years old. His debut was not in crisp cricket whites, but in a second hand Manchester United tracksuit, setting the tone for someone who's made a habit of doing things his way. Not least at a 10 Downing Street reception when, somewhat the worse for wear, he weaved into the cabinet room, plonked himself down in the PM's chair and knocked back yet another bottle of beer. Since retiring from the game he's had a go at heavyweight boxing and won the bout. One area where he hasn't come out on top: his sons never listen to his cricket coaching tips. DISC ONE: Elvis Presley - I Just Can't Help Believin' DISC TWO: Judy Garland - Over the Rainbow DISC THREE: Elton John - Rocket Man DISC FOUR: Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire DISC FIVE: Jack Johnson - Better Together DISC SIX: Frank Sinatra - Fly Me to the Moon DISC SEVEN: Oasis - Roll With It DISC EIGHT: The Eagles - New Kid in Town Producer: Sarah Taylor
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Pvc sounds music. Radio broadcasts high, lower livonia doesna discs is taking its usual summer break so to keep you entertained until we're back on it. We ve chosen some fabulous additions from our back catalogue to listen to while you're on your holidays as usual as this is a protest, the music has been shortened for rights reasons. We begin with the desert island disk choices of freddy flint off, who was part of the ashes winning england team in two thousand and five. He was cast away by kirsty young in twenty fifteen. We hope you enjoy listening My customary this week is the cricketer andrew, Freddy flint, off one of the best play
of his generation. He was part of the england team that, when the ashes in two thousand and five a year that marked his sporting coming of age on the strength of the historic, tree was awarded an end, the ie for services to the game and the public voted and bbc sports personality of the year barely half of his prime, when he picked up a cricket ball, he turned out to bat from under fourteen match when he was just six years old. His davy was not increase. cricket whites but in a second hand, mentioned united track suit, setting the tone, maybe for someone who's made a bit of a habit of doing things, his way, not least number ten downing street when it a reception for the famous ashes, win somewhat the worse for wear he wheeled into the cabinet room, punked himself down in the pm's cheer and with his feet on
cabinet table not back yet another bottle of beer. Since retiring from the game he's had a go at heavyweight boxing. He won the boat tv quiz shows it got a better and being a dared to his three young kids, one area where he hasn't come out on top his sons, apparently never to his cricket. Coaching tips he says, are not actually that massively competitive on shy away from competition. It really does bring both the best and the very worst out of people, so welcome fatty flint of not being competitive on a really very surprised that you said that, because surely that is what said there were really at the very heart of a world class sports person, anxious a strange when I'm not sure from nazi competitive or I don't want to be competitive because she say in that way does bring out the best and the worst him. When I play cricket for me, I wasn't technically very good my style on which a plaid wasn't too.
this book, because I could stubbornness in a ruthlessness to win. We haven't got me through. And that's finally cricket feel but in others your life, you dont particularly wants it, so allow these is attend to shy away from the commission. Its development, because if I do it something I have to win a nurse. Openness in that ruthlessness. Does it surprise you about yourself decent off? Where did it come from your son? it's almost like a different person. My. Why did is a quick oven in life now, with the exception of a family, is never quite good enough? I want do best. the ass. She sees then starts this wednesday in cardiff. Will you watch any of it? Indeed, or are you not really able to watch if you're not playing? I went through that when I retired a recital thirty one, a while after retiring shied away from east to watch you thinking ass, I still should be playwrights too, has a watch. People doing my thought was my job where now I've got a little. The odor of icy turn back into a cricket. Fun
the two boys and ninety seven coy rocky their love it So just sit with em and sat on the side and watch tat empty cricket. Much you sit in the crowd, He really like. I was really surprised by the list you born in nineteen, seventy seven and looking at you musical list this morning. On that basis, I find it quite intriguing. Tell us about the first track network in here and tell me why you ve chestnut whatever school. At sixteen I signed a con. linkage to play. Cricket and I'd I'd been paid a little bit that summer and I way to go to australia that winter in play cricket for a club team up my mom said now you sixteen you two young, you never really been oppressed in there's no way that you're to australia play cricket. They should get a job and my brother was putting yourself through university and working at woolworths and preston on the record. So I shall guess a job on the record count. I see loved it always is essential collection with big see day, and it was on a leap in the shop, twenty four seven and asked about away
and knew every word to every song and just farmer. Of singing along to everything and in this the second end, because they got put in charge of christmas decorations and nothing on christmas. Eve had still not put me decorations ice sheet to sit on the top of the ladder in the store. Just listen to always all day which in the world I just when she was a magic I just can't help believing Elvis presley. Can you clarify something for me. I mean we know. You of course, is ready for until your name as a lot of people also is andrew flint off people who know you best. What do they call you
It is strange that when I start with anxious thought in the reserve timorous, fifty and the course of the time just call me fred in reference to fund stone, went off. I stopped ever since quite strange. Those pine cricket was fine around the dressing room around people, but what you picking a kiss from school when you meet another other poets, then another call me at times Did you see yourself as Andrew people call me fred book? You introduce yourself me this morning is freddy for you and your thoughts to the feel like different. Severe used to differentiate the two of em spicy. When I went out the field all glad to perform? Then I was very much fred. You know this front, this big acts But then, when I go home and very different and very quiet is closed, the door and enjoy- side mono. I mentioned that you were born in nineteen. Seventy seven, the youngest of two brothers, anita. What why are you sick for and your huge in your hands and massive your shoulders, a massive, your big boisterous bonds,
in baby, then what what we renewed workers about run about ten pound, the kid I was told by really really skinny eastwards chosen the matias treatment myself a killer bit bigger and the money go about eighteen tina style poem weight on an upper away on, as at its own, a constant bow. We need to talk about if an I'm very interesting, your mom and dad what europeans worthy. When you were little mother retired for about ten years ago, the puma by trade, however, what the british aerospace on the shop floor on a machine for years didn't while I was- Did I dare nice o sought a minimum satellite, very jumpsuits, enshiu shot for awhile She works in the school. She was a reception teacher lived on the edge of probably forest there schools, I went to the council is dead, and that was different, because cricket would seem very different. Cricket was at the passport, was it played in school. I never
What school did they have a cricket team? It's no Moses football all year round cause footballs easy just get to jump out. Put it now cabo around we were you play cricket, colored, satin history. My dad pled use captain the second theme of local club. and remember, the caress from babies went push round the boundary played on the side, so you wouldn't walked back do the this rising estates in your cricket. Why are now? Never never! I think it stood me, stand for when I was oda, because I gotta get field against australia wherever it may be, and they'll start mouth often they call sledging when the china, india shit, I'm gonna, make you ve got no idea what I've done again and did you go and play on the sort of post cricket fields of england, the schools of england to gm eaten and rugby may still of that I'd performing Kashin referred the north of england, and we turn up with carol again. So these kids, in that all the best kid and we just used to smash a great time at my first pair ipods, I bought Nancy John used to turkey that a london once a year,
me and my brother and my cousin and I bought my pads from how much you like kids pads, and there are fifteen quid. Sale and every time you got a solemn at her and it was funny So you asked to go to most of these private schools on scholarships. The ones around the northwestern I went down in the southwest, but I didn't want you because I was playing cricket against professionals from being twelve. I knew didn't want you to go out on a general, rented interviews and everything I says: I'm gonna, because at my school start, That's what he said. I I back almost three o clock watch in Dallas and you can go to three so it was. It was terrified when you think that now as andrew flint or father of three, you think you know I could have had a thirty six thousand pounds a year education I still got nine gcse, though I knew what an student of four: lot of your school. Could you I was my brother is very intelligent and you are clearly very
Until I was all I was a member those far beyond myself, but we're in a second foreign affairs event of nets. Have your second discord? here. I must be done about two years ago and stay over anxious inga missing somewhere. Of the rainbow together and when she died, I'm quite goods in a crisis, and I was doing the functional things I never had a chance to and then went to the funeral and the first of the rainbow, and am I d? also sang in school play, and then it was at that point. Just I think about what think about all sorts, economic. Those who sing in the song as iceland for years before it was, is beautiful. Why?
I, yes judy garland- is whether it is for you and flint off of your grandmother. As you say, you were willing to force you to say it really, but you weren't a stray student up until the point at which cricket really took over in your head and also physically in their practising a lot. You start get paid as a youngster. You were in the chest team as well. Are you good chess thy love, Jes roscoe, inn yard kids from different backgrounds going, but that a chest teach a court? Mr Mensa, IRAN, a chest club and you'd? Never imagine the kids who are going to play chess. We are that the best chest team from the country for a school, improbable
how does one as well and I personally in cash and my brother performing land and even at a young age that will soon came out. One is about eleven as powerful, ankara, sugar staffordshire and those playing this poor, kids and I'd know is that after movie, not pressed his club and dont thing to do would be to say may even but ass she caught book out of politeness, not the rules. Yes, you were my desire. when this is competition can sometimes ring out the worst in me, even as a young lad. I sat there for forty five minutes scratch. My pretend that it was my move and is a fag dropped and he lost so I sent man. That's a thank you for the game at which point aegis broke out. It's a hysterical crying and I got hold of info about the chest federation for my own, gentlemanly like where they still play chess man for pleasure. You I sometimes diploma brother. However, that is frustrating because it is cumbersome and then my boy, car use nine. I saw him our support, chess and reporting
even with emma. I find it hard to let in when I do every now and then that's good at every level, I do, but I think you ve got to learn things, I'm a big one and earn a victory or hurting something. Heavy next piece of music were on your search, big Alan Johnson. I met him. Two thousand to three. I went to a dinner in cape town sat on his table also, desmond tutu to two wishes that visa is put most brilliant night. I have ever had you not making How are you that is annoying until you positive happen and in two thousand and five will mean that groups using an austrian when the ashes in the dressing room at some new film, the fires and they bring their ipods in the music and and it's dreadful, I'm not into like this bump bump music, and so I used to put rocket man by Elton John
Our anthem of that sum is gonna rocket man John there he said very fond of the net was often played in the dressing room during that actually season. Two thousand. If I did, they all know the words by the end they did by the end of it and then after I to sing it with Alan. I had them What testimony the year in two thousand and six and I followed him- I've got this function. Is there any chance? I said, yeah yeah fine and he did ten numbers. It was amazing, but I'm rocky monk came on. I was sat monday beyond visits at the table and set them on need a bit about with this once I think I'm using our guy and then
have made some I've got out front. I liked to sing I can carry oki, someone always known by Alan Johnson. Jimmy check here. So is our problem. then, to the piano, the microphone him and he nodded. Mrs start singing aside and is so nervous airport right, you gotta go with this, so ended up accrued in it, but walk around, and then he didn't like structures. We just sent me off. Is it that's enough? Now, let's luxury in england, winning the ashes in two thousand and five. It was, of course, as all cricket fans will know historic victory. They haven't one. The assistance was at nineteen, eighty, seven, some tonight, What was your state of mind when you embarked on the series? I didn't prefer myself for how big was a member turned towards for the first ass much and it was like making my debut all over again an interpreter, views alma, Debbie's of gum, really bad, and this was no exception and ethics
Right down the dresser, my stewards, and so this is not right side a week off of it, not devilment family. You, I turned up at the next ass much in birmingham thinkin. You know I'm unscrew enjoy myself. I've lived to play in the series, since I can remember, and it was go before you were awarded the best plan of the seas and, of course, england, stormed well, when I say storm to victory in a criminal serve more complicated than that bit more subtle. Let's talk from about those celebrations. There was a tool of london, the on an open talk, but what do you remember that journey on the open wash by remember what people need. Poverty idle now was struggling. We got in the worse and did you jump anyways. I why you given the champagne we ve got enough, but you re not to do.
the file the square and then the best placed to send a group of fourteen drunken boxes, ten downing street for a bit of a garden party, and you went in the cabinet written you what we were looking for, the toilet way you and you as a kid alike through the gales office, a great hence, and then I think I remembered which see the prime minister signed and then up at my feet on the table. the butler better man Einstein hosting mile meeting I was talking to the home secretary, the chancellor and then the security. I'd call me, and the abruptly drew the meat into a clause by kicking out much me back to join the rest of the group. More music fanny sent off tell me about this year on your force of the morning, and this goes back to mangled cut, since it is this why things which in those me little but I couldn't have been a little bit better than I did, but as well the cage- and I got it right, which was in india, And the series was in the balance on the last day, so I in the dressing room,
rapid and give a team talk. I had a shower What how Nicky with me tell me shoulder? I went to the ipod and found johnny cash on the ipod and ring the fire was, and it starts off that that is that a third of them. A naked. I started dancin swinging material round my head and then one day one. The team stagger dancing burning man, we're going back to feel any minute and I was naked swinging mittal them swinging. Everything about, while one of the world's best ever play such intend. Ilka puts his head round the just. say what is going on here, don't worry about it. I will see when I asked the ringer fire emboldened you're out. When it ass, much ass, I by the first time in twain from one year to year
Johnny pension fund. All business very sensible will be toying with the image for many use these days to companies. The fears that, once you went on to captain england in the ashes series in two thousand and six two thousand and seven in australia in another remind you, was roundly basin. How did you deal with that's defeat? Not if she said sue. Ok, you're ladder professional! You gonna get a chance to captain. You can't shoot you jump at a chance, and I did
You know what I was playing. Well, it wasn't that but a job, because if I felt something needed doing, I do miss. But ass. I get an injured and reforms. I deepen and I could, Do two things on the field I wanted and also the captaincy was. I started to wear quite heavy on my shoulders. I used to go back to my room and I used to hide away from things and ties times. Probably of it too much just trying to change the way which I feel so you have a few drinks and then find one and the next day feel absolutely terrible. You do have this historical reputation, then, as a big loser, you known people talk there all the times when the wheels came often- and it's been certainly documented in public twenty times. Seventy two hour, benders and so on and so on. Was that a time when the drinking I dont sick took control of accepting that probably would be overjoyed amortize here at a time when you really had to address a problem is not so much to drink any cisely. The reasons why you drink and I think the problem we face
britain, two thousand and five, and that was fantastic, celebrate something with them well, but then, when you drinking china get away from something, I think that's when you gonna look here, think you know what that's not right. Looking back, I did a documentary for the bbc about depression in sport. I went round speak ensue, Steve homicide, ricky heart, many jones sites are realised and identifies some things which they went through through micro and through my life, and then just wanna reasons now, which I probably stop drinking is a fight that I am proud to suffer from depression. Drinking does not help that one don't drink it or not. I don't social and gone by since the captaincy. I wish I d differently definitely and your fluctuating wait obviously has also been greatly commented upon was the eating. Also part of that symptom of kind of you know just do that, because it contains the noise inside my own in manchester, and here I think, the pizza models- big dial,
It is bizarre because I'm going to supermarket nagoya things if I've always watching your time, you understand that a field and use and abuse from account. I was twenty years of age and I wasn't prepared for that at a time and my methods to lose away, The different. What I myself sick fat, sometimes to a fashion of had are being met, were so save what a mess creepy in more and more and more and an apple for awhile, and so I saw my wife, which was my wife, then on holiday and then just telling someone somewhere didn't. I think it's pretty remarkable that you can. In front, will microphone and talk about it to try and tell somebody who is my experience that you are you so stop doing it and is, as I say, not occur, size quite bizarre thing to explain to someone who's not experienced to sum up my heart out twenty one out. There is still the now. Let's have some music very fond of you. Fifth tommy business,
after two thousand and six everyone we got beat five, none will cut, went wrong and ever in my career was going. Nowhere was injured again at surgery, our money sit all my boss is the easy being. So let me go to america to recover from an injury prevention house in florida, and it was amazing because It was like getting away from ever seen. Nobody knows you was, I think it won't find sites in a wife's it so just retire. Luna cafe, is he brilliantly? Wasn't real life, but the house at one see David jack Johnson and we used to play it over and over, but don't be jumping in the pool My son was by eighteen months at the time and the sums by together and is just the perfect high or for how we was at that time. There's no common nation on earth are put on the back of both
the sound saying, boot drive your dreams and they are made out of things like shoebox photographs, recipients, lovers, piazza, release from Mozart aggressions by. Why are we here? Where we go now commissar not always easy, is sometimes love to see a day. It was better to jack Johnson. Together, memories view freddy sent off of a very happy times with your family in florida. At your peak, your building speed clock ninety miles per hour. You surpassed in both arms record for hitting the most sixes for england, and yet you said, I've actually played on correct More than ability, a lot of my game was bravado and front, but with very little really to back it up. What do you want
I just do, as I say, not ass, I think I saw my career was very much open now, so I never found that consistency because is about conference when I walked out on a field I remember I was playing well a boycott of the butter and looked round, and I just see the bound judges. He was gonna, hit the ball. I wasn't play while at war cow I just see field is everywhere, is I'm not mega rented? It isn't just a kind of lancashire reserved hissing can your character. They don't want to boast about it oh mom, it's, and if I start is ours, I do rinse me. You know we were not lightly from the north in its why a move will have been problem for two years in the move but nor foes federalist into people's, reason, listen to people good, they were now successful and our beautiful the children. As I turn it off, I wanna go back now were normal. Every athletes, every professional sports person has to return and in the eye at some point, wasn't a single day when you needed today. I have learned. I can no longer do this. News
I firmly season two thousand nine against australia, and I was in agony women, my nails, injections, money surgeon under it, was up in Glasgow. Seen a footballer honest, I says can I come and see some ngos, Gaza get a trend, fi sunday morning breakfast and will go through it, and did you say He says the abbe really understood it. We could sit for hours place at a time to do something else. Her boy, Someone tells you that is no. That was I've finality than that was it. I say I'm dounia. What am I gonna do Oh I had to do was to get back on a chair for four hours back to london to them film. Another episode, illegal role, not there. Amid this question last time you cried and I'm not really a cry. came up with some absolute nonsense answer but whose only privy to our previous,
on the train back on my own from glasgow thinkin is it's over. That said, tell me about meeting your wife rachel. You remember the first time he saw yeah kenya. She had a company which supplied promotional staff to events. big clients as one of the sponsors for the cricket ass, a laugh, why she gate on the sunday, an ex girlfriend sort of stuff the news of the world the headline was full of love, making like his bow and hard fast and strike wisest check out this girl that nine, I actually really lights, with this and get over me. Some mention the eye in the first ten minutes have recently press today says a lovely place about in the times of heart. That's up it is about, for those of us in the news it with a sigh.
You can't leave everything you could kenya recovered a perfect starts of our relationship. I don't think is any choices that my curious not getting better. Having met her. Tell me that you, sick than this is from my wedding from your bill. Wyman he was, the band is be cricket found which is unbelievable, georgie famine, keyboard and but for the first dance we had their frank sinatra. Finally, to the moon, we started a dance, my brother. evap. The microphone is. That is singing if I kind of this, so I panicked. So I got the microphone and ended up singing the first dance to my wife,
and you not a fly me to the moon, given that was, the colonies in the end, that meant that you had to retire from professional sport. One ass possessed you to take up the challenge to become a heavyweight boxer, provide hope. I was doing the depression document element by morgan and interviewed him. It was on the partners I caused it apart. So can tell me ass. I have it the positive view odin
seizure sites and we said yoga goodbye unless I think by and their soil a few weeks later then set about this fight? I'm gonna have jerkin and escalated and ass. And I realized pretty quick that wasn't carve a boxing cause. I know I punching people just appoint someone you dont noise, quite bizarre thing and I remember aspiring embarrassing. This lovely follow from bonds turned the afternoon of work to common spar item. Right and in his legs. When an unbiased shall finishing finishing, I put my arms round including setting me- I am really sorry about it. You won the base on points decision and I think it was this. The most bizarre none of us ever experienced sister being a ring in manchester and people shouted and scream, and my wife on the side smacking the canvas she turned it well, I've never seen in my life before she's she's, quite reserved and she's pie
and she's only look at that for us another woman? I my his issues. I see how it is screaming and also so profundities tell me that you, seventh disk, then what are you gonna do marine entrance was role with it by oasis, a massive fun. I was still beyond this big and I'm fight night and is I ten thousand monks in this place is all going off to stop playing away its role with it, and I walked in and willing to share our trying too hard and stir, I'm not sure I was given anyone's venice,
that was rule with whose voices infringements will funeral to have three children. Then you two boys and a girl they shoeing sporting skills, but in practice it on my What's a season to perform and singing and dancing take it to a dance competitions and
love watch in thy dancin a threatened to enter the over sixty in category a few times bomb, just not cool enough, and then the boys, the both play cricket. is it in the back garden. I use teaching them you how best to I trying to each other, but they just don't listen to Can I say I have never heard a cricket by my life before never played, and then they got the creek coming. They got the courts in the hang on everything he said and at one point a member corey is about seven. There was button. I said, look, there's a fabulous. Let's do this. Just listen to me. You wouldn't and I said to my hit myself within. I says it meant. You know I used to play this game that play on the while ago. I do know I'm about never mind this book at the gate club. I just looked at me- didn't listen to him one to do something they enjoy. I was so. What could I do something which I loved for a job for phone for a hobby? I just want nemseh fine.
Can we can bathing, be singing dancin, often at football cricket, whatever it may be, and yahoo answer must commit to something. Do you feel like somebody, mountains, fund balance in your life? You know it's a! U spoken a loss about oftentimes, whether it be on the field on or off the field, how you feel Neither things a bit more honour on a level, a more consumer who can now than I ever have been he's gonna job together, and what about that thing that that professional sports people face, which is what am I going to do with the biggest part of my life, which is not that part of my life? That's behind me, you know get you retired from professional sport and you're, making a life in broadcasting, but that does it feel like a real, solid sing. Does it feel like the career that goes on for decades. I hope so, but I am not sure do up. So I did
One thing I always wanted to do, and the worst thing that can possibly do is judge what to do next against pine cricket, because that's the one thing I love and joy that for what it was. But now you got move on. One of the document she's he made was called alone in the wild. He really rough, it was it was but swan botswana well that's good, because I'm about to cast your way on this island than it's gonna be rough and you're gonna, be on your own. You presently yokul, while also yeah. I spent a week on my own in botswana with nor food or water filmed it myself, and everyone was talking about. Are you gonna gone journey and need to learn a lot about yourself, an nor I want to see some animal looking for elephants in giraffe some things it was. It was measure. Let's have you it's one very center of these? I sent him live in manchester when he was born. She was born really quickly, she's, five weeks airily and a few days later, I was playing the gulf tournament in this outside manchester and done and use them.
The term- and I saw him I said: are you you're the guy in the newspaper just had a child, and yes, I am, besides talking about it and this in a chance I got to sing, was on one june the dinner downstairs to sing hotel, California, with which was absolutely amazing. What the sauna gunfire naked in town- united, it wasn't you can in town. I was just He asked Creature you come in.
That was the evils and new kid in turn, right, it's time for me to give you the books, the complete works of shakespeare and the bible I used to take to the island. Yes, my there, and what else will you take very the book attack would be to kill a mocking bird. I happily is a book I did fiduciary english At school, an icy of the public in the minority in my class it must have a six or seven times since leaving school right is used to take and what luxury that would make life on this island. Just a little bit more being able I dont need much to survive. I know that I am pretty confident I can get one need. I would take a forum with the family, that's yours, then, and finally, if he was a save one of these discs from the waves, which one would be as easy. As always when people say would you like to have my google? I took for dinner with
Elvis every time and that song every time I hear it, no matter how many sizeable play one after another after another makes me smile. I think a good members, nice, it's yours and then to say thank you engine flint off, because I feel like let's hands today and thank you very much for lessons here. You're desert island disks thy servants. Thank you. I hope you enjoy tat interview with pretty flint off, which was first forecast in twain fifteen you'll find many more sports. People, including cricket, is in both m jeff boycott and david gower in the dusk discs back catalogue on BBC sounds or via the desert island discs website. Next time, with the fiftieth anniversary of moon landings in mind. You'll have another chance to hear the track choices. monica greedy, professor of planetary, and space sciences at the open university?
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