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Another chance to hear Mary Berry's Desert Island Discs with Kirsty Young from 2012. Mary Berry is one of the UK's best-known and respected cookery writers. More than six million copies of her books have now been sold - not bad for a girl who failed her school certificate in English. On television, it is her role as a judge on The Great British Bake-off that has brought her to the attention of a new generation. It was in domestic science lessons that she discovered her love of cooking and she is in no doubt of the importance of teaching cookery in school "When everybody leaves school, whether they are a boy or a girl, what do they have to do in the home? They have to produce a meal. They haven't been taught to do it. I think it should be essential."
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Previously sounds music. Radio broadcasts lowered the veneer does island discs is taking its usual easter break for the next few weeks, so to keep going until a back on air, we'll be showcasing the few programmes from outback catalogue as usual as this is a put cast, the music has been shortened for rights reasons. This week the castaway is Mary bury who was interviewed by kirsty young in twenty twelve, and this is an extended vision of the original broadcast. My cost away this week, is the cooking expert mary bury she filled with books than most of us have had hot dinners. currently stars as a judge in that surprised, tv smash hit the great british bake off
She started out when there wasn't in her words and avocado mango or key in the country brought up in a household through its own food in bed and sent the family pig to slaughter. Now the undisputed queen of cakes. She says the idea of baking as therapy and an effective one might seem a little far fetched to some, but not to me, explained to me many buried and is it that it sort of baking his eyes, a short cut to some sort of domestic contentment. Using I enjoy baking, I do it is total relaxation. the wonderful thing about baking. Is you haven't audio who's going to say who went on? Isn't that delicious and cannot have another? One is very rewarding you ve said he destroyed. Begging is love on please exactly just love because you are putting yourself into it. I mean the whole thing is to give it time and not to do it in a rush for the first time and followed the risk be carefully and with baking. You do have to wait in.
games so often people say: oh, my gran was of great cook, but she knew wade anything but that gran often had handle this cup and a particular spoon, and this a small, a selection of things that she baked, and so they put three cups that too spoons of that and it did work every time I wrote in one of your country books, you use a beam, a sort of coal and follow the recipe meticulously. Are you quite bossy, I'm quite bossy in the kitchen, just to see that everything run smoothly? I hope I'm not bossy, I'm just giving advice to get the best. You have also said now, I think, in these heightened times when you know everybody so worried about giving advice about how to bring up a family. You said that baking with your children makes you a better mother. I think it's
Neither does when I was had children. I was still working. So when I was at home with them. I used to bake with them because That was very rewarding for me and for them and other children came into play. You know, because you give your children to friends, could you pick them up and school? Could you do is that in the other, and then you invite the children back and I used to say: oh, come on we're going to get lunch today and I used to do pups pizzas with them and get it all beautifully pad, and then made the patient? Maybe when the very young justice com base and bowls of all sorts of things, and then the children would pick out what they wanted? On top of that data, and it would be teaching them about baking and of course they beat it. They choose the things in some salami sunlight time. Others already might teased, but they did their own and I love doing it and the children did and
Do you still bake for pleasure? Is it something you would choose to do? I still bake for pleasure and I'd love cooking, but very often I'm testing unit a book does Mary berries victim sponge of mary days, victorious munch could sink if I opened the door or use the wrong fat or something coming, I can always stood in the dark, but I do measure very carefully and I make sure, but the right ingredient time for some music than marry bury tell us what we can here. First of all, to day, dear gracie fields, why vetoes and gracie? well, because I can still remember after the war The end of the war has seeing me wish me luck as you wave me. Good, bye and my mother, who died quite recently at two hundred and five, my boy, those very kindly. Let me do the service and I was thinking I watch. We end up with the nice summit.
my mind, of course, mom absolutely love that and who have chosen a nice noisy vashon when he may laugh. You way made new way man game on the wire me one way that was greasy fields and wish me luck as you will be good by so many better. You were born in nineteen, thirty, five percent, Then you early memories would have been during the war. What what do you remember Remember during the war and I remember that the house, the garden it's funny I still even when I was very small
I can remember the tree garden, so we have, I can remember almost every plant in them I remember parties, and mainly because that was a great photographer and I've seen pictures. We will all sitting with a screen and dad doing. I suppose it was a simple little film for us and you're dead. build. Is this what you? U father, built a little boat, that you had sailed uneven and is not right that always had a hobby of something he built a vote that we kept near bath But when we moved- and it was on the river and we used to go every week we didn't say we had all wars and he knew that was great entertainment. We derive and there would be a primus which you didn't work too well and you'd make tee and you'd have sandwiches, but it was a great
way of being amused, but in those days you knew the seasons you had the ban, promoting. We used to go and pick primroses and take a picnic. Then we would go and pick blackberries and again, the were picnics and it was it was. It sounds like an outdoors life. Was it sort of building, then in the garden, and all that kind of thing, o absolutely at building dens? We had a den that we build up against the wall, with a really good one and we had hot water Can you imagine health and safety noddies? We lit a fire which we put made with bricks at the side, and then there was a pipe a curved pipe that went through a: u poured water from the top and came out into a bucket. I mean I don't you know up, Aren't you knew about it? We could get into corners of the garden you wouldn't be found, or the goat pen would be a great place to go hide and when
You grew up a little bit you. You were quite a naughty little thing. We do not get till my child, and I was quite naughty high. Was things that you get up to the issue we have well, I've never make it all and that I did smoke, and I can remember with my brothers- negate chid smoking, but I've never had one cent. Oh, I remember we had lovely flies in the garden and I was at home in the school holidays, and I picked flowers from the garden. Did them in bunches and set up a store outside with noble permission whatsoever and then add, came back on them on his motorbike because you enter loud cars in the new petrol and I was scolded and dad said will suffer. And you go across to miss jackson who this money for the red cross and you give all that money to the red cross. But if that was the noisiest thing donors, above all that act. I've convenient
don't remember too much. Yes, you can get an ass, both slept on you for that and let's have some music than marry. You second choice of the days force and spring. From the validation forces, and why do you like this? I love it it is mellow and being spring. It is my favorite season. I think when you look in the garden after about march, it's full of promise. Things are coming up and with that The background would be lovely
the opening of spring the valleys four seasons performed by the israeli philharmonic orchestra conducted by cuban matter, so we know about the go check than marry bury, but you also get pigs didn't you know there was a edged garden stuff. It was. It sounds like like a lot of families. I suppose at that time, relatively self sufficient. We were self sufficient and that the pig would be fattened and then it would go to be sorted and come back to us. I think we shared it with a neighbour and meal times were important. Later the family run about man I mean: did you all sit around the table? Breakfast was usually before school, just on our own, with mum encouraging us not to be late. That all other me, elsewhere around the table, and I think this perhaps what's missing now. I know why
oh yeah, and even now, when we all sit round the thomas, a full and then the children begin to tell you a bit about their life when the happy- and I think it's very sad that so many people have meals every day by the Taliban, maybe so few people. I think he would disagree with you in your also talking about you know baking with your kids is a great thing to do, because you know, apart from the weights and measures and being carefully also encourages you know, dialogue and sitting around the table for lunch or supper is also the idea, but you don't have a lot of people. Don't leave those kind of lives they might listen. Using? Well, that's all very well in a sort of perfect odylic family, but you know I'm working indifferent shift from husband. My son doesn't like the same food. Is my daughter, and you know it's not that easy mary. It is not at all easy, but it is nice to plan an occasion once a week when you are altogether. I think it's a great way of communicating, Now you was thirteen mary mary when you contracted polio, tat. Tell me what happened. I was just there
ill in bed and I was sent to the isolation hospital in both hands I was put in a room with glass sides and so my mother could not touch me and that's very hard could see her face and I had no idea. I had got what I've got wrong with me. I just knew I was very, very poorly couldn't live my head and couldn't movement. and I was having a liquid food through a cup with spout, and I just thought I'd got flu. didn't know, and nobody told me that was what was so on and I couldn't sit up. How long were you there for? I was in the isolation hospital ice pose for a month, and then I was moved to orthopedic hospital and in those days most of the people there had tb and so the one idea was to have one side of the house would open, and there was some,
and they called delirium outside, and so you had a toothbrush in in a mug and the water fruit in the Duma. It was so called not suitable for polio people, but by then I was walking am, and I remember my father brought my pony on. Can you imagine it now brought my pony to the hospital walked from about three miles? He walked with my penny, so I could see it brought up on the scenario I mean you not allowed any animals in hospitals now Andrew. There, of course, must have been the worry that you're going to be left with some sort of permanent paralysis. Remember you, europeans must have been joyful than they funding on your home. Yes, when I came home, I just had this week left side and I had my arm and embrace the, held it above the head. But I recovered remarkably and my left hand is a bit sort of smaller misshapen and when I'm doing television, people think that I've gotta run
jason. They send me all sorts of cures, but it's not a real disadvantage advantage. Well, so your dad, sons. He sounds like a real dewar. Tell me a bit more about him. My father was a very strong person. He was not affectionate towards us. He was very strict am, but he did things with us. He was. He was a great man. He was very involved with bath and he encouraged us to have a university and he was a severe and he was chairman of planning, so he found the land, but the bar university on intelligent down and persuaded the powers that be that there should be a universal Did he make you feel as though you know you needed to be out? We are contributing to the world. Was that something that's important? I dont think he did really know I had to be.
The stuffing. He was immensely disappointed that I wasn't academic it. He was just really just set about it. Didn't do anything about it and I didn't work at school, which I think is very sad that I didn't and I regret it, but I've worked very. Very hard urgent, do you remember when I was about twelve? I made a rag doll and I made it beautifully and dad said which get that from, and I said I need it and he gave me a shilling. Ip and I can't ever remember being rewarded for doing something and
I was really just about the countries more music, we're on our third yesterday, chief richard and summer holiday, because we wish to have holidays with. Ah you are three children. We would go every year to death and dad had a v w camper ban which he lent my two brothers and to me we all laughed it and on the way down we be playing summer holiday and richard as we went along, everybody was thinking, but we are going to get there.
so we got. You were with me too whether by we see the cliff stood in summer holiday and memories for you marry bearing a view in the three kids in the camp of em heading off on your summer halls, and when did you first could claim you lie to russell something up in your mom's kitchen I didn't cook in my mom's kitchen at all and my foot. Cooking lady was at school. It came to me
choice of subjects to school, set and dukes, clever people did latin mass and the domesticate lamp people dig domestics. And from the moment I did. Domestic sites are absolutely loved it. We had a wonderful teacher called mistake and in a suddenly I could do something and it would read, seen such fun so interesting and you took at home- and I remember taking trickle sponge home and my father sang off that's good is good- is mums. Well, what did I feel like wonderful and- You went to france, didn't you once you left school, you went on us. It was a three month, contrary course that you he went on when I left school mom and dad had to go to his back then a two: what career again to have and
miss. Backbend said this very little. She could do. She could possibly look after children and I'm in sang when I pitied the children- and this was the head teachers. Yes, all she could do cooking I was too young to go to the domestic, sounds college and sue was sent to pursue in the best journeys and I went to school of all french gauss. Did you speak french very poorly and I had to stay in a family with ten children and the first thing when I got there for our supper. We had horse meat and I had left my pony and I can remember, sobbing, all the way through having to eat horse meat, because I want to think of us what had left at home alone for the time I was at school, I was She homesick had never been away from him at all.
and am I was very pleased to get back again, and can you remember anything of what you actually learn to cook other things that you you did bring back with her usual? Actually, yes, that's great game me when I had the basics from mistake and am, I did. I remembered a little, but it we did such small portions. We was cooking for one, which was something I've never done. I know did you? Does it very very well, but I've never cooked for one, because I think I went on to do catering at college. I've always cook for an army, and you know that if there isn't that number, I put some in the freezer countries, more music run you for choice of the day and susan boil I'm a huge admirer. I think she has done so magnificently and water and I know she worked very hard to get there- how great thou-
that was susan, and had great thou art using lost in the moment. Their merry by anywhere is lovely. Studied catering, then, as we know- and you did caught on blurs that right, which at the time must have been rather rather fashionable thing to do, and yes, I did catering at air. The vast college, agnostics aunt I haven't got enough, said dixon skill set to do teaching. I did that later and sitting guilds and in my second job I persuaded my boss to pay for the teaching
of the court on then perish, and so I went for one month. You studied catering, then, as we know, and you went on and in london cs? I mean they sound like pretty dynamic, interesting jobs. You were working for big companies, making up recipes demonstrating to two new owners of cookers. How to use the cook has caught quota economic life. We did. Did you swing your way through swimming london? I was allowed to go to london until I was twenty one right. We didn't have control of how children, mom and dad said the aid and was one of your first jobs that you were to be made a thousand pounds a year for europe didn't quite believe that rightly sought their there's something fishy. Here you have to write. It was my very first job after working productivity board in bath, and I went to see this mr saving, and he gave me the job and told me I, which have a thousand a year and I went back home and
father looked at me and he was on the next train the next day to see mister civic anyway, he went and realise that it was all or fantasy and given that he its veto by euro estimation, pretty disappointed that you went and academic girl in that you didn't do well schooled you'd think there was at least a flicker of respect for the family. You could be they in the working world and be earning a thousand pounds, a heyday damn used to go home every weekend, I didn't make my life in london and I drive up the drive and the door wide open. Dad would have a tin tonic and I think our derived, the recent people love you book so much and we'll talk a bit more least about how well they sell. But you started out writing in that a magazine called housewife magazine. I was, I was working for pensions and I was running the test kitchen and I was cooking with all different things in being paid for it and why
I was there. My boss said housewife. Cookery editor has gone to spain on a press trip and the pages aren't done. You will do it and I said I can cook I can write, recipes? But I can't do any more. I didn't passing dish in my school search. She said you like the recipe, as you taught me, and I've always thought I am chatting to the past who is doing the recipe. There's been an enormous explosion, of course, of of cookery shoes and cookery books and end. The gray irony is that we could less at home than we ever have you think in a way we fulfilling our own domestic fantasies by watching people. Do it on television nicely managing to translate that into life at home these days, when I really hope that people are taking note of or all the cooking that's going on teddy, I think a lot of the cooking is a bit theatrical that I think there are plenty of programmes that show you exact
what to do- and I hope it tempts people took a term- sends let you're not a fan of gordon ramsay school of television making them. I think Egypt, yeah man, but I don't like that. The source of television, the dish swearing a noisy. It is entertainment. More than to teach you to cook he's happy because I didn't do anything else. They told me I may as well be domestic science. You know it has been relegated to the bottom of the pile when it comes to education and Jamie Oliver is written recently. The prime minister saying you don't eat, should make cooking lessons compulsory that you think he's onto something I think Jamie honour, that is absolutely brilliant. Cooking should be in school when everybody leave school, whether the boys or girls. What do they have to do in the home, produce a male and they haven't been taught to do it. I think it should be absolutely essential.
It's a pity that it's one of those things that has been he's had that, because I didn't do anything else, they told me I may as well be domestic science. You know it has been relegated to the bottom of the pile when it comes to education. Sadly it has and it should come back very soon. some music than marry bury were on your fists choice of the day. Tell us what we're going to hear. Why onward christian soldiers ass, a george a girl who read the dictionary of music and musicians lived in our house and a frequent visitor was arthur. Eleven. He composed the music to the current edition of onward christian soldiers in summer house, and We always play it at her occasions and we had it and tom answers wedding and we loved it and then one amabel and then got married done quite firmly said. I'm not going to
much down the aisle with Annabel tool. that was the band the salvation army and onward christian soldiers so for a lady, your generation. Anybody not to be married at thirty. Was it a worry? If europeans did they wonder when you can get rented identity? They just talk I didn't ask this: there was no pressure, too to be married at all
no, I think I was about thirty one. When I got my does anybody, you will find the right man. Indeed you do and you you ve been married nights, the right man to pull for forty six years. You made your own wedding cake. What was it like? I made an wedding cake. There was nothing special outrageous to all. I have to admit I can remember coming. The friday night driving down from london with the cake in the back of a car in to tears, am the decorations we're going to be added fresh flowers. When I got there and the wedding totally managed by my mother, and we know we made everything, and it was definitely one of those weddings that too we had it in the local church. Talkum touches Small never had stand outside. Tom alone taken strawberries and cream fair very simple lots of friends, and you had three
children in just four years did you give up work entirely during that period? Are when you still doing writing. I didn't give up work at all maternity leave, wasn't ready. We read expected to leave and not come back when I saw enjoyed what I did. I came back very soon and I didn't have a small money either, but the life you described in your childhood? Certainly the outdoor memories and you know, building the dan and going down on the boat. It all sounded, but almost like me, ideal, picture her childhood. We were you consciousness with your own kids of china to give them lots of the same sort of memories when they were tiny? When the children we young we'd very much had an outdoor life, they were all very sporty at and really you had Keaton busy They would not the ones who were sitting in a corner with none of them with a book on their knees.
In front of them and reading they were out either playing or getting into trouble. You firmly was hit by an horrendous tragedy. When your son, one of your sons, died in a car crash, he was driving the car and your daughter Annabel. What was in the She survived. He was just nineteen years old. I mean that must have just hit you like a brick wall. Yes, William was at tat bristol pony and heat home- and I remember the night before, for we had to suffer in the dining room and we had roofs, lamb and I'd riddick onto a lot of trouble because it was lovely to have him home and we will all is a complete family. The night before, which is It beggars cause. I remember that and then, on the morning he was doing business studies- and he said I want to get the times- can I borrow the car and wheat and We'D- have a cup sports car.
stored and a suitable just ass tat. It was a genuine morning with some streaming in the windows and say bought it absolutely fine off you go and he didn't come back and the next thing I knew was a policeman at the door, I must say, Really sorry for the police. Are you know the moment? The policeman comes the door, you know exactly, and he said it. Sadly, him had died and Annabelle Whitcomb hospital and
and then you think too costly, and so we sped off to see annabel and arrived at hospital it. A brilliant hospital. I can remember giving is sweet g and Jim things it down and being really nice, and then out of the corner of my eye, saw Annabel in her pink track. Suit was rushing down the corridor covered in mud and Ethel. Thank goodness and you work with her now. You're gonna business was very close to her. Yes, it's been going on for it's been going years now and when I was running and ogg cook school at home. My husband said you make the best dressing and which is the family dressing. I had it from my parent, why don't you said it, and I said I'm really don't have time to to set up a business, making dressy and Annabelle picked up at the age of about seventeen saying what I'll do it?
You mentioned the cookery school, the argo classes, the average hold in your home. That was something you started after Williams. Death was that more you felt like an, I can do something home, I'm not sure I can do something in the big bad world right now was it from that? That's exactly. How it was when William has died. In our view, it is shattering and you don't I Didn'T- want to be poor. I didn't want to leave the family. I thought what can I do for home and having written the argo book? I knew a lot about it, so I don't know he's doing the school I'll do it and we had a steady flow of people and we were always full in the introduction to her said this idea. Will you said particularly baking is therapy, but I'm thinking now of cooking as therapy was there's something about. It may be helped you too.
Maybe in some way deal with the horror that had hit you am, I think, keeping busy and my way of keeping busy am was to cook. But I always look back and I think it is a huge bonused it air to have two other children coming. If he'd been the only one shattered it and of course it brings you terribly close together and. Annabel and tom and their other hobbs you need. If we are having an occasion, we always raise a glass will or will would like this or what a shame. He can't see this, I think for us. We like to keep him very much part of hamley, have some music and take a break him. What are we gonna hear than marry ruin your six choice of the day?
and rode Stuart and sailing. It was something that the boys when they were back from school, they would have it on full blast upstairs and when will fuel came. Not only did we have on the christian soldiers, but we finished with saving termed That was
rolled stewards and sailing and serve a girl who never pastor english exam. You sold well, I've been told six million quickly books. Is that right? I think it is not bad goings at whose spelling is pretty bad, and we must then, of course talk not just about the books, but about the great british bake off which has begun. Actually something of a television phenomenon. I mean people I include myself, are absolutely glued to. Why do you think that is well, they are all, I must have bakers, nothing you see is absolutely genuine, no dramas at the end, you knew isn't it can regain raw she's crying shall be it put that in the very likely not to put it
Yes, there's no dramatic metallic, it's terribly gentle and british in their sort of fluttering, bunting flags and nice pastoral covers every. Where do you think you in a way? Maybe that is why so successful that people are being encouraged to remote, they're, just being sort of rather proper a nice and trying to make a good job? I think it's exactly gotcha, really great team and I always think the only pauses in the whole programme as when mouth and sue say who nine to leave at the end- and they do give a little bit of a pause then, and that's about all the. If people do things that don't work and of source doesnt set, something the camera is on it and then later on, I the poor hollywood. All I will say now that was to run it to avoid that we do such and such so people really get the feel it is. A cookie cookery a baking lesson in disguise and simple
who'd you mention those who is your fellow judge and and the greatest sin of all is surely the soggy bottom, so he abortions, and if this one thing that I really didn't like in a case and you can imagine when I get to charity, lunches and things. It's always. The committee make things like teachers and a new lifted up and it's just under baked and it's horrible to eat. I can never took it under leftist leaf, because somebody's gonna be hurt when the clear the play how do you avoid soggy bottom soggy bottom and you avoid by baking blind and then I was put it in on a hot day. He she Nice didn't pastry underneath. Try it out then put the fitting in no. I I sometimes think I detect a little bit of creative tension
new and pull hollywood because you know there you are that the champion of the home baker and there he is wanting everything to be. We always wanted to be perfect. Doesn't he absolutely perfect and uniform and bohemia? Very really. Is I respect that poor hollywood very much? He is a great baker he's one of the best bakers and we do Have a different attitude to it. I am very much encouraging them to do better. I'm a little bit was sympathetic with them and I'm not too fast. If this twelve bonds and the one in the corner course just at the back of the neck does sometimes and also they do have a hard time, we have very good heavens, but they don't know them. So if, when they're all on display, one is a bit more, I will not come down on that. That's what happens. It's got to taste good, it's got to be a very good. Finnish port is always thinking well
could I say that because he's a baker and he's a professional, so the great british beef It is a big tv hit and I'm wondering what your grandchildren make of that, because grannies a tv star. What's that like well I have twin when daughters are being grace and I've been too school doing they coffin. Judging cannibal. and then have heavy, and I've been there, cooking fairy cakes with them and I enjoy that they watched the programme. and I had one phone call from gracie absolutely sobbing grannie. Why did you send JANET home, we love can oh, yes, we know lovers were all right. Let's have some music, then very, very we're on urim penultimate choice. What we can hear a load of the dawn. This reminds me so much of annabel wedding. We were lucky enough to have some
and lots of charity and lots of singing dancing great day,
nor does the dance sung by the both choir. You mentioned your mother died recently. She was a hundred and five and your father died in his late eighty, so they both of course live to see your great success will do they ever talk to you about it. What did they make in it? I think that a lad, proud and a month articulate the she had all those years afterwards, but I think that this bad, but you see I was proud of my father. He achieved great things in bath. Sir I am proud of him and I think patsy was proud of me, and so you filming assert seas of the great british peak of another. No new signs of retaining may be very retiring lie, to reach so blest with good health. I love what I do and I am very honoured to be asked to still be in the baker, I love it. I worry about your husband, Paul saying to you marry, you know, maybe the seven we crews would be
nice idea. You know we are the age we aren't. You ever have those conversations with this. The seven weeks wouldn't be on. I think he'd take me to see some gulf matches something I left my husband dairy and he supports me in every way when I came back from the bake off last night, this a glass of saving your blog in his hand, just that, my father with his chin and tonic and together we have supper. Kurdish, hugely late and it's tom, our sons, hens, boiled eggs and, what's more delicious ass, nothing really what about into the island Mary bury they'll, be no proofs to read of new cookery books will be, no filming schedule will be. No Paul was a glass of serving about you. Gonna find it very, very lonely. How are you with your own company and fine for a short time I think- and I am going to be quite low- do their bit worried lets you your final piece of music. What are you going to choose
Oh ABBA, mama mia, my husband and a group of chaps, or I think it's, but once in six weeks they play cards and, of course, all the wise If we go to a cinema or we might even come to london, some treat local pub, but we, all went to Macedonia and it was hilarious natchess you sit in the seas and you look and you see all groups of girls ass. I should call myself a carpet. You know I think everybody who went to see that in the sunlight thoroughly enjoyed you come out, singing
c mon that was ever mummy, and so we come to the books. Mary, I'm gonna give you the bible and the complete works of shakespeare, and your other book is gonna, be what am I?
we'd like to take with me a book that I have in the kitchen, because I have got and books in the kitchen. The aid to said encyclopedia of garden, flowers, it's a huge book and it has a photograph of every single calmed, I may find some plants there and also I'm not staying on that island to don't I'm gonna be rescued me. So I want to go on planning the guy You may have that luxury to weaken it. That was difficult. Everybody would say, the cold, this mortal and well- and I think I would have a shoe- Kashmir, beautiful rug and it's gonna be cold right there and the thought of being that sand with nothing round me no loving, children are husband and I'll. Have that run to keep me warm your kashmir, please, you shall have that one hundred percent and if you had to choose just one of the eight discs today, which one would you choose, the one that I would take, I think
to remind me of william would be road, Stuart, singing saying it's yours very, very! Thank you very much for letting us here. Does it on an discs. Thank you very much for asking me. I've enjoyed myself so much beyond. Today? Is the daily pop culture media for it asked
One big question about one big story in the news and beyond just how big is netflix. Why are young people getting lost in the system I intended to having on Matthew price and, along with a team of curious, produces? We are searching for answers that change the way we see the world. I was ass. You quite shocked by how many people this issue affects. So we don't stories about technology about identity. Are you trying to look back and trying to lick black power where power lies, how its changing, and every week day we speak to the smartest people in the bbc and beyond its basically what I've been wanting share since I was there, talk about business and economics and the stories started form into my head. That's why I've learned if I'd to fail subscribed to us on BBC sounds and join in on the hashtag beyond today.
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