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Roy Plomley's castaway is broadcaster and writer Clive James. Favourite track: Baby Love by Diana Ross and The Supremes Book: Book about how to build a plane out of palm fronds and coconut fibre by Willy Messerschmitt Luxury: Space invaders
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Hello, I'm christie young, and this is a download from the dead. Lieutenant discs archive list, Addition may be slightly different from what was actually broadcast, but it is the only version we have it comes from. The british libraries radio collection, the recording. didn't contain the guests, eight music choices, so we rebuilt the original show by using discs from the BBC gramophone library for rights reasons we ve had to shorten the music food details can be found on the castaways page on the desert island discs website the programme was originally broadcast in nineteen. Eighty and the presenter was Roy plumlee, This the feature writer autobiography
and tv personality. Have I left anything out, clive James clive. Among your many interests. Does music play a part? Yes, it plays a profound that I think I love. More than any other of the arts. I can't sing even a simple phrase on what basis, if your chosen your records, is it nostalgia inspiration, exhilaration noise. Its chosen them on the basis of that I'm a castaway alone, others it on his chest. Nothing but women's voices, because I think I've got a feeling. That's what I've been on a desert island? What's the first one nutrition, while I was in two minds this, I wanted to choose the back magnificat, the second soprano area on it, which is a lovely thing. I think the first piece of serious music that ever thrilled but it's only one voice and I think on a desert island. You want value for money, so I thought I'd start off with something for two voices and the nice thing about scarlet his cantatas as they offer two voices
This one was written in seventeen hundred and seven when skylight he was, it would be no and it's called florio a tac and he's just a fragment of this lovely kind. added. The The the I If I the.
An exit from one of the scarlet, a duet cantata is empty listen and jennifer vivian in a fragment from florio deaf see, you ve, never kept it a secret clive that your on Austria too well for a long while I didn't emphasise it, because I think this is a bit sorry to come to him to britain and such as a professional australian. I dont think much about it. I think I was very lucky in that by the time I came to britain was no longer necessary straight wanted to work to radio and television and things like things to kill his accent, I could stay as sweet as I was away this way that was banned. I've never consciously worked on my voice, I think over the course of twenty years it has mellowed a bit stage where any straight, and we consider that was trying to imitate upon. But I never really What about it? But as for making a business out of being a straight, I don't think I've ever really done that I've just written this book about my early life called I will name was, if you don't mind imagining it was all about growing up in a strategy which is water, disguised novel. Yes, I called
disguise know because I've told so many lies in it. It's a pack of fibs from start to finish on the other, and I think the central story is probably true and that's about growing up in a statement, but that's about as a straight and as I am, I think anymore, I think I'd probative into countries if anyone can leave into country. You come from me berlioz of setting a new south wales. I had no idea. The country's countryside was a dangerous. I knew about the shocks of bondage beach. I didn't know about the tiger snakes and type pans in the red back spiders in the funnel website it must be awful there. Well, I think the australian tourist bureau will tell you that I'm probably exaggerating a bit, but that's the way it seemed to me when I was young. That's the point about the book as it's through young eyes, when the whole landscape is crawling with danger, mad dogs too. That's that's right. I think to any adult these dangers wouldn't be anything like as closely packed together as they are in my memory. I exaggerate all the way through. I'm prepared to believe that we're all pretty horrible small boys but you're candid confession show that you are
on the way to being an infant hoodlum. Yes, I think I was the only small boy I've ever heard of who could demolish a building site, although I I had help with the fight was the point we all demolished it. We used to work in gangs at sunset, dismantling what the builders of wood up during the day, so those building sites took a long long time to complete. I I've got a feeling that most young boys probably would be destructive if they were given the chance we were given the chance. After in point? Not to the point of active delinquency. We caused a lot of mischief the memories with me. Still, I still feel a bit of a debt to society. If I can sound pompous, we want to return at building the tune exactly as eternal as tiles and bricks. I smashed, and I think I'm pretending them in written form is like conscience, money that people send checks for one pound, thirty p to british rail because they scaled on a train twenty years ago. Maybe my books a bit like that one curious thing: you changed your christian name talk to a more masculine what I thought was a more masculine name. I was fiscal vivian. I was named after the australian tennis player given mcgraw. Who is this
The ninth area to straighten Davis cup squad. I was born the following year: increase vivian and then vivian league out. The role is colorado horror in gone with the wind, and that was it. I, your name Vivian was a girl's name from then on and I used to get into terrible trouble. I was always put on the wrong lists at school, ended up in sewing classes and dancing, as was done I got sick of it, sick of fighting my way home from school every night and the age of two and I told them. I look. I've had enough of this and she said all right. You can have any, namely one big one out like a fool. I climb out of a movie that I just seen the previous night clive of india was humbug. Well, it now is to ask the critical clive was being played by torone power in a movie. That's been justly neglected ever since unfortunate goes. That may be the only clive illustrate echoes, wasn't australia names and had to go on and on fighting my way I am,
he's in the long run it worked out because it gives me a to z, level, name once a level. The first nine months of the second, which is as like a sort of doors. Laughing I find quite quite easy to write down, does take up much space. One reason for your childhood, difficult as if difficulties they were, was that you had the misfortune to lose your father on his way back from a prison camp at the end of the war. It was an accident and that's what I keep on telling myself at the time. It seems like fate. You feel, as if you that is unreal, play in the furies occasion. You and I speak as someone not being I was probably still is at least based on my life, even though I'm now forty years old, but I've since come to terms with it and it's just an accident. His luck will bring the lock angle into it being the sound of a walk, as will help to into sydney university. At any rate, it did. It did
I need to annapolis organization called the repatriation commission, because I had a very, very bad leaving certificate. That's the australian equivalent of a levels, no levels, and I would not go to university otherwise, and it was when I got to university that I find a disc, I would what I wanted to do, and I've got a feeling if I'd never gone there, I might have done something else that might have been a lot less useful to society. I'm not not sure how useful what I do now is, but I'm be reasonably said that whatever I would have done instead would have been a lot less. He reckoned up even bigger buildings. I breaking up big building sites where they have not been raised to it. Well, I think I'd like to move on Conall logically a bit and hear from another girl- and this is quite a be no in marriage- a figure it's play by a girl is both to imagine Luckily it's always run by women and it's gotta be knows area non so pure and sung on this record by Tereza. But again, I think, is an amazing singer who drills every night right through the middle and the area is so great anyway.
she sings anyone just continuous liquid flow that just perfection What the The what the
Nonsense view from the manager figaro sung by tereza began to so university of sydney. You have no idea what you wanted to do. Absolutely in fact I enrolled in the arts faculty under the impression that I would be allowed to draw. I thought: that's what our students did and it was some way. During my first year we ve discovered they had to read books instead you're reading english. Eventually, yes, I was reading English eventually with loose. We had the americans system there more than the british one another. When you read a lot of subjects and in my first year I read english psychology, anthropology modern history, and I was really know anything sorting myself that I can remember now distinctly how it felt to be at sea and in thrashing
you are helping to run the film society. I almost helped to destroy the film society because I was a very, very bad projectionist. I with every society, including the speedy apologists in the parachute club, and it got round that got the jumping all caving but I did get round to being a film projectionist in civil society, and I had bit of a disaster, because I can never really keep my attention on the projectors and I was left to look after both project. Is there a real full size? thirty five project. As with fires inside them, ass. They were so hot and projection. Both we had work stripped to the waist and I was supposed to be seen rise by senior member, but he was out in the area. The gallery palpitating his girlfriend, and he left me alone with the project is and the take up real broke on one of them. I think the film Was being screen was san simba and take up real spindle broke and I had a choice. The two things I could do. I can shut down the projector immediately or I could let it run and just let the film accumulate on the floor and like a fool, I chose the second course
and our whole real of thirty five million made a film fills an unbelievable volume when it's on wound and by the time it was seen it come back into the booth, relieve me on the next real change when he opened the door. He expected to see me and the project always always a pulsing writhing wall of celluloid I was awarded by, and that was the end of that day's projection. The audience was extremely displeased. I remember it now. You also had to do your national service, which you could do more or less admits. At the same time, you could do it a bits and pieces, we had to start off by doing seventy seven days, basic training, and that was the real thing. They really try to get you into shape, and I have had time to think it was a very, very few. Seventy seven days especially since was shouted out continuously. That was part of the psychological treatment to be confronted by an endless succession of screaming sergeant, it was screaming. Loudest was a wider physical want offers a first class rommel mcdonald. I remember his name. I can ever his face. My god his face was there was always near yours. Shouting at you- and he was famous
now, these great armies go ronnie, the one- and he was the chief exponents of the drill balkan state, an army and he could walk at a regulation base of thirty nine inches forever. You could walk off out. They arise and in every place will be they deny ages rubber hoped he would. Yes, we radically they never did if you too, Stick around waiting to spring into our hearts, unannounced to throw all our equipment on the floor. That sort of thing it it was a. It was a I'll tasted, what life not to be like in a totalitarian state. It was meant to disabuse. You have your notions that life was fair, uncomfortable it so and in a word and gradually, when ones mine, unfrozen, began to work again wants to have become rather more coming about life, but in every other respect I quite enjoy the armies of a confession to make. I can only make it now. You spoke to hate it.
The australians are supposed to be free, untrammeled spirits. In fact, I quite enjoyed it. When you began to settle down at the university. You worked on the university newspaper, it was called on a sua and it came out every week and I started off writing little fillers for it and bad jokes and terrible poem, and I went out a few years, went my way up the literary editor and that stage I was writing the whole literary page under various pseudonyms, and I even wrote letters of complaint about my and work and sent them into their let his collar and endeavour to build up. The proportion of the newspaper has actually riding it was pretty nearly a hundred percent by then the work. I did was so bad that I even now when I think about I live, let out an involuntary yell of horror and embarrassment, and I just hope another will ever come to light. There's. No reason why I should have gone by the time you have graduated, who do made up your mind, what he wanted to do? I knew that I was going to be some kind of writer, but only because I'd already worked out for myself, there wasn't good anything else. So what did you do? What what job did you take? I became
journalist on the city morning, held big newspaper in sydney, and I worked. For years. The assisted editor of the magazine paid, and that was invaluable experience, because I got the job rewriting unsolicited articles and any newspaper gets unsolicited articles in stacks every day from people who mad or saying but can't ride or mad, and got right always these categories and to get their working to publish it will save his invaluable training. A tv show The sheer mechanics of writing them, the business of getting things in the right order, for example, learn more in that year than ever any other year in my life. I think what brought you to this country having learned that, I thought perhaps there wasn't anything more to demonstrate at that time. This is not in sixteen sixty one. This was before the gov whittling government. The stranger was a very very conservative com.
it was a. It was sort of stiff as a man jude in sd. It was nothing altered. It seemed that the liberal party, which was, of course the conservative party in australia terms, would rule forever. Nothing happened, and and everyone who had any ambitions at all in the arts of any kind, always thought of fulfilling those ambitions abroad. That was the waving one thought, so one simply went and tried once hand at which point the tough record number three. Well, I think after Mozart, I'd like to try something, it more obscured by chap anti avram one of these operas, which are now all neglected. Its call, Louise, and this is an area from it and its son, incomparably by callous and its doors a career, but she was in great great voice and I think she sang this marvellous, really midas area with extraordinary sensitivity had great great drama. This woman- and I think, if I had fleet of tankers I would have given to any day of the week. Just on the basis of this,
track language I've worn out over to record with his track on another one and by that is color singing from Louis is Yeah the. The
maria keller singing dupuis visual from Louise so you arrived in london clive had to contact her none. I think I had one little introduction, which I lost together with the only ten pounds I had in the world, as children were lost, I think they fell out of my pocket. I had a gabardine overcoat and the inside pocket had a tear along the bottom anyway that went in there, I was stranded and I still can't decide whether that was the best thing to do. happened to me, always not mitigated disaster. What I do know That, over the next few years, I had about a hundred jobs that many addresses averaged about nine pounds a week and, I'm afraid was the kind of visited a briton which Britain is absolutely landy, regret someone
actually not really contributing much. You got up the cambridge retarded that him. Well. There was a strange. And is too because I decided, after a few years of actually getting our feeling a bit of a burden on the state that I'd like to go back and said, they again and do it right, because I've been a bit of a wasteful when I was a student in sydney, so I wrote my professor in a strange It always promise me if I wanted to study again that he would try and do something about it, because he thought I had promises is universally ragged settled down and it was ten years later I was ready to settle down and he wrote to a friend of his in cambridge, who is in charge of a college, and I was invited to join them as it affiliated student, which meant that I was came in a sort of as a mature student. and, on the basis of having a place. I was able to get a grant from mad. Does. He see- and I still very conscious of the fact this was a supreme. Generous gift, because nothing to deserve it
is something else on my conscience. That's more conscience, money. I think it's another set of broken tiles and bricks that I'm trying to pay back. You made a contribution to a president with foot live That was later I mean I didn't know until I got to cambridge- that I was going to do anything with it and even then I was not a very good student again you're supposed to read books when you go to garage
and then there was the ones I read would usually went on the course and I went off and got stuck into the footlights club, and I did a lot of reviews for them. I directed about twenty two separate shows in various forms when I was in cambridge, appeared on stage myself rather clumsily many times and eventually became president of footlights, which is something I'm very pleased to have done, and that was really my cambridge. That was what cambridge for me was about. I graduated and I was given leave to sign on for phd, which I did. I did two years of that failure to do much of my actual thesis, but I did to settle down to learn some of the modern languages and things like that and I gradually mastered the art of using my time, but it
im very late. I mean I spend an awful lot of my early life wasting time which bothers me still, because we have wins and he got so much of it and I think one of the great misfortunes of life is you only you find out later that you should have been using your time earlier and there's no way to convince a young man of this. When you came down from cambridge, what was the first break you had while I had the break before I came down, I was still doing my phd and I was invited by a marvelous mango nicholas Tomlin who's dead. Now he was killed in the Middle east, but I was invited to write for the new statesman. While I was still at cambridge, he had come up to do a debate and I debated on the same team and He'd read some of my work in the cambridge magazines and he asked me to write for him and I suppose that's how it started, and then one editor picks you up and then another editor does, it all happens very gradually, but then the time came,
I was doing more work for fleet street than I was on my thesis and I had to make a choice and I think rather typically I I chose what seemed like the next thing to do. Perhaps I should have stayed in finish what I was doing amenities later. I've come to believe that one should finish things, but I left my phd undone and I walked away from it yet to fleet street you'll renowned as a witty and or wounding critical of books and on television programs. Now is there any point in being a television critic, the stuff's gone by, there's nothing you can do about it, absolutely not there's nothing. You can do to influence the course of television or even what programs get put on, because program controllers are listening to ratings, not to critics and they're right, that's what they should listen to. They should listen to the mass voice because idea Granted all that. I still think there's some point, because television is something that happens to everyone. Everyone's got opinions on it and a lot of people, it fell to have their opinion in print expressed by someone is national job is to put that opinion.
and his shop as possible form also you can giving judgment programme makers, who may have done something the peasant found favour with their bosses and so on, and often gives them encouragement to find that their work is appreciated. But also a lot of television, because there's so much time to fill. necessarily hoodwinked, the public to some degree- and I think the could can help the public by ITALY's raising a laugh at what's his solemn and deserves to be exposed. But I say my main task is celebrating my enjoyment of television, which I enjoy very much
one of those people who switches the set on when they come into the room, the other kind of persons which is off when they come into area. I just keep running critical pieces. You'll show extraordinarily wide literary scholarship and an extraordinary vocabulary. Obviously you would do a great deal of reading as well as writing still yeah I've I've made up in later life. I think my early tendency to read off the course. As I stop being a student, I become a bit more of a reader on the course, and I read that as much as I can in in english and some of the modern languages to not very well, but But I do what I can do to try and get a grounding in other languages, and I read in the early morning to be forced out the day. It's time for another record, another laid his voice, well this time three ladys, because I think it's time for value for money again, because I I said we had to have something by regard strasse, who was the first opera composer? Listen to seriously. I came to draw opera quite late too, in my early twenties,
and I can still remember the day. I first heard the trio from Rosen cavalier. I'd never ever heard anything like it in my life and today now twenty years have gone by the hair on the back of my next arises. When I hear the truth the
closing to you from the rose and gave me with a visible strong growth crystal do drink and two reasons to tremble.
If you've published three long satirical epics in rhymed, couplets, of which you gave the first performance as yourself, meteor politics and the literary scene with the subject. What inspired you to tackle is what must have been? a very, very difficult, long drawn out tat it running Ports are difficult to read in their especially difficult right if you're gonna make them look effortless, which I very very hard to do. I wanted to make them sound is easier speaking, but I doubted that I wanted to do something like this cause. I simply like the idea of public poetry is doesn't in that I have anything against. The idea of private purge attic nasa currently. The best purges only for a few people, because it such a condensed form of speech and a lot of ordinary people live.
A good reason to be frightened of the idea of reading anything, so concentrated and so difficult. On the other hand, that aside, I think, there's a good case for writing the kind of virgin a lot of people can appreciate and understand and enjoy, especially if it can be humorous. So I just thought I would like to do a a long extended humor is epic about life in london, because the only thing an outsider can bring to london as the outside overall view, and I simply saw london as this vast glass house full of amazing, marionettes and madigan. So I started to write these epics and I've since started a fourth one, I'm working on it. Now it's on a subject that I not at liberty to reveal at this stage all heavily under wraps. Let's say that it has something to do with someone quite close to the throne, and I regard him whoops. I should have said he I regard this person is a as a comic hero of great
actual and I'm a even now forging the first couplets of what I hope will be- and I think that leaves the others gasping in the shade another regular another five years the three voices of stress, I think it might be time to try just the single voice again in a rather unknown song by almost unknown composer. the composers, rinaldo Hon or on this issue lovely lovely melody, as sung by an amazing lady is english, maggie tate, who was an exquisite singer I too agree- and this was recorded quite late in life- ninety forty one quite well on in her career and it's it's just a beautiful, beautiful little piece called also dean, which means muted, not much noise and she doesn't make much noise but listen to the sound gmail
legally shaped ha ha ha more nah the anonymous maggie. Take
singing also dean setting by Rinaldo of their land point now yet another of your accomplishments d, the talking head on the box, you use to him, bid and even a firstly viziers ever did was cinema, that's right and I had a beard later on organised to wire war that beer that it was a way of hiding while on television- and I did so nine emphasizes cinema decided that that was quite enough of having being recognised. Will I be it so I quit the programme shaved off the beard and thereby vanished because, of course, if you're famous for having a bit of all, you have to just get rid of it and you're gone. So it's either, anonymity, which I thought at that stage. I preferred it later on. I crept back into television again, but always Doing one show or one series at a time and then popping back into fleet street, which is the strategy I maintained ever since said, is about sex without a rubber. Yes, that was most enjoyable. It was very difficult to do. It was the first time I'd ever walked and talked in studio and walking, and talking is ten times as difficult as just talking.
And I had to sort of talk to the audience in this sort of thing, and we had a disaster with our first program. I can reveal this now. It never got transmitted, it had live baboons in it and the baboons didn't arrived from africa and told the tape and when they were even ever rehearsal, so they were so to demonstrate action in rehearsal. I went up and and pointed to tuesday tangible pretended to be the words. I said note how them
well, better, say much larger than the females a breath and then the night came when the audience was in and the vibe of the baboons gave the records of another cage rolled in with two baboons in it. And that's when we found out the baboons they'd like to be televised. They go to the back of the cage where the camera can see them, and so people appear to coax them with bananas and so on and finally, the whole thing just degenerated with shambles. And that was the end of that and we simplified and after we finished simplifying a question of sixty of the shape that the the world subsequently saw, which I think did a fairly good job of making a very complicated subject. Intelligible I've seen a series right through twice now and although I'm still slightly ashamed of my own clumsiness in it, I think it was well worth doing yet or recently, a saturday night mixed bag. That was saturday night people, which is my favorite, show that I've been involved in yet, and I hope it goes on and off and on and off forever. Just because I have the
sit there and say my piece and have an easy life. It's because it's not quite like any other television, I've ever seen anywhere in the world. It's it's actually the flavor of the talk of the day and it had happened in a funny way because it was an invention of the current affairs department and not light entertainment as it turned out. I think it was an entertaining program, but it was started as current affairs programme and so what's basic about the show and strong about it. it actually does news stories and around those stories, one can venture the occasional witty comment or would be witty comment, but I think that saves it from this deadly thing you get when you try to go on and be funny in a funny program. The challenge is too great: the attention on you is to say, and and witten tumor really delicate little flowers who come into being best when their not being encouraged. To that extent, and I think what
it's Saturday night people are amusing was that was amusing, incidentally, by accident and all the record we got to number six now we're doing very well. I think it's time to leave classical music, because, although I love classical music, I love jazz and rock n roll too, and I sort of I want all those voices on a desert island because you don't just want variety of it- the people who sing them indifferent and, although maggie taters very rightly called the experts, as all the difference in the world between her and billie holiday, who was exquisite too which is so vital, and it was an embarrassment of riches I did know which billie holiday track to choose. I ended up choosing and he's from Heaven for money, thirty, six, because as well as billy singing superbly, this is justice. Dagger in group lay behind teddy was non pianos, cosy, calls on drums and there's a clarinet sullivan,
a good man in the middle ages beggars description, yeah yeah the billie holiday and its from Heaven. Nineteen, thirty, six, let's go straight and Your next task was that, while this was a real problem, because I have to choose one rock and roll disc- and I had enough trouble choosing my one jazzing, because billy Hollis,
I had to stand in for bessys myths that everybody, because I know them all it was broken. All is so much rock n roll it out, because just marvellous I wanted to have I and tina turner, doing really deep mountain high, which has got a fantastic piece of singing by tina turner on it. I wanted a wreath of friend, and singing spanish harlem. I ended up choosing one track and I think the greatest single rock regular did exist and that's the supreme greatest hits, and this is original supremes, headed by Diana ross is, is tat. Modem and its greatest. I think this is one of the greatest off. It's called baby love,
I think this is just sheer beauty from start to finish: Diana ross and creams baby love. Not you describe in detail and unreliable memoirs. Your childhood aptitude for abolishing things, how you putting things up a hot, for example, on this desert. I I've got terrible, terrible feeling that I'm going to have to live in the open air on the desert island. So I think it's hype is the right climate. Will you should know about beach life, a lot of time on the beach. When I was young,
I left a stranger. I suppose I spent half of every day underwater it's a wonder that my toes are webbed and it's so wonderful life skin goes brown his days, brown, always or dried salt on shoulders and the cream on the nose, but then time comes when you want to put away all that and do something serious. But you must remember about fishing small boats at dorothy. Why isn't it was leading to this is leading to what kind of castaway again to be. Are you going to get your castaways badge for efficiency and, I'm afraid not? I was rather depending on having flooding or air dropped. Would you try to escape and overloaded? then all else was going on on the island, but I've gotta feed me a bit short of nightlife. Yes, I think I would try to get it at an early stage and force, I'm not much of a practical hand. I think need help, and I was going to say if you ask me what book I would have on the island. Apart from the bible in shakespeare, I would ask:
your copy of how to build your own single cedar. Long range, monoplane out of palm runs a coconut fibre by religious met If you can find that work, you can have it now. You qualify pilot that would be in the book. Failing that. Failing that, I think I would probably have a copy of one and because he's so much better in him about how to live alone sounds as if I have to do a lot of that. I cheat a bit and have a parallel texts, because I love the original french. The nice thing about sixteenth century french is nobody it's sure how it was pronounced when australian could read it aloud without making a fool of himself and also I'd have florio's english text on the upside cause. That's great english and I would try to content myself with that and study the art of solitude for the rest of my life, which of course, would last for a long time, because I would magically be able to feed myself of coconuts and stuff we still haven't had your last record number, eight I'm treading a narrow line with record number eight, because the lyric of the song is actually written by myself,
the sung by julie, Covington on the first LP she made and for many reasons the albums deleted. So I can confidently recommend it to all those people out there, knowing that they won't be able to go and buy it, and therefore this is not a plug that so I'm still very fond of some of the songs on it. The music is by my collaborate. pete. I can- and I think some some of the melodies of marvelous julie sings them with a wonderful simplicity, and especially this one, and I think it's an appropriate lyric for someone who is. Floating on his own life, as he sits on a desert island with the sun sinking. Slowly in the western world, palm tree outline
The stars called, if I had my time again, might lead me days waste and against the joy taste, a nineteen seventy one tribe, draped lyric, with a tune by pete outcome. If I have my time again and jody Covington wishing it, if you would take just one does go to the actual place, which would it be almost impossible question to answer, but I think we have to be the supreme greatest hits because every track on it is so damsel and I've got a feeling underlined. You do a lot of dancing alone, bessie toward sunset, very sad and one luxury, one inanimate objects. This is another difficult.
One. I did think of asking for that. I said his cup because it looks so beautiful as you lifted and the changes from greece. the lovely rose color, and this will give you something to think about and appreciate, because you'd be filling it with coconut milk. It'd be nothing else to drink for decades. So I think the drinking vessel will be important, but on the other hand, that's not quite enough, and then I thought of asking for chess set so that I play so badly. I couldn't even beat myself. I can't take more than one move ahead, so I think I would ask for game of space invaders. It's a fantastic amusement pala machine and people who are crazy about a play in every city they go to. I would like one of those plus its own generator because it needs a small electricity source. Endless supply of ten p p one ten babies would do it cause. I have it rigs or the tempe. Please fill out at the bottom after article. I will attempt to get better at space invaders. So if I can only shoot down, one battle fleet rivers can shoot down. Five
why that endlessly amusing and it would have to be endlessly amusing, because one is on the desert island for a long time right and thank you, clive James, for letting us hear your desert island discs. I've enjoyed it very much like goodbye. Everyone. the You ve been listening to a download from the desert island this for more ordinance. Please visit the radio for website the
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