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Kirsty Young celebrates 75 years of Desert Island Discs with some of the wonderful voices in the archive and chooses some of her favourite interviews from her 10 years as presenter. From Dustin Hoffman to Maya Angelou, Stephen Hawking to Victoria Wood, we have glimpses into the castaways' lives and times. Coronation Street stalwart, Betty Driver explains why she chose a song she hates to take with her to the island, Dawn French recalls the infamous 'puddle' scene in the Vicar of Dibley and legendary broadcaster Richard Dimbleby describes his very early days in broadcasting. Cilla Black, interviewed in 1964, describes how her career began, Ian Fleming talks about the early days of James Bond and Louis Armstrong reveals how he first began playing the trumpet. Extracts from the programmes of all the previous presenters - Roy Plomley, Sue Lawley and Sir Michael Parkinson - include the voices of Baroness Barbara Castle, Alfred Wainwright, Russell Harty, Jacqueline de Pre, Catherine Cookson and Lady Thatcher. Kirsty's favourite moments include Noel Gallagher remembering being forced to dance at his wedding, Sarah Millican explaining why she chose the Frog Chorus and Sir David Attenborough's choice of disc - the Lyre Bird. Castaways also explain their choice of luxury, introduce a diverse selection of their choice of discs and describe what they would do to survive on the desert island. Producer: Cathy Drysdale Made for BBC Radio 4 Extra.
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This. Is the bbc? blue on Kirsty young. Thank you for downloading this point. Cost of desert island discs from BBC radio for four right. reasons the music choices are shorter than in the radio broadcasts from information about the program. Please visit bbc dot, co, dot, uk slash radio, four. The.
The we're going to have several great voices is the program of great voices. The very first broadcast the people's an interview with a cow broadcaster. She was a jolly good broadcaster. I put her microphone opposite mood. She moved the ty was elected and pancreas by the council was one of the youngest members in nineteen thirty seven and they said. Oh, you go on maternity and child welfare committee. I said why should I
married Mohammed, any children you'll go on it. We did a sketch together called the ladies will come to oblige conference of the birds, which is perhaps a mercy. I was just in constant pain. When I was on point no mago fontane, I I don't care half of the time what people say or think. So I do what I like, and have even understood that if somebody bothers me and tell them to pull off, are you a therapist, because I need one in london, anytime anytime, for free alone, with your thoughts, civilization and the people, you love nothing but a distant memory on the horizon, with only the wildlife and an island breeze for company the daily practicalities of survival and sanity. Your greatest concerns, but some comfort is at hand any this in the world, copies of the bible and the complete lack of shakespeare along with it.
Of your own, together with one single hand, picked luxury These few things will be your solace and inspiration and might just ensure you live to tell the tale those other choices, the presented, a desert island discs, has been asking people from all. Walks of life to consider since january, twenty ninth nineteenth Thirty, two welcome to this. Special celebration of the screen: legends politician the musicians, entrepreneurs, comedians scientists, artists, writers and sporting. Superstars have agreed cast away to their very own desert island, been nothing short of a privilege for the past decade to be in conversation with some truly fascinating people, one of them Was the british small screen legend betty driver, a stalwart of coordination street sheep in the bow out of the rivers returned dishing pot person, one liners for forty odd years. Her
began in the nineteen twenties when aged Just her mother put her work on stage she hated it. But nonetheless, it made her a star. but one thousand nine hundred and sixty six running a real life of a pop of her own and imagining she'd retired from showbiz for good. I was just a blue. Also came to join the cost of the sulphur soup. What began a few weeks didn't turned into the role of a lifetime so well into her. Eightys was the really nothing tempting these days about the idea of retirement I just love working we'll never retire ever have to shoot me to get rid of me make a big viewing figures in that particular episode. Oh yeah sure what is it about the work that you love so much when I joined the street, I've made friends around the house his person in the world is just like a big family, and I just love it. That is lovely to hear. You say that there is a great sense of happiness, because I knew you'd early life. There wasn't a lot of happiness organisms. So now you, if you think you
you find a sense in which you you feel awful. I know we had no happiness. Very little mice to feed and now know we went to live school aged each week which surrender so you never really caught up on any education. It was of we had a mother that was a match out and He just wanted me to be the theatre Take me whether I wanted to do an awesome. She wanted, We decide migration feels and I It is crazy. Fails to constantly it was a battle remember getting that first call for something called coronation streets in them. Saying you know we think alike, and yet he was amazing. We took a little bub indoors. and one day the phone went and it was executive produce. Coronation street you could, Come and see you, I said, don't miss so daft, it's a gosh intimacy man? Yes, glum Came round to see what was the matter he said well pulling part you. Why don't you come and pull Ponsonby rovers return as it was out,
getting coronation street. I said yes, we probably do about six episodes and I'll be back would you mind years late, I'm still churning out I'll pop up. It's amazing amazing. I couldn't help, of course, worse, but mentioned the hot pot? Do you know how to make hot pot? No doubt of gradual, I'm terrible, go My friends. I've got seven men friends, They all know I'm rubbish and get a really rubbish, I mean I bought some steak the other week and looked at it and I thought submit fake that a bit not too bitter and a hamlet hell out of this piece of meat. You could the soldier shoes with it, because I tried to eat it at the end no way, when straight into the been speaking of wood. No tell me why you ve chosen this first piece of music and tell me what it is. I'm on your part to start with plain, they said piece of music, which I can't stand. I can't bear my voice. I hated it when I did when I was eighteen and I'm ninety now and ugh. I just can't bear it.
but all my friends like it usually were I did it. When I was making a film, I got a contract to do things films- and there was this song- was in one of the films and dig it quiet, well, and I thought you were going to be a big film, star lovely. I finished it. films and then the war broke out at all costs. The council so that, with the end of my filming career of hidden records and that really all records right the wardrobe, so nobody would find them at all. My friends o daylight little squirrels. You know that I found this and it's cold
I'll take romance aroma. Why am I here my leg, roma roma, The late betty driver, whose difficult and fascinating life made for great conversation and over them. three hours I'll be reminding you of a few more, including the unforgettable. Ninety seven year old, Eric winkle brown born in nineteen nineteen he was one of the very few castaways I've interviewed born before desert island discs was even on air. A world renowned fighter pilots, he held the record for the most flight deck landings ever completed, two thousand,
four hundred and seven over sixty five years. Dapper, Diminutive am doing, he was an absolute delight, and when I asked him to introduce his sits choice, Andy william singing call me irresponsible. There was and and twinkle in winkle sigh what I heard it, I thought to myself well Yes, I have my a responsible sides to. Let me tell you one of the things I did It will demonstrate this. I resolved to do the first landing- on a small carrier of spitfire sci having god knows I refer rejoices spring and on the way back from the event more or less, I had to pass the fourth bridge, which is free, lovely span. You know side, your the brown each bag. You and upset
they have written so queens who reported to the police Fortunately, didn't get an number of the aircraft and no, buddy. Nobody saw a navy had spitfire so you would, in the clear at all, fell on the rf and they were accused of it. I wasn't called if I had been I've been guided me court martial they might still be after you, Radek yeah, irresponsible, call me
through the late eric wing colbrand speaking to me in twenty fourteen we'd, like you, to share your favorite programmes and in case relate to the party. There are over two thousand additions available to listen to online and download tweets your favor using the hashtag de idee at seventy five. plenty more memorable moments to come from the archive, but first let's go to the beginning of the story and to the man who created one of the world's longest running video formats, Roy plumlee This is the BBC home service.
The desert island discs. each week, this time a well known person has asked the question if you were too big Asked where alone on a desert island, which eight grandma Records would you choose to have with you assuming, of course You also had a grandmother. This week's cost way introduced by aiming andrews, please don't be alarmed at not hearing the suave reassuring tones of ripe, lonely, nothing, the matter with them, except that is now on the island to change it about, and thank you for being smart enough to do this rise goes ahead, is coming to an end and where to begin I don't know, I've been checking up on roy journalist
but housing, man, actor, member of a male voice, choir radio, announce a producer writer discharge, chairman collector of playbills gotta records, press cutting the theater and now castaway. Does that mean that's your lessons? We have got you on the desert island so far without your disk. Would you like to tell me how this idea started with this program? I mean But it started long time ago, over sixteen years ago, in january nineteen, forty two- I was for an idea that we could do a series of gramophone programmes on, and I said I do in thinking where we might be able to do so. What number is this this is the three hundred and eighty seven motherhood how you gonna manage on this island. I probably got more heretical knowledge about how to manage on a desert island. Anyone in his country, because I heard a lot of the best brains in britain- tell me about it. I take up all sorts of tips like You want fresh water, you gotta home dead, fish new, get fresh water, but how
and when it came to the point, I have no idea of ever built anything I like building wooden shed. well somehow roy. I think anyone who's resourceful enough to sing on the streets even in guilford, deserve something and you've given away so many first class castaway badges yourself that I'm presenting you with one straightaway. I shall wear it with pride him and thank him. Ayman. Andrews interviewing the creator of desert island discs, Roy plumply in nineteen fifty eight. That was his second appearance as a guest on his own programme. He was first, asked away in nineteen forty, two as only the fifteenth ever guest and that extract was from an edition of the programme only recently rediscovered in the bbc archives. It's one of a few additions that will be added to the online archive for the first time this weekend, just go the bbc told coup dont uk forward slash desert island discs, the premises
The programme has remained remarkably unchanged throughout the past three quarters of a century which is testament to the simple brilliance of royal original idea, do still smite my castaways, how they think will survive on the island in nineteen. Fifty six Roy spoke to a particularly resourceful guest. I do know that not one I got way this week really need no introduction going. Read, but nevertheless she's going to get what she's a star They films in the united states and britain a star. Variety and television and radio it baby Daniel maybe high rent to make out on this. I don t want to be a good costume able to look after them too badly. You know, I'm. at a good gardener. I grow all my own vegetables during the war. How hell could you make a hut, a shelter of some sort? I think I could, when I was a little girl, my grandmother's ranch. I used to make things I make the walls probably of rocks and mud, claim that if I could get it
and a bamboo sticks. I put them closer together and maybe feldman with low pride We cannot keep arena. Could start a fire, always I think I could start a fire or I am. I would like to use my engagement ring The diamond do that. You said it was a diamond laugh when you ve been gave me, can you cook? Ok, I'm, not a bad cook at all. What would you go well alike Get them while grain. You have, green on you, I hope so I could pounded on a stone and mix it with a little water and little salt, pepper and salt water. Z, and that the water evaporate net myself. That way I wouldn't have any meat, because I can't kill animals fish. Oh yes, I loved the fish, but I hate to foot the bill on the worms whale. I think you got things pretty well than leaving it up to the monkey to do on this, and maybe it would you try to keep up appearances. Would you try to keep smartly turned out?
finally, does the unwavering and really live with themselves? Don't you when my clothes wear out, which will eventually, I think, I'll, make money. Now some mad to peace. Outfit sat up coconut fibre. Oh, Thing that I can make a thing is a core: one out of a fish skeleton. When I didn't do your password that before babies are yet it is and the highest possible bread, Thank you very much roy well. She was a true the marvellously inventive bebe Daniels more than rising The task of survival having on the island fishbone comb. Indeed, often the most excruciating task for our guests. Especially for musicians is whittling. in their choice of tracks to just state, in nineteen fifty five, the conductor, sir Malcolm Sargent, find the whole idea, particularly challenging listen hopes for the moments where they chat about the capabilities of a hand cranked grimace in. Well, here you are on the islands, amalgam and I'm afraid
I have no idea how long you're going to be here. It may be for many years and you can was to have with you just eight records from me, half million also the bbc hasn't its library. Your only entertainment for half the rest of your life rather sobering thought. First, apart from the fact that women german irregular yourself. How much would you say that amazon means do in private life. Do paid a lot for pleasure civilians. in question. I didn't actually have time to plague. Gramophone recordings for my own act pleasure as apart from the- u good, can do me in my work I mean I put on record always with a purpose I put them on, because I wish to hear somebody's reading of a certain things see what I can then from it the chances of word. It just bring it down for the pleasure of heading it. A very very few when I into a desert island way will have plenty of time. For that. I am afraid what it wants. guided your choice. Being play musician living in music.
every day for many many hours it to me. It will be a strange thing to bother to take record to desert island at all, even the gramophone, because, frankly, I would much rather take the scores of the works than the actual recordings of them. Why do you say that while I mistyped The two perhaps in another way, if you were keen on shakespeare and whether given the choice, taking the films of half a dozen shakespeare play, is done best way by Olivier whoever it was all take the book which you would prefer. I show that if you saw the films half a dozen I'm who begin to get so used to it used infection device that it would dull much sooner than the interest. Would of weeding the pay I'm getting as you guys went by, I don't know how long I'm going to be on this island, but I would rather have the scores of the great works and have gramophone recordings. Where are you obviously made your point there? Well, you have got the schools, I'm afraid you have these record and what is your first? What well the first one
certain issues would be. A good recording of the complete handles messiah, well, not to complete I'm afraid just one side. Oh Oh, no one moment were not long playing records on twitter because you have no source of power on the island when they have a hand cranked gramophone supply. What a terrible thing the debate to be fixed with eight. Short playing recalls. What you ve got has often spots. However, I would and you know that I will get a great deal of pleasure occasionally putting on record of surely He has borne greece daily from from them from the messiah. Isn't I hope you will choose your own recording Well, modesty forbids be since in the name of recalling was, I think, the best so far or perhaps in this case I'll be allowed to choose myself here. It is
how'd, you do it. gentlemen, I passed away we possess is one of the most beautiful singing voices in the world records of frequently brazil. it had to design and records of opera. And of operetta. It was buried treasure. I welcome ashore elizabeth schwarzkopf matter
fuck off you'll, spend most of your life traveling about the world. If you had any experience of desert on. Oh indeed, I have had an emergency landing once from coming back from australia and then in the middle of the pacific and there was nothing but a car. If I had a landing way and annex strip and stranded ship how long you, with a five hours or five hours, I'm afraid this is going to be longer than that, but I will have records with me. Oh yes, no me to interrupt for just a moment, because if you follow the programme much over the decades, you will no doubt have had that Elizabeth Schwarzkopf famously choose a total of seven of her own performances, will know we ve, finally in a position to reveal why she was castaway in nineteen. Fifty eight do much time to pay records in ordinary life. No, not really
well, when we are making those records, we listened to them so many times that once they're finished, we have no time ever to listen to them again and that's what I want to do when I'm on the desert island or with your husband, an executive, a gramophone record company, there must be plenty of records in your hope. I should think the role I think we have about to ten thousand has no riches new got there now so is your plan, a campaign that they're, mostly your own records that you haven't, had a chance to rehearse at all and enough great athletes wish I hadn't and the chance to here, and which I would like to hear rain for the first time in my life was the first one. You do well I'm afraid I will stick to my own rickets for once, because I would like to re my life, surely, as have lived with very many wonderful office and colleagues and
we'd like to pay. You ve wreck of riches began my career outside of vienna and it is the brahms requiem on the strength of their draggled. I was engaged to do. Do the rats make them with the following answer In forty seven and also toscanini had that record, and later told me a lot of things about it and the head, One great vanities cunningly through around like a very important record: no life. Yes, indeed, the.
The. The The. The legendary elizabeth schwarzkopf singing bronze requiem programme is another newly rediscovered addition added to archive today the rest behind the castaways. Choice of this is always a talking point, along with the question of how they honestly think they survive but important The conversation is an opportunity to try to understand how the life
They lived has made them what they are given. The accomplish the castaways, the insight they offer not just into themselves, but moments of history can be truly extraordinary in there. Nineteen. Fifty eight edition of the programme roy asks broadcaster, richard nimbly about early days of news reporting I was living the end of in a bed sitting room in bloomsbury, very hot up, and I one night, the nine o'clock news heard the announcer. This was in nineteen thirty, six heard the announcer give the usual credits before the news to all the news agencies who supplied the news, and I suddenly thought for no reason at all. Why didn't they have a manner of their own? Who goes out and reports things and comes back to the microphone, gives his story wrote to the bbc Wouldn't it be a good idea and, to my amazement they wrote back and said we hadn't thought that it would, and I got the job just happened. What was the very first broadcast to remember, it was an interview with a cow mercosur. She was
I got more cos. I put a microphone opposite moods, you move a cow down at amesbury and will chuckle charity. I remember very well ninety six who joined the BBC news department after I took you all over the place. Did yes, it did. I went on the first big royal state visit abroad, canada at nine and went down the spanish civil war, a good good many places in europe and then the war came along and you really began to go places yes and worked on it. I was that the BBC's first war correspondent actually two or three days before the war itself began. As I was working sermon, it was obvious it was coming. We took a recording car quietly over to france and heated in a garage in paris, so we were already and we then took it up to the bf headquarters and we were there when the bf arrived, we got away to a good start and then the first part of the war I spent in Europe has transferred to the middle EAST. In the spring of nineteen, forty had two and a half years out there again that almost
everywhere from from greece right down to abissinia. If you covered just about all the water runs, don't accept them. I wasn't in north africa, the west part of it or in italy. Otherwise I think everywhere. I read that your you did twitter to operational flights for the area, including a mass raid on Berlin. Yes, I did, that was with with bomber command and ninety forty three I used to fly alongside guy gibson, VC, wonderful man and stood aside and tried to take pictures of the raids on berlin, in particular with his cine camera, but we were always flying so high and the air was so cold that the oil in the camera froze. I never got a single picture. You ended up in Berlin yourself at the end of the war in europe. Yes, I did. I went in very early on before the british army went in was arrested briefly by the russians who managed to get out and then
put me down into the bunker where hitler committed suicide showed me it, and I pinched a knife and fork and a spoon of his shirt. I got at home now his initials on the handle with anybody comes to dinner. I didn't like I give them the spoon to eat the soup with I wonder how many dinner guests retreated to that particular privilege. That was the legendary broadcaster richard dim bobby back in the early days. It wasn't routine for the bbc to keep recordings of broadcasts programmes, so there aren't any copies from the nineteen fortys and only around thirty from the of the nineteen fifties. Among them, the pronto june sutherland comedian, benny hill, Joe Musician Dave drew back and the horn player dennis brain all downloadable and very much want to listen Let me move on to the sixties. He is another of my personal favorite in desert island discs seventy five year, history, quite a few guests, have appeared twice, but only two people have cast away four times arthur.
Ski and our greatest living naturalist, Sir David Edinburgh, only my parkinson, missed out on the joy of casting him away, but I am delighted to see in twenty twelve for our seventeenth birthday addition. It was my turn that he'd spent much of his life exploring and exposing the wonders of the planet. I asked him whether he sought of our world some great cosmic accidents or if it had brought him closer to the lord and. I don't think that's an understanding and an acceptance of the four billion long history of life I think that is in any way incomes, with a of a supreme being I don't think it's some. I am not so confidence say that I an atheist. I would salmon agnostic.
and so there you words this little boy in your short trousers grubbing around for fur ammonites that populated the jurassic. Seized it go that deep what'd. You just think they looked jolly good and you knew the rolled. Oh, no, no, the romance of it was very good. the possibility that there is in front of you there's a rock the size of a football and a good chance that will contain a shell, perfect, perfect shell, which nobody in the world has ever seen before, and the light of the sun hasn't shown on the three hundred and fifty million years. You, you are the first person to see that's the where you were when you set up your own little when it was a sort of museum, wasn't it why two things I mean kids do like things, certainly by the age of ten or twelve. What was in your little museum.
there were lots of emanates from fossil bellum nights bears brachiopods embarrassing. The soon the leicestershire jurassic up, alas, o thou it's roman pottery had a cross snakeskin from a from a whopping grass snake. I must admit that it was about turner getting on two and half feet long. I think I mean it was a big. Your brother, richard was equally enthusiastic about his passion, which was very early on acting. He did. He did force you to join in on occasion. Yes, he I mean lester was blessed with a with a very, very good amateur, dramatic group and dick
was that, all the time, all the time he forced you into joining him, I've seen the photograph of the dressed up as a child. Lady, oh well, that was one of his yes, he also put on shows because he did enter and and recruited me as a sort of a spear carrier for the for the dumb parts, and we did a sketch together called the ladies. What come to oblige? I can't remember the words which is perhaps a mercy That said, let's hear another one of your choices, then the fourth of the day. What are we going to hear now? Well, if I'm on a desert island the doesn't items, I know as a gauge the sort of popular myths and so on, they I've she pretty sterile places, and I would like to remind you of the richness of the natural world of the rainforests and one of the nicest to do that.
It would be a good recording of of of the libre two which lives in southern australia and mimics other birds as well as many other things that it is The for laughs. I the low mimicking a number of natural and man made sons and reminded us a guess: don't just have to take music to the island, one of the choices so David Attenborough broadcast in twenty two,
and truly one of my favorite ever interviews you listening to desert island discs at seventy five on BBC radio four extra and do share the programs that you found most memorable using the hashtag d id Seventy five It's time now to visit the next decade in our troll through the archives, the sixties and an encounter with one of the decade's most successful singers. In the uk, a very young sending cilla black. When did you first thing in public? when at the age of sixteen I used to go around with a lot of girlfriends only go to all these clubs. I made Finally, with the boys, I'm one night one member of a group came down from the stage Pass me half a mind to sing just right. no, he didn't know, assign saucer well all right made I'll show you and I.
It's continued where he left off and it all happened from there. I joined another group which groups seducing with the bigs ray. Another gonna go call king size tell him the dominoes, but I heartily because those crucial going to combat, because it was very popular at that time, and my bones, when let me go to hamburg, allows too young Were you paid for this always is just for fun,. Well. The first night was just for fun, but then later on. I've got out some serious thinking. I was very handsomely? Thirty overnight prohibition What you are making is blocked. I oh yeah, which other groups using one of some of the beast was not I wasn't that permanent guessing it, but I did do a spot of singing, but the beatles Gerry and the pacemakers the fallen. Those are many of liverpool groups which are very famous. You were working as a type is by dancing and singing every
You wanted to parents, think about this. You are working very long day. Yes, but I was young and healthy, skinny, but her they didn't very mind anything for my. You know my own god. They believed in me. What was that big thing that happened. That enabled you to stop being a typist and be a full time. Singer Oh one night, I went to the blue angel club in liverpool and it was the batter clubs. You know the group wasn't a rhythm and blues group with a modern jasper and they asked me to get up to sing. So I got up and did number I came back to my seat, who should be reserve reiner, stanley came right over to me. It already got the beatles on the map by this time. Zella, I have an idea and from then on, I knew you know everything was going to he put you on the contrary, that isn't your real name is. Did he changed?
no? No, it was a misprint in the paper. Very bad mistake barely because I would have liked to have seen a wide but it couldn't be helped. Everybody knew me as solid black and that was it or next or first record, was at a success. Ah well, it was a big success to me, but not too all the people it went to number twenty five and then draw but big enough for you to be, will go out on the road doing one night stands: oh, yes, My first tour with Jane pays me all over the world. Yes, is marvellous, ran and because I widened my job, fain knowledge, especially carlyle. I didn't as allows in the chest I found out was on, wages got you go about journey was going on rather a long time in them you're very big wriggled. It took to get another one in the chart
Anyone who had a heart my first report get to number one another so please, you know but he told me that girls are fine chopin that records held, isn't it. eight hundred thousand in england and It was the first girl to be number one for two years, but that record wasn't really an original one. Was it another word? It was pretty well a copy and that have been made in America. Ah, yes, islands, coffee man,. I did I version of denmark's anyone who had a heart and recorded here Because it was so beautiful, song was very pretty. At the moment I had, I just idea to record.
anyone could look at me and no anyone law. The dream look at me and no dream now wing anyone. We had a hunt chosen in august, nineteen sixty five and the seller, black and industries in one the joys of the desert island discs archive heating from hugely successful people. the very start of their career. Inflaming is of course best known for rising the James bond books, the he also penned jetty, shitty, bang, bang,
in nineteen. Sixty three roy asked him whether james bond was based on any one in particular. Now not really he's sort of mixed fictional mixture of commanders and secret service agents that I met during war. But of course entire fiction lies. It has the merit of you and I now. Remember: people do connect, maybe James bond asunder because I haven't like scrambled eggs and shortly certain something bomb does bizarre we haven't got his guts. Now is a lively advertise, the first Jimmy That was an immediate success. Yes, it was: how long do these books take it all right, six weeks to two months. The actual writing, but I never correct as I go along, I try and get paid into the narrative by sitting straight down the typewriter, but then because I do two or three months correction afterwards say it takes about a year old
so I was systematic work and you work seventy hours a day irregularly. Yes, I find I have to. I wept for about three hours in the morning and one I'm evening, and I find unless I stick to a routine fight us wait phone genius to arrive from the skies it just doesn't arrive. I just to get on with the work you write. These books, is it your vacation, herman, jamaica. Yes, you look forward. Writing on you whenever you well, I do rarely unless I've got it firmly fixed in my mind and of go sir. This is a very bad period. Me this time of the year, because I'm trying to work out the next adventure of James bond, which has got to be written in january, and I'm always lie in despair. Thinking I'm not gonna have enough, but right there's been a cumulative rise and sales and success since the first I think there has been exception, the last one which of them, why that's a lousy as one which was a spy loved me, but I'd try to break away
from my normal formula, but that the reader insofar as the james bond didn't appear until about three girls way through and it's written, ostensibly via girl. In the first person in the first person, that I must confess that it wasn't a success and it took quite a beating from the critics and now the books being made into films. Yes, save made doctor know already, and it's been a tremendous in england and more of a success I think in america is open to some weeks, guys baking records records, I from russia with love, and I went out to see them in istanbul and I was tremendously impressed man. I think it's going to be the equal success they going to do the whole James bond game got an option on doing all the boxes, one after another. Eleven best sellers in eleven years and very profitable film sales. On the face of it? That looks like unmixed success, but some of the oppressed
notices, haven't been all that glowing accused of being sadistic and too much said taking the georgian citizens first, what your torture seems pretty beazley as well. I don't know how many read the term because there's nothing to worry about they really I'm real life, and I gale days away here- are getting a crack of the head of the crickets dumb. Rather gone item and we become considerably wider since the last war and I've tried to bring verisimilitude into these books and them set the two other than the critics. I have they found them pretty strong meat water. fact using these aims have alone on the average reader of again to give him unhealthy ideas, or is this the carrier thousands of homes where supplementing aggressive tendencies, while I've that's the way of putting it, but I was brought up on what we used to call for me horrors and I can't remember that any of away excitements ever did me.
Any harm. All history is sex and violence, nothing's ridiculous to On writing. Thrillers in the old bull bulldog, Drummond John Buchan. why? When life is so come up so fast passes, section bondage physics, when you find it almost gas lizzie takes a drink raw He has one girl book of rocks then, and that's why yeah, I think, that's a he's a bachelor and he moves around the world pretty rapidly, and I don't see any great harm in that myself. Ian Fleming there In nineteen sixty nine there was remarkably frank and fascinating interview was field marshal montgomery of elements or monti, as he had been known in the second world war. He the person who accepted the unconditional german surrender at luneburg heath on the force of main nineteen, forty five, he tells why plumbing that debated that document to the imperial war museum born,
in eighteen. Eighty seven, he had fought in the western desert, tunis sicily and italy and part of the normandy landings by the fifth is he wasn't instantly recognisable public figure with his red bury badges and flying jacket when they met Roy put it to monty that his childhood was by modern standards, very spartan and very disciplined. Yet it was and, of course my mother ran the herald house, my father it was a saint same still talk about on this earth. I worshipped him my mother, was a desperate aaron. She was my brain. She was sixteen and she had seventeenth birthday on our honeymoon and children began to appear, and she, the wife of a very busy london vicar, and shortly afterwards I've. A bishop Annie, there's no time to attend to the children. Were she didn't know how to do it because she was so young. So will you, a rebellious boy. I was very rebellious.
then when I mother demanded discipline for me, refused to give in I said my own took my beating continue story, that's interesting, one that I was but one day in the garden smoking I didn't want to smoke But I just thought I would smoking cigarettes behind the bush or something, and I was caught and taken into the house, and my father heard about this, and he took me into a little chapel which we had in the house. And we know it down and he paid to the night. I might be forgiven so dreadful sin and invest in silence And then I thought that the measure was settled deal body had accepted meyer sought or not at all. When we opened the door and went out there with my mother with a cane, she thought or more flare connection is needed as well. I got baden
I took it that I think the point is whether that monthly say to me. What makes you tick? I think what makes me tick was, as I absolutely refused to give in when I thought I was that there was no need to offences. My mother said to me once bernard you will sign the pledge. I Never will I signed a pledge, I dont want to drink, I don't drink and I'm not gonna signed a pledge. Never the sort of thing was to which I think no they're. My character, I like to think it did and was good for me, is on both sides of your family, the wood churchmen, their civil servants, traders, no militarism to a wider, do decide to be a soldier. Was it a sudden decision? Well, I think
as far as I can remember, I wanted to be a soldier when I was quite young about five or six and then I think it's finally became finalized when the time of the by war- and I saw the soldiers going or to the boat well in that red coats. Of course, in those days- and I hear the staff for me now- that was very unpopular indeed with my family, who wanted me for the church as well, which I assume, because I was like my father in face that I must I must be a clergyman when I got some polls and they said to I could in london what what you're going to be? I said to seljuk: yes, you'll have an excellent school record. It's in the polls not quite sure the good one. It sounded well high school Listen balls was very good on on the game side on the academic. Sided wasn't said, god sand, No, being a year and a half and finally
I passed out for private, which it all right then, the army in india in edwardian days, I mean india was more equipped foot ceremonial duties them as a tough, a force fighting force. Think of me, those day, the army, I'd kinda duet with more amateur, there they didn't understand, that's why with a serious business and alive, study. Nor did I get time of roma draw the picturesque form of so doing. You went as a young saddled and in georgia platoon into the first battle Well, I went as young sub item and charles opportune in august in forty which would dump river minds in the cattle and commanded my maternal for thirty men, and I went right through that work, Yes, you were badly wounded when I imagine wounded in the first battle of April, and I were taken back to an advance dressing station and I thought I was dead
and there was not so that who was dead and they dug two graves cause. I was just about to die, when I devoted than I didn't see it. in thirty nine you are back in france in command of a division. Had you anything clean yourself that all was. not as well as it seems that the allied equipment was wrong, that the overall tactics were wrong, that the french army was wrong, as I had an interesting point that I will explain it by saying that, too, were changed and it was minister, it came out to it say the arm in failed and am came one day to have low, with me at my divisional headquarters. This was about to jam whatever air without that winter? Nineteen forty and he said I don't think the germans would have tagged you and I said well, so you wait
vacant, montgomery evaluation or muncie ass. He was better than the desert island discs each week. A well known person has asked the question if you were to be cast away alone on a desert island which aid I'm a phone records. Would you choose to have with you, as you
while the castaways introduced by ripe lumley the way this week. Ladies and gentlemen, as one of the great men of jazz and a celebrated entertainer louis Armstrong, Such a view of the ever imagined yourself as a robinson crusoe cruiser Do you like yourself in that role? I never thought of it that way, but Other durable charm, live I played music. I didn't want to fool around with snakes and trees and all that no snakes, I'm a I'm a city boy after all, catch both an jazz, were born in new orleans. Louisiana right goes right, that's the way it should be worded as well. I always hear buddy boy we're on the sidewalk before they go into the family, but ah said the knight so we couldn't go. I never do youngblood looking around at play before I go in.
sergeant where an understatement. I need to call your child when underprivileged you were brought up in the back a time district enchanted. Dogs. When did you get a chance to learn music learn to play an well in the when I was in the office and my father's gun seller. in the new year's eve, just not issued they go in there, but it did seem to get caught is a different story. it is no longer an issue on which the girl colored wave home boys, another band waste they made me do the job. admit a bugle. Let's run out, really shy they couldn't. He didn't do not that I blew given cause. You know, you paid on the river bug. Still who'd band was their fate marbles ban, for nineteen nineteen and twenty one raised there.
Before the canal street doing the winner, and then we got the river on the web, Davenport Iowa, We have wasted the experiment he had just coming up with these come on about You ve become unless new ways to sit around I blow a little when I find out he could play the piano in a miss. That was a great leveller good one, The first break you had Ass a musician joining Oliver wasn't. They go wherever done in music was my bridge. look back. There lived to allow him good tab. players place when they want to get up. Isn't little lure in my plane. I love it. You know nobody wailed on in twenty bouts, I dunno AP about a way to eat. Cabbages.
The jazz giant that was Louis Armstrong. Sacrament speaking to roy in nineteen, sixty eight teaches five of asean recordings, including what a wonderful world also chosen by, among others, kindly maneuver, nickel, kidman kitty to canada, frank bruno John! Please, will you twice annex persons and ass. luxury Louis Armstrong took his trumpet does the sixties. Selection comes to an end. Let me just remind you that we have just added new programmes to our archive among an interview with lady diana cooper, socialites, writer and sometimes silent movie star. It is a real window on a very special fix slice of social history. She describes an the classic life and what she says is a vanished age, a grand, father was the duke of rutland and lived in beaver castle. In the day when they had neither electricity nor a bathroom, and she says there were enough staff in the kitchen to make a choir for
knows what reasons all the references to her musical choices have been edit it out of the audio, but here is just a brief taste of the conversation, Do you think london has changed very much for the worst? Yes, no misled into enormously. I think it's terrible that they didn't put all those huge buildings on the other side of the river and make I made new new york, which would have been very fine making all pretty has its incidence pathetic. Pygmies hadn't? Oh yes, I think it's change credit look here. Having been a swinging teenager yourself, you think they're overdoing it today, it's too difficult a question. I don't think. I know this is tell me. I was swinging then, and I didn't know it. By those because they need either I don't
there. I think they're, all right, we'll! That's! if lady diana cooper and as with all the newly discovered archive that's audio, can be fined, listen to and on who did ass bbc, don't go. Don't uk slash desert distant. Do let us know which is your pic of the archive and why using the hashtag de idee- Seventy five: it's I'm from other one of my favorite encounters from my ten use, presenting I had long been an admirer of dames. Ah ha ha deeds architecture, the london and twenty twelve aquatic centre Glasgow's riverside museum, the beyond you car manufacturing plant in leipzig and the cultural centre in baku as by John they're. Just a few with her iconic masterpieces. Two time. Winner of the sterling prize, she was the first woman to win the queen Elizabeth, idle for architecture and part of an elite strata of so called stock attacks. She arrived
looking every inch, the doyen of contemporary modernism and elegance. She explained where it all began. I was a very curious child and I saw in the best of my parents- are the time as questions, but I think my parents alarming to be by independent and very young age and develop my own taste and my own way of a king and saw I were I'm very grateful to them as you were growing up in those early years in baghdad in the nineteen fifty swore what was expected of young women, what did people think that little girls would go on to do to become architects and doctors, you know, I think, there's a misconception about that society. Actually, I'm in women were very liver. How you know I'm in all my friends. Having a single friend from Iraq, who was in the profession
and what about your mother than what was heard life now you as our housewife, but you know she was away strong woman and very opinionated- and She was the one who taught me to draw, but she also great eye she has great taste. she was always very nice, addressed I'm gonna satisfy me, we're like honest like hollywood actresses, you, We are a notably glamorous and flamboyant dresser yourself. You are wearing the most exquisite shirt and you've got brilliant jewelry. Do you think that you are describing your mother there? Do you think people be borne with an eye. Is it something you and lately I mean? I think I know I think also acquired. you see things you learn from people? My my there's a colony carmen miranda and because I always used to buy a funny things and wanted to
The funny things on my head and nobody knows carmen miranda. Who is you? No? Yes, we did, but I was watching tv the other day and there was a comedy miranda combination, thought that was common to miranda. She says ain't lying like that. You know just be elegant and whatever I mean annesley My parents, wanted me to me, lady, like my father, I mean, play the piano do ballet. You know a laser, always with each other. Then, I want to do something else, but father. Always it is ok, So you were born into this. It was a sunni muslims, family by tradition. It was a secular family in the way it lived its life and you were taught by roman catholic nuns. What impression it out now, as you and I were assigned me, I shall write christine oddy. Jewish. I didn't even know I was muslim till I was six. As an announcement, as course but
sk. I would one day that my parents are not crossing about and I asked them and they said well, you know we're not christian, and I said, but why should I do this? Of course I went to school, I said I'm not gonna. Do it and bad my parents, anguish is trouble making. So in honesty. There was absolutely no difference, sunday share in either all the same. Unless the iraq I loved- and I know you know, let's have some more music as a hyades at this is your fault, choice me bit about this Harry nilsson everybody's talking about me. and why have you to say as one of my favorite films ever cowboy
and I love song about asked people stop. I can't see the face.
This sounds zens sums doomsday that was adele and someone like you and decent have, since it is a heartbreaking song. I owe you a romantic person, maybe. never been married ever been tempted I'm sure, when I'm eighty five miranda regretted that
ma am not against marriage, I mean, but for people I just didn't for myself. I didn't happen. What do you think The biggest misconception about you is. as you know, people say I mean the fund you to be very solicitous and chatty and open to day and people say about you that you know you're, you're, tough and you have a temper nonsense. I think, is my shy side because I don't like overdue flattery and complementing they almost in a shrewd because a so used to people. You know asked king and all that they think it's wrong not to do it, but we need I clearly do think you are judged a lot more harshly because you are a woman in a profession. That does not think so. I am, and they say I mean I don't.
air of the time. What people say or think. So I do what I like in it we were not used to that if bothers me, and to pull off. but I know I'm not nasa to be when I'm very nice to have actually I'm too nice. That's that's the truth. Are you saying that with your tongue in your treatment? I am acting the advantage of all the time to people, people who say these things about me. They don't know me. You have Of course, this formidable professional reputation, you were made a dame in twenty twelve. You recently been awarded the riva gold medal to what extent no do you feel you are part of the establishment. I don't know anything funny astonishment. You still feel outside no I'm not outside I'm on that kind of edge I'm dangling there
that doesn't sound like a comfortable position and not quite like it, I'm not ngos, establishment per se, I just do what I do and that's it. The latest dames, ah ha ha deed, confounding expectations to the last and its often. Indeed, at the last moment the castaways come a cropper, the question of which luxury to choose can be avoided. Next? One. And your luxury locally supplied. Well, I guess that's got to be an inanimate luxury configure, another human being with me, turn in male or female either got chooses shortwave radios. I'm not sure you're allowed that either here not
Well, because, then, that defeats the whole object of having eight records, because then you could listen to lots of other music on it. Well, that's precisely why I chose it, and what about your book? You've got the bible and you've got shakespeare which booker you take the complete works of william morris. He embodied what me is true: socialism is pump building beauty. Is there any one section of it, you'd like better than the other, because I'm not really allowed to give you a complete notice supreme works? Well, may. The collected works now can't have that we'd better come just have one in poland. I want to take with me and not for the reasons you shall imagine, a mirror will watch the other reason I want to take vera for lighting fires roy and for sending flashing messages to passing ships. Could I take flagpole with you think, a flagpole yes and the union jack and run run up when I pick up with a mirror attached to the bottom of no no mirror. I would take a stick of the very
Best marijuana I could find- and I would save it for years and hope it didn't get too stale. I know I would have one opportunity, the smoke of only one inside wavelength, the day on a desert island when The conditions were right. This is a legal misdemeanor. Well here we are probably go. The voices there of norman mailer russell by the castle and sir robin D, you listening to desert island discs at seventy five on bbc radio for extra time out. pop on our high wasters and platform boots and head into the seventies, although, given that this size of archive is from the first female leader of the opposition here in the uk, maybe a pussy cat boone. Pals would be more in keeping the rest of their important to you as music. It's What I go to when I want to take refuge in something completely different whenever want to get it
asian worries go from the very logical life that I've lived and I've We've been trained to live to a different depths of experience, how Could you manage in practical sense as a cost? Where did you ever go camping? No I haven't had much experience of camping and I just a little bit worried about hunger to manage, but I am pretty practical. You could put on I'm going to shelter you I think so I do like doing things as my hands, so I think I would just about be all right, I'm quite a fast learn. Would you tried to escape. I don't think so, because a desert island just all sounds very much of an island and I'm cautious by nature, and I would I hope that some would come a rescue me, my dreams, because that way, the right. Honourable Margaret thatcher was interviewed by roy in nineteen. Seventy eight as a school, what we are ambitions? Mrs Thatcher, why
Did you set your heart on going up to oxford? I had this strange ambitions in mind church live. I remember mission was coming and talking to us of that experience and I remember that in the Many I wanted. to go into the has existed. Then The indian civil service, because there was a tremendous desire to serve- and I To do that, you had to go to university, the quite apart from that. You know the opportunity to go to university was to a chance almost undreamed of my father, never done it, and I was I was quite good at school and so it was assumed that I would try to go to university. The subject was marked out for me and so it seemed perfectly natural and What was the oxen well. Cambridge were to me world
I heard about, and it's always a good thing to aim for the top, and I did so a scholarship to some of the college and you re chemistry and what was your I just drove, Job was in a factory making plastics and it was in the development section we would do nothing new plastics at making them through the pilot stage and then thinking what they could be used for and weather could be sold sometimes tease, some of my labour members of parliament, friends as you know, I've had more experience of working in a factual knew? You went to work for loans afterwards afterwards? Yes, that is food processing and processing and control- and I also did a bit of research work there into it's called surface chemistry you hadn't
nagging ambition to take a lord agree. How does not tie up with chemistry. I went about a lot with my father. As you probably know, and when he went to sit on the magistrates bench, I you to go along in their school holidays with him, and I met there a person who is the chairman of the bench, a silk. There were cases in those days kisses now. Who wasn't my other channels, avenge had to be a lawyer and I, talk to him and realise that law itself was being a very great fascination for me, in the year to seventeen sang to him, but you see I'm already on the side by side change. Now, as you said, that Don't worry. I took a physics degree at cambridge. I start that way and he said the same to do finish your chemist degree and there do law
And be able to afford just do another degree but work at it in your spare time because The fund is a hell branch of law for which you need both sides. Debate and a law degree? that's the broncho low dealing with patents will a lot was too. Before you were called to the bar before Talk about all that much have another record watch next. What's next, were I just cannot? live without some humour that and I loved dry humor, there's a marvellous record, its imagination of what happened. Had walter raleigh been able to ring up and unarmed says he made a discovery of tobacco, its bob new hot. You can show it put it in a. I or you can shredded up put it on a piece of paper.
and roll it out, not dolly while, but I like it anywhere, I hold new house with introducing two beckoned to civilization, one of the choices of the late lady censure, the hollywood star. Lauren Bacall was known for her sensationally sultry luke's and distinctive voice was cut off too hot wood aged just seventeen, her debut film role, was in to have and have nots opposite humphrey bogart, who she described as a good actor, but not my type. Roy asked her if at first she saw herself more as a dancer than an actor. Now, I saw my I mean I I first want to
about arena and then, of course, I realized at a very early age as with the help of a announcement of a famous russian teacher named Michael Morgan, who had been a dancer We didn't have a feat force. I was just in case pain when I was on point No Margo fontaine. I know you went to the americans. Had we dramatic got but money ran out after only one year when you lived with her any jobs going, Well now I mean I was hoping that give me a scholarship, but they needed they needed young man more than they needed girls, so they they gave us. To the males, I'm afraid now started to telephone, We can, then I went, went into modeling because I had modeling on seventh avenue, because I had to make some kind of money and the usual thing up and down the agent stairs and all since you had one good idea to sell the other papers outside of theatrical restaurant outside saudis. Yet
so that your face got sword familiar. That shows that I was crazy from the very beginning. Doesn't it I was just determined that I was going to be noticed as I was going in and out of those produces offices. Pond payments looking for work, and I decided that I was not just going to be one of the actresses. That was just that. Oh yes, come back tomorrow, I'll come back next week or whatever, and I said they're going to a member may somehow differently alive prevail, upon them. The man, the published actors, q, as actors magazine giving tips as to what was being cast an eye. So outside of saudis. During my lunch hour, I would come up my garments. Eta, russian, what we have got the act. Askew stand in front of saudis and buttonhole anyone that I recognized at all, hoping they would never forget me, your food wriggled worse than me, Sir John gear, good reading a sonnet from It is a man why? Because I have seen the reduction of ages of man. I saw it several times because I john gear good on the stage
personally and because its- is a record of such variety that on that island I could go from youth, led to old age, and I could not mine imagination, run wild my mistress eyes and nothing like the sun cod. Is far more red than her lips read it oh, be white. Why, then, her breasts done if it be wires. Black wires grow on her head I have seen roses damask. And white, but no such rosy cia in her cheeks and even some Perfumes is the more delight that, in the breadth and from my mistress reeks, I lie to hear her speak well. I know that music other far more pleasing sound. I and I never saw a goddess go, my mistress when she walks trades on the ground and yet by Heaven
I think, my love as rare as any. She belied with false. Compare so gale good? Now you launched with a terrific publicity barrage. What would your first picture? The look there. You were looking sexually from under your eyelid, whose idea was that It was that this was the studios rather desperate thing. Are we going to launch this girl? Now? No, no, no! No! No! No! You ve got it all wrong. wasn't the studio at all was howard, it hawks, but it also was because I was a nervous reckon because eyes to shake all the time now. I only shake some of the time, but in order my head. Still I discovered that if I held my chin down, I was able to keep my head a bit steadier and then I looked up at bogart and that
became the look that combined with howard hawks displacement of the camera and angle, and all and then he decided that he liked it. That's why we didn't hear, but that was that wasn't the studio I told you roy a wonderfully assertive lauren buckle back in nineteen. Seventy nine when clean to pray, was castaway in nineteen. Seventy seven roy interviewed her in what he describes as amuse house, not far from hyde park in choosing her disk? She says her aim was to bring my friends with me to the island, her mother, had been a professional musician to an stood the love of the chilean, her daughter by composing her pieces and creating pictures to accompany them. She would then- Leave them by her daughter's bed at night. jackson was aged just for when she first heard the cello and immediate, he told her pins. She wanted one. Roy asked her when she played in her first professional concert.
The giving of concept when I was six, but I cannot remember where, except it was in london and it in a whole retired a lot of paintings which had to be covered. because they were of nude feed as this was not considered proper for a six year old to see. But that was fascinated what your second record goes to be problems, so not for children piano this, because my first meeting with my husband was at a party I have just returned from abroad, Intensely shy, and this very vital. Entirely. None shippers and walked in took look at me in you, don't look like a musician settled. If there's any one thing to do, take out my cello, so we sat down and it becomes a minor and it was as if we ve known each other or our lives has absolutely nothing to say well my sex.
record was going to in fact be the bronzy minus another with a husband but since then we have listened to the servant of the F major, so manners had a strange transformation, become F major road mentioned your husband name. It is a good day, better, but it happens to be careful the
the opening the slow movement of the Brahms f, major china, sonata barenboim and do pray, gleam in July. Seventy one it was announced that you had nervous exhaustion and what the gate,
for young women said: oh poor girl she's been overdoing it back in the constant all the following year. But for a few months, and we realise that it, it wasn't just nervous exhaustion. No, it turned out in fact Multiple sclerosis, which has rather taunting and abusive symptoms that can suddenly presented. in a certain form and then take itself off leaving free of the symptoms for while struck you down right at the peak of your career, it must have taken a tremendous this effort to come to terms with it does take. This effort, because one is naturally very frightened by it and I was very frightened bite. It took me time to come to any kind of grips with what had happened But then I can say that in this sense I am lucky, because the cello repertoire is small.
I had done most of what I loved and I can look back on a full musical sadistic life. Some excellent accordingly, and you are very busy teaching, I'm quite busy teaching now it's something I realize thy. I love very much and, to my surprise, and Ratification, I'm able to put into words what I I'd say I thought previously. Did you need my instruments to illness? eight what I was trying to get over to this too but I can do it in words, and this gives me great pleasure, jack enterprise luxury was pen and paper because she said her latest kick was right in poetry because of her illness. She was allowed to break that golden desert island discs rule and take her husband, Daniel barenboim, to the island. With her she died, age just forty two in, over nineteen, eighty, seven and through
the years her legendary recording of l, guys china concerto, has been shot. and by many other castaways as one of their discs. You listening to desert island discs at seventy five on bbc radio for extra. It's time for another of my personal picks from the archive and in twenty twelve. I was delighted to castaway still hoffman his track list of twenty arrived the day before. We would use record, but thankfully, by the time he arrived in the studio, it had been whittled down to the requisite aids. For me, pies. I find it an utterly fascinating and counter the star of the graduate midnight cowboy all the president's man, medicine man, kramer versus kramer See rain man and many more hit movies was in a pretty thoughtful mood born. In early in nineteen thirty seven, his father had in fact spent some time working, colombia, columbia pictures I asked
certain? To tell me a little bit more. My father was a very serious young man who had done. I guess what turnout. To be delusions of grandeur whatever, because he came to allay from chicago with no money in fifty dollars, which was probably a lot of money during the depression, with my elder brother, my mother and her mother, and I wasn't born yet. I have a photograph of him building helping to build one of the freeways, in LOS angeles, with his shirt off holding a shovel with a bunch of other guys, but some he was able to yet? out of drive to get himself to colombia. Pictures before I was born and he got a job as an assistant prop man, and then a prop man and an assistant set decorate and they said decorator, and then he was fired from. Mrs I've never learned. He was to be a directory. All told me much later spent lunchtimes watching frank capra direct and he loved frank capra.
Then he was fired and he went from set decorating into selling furniture and he was willy loman in a sense, as one of the reasons I wanted to do death of a salesman at when you did it on broadway, indeed to great acclaim, he came to what he can and to see it as very nervous whose of good questions kirsty, and I was very nervous- and he came back so I was hoping he wouldn't put it together. You know that I was Your comment on him and the first thing He said to me in the makeup room: he boy guy. Some loser forgotten Are you able to loot? Did you look away to do? That's very poignant. Moment is yes, my father didn't have a happy time of it or, as you said, We follow miles I'll say a word. You made a blip off from the bbc, but we had the same birthday. So when I was fifty, he was eighty.
And we were walking on the beach actually and we stopped- and I said Dan you're eighty today and I'm fifty do you have any words you can give me and he looked at me and said, yeah, it's all bullshit around walked away. So he lived as a sort of thwarted. Man did he he he had anger in yes, as a little boy. You you were the funny guy. You were the guy in class. Who would make people laugh is that is that right words are kind way of putting it. I was bad student and those days, I would be called. You are you're you're, a real comedian, which was a nice way of saying you're a loser. Did you feel like a loser or, to say the least, your families? Will your father's fortunes as a salesman, and indeed that you know this'll hit home with plenty? People who are salespeople in life goes up. Life goes down, so you would move in and out of neighborhoods you moved schools are not that's a significant thing for a child to move schools. I didn't think of it.
Are you a therapist, because I need one in london at any time to any time for free, but what was the impact on the world or that moving around the reason It was which I didn't know the tires. My father was always dreaming of being a living lifestyle in which wasn't real. Didn't have the money to move to beverly hills and he and he we would move to beverly hills any lasted six months before he went bankrupt and then we'd move somewhere else. It was always trying to improve his lot in life, this fascinating character, my father. As indeed was the sun. Another of my favorite castaways, Dustin, hoffman, reflective and hugely likeable talking to me back in twenty twelve. Had the eighties now and the very first visit of a member of a royal family to the island. It was nineteen, eighty one and it works her royal highness princess markers being cast away
after her, you hear from Chechnya, whose Russell hearty recorded at the ideal home exhibition and then Roy travels to northumberland and the hum of the novelist catherine cooks and but first I princess fewer people suffered more than you from wild and inaccurate and irresponsible press stories, especially in foreign papers. Can you at the more you will find them aggravating I found it. extremely aggravating. Of course, absolutely invented lag. Sometimes they all correspond can laugh at them with one's friends but term ever since the age of seventeen I've been missed report and miss ripley. and did a lot of it is beneath contempt and of course you can't keep on issuing denial. Whether not denying rarely usually inaccurate, on your back to music, want record number seven
Well, this is a record question draft code. I think back. Nineteen forty eight allows a young thing crash enjoying life called rock rock Roy They go there. Ah ha ha again started in Kansas city. They played over nine stand and landed in a sea of people yield not russell gore, lancaster, new you're from blackburn. I'm your father cell fruit and vegetables in you, helped him willingly very unwillingly. Finally, I was pressed going into helping with the tea jugs on the coffee jobs I could never work out change properly. Decentralization was an immense relief to me because I couldn't workout pantry parents, or even
weights and measures terribly well and others. I lost my mom and dad got a fair amount of money. what else have I found out about you? You used to go to the music hall with your father every week to the blackburn grand yeah, who are your favorites? Who am I efforts were not mills and Bobby. I played Bobby to not mills two weeks ago, which is a great joy for me. as I once saw charlie chaplin. This is driving back a bit in the mists of history and I once saw Hetty king. You say geology grounds here to block them using making us also? He was making a real chance to come back in about nineteen. Thirty seven. Did you do that? Yes, it's a vital to cross the stage and through a stick around and mustachios there did you go to the street theatre to know never at all My first venture into striped theater was quick clearly this grammar school blackbird, where I played a part part of the villain in the tempest and the,
evening, telegraph of black said my performance bore. No relation to anything else is going on the stage. At that moment, almost cabaret turn in it of its own Terrible destruction to the rest of the people with that for a serious purpose was that after you taking your elocution lessons with the mrs marks or before I didn't really want to talk about, as acute illnesses because they were concentrations in our until they had no effect to my sister discovered that there was bedrooms does is very bouncy bad. If it wasn't your turn to be executed, go down on the bed of the three shillings rebalancing lava beds and qatar about now? who belong to a gang. Where do meet mentioned. It to place in the arab shelters, which were very smelly this because dog, Use them a lot,
we had a little gang of our own, then we used orange boxes to furniture and we had deep and dark initiation ceremonies. You were very popular socially, I mean you used to tie door. Knobs together of neighbouring houses, just got to go nick knocking are we allowed to say that nigga go to a snake? Knocking me is one two those with together in a terrorist wrote with secret in october, not tie the two from both as particularly, if you didn't like the people who live there, you type together with road and then buying hard on each door and run away and hit ever gotten much than us out your challenge, each other with dares to do outrageous things. What was your best contribution? I can't talk about that because they were sort of.
Minor adventures into into incipient sexuality. Yes, and I think twenty five minutes past six, the ideal home exhibition, you wouldn't want to hit a little bit more than you know. Let's avoid that not you went to the grammar school was your idea to go on to university. He was a kind of drift don't you know, I mean all. My friends were clever alone a lot whatever than I understand it there. All going off to us from cambridge nine, never into my head that I should not do that when actually passed an entrance exam into extra college. Oxford, my mother and father were yawned a little. Instead of dear me, it's going to we're going to have to buy him a teapot, because you have to take a teapot with you and some clean sheets. You have to have for a scholarship to cambridge, which you fail, but you got one talks, but in a spirit of settling for second best score on the next record. Thank you very much, I presume that you went to another place. Do you did
My next record is a record of george formed a singing when I'm cleaning windows, because when we first got posh at home and my father brought our first vote, car. We used to go out on a sunday afternoon. They were, we would all sit around at the tip. At lunchtime on Sunday said: where shall we go this afternoon? My mother would say: let's go look at beryl dean now, barrel d. was george form and therefore this house rhythm. Sometimes under we got into the corner That's it on sunday afternoon drove overlooks deposit acting to break on the front lithium states that have not gay. Is this stuff, then came back again, so I'd like to hear george singing when I'm cleaning windows
now I go when the plane in do an anonymous. Bob, far knows and jump. When said that, just send me a wind leaning. You may then be what I can say when lane and when the moon rose to say that we had mason rise that things they knew when I'm clean and windows, and my thanks for this week visiting a fascinating hers in north africa. From the windows. One can see Adrian's war and there's a very picturesque. of the river time under a forest. And fell in the distance. It's the house of a novelist author of over sixty romantic,
and historical novels, Catherine cookson Mary call. You Roy, please do occur I just wanted, nor be please I'm gonna put you up straight away. While I do not like that word. Romantic I see a romance anything goes everything's gonna be larger than life, but in a novel you ve got to be realistic and I am very realistic, Catherine. This is your native country. Isn't it you come from tyneside? Yes, yes, and you are to make my london in Childhood you new poverty and very much. and you never knew your father know I did and then those days of course, get him. Is he had a kind of stigma? Yes, it certainly had is Your mother brought you up. She went out to it very much so, yes, you have both inside and outside the EU
fourteen hours a day as a result of which she had an unfortunate character. Fold. Yes, Kate had one fault: she liked the temple and that upset me very much. I think that I must have been highly sensitive? what other children could put up with their parents drinking. But to me it was a great shame that might well. I didn't consider her. My mother, you see he was our kate. For years I thought of ass. My sister and it wasn t until I was seven years old and discovered that she was my mother but quarter. Our kate That is a shame sort of increased. I knew our catering but she was only a sister didn't matter, but when she was a mother and she drank that became unbearable and that feeling This was the years so didn't diminish. I didn't see it. Different light, as I got into my teams, did you sometimes? Bed hungry no. No, I never did. It was always food.
It is often the was drink. The rent repaid by those two necessity. As was seen to, will you wear your bright at school? No, Why certainly wasn't? I certainly wasn't by because I was full of fear. I feared to drink cave and from I was seven and a half. I was taken away from the protestant school. The only schools which are is happy and I was made to go to the catholic school because that'd be grand. I said after knowing the faith I didn't take me away from there to just learned face. It was so I could go to church it should prefer? The saudis can be a penny on a sunday and see it as a penny for the play it safe, see a player may see it and you know, there's no justice. And what used to finish up the scene hear me, die happy death and any did die, happy death. And I remember a kid cry: when he went and she had looked after from for ten years
and she should have rarely she should have had a brass band out producing, but she cried. He had he's good point zero. I looked back and saw a terrible time. Yes, but there were these bright moments that shine above them now the late catherine cooks and talking to rely in nineteen eighty four The following year would be boy plum, final, as host of desert island discs by the time of his. es on may twenty eightth. He had presented one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven programmes bringing to an end and error that had lasted an astonishing forty three years. castaways introduced by Michael parkinson.
Autobiography can be stranger than fiction indeed, would take a novelist of exceptionally imagination to invent a story. Extraordinary as our castaways uneven, became closed the chances, are you wouldn't be believed? it goes to waste the first volume of autobiography called. I know why the caged bird sings was a best seller, both here and in her native america, her fifth volume Gold all godchildren need travelling. Shoes has just been published The books begin with a child growing up with prejudice and abuse in the american south an end in Ghana, where the adult six, a home coming in what she might just be the promised land in between time, she had been a writer stripper political activist, waitress, editor, singer actors and a dancer and a few more things. Besides, she is my eyes. Blue mile are going to put you on this desert island with his eight records. Now I assume coming from where you did to only deep south america that music in bed-
has played a very significant part in your life. Very yes, when you first remember it's influence. How old will you be? Oh, probably about four or five? My grandmother had a wonderful voice. And she sang in church She had seen around the house unless He was asked to say if them I'd, ask her mama Would you please saying sits in angolan girl? You know mama can say, if you'd leave. Her alone said open this make office and voice up and put it Add in the air like hot gold, you know let melting gold. It seemed to me maya angelou described herself as mutes at the age of eight michael astor, the circumstances were that had led To not speak, and I should warn listeners that this stock and violence, tail thirty dreadful
when I was seven and a half I was raped by my mother's boyfriend,. and the rapist was killed. Policeman told my grandmother, my mother's mother, with him I was staying that damn the man had been kicked death data. And I heard that. and somehow, with my seven and a half year old logic, I decided that my voice had killed him that big as I told who did it matter, voice was the culprit. and so I decided that I'd better. talk because any body whose name I called who heard me
might die, so I stopped No wonder that last. Now five years and what rescued you from that silence? Poetry. I loved t and the woman in my town, black lady started at about eight, to reading the books in the library I kept a tablet and abbot right hamlet whenever anybody ask me anything schools because mama my grandmother own most of the land and lots of their land, rather bad people It couldn't be too unkind. You know I was here california, grand baby I'll, go, out of her hearing, they would say things to me about me like this
It's the shame. Sister Henderson's california, grandarter done governmental brutes that Finally MR flowers. This lovely lady had me bitter has. I was about almost twelve and she would ask me about things: red, and what did I like a mad right and ceased do you, think you like poetry, you dont, like poetry. Well, I couldn't believe you see new, I loved it. Just now you don't like put. I was writing variously. I love it. Does it you'll never like it until you speak it until you feel it come across your time through your teeth over your lips. You win ever love poetry. I ran out of the house. I ran to the store. She came to the store and cheaply did a finger at me, which is it
very serious thing: lack of a black americans we have, As saying that goes from Jesse jackson to this, Y know on the street corner. Don't put your finger on my face? That is very serious. she pointed the finger at me, which is I mean she knew better but to really shocked me. She said you dont, like poetry continued arresting me four months until Emily. I went under the house and I tried to speak poetry. and I had a voice. And then said, mrs flowers and poetry returned my voice to me. Maya, angelou speaking to some Michael parkinson in ninety, eighty seven mike presented ninety six additions before handing on the back onto sue lowly in nineteen. Eighty eight in september of he or she interviewed someone she described as elusive
the writer of walking guides to the lake district, Alfred wainwright. declined to go far from his lackland home, let alone anywhere near london, where he had been once in his life, but eventually he agreed to be interviewed in manchester on condition, that is journey home, took in the famous harry Ramstein, sufficient chip restaurant on the edge of leads unusual four castaway win professes. No special fondness for music The islands. I think I should make it quite clear that music has never played an important part in my life. Never been an inspiration to me. Rather, an irritation very often. The of a mountain stream, the twittering of birds. the rustle of leaves in a forest in autumn? Sound the wind sighing crush a mountain tops, that's music to me,
When I was? I understand it? The young, Alfred Wainwright was a bit of a terrible clogs destined not to go to the cotton mills are right. Having I must admit that a petition. I did very well at the board school said you what to go to be central school in the middle of the town, maternal, consider all apprehension such naughty. cloth to learn, not love nor shoes I find it extremely well and came first in every subject in the first year that wasn't me money coming in at home. I wanted to help out, And. The age of thirteen. There was an advert in the local paper for office boy in the town hall, an apple
to that end got it, whereas everybody else it I knew was going into the cop. I wouldn't have lie How much did you get a week to him? Yes, magnificent, some. started fifteen shillings a week? And I was only thirty years old and I remember running all away on the town, my mother. Time. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and marketing in the mind of oil in the kitchen downstairs MC us to make things. May chad taken wash from random or after one members. So that was sad let's move onto to nineteen thirty when you age, twenty three and you took your first holiday away from home more about a job I have not heard a lot about the lake district,
Until then had been a world away, around sixty miles between us, did is everybody Tom. I went up to our instead, which overlooks windermere. I just can't believe such beauty can I use is made of all the world to me that the change my undecided man, this is a place. I wanted to live near forty, one On a platform german candle, the town all in campbell, I've got it was the beginning of the next part of your life. You thirty four years old and at last you manage to get to live in the place where your heart was in the lake district, but you still haven't written anything more than a government report at this stage at you know, no, not really
when did you decide on this project to write all about the latest such data I was trained as an account. When I came to the lake district, I had a golden opportunity of getting out get on the phone and all other word many people working in those days. I was always when across people. No no guide most of them and it was important they should do so more from my amusement than anything else. I started to write the guide books, when I'm an old man- and I don't want the hell- these will be memories. For me,. I finish the first volume after two years working every night, really got obsessed by? What are you doing. I was able to illustrate that withdrawing was able to give
Features not the natural features in the mountain, roots of assent. The ridge reached. next one review summit when the long night one after another. indeed the first two hundred pages, I thought maybe The use of other people, I met Half a dozen people see you and they all without exception set. You ought to get this publish you used. The word upset, Just now I mean it was a kind of obsession. Wasn't it must do We need to do, and I did. Nothing much to me accept yet in these books done I had a single track mine and it ended,
finally, when my wife walking out and taking the dog- and I never saw it again and did you blame her- not at all, don't know, she's stuck it for thirty odd years,. Your eighty one is old. Now, do you still walk, alas? No, no. Now unfortunately my eyes, a gun at milan to three issues. I mean I always counsel people to watch whether they're putting their feet on the tour of mountain tracks. Now the last time I did a foul pouring wind tat. stumbling and slipping all over the place, and it wasn't me My glasses was misted. Mercosur put me on that.
Last time under the foe what teams format that there never stop. The.
that was the choice of the former leader of the national union of mine workers arthur scoggin? He was interviewed by sue in nineteen. Eighty eight, just three years after the end of the minor strike timber. father. He was a minor yes, he was. There has been a lifelong communist as well my father in many ways it was the very opposite of my mother, my mother, Strictly non political, my father was very political. Indeed, and I was brought up in a household filled with love, but also filled with this sum- marvellous contradiction, my mother, I used to go to church and my father. He used to go to the communist party meeting into the meetings of the national union of mine workers. Were there lots of arguments in the house? Oh no, there were no arguments in the house for nearly enough. My mother's totally support. My father absolutely loved him and of course it was reciprocated, but I found that I used to have a lot of discussions and my father, although he never
try to persuade me to adopt his political persuasion. He best that I make my own mind and it wasn't till? I was about fourteen that I, Esteem. If I could go to a political meeting with him say what was it like that that first descent into your your father's habitat, if you don't. The first day at work was almost indescribable. I remember walking the patriotic woolly, which is a car. To the north of bonds and it dank dark morning and I was into the engineers office to await the big coming along the robust six of his waiting Andy duly came into the office about ten minutes to six, I was wearing a port pie hot This is what we got here: what we agree, of course, with six you unless you were terrified He told his assistant to take takers down into the screens a scream was there an area where you had a job, picking out the rock from the cold ass. It went,
than a conveyor belt, and we want It was the pit yod down. Some steps under some very dark areas and then does more steps to an area which I can only describe as being compatible to dump inferno the dusk so. Thank you couldn't see. More than about a foot or to foot in front of you and the noise was so intense that I actually learned within the space of three weeks to speak with sign language. I had to exist in an atmosphere for newly here and sit and a tremendous influence on the way that I reacted towards the people. Is it others cargill, then, if being down pity is such a noisy as you describe? Why is it that it has such a romantic image? not being sexist? I suppose you ll be married. You have, amazing rounds, but you always go back. I think what it is is
there is a degree of comradeship in the mining industry that you'll not find anywhere else. Probably apart from say the the fishing industry and is because Closeness of the people- and the environment in which they work recall vividly with these young lads in real danger circumstances and feeling a simple, for them in them for me, so that to them if one of them was threatened. With anything said simply mother management. We saw it an attack upon ourselves and hope, quickly deduce spot amongst them These six young boys, you describe good on the pit with how quickly did you spot the what they needed was a piana leader somebody to stand up for them. I think relative liquid I mean I felt the d the second. Answers in which working were so appalling, they need a challenging, but tat would have
and when I went down the pit itself, I was working with a whole group of young lads and I found before the holiday period, everybody else in the pit when they finish were allowed to go home immediately wait until the holiday commencing, but for some split, able reason the young ones were not allowed to do this, even though the finish their work. They were compelled this data, and so the lads asked me happy the spokesman and I went the manages office, and it seems to me that the manages office was about through feet in length. It seemed to take me so long to walk across the room and the money she was sitting there, smoking a pipe. And is it what's thou and blood? And I said well I've come to represent all the lines in the pit. Bottom, oh hi, about what, as I explained to the case, and what would asking MR steel is for permission for us to go home when we've completed our work just today.
It says, the animals. I can't do that permission. and just everyone to the door said the debate. Rough, not all trade, anymore school d rather than here and I went out- and I thought. haven't, succeeded in those negotiations. And I suddenly realized you haven't said no, it simplicity could give us permission. and so when the time at the end of the shift to come out, I promptly them all out with the rest of the ban and everybody's astonishment. We all got paid out for wages and from that moment on, I was regarded as something of a champion in the pit isis. Cargill speaking to sue in nineteen. Eighty eight listening to desert island discs at seventy five on bbc radio for extra it's time. For me, Of my personal pigs from the archive them, The majority of our recordings take place at bbc broadcasting has in london, but for one of my most memorable, I travelled
my on more or burma, to talk to the opposition leader on sunday, She at her home in Napier door back in twenty twelve so having launched yourself then on on the political stage and unformed with your supporters. The analogy internationally for democracy. you began to campaign for elections that were coming in nineteen ninety, but before the elections themselves took place. Many of your supporters were soon to jail. And you yourself were put under house arrest. course you had no freedom. The only freedom you had was the freedom to think. What did you think That situation and ninety ninety. The first thing that I thought is a very quickly I just to house arrest. This is it a nice surprise. I didn't feel it a burden at all. I realized, then immediately that I was perfectly capable of living alone. What about communicating with your family back home? First, we did exchange letters. till they sense at all our letters- and I didn't like that- and I had
poems with my. How shall I put with my sick richie personnel, and so we stopped communicating prior to your house arrest. Also on one occasion you faced down the guns of the army. You walked among soldiers, we ve been given the instruction to shoot to kill. I wonder what it was that but gave you the nerve and the courage to do that. I'm very practical person dead, the captain who is threatening to shoot a stone said that he would shoot if we did move away from the centre of the road side thought one. Point in getting shot down simply because I wanted to keep the center of the road. So we moved side, but then he said what we it's great to shoot anyway. So I thought it was supposed to move back but didn't seem any point in sticking to the side of the road when we were going to get shot anyway. But we had to go through the line of soldiers. and many of them were the hands was shaking I dont think Did you really want to shoot a stone? There was
other points in two thousand and three, where you were again campaigning and ends. As I understand it, your car and your own to rush was surrounded by a mob of a couple of thousand people. Many of your supporters were killed on that day. Upwards of seventy people And you yourself insisted at one point to the driver that he should not pull away from the crowd and that you would stay where your supporters and, where your people, where that would not be most people's instinct. What aid were going to put the right straight first of all, I dont think there were thousands surrounding a cause and trying to beat us down, People have said seventy died, but we have never been able to get. This confirmed, fewer died. But what yes? I said that I wouldn't go when leave everybody else to be beaten by estimation. It was of a peddler situation. Where did the preserves come from players that strength from but I would see my upbringing most four and, of course, but this philosophy, my, but this way this well,
Also meditation, I never to meditate before I was placed under house arrest, constant meditation does heightened awareness. when you're getting angry, if example, so you know that you have to start controlling itself This is a great help in coping with what most politicians have to cope. yes, I'm immediately thinking of of the moment. Then, when you walk into the parliament building and you are surrounded by all of those general, who, over the years, have been responsible for so much of the punishment. that has been meted out to you and your fellow supporters and to look at the pictures, it's a woman with grace and serenity and dignity who is able to walk in there. Apparently without any rancor or ill feeling towards the men. That surrender is. Is that simply a caterpillar? Is that genuinely how you feel it's genuine, I'm fond of the army? People don't like me for saying that there are many who have criticized me for being what they call opposed to for the army very fast,
thing to be seen as opposed to curve for anything at this time of life. But I think the truth is that I am very fond of the army. Because I always thought of it s my father's army. You will be aware, of course, that that is a very controversial thing for you to see that he was yes, but I have to say this is the truth. I was taught that my father was the father of the army and all sources were his sons and therefore they were part of my family. the atrocities that have been meted out by the burmese military to the people, not just torture, but the use of child soldiers as young as eleven rape as a weapon of war. You will be familiar with all of these appalling things that have taken place of coin and it's terrible they ve done and I don't like what they ve done at all. But if you love somebody. I think you love her or him in spite of, and not paws off, and you always look forward to a time when the we'll be able to redeem themselves, does you're free
nature and the fact that you're comfortable looking them in the eye and shaking their hand, make them uncomfortable while didn't actually is and a lot of time shaking my hand I wish to date, but I and feel uncomfortable them time for some music was next well, then, just a piece of music which have never heard fought, and I'm not sure what I m going to like it or not. This is a first for does I'm in this. I am surprised and people ever to something we have never heard before. They never do that. Have chosen this for my personal, distant doctored emma, I asked her, which
it's music she'd like to choose- and she said the green green grass of home, and she explained to me that when she was working as a doctor in england, it used to remind her of burma, and I hope I like It- looks the same as step down from the train, the charities, it's good to touch the green, green grass.
Tom Jones, with green green grass, of whom one of the disks on uncensored cheese programme and yes, even though she hadn't ever heard it before she did at least seemed to enjoy it reach the nineties in our journey through seventy five years of desert island discs, the broadcasters journalist and renowned interrogator, sir robin day, was in his mid sixtys when sue lowly cost him away robin. I found it. very difficult to imagine you on a desert island. How are you going to cope with life in the raw? I don't know why you find it difficult to imagine me coping with life, does it either. Nor do I find it difficult To imagine myself in the roll state by that you made in the nude what You who cares web- I irish, wear whatever I have to wear, but I shall be rule all of time because of down debates and vegetation. I confined to make myself at an appropriate garment now, actual ice will cope. It's always been my motto: a knife to cope with, whatever difficulties are in front of and I shall make the best of of a good or a bad job. What would you be missed
these two escaped from over. and the noise and the television? the television to use wouldn't be a television set on the island because the television is awful. Even with you wanted, oh no, don't need enough. When are you mentioned peace, then robin what watching life brings you a sense of calm and well being. well, I don't know, I don't think I've ever enjoyed com and well being I like it. I like couple of noise and activity and and friends around me and argument, so What I miss in the desert island is music, a comforting We have very much so, but but music use they with words. We're gonna have several great voices of the programme of great voices: let's have the first, when what is it well just one- is- is from a very famous and favorite opera added to peace which would may the sense of having a party and lots of friends on us. Of lonely: beecham is this
this desert island and it's the drinking song from vat is love traviata sung by plus, he data, Mingo and ilona courtroom us. maybe.
Were you VERDI's drinking song, son by policy, do domingo from le Traviata Sir, Robin day was one of the great inquisitors of his day and must surely have interviewed the labour mp baroness castle of blackburn, who was eighty. When sue, constant away in nineteen ninety for many People of my age, Barbara, you were the first real woman mp up there in the cabinet, with the men holding the big offices, employment and transport, which was seen as a much bigger
already in the sixties. I think, were you aware of breaking the conventional female mood I mean. Was that part of what you set out to do or didn't think? Well, yes, I think I did not not as a gesture but instinctively. For instance, I was elected st pancras by the as one of the youngest members in nineteen thirty seven and they said. Oh, you go on maternity and child welfare committee has had. Why should I Married numbed, any children you'll go on it you're both. I wish it won't. You want gone, I said highway sewers and public works such got makes The city take. and so I never wanted a woman's job- I want job at the heart of all the problems of the world and of society, and I was lucky and the prime minister how Wilson, because he had one great characteristic which distinguished him from anybody other prime minister, I've known, certainly the present what he really believed in the
it is women and the potentiality women, nothing gave in greater pleasure than put a woman and job she hadn't done before that's. Why made me ministry of transport? I was the first ever woman to minister of transport in this country when she went first, minister of transport not to have a driving licence. Well, I don't no because they might have been earlier ones who were had schoeffer didn't cause, but certainly I couldn't dry and you can imagine did to them the men because from a woman who comes between a man in his car is risking your life that if she doesn't want that- really adding insult, but did you ever in those years when you started to achieve those high office is promoted, as you say, by wilson, and you know, you went on to employment and productivity, which very big job. Did you have perhaps occasionally dream of one day being prime minister no
sounds or fly out against this, but I think women's great failing is lack of arrogance. Because I think we dont cast our selves Hannah wait. We mentally condition to assuming that will always be it. The best number two in the hierarchy never number one and so on. The total number of air was delighted to be an mp that had been the height of my ambition and be a menaced cabinet. Mr four times as well, that was beyond my wildest dreams, but politics apart did you feel? Did you experience any kind of pleasure when a woman finally did become all yes? Of course, because, as I said earlier, I believe that women do suffer from this lack of acceptance that men
and I must pay tribute to Margaret thatcher for showing till we can do- the job can organise the man ass. She and not only organise a maiden, but she can master subject to. Nobody is going to look down on her that I think, is a very important thing that I totally disagree. The way in which she used that authority in power, but I have to say that she has shown a competence and outrage. which should be applauded. I always sewers and public works. I can't imagine that many ambitious mps and asked for that particular portfolio that was baroness barbara castle, who else who told slowly that she would make a grass skurse dance on the island. When wenzhou interviewed archbishop desmond tutu in november of nineteen. Ninety four, it was a mere seven months since all south africans at queued up to in their first democratic election.
Sue asked him. How aware he was as a youngster that the white population didn't regard him as an equal. living in a town called fender stop, and I was probably only bled kid widow, a bicycle and, and my father sent me the town, often by the newspapers in things- and I add a quorum on occasion, going past if for white children, the primary school and and saw bled children scavenging, in the waste beans of the school and in their picking perfectly clean sandwiches and fruit, which the the the white kids had thrown We was the way they were. You have been given free schools, feeding which they didn't
one. The one did to eat when their mothers had prepared for them, and here we most other, let kids whose parents and afford who'd. didn't heav n free school feeding. Provided by the government in may You didn't know, then, of course, that this thing was etching itself on your consciousness. Well, there it was, one other thing you would remember in later years. This have next inextricable number three mood. Now you, you can see my vintage rig up as this This was agreed favorite. Just after the war in the second world war, and we used to jane- mrs tremendous,
miller and in the mood.
well, you know I can just Still pitching me mines? The Jupiter she's that we had in a number of the stores in what townships and- and I can see all these young people now is amongst them, Jiving away, like crazy out of the front, that is not on the stool, basel ii, the veranda d, or these other store. You can to england not wishing to do in the sixties, an you studied and worked him in london and in sorry, the contrast between Life is a second class citizen third class fourth class in south africa and and swinging london in the sixties, must issue colossal, unbelievable mind. Blowing walk, of london just to save this thing of being free air and it'll be, we who would crawl
the street to across the police officer and and in the early days we would walk even very, very late, which would have in corfu time in south africa and ask for directions. I always told people we would ask for directions, even when we knew we were going just for they. Credible fond of having a police- or he said, and a wide police officer at that speak to you could easily sir Madame and that he was not going to ask. Why are you here? Where is he Pass that gives you permission to be here at time incredible. I mean again how do describe it to someone who's, never ed experience. The other experience
like us. The way this week is a cook. Her father was a brilliant surgeon, but an alcoholic and his daughter suffered in the same way inheriting a small fortune in her late twenties. She drank it all away within a few years, though, her money disappeared, her intelligence, witten colony skills, survived to be discovered eventually by television in the programme too fat lady. She famously partner, jennifer patterson in a series of highly and training and eccentric. Cookery adventures. Jennifer died earlier this year. So what now? For the lady left behind the lady, with the pathological hatred of carrots who once not out and alsatian with her bare fists and who rejoices or suffers in the name.
Of Clarissa teresa fellow mina, alien, Mary Josephine, Agnes elsie, trilogy, Louise esmeralda Dixon right, forgive me precipitous a completely ridiculous handle what where your parents thinking up well, they have trouble deciding what to call me. In the first place I mean they went rules, various things like the be net and niger learn. they blindfolded. My mother turned to loosen the librarian. Thank god she pulled out richardson's teresa, not encyclopaedia Britannica I think they proceed delighted they finally fund and find a name they got picked on the way to the church. Why is it that you have against the humble carrot? Will
Just as I get older, I have this more and more pathological hatred of them. My father used to pull them out of the ground and dust them off and feed them to me still with the slugs on them, and so I think I got sort of put off them now. Of course I would quite readily dislike, but I still have this thing against the care, and why did you go around beating up alsatian dogs? No, I didn't. I who's working with somebody who had this very badly behaved alsatian, It already taken out the gardeners bicep and I was coming home from the dustbins and the thing came bracing towards me with its is back in its teeth, bad, and there was nobody but me, and the alsatian anywhere for miles and I remembered what my grandmother said: that if you hit a dog on the right point of its jaw knocked out, say myself, but I had nothing to leave, so I went right down when why nothing some assaulted, eva when it came to me, because I was its pact leader, it followed me everywhere and is inseparable from a visit to visit in television when it discovered you sought to exploit some of what I think must be overcome,
eccentricity, but also with your collusion. It was deeply politically incorrect and calling you two fat. Ladies, you didn't mind this at all. It will be blues to save her journalists hate the word fat, especially american journalists. They used to say: don't you object title and I it will. There are two of us. I have problems with. Lady is because it sounds like a public convenience but which bit dude, do you know you saying I'm thin I get terribly embarrassed that was actually one journalist who couldn't say the word fat. We had to reeducate him to say it cause. It's been tremendously successful in a very unusual for a british cookery program to be successful in america unique. Is it unique, totally unique yeah I mean I I now can't go out because when I get time always accosted by groups of americans or canadians or australia, Those are the africans and the americans come up that we allow view
and when I was walking to the rugby the other day, south africa and australia match everyone, all the all strains of guy J's high in seattle, and all that, however, is getting sleepy on the t and in Japan you've become a man, no any man's voice Japanese women have little breathy voice so that when they were recorded, they couldn't choose women's voices that they have many voices going. That was the It clarissa dixon right speaking in nineteen nineteen nine. I just love that list of her name's now before I move on here are just a few extracts from some of my favorite castaways pressed up comedian, Sarah billikin by six this. Yes, is the frog chorus and pull macartney with we all stand together- and this is of slightly inspired by it as ireland discs, because I listened to happy books episode and she said that they would frank sinatra zone, and it was in
the order of service of a weapon that she was at, and it said that Everybody must sing with gusto remember listenin to that and had no power, To get my and I'm not religious, so wouldn't really necessarily want to see him, and I thought how lovely to school wheel of the song. We want all of our friends and family to sing it. How awesome and when I I read my husband Gary When we were planning our wedding and think and what could we pick, what could be picked that everybody would sing? He started play in this. So I sought to laugh at said. Listen to the lyrics. I started to cry so We played the snow widen and, and well the congregation sang, including all of the noises we made sure the noises were in the order of service as well, and this is what we walked out of the wedding to
today The soon found mcdermott you'd been to england. Just once he went on a week's holiday to blackpool an you decided that you are going to go to oxford university. Based on that, I have undertaken to landfill yeah yeah that that, obviously that's quite a leap at the age of well. You went for the interview at sixteen. You were offered a police. You attended oxford university for needs of seventeen. How did you find it complete culture shock was, unlike anything I'd ever experienced. I mean I ended up going there because of the books. I'd read from the library cause, I read the chalet school books and when people
If the shyly schoolbooks other went to the sorbonne or sport or the kensington school of needlework lenny. I wasn't gonna kensington school of needlework, I'm a french, wasn't it of the sorbonne salami left oxford. It was nothing was different. Even the vegetables with different the accent was definitely understood what I said you not come for five can with four taught by up with us. Bye bye whisky. The stated that in I lived understood what was sinking vegetables. All things. I've never seen before men mushrooms came of attended the machine, a mushroom as a mushroom, never seen red papers of green pedal, never seen water class or selfie fast moving, an italian restaurant. I looked at as a possible the hell's this and you a pizza was though so ordered a pizza, and this rhone fly think. Even on what last more pizza Let me like I'm completely mad copies pieces. Friendship and covered in butter
everybody's live, she is just seriously from another planet. There will be a few people. Listen you actually know what we're talking about the fight pizza, so Michael, came you father went away to war. Had you been prepared as little boys for the fact that your father would delete my father went away to the war and, of course we had been pretty Had that he was a hero, he was going off to fight. For each country and save us all garbage evacuated with my mother to norfolk a little village outside of kings, lane code, not random, my mother said to my when my father finally went. I wish for six a half seven. My brother was three my mother said thing which defined the two of us for the rest of our lives. She said to us your other has gone now. You too have got to look after me and we went right mom, we became little men. Did you.
We ve been like that average, I'm still responsible for everybody, What your your mother as much as she wanted you to to rise to the challenge and to step up you and your brother, your human, was a tough cookie. I mean! Is it not the case that when you had been evacuated at one of your billets before and green algae series to cheap eight, the woman she is dead, the woman got a prison for trading, asked she Nearly went to prison of assault, you know, but when I saw the state wavering knife gave, she worked hard all her life. My mother was cleaning lady, all her if an army, eventually, I became them a movie actor You know so wealthy honestly Your cleaning, I should do what the press will do if they get hold of this york. meaning flaws. While I'm gonna. Let me all. I would like to highlight and she said a funny thing. to me- she said what am I do you own for a film, I said. my own a million pounds for a film, and she
for a while she said how much is that and I said you never have to work again. You never have to worry. You never have to do anything except been joy. Luck! So will you please Do that and stop trying to get me into papers for not to fall in love, What was that the way was? Do you think that was the only way you could sort of persuade her? That I told you I had to show DA was in danger and it was detrimental to me. Otherwise she would she said which company? All my friends are there? You know, and we mentioned your father, we should say he was something of a hero. He did have a very distinguished war record yeah. He did ya yeah he, but he never ever spoke about it a lot, but it was very funny my father. Was a big horse racing gambler, very big horse racing gambler and many years later he died of cancer. When I was twenty six I was on my, but you know I was on a successful act. There was nothing yummy, many years later,
order a mill house at windsor, next, a window racetrack and we had our own private guide to the rice track. Wouldn't you and I thought much of this was there for him, and funny, because I'd about five six acres, they run the agent attempt, the queen had a right to go through privately through that gate round in a pot from the back of my garden, and it is quite extraordinary. No one doubt be gardening. I look up the queen to go by in an inner. Let range rover. Did you ever The chance now, which you just waved to streamline and fixed. My life has always been like that. I'm clever enough to make this stuff knows too good, as is still gonna you'd? Aren't you gonna make it up some stories from the lives of comedian, sarah militant writer, valmont damage and the marvelous so my cocaine ira we're coming home late, one night from london than those days
turned red lights out at midnight to save money I saw unites aside. I've never seen it before with them Ok we're going right across their. monsieur red lights, on my desert island. So I should get a good view of the stars. The room Cable, stephen hawking sooner. Interviewed him at christmas. Ninety. Ninety two, a brief we have time had sold over ten million copies and was yet to be issued in paper back at the time he had already lived with motor neurons disease for thirty years and was occasion, professor of mathematics, at cambridge and use A voice synthesizer to communicate was well. You been a student at oxford that he discovered his hands and feet went working as they should sue asked him how he explained it to himself the fact, first thing I noticed was that I draw sculling both properly
a bad fall down the stairs from college, you're, a common rule. I went to college doktor after the fall, because I was worried that I might have brain damage. However, she thought there's nothing wrong and told me to cut down on the year after. My you know said oxford. I went a person. For the summer I was deafening. Believed her when I came back, but I thought was caused by a bad stomach upset that I had had point did you give in and admit that there was something really wrong and decide to get medical advice? I went off christmas at last very cold winter of sixty two sixty three. meat ago. Unscathed on the lake and Saint Alban's I knew I was not really up to it. I fell over and had great difference. getting up
I realise there was something wrong. She took me to the family doctor, and then three weeks in hospital and they told you the worst I watched for two weeks have been tests, but they never Actually told me what was wrong, except at it, not only this, but that it was not achieved case they did. tell me what the prospects were I guessed enough to know that they were pretty bad, so I didn't want to ask later in the programme sue remarks that reading about him. It seemed that the effect of the diagnosis of having possibly up to two years to live in some way woke him up. First act was to depress me I seem to be getting worse thoroughly rapidly there many points than doing anything or work, My phd liquor cited I would live long enough to finish it, but in things
started to improve a condition, develop or slowly a night began to make? listen, my work, Morally and showing the universe must have had a beginning, a big bang but you ve, even setting one interview that you thought you were happier now than before. You got ill are certainly, have you are now before I motor neurons disease. I was bored with life, but the prospect of an early made me realize life was really worth living. There is so much one can do so much anyone can do. I have real feeling of achievement that I made a modest but significant contribution no knowledge. Despite condition. Of course, I am very fortunate. But everyone can achieve something right
would you go first to say that you might end have achieved all you have had you not have moved to new and disease, or is that is too simplistic or at all odor neuron disease can be an advantage to anyone, but it was less the disadvantage? Tommy, don't let your people because it didn't stop doing what I wondered, which was that's right and understand how the universe operates. Stephen hawking in nineteen. Ninety three sue interviewed norman schwarzkopf, the? U S, army general, who three years before had driven saddam Hussein's forces from kuwait, the general died and twenty twelve and it is fascinating. Listening back to the interview, no and hearing him not to sue about operation, desert storm you, forced our general in nineteen. Eighty eight and you took over central command, which covers? U s: military operations in the Middle east. Among other places, yours
I am convinced that there would be a war there and that the aggressor would be iraq, saddam hussein, that you mounted an exercise to rehearse exactly that scenario, you nevertheless have been surprised when it became reality and that saddam hussein, as you put it at the time, turned up in downtown kuwait city. Here I welcome ass to you that the reason why we were doing that and have very little to do with the fact that I was convinced that was going to be a war. Is the amazing part about it was it was? It was happening at the same time as we were going through our our command post. your size. You know sizing the plan. I will I was asked to come up and brief meanwhile, washington and I went up there, and gave a briefing to the joint chiefs of staff and and what it was all they said. Well, what's going to happen, I said: well, it's very simple: they're going to attack ten miles into kuwait the roma or fields take booby on island and they're gonna stop there.
and advice at all when I'm not gonna take everybody says, and I can in fact my should the up and I think that's what's gonna have how soon we using before we actually him. Well, I must say I got an airplane blue background to my headquarters, gone home to change, I was going to go out and do some sport and I got a telephone call from Colin powell saying you are right. They just across the border. That's how soon afterwards it happen And then I got a telephone call and I said, and then I said well now now: let's see How far they go. and then we got a purely. We found they weren't downtown kuwait city, which was a lot further than I am predicted, say you, you laid your plans. The whole thing, the operation, desert shield and desert storm became a reality. You set your objectives when it was all over. There was one major difference between the way you'd written it as it were in the way it happened, which was that you haven't achieved your final objective. You had destroyed the republican god, they got away with a lot of their equipment in timor, alarm outlets. Let's talk about up, ok,
after every war. There are these people would come in and invent myths. That's one of the men. Has been invented in this war. we gave you some numbers. Eighty five percent of all of the tanks there were brought into kuwait. Theatre were destroyed or captured. Now eighty percent of all of the artillery it was brought into wait, there was destroyed or captured, percent of all the other armoured vehicles. Other types of vehicles came, integrate were destroyed or captured Does it see? Can you that saddam Hussein is still alive and he still issuing threats and he still treating innocent people with it? Doesn't it doesn't? Secondly, I would confessed and emotionally, like many other, people. I would like to see Saddam hussein meet his demise in one way or another, having said that if saddam meets its demise, somebody equally bad or worse, it just gonna. Take over it's, it's not saddam. We personalized the war too in the form of one man,
there's nobody in iraq to replace him, going to be any better. Some that are a lot worse the important point remember is saddam is irrelevant saddam. because he did attack and brother arab, was handed a humiliating to feed, has lost space and middle east politics, so he has no voice in the politics of the arab world in the Middle east. Today, that's me very good news, one of the reasons why you have the arab setting out the peace tables today with the israelis, and we a greater opportunity for peace in the middle east, and we ve ever had before General norman schwarzkopf in conversation with solely in nineteen, three euros, thing to desert island discs at seventy. Five. Do tweets about your favorites additions using the hashtag de idee at seventy five. and don't forget that, as of today, we ve added several castaways to the archive. For the first time. You be able to hear the comedian Marty Feldman, the musician hepzibah, genuine, the board cuts Alan Keith and the actor told slaughter.
The comedian actor and writer don French is my next personal choice brought up in forces family. She moved schools a great deal and making people laugh helped to make them her friends when she submitted to being castaway in december twenty thirteen. I suggested that she must feel under pressure during her daily life, given our desire that she make us love. I guess cities, but on the other hand, it's the best. you can have. The clothes on and actually with italy's off laughing. Isn't it and is the glue the has find my family sent me to find that grew up in and the family have raised. You said in your memoir: do your fancy, but as a child, you were extremely polite and monstrously. Mindful of others, Yeah. although I think, as I get older, I am less tolerant, sadly, but I haven't got enough time anymore with people's nonsense
I ll give everyone a long leash. So is your comedy the place where you are allowed to be the naughty girl I mean literally and I've been an audience. Is your stand up and watch live tv shows, and you hear people, could have screaming, because they can't believe you ve just said what you said. I can't see the sort of things now exist for yeah. I think he is being badly behaved, its everything that I was told my child did not to show off not to be the pension seeker. There's just a moment in some. the work done, especially with jennifer, where that's exactly what we have to deal with just misbehaving with each other, with just doing whatever it takes to make. As the other woman laugh and the very liberating thing to watch as a woman was to watch two women who had great physical self confidence who were not afraid to show you their slightly big bums. Who actually were saying. This is all part of it. We like it as well I remember we were once described, is running too fat both of us. That we refer to be together. Is that very often, but the point
These are the bodies we ve got. These are the bodies that state our comedy and if it took being ugly to get a lot of jennifer due do a blow myself up if it were like her, laugh you list of eight. For today how difficult was it to compile an agony kirsty, but I have chosen, tells but your first then, what what is it wisely chosen at dawn? I've chosen bring me sunshine with milk mama. Because that's exactly what they did and because of my profound, and enduring love Eric welcome who made, my entire family laugh so much so often and just brought.
proper sunshine into our lives, bring me some eighty or smile bring me after all the while we were, there should be more happiness. So much joy joy raged brand new bride to me. Through the years now brain I hear you, I was more common wise and bring me sunshine. Of course you wrote your memoir, don't french back in two thousand and eight the fatty it was cold, and since then, you ve written to novels, you find it easier to write, proves that did you write comedy exiles got the impression that, with something of a struggle she to sit on my comedy? Yes, it was struggle in as much as on easily distracted. If I'm writing with Jennifer theirs lot of fun to be had
is a different kind of writing and is In stopping about a lot if I'm writing a book, it's me alone in a room with a desk. The dog then, who knew that I was going to find it to joy is having a new lover, I can't believe of waited. This long doesn't come very easily to you than do you find it literally sort of flowing out of your fingertips. Somebody As I do and some have slightly spooky times or that, where I write sentences, the I didn't even know, I knew those words and without the aid of the azores- and I have not yet progressed to a computer I write everything. Longhand was not a time for anything new. Well, actually, I'm lying a bit because somebody did give me one of the little bullets, an ipad thing and I now had gone the google and, if I have to I, like the paper I like pencil and with a rubber on top of it
the smell of the pencil. I do have of an electric pencil shortly, don't go thinking, but I'm not in this century. Please. we don't have time, I'm afraid to cover every single part of you very wide, ranging career, but surely we must give some signed. The vicar of deadly was much loved, of course created, especially for you by richard Curtis, a lot of the comedy that care tat. It came from her physical lack of sky. Most vivid image. For me, of course, was the the country lean scene, where you step in a puddle and in the middle. Yes and beyond is it? You did a wee in that puddle I did. I did, and you would actually, if you'd gone in it, because it was slightly warm, which you can't resist and also it was a way of slight delight and relief. Delight. That shot, was over and done with and relief that having broken leg, dawn friends in April
two thousand and six after eighteen years and seven hundred and seventy three programmes, my predecessor, sue lowly, decided to call was a day ass. A I was furious. I had loved her encounters, but as a broadcaster I was delight to be offered the vacancy, and I have to say that Ten years have been the most interesting of my working life sue with signature. Distinctness had once called it simply. The best job in radio is hard to disagree. In two thousand eight I cast away the defector and former kgb spy oligarchy risky in the late sixties. He was based in copenhagen, apparently working as a soviet diplomat, but in fact working under cover the kgb agent. However, when the soviet union invaded czechoslovakia, he was so outraged. He decided to change sides and work for the west. I spoke to him. Whilst there was still a russian warrant out for his death, the background
does that in nineteen eighty five he was recalled to Moscow. His cover had been blown and he realized that if he stayed he had just weeks to live when you my guest in two thousand and eight. He told me about his incredible escape plan. leaving him behind in Moscow. His wife and children had gone up to the caucasian mountains. He takes up the story of the final hours before he made us get away to tell you frankly I escaped these rules three or four times, because I knew to buy the text in advance that I had something else to do ass, a signal to suit Everything was in movement, answer slept well, let's lift well, and next morning I brought total order to the flat Everything lived, money for the family and lived in
the two tier shaded surveillance. I had to run through the woods, so they could not find new and better train to land grab and to the bus. I was the only one of the bus and they saturday drivers stop. He looked at me with great suspicion because they were all agents and the kgb in the border area. All this Emily, please listen aldebaran! Well, let me out and that to walk in the direction of the younger. I went and delayed by which was near by john I that was the only lay by the whole world. crumbling took to the border. Led by a waited for several hours for the gas but the curse arrived at two o clock. I myself me into the boat of the car.
there were several businesslike water pews it was a sedative ill, fated incinerators pills the chill flourish. the way, and you also had a cover that you put over your head, which was to deflect any infrared. Yes, the monitoring at the border. That was at the point where the checked occur and that was Five: six such boys of the border, and then they have shut off the engine. And they have the docks. This is the border guards. Gotta get those sniffing whose, because maybe but then Decisions into shreds misses the agents in the front of the car of life, The wild agent will bid, it is very limited, to throw notice they had babies. In the car with them. They had their children. Yes, children in africa, which was very good, we gotta give representation at this.
To throw not destroy the docks smell of smell of adults was entirely. Do the reinstated. of the car started to go where'd you learn, allowed music was played in order to. Make me forget everything, because good. Since others of music stopped. and should be set to replace the indus fernanda cylinder and I realize no empty. What did that moment of freedom feel like true freedom, when you knew that This point how I was alive and where I was free so now. I had only one thing to give the firm it out. too many years it took. Was it six seems it took office as a gamer like differently, of course, because you do not remember me. oh good, guess, ski speaking to me in two thousand and days lust
dear we lost one of britain's best loved entertainers Victoria. Would a writer actress, composer and stand up comedian. Hope, to start him had begun on the talent, shoe new faces stage and tv shows followed, including wooden waters, the sitcoms dinner ladys and acorn antiques and much else all. fused with characteristic whipped, smart wits, warmth, and nuanced observation. I asked if she would describe herself is coming from an unusual background
It was from the age of five. I lived in a massive bungalow on the top of the hill on the moors on the rossendale valley house that had been an anti aircraft base that my mother had partitioned that random with pieces of plywood. She had actually done it. Yes, she did herself by dragging bits of plywood off bombsights and lashing them to the top of a minivan and drive him home and making rooms out of them. So it had lots and lots of rooms which meant we could all be. There were four of us four children. We could all have separate rooms, which is perhaps her mother's intention. I don't know, but after a certain point we never really. We never really sat around the table. I had a room that had a piano in and a tv and book which is really all I needed on thin ice, bring food in, and that was it and we would you still on our own. You say bring
in food and was food not made, I mean we used to know this wasn't made after a certain point. I used to make my own food and just just take things in an overlay at all the tank side, a huge eating problem, so I used to eat. You know from the minute I got out of school it when I went to bed. Obviously children's are being brought up and what is normal to them is what they do. Every day I mean, were you conscious that this was an unusual set up yeah I was I was, go to the tools has. I was amazed at the you know that Was it full of junk, like our house was absolutely crammed with book in the things that my mother would get off, bombsights and things she would buy from secondhand shops and she didn't like housework, which I absolutely didn't blame her for. So it wasn't a spic and span sort of house. He was obsessed with reading and I was obsessed with reading did you have friends run to you guys? No, no, we never. Never. never had any visitors at all,
so the hoarding of everything. Most importantly, books had an enormous impression upon you yeah. It was an obsessive read more than more than an obsessive eater. I think I did reading more than anything. I couldn't really bear to be too the conscious, without to book or not but now I cannot see that people in the eye and have a life, but for years it was. It was very much print based at best. It sounds like an eccentrics set up at worst. It sounds miserable, it wasn't miserable, but it was quite isolated and it didn't help me. learn to get on with people really My mother was very depressed and didn't really want to talk. My father really loved working was at working all the time. If he wasn't working, he was in the house writing and their interest was not in not in their children. Really. I was going to ask you. Why was your mother depressed and I don't even know if that's a sensible question, sometimes people just are to think she'd she'd move from her from a normal busy streets to this rather wind swept bleak.
house and I think she couldn't quiet extricate itself. You couldn't say actually we ve made. Steak. I must say, I think I looking back now, I think she was depressed or lost. The time was a child, and did she ever talk to you about your eating them in office? No, we never told her anything never talked about anything. No, no nanette but he had anything from them quite sure. She was always on a diet, told time and all of us overeating. One of the two When you were very young men did, did you go to the theatre? Did you see performance? No, we didn't get to fit a very often. I went a lot later, but did one c. I saw Joyce for when I was about six or seven, and I remember how very very clearly that made a huge impression on me that she was not just a will but she was standing alone on the stage and she came out. He said
one minute to decide if my dresses leaf green or lettuce? Great enough? Oh my god, who is this and my sisters went round to see her backstage my months said you can't go you too small and she came out. She came out to find me and said: is this vicky I'm never ever I forgot her coming out to see me and I will, if ever I do show it always always goes to the stage door and wait until ever but these are not governed. Everybody said what they want to say, because I think it's really really important. The complete lee marvellous and sorely missed victoria would. Time over my penultimate choice from the archives. It has been truly a very difficult task, picking just a few of my favorite interviews and of course you can search for your favorites at bbc dot code on uk slash, desert island discs, where you'll find musicians
surgeons, artist, astrophysicist, just waiting for you to discover them and sue to know, Gallagher, singer, songwriter and, of course, brother to Liam. There was a time when the thought him. As a responsible father of three and inducing husband seemed a little while unlikely I asked him if it was the love of a good woman which had changed his life. Now, I'm so in a nightclub, any beef which you're not supposed to me if you, Y know you didn't like so many basic. I dont ever envisage life without she's everything to me: by your own admission, yosemites difficult to get to know you eat your vase straight talking. I do she. keep you in check. What's the because she's worse She calls a spade a spade as well when I'm workin on musical right in sums. I do demos she's the last person I play them too, because complaints, zangwill com, as I think this is going to be an amazing change, solicitor and golfing. Yes, a what You know. I never believed in love at first sight or thy soul. Mate
until I met and we ve been together. fifteen years. But we are, we only decided to get married after eleven years The song I'm gonna play next was the song for our first dance wedding. Remember sought in the kitchen, and she says what about be, my baby food first anthracite, the third to the first war should dance, you know when the bride and groomed that when you play the first song and make them- and they don't you know they dance- has a couple of every. While I will hold on a minute much about that, and she says it's Happens on its happening so get over it I was dreading that moment. Comin up, you know dance like it at all. such just, do me one favor when we get on their dont show off I am clearly a northern and a man Phronsie says not a word about it.
see what happens. Is people join in at the first chorus, and I was thinking be my baby. The first call has got to be: Within the first thirty seconds, Albert Kennedy, solvay stops and she breaks into a living John doing you're the one that I want an unjust second, our thinking. really you gonna. Do this to me in front of all my friends that locally and off my door I s bless her. She realizes what's going on, you can see, it all fell a sinking and she leads a charge onto the dance floor. I kind of come over Sarah and I'm kind of thinking. She's like oh, come on. You don't be boston, so. Be my baby by their own efforts and Sarah
Storm. Forgive me with my baby, we're newly at the end of a dip into the desert on indecisive I've. But before we go, let's consider are luxury item. They are many very and more often than not guests have given them a fact. Great deal
you: have one more choice to make some open? That is your luxury item, as well as your grandmother, gnit record, you can take with you one lux, nothing useful well, of course, but with many hot island. I suppose I would like some full of ice. Making machine is not a very cold something the nature. A hot water bottle right, where we'll, find out the island and that you have, Whichever one of those nato annual action, making outfit to china, the cups and saucers, because somebody would turn up at some time and silver teapot and every known possible tee. and you really to the charity. What I wanted to have a coffee, I'm very addicted to coffee bit more
If you don't take coffee because Kirsty won't, let you have a coffee and a plunger? No wait! Oh yeah and milk. Yes, in the fridge put the milk in it can take the whole kit. the juice is caught and israel for no, I will give you the accoutrements to make iced coffee every morning that will doom it so yeah. So I'll I'll. Take coffee lots of milk, the little the machine that comes with it. The fridge to put the milk in teaspoon, I'm not using the finger, pushing it over or the and the luxury The luxury I am torn I've just come back from the vatican, and I came. Face to face with Michelangelo's piazza and in some peters its I began to be Michelangelo's beata a cappuccino machine, so we could talk about I would urge you to take no michelangelo. Would you I would? Would you yes? Ok, since
it's you like to please other people. Take the I'll, take the michelangelo, but my gosh. I shall miss a cappuccino, intellectually, now am I allowed the following: a tennis court, a tennis racket tennis bulls, absolutely hooray book, I shall come back. for my, doesn't island I will listen to you actually have if you want wimbledon centre court and it was really sunny, you can put the roof on and could have sent a cool. Why not? Yes, please and luxury that gives you one luxury, no practical value, easy, a mirror. I didn't believe it's true Because at miss me this broadcasting erica. while I am on my own? No one else around a mozilla something of a mirror.
You should have one simon car. Thank you very much indeed, for waiting to see your desert island Malcolm sergeants, patricia right, ledge, Lee mac, charles brandreth miranda, hearts and Simon Kowal. Would you, I wonder brought you the tiniest fraction of what's available all the time and for free on our website, so do visit bbc dot code on uk forward slashed desert island discs, where there is a castaway to suit your every mood and interest, and if you ve, he discovered. The archive do: share your discoveries by tweeting a link to your favorites, using the hashtag de idee at seventy five and don't forget to join me over on BBC radio for tomorrow, at eleven fifteen, for my very special guest. I do hope you ll be able to join us and here the choice of tracks. On the day we celebrate the first seventy five years of desert island disks
the The. that programme as a Ivan, did was devised by roy, plum and introduced by him in the london studios, bbc and luxury to luxury
engaged him my island into kind of easter island. Could I would like cutouts of all my friends. And my family and the people love most. I would like cut hats of them and then I would put them up and rearranged them around the island. You miss they have those and one of the disks to save which one of the list would you saving your grimacing Because you are worried that you chose and thirty nine beats a list, but I'm going to force you to choose what I should want something very high pitched and I would take. I don't want any of this, I do want to go to the eye. I don't want any of these records with me. What do I take take Sinatra right.
It's yours, then I've got you under my skin, that's years, doing duty dance! Thank you very much for letting us you know, desert island discs. Thank you cast. bought and light. Dame judy damage bringing to an end a special celebration of desert island discs at seventy five programme. was presented by kirsty young and produced by cathy dry style. This is done. The disks was created by work calmly and you can listen to and download two thousand additions BBC potent uk forward. Slash does
Ireland, disks. This is the bbc.
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