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Emily Eavis, festival organiser

2019-06-23 | 🔗
Emily Eavis is co-organiser of the Glastonbury Festival. Together with her husband and her father, she masterminds the booking of bands and oversees the setting up of what is the largest greenfield festival in the world. The site itself becomes the size of Oxford town centre once it’s built and rigged, and when tickets for 2019 went on sale, they sold out within 36 minutes. Born in 1979, she was a small child when her parents, Jean and Michael, were inspired to make the Glastonbury Festival an annual event, although she wasn’t keen on the yearly invasion of the family farm. By her late teens, however, she had changed her views. She left Worthy Farm to study to be a teacher at Goldsmiths College in London but when, at the end of her first year, her mother was diagnosed with cancer, Emily left and went home to help look after her and to help her father run that year’s festival. Emily never went back to university. Motivated by a visit to Haiti to look at Oxfam projects, she spent a few years in London putting on charity gigs, before returning home to work with her father running the festival. She married her husband, Nick Dewey, manager of The Chemical Brothers in 2009. The couple have three children and live on Worthy Farm. BOOK CHOICE: The Shadow of the Sun by Ryszard Kapuscinski LUXURY: Carpenter’s tool set (so she can build her own veranda) CASTAWAY'S FAVOURITE: You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go by Bob Dylan Presenter: Lauren Laverne Producer: Cathy Drysdale
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Pvc sounds music, radio broadcasts unlearned event, and this is the desert island discs. Podcast. Every week I ask my guest to choose the eight tracks book and luxury they want to take with them if they were cast away to a desert island. This is an extended vision of the original radio full broadcast and for rights, reasons. The music is shorter than the original broadcast. I hope you enjoy listening my castaway. This week is the co organiser of Glastonbury festival, Emily avis. She grew upon worthy.
in somerset, just like the festival itself, which was founded by her parents, gene and Michael almost half a century ago. These days, glastonbury, the large greenfield festival in the world once a year- itself transforms from an ordinary dairy farm to a settlement, the size of oxford town centre with the infrastructure to match she hadn't. Initially intended to take on the family business Emily had wanted primary school teacher. But when her mother died in ninety ninety nine, she gave up her studies and returned home to help her father and ended up. Staying on on her watch gus. breeze become a truly global event, reaching a broadcaster of twenty one million and attracting some of the biggest stars on the planet. Much of the if it still go to charity three million pounds in twenty seventeen alone and the iconic pyramid stage is built around the tree planted by her great great grandfather when he first border land
The biggest misconception she says is that my dad and I a sitting around the kitchen table with goggles and test tubes, creating the ultimate concoction for each year, just creating this man the experiment. It isn't true what just trying to make the best of what we ve got Emily even welcome to desert island disks. Thank you thanks for having me home, so blest, every twenty nine is imminent. The numbers involved all mind: boggling two hundred thousand people watching over three thousand acts performing on more than a hundred stages for you, together with your dad, Michael and your husband nick? It's a huge logistical task. Coming tell me a little bit more about the scale of what it is that your organizing here working Oh yeah, ready with hundreds of area organizes is a vast operation. When I was growing up in the eighties is really just one failed, and now we worked with, we have ten bordering farms that are part of the site that was shortly
the day from space, which was just incredible and you could see quite how large is. We are kind of building a city and we live right in the middle of it. You ve been working on the festival for twenty years now, what the moments that Never forget its cotton emotional thing to be a part of not only the fact that in my family have been running of such a long time I'm, but also mean so much people coming as every year there are real highs and some of these moments actually have taken today. But there was say difficult is you know some there have been too so tat. I mean I was when people say. What's your favorite moment, my family ultimate glastonbury moment was David Barry in two thousand. and what about the loaves? And when you mentioned mud, I first went when I was a teenager. Ninety ninety seven, which was notoriously muddy and me My friends was supposed to be was supposed to playing and we ended up driving just wearing, been bags and our pants. It can be brutal. Exactly that's the same year that me and my dad.
drive around site and tried to persuade people who were walking out not to leave where are you going, I gotta go, I can't cope. Is too much really. We could just move your tent, is there any chance eels day? No there's normally crisis, like every couple of minutes, were dealing with all kinds of issues we had the lightning strikes is gay and who had to shut down all stages. An outlet should a cooling every stage managed. It Every state shut down. We only had about three minutes today that, and it was quite dramatic, but we did it Benedetto. Actually, halfway through the assets It is also state you now raising a family in the house that you grew up in the sixth generation of emphasis on the farm once the festival star for you. Is that your own call twenty four hours do sleep? Do you eat in? What is your experience like? I don't really sleep much if at the last two thousand and sixteen
I just had my third todd. I look and I was just breastfeeding, feeding abed and whose but three in the morning- and I had a cool the police saying it was basically like. We need to deal with this emergency Feeding her ass thinking is clear, crazy situation. come in t really all these bones three in a row amid all born quite close to the festival, exactly three awry. who may I've had a run of really busy festivals where I'm holding enabling fading a baby, whilst in some kind of crisis meeting, but he's quite hard to explain to them what is going on and I try to spend time with them to try and introduce them too. I really want them to love it. When I'm not lacking, I tried to take them to the kids failed, or might him see some bands and music, obviously, as a huge part of your life, has it been choosing their tracks that you can share with us today?
spin really hard? You know, for me, I kind of have a way of remembering stuff, and each year has a different musical soundtrack say really hard to pen down to eight tracks spin oh tell enjoying, but we got there in the end. So with that in mind, let's go to the music. What you first diskin wisely chosen. My first ask is via morrison, Madame george wish, as on actual weeks afterwards, the van morrison have em. I pretty much grew up listening to my parents. he's playing every when he was the sort of one insists in artist, I think through the eighties for us and of course, those well pleased go pick him up from council, carry train station I remember that in an old man's coming and we'd, go pick him up and on the way, back always discuss this at last and you'd be in the back of the coalition in Japan stop
Jim industry, lagging ma, am guy singer, madge than a sham Madame that's what you want van moisten and Madame george Emily. Even you were born in nineteen, seventy, nine, your parents, youngest daughter, you once said of gene and Michael. I wanted my parents to be straight where she knows play golf drive a saloon. Car and listen to fill collins now. That is very much not what they were about, whose I would you describe it I mean our life was all about the festival. You know they were oversee farming as well
and every morning, and if it's get up at five or four in the morning and just got in kind of man, is that side and then take me to school. We didn't have an office in the fighting. Just was right next to the kitchen, so the phone would ring and it was just always a crisis, and I wasn't that into the festival in the eighties That keen on at home is pretty scary at times in its not always thy? Now it was all encompassing and we know what he's I when you're us go, you kind of sea of kids and I caught you haven't got this whole thing is just to inviting all these people in Joe garden once a year and the way people looked when they walk on site of new still have a little bit, but in the eightys it was like we anus wigan and set out camp and we're gonna live here, and I didn't really understand the concept that they might go. I just felt like god, this is quite intense. Is it permanent and
your parents reaction to that the very kind of open minded relaxed people give very relaxed me. My mom was just like the kind of ankara to the whole family. Really she looked after the home and shoot it often may issue is made me feel very safe. So though it harms, where it kind of felt quite unsafe, during like some of the riots in the later eighties of my dad, was great fun and he loved the rescue. Nicer he'd be right, running around dealing with village, who attorney open the door and kind of feeling cross about something all travellers or in it bans and say he was really in a living at vienna. Wheedle was set definite and hate. Just jump up and run out and be dealing with something as it. My mom kind of kept it right steady, but my parents had an amazing relationship. Will you know to be working together and to be so kind of in love and happy later?
now? I really see that I was too so unusual and I think I found radiologist for very happy. I mean you, whereupon Glastonbury his three from the moment that you were born nineteen. Seventy nine was named year of the child which contravene a coincidence and you performed on stage. I think, just a few years later I was on the pyramid. Stage was, yeah. That was kind of an accidental thing. As planned. I ve home in the kitchen some are more through some site, crew member and said o ye shall stage mean I could any really play twinkle, twinkle l, star so we went and did it and I didn't even know the feeling of nerves, because I was five but I said mommy my legs feel like jelly and I stood at that point. This, so I could hear the stage manage didn't like in the nice? If she can't see because the style council were about to go on and a huge and ages calves giving me on cause, I'm sure it is about ten times must be awful and quite way
you're performing ever that anyone who is there or members far from hope her and what kind of little girl were you. If we met you back, then what would we have funds? Quite shy, quite quiet, really and quite creative agencies to love to make things and paint as definite abed dreamy. You described yourself or think, is an almost only child secret, seven siblings, but there are fourteen years between you and your closest sibling here. Did you spend a lot of time with your parents on your own? Then I think so. I was always on a hip. I was always in the car with them. I was attached to them for years and probably for my siblings, they were kind of in their teams in the eighties, whereas I growth with my the nineties in the festival kind of almost grew ass. I did so. We went
teenagers together anyway, it's time to go to the music. This is your second disk wisely chosen it. So this is right ahead. Paranoid android it gonna captures my teenagers, so radiohead play the festival in ninety nightfall and they came back in ninety ninety seven and it was really wet and the means it kind of takes on a different meaning in those conditions. You could just see the sheets in sheets of rain, falling in front of the white lights of asset and they play the song, and it was just one of those
incredible moments and also being a teenage girls like this is great. This is good. Now is really enjoying Radio has paranoid android so Emily this week, what about the glastonbury of the eighties, but of course you know the whole thing started back in the early seventys when your parents began the festival. Why did they do that. What was the original idea? Well,
nineteen seventy I think they met in the late sixties, but they kind of got together and they fallen in love and they went to actually at the road they went to the bath, please festival, and they might you know I reckon we can do this. And built stage september came they invite few people in free milk, hog rice gazelle, pretty good too? How and vienna quite a few people turned up the kings. Would you play, but then they all got learning Titus so bodin came played with tee rags and from Y hear about. It sounded lovely, and I think my dad was quite excited by the idea of something other than just farming and the festival through you know? You mentioned riots that that would be the clashes between near a new age travellers on site, and it was this open door policy. Such a thing. You used the word scary and I remember that at the atmosphere on site myself, tommy logan,
more about that. That's been nothing like. Festival in that area in a we live in somerset, really rural parts of the country, and I say: lovely, quiet, peaceful village The idea of putting a pot fast will write on the edge of it, probably was quite scary for a law of the name. Is, and so there was quite a lot of conflict in the eighties recently No shouting us as we use drive through the village is hot, imagine now because it say sort of except it, but at the time a fellow. We pause something really controversial, and everyone had an opinion. They suggest last night we bear christmas strings party and saw just come over and start shouting and what is that like, when you're just trying to work out who you are when you're just growing up? I was like I swear mislaying to my parents. I why
Why then, in her eyes, phase studies but the like normal kid thing, but I mean I could have taken anything pretty extreme as a kind of parent job, but like police, not that's what did they say at the night tat on a mission and he loves controversy and he loved it kind of data up and he met so many interesting people, my mom did and they d, carried on and I think every year they thought would not. Gonna do again, there's no way and then they by january, and I found it just apply for a licence and jesse and then maypole. Let gather licence and then be a couple amongst put together nothing light. Now. Are you actually? You know you are gonna, oh yeah round the time for your next piece of music. This is you
said today, so Bob Dylan, you gonna, make me loans and when you go now this is a song which is about my mom. I think growing with parents in that kind of close relationship was amazing. I feel very lucky to have. That bought when she died a kind of shook ass into such away, which was like I didn't you ever gonna recover from this. Certainly the first we're not gonna recover by anything. I'm ever going to be able to pick up myself and who knows can look after my dad, Adam and I was teaching a new m in a class of forty kids and I loved it m. but obviously, as soon as I got the news that my mama's awhile, I came home to look after her and it was just re a difficult time My parents were about to retire in two thousand, and it was ninety nine knows about a month before the festival that she died and
as I only. However, I see my dad quietly, I mean I I can still growing and the first that point became a real life line is weighed. We did and it was the festival- is pretty much happening until the crew what kind of putting together- and I think the lyrics today- some where life after me, I've this lesson to say much: Bob Dylan in my life and this one was really significant at that time
You wanna make no wonder what I'm doing stay in far behind without your board a plane to wonder what I'm saying magna game. A sound and san francisco, rasta you're gonna, have to leave me now, but in the sky, above all grass, and no one's gonna make you bob you're gonna make me lonesome when you go m leave us. You were just twenty when you lost your mom jane, how did you cope and how do you look back on that period? Now? You know twenty years on again
I look back. I when I was in that situation. When you know it feels like you in freefall. That's how I felt, and I was just clinging on for any kind of solid. and because I looked back and I think I was projecting owes an adult. I was actually nineteen and I looked back. I like I was such a child. I had no idea how to cope really hum and I was lucky to have some really good friends around. I mean two days before my mind height they just turned up it was this amazing is quite how to think about it now, because I can't get it. I just went through all this is pretty much just with my dad. Neither of us ever thought about what was gonna happen. Next, we just did one year time, and he was always trying to encourage me to get back into my life. I space. I was a kind of crossroads
then I was living in london and it goes medicine. In that way out and I see that I can't really leave him and I also ready wanted to help him with the festival by never once I would make him my life. You mom died just weeks before the festival took place So when you raise your heads, you know in the middle of that huge storm. It just so seem to be happening around you and there were so many tributes to her on the eye that yeah. Do you remember them? There were some lovely tributes, leyva site, and it was the first time that I really felt like the festival, crew, what I could kind of family they were just Maisie, and I remember, we had decided silence on the pyramid when I was appear night and everybody was just stood outside of our times, just completely silent and I just looked around three sixty of just people inside of amazing,
and she's so much a part of it for me now still because it has come from such so family thing and she's, always looking after people in just lying people down in the garden. I just remember that just under the tree in the garden, people who got bit lost or a bay scared, so that element to it is very important to me the welfare side. Let's go the music seo. Fourth disk today might be chosen this one. Molly, high tide or lay tide is some really about friendship, and this fact, but money about was the first time in my book. I just really love song is very sweet and it's very much about loyal friends and I feel really lucky to have had a lot of support to people around me and I
this one kind of catches and time for me, b, but molly height all low tide, so Emily avis, you were still going back and forth between. so in london in the early noughties, and around that time you start putting on charity gigs in the capital. Why I went on a trip with oxfam to haiti and it was a really sick
can trip for me. It takes over the enteritis, always been such a fundamental part of the festival bought. I had never seen any projects and they went how about some and Chris Martin to Haiti. We were both quite young. We were twenty one. Twenty two and eight was like nothing else. Would efficacy mean I dropped in the middle of port au prince meeting ITALY's incredible people on the ground and going to coffee cooperatives and didn't go. I just got really bitten by us. I wanna do I can to put some money back into this other than the festival so I then went on emission unjust, organised lights of gigs in london, and that was the beginning of a whole new
So this is when you would have been sharpening your skills hit in the phones trying to persuade people. As you know, you still do to either work for free or not for profit or to take it. You know a tiny little feet compared to the kinds of fees that begs to taking. How difficult was it too and how to do that. I remember saying to my dad: I really want to get our em to do this gig and he just light laughed and went crook that, where it happened, thyself us, as I will make sure I got area now fast. My motivating factor and am I was working with teeth and persuading people to do things for free is always hard. I am at end up on people's doorsteps. I know it's like I'm ready to die, to do this. We did a string of eggs and we raise loads of money and they went straight back into these projects, and it was quite good for me to kind of test out to see. If I could, I should be put on a gig cause. I clad in the bathroom
I know the festival is going on and maybe I might get involved on a more permanent level bites. I can't do that without any proper experience so that was how you met your husband nick. He was managing the chemical brothers. What happened? Yes, I I was trying to persuade the chemical brothers to donate a track for it and oxfam project and I ran up my husband's office and I ended up speaking to him and what what could have been apart. Like a five minute. Tat was probably like an hour long and we we arranged to meet and then quite quickly. We got together and formulate the luckiest thing happened to me was meeting him because it's quite how things come into the house that said- I might add case ah, thank god for make them daily basis. So that was lucky. Let's have some music tell us about your next disk fleet.
Would mac landslide live at one about this today It was when I moved to london. I start listening to them and I have to say this is at best banned in the well naked. I listen to this court lot. I got into the kind of passage of time and the kind of way in which the seasons change, and I always the I think the song is just really capture that an we haven't yet had flew at mac and they are the ones that we really want to get. Let's put that wish over come did my vanity around.
the fleet mac and a landslide lie. Una Bertha studio m leave us I'm a man getting to know you round about the early noughties, and you were gone glastonbury and then can a living in london. Some of the time- and I remember worrying about you and how much you hunt on your shoulders and the pressure of taking on, this enormous thing at such a young age. How did you feel about it? I space it feels like another kind of lamb or something it so
deeply ingrained in my kind of dna. So I was like I feel I should do this and I'm just gonna follow my instincts. Are you know it had its challenges? doesn't help when you, the daughter as well, is like come on we're. There are lots of people that you are now working with a kind of sea Was that little five year old, with a violin on the pyramid stage, yeah There are still a few working on this year, but there was a lot of new crew as well. The life means it won't actually suit oversee, say has been so male dominated, so a gate like meetings with two tables of men and and and some of them were great and some refused to kind of except the inner they had to do with. With may, I think, is quite hard they from dealing with my dad and then to suddenly have to be dealing with me yeah. But you know it now. It's really good and wave definite found a way for its work.
How is it working with you tat at first? His kid, I think, is probably quite hard. You know something that he created is sort of a different era. We haven't had no argument for ages. We used have quite a lot of kind of dynamic, real arguments, but I think we really found our grave now. We have quite a laugh and he's been great with me. He loves the fact that I mare and neck and the children and he's really involve as a grandfather very hands on, so it safe to say that the days of the wild west along gone, you ve got lots of safety measures that have been brought in now to ensure the health and safety. The thousands of people who attend. Tell me a little bit more about that mean people will know about the fence, the fence that famously went up. You know the kind of idea for tickets. Is so detailed and specific. What else is going on here? The registry in processing mean those that happened in the fence, has gone up and
man that was in the eighty thousand already that we had to change it because it became so dangerous in two thousand when they estimated that was about two hundred and fifty thousand people on the site was about culture, the size it is now so it was incredibly unsafe and we had to pay proper big fence up? We had to get all consistency in place to deal with the fact that it was ready known as something they was just free. It was kind of robin hood mentality and if you can pay for it has great and that will help the people he khan and then, if you can't you just jump, paiva, balistas disco, collect them from outside the fence and put them in the back of the land driver sit jumpin in otherwise you hate yourself and the new drive them in, but now isn't it time and we're living in a completely different era, really in terms of health and safety as a managing, something that
I so much detailed health and safety attached in every single ribbon has to be fire retardants. So it's a big job and none of the idea that part that is, your mom's legacy, that looking after people yeah, I always think, might cause welfare right. Next to the house. They look after people, people that are lost or bit upset you on medical aid, any medical facilities. They come into welfare, and I looked after by our team of pencroft no ma am social workers and psychologists and psychiatrists and they come sit down a habitat and a cup of tea and they pick stuff from the garden, a feed them up with kind of fruit and stuff, is right as the house in assuming ice valor and I'm under a voice, but under pressure, is not safe to have this right next year by night and needs to be right next to us all under the same rafe, silly nice about it. It's time for your next piece of music or six
Ask today, frank sinatra: that's life! Now This is so relevant because after we but daisy wishes problem, the most controversial bucking that I've ever made, I was so happy with how it went the I walked up to the park, which is an area the festival, and I literally just lay down collapse. the grass and a friend of mine, was dj and heap this sum an eye, I've never been more exhausted and more relieved, and hey that facing say, relevant, relax I'll. Let you discover that money. glad that's why that's what all the people say
you're riding high in April, shot down in may, but I know I'm going to change when I'm back on top back on top in june, and it's funny as it may seem. Some people get their kicks pranks that's life, this, as you said, every now and again, a headline artist arise as a huge amount of press interest, sometimes control the now we were talking about J Z in two thousand and eight and his headlines sat. How do you look back on that moment?
and the led up to it. I think I'll. Never forget that, feeling of being completely part of just this type, it is felt like an out of control storm that I was just never gonna be able to get out of every story. Every day was just negative and and and what was- the issue. What was the controversy event at? No, I still don't really understand. I think it felt like a massively per change and more we'd had suddenly having hiphop headliner was just seem to be quite strange idea, but also we had had a really difficult year in two thousand and seven, it was ready tat. We had laid a sound problems and people were ready, vietnam anger and that's how it fell and how angry where people have been, what kind of criticism we you coming info, quite alot of quite personal criticism
People are always ready with something has been going on to say that set its eva. You know it's had its best. Is italy changed, etc, but I think the hottest buys that we'd sold eighty thousand tickets on the day of our take his ego,
and that is quite lay for ass- we normally set out. We have even announced cheesy at this point, and I we announced daisy and people just took the kind of lack of popularity for that year and the fact that we'd book to different headliner is being this kind of perfect storm is alive. I didn't know they ve lost their minds and I didn't see it coming. I just thought: we'd booked a really get artist, he's like one of the best lyricists in the world who can candy the best hip hop, show, and then he came on, and actually it was incredible and I kind of had that feeling just about five minutes before he came on when I saw it,
proud and they were all chanting too easy to and ass. I got because his very has sometimes did how what the public think, because the noise of social media is really loud and winning stream and the press have them in their own thing. To say, airing story to tell us is ready hotel what the actual public think I'd like to see the whole field foe and I went down, and I grabbed my dad he was, I teach english come. What may yeah and we went up to cite the stage and watched him come on and might have. Eight has never seen anything like it. He started laughing I uncontrollably and I started who we were just looking out of this enormous failed
It was just like the real thing of togetherness and he was I he was going to battle. I ever all the crowd rely where behind you- and it was the perfect, perfect combination to make an incredible sat and he told me to go on, and it was amazing as ever everyone's going to be dissecting the headline performances at this year's festival. What do you think makes a good headliner? I think what makes a good glastonbury headliners someone who you are stands. What they're coming into that is now a stadium show in a quite often huge by as they used to doing these tools and they used to being the centre of everything, and quite often when people, They forget in a vague the either can forget. That is not actually like a standard festival, and so they kind of I think quite often, now people read all about it and we send them a lot of information and we trying to understand. Why is different, and that that kind of part of something and their important that everyone in poland
Our old china make it the best gig, but is not just about one person. S goes the music it's time for your seven disk, so this is a sum which we had as a first answer, wedding, who sung by a friend who has kindly recorded it for this because we didn't have a recording. We were totally disorganizing. Recording possible wedding is actually a bob dylan song. I could have filled the whole less about them and sunk its guy gothic and pete jobs in singing when delude wins: lu, lu. Let's go down to the chapel
skating buys slowly so wind guy coffee peter jobs and with their version of dylan's wintermute, especially recorded few, a desert island discs. Emily Avis said this: he has gone simply line up. Then it is forty, two percent female emily, not fifty fifty. Why not? We always working to get fifty fifty some years is probably sixty forty, its chance
fasten ina. We really taken on an I'm always totally conscious of the gender balance being right and every day when I'm buckingham think him other an cajoling stage. Book has to be on board with it. Some of them have been here a long time say. You know it's a little better, a kind of hustle, but you know we're getting them at a paradigm shift that the gotta make young people talk about the spirit of glastonbury.
Everybody has their own version of it. What's yours, for me, it's about kind of creating a parallel universe where people can escape from the real world and just be in living in a completely different space and the heart of it ready for me as poverty. The charity side. I think I grew up thinking you doing something right. If you enjoying it, I'm not trying to may lose money from it and every day there are, you know, offers that come in from various people from in it is always the option there you have it. You could sell at two value could do that to that will ye qatar mass station to that station. You could join up with that partner and I'm night, no, no! No! No, because you gotta keep giving them money away and at the heart of it is the fact that we know ever gonna sell out some few final disk. What have you chose anyway? I took out here
this waiting people to do it and be unsay. Someone who I spend a lot of time trying to get an she agreed to it, that my son was ten days old and during the festival he got quite l a hand them. the pages russian who is, as I said, I'm really sorry the yoke and have taken to hospital with suspected meningitis and I had to leave aside- and I had him- allows an odyssey. Nothing else, matters at that point. All I wanted was for him to be better and in the house, What I was this tiny tv that you could put coins into an you, could try and watch in a baby to cover it and thus putting coins in and cap cutting out, and that was well, we were like wherein the best place he's being that, after by We are also missing this enormous marin believe kind of created, and I was so happy to see that she went outside while the answer crazy in love was just an incredible moment for the people in that field.
On the planet when the materials that you want to believe in these about doing nobody? the unseen and crazy love so emily. Thus we are about to send you to the desert island just picture this no sight meetings. No. can agents to smooth talk, no weather forecasts to keep an eye on how you, I think quite enjoy the peace.
We miss my kids, who has put the am I dead well to keep you company on the island. We will, of course give you, the bible and the complete works. If shakespeare You can also have a book of your own. What would you like? I want a pervert argument for the complete vice of the beatles as well, because ass really hard is an end to not have a veto struck by klinefelter shakespeare. Surely we should do is have back you up that we'll have to refer that up we will pass that request on and then returned to you a k say I probably gave her wrists yard cappuccino skis the shadow of the sum, which is a book that I read, for I went away to haiti, just the poetry of this book is incredible. It captures africa must be away. Then it's yours. What about your really likes him? I think I'll go for a carpenter.
Who get because I would quite light to build the veranda. Can we visit Jonah anywhere? In particular, I gotta have a nice aspect. It's gotta be placed to the water. and, I think, a perfect sport to raid and reflagged, and I think if I've created it and even better its use and if he had to choose just one disk of these eight wonderful choices which would be safe. You'd have to be bob Dylan, yoga mainline, so many guy, perfect and leave, is thank you very much. for letting us share your does island discs. Thank you for having me. I'm sure Emily will be fantasizing about being on not verandah just about now. I hope you enjoy hearing about her extraordinary life? The first ever glastonbury festival was back in team. Seventy and ask Emily, told me my bolton and
t rexes headlined when the kings pulled out, Emily's dad Michael This was cast away by kirsty in two thousand and eight. She asked him how it all began so Michael, even though, then that you made between being a very hard working farmer and sinking You could launch a music festival had it all that begin for you and jean gino ass. She went to the boundaries festival and forever the whole idea that river faster. I just could not believe it that could happen. You just read females away from the farm, Debbie's no fence around their gaze, nothing, nobody will take money. Anything in the media is replying millions and millions of people are no longer in the sun in the but data absolutely fantastic. I thought so. I've had enough with the whole concept, away said jane, I can't wait to get on the phone to mount to my own share. Did she say what you're talking about as she's gonna bit daughter? Think having
She did so I got on the phone. The next. The rain is why couldn't wait? You're gonna finish moving again reaffirmed coulson home at bristol. answer her gonna get the king. She see you so you go on the next day and said: how can I books the kings? I mean you are aiming high. The kings were huge group at the time, but king For certain member, one of them with a low levels, a thing yeah, but that you used to play to the kurds as tribe is playing, so my senses into the case was motioning. Tell me about the same system. The size of them was a huge clay pipes. Yes, sir pipe, which of eight feet long and tat, a speaker so strapped on to the end. Coming into the powder from outside. The radio was strapped on one end, looking partner clay pipe canine came into power wooden credible by Santer. Did because like it,
the weather they didn't. I tell you what is kept me going out her ankles loaded with such an it. At the time. Did it up? The yields are wondering what they say it does on Adam brooding over that's true, not sure it does remarkable, Michael avis, Emily's, dad speaking to kirsty young. I've got one more treat veal from our archives as Emily, planed, guy, Gourbi sang dylan's wintermute at her wedding, Kirsty cost guy away, and de fourteen and asked him about elbows huge hit one day like this is so an enormous tune forces changed our forgeries completely, but also thousands and thousands of people get married to every year and its become something we didn't realize. It's gonna be there. And then in a stadium in front of how many people it Glastonbury did you play He had done all woods of eighteen. Two thousand and ninety thousand people are looking back at you and singing this song. That you were. in writing in your journal? Is there any way you can convey to us what the experiences light is such a strange
thing because the sun belongs to the five boys. United belongs to the banned as all armies. It does, I think, that's part of being able to cope with peoples in your words, but you know words, a power of. Why do thou bow I feel so ownership of that sum. So it's easy to share with people outside the banned as Israel allow music, the wonderful guy coffee, who also shows some excellent public enemy, I urge you to listen to the whole of Michael guys, programmes both are available on the death of Anna discs website and on BBC sands. There are many, positions in our does island discs back catalogue, some of whom have appeared the festival. No gallagher on lennox, bruce Springsteen, lily, Alan Elvis, costello, Bob mamma and fleet with max christine v christine. If you listening, you know what to do
They ve lived musics. You thing for the duration of this year's festival from thirst aging, the twenty seventh just hit the BBC radio blast and we button in the sands up for four days of nonstop coverage from worthy farm on. Disk. Next week my castaway is the demagogy. Author Jared diamond, I do hope, you'll join us.
Did you know that technology can make us kinder to one another? Did you hear about the diver who walked out of the sea onto a portuguese beach, dragging the internet behind him? Did you realize that how you speak to the little robot helper in your house might cement age old stereotypes for decades to come? I'm alex pretovsky and those are just some of the stories that we ve looked at in the digital human, the pod cast that explores what it means to be human in the digital age. If you wanna hear more, and I guarantee we will surprise- you come check this out exclusively on bbc- sounds.
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