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Gabby Logan presents a range of popular BBC sports programmes and hosts high-profile sporting events including the Olympics, Premiership football and the World Cup. Gabby was born in Leeds and her father Terry Yorath is a former footballer and manager who played for Leeds United and for the Welsh national team. As a young girl she was a rhythmic gymnast and represented Wales in the Commonwealth Games in 1990. She retired from the sport the following year after struggling with severe back pain. In 1996 she joined Sky Sports as a presenter, moving to ITV two years later where she became one of the first female sports anchors to break into terrestrial television and the first woman to host the channel’s football coverage. Gabby joined the BBC in 2007 where she has presented Final Score, Inside Sport and Match of the Day. She also co-presents the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards show. In 2021 Gabby was awarded an MBE for services to sports broadcasting and the promotion of women in sport. Gabby is married to the former rugby union player Kenny Logan and they have two children. DISC ONE: Abide With Me by Emeli Sandé DISC TWO: Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell DISC THREE: Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong DISC FOUR: Going Home: Theme Of The Local Hero (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, 1983) by Dire Straits DISC FIVE: Daniel by Elton John DISC SIX: Belter by Gerry Cinnamon DISC SEVEN: As by George Michael & Mary J. Blige DISC EIGHT: You Got the Love by The Source, featuring Candi Staton BOOK CHOICE: Every Ruddy Word by Alan Partridge LUXURY ITEM: A piano CASTAWAY'S FAVOURITE: You Got the Love by The Source, featuring Candi Staton Presenter Lauren Laverne Producer Paula McGinley
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Previously sounds music radio put costs, hello, I'm Lorna van, and this is the desert island discs. Podcast. Every week I ask my guest to choose the eight tracks book and luxury they want to take with them if they were cast away to a desert island and for rights. We since the music is shorter than the original broadcast. I hope you enjoy listening. I My castaways week. Is the broadcasting gabby logan for the past Twenty years, she's brought tv audiences closer to some of the most memorable sporting moments of our times. She was one of the first female sports anchors to break into terrestrial
a vision when she joined I tv and ninety. Ninety eight becoming the first woman to anchor the channels football coverage. today she is the linchpin of the BBC sports presenting team and his hosted major events, including the olympics, premiership football, the london marathon and soccer world cup. When the lion s is brought football home at the euros in twenty twenty, two, her heartfelt closing peace to camera, calling for more support for the women's game with test went to her ability to look beyond the result of a much to find its meaning. Her own story is the perfect example just time meaningful sport can be and how it can shape a life. Her father is the leeds and welsh international footballer, terry europe, and she became a gymnast representing whales in the commonwealth games. Her impulse to make it a broadcaster was driven by the tragic death of her birthday,
neil when they were teenagers, he was a talented footballer himself and on the day of his funeral, she promised him that she would not waste a moment. She says sport has always been at the centre of my life. It's given me life lessons, introduce me to spectacular people and brought me complete and utter joy as well as frustration and tears. Gabby logan wealth does island discs. Thank you so much for everyone, so let's start with those lessons then copy. When you think about the many lessons that that sport, as taught you mean, I wonder what springs to mind first, was the most important. I think back straightaway a child running around after dinner with my siblings, chasing each other on the garden. Ostensibly, this was a game, but it always had a competitive element. Oh, there would be jumper, go posts and an jumpers for tennis nets, and there was joy,
but there was also life lessons at every turn. You know learning to lose learning to win gracefully as well that peace to come at the end of yours coverage. That site felt me watching, not atonement. I was watching type activity from them, nor even a huge football fund as cry my eyes so emotional, and it struck me as something that you had wanted to save for a long time That morning I was on my way to wembley and I was in the back of the cab and I'm heading towards the arches, and I thought if they win today, and it made me tingle kind of sitting there thinking about the change that could come, the change that has been on. I got my ipad out and I just started writing and this closing link appeared on my screen. I was writing it and I put my ipad down. I thought why I might to use that or might not will see what happens during the day and england one, and I was just so happy that I got to express those things which was that
come a long long way, and but actually this is the start vote for women's sport in lots of ways, because women's football for me is a bit like a flag for society, a flag for our country, and that's why I think a lot of women who watch the euros final. He don't watch a lot of football felt so emotional because it was about purpose and about change change and about possibility and stout young girls seeing women to extraordinary things in knowing they could do something extraordinary too. Well, I think, with that mine capital, better, hear your first piece of music. What have you chosen? I'm an olympics nuts, so I had to choose something that took me back to the summer of twenty twelve and there are so many pieces of music they're synonymous with that summer, and then this just hit me between the eyes as it is
many sunday singing abide with me now. She was synonymous with both the opening and closing ceremonies, and abide with me is also associated with the f a cup final. It's been sung ahead of the f a cup final since nineteen twenty seven and is also sung at their challenge cup final in the rugby league. It's been sung at rugby union world cups, and when I listened to this, the heartbeat that was used in the opening ceremony is the heartbeat for me. If a nation of a sporting movement of everything that was about to come, the words of a really for me, just been take a chance on me. I won't let you down. Please stick with me and that sport by me that faulty then hug a lot with me
I have to pay foods the abide with me performed by Emily sunday for the opening ceremony of the twenty twelve olympic games. So gabby. Let's say: let's talk a bit more about when you were growing up. Your dad's terry earth was a professor, the football player. Did you go and see him play see the team when he was manager when we were kids saturday afternoons we're going to home matches wherever he was and then when he became a manager, the same thing being the child of a players asian and being the child. The manager in every week you walking in a tightrope- and there were days when came home not knowing. Maybe that was the final day at the job, and I had one of those days where I walked into the gates from a school bus, and I saw his car and the drive, and I knew it shouldn't be that manages what much longer hours than play and I knew he'd been sacked the afternoon. So you
one and lived in leads in the early years of your childhoods, which was way you dad plates? What kind of dad was? He was good fun. He was hard working, but he was very young. They were twenty one when they got married twenty three when they have made by twenty six. They had three kids under three, so they go out every sunday night tonight, ah, but or parties their young people with a young family and opened a certain amount of fame of a state that came with the job. So we had a busy lively, fun childhood and how did you panics meet my not a sheila had a cafe called sheila's, cafe opposite Ellen road and that's? Where will that eating night, a pleasure to go and get their sandwiches post train from and my dad had gone in, he was going on a day and he asked my mum to iron some trousers. She happened to be working in the cafe. She was doing her a levels and she said no I'm really proud of her for saying saying, and then he decided that that this really cute girl behind the counter was much nicer than the girl buildings
to the disciple. So you then asked are out of date and that's how they met seventeen years old. I was very young, but the manager of legion ice at the time guy called don ready, whose very famous but will manager he reading, his place to get married young and settle dogs, he realized the players who was settled in family environment worth more successful. You know they weren't going gallivanting around so as soon as you
or player enough he'd send the wife or girlfriend flowers to kind of gonna keep swear tat. I ve got no. Yes, I worked for a while. I knew your mom. She sends very no nonsense but yeah. How would you describe it formula? But while she was very very much the kind of person who say two things like will that's a good thing to do, because if you go to university, you'll need the on. You see me and I was wondering how she knew those things, because nobody and her family they know I'd. She must have read and listened, and you know, talked people and heard things and she seemed to have. I think, when she was at school. She went for combat school comic, grammar school. At least. I think she was on the edge of being that person that went away did those things and another thing she had regrets, but I think she wanted us to all have the possibility to do things we wanted in life,
gabby, it's time for some music. Your second choice today. What have you come from? Well that noisy busy young household that I described then was full of motown. This song kind of sums up lyrically. I think what it meant to be loved by my parents and grow up in an environment that was unconditional, love, support and yet freedom to go and do what you want to do and it is at Marvin Gaye and tammi? Corrals ain't, no mountain high no matter how a man made yeah baby
Mountain high enough, Marvin, Gaye untie me too ral, Gabby Logan. you're about nine he started going to rhythmic gymnastics classes. With his sister Louise cheesy me, Competing music was very important and that sport wasn't it remit. Gymnastics, as the title says, is all about the music, and when I was a kid, the music could only be one instrument. I once got a local harmonica player leads to play dixon of dock green for me cause I decided I was going to be really avant garde and have a have a harmonica, and I think I paid him ten pounds and I sat in his living room. You can imagine what a harmonica player of eighty years old and lethal of this go rocking up and saying yes play it again. Please I've got my cassette recorder, and by ninety. Ninety, when you were seventeen, you chosen to represent wales in the commonwealth games in oakland at the time and- and you are also studying theory levels. So how did you fit in
the training of discipline, did you have to be very, and I love that part of it and it's very important, I think, as well for teenage girls to understand their bodies, and I think it at a time when it can be quite tricky, and I did you know, navigate a little bit of, I suppose, an eating disorder in terms of not eating enough cause. I wanted to retain a prepubescent body, but it gave me a sense of what my body was capable of, and that was doing a sport I loved. But what about that other downside, because obviously there have been so many stories, especially recently about, and you know the kind of emotional difficulties that young Jim
I have been through in it. We've heard about physical, psychological, abusive of young female gymnasts and lots of it focusing on there waiting, I mean to you, were you, like you, say, skirt the borders have anything to say. I think it was at the time, though I am in that set up at that time. In rhythmic gymnastics, it was purely from us gymnast to each other. Almost it wasn't that the coaches were saying to us. You know you need to be this weight. Although we did have weigh ins, we weren't body shamed, we weren't told what not to eat actually would have been more helpful if there had been a nutritionist helping us. So our idea of losing weight or our idea of maintaining weight was to go on weird mono diets. Oh I'm only going to eat tomatoes this week. How did that go down at home when you went home, you said to your mom, presumably right. When eating courgettes this, she played it very cool and she just kind of, let me get on with it, because she thought okay, she's, she looks healthy, she doesn't seem to be, and she was quite clever in that didn't come down on me really quickly about it. She just let it happen francois and then I think, I realised that I needed in a certain magnet
because I was never the eye ass. She looked at myself in the mirror, and so I'm fat, because I knew I was and it was all about the sport and in my head I think I decided that once the sport was over my relationship with food with normalize again and so an eight daddy. I rushed itself quite quickly and I was lucky because it doesn't. Eyes, so he retired and ninety ninety one, because it back pain, but luckily you'd maiden parents on blue peter and I planted the seed of another dream. You have fifteen when you appeared on the programme demonstrating your gymnastic skills. What was like fee, I love the light going on the cameras, the uneven with studios there, and at the end of the show. I decided that this was where I wanted to. I wanted to work and tele, and I wrote to the producer, who is a guy called louis bronze and beat the british in us exception, sent letters whom he see wrote back to them and said. Thank you very much and you know
the university and I'll see you later kind of thing. It wasn't really steeped in lots of advice, but it was very sweet of him to get back to me and that was it the eureka moment of this. Is it we'll find out what your next steps in a moment? First, though gaby it's time to make some room for the music disc number three. What are we going to hear and talent hire the coach I had at leeds gymnastics club she used to drivers to nationals. What training she smoked all the way that the window open, but she also played either radio three o a cassette. That was some kind of jazz compilation, and so she opened up my, in my eyes to all kinds of music, a love of jazz and early knowledge of a bit of opera, classical music- that I never would have heard at the motown, loving home that I came from and at this track is summertime from porgy and bess, and this is by Ella Fitzgerald and louis Armstrong the I do
ghana, some time and if its gerald louis Armstrong, gabby logan? I want to take you back to may the eleventh nineteen eighty five when you were twelve years old, he went to watch bradford city play lincoln folly, parade the bradford stadium know your dad terry was brought for this. Assistant manager at that time, and the whole family was that you mom your grandparents sister, Louise and brother Daniel. What happened that day We always sat together as a family, but that day, because of numbers, we had to sit in separate seats and we were teenage will turn on the edge of being teenagers. Me must be,
anne sister and I will not sit on our own ebbed away from my mom, I'm just before half time she always left of it. This will have time amounted to avoid the crushing the buying and to get there first and get the drinks in and shouted down to us from the back of the stand, did we want to go with her to the bar, or did we want to drink, ordered and we convoluted, and so I will go with her, was one of the most important decisions. If I ever made in my life because as the eldest, I led us up there and within a minute and a half, somebody opened the door to the bar and told us all to get out because a fire had put it in the stand, and it was already this points and smoke was filling the air acrid Smote was in the air and it took hold so quickly because it turned out the wooden stand had been built on a lot of rubbish and the cigarette that have been discarded had caught something in the stand. But, of course, at that time I suppose we all assumed
The gates at the back of the ground were open and people were leaving the ground. What we now know is that the people who went to the back of the the ground to get out could not get out because they locked the gates. People either went to the front of the stand to get over the wall or they went to the back. The way they'd come in, and that was the way me and my brother and sister would have gone because that's the way my mum had just gone so as she'd gone through the lounge. Obviously, at that point, but those most of the people didn't know that that lounge was even there. You know they were going back to where they'd come in and in the end, fifty six people lost their lives that day and our family was incredibly lucky If you and the rest of the family had got out relatively quickly your dad, he stayed behind and he saw some yeah hopeful things. He was a with a policeman trying to navigate his way through and the policeman said to him, don't turn round and he did
And he at the time he said on never unseen what I saw, and I don't think it's kids. We fully appreciated this moment more and it happened and over the weeks afterwards, I was always wearing a black tie going to funerals, visiting families, the scars and the residue emotionally for him probably has never ever really properly been dealt with and gone away. I think it was something that he struggled to come back from, and what about for you, I mean living through that experience as as a little girl. How did it change you? The one thing that kind of came out of that, which was a real beacon of hope, was that my mum fell pregnant and we with thrilled siblings, to have this baby, and I also youngest brother, yes, mrs Jordan, and so when I was thirteen when jordan was born and my younger brother Daniel was ten and he always want to little brother, and I think that was the thing that kind of got his true. Focusing on
this baby unfeeling like there was there is light at the end of this tunnel cabbie it's time for some music. Your fourth choice today. What have you gone for and why so my foot voice today is going home, which is by dire straits martineau flat on guitar and everything began in the northeast. For me, in terms of my career- and it was, if you aren't you about newcastle, the football team is pretty much everything and when I eventually left the northeastern and his job at sky, member driving down the a one and looking back. It was a beautiful summer's day or early evening, and I could see the time bridge behind me and St James' park and tears. Streaming down my face because I kind of new I wouldn't be back. I always said yeah going to london for company. Is I'm coming back, but I continue. You are and I knew this place had given me everything for years. I had given it everything in it. Give me back, and this song is played every home game isn't james is park and its sloppy and sentimental is my most nostalgic choice. I think going home.
the the the the the the going home theme of the local hero by dire straits, gabby logan in
ninety. Ninety two, when you were nineteen, your mum, Christine called you and she had some terrible news. What did she tell you? She didn't really have an introduction. She just said the words that changed our lives which Daniel has died and Daniel was my fifteen year old brother. At the time he was a couple of months off his sixteenth birthday. He just signed to be a professional footballer for leeds united, who had just won the league and he was a beautiful, strong, fit healthy, handsome popular young man and he had everything to live for. Did you know what happened to him at that point? He had collapsed in the garden at home, playing football with my dad and my dad thought he was joking kind of went over to get the ball from him and rolled him. Over and later we found out within a few days of the post mortem, he had a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and his heart just had in a
stop it hostile events like that in someone's life there's always a before and an after an eight was very much light that yeah you in and for your family. How do things change as the eldest child? I think I seemed quite a lot of responsibility. I I went and picked up his death certificate, for example with a friend who was staying and everyone deals with it differently monday, it was very much a person who felt the glass was half empty already and for him this is confirmation that life was no good and kind of pulled him. self away from a lot of our family life, the family life that I described earlier, which was so all encompassing and so vibrant and he stopped drinking a lot more and that didn't help. My mother- Then she went on a more searching journey time work out why this has happened, and although we ve been brought up roman catholic, she started exploring other faiths and other religions and asking questions of people, and she saw help through council. And in other ways of containing with what was going on
and so eventually I think it was about. Ten years later, my parents separated. So I mean for you it if you had to step up and Anne had to step in and do things that no nineteen year old should have after go pick up that the brothers desert difficult it's just awful, but there the other side of that that. You said it may do pretty fearless. You know in terms of what you would take on and what you would try having what happened. I went durham on. I thought right. Every day, the grabbing hold of and doing things and trying things and yeah I'd like to work at the radio station in Newcastle I'm going to, and I attacked my university life with with that kind of energy I supposed to, and I suppose I was running away a little bit properly.
in the stillness that would eventually come and learning to handle grief and how you are blocking that korea. I think there was an element of that, but I I think in my heart I kind of felt like the heat not had that chance and I was going to take it capitalists take magnificent music. This is your fifth choice today. What are we going to hear so the night that Daniel died? The first thing I wanted to do was listen to elton John's Daniel and I've listened to it many times. and my children as babies as toddlers loved me singing it to them when they were going to sleep at night. My daughter, nurses, quite particular though, because the lyrics are done my brother, you old, the man. She always you say young and it kept his men. in his spirit alive with them, and it's me special santos,
the you see Daniel violent and john suing awake you'll staff cabbie. You took up your place at durham university in and threw herself into student life there, but you also start to develop your love broadcasting and seek out this broadcasting career so there was a local radio station. Metro, fm and you'd started doing some shifts there. While you were studying at uni now after you graduated, he then joined sky sports as a presenter. So at that time there
very few women ongoing sports programmes and tv in general, which was a boy's club and what was the atmosphere like during that time, there were some great men there less will improve to say there was some brilliant, encouraging supportive, fantastic men there but, of course, There were those men who are the alpha's who like to throw around obviously insecurities by saying things and doing things. What kind of things aren't appropriate? Sutton, a guy who was some a presenter shouting, my name in the office I will pass and turning round and saying that I had a great house, but it be one of those assets That will be done by my knees by the time I was in my thirties that kind of thing and another who shouted at the office am how many premier league footballers it. I have notched up on my bedpost am always I always feel quite uncomfortable when I think back talking about it, because this parts of you that feels guilty that you didn't deal with it head on and think I should have said more at the time.
should have done something different, and my idea was that I just keep working really hard and prove them wrong, and I've always had a bit of that in me. I'll prove you wrong. I'm going to do this. It must be satisfying in twenty twenty three. However far, we might still have to go to to look back at how things have changed and think this isn't what it used to be like. It's really satisfying and to have more representation, and thankfully we have also focused in the last few years on that being a studio that looks different is not just about having in a one woman, four minutes, where what do those men look like? What did the women look like? Where are they from? What are their backgrounds to have all those kind of influences is so important on the outcome that you get stamped your next piece of music copy number, six, what if eagle, and why you taking it to the island. I first came across this song in twenty nineteen, when we'd gone up to scotland on one of quite a few road trips, we do as a family kenney's from stuff
but we ve taken trips right up to the islands and highlands and that someone we were taken, the kids up to the islands for the first time and we were stopping off great friend, daddy with house his farm magala We were staying for the night and Dadi had been diagnosed with motor neurone disease in twenty seventeen and that summer Dodi was still walking and he was still able to drive his car just about I'm not sure that We should have MBA east to have cause. He was a farmer, he had these kind of off road vehicles and he said right we're going to go over to a friend's house and we're going. He was a beautiful summer's evenings were going to a free, drink, the amazing views and we were all packed into this car and he was playing. belt by jerry cinnamon and the sun was shining in the windows were open and everybody was laughing and he was a man with this horrendous diagnosis living life, as he did every day. Never feeling sorry for himself. Never exhibiting pity, and it always reminds me of how life could be cruel, but how people like daddy, just get hold of it and make a difference as he did.
single, most tumbling pounds in five years. Actually, that he's race promoting your and disease and making sure that he died knowing he did everything he could to change the conversation. That's it. thank god, and she always like some guys may stay away me It's such a lousy. The She does darling garden god inside this guy's jerry cinnamon and better Gabby logan that will be friend the rugby player Dodi. We're who died last
gabby in nineteen, ninety eight rejoined atv. It became one of the first female sports anchors to break into terrestrial television. Did you enjoy the recognition that came the job, no matter how you think you can cope with it and how well prepared you think you are. There are times where you get dangerously close to being what I describe as being an asshole and am that we have got tenants. But I didn't know what to do. I shall I say quite close and liquid type, your adjacent, but not adapted to the world and then about homeless and then came back again very quickly because you got enough good people around. You can pull back him. I think its unique you'd walking literally up red carpets and your being sent things for free people, open doors, terrestrials privacy, didn't think you'd get into and given tables, and
and you know just for what the presenting of a spool on the telly you know, and so I think that those things can turn your head a bit and if you haven't got the right people around you, then you can get lost in all of that and you at itv for eight years. But after that am at the time that came to an end. It was a pretty difficult transition. What exactly happens it's important to realize that not everybody has to like you in life, and I had a boss who had arrived to itv, who had been my boss at sky, who I immediately sensed didn't really want me there any more and I fought against it and he probably couldn't properly kick me out cause I had a contract, but I was slowly being dropped off quite major pro. Grams and then I was presenting the world cup in two thousand and six, and I was supposed to be the headline present of england games and I dropped off those and I come home at the court final stage and a lovely guy. He was when the commentators are called me up
that he was really sorry to heroes. Leaving and I d- I didn't know anything about my departure, but apparently heat pumps. He pick us up from other colleagues. How did you feel I was devastated because I d wanted two things to be on my terms, and neither will we all do and also because I felt like that was the end and Kenny just well well. Well, my agent at the time was a guy called John holmes, who was a wise, wise old head, and he said just be notice. Just take a moment here and the bbc approached me and said we'd like to come and present this new show called inside sport and it's going to be like the newsnight of sport and we'd like to come and do a screen test, and I went back to that studio that I've been in blue peter all those years before to do a screen test. So, although it wasn't the way things had in my head were going to pan out, I was
when a huge opportunity, unnaturally that boss itv I'm thankful for now that he stuck to his guns, which was to replace me because I wouldn't have taken those opportunities. I think we better have your next piece of music. Can we? What are we going to hear? The next song is as by george, Michael and Mary J Blige? This was supposed to be the first dance at our wedding and a couple of nights before kenny, not being a very musical fella and if his armor strictly come dancing, not a particularly dancey fellow and he wanted to put a few steps together, and so we played the song- and I I love the words this and then you know it's just a beautiful track. It was a stevie wonder song that was done by these two, and here we have little. And ready to do, and on the night of the actual first dance we had an amazing gospel. Quite he transformed from singing gospel in the day to please and soul in the evening, and the ban struck up and they started playing bill with
lovely day and indeed happen a lovely day, but that wasn't my first dance and on all the pictures and in the video you can see me looking at them as if to say. What are you doing? This for kenny has no idea what's being played. He didn't even know, though, but right now one. My only his offers dance. This is as in the us,
george Michael and Mary J blige for your husband, the former rugby player kenny Logan. Now last year, Gabby Kenny was diagnosed with prostate cancer. How did you deal with his diagnosis as a couple and as a family to kenny's? Very you got that sportsmen. Kind of right. This is the plan. This is what we're going to do and we've done that when we gone through, I v f to conceive reuben and lois we'd had this right. This is we're going to try and get the best that we can and do the best we can and be the fittest. You know eatwell, kenny and exercise and be in good shape, we've been to such a long time that you know there are many things that surprise you more about that person in the sense that you know, you think, even covered all the corners of their personality, but actually the vulnerability that I saw in Kenny last year. It made me feel quite sad in and that for him, the inner that he was going through. That he's been really positive and brilliant. Since then, Kenny and as always he's got so much enthusiasm, but it does feel like it's doubled a bit in a he's good, while I'm glad he's doing well now Gabby thomas
time to send you of the island. What's your survival strategy going to be obviously I'm gonna be my own so I am going to have to talk to myself quite locks. I do like talking subtlety. Will you talk to yourself out loud? Yes in your head? Yes I'll tell myself out loud, otherwise I think my own voice would scare me eventually, when I'm rescued so I'll, probably in broadcasting, they'll be harboring, a nightly news bulletin for the animals and tell them what's gone on that we'll have some games planned and things that he he kind of your imagination will and training and and they'll, be definitely they'll be fitness while before sending it. I wouldn't let you have one more track. It's your final choice today, Gabby Logan. What we can do here, we are going to hurt. You got the love which is by the source featuring candy staten and I've always loved the soil is the one that makes you just want to stand up and dance and just raise your hands in the air. But I think it is all for me about
Well that incredible unit I have around me who are kenny, Rubin and Lois, and I've got their love and they've got my the would means see me. You got the love the source featuring candy status, so gabby logan it's time, I'm gonna send you away to the island. I will, of course give the books to take with you, the bible, the complete works, if experts and another book of your choice. What would you like? I should take something that is gonna make me laugh and entertain.
And I've already said that I'm going to be talking to myself. So I'm going to take the am complete works of Alan partridge. There is a book which I've actually already got, which is all the scripts of everything from knowing me knowing you right through now, as a broadcaster, I think it's okay to, I can say they're scabby. It is as one I know that it can be an epic close. One are, you sure, are we've all had those moments Lauren were in your head. You said something on telly and assurance yourself. Alan would have said that, but the Alan partridge is still something of a folk hero. find. That's something that I am an icon. He can also have a luxury item which you fancy, I'm going to take a piano just practicing every day for a few hours a day, I'll be able to come off and play something better than I do now, and it's a good use of my time away from the island.
Picks which I'm organizing and the Alan partridge shows, which I'm doing for the local animals as well. Definitely I mean it's going to be a busy island business, a lot happening like the sound of it and finally, which one track of the eight that you shared with us today, but you rush to save from the waves. You got the love Gabby Logan. Thank you very much for letting us here. Your desert island discs. Thank you so much for me. It's been so enjoyable. Thank you!
hello. I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Gabby. I love the idea of an animal olympics. Those dolphins don't know what I've got coming. We ve castaway colleague colleague, Lineker as as well as a olympians in the in the past, including jessica and his heel, nickel, adam sobriety, wiggans unconfined. All those episodes in a desert island discs programme archive I'm through BBC sands. The studio manager for today's programme was Jackie marjoram. This assistant produces TIM Bano and the producer was poorly mcginley. Next time my guest will be the writer Michael pollen. I do hope. You'll join us
hello, hello and welcome to nature bang, I'm accurately, I'm Emily knights and in this area from BBC radio, for we look to the natural well to answer some of life's big question. How can a brainless slime mold help us solve complex mapping problems? Can an octopus teach us about friendship between mind and body? It really stretches your understanding of consciousness with the help of evolution, biologists, I'm actually always very comfortable, comparing us to other species fellows, as he never really know what it could be like to be another creature and sponge. All adjusts is that your job title you will sponge all adjusts, while I am in certain spheres, at science meets storytelling with a philosophical twist, it really gets to the heart of free will and and what it means to be you. So if you want to find out
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