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Katherine Ryan is a Canadian comedian and writer. Her edgy and provocative routines have led to sell-out tours, comedy specials on television and her sitcom series The Duchess. Based on her experience at the time, the Duchess tells the story of a successful, happily single mother and Katherine wrote it out of frustration because she believed no one else was telling a story like hers on screen. Katherine was born in Sarnia in Ontario where she attended a local French-speaking primary school. The school celebrated the arts and Katherine became a musical theatre enthusiast who could sing, dance, write and act. Later she moved to Toronto where she studied city planning and worked for a branch of the restaurant chain Hooters. She credits the latter with teaching her the value of being entertaining and smart. In 2008 she relocated to London with her boyfriend and a few years later she got her big break as a comedian, performing on the panel show 8 Out of 10 Cats. By now a single mother to daughter Violet, she developed a rapport with audiences by sharing stories from her own life – both funny and sad. She describes her tendency to connect with her fans in this way as her “language of love”. In 2019, while filming an episode of the BBC series Who Do You Think You Are in Canada, she met up with her high school boyfriend, Bobby. They hadn’t seen each other for 20 years but the spark was still there and later that year they married in Denmark and went on to have two children together. The programme was recorded on September 6th. DISC ONE: Spice Up Your Life - The Spice Girls DISC TWO: The Real Slim Shady - Eminem DISC THREE: La Isla Bonita - Madonna DISC FOUR: Soul One - Blind Melon DISC FIVE: 22 - Taylor Swift DISC SIX: Psychic City (Classixx Remix) - Yacht DISC SEVEN: Crash Into Me - Dave Matthews Band DISC EIGHT: 16 Shots - Stefflon Don BOOK CHOICE: The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler LUXURY ITEM: A hat and skincare set CASTAWAY'S FAVOURITE: Spice Up Your Life - The Spice Girls Presenter: Lauren Laverne Producer: Paula McGinley
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Previously sounds music radio broadcasts, hello, I'm lorna then, and this is the desert island discs podcast. Every week I ask my guest to choose the eight tracks book and luxury. They want to take with them if they were cast away to a desert, island and for rights reasons. Them it is shorter than the original broadcast. I hope you enjoy listening. The my castaway this week, is the comedian and writer, Catherine ryan she's, the most successful stand. Ups in british comedy with a sell out to his netflix specials and sit come to prove it. She delight in subverting the stereotypical image of a stand up. She hasn't in peer
see glamorous onstage persona, describing how recent to a costume as the statue of liberty and drag her savage punchline orphans the bleakest realities of life as a woman and her sit come the duchess about sex. asheville. Happily, single mother was written out of frustration that she couldn't see any. was telling a story like hers in ellie twenties. She moved to london from her canadian home town to support, have partners comedy korea, things didn't work out as planned, the relationship failed and it was Hearst not his that began to rise by this time. She was a single parent. Has stripes on the circuit, as her baby daughter slept backstage. She says from The years I was the unwelcome surprise on a mixed bill and no people come to see me own purpose, which is all I ever wanted. Catherine ryan welcome to desert island discs. Thank you so much for having me here. That was a lovely enter action, and will you so welcome? Every word is true. Now, catherine, I want to start with you one stage,
because you do share a lot in your routines about your personal life. Why is that important to you? I, like secrets. I love the kinds of people who leap frog, the small talk and tell me all about their dead father. That's the first conversation but I want to have a nice nice to meet you. What medication are you? I just love that transparency that makes me feel special it makes me feel like I have a connection with them, so I try to be that way. I just try to share everything, because I want to connect with people and be vulnerable, and that's really just my language of love and you'll It is a very important part of your own stage persona. How did it come together? Well, I always valued glamour. My grandmother was really glamorous. She drove a cadillac and were red leather gloves, and that was the best thing that you could be was pretty and that trickle down my mother, whose also very glamorous so from just a natural perspective. I think it's polite to be invited in someone's living room. Looking your best or of people are paying me
surrender paying for parking coming out on a saturday night. Then you should be the best dressed person in the room. But then, when I started doing comedy, there was a bit of pushed back where early on in the in the noughties people, booker's men, I guess would say: oh you mustn't dress up because the men will fancy you, they won't listen to you and the women will be angry, they'll be jealous of you and you have to make yourself invisible so listen to your jokes? So you should just where hoodie, and I thought that was a bit downtrodden fur. What I had my sight set out, I suppose I was dressing the job. I wanted not the job I had susie it of rebellion. It was said rebellion. I decided to go all out and be based on a joke that its drag drag. Culture very much celebrates big, bald, brave, feminine culture, and I think that's standard due to its like you, don't like me being a woman, then I'm gonna be such a woman, Catherine, it's time to get to
music choices. Let's begin this number one. What is it? I love the spice girls, they had care turn that all the girls in my school could identify with and for halloween. There were two groups of girls who each went as their interpretations of the spice girls: five against five and Were you one of them, which vice go away? I was always jerry those ginger spice consumer. I the union jack, but also I was a bit ginger myself and I just didn't quite qualified to be baby. I would have liked to be baby, but I wasn't quite london enough. You know there is always a girl ass. The story of my I ve always someone blunder and you're the me. So I got to be a bit spicy. I love space up your life. The opening really got me going and made me feel powerful,
spice, girls and spice of your life. Catherine ryan. You were born in nineteen. Eighty three in the city of Sonya ontario, tell me about your whom time was it fertile ground for comedy to be planted? I think it was because I don't feel that comedians are born from just comfort and being really pleased with everything around them. You need to be shaken up a bit to want to choose such her rebellious path. I think that is not such a small town, but it's over small minded town in the way that-
there's one industry and that's a petrochemical industry that I feel must be dangerous, but everyone assures me is not, and everyone's parents work there and had lovely parents. I think I had a lovely childhoods, but I felt very trapped in that time from a young age, your father Finbarr had emigrated to canada from ireland just a few years before you were born. He met your mother Julie, not long after he arrived was being funny a quality that meant a lot in your family certainly was. I was raised at a time when, certainly from my dad's point of view, I think children were a bit to be seen and not heard he was Z with work is getting on with things, and if you want to detention in my house, you had to sit with the adults and participate. My mums extended family certainly were smoking the dinner table chatting and laughing and drinking at the dinner table, and I could see that comedy was valued and if I could drag myself up and sit at the dinner table and withstand the fumes of, I could get respect your parents.
due to a french speaking school when you were full was not a creative place tonight. I was really lucky because almost like a prank, my two non french speaking parents decided to put me into french school, not french, immersion like full. All french zero english speaking english was a punishable offence at my school I remember the first day of school thinking. What is going on is this: the whole world outside my family speed, this language that I dont understand and they were strict that, because I couldn't asked to go to the toilet they just me. We myself so for years old in front of all these new kids. They just let me wet myself and then, mean this orange. She went herself dry outfit, however, the benefit of into the french school was at that age or like a little sponge. I became fluent immediately didn't wanna, we myself again, and it was a different funding for the french system.
Wheat for some reason had loads of funding for drama and music and had a radio station in we had a school newspaper, and this is only primary school, though, when I was ten, I got to recite a poem about consent that I from a book, and it was about how you shouldn't be forced to kiss your uncle considerably is that are kiss your grandma. It was called debate. They busy archive they busy, Then we ate the lab was in dakota and based a plane ticklish. I love the la galaxy and maria and I would go on and on in this rant about all the people who thought I was cute and wanted to kiss me and at the end I said stilwell kashyap the complete mercy, and that means only when I want to kiss do you understand? Thank you, and it was a funny poem and it was yeah like I would never have- got that opportunity at any english speaking school catherine. It's time for disc number, two. What's going to be, I was really drawn to rap music and I found Eminem really sparked something in me because he was powerful and he was rebellious, but he was really funny as well.
Think they're eminem tracks are really stand up comedy, so the real slim shady by eminem changed my life. I just thought hang on this is funny. I just wanted everything to be powerful and funny, and he was it for me. May I have your well aware that irish, expand we're going to have you never seen a white opponent will be jaws on the floor like panchami. Give birth then ignore start a woman around them before the divorce. I wonder what will never turn away no way you're kidding, he didn't just say what I think you need eminem, the real slim shady katherine ryan, your parents, split up when you were fifteen the divorce that yeah you say that we're bad match for each other. How do you look back on their relationship? Now?
so my mother was twenty one and twenty two when she met Dad and she had never seen a man from another country before an inn, swans thin bar just a really tall handsome funny man from cork. He was an explorer. He was like. I'm gonna leave cork with my best friend and start a business where sardinia, canada. I still don't know why they would choose that on a map, but on my dad opens chemical electrical mechanical structural engineering company with his friend, and that was infancy, and he met my mom and married her immediately. I think they only knew each other for six months because she's the hottest. in the town- and I have I have said because there may obviously dissolved you dont get married for that reason. I know that your young and I know that you have a lot of hormones racing around and it's my fault really because I was this star
in the sky. I existed in the universe and I needed to be born in sarnia in nineteen. Eighty three at that moment by those two parents, so I dragged their souls to. There tell me a bit more about your mother. Julie have described her as being an actress in her soul. Did she ever get the chance to express herself? My mom was, very, beautiful and very small, and she was very talented and had everything to be an act or a singer. If she wanted to, she has so many talents, she's really funny as well, but she felt she to war society was dictating that she should do with her life she's got married and have three kids in your twenty I knew very early on that, my mom. and my grandma were frustrated and that they didn't reach the full potential of this is dorothy
yeah my mom. She was an important figure in you yeah, my mom's mom dorothy was really funny to, and neither one of them had really reach their full potential, and I didn't want to be changed to duties of a woman myself to add watch them be what part does you your mom? Please in developing your later self confidence teething? Looking back, she would point out anything that she could see and always say you could do that you could do that you, know, an astronaut. You could do that things I didn't want to do. You could do that. You could do that and I loved David letterman and my mom said you could do that. I just thought she was mad about what a shall we say that about me, but my mother, almost gifted me with this privilege of total ambivalence, like I didn't realize that anything would be hard because I was a woman, I didn't realize that everything would be hard because I was young where I was going to a different country. My mom just really am bold in me to think that why couldn't I do that? That's good the music-
Your third choice today, what we can here next and why my mother loved madonna, looked like Madonna dance like donna sang like Madonna. She even played a veto in the self titles musical and our local town. and I remember her singing and dancing in the kitchen to lahti. Slab bonita
the madonna and la a slap anita, Katherine ryan. When you were fourteen, you started at a very different school to your last. It was english speaking. How did you get on? I was really excited to start high school. I had purchased my autumn, quote from the gap. It was emblazoned with the branding on the back, but over the summer I had orthodontic that moved my teeth out. because I had a very small jaw and push my child. It created a massive gap between my front teeth. Oh no- and I was poster child for like really awkward looking is handing over to the bullies and they called me gap do flushed with a brick all these things, but also it was a bad experience. The school I went to Let us assume was rewarded and I was very much a teachers pat who liked musical theatre in it. Just wasn't the experience,
had hoped so soulier you, your expectations had been really high. This must have been a huge shock. I was just not equipped to all for like when it took to be cool in high school. I wanted to be to hand and I wanted to have very blonde hair and I wanted to have breast implants I wanted to be for decoration. I want it to be non problematic. I hated that the things I said that people used to think were funny or used to think were clever at my old school or musical theatre group if I said anything to try to ingratiate people to myself. I was just digging the whole deeper. I was just weirdo some interested in this. This I know that you had as a young girl to just be this kind of quiet, decorative object to think that might have taken you to your university job when you're a student in Toronto, you worked at hutus sets an american restaurant chain where waitresses, where skimpy outfits serving largely male clientele, but
really loved your time. That's why I didn't really know what awaited me in toronto and a beautiful orange beacon called to me on the street corner, and it was hooters that I had seen in tv and films and the girls inside looked like cheerleaders, and they were riding on the chalkboard and hulu who being and having fun and laughing, and no wonder I wanted to be pretty and non problematic, because I was very I very traditionally beautiful, very blonde, and everyone just says yeah in the arenas that I was aiming for. You know. Maybe I might not have got a job as a neuroscientist that day, but as it pleases, and I work here and the manager just let them down said yes and I loved my time there, and I know that that's not the right thing for a feminist to say well, some feminist do argue that the those kinds of jobs it degrading so what's your taken on, I was nineteen years old and I was learning and yes, there were signs on the wall. That said, girls are flattery operated. I didn't feel degraded,
oh in canada, it's just like being a cheerleader. We had a lot of customers going to the sports games, bringing their kids and what hooters ended up being. Was this matriarch e, where I got to be around other like young women and just hang out with girls all day. It's time for your fourth choice today. What's next, oh boys, what a curve ball in my life, I had a bit of a rescue syndrome. I liked these boys, with baggy, pants and guitars, used to sit in the street and play music and one of the first boys that I ever fancy you to listen to a lot of blind melon and the song soul. One is emblematic of all of the early romances that I started to have at that time. the the
the I, see Was the melon and so one. So you said that when you are young, you really want it big boots. It was nearly went. Breast implants from at a young age, and you still a student when you decided to get them. I think, will you looking to change the way that you felt as well as the way that you looked? I didn't want to have such a padded brought all the time in the summer. That was my first thought because I had created big boobs. You know me if there's something that I don't have I'll just make it I'll just get it I'll, just make it happen, magically out of thin air, so we'd fill water balloons with like rice, pudding and pop those in our garage rock yeah like chicken cutlet any
hang in there. You know the sofa cushions wherever I can get in their socks. I just wanted to have that shape and again. I feel that I can be forgiven for thinking you know these are the women that I saw first of all, not only in my family, but also I saw them having a better life, I how people responding really positively to them and people responded, really positive leads me once I got my act together started be more attractive. I hadn't he's your life. When you also have the very interesting ability in your life to kind of explore your ideas about those things on the stage which you do quite alone, your open about, having botox him, filler and actually onstage happy to exaggerate what you ve done. If it gets a laugh, does not feel empowering to do that. I guess it is a power move, but it's also just
I love jokes and I don't mind if I am the butt of the joke or the joke is at my expense, and I think this is a wonderful privilege to get to make people laugh, and I just don't feel that I would ever be precious about myself. You compared the annual miss hooters bikini pageant in two thousand and four. What do you remember about the show? How did it work out to do the beginning we pushed the tables together and make a stage, and it was a really busy night at the restaurant and the waitresses would actually put different bikinis on, and walk along the states. Just like you see in an american televised pageant and answer questions, and one thing that stuck out to me. It was the man in the very ill fitting bow tie with a red face. Asking us really. I thought foolish questions like if you could be. Meeting on the menu. What would you be in? Why, in the girls willing? I would be the hot naked wings because you know just really. I just didn't like the questions and answers, so I asked my manager. Could I be the next hosted the became about
and for some reason he said. Yes, I can't believe you said yes and I took the opportunity to be really funny, but also to ask the questions that mattered I would say you know Annabel. Where do we keep the been bags and aunt I didn't know where the been bags were because she was not a team player and it showed you know we wanted to weed out who deserved the crown, I took everything I did in my life. I took it very seriously and I left it so there was a comedy club next door to the restaurant and after the thrill of comparing the passion you decide to give stand up ago. What was really act like I mean I decided that I wanted to be Sarah silverman, a very successful and
talented american comedian. I loved that her jokes were edgy and I loved that her jokes were shocking, but I didn't have the shops or understand nuance of what made edgy jokes work, what made them clever, so I think I was just really offensive in the beginning. I would just settle for nervous laughter counted as laughter to me. Let's have some music Catherine. Your fifth choice today what's next and why, in my career, I've told jokes about celebrities and you have to hit the biggest ones, so they'll have to explain that friends. I have told jokes about taylor swift I know that she is the queen of the universe and even my teenage daughter violet is obsessed. I love taylor, swift and I even got to very briefly meet her at the me awards. She said I was amazing, and that is my claim to fame. It's the only thing that will get violet to push the hoover round. The house is,
very loose correction to tell her swift and I hope, to meet her again and at any age you can be reminded of how beautiful it was to be twenty two. So much racist, swift, twenty two zero taylor, swift and twenty two catherine ryan in two thousand and eight you move to london with your boyfriend. He wanted to try looking comedy know things didn't work out for him or fear relationship, and you start doing stunned appear yourself. You got you
breaking twenty twelve, you invited to appear on Jennifer's comedy panel, show eight out of ten cats. What you remember about the recording, I wasn't it dressing room, getting ready and having professional hair and makeup done and I'd purchase this little yellow, dress from a high street shop. But I'd really put a lot of thought into. Alright. Yellow is like sunny and happy and beautiful, and I'm going to look really beautiful and say all these prepared.
books that I've written about all the topics- and I didn't have any shoes just because I couldn't justify the expense of heels, when I knew that my legs would be under the desk. So I just wore brown wellies and you know I was trying to save money. I remember Hannibal. Burress was on the show, this american comedian who's, very talented, sean, lock. Obviously, John Richardson Jimmy Carr, Stephen Mangan, and I had a moment of panic where I went or what have I done like I'm never going to be as funny as sean lock, never going to be funny. As Hannibal John Jimmy. I should just crawl out the window and run away, but I decided in that moment like well. The rent is due in a few days and you don't have a choice, so have to make this go well and you're right. You can never compete with these men, so you have to authentic. We be yourself, you have no other choice and luckily my jokes worked and then I just got booked booked and busy from that date, You'd often be the only woman on a panel show, if, if you were doing one, how easy one
to hold your own and in that kind of environment lots of people describe them as babbitt's. I didn't really feel intimidated by the man. I think that that Format lends itself certainly to interrupting to being brave to getting your jokes in, but I never subscribe to these ideas of what a woman should be. last year. Catherine, on that living through a television show, you revealed that eat. Confronted, email, comic, jeering tv recording am accusing me of being a sexual predator. What made you decide to speak out? I got a lot to push back the client. You say who it is it's, because that everyone knows who it is? What they're asking me for as the women's names and that's what I won't give and that's? Why Listen to this time it by it will it's. You know there are a few women's names that
I think investigators are looking for and that's what they're asking me for no one's asking me for his name. So it's funny how people go straight to accusing you know like why you're the problem, you won't give his name and it's like we're, not the problem. I had a choice. I could go to work with someone whom I believe to be a perpetrator of sexual assault or I could turn down the job. Those were my options, and so I ran. With that, I thought what am I meant to do in this instance a moment ago and like being near someone that I think these things about that. I am to be clear. It's not someone who assaulted you at someone that now now I have never been assaulted, but tom the choice is: do I go to work with someone it is very problematic, and do I stay near them and laugh and smile and look like allowing this kind of person to still be
television or do I stay home and that was really difficult for me. That's what I wrestled with the most, because I believe that this purse, and was or is dangerous, but also like what I going to change. If I stay home, I decided my compromise was or I'm gonna go, but I'm going to let him know under no uncertain terms what I think of him. I'm not gonna! just smile and look like I'm allowing this behaviour I'm going to. Let him think that I dont know and then everybody he works, he's just gonna. Let him get away with it. So that is the attitude that I took into the shop When did I do the right thing or the wrong thing? I still don't know, but I just felt like why should I stay home like he should stay home, but if he's going to be there, I'm going to be there and I'm gonna tell him what I think. What was the reaction when you said it, he didn't have much of a reaction. I dunno, if I did it in a way that I'm not sure whether he He certainly didn't have an obvious reaction. I know when bright the reaction from other comics, because, if you're describing
in its further scenarios where so everybody knows but nobody saying it. What did everybody else say afterwards? What through action being people really liked what I said? I think they thought that was funny and courageous. The way that I said it, I could see that got a reaction. Other people, like a mean many other people, were around. I think it's that nuance, though of like did I mean it was I joking, but certainly the people who now know that I wasn't joking catherine. We gotta make some time for the music to sixth choice today, but we going to hear next It's not a happy song from really because it does remind me of times I was really in sick
we're in ambling around london really uncertain coming out of my relationship with my daughter's father, but this song reminds me of london and being new in london and it's psychic city. I laughed I live in a big city. I never knew what would happen in a day. I might be looking out the window as a friend and my son onto the field and psychic city, Katherine ryan, you married your husband Bobby
in twenty nineteen at the following year, you experienced two miscarriages and the first time that it happened. He talked about it publicly under the he used. The word: shame when you are reflecting on your own feelings at the time- and I wonder was the source of that shame and we surprised to find yourself feeling it. I was very surprised to feel shameful because, logically, I knew it's nothing I had done and it wasn't my fault, but there was this really deep, Aunt em. All shame I felt guilty. I felt sorry. I felt that I had caused my husband all this grief. I felt that my body was letting me down. I was unable to care for this thing. I felt really confused about where baby was- I didn't really know where it soul had gone. I spoke to a media, mean arms really deal with all these feelings, and I was shameful.
about sharing it because it really shattered this very powerful image that I had shared with people for so long, but I thought it was almost an act of service. I gained nothing from sharing it. I don't think it was just because once I shared it, I opened the floodgate. I just started to receive messages. It was great hundreds of women and open another, really sad story, every email, but I just thought I had to do. It because of shared everything with people for so long and that I can help people than I definitely want to, and I'm someone that they go to me because I make them laugh, but I felt a real duty to share this and to make that available for women going into the same experience. I quickly did you go back to work. I was working during the miscarriage You notice it and then another thing it arose as it takes a long time. Sometimes it damn it won't let go, and that was the most difficult time for me. The squire. What's gonna happen, why won't let go and maybe because it
freed and I'd like went through all of these terrible emotions, but had a gig that evening. So we went to the scan and then we went straight to a gang of gold which I never in hindsight should have again it's my overconfidence and dumb and went to live cool, and I did this hour long gig and it fell almost like I was now, but it was one well to have an hour not to think about it. It crept up in my mind a few times during the hour, but it was easier for me to push it away and I bounced it that the show yeah I hate to be so old fashioned about it, but it really helped to just get on with things it's time for your next disc. What have you chosen? What the good boys in my high school listened to was, the dave Matthews band, is very talented, instrumental band and mine husband Bobby was my high school boyfriend, and this is one of the first songs that we listen to and then, when we reconnected. Twenty years later, he put music on cause. You is trying to make it
and he put this song on and it just flooded back. It was very clever of him actually just remembered all these wonderful things that I loved about my teenage sweetheart. So it's crash into me: Dave Matthews, band, gosh, to me. sweet sweet last crash into meat Dave Matthews bands, Catherine Bobby, was your childhood sweet on and the two of you haven't seen each other for many years. But then you did come back together. How did you manage to find each other again? It was why
because I was invited to canada to thumb. Who do you think you are for the bbc? This wonderful ancestry show that I was so excited about and my sister wanted to go out. We went out Bobby came into the bar. He looked than ever and the so annoying about men like he had wrinkles and he was gray, but he was just a gorgeous I always really did love him and loved him, and I was heartbroken when he split up with me when we were teenagers, but we got together immediately. We spent that night together And it was not meant a snowball into a full blown marriage. It was meant to relay. I think, you'd kind of thought like ok, well, I'll, just go that for the anecdote ready for the story, a sort of like out almost a joke to yourself to tell us to its exactly. I just thought: wouldn't it be funny to spend the night together, I really just did it for the punchline us that it was. Can we funny? I imagined myself on my high school girlfriends, what's up telling them in the morning, but we just click,
so instantly. He flew to london. The next week to see me- and we pretty much decided then and there in the hotel room, because I wouldn't allow him in the house right away listening to Dave Matthews band, should we I I laughed. I looked at him and I said you love me, don't you he said I do. I said we're probably going to get married and have kids right. He said ye was like oh no but what a disaster? That's not what I wanted, and we were married nine months after that, then you now have two children together, fred vienna as well as violates, but I'm about to take you away from a very happy family and send you off to the islands which I am sure will be orange. I this my family, in the children we have such a happy home. Everyone in my house likes to have a laugh even the two year old he's funny. I will miss them. Will you miss performing know? I can just perform to some coconuts. I will miss connection. It's my job is all about connection and that's why I love to be on tour so much
but I think that I can make some friends with some monkeys or mice, sir. I could enter tee myself, certainly for a very long time. I love my own company, so be quite happy on a desert island for awhile well we'd love to you one last track before we send you the what's. He gonna be final choice. This song goes back to my room with my daughter and it is sixteen shots buy stuff london because I think its powers, and she warns anyone against speaking ill of her own mother, nor my motto wake up, Yeah By the way I shall die in iran. I would only minor nothing's dawning smile around sixteen shots staff, london, so
Katherine ryan, I'm going to send you away to the island, I'm giving you the bible. The complete works of shakespeare to take with you Annie can take another book of your own choice. What would you like? I think that I would take a chill transfer as silly as that is. I would want something to remind me of my children and I think I would, to look at pictures and read something soothing like the highway rat. Oh Julia, donaldson and Axel Scheffler yeah. You can have it. You can also have a luxury item. What would that be? I think skin care is really important, it's a very obvious luxury item, but I am far too caltech to be in that son all day, and I think I would need a very big, full wide brimmed hat. I would need asked piazza like an unlimited supply. Fifty S behalf for sure- and I would like to explain in- I still need now, and that's not what I know that no one can see me any more, but the last thing you want to feel is parched I'll do my best will furnish. The skin cosette a enhance, certainly, finally, which one track of the eight that you share with us,
they would you rush to save from the waves if you needed to. I think it would power me through tried. Get me off that island, one day, if I rescued spice up your life, Catherine ryan. Thank you very much for letting us here. You does discs. Thank you hello. I hope you enjoy it, conversation with catherine shall certainly need that high rating skin cosette on the island to keep parching at bay with castaway many meetings over the us, including don't french, Sarah milk and dora Brian and jimmy cup, and he can find these episodes and how does it and disk programme archive entry bbc said
the studio manager for today's programme was Jackie marjoram, the assistant producer was Christine Pavlovsk iii and the producer was poorly beginning next time my guest will be the entrepreneur great jackson. I do hope you join us, nature, hello, hello and welcome tonight. You're buying I'm accurately I'm Emily knights and in this area from BBC radio, for we left the natural world to answer some of life's big question like can a brainless slime mold help us solve complex mapping. Problems. Can an octopus teach us about shit between mind and body. It really stretches your understanding of consciousness. With the help of evolution, biologists, I'm a always very comfortable, comparing us to other species.
Lucifer's, you never really know what it could be like to be. Another creature and sponges suggests is lacking. job title you, a sponge geologists. When I am in a sentence, is it science needs storytelling with a philosophical twist it really get to the heart of free well and what it means to be you. So if you want to find out more about yourself via capacities that dance folks that free, and single cell amoebas that design border policies subscribe to nature by four bbc radio for level on BBC. Sounds.
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