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Kevin Sinfield, rugby player

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Kevin Sinfield OBE is one of the most decorated players in the history of English rugby league. He captained Leeds Rhinos and the England team, and was runner-up in the BBC Sports Personality of the Year poll in 2015. He holds records as the highest points-scorer in Super League history, the third-highest points-scorer in British rugby league history and the record points-scorer for Leeds. After retiring from playing, he switched codes and is currently part of the coaching staff at Leicester Tigers rugby union team. Off the pitch he has made headlines as a fundraiser. After his former team-mate Rob Burrow was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2019, Kevin began a series of epic fundraising challenges. He completed seven marathons in seven days in 2020, and then in 2021 he ran 101 miles in 24 hours, raising millions for MND research and support. He lives in Oldham with his wife, Jane and his two sons. DISC ONE: Parry: Jerusalem by The Honley Male Voice Choir & The Band of HM Royal Marines DISC TWO: Come on Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners DISC THREE: Someone Like You by Van Morrison DISC FOUR: 7 Days by Craig David DISC FIVE: I Think We're Alone Now by Tiffany DISC SIX: Baker Street by Undercover DISC SEVEN: Last Request by Paolo Nutini DISC EIGHT: Fix You by Coldplay BOOK CHOICE: The Edge: The Guide to Fulfilling Dreams, Maximizing Success and Enjoying a Lifetime of Achievement by Howard E. Ferguson LUXURY ITEM: A Self-propelled treadmill CASTAWAY'S FAVOURITE: Last Request by Paolo Nutini Presenter: Lauren Laverne Producer: Sarah Taylor
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Bbc sounds music radio podcasts, I'm Lauren Laverne, and this is the desert island discs podcast. Every week I ask my guests to choose the eight tracks book and luxury they'd want to take with them. If they were cast away to a desert, island for rights reasons the music is shorter than the original broadcast. I hope you enjoy listening. I the.
my castaway this week is the rugby play. A Kevin's infield he's widely regarded as one of the greatest players in rugby league history with the golden boot to prove it. He spent most of his professional career leads rhinos where his kick became the stuff of rugby legend and where he earned the nickname sick, have he's captain the Glenn team represented great britain. Anything He's playing career is one of the most decorated players in the history of english. Rugby league reputation for excellence and insurance and team sport on the pitch is matched by his outstanding achievements. In the name of team spirit of it in recent years has become a fundraiser extraordinary running seven marathons in seven days one hundred and one miles in just twenty four hours to raise in support of his rhinos t, mate, rob borrow and to fight. The condition rob suffers from molten human disease. He says I dont think that better feeling than giving people hope, Kevin and filled welcome to desert island disks
cuba, a lovely introduction, join us, Well, it's lovely to have you with us, especially as the rugby league. World cups can be kicking off soon as it's a home world cup, england, wales and scotland, all taking part. How optimistic are you that one of our national teams might win? Your very? mystic, athens, a huge for sport, relate to have men's women's and wheelchair finals, all Do you care all october and november, is for his wonderful for sport and a baby. If so, what does it mean to you to be part of a team when you of sorts, combative sport as you doing unladen union unpeopled point about his online. Every single dead, then you saw of food together in the becomes a real friendship, I think ruby dressing rooms, a different anywhere, think the buncher in the way people look after each other and care for each other.
Laser talked about that. Much from such a much more sport boys, yeah, very much a part of the dress rooms have been it's an interesting contradiction that isn't it because it does have this kind of tough guy reputation, especially when it comes to league, in particular its scene. The kind of rough and ready sport, but actually this thread of kind of friendship and and love really is, is huge and your story in it. It's a big part of what drew the game in the first place and what you love a basic. You rely on each on the field you gotta. each other and you ve gotta, be honest with each other in another chance. frozen to every day when you're off the field with each other and it doesnt stuff When you finish point special, Kevin got so many friends in and reflections to get into today and to talk to you about, but, of course, were also sharing your discs. This is your first choice today was gone for and why I feel like an editor of a rebuild confidence in the are group to change, could fondling applied before don't go final and ninety? Ninety two was a schoolboy occur to me,
The old wembley And this anthem, like a pledge that day? In sooner most with sport, mistress pic is Jerusalem
jerusalem, performed by the honey, mere voice, client and abandon her majesty's roy marines music, composed by Hubert perry and way
by william blake that track to remind you of time playing rugby league for england, Kevin's infield. So let's go back the beginning, then you're, the youngest of three kids bonnet in nineteen. Eighty, we were sports. the family one says from deeper: he's told him so but then read her good football team automatic and we are a quite strong rugby teams. Well, the town was quite sports town, okay, but it was your brother, the rugby, I think yeah, that's right! he sighed supplied local club had been planned it's a monsoon came one day and I was seven not show much interest really about. What's by football and He came home, said the undeniable shop to a fancy goin up in a trial. I was the following sunday morning unturned he run off and left me. to play with the under eleven saw and burst into tears and didn't know anybody and just left a meal
One book shot within ten or fifteen minutes was upon the field. Always rains in Oldham saw the fields are always wet and muddy and were written. These big talks, bugs in dublin the modern it was. I could begin with its it's a knockout best things. I've done enough, while What is this mega on that day and was covered in modern, didn't get told off for it and though I probably found wearing it to be, As you will think, you'd hate your group now behind every professional athletes, that's usually a backup family team of support them every step of the way. So tell me use your parents, berlin, re redoubled, fishermen working again of ours, where the mortgage and three kids in that really good job of bringing those open, but a really happy. Childhood spent a lotta millbrook playing football in, and Rubin we share bedroom, they probably beat me up. Evidence was about fifty, and then So the sibling tensions, which is
bull in a shared bedroom. I think proclaims asia and tell me a little bit more about your mom. So you you dad's an electrician. Do lots of overtime and lots of work? Did you mom work shuddered a number of different jobs? She was a trained chef, so the food, so we got that we got fed, but she worked a lot nights shorts in a hospital feeding the dots and nurses for number of then he returned and did serve a couple of different. administrative rules and work in it. The royal hospital, when you look back- you probably don't realize at the time, but when I look back now how hard they work for us, let's have some music. Then this is your second disc today, as the first song of really. I remembered should be in it crazy, five or six road charging around the lounge. with millet. Why vast on big box and gloves about then add big thick blonde? When I look back and photographs shaw, pictures like a normal it was on in the background, and it was always this in its so now
to hear reminds me been far into his eyes,
Cease midnight runners, uncommon, Eileen, so Kevin sin. You complete a british rugby league coaching scheme when you were thirteen years old, I think, and your report included the comment Kevin could develop into a quality yeah. So you said you would you would just eleven when you realized? This was what you wanted to do when did rally catch up with you? When did you really think actually there's a possibility that that this could work out? For me, it's not justice. It was eleven when the penny dropped. I want the most gifted ruby certain physically. And those guys who are lot bigger and fostering stronger and skilful and all different elements that make a great reply, but the thing the Why could be? Was the most committed in the most discipline saw They all became about attitude in getting that right and a dim onawandah, pablo, proper papa when it was in the late twenties and have regrets and look in a mirror and think of west. It was hot, so I thought I'm going to
throw everything after and if I'm not good enough or getting. Some little light mobile, that's possible of traditional playin look game, film and the end of a game playing well on women probably started off spending a time when the dot suicide. If leads men, I was over there at first ones, We can then very quickly to isolate and before you know it, you, the four or five times a week. especially on the way to being sixteen. Seventeen and a car journeys together, so many You got the time if you do that, you're on your brilliant, I'm in the garden we'll get opec's too early to finish its work. It homes we could take was across the laden beget enormous, was not caused a tenant night anyway given up time off or if I'm not too,
matter would then be on the table when I walked in all dinner as set down in london. I haven't got yesterday s being only I've still got the wrong way round justifiably because you spent I'm on the road getting home, and I want to do our homework school, and how did you manage to get on at school? We often could soon allotment repellents had worked that's. Our discipline was was in me, and I know that my It was really important. The day I got I judiciously results. I was co in turn the first to mount a member debbie to follow india. So one as the school women merits, picking medusa cereals, my parents were there. Daddy was sixteen year old and golf to full time contracts and once guadeloupe AUS goodbye. I stood continuum available so that it's time for your third track today Kevin. What's it going to be, have chosen this because of the that is a big from morrison fund Yes, it's am of.
favorites as well. We played this a number of times on those, car journeys over from oldham to late, sir, maybe some alot you from mars when we come through some jim said van orson and someone like you so com in fact I think we'd better go back to that summer of ninety ninety seven than a mean bought a time you major maybe with leads rhino. when you were sixteen. You got your gcc results at the sight time. How do you look back on it? What do you remember about it?
to get paid for plant, which would brilliant and then you very weekly farmers. planning the reserves, which was first I put against men cooper after that go called into the first inshore believable experience to play in front of fifteen thousand. people at sixteen by alongside on against people who are really took two and was just a brilliant think. Often because what I did it taught me to things taught me that manila wasn't ready to play at that level every week, clear, one and men. I had a lot of work to do so until I was outlined in it. You think You understand that we have got a second here the minute you you're in algernon Joe. a bird in the higher the burden? more than ever done before in them a bigger and stronger than you ever first before in my life
Sixteen was still a kid at what point did you think you'd call up and yam on partly scored now can do a proper two years. Yeah so at the level of someone who must have been hard trying to play elite. Rugby keep up train and while also holding down only what you had to do in sixth form yeah was the true the difficult years. Mccrae seems a finnish college straight over too lazy to turn back From trade and books were opening and stood in sore A two years I had very little social life darwin what petunia ended up on a wasted an hour to by for england and great britain. I wanted to interoffice it's time. Fourth disk. What are you gonna be annexed to go with one sky songs he's the double of my best met. You are played the vast majority Mccrae with and Jim Jones, buchanan call being a really really strong friend, makes me laugh but
is probably better story with this artist as is well hit. The a similar time, as I started to play first damon at a huge drop because of some tv programmes and found a way. Conforms we're back in athens or real message. Edna for people, oh urso, a little bit like my career to some real of moments, but you gotta keep fighting, persevered in and this guy sure I'm gonna go. We one of his classics,
which is seven days by craig David Craig day. On seven days so and soon fell. Told me, through becoming captain at aged twenty two: it's all been goin, while, as a player its rhinos? They then Cuba is captain. What was your reaction? We ask you to take it on absolutely delighted the time I'm a guy called frances commons was captain and first response, besides being related, was
to call him in asking if they would go with it. never get support. What did he say a bridge? conversation with it it brought me every day, We can that made it so really special. How much research did you do into psychology to take on that role in and during that time, ass captain how to get the best out of people had to understand the mental site for needs to deliver on our side under other problems, lots time with ruby large, all away trouba, falada, good understanding and a good read on most rebuilds light you take. the group of the place into tell him, you put me five star there. All got dressing, gown and slippers a lot there are no other sure you can't do that for game. Preppy portman, three star and more so understanding, where you ve gotta, pull it somewhat that one
there is no nor dressing gown this nor slippers- and I say comfy bonatti they'll, come here, you get nice biscuits. We coffee mercury got anything so gotta go to understand, nothing probably came from your bringing an amount of emotional intelligence and then those Can you please you weren't around me Well the mayor different things and differ different moments in not quite opposite. Shall what lord sir? I need your help have some music. Now I think it is disk number five kevin was it. Was arrears perk smaller? favorite song? She goes up the crazy, every sandwich, plaid whatever you do revenge were up a visit jail. Somebody play music. She straight over to us for this and show smile and first, when she hears it and should always dancing saw, is tiffany.
Think we're alone. The and I think we're alone now so Kevin's infield you captain leads rhinos for thirteen years and in twenty fifteen you lead them to victory when they secured the travel. The first time in the clubs history, not so incredible achievement. Looking back what are your your proudest moments of of your time with the club so approach, That final season probably The truth is, I was involved in a special for.
The nice thing, because without the perfect, ended in the same way and to places welly finish that their Jimmy pay cocking. Canada, though I would regret friends, allow me to close the balkan rippling career in almost. I want csi fibre content that for not eleven year old kid you decided he would love to be able to prepare for it To be able to about dream and then be able to call, The book cumuli with how we finish was incredible, think I'm most proud of his friendships. Together the best and most brown, under the bit. You miss the most The idea you find most sportsmen we ve been in teams balls when it finishes for them the miss that friendship where bouncer miss laughing silly thing, silly duff, things up play is due for, I think within that. I really must be entertainment and going through those difficult, more
soon and funding aware through when you find plenty of difficult moments to put itself in the foot yourself. Still these days, which will come to debate, and so after retired, from from playing professionally. He went on to switch codes and- and you went to play rugby union with yokes carnegie, what was books a hind that decision Been a centrist room for a long time other animals, probably trying to get ready for life of the ruby. But universe in studies it didn't be seen in the sports studies and a master's in sports and business as well. So you are really getting your ducks in a row for cognos a retrial was dry. Nothing, nothing can prepare you for retiring, not after saw a plane, must relocate to play. Nineteen years bull, to play, not at the time and suddenly been in the real world, trying to get a real job, but quite daunted that
This is very, very difficult for people. How did you manage it? Yours too, probably still same transition nina I'm six years up and still searching for something that gives you just as much fulfilment explained, it is sure to find but as a rule, billy players probably doublet shaw, because Listen, you might be thinking that they play a professional nineteen years yourself life, but the reality is that the vast majority of billy clothes on surrealism, demille. Those reason we're going to two degrees to trans himself, football, the ring I would say that you start a new career in the ross. Sports were place can retire and understood financing. The looked after four there are still often us, the full security have. But I would also say that that means This is a huge challenge. person ever massive dropping earnings in the zone, Mama were of all sorts of troubles in
Pitfalls force can come, Luxor fell out, repaired to bust? A good lesson plans stood for it is the university? The trouts himself, the best platform, but still The bit that's mission is defrauded. I came all the afternoon. Were you of sorts last june. Are such desperation lot? rollercoaster. Suddenly those has another taken away in a new, When I open a very. strange life that can be proceeds quite born and mundane with some of those big moment. let's take a second mommy's it come. This is your sixth choice but be confirmed. I am a massive saxophone fun this was a song that was a cover. Joe Britain's boy, I remember that restricts jacksonville australia appreciation come in. play and not now was a
the form band and singer, and they want the job of the song, but I do remember for meetings. It be back street by undercover. The undercover baker street, so Kevin sin in terms of finding elation. Extremely difficult challenges and emotional catharsis. I think we should talk about your epic fundraising journey because it contains all of those things
it all started, didn't in twenty twenty. You start on this journey running seven marathons in seven days and you are raising money for motor neurons disease in fight against moat new disease, and it was inspired by your friend. and former ruby teammates rob borough, he'd been diagnosed with Andy. How did you pair. The challenge that you set yourself initially difficult because We threw it together in about six weeks, grub got diagnosed in december, two thousand and nineteen on whole lot of different things up in them with full the two men, the club, but about raising an amount of money for robin. Was quite a modest target. I mean comparatively to what it's become and where you've taken a was. So he was number seven shirt, and so you, you kind of put a pin in that and chose this kind of. Seventy seven thousand pounds target your book. Just before we we set off with a sigh which off
an amount of money was trot tourism as a group of your life for up the covert it and put a stop to everything, show the boarding lock down, and I think my goal, without times to rob from our day was it were allowed. One to claim in mind, and we got to show of october The amount of money we watch arrests for rob was shot saw said, will tradition, met a promise to him that by christmas, rid of this target, so he wanted to raise the money fit for him and his family, so he knew they were looked after. He didn't have to worry, so through this together, I put it at the time new still covered restrictions asked compliment If fancy jumping in and join in tourism, monet deaden before No, it we shall one day, one with before ground with her the target of eighteen, seventy seven thousand then today almost occur? I remember the last there. Incredible. Was the one million pound roma?
my old high school with maybe some stood outside there were some moments throughout the seven days were baca now and it was the whole thing's brilliant at times a great healer cause. You don't remember any of the pen or the strife you went through, but you should the good times and you have a wonderful thing to you: didn't stop. There Oh you followed that herculean efforts of last november by burning a hundred and one miles in twenty four hours. So no sleep, barely any rest did you have any day? that you would complete. It must adopt start a new job men august Unfortunately, the typically you re just starting out unless they are, but I'm still live in Oldham, saw typically a courtyard business for hours a week. You can turn by a couple more in and he get somewhere near push you fuck the trouble in dublin from the time when it really let's try trend, and now its train turnover. Do I need from too
that person, but I'm not talking about return for hours and talking a thirty minute hit and I'm on a map inimical to go. We ought to come up with some I could do in a dark and of a great deal If we start a new job and you it's like in time often just on her job and no, the upcoming wife and the fact that of men, evolved into wonderful. sporting organizations in less its eyes and lay drawn. Also you work at the distance between its owen. It just seems to fit We have one hundred and four miles we got lost twice. records makes you would set the record straight c c: started off in leicester and you are running back to leads orca was or was for from large of judgment. in marathons year ever since I finnish playing an avenger doing a fair few more now, thanks to rob thing for him, and what he's going through in the former going through our it's a and up a cat, and it sounds After that, you do not want to show someone that occur, because
it should be with them, and- and I see him as often as account and spend time with him, but also I want to show him that I'm trying to do my bit to raise awareness, I want to assure him that will continue to do our bit to try and find a cure, a drug that slows down, because the terrible division. This must have under funded, and, I think is, while its, connects to the idea that you know you don't get headstart. You dont, get time to train when you got a diagnosis. You're in it And that's it you just gotta face: wherever throws it you? What's your open suited the extra mile, the two hundred and four miles as it was, I don't have a runner martha distance to before, the deaf to mile around twelve hours of the event, who started three them on pivotal cities, and I dont want purposes bits, cause lothar were you off the really you go into the air experts you go into that dog bit While I go in there relate yeah? I still like going in there cause it it it. Let me know: I'm still got some
rebellion? And you not done with your challenges? What have you got planned next? Got to started out two years ago, is stealing taught with a few more not it on. last year we was able to pull together to sports and regulation and big she brought I on such a wonderful job, I'm in three the full month from three different sports robber from blake only way from bunions stephen dhabi for football and will combine the three. and will run to some firm sports grounds or by famous sports grounds. That meant a lot to all three saw will run seven ultra marathons in seven days started in edinburgh. Refilled, unfinished, Rebuilding work final, hopefully after the men's game. Soon, ultra marathon is have long. How, with an ultra marathon, is anything longer than american marathon distance, so typically people around fifty kay hundred kr hundred miles the work, our anywhere between sixty five and seven occur there, which is about for my machine defined
I still am kevin. Alright, let's Take a second for similar reason. I think this is your seventh choice, what begun fall and why are you taking it with you today? This is probably my favorite song does remind move the marathons he was every day during the martens on its is lost, request by Paolo costa power.
Tina and last request, so Kevin sinfonia, now at the rugby union club, less tigers, his defence coach, after being associate for so many years with one team, was a difficult to make. Not me, it was your book, to cover been wonderful had been so look it's adjoined such a wonderful club with great from this, The young players remind me, love I was going through. It leads in our core group can play as you were coming through sure. I think it's going to be a special time for the place, for it can keep together of special few years together. His bryce? There have been concerns recently about aid for poland and rugby as well about the potential long term effective concussion. Do you have concerns about the physical impacts that that plays can suffer during their careers, something you ve been knocked out yourself? I think he was certainly where of it. I think the advances now medically. The advances in sport and how the governed plays a locked,
the better than I ve ever been, and what does that mean that intensive away people playlist The support, that's given, probably ball sure governing bodies of what rehab on too whereas many had collisions is the count and then how those who cleans are monitored. Looked after the protocols that are in place now a better and safer. if so its ever being supplied spore. However, there were continue to be had collisions and sport there had collisions in all different water laughter saw if we choose call concept away from rebellion and it became so tonight is very, very different toward. It was thought today. We then have a lot. People stop play it The time now to send you away to the island Kevin probably be with all that solitude. That's waitin, for you are a team player east being with so many people here, but of offering of choice
about friendships, memories, albert's at the members remember forts and friendships will be less or I will get fiji after an hour or two million have plan if challenges. Of course it to keep you go and how do you think you'll get on with the practical aspects of being cast away? You know constructing it's a shelter funding for yourself find food making a fire all that kind of stuff. As long as there are a couple of chickens on them, I can have some eggs every day how the prey up to kittens you'd be lucky. If you find a chicken but mind you, you never know. After all, these years a chicken may have evolved at some point on the island. One more try before. We send you that common sense sinfield. What is your final choice today? Take to be- and why was fortunate enough get to see these gas possibly as ago Jan and I had gone along and loved the song. to go back and see them play again. Bodies fix you buy copper,
it's cold. and fixing silicon sin filled. I'm gonna send you away to the island, I'm giving you the books, the bible, the complete works. If shakespeare and another your choice to take with you. What will your book me book that nobody listens all, nor is a book called the edge it was. And to me by a former rubella grit, A guy called deem bow the The guy give me my daddy was a sixteen year old, its support,
american book- fuller, wonderful courts from different sports people and oxygen governors in people had been successful in the trees and a framework. My bible, through mercury, You can also have a luxury item, something to make life a little bit easier, more enjoyable, not to practical. What will it be? We have to state with a running sore it'd, be a self propelled treadmill. A self propelled. it melts- is supposed to be luxury item gift on a janitor and a thirty minute show, okay, so on a on a kind of to be the best you mental health point, okay, get it and in which case all right and ITALY, which one track of the aid that you share with us today. Would you saved from the waves if you had taken it? Would to be the last request from cooperating reminds me. it's really good times. Remind me the last couple of years and be back in a team.
feel a lot, the ready, briquemont glow, ineffective. Two wonderful challenges meted out to come heavens infield. Thank you very much for letting us here. Your desert island discs burger. hallo. Well. Well. Kevin their happily running on his island on his treadmill. We have As many will be sportsmen away over the years, they include the players. We'll calling and loans devalue on the rope we referee, Nigel Owens, you can hear programmes? If you search through our desert, island discs, programme archive or on BBC, sends the studio manager for today's programme was emma hearts and the producer with Sarah Taylor next time, my guest will. The active maxine pique I do You'll join us, The.
gets tina, easy, take half an hour for yourself with music and meditation me name a book hast, thou t switcher, just get your of comfortable stop study your breath guidance and mindful exercise is inhale deeply through the nose. long exe and deceiving classical soundtrack. Music and meditation podcast come to your senses, you ve done some, beautiful today. Listen on BBC sounds.
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