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Kirsty Young's castaway is Kylie Minogue. With seven number ones and ten million singles sold in the UK, she is the third-biggest selling female artist in Britain and has sold around 70 million records worldwide. Born in Melbourne in 1968, Kylie and her sister Dannii began their careers as child actors on Australian television. At 17, Kylie landed the role of Charlene Mitchell in the soap opera Neighbours and her on-screen wedding to Jason Donovan's character Scott Robinson was watched by twenty million people in the UK alone. Her recording career began after she was spotted singing at a charity event in 1987. Within months she had released a cover version of "Locomotion" which became the biggest-selling Australian single of the decade. Following the single's success, her first hit with record producers Stock, Aitken and Waterman was "I Should Be So Lucky": her debut album sold seven million copies. At the age of 21, a romance with INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence led to a change in her image. In 2000, inspired by 1970s disco and assisted by gold hot pants, her single "Spinning Around" became her first British number one for a decade. She also sang to an estimated global audience of 3.7 billion at the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympics. In May 2005 she was diagnosed with breast cancer: following treatment she resumed the tour 18 months later. Producer: Cathy Drysdale.
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Hello on Kirsty young, thank you for downloading broadcast of desert island discs from BBC radio for four right reasons, the music choices are shorter than in the radio broadcasts for more info. Nation about the programme. Please visit bbc dotcom, dont uk, slash radio for Michael The way this week is kiley as in manoeuvre. She favours the word performer today, dr herself, and that seems about rights. The very precise suffocation of pop glamour, she's, not just a pretty face an apparent behind, but a nonstop grafter to her. The idea of career has been at the dazzling. Confection of tv shows pop hits don spectacular and sell out to his lips,
Lee sprinkled with worldwide fan warships, three brits and grammy, where less or more poles have seen their early showbiz success, frittered away on the fickle window fashion. She has stayed the course and even played her part in shaping pop culture. Building an enduring brand in the process. The Victoria but museum once devoted an entire exhibition to her image, costumes and career. She started very young as Child actress going on to be a teens Station is tomboy mechanic charlatan in the soap opera neighbours twenty may, in brits watched her character. Get married. Most of them tried so many friends have had their picture taken with her madame two swords waxwork that she's had to be replaced four times a number bettered only by her majesty the queen. She says: I'm nervous but being a show off when I'm in the retirement home. Still be getting out my old costumes and feathers and putting on a shoe, That's what I've been doing, my entire life ever since I was a little girl singing
dancing has been as natural to me as breathing, so welcome kiley. You were ones. captured on film just before you were going on stage, muttering to himself, and I feel like I'm just about two things. but my knees are gonna buckle. Why do you put yourself through that? Thank you for that lovely introduction. I mean show off or I'm a complete shy kind of mouse. So why do I do? I guess, because I like it- and it comes very naturally completely unqualified. To do anything else. I'm spinning around can't get you out of my head. I should be so lucky and on and on and on the list of hits goes and not one of them is me on your list of eight today when his music, in your life's, not you and music, but the music you listen to for pleasure. It's everywhere I wouldn't say my family or my parents were especially musical. I ain't gonna grow up in a house. It was full of can we all you know they didn't play instruments, not that kind of family, but you know, as as eight year old getting into debt
Yes, that was those life changing a lot of austrian bands and then a teenager. I will just became a pop fanatic and would hover hover for who knows how Above my mono radio, except by which I still have its that's, like it's a relic with complete with graffiti, stop that I put on it when I was for thirteen forty hovering too to record my favorite song. I literally can imagine a world without music. About your first like this morning and kindly what are we gonna hear its ever dancing queen abba became huge I used to have my ebony high socks with business. Circular. Picture of them on the side are particularly remember parading. And a table and doing some kind of imaginary performance in my head, so loved
from early on and then at the olympics, the two thousand and pigs and sidney I performed dancing queen, which was just an epic moment. For me So I have a couple of reasons to actually look at this was absent and dancing claims because often its primary, depriving europe Let's talk a bit about you,
only then your mother cowl emigrate from wales to australia when she was just ten and ten years later she made young she the age of twenty. She met your dad wrong use an accountant. What are you the s memories from home. While we live out, o inzana sticks, but where a version of suburbia meets the stakes. It was very very far out news and our household when we gotta hater xo very very humble beginnings for my my family and mom did very well three kids on before you, took up piano and violent when you were a school girl. Tell me about your year s piano exam how'd, you get on oh the aids, and on those that the story my dad loves to tell this day. I Even then I wanted to do things. My own white, I hate roles, I hate being boxy. I literally can't stand it and was part of me even as I was younger, because I didn't want to do the grades I didn't want to have to learn. I like
playing and I've learned everything by ear. So when it came to going into this little piano steadfast, I walked onto the stage my dad says. I was sat and I looked to the judges and gave a really big smile, went back played, run, sheep run or whatever it was finished. Big smiling judges- am I don't recall anyone telling me to do that- a cape second. only to some piano child prodigy an account, if illustrates how I work today, I do all that background stuff. I'd rather have kind of natural feeling for and have spaceship and if I am forced to do something, I will do everything not to do it, but you probably said, the confidence to do that. If you saw people, that's thousand a wart smile. You can get away with it must, it works back then, and I am still time for some music. You tell me what we get a you know. Next, we have stevie ones.
with loves in need of love today, which, on its own, is a bit song, but the reason I chosen as data one, the song is that when my parents is to have dinner parties still Anyone dissolved and songs in the cave life, which is a double alvin, was played all the time and it just reminds me of being my brother, my sister and I kind of wanting to see what was happening at the dinner and then his bed time for us and if mom got that Percolate her out and after, an immense came out, the very big special night at home, but
Let me know allows this. Would change giant too then you then loves in need of love today by stevie wonderin memories. For you kindly of your parents, dinner parties, your sister debt, the brook in to show business a little before you did. Is it trees to do with her fan mail used after a sort of do the sign photos for when we would help your family with get involved and did that fire? Your ambition? Did you think I'd better? I think I did a little
to say that it was possible. I mean I had and not been doing in tat time. I don't think we would have had any connection to showbiz it all. I do. Remember having fantasy that my neighbors. There was a family with boy next door and I would imagine that his father was erected producer and would pay me singing. I mean I was eight or nine, and I do so all kids dreamt of big pop star of being a singer. My brother was interested in photography filming and we would look around I'm a little films, but I dont think any of us were good enough for any The family members say cap into his own. For them- and I was the academic sighing passing exams and buckling down and clear that was pretty goods until I actually did get involved in sidetracked when I was Spain. I was in many serious which took six months was called the henderson kids and we got to spend time away from home
obviously we had tutors, but I have to confess I was not, the interested in going back to school? I did and passed by the skin of my teeth. But I did pass her you. You took up residence in Ramsay street then, as this tomboy car mechanic, famously charlene, nineteen. Eighty six, what do you think the shoe? Will the shop was kind of an innocent? can see. So it wasn't this huge success that it became particularly in this country. I mean it's, it's a six, in Austria, but it's a phenomenon in the uk I signed up for, a doll once I finish school, so I was just happy to get a job. Let's have What is it coming? We're on your side. Tell me about this. Ok it when I was trying to think of my eight songs.
as a cost away the only song that a new as definite from the beginning was the theme song from the movie cinema paradiso, which is by any american money, and it brings me to tears every time. So if you'll excuse me I'll just behind in the corner tony with the theme song from the same track to cinema paradiso cleared, thereby the orchestra lenny winnings ici state room. Tell me about them
the beginning of this pop career. It came out of neighbours and the fact that that had made you a star huge stone in britain and something of a star in other parts of the world as we know, and do the look much or that look which I think is called, but I call it to your first single night in eighty seven that letty, invited by stock, it can waterman who would at that time very successful pop produces how much input You haven't famously you not. Why haven't they had Zira, and you know what I think that worked perfectly, time some time later. I you know, I am curious and I like to learn and alighted are allowed to do so. There was a period where became more frustrated. I wanted to be more involved, but I mean it was called the heat factory. There wasn't really much room the kind of hang around and get to know you craft man. It was, I hear it is you're on a flight tonight. Let's do it, god, sir. It worked out strangely
Italy. When you see you know there is this phenomenon, I guess it's the equivalent to neighbours. At the time of the year, the talent show phenomenons, like X, x, factor the voice and so on and you see, youngsters who have the stars in their eyes and they tried to put themselves being chewed up. Spencer, so often as they are. What what do you make of that these days? Will? I am glad that my journey wasn't like that. I mean I would have Given everything to be living newton John. She was like my idle, so I those kind of dreams and desires to be that person, but I think when it really came down to it. It was more about the job you making a living as opposed to I want to get on that show and become an instant star. That wasn't that's not how much for me, but you next piece of music kylie, it's your force. I won't tell them that meeting childhood here, as I did manage to meet this. They sing.
Credible, perform a prince and chosen purple rain because I Don't know how many times I went to see purple rain cinema with my girlfriend screaming at the top of our lungs. I was obsessed with prince, that's the beginning and the end of it are met going on family drives and nagging my parents put the cosette in and my dad just having conniptions the lyrics of some of these zones, particularly a sancho Nicky. If any, on the content of that they'll know what I'm talking about and, of course, when you kind of fourteen fifteen, but now I loved, prince and and it came full, certainly didn't end up recording with him, but there was a point at which she made a demo with yeah. I had this gosh I was introduced to him. another one of my brazen moments I said are making an album, would do interest, like you, we may indeed he it didn't say no and I went to minneapolis now and
I mean between heem meeting at a meeting in living. In John, if I literally, I told my fourteen yourself one day, you gonna me what're, you gonna me out and John. I I mean I would have had an apoplexy right there, but I think he like you liked winding up, because I was young and obviously, if it kind of nervous, too and he said so. What have you got you lyrics? I don't have any thing, so I wrote some lyrics really quickly. And I'll never forget being home in london, and DR arrived hand delivered a cassette put it in and here singing a song was lyric that I've given to him we never did anything with it would, whenever kind of, whenever work together, but just story alone. He's kind of an is amazing. For me,
I know I never met oh. that was prince and purple rain. I should tell listeners clearly that you said just as we went into that piece of music and the thing about princes were the same high in heels near, so you could convey in the eye when relating to the list a child's movie and music stars whose later
I have said benito frankly, ruined by being a star. Young is a long and sad one. Why do you think you had the resilience to somehow by sight of that and into adulthood in the way you did my family. No matter what happens, I know I know unequivocally that day there I have had my moments of cause: I've had specially win, I was just starting in and it was pretty crazy and the press, can be sorry horrible at I'm so was definitely period where I had my version of a breakdown. This is what you were young. This is young. This is when I, I can remember exactly what was it might have been when I was their neighbours and music. I know the period where I was calling it a lot in the press. There was a lot of stress around in a lot of work, a lot on my shoulders and do recall
on top of that thinking why why people brings, I mean what I'm just trying to get things done. He people people but its primary cheesy thing to say. clearly does mean boomerang right. So I do my best combat rice and tell me about something called the eagle jacket. Oh yeah Michael Hutchinson, told me about the eager jacket. He said that that's what you put on when you go out when you go into, then, because you can be feeling far less than shiny and ready to dazzle thousand. thousands of people, but that's what you have to do. So I guess he put on An ego jacket and I put out of his pocket. nineteen, eighty, nine, you I think it was. He started going at it with each other and up until then. Of course, you had been this sort of beautifully scrubbed wholesome
Why died little lick of miss scott? I saw the shoulder white talk kind of a highly I, and I worry that yeah I was there and then you weren't. Then you turned up a movie premier. Is it a bugle beaded many many crops here do and rocker on your arm, and everybody did not a double to audibly. I wonder: what's happened little kindly, what did it feel like to you? What had happened to you know? How can I even basis think about that? I met a new person and I fell in love and because he was this wild guy, who was the rock aims. All of that, but I moisture I used to say he was byron. He was poetic. Q is culture. and hilarious and- and tender. He was all of these other things, and I guess I was it that the perfect jos twenty one years old to
the butterfly wings and go out into the world and we collided at that time, and I guess he just fast tracked, some of it anyway, it was a glorious time I'll. I loved it and you dated four wheel couple of years. Many years later it was towards any was the late nineteenth. Ninety ninety seven michael hutchings, who had been a worldwide star, was of course very sadly find dead in a hotel room, and there were some poignant. Images of the time of you and many other of his famous friends will interact with the sadness of having lost a good friend. I wonder what you feel his legacy to. You was both personally and artistically Personally, I do he I'd never felt like I had blinkers on, but he took them off. I could go on, but some and professionally, and he was so supportive.
Someone called me. The singing budget in Austria is as an and knock as so hinted. This warm up gig and we ve said it's the singing bungee missing budgies take that owner and go out. We did this little gig and I was so inexperienced during last performance if you, like my careers backwards star successful now had to learn everything in front of everyone, but He was over over famous heathen icon. Already and he was in the middle of the audience disguising off at me and willing me willing me it all of his heart and his love to do well, and he believed in me- and it was a time when so many people didn't scaring me where hush tommy, what we're gonna you're. Not so this song is needed tonight, which. was released before I met him. The entire world fell in love with it. I
on my lost well tour ends, I literally would come to have a word to him in my mind before performed every night because throwing back to talking about what did he teach me fashionably, because I really it didn't know what I was doing and I used to be so nervous on stage I just kept moving. I was far more common. Dont. Seeing than singing and one of the most important things. He imparted some way, Jimmy imparted to me was missing. You know it's ok to be still theirs alone, power in the stillness, and so when I performed they songs. I don't move from the microphone stand. The song is perfect and it was a lovely to him. Dedicate that to him every night. Yes,
listen to me In a sense please, you tonight, you're single, kindly spinning around was released in July. I think it was of two seismic, as you took off, the headphones in the little glass will soon when you'd laid down the voice track. For that did you know boom? There's a hit had to go through a few different points, this is an eventually. It was produced to the version that we all went yet. That's it, but was only after that that, of course, the video kind of complemented it and go home. took it to another level. We knew there was something I'm so glad that phrase gould hot pants came up.
View, eu must make us what I was thinking. I took away what russia should want use her career uses more than gold up. That's so let idling it's hilarious yet so little he's, gonna see, let's talk about sex, but actually what I mean is: let's talk about your sexuality, so there is the music. There are those beautifully produced tracks that people want to get up in a discourse ass, a club knows While I am sensitive to the discotheque. Yes, so you're sexuality and it is very much bound up with what is your offering people and yet old, hot pants, of course, for the citizens of that a bar spinning around the world, a lot of very close shots to no, I didn't Oh, the shots were quite that close until new sites,
when this is where I am a contradiction within myself, because right beforehand and completely covered up in a robin thinking. Oh god, I don't take this, I'm so shy, but once it's an action, something else happens but, sir there's a part of me. That is a total prude as well. Once in a while proved the exhibit, because it's not you know it's not. My videos is not in the video is. your genuinely totally uninhibited about him Please you know he would happily we growing newton eyes full of people as they get at the show, not lincoln I less so now. I think I mean he's down the beach topless anita gaudy swear jason outrage god. I thought of it now insist too much vandal, but I do think I'm pretty kano liberated with all of that, but, sir, I think I've kind of made peace with
that sexuality, my work, there was a time where, maybe I was sick of being asked about it. But I made a conscious effort to kind of stop some of that, but it is part of my character and I'm never comfortable five to block any part of my character. I feel like that not been true to yourself, you not being a whole, I'm. What are you gonna choose know what we're gonna hear your sixth again, the next song is. I call in hey, who is from the band men at work, who famously sung I come from the land on under its beautiful world, and my brother played it to me with the lost kind of six months and, I just thought it was so simple and lovely and collins voice is beautiful. and it reminds me of being harm on our family farm, which is before skype. For me
I'll go Ro the job in terms of travel line drawn to the ocean there are other islands. Rather it was common, hay and useful on old. So kindly you were well into a world tour in two thousand and five, when you were diagnosed with breast cancer and for any person gets that it knows this is obviously a time of great worry tat increase but when you have the worrying stress that is accompanied by having to announce that you are pulling out of a tour to which countless thousands of people have bought tickets and waiting to see you and also with all of the scrutiny of the world.
do your own. You must surely brings so much more difficulty to that situation. Ah, it was, yeah, it was, it was intense. Some of it is is a bit of a blur, but I I think I decided really quickly that I had say what was going on a minos joan stage in two or three days. I have a pretty good reason not to turn out. I remember having a day we made the announcement and am walking around melvin with my brother and I my boyfriend at a time and it was so weak because. I don't know what plan I was on. I was, I was somewhere else and yet my body is walking Through the actual world, at the same time as I'm somewhere else- and I remember being just stopping a cafe in normal chat-
the waitresses again, how you guys doing today, good thanks everything, Oh my god, tomorrow the same persons will hear the news that I just got yesterday and just how we're that will be. I wouldn't say not first moment and we ve just was way if it were stunned, basically, but as it could have progressed and then you go through meetings is different specialists in this, and now I'm not telling you more what has to be done, and this is what it has to be done in these your options, and I make you don't want to hear any of it and yet you have to
and just saying my parents and my family, but particularly my parents going through that was a really difficult haven't been times, but you ve thought I want to talk about this. yes to be honest, the other. There are times it's hard to talk about. In little soundbites or just gonna, make two to kind of gloss over it. As as I am trying to do now, because it it's it's a deep subject and it's a deep experience, but it was a factor bend and to this day I still have people come up to me and share I was kind of stories or thank me for being an inspiration to them in and then I think, that's
right, because I have minds variations and in you really benefit from having someone to look up to or someone to ask very practical questions what to do what they expect. Changing you what's the differences, and it didn't change too much because I didn't decide. I wanted to change. a lifestyle change my career, I was actually more determined to get back and do it and I thought I'm not done yet. I'm I'm not finished This is not what I want to say goodbye Of course, you learn a lot about yourself about other people and about life and an what resilience means what love means and a more good health means of your servants choice. ok, so this is this is, of course, this is a first for us. I have to say, and are seventy four year has now by very pleased about that, will
I I have a love, my life, which is just a beautiful thing, I'm just kind of uncloud nine, most of the time because of Mr Joshua says my boy and not our first date, but the first time we we really kind of spoke at lengthen and had a meal desert. Island discs came up, he's a huge fan of the shore and Then it was a few weeks later that this opportunity came up for me and I thought synchronicity I have to do this have to do it for me, and I have to do for him, and I thought that I would like to have a surprise from Josh. I dont know what he's done, but I figured if I was a cast away on an island. I very much like to have a surprise and I'd like to know what someone else thought, particularly my love her, what he would think that I would like to hear, but soon it together, we shall toasted enchanted, paused,
like an undead lovers, entwined tried that mary avenue beaches potential to shimmer and sway in gates. I would bend to press my face into your neck with a secret flashes like peaches behind a curtain most centre curves without asking polluter, whom I devoted hands to express my flown tongue to india, would smear our mouths without and kisses and cry aloud from loving is rely beneath the urges, the careless want, and what did you think first divided to give
credit that was your balls. You so elegantly described in your boyfriend Josh. ass and he was reading. As I look up, it was written by Dominic. Ass was his father. I I think I stopped breathing for half of that and breathe. That was absolutely beautiful. I have to of joy tears of joy right now. It's with you in your islands, then how do you imagine your future? You you're forty seven knows we know you ve been through all of this success. You ve been through a life. Walter illness. When, You look ahead. What do you see? I never look too far ahead For me at the moment, is less about going forward just turn running forward. I feel like I've done that for years and years and years now, I'd like to go, a bit slow up, but but but look at the view. I shall want more out of life. I really do want something done. Would you like to do well? Who knows if it families on
any one of my horizons. I don't know, but if that were to happen, that would be incredible. I dont get stuff on the treadmill of doing the same thing, I just would like to experience all the parts of life, which means I have to adapt my schedule. Basically it doable, it's just a mindset and and to make myself to tell me about your final check than what we gonna here. I'm afraid it be a brand new addition to does island discs its louis armstrong, with what a wonderful world?
see see them too much ass. Louise, What a wonderful world it's time? Kindly for me to give you the books, I give every castaway the bible and the complete once of shape. and they gets take another book to the island. What's your book gonna be well, I figured Then I'd need some help and re. Ms has a host of books and
one of them would do to help me and build a fire build a raft. Whatever needs bait will find his thickest most whose survival guide and we will give it to you a luxury to a photo album. I tried to be more inventive, the actually we have so many photo albums arm. I think my parents are very good at taking photographs, and I just I just love him- so much so if they wouldn't mind parting with them. Just for my stay on island, I would just love to have him. Ok, we shall give you the collection of the family for two things here and if you had saved us one track from the waves which one would it be, it would have to pay. As I look up as read by Mr Joshua says it's yours kind, no. Thank you very much for lessons here, your disappointment dogs. Thank you so much
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