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2018-09-25 | 🔗

We hear from Dissect listeners sharing their biggest takeaways from Frank Ocean's "Blonde" and Season 3.

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Hey everyone, just a heads up that this is part two of our season, finale episode on Frank Ocean's blonde. If you haven't part one really want to listen to that first, for Those of you have already listened to part one. You know that this episode is the remaining audio submissions we received from dissect listeners sharing their thoughts on blonde. We had over two hundred submissions, this season and it's incredible experience to listen to the mall for those of you who submitted. I hope you found the experience of writing about an album. You love deep in your connection to it it's something! I would encourage you all to do more, not just music, but for anything that you love. That's what x, started as simply excuse for me to sit down. Closer to one of the things I love most doing so truly changed my outlook on the world and I feel I'm a better person because of it great Art is a source of infinite wisdom, but you have make yourself available to it. You can change your life, if only you let it
deer Blind was released, was the same year. I unexpectedly found love with one of my best friends sad, play the relationship didn't surpass. So we thought was a good idea coincidence. I self sabotage myself and sort of pulled a facebook story scenario I have to play the album, really added value and emotion back to my emotionless state of mind after the blow of losing someone I care for so deeply tell he's a vicious thing. Thank you, Frank Ocean and thanks Cole. My name is this Fairfax in fact Virginia. New blonde in itself foreshadowed my own open letter, the end of a terrible summer. The Arnold Frisians late night, have some from college good. In calmly over and then come back a victory. Winning romantic love releasing out of conflicting. I'm body existential, essential things, a lot better. The self awareness, acceptance and love,
I singing yelled every lyric, again instrumental at the top of my lungs more times than I could ever count. I still do for the opportunity to dissect podcast. Thanks Frank Ocean: hey it's not unknown from New York and Frank Ocean has entered my personal can and one of my all time, favorite artists. I think the his work lies in the emotive power of his voice. You feel each lyric Is this warm glow inside your chest? It trains, then take you to new dimensions. It brings light to any situation. Also, something in his trustworthy eyes that allows you to feel free when you watch him perform. Inspires me to be brave RON. Multiple in my own work, thanks, Frank,
call and you're gonna from Massachusetts of the podcast. So my take away as you travel through on the season was a frank appreciates. The people he's loved and the realities he's lived there. He can acknowledge endings. You know people grow out of that childhood innocence and sometimes people can't reconcile our relationship, but I think frankly, pushes this to look past any resentment for the end. In hopes we can learn to appreciate the up. Need to experience someone else he's notoriously missed algic. The blonde really shows us how bittersweet our childhood really is when we realized that were the product of the choices we made when we were just kids- and maybe we didn't know better back, then but that hopefully the very end the feelings to down are still good twenty nine California's going through the end of a five year relationship and it was falling apart around Maine and that's when I first heard the album blonde. The autumn and winter rains that followed, couldn't possibly have been a better backdrop for what is now become a near daily soundtrack to my life,
check out the amount of tears and smiles that followed. How may times experience frisian My love for this album is only grown, and I thank you for that. Cole is I didn't know I wanted or needed, but now I can't imagine my life without it the sound must really changed. My life, hey, Amber and then from level Kentucky. Another cliche says not to have idols, but that's really hard. When we have Frank ocean, his entire catalog seems an error in my life and even if the lyrics don't apply the emotions, do it's like what he said about White Ferrari, there just chords, just melodies, but the feelings they voker so powerful. I moved to tears almost every time. I listen here expressive in a way I need to be, but can't he's vulnerable. An intentional and roll with his music and his elusiveness outside of the music somehow makes it feel all the more authentic. Is Harvey from Guildford England. For me, is about Fox news. For the pasta this summer,
understanding of how the shape future experiences, I see it as a sort of soundtrack for life. There's no mood situation where you can't play some they will just fit hey dissect listeners. This is Kerry. Santa ANA from Torrance CA, my biggest takeaway from Franks music. The season is how he uses storytelling to interact with a personal experiences that matter to us. The most, I think one of the true feats of blonde is that it makes us Karen relate to somebody else is conscious space. Everyone is installed, you give out their own things smells taste moments and it's really hard to communicate the personal significance of that to somebody else, but they're the incredible sounds atmospheres and lyrics. I feel missed Algic with Frank, the things that he loves and it takes someone very refined in the human experience to be able to do that not only for himself but for everybody. Listening as well, my name, is free and I'm from Paris. France
for me season three answered so many questions, Tommy brand new things about two of my favorite albums ever my favorite artist, and just so many new things about music in general it on there many hidden treasures open my mind to new ideas and gave a deeper meaning to songs? I will be listening to for the rest of my life This season help me truly understand and appreciate the depth and beauty behind every part of Frank's music season. It really meant a lot to me, dissect. Thank you! So so much
hi dissect. This is Kendall from Houston, Texas, my biggest take away from the season, and I sacked as Frank Ocean's way of transporting his listeners to a world of nostalgia. I need from this that we either forget or intentionally took away to the depths of our past. I think we can all appreciate Frank Ocean's way of taking us back to these times, because all of our listeners are far over. We cannot escape the incredible impact they made on who we are as adults today. His greatest skills vocalizing the common feelings and thoughts that everyone indoors, but not always put into words his magical way of not only noticing the small stuff, but finding waiter me to size every action aware that someone he's so blindly in love with the flex on to him. Just as the young lover, a fan of his music might notice been doing themselves hi. My name is Alex from Eugene Oregon. Good music- should evoke a feeling to me. Launch, does much more than that. Conjures an entire season the summer? there's nothing more synonymous with freedom than summertime. When we're young bound by school or weather, we fall in love. We make mistakes
The stories. Frank towels on blind are completely unique to him and his summers, but they're told in a way that we recognize all too well. I I think the true genius of blonde is summed up perfectly in the Youtube comment. I found saying. Blonde reminds me of my summer. Memories that never actually existed hello, My name is Alberto and I'm from Tijuana Mexico The various ways that Frank is able to present the multilayer complexity of the concept of duality is just marching to me myself. Being mexican american and being race in the microcosm that the Us Mexico border is. I have dwell with duality in my entire life. I can see my identity struggles caused by this phenomenon. Easily three throughout the entire album eight calling from Ohio, something my friends, and I talk about a lot- is the idea that your reaction to an album depends a lot on when or where you first heard it.
Plumbers released during a tough time my life, where big decisions need to be made. An old habits were beginning to end. To this one blonde is one of those albums that when I'm going for a long drive, consider playing it through from top to bottom, because songs like self Control and Godspeed and the album as a whole speak to me in a way that not many albums do or can I think, all three of your dissect seasons depict artists that allow their work to be up for interpretation and that's why three items will be timeless to me and many others. Thank you for your diligence and creativity. Can't wait for season. Four hey this is Kevin from Berlin. Germany- and I just want to say thank you for dissecting blonde, because became a super emotional album for me after devastating breakup last December, after I say highlights very well how belong the captures the feeling of falling in and out of love, especially when did the Self Control episode which I crying like a baby on the balcony on a warm summer night, which is, just the way, Frank intended it to be
that was so. Someone became a turning point for me because for the first time in months I felt like it was okay to be heartbroken and that I'm not alone with these kind of feelings. So thank you very much go. My biggest takeaway from this seasons, dissect is the undeniably strong connection between music and memories. Her music the pivotal ability to access our memories. We can somehow recall moments far forgotten how significant its role is in creating new ones. I mean he can easily go back to a certain moment. Air live just by listening to a song, Even though the memory string change your feelings towards them do you think about it. It really is a wonderful thing that music does. Frank is a master in creating this hey. This is Taylor from Austin, Texas, longtime superfan, a frankenau dissect Mike is a great team. This season had to be during the lights up, so the song is obviously already incredible initial giving. But when you hear so many times, you kind of forget the effects for
It will turn down all the music in the second half. Just you could hear Frank singing Dan, like hearing the song for the first time all over again, which is so hard to experience. You've already heard it so many times. So thank you for that cold. Thank you, Frank. Keep it up! My name is Marie Donnelly and I'm from El Paso Texas, when I think of Frank Ocean, I think of car rides and long endless roads and highways, usually just a stretch of land used to get me from one place to another, a blind made them more than that. They were out the time travel, spaces of reflection or just space to feel each now, as I do both blonde and Frank came along with me. Thunderstorms to self control and sunsets to Nike's the same way. These trips took me from old to new places. Frank help me reflect on the and grow into the new. I am so grateful for Frank for this album and Podcast for joining me on history, from Bellevue. So I think that often say the studio
its own instrument, I think, if we're looking at the studio from that perspective, one of the most virtuous stick planes of that instrument is blonde The placement of sounds that the exact car Sounds it is almost something that's like alien that I wouldn't even dare like analyze. Yes, because it seems like impossible to recreate in a way that channel orange doesn't. Luckily we got the dissect podcast. With coal cushion Kushner to exactly that. So thanks doing for doing good work, colon keep it up. Oh hey! my name is Calvin and I'm from Berkeley California, one place when I graduate from high school transition. In my the album talk to me about youth and lost love someday, would spend hours alone in my dorm laying in bed and listening to blonde from the song is, this, album would make me feel vulnerable and we can buy the emotional turmoil I was going through time. I start become become healthier, putting putting effort into my passions and studies
often we say I emerged from this time as a different person, you're now has validated the way I felt about Frank's message, listen this album no longer reminds me of how weak I once was, but how to become a better and stronger person. Since then, thanks for everything is it again call IRA appreciated the fact that you dissected Frank's lyrics and how you were able to find major details that could be overlooked to the common here I you examine his childhood and found hidden clues that directly to important moments in his life. This podcast is made me appreciate frank as an artist and an individual. Mom is my favorite album two twenty. Sixteen is my soundtrack for the year in years to come I played all the time whether I'm driving with my friends riding my bike anywhere. I can to play this album some is never over. When I play Frank, this is not start from Atlanta in Georgia, California,
take away from this season is how good Frank is at capturing the emotions and feelings one feels during young adulthood. It's a very experimental. Trying time in our lives, but how he's able to look back at it so fondly and realize How much is grown from it is pretty moving. If I'm honest, This is Matt from Sydney creating from yourself for yourself is something I have immense respect. Full blown feels like Frank trying to understand the nature of his own life experiences and the finesse of the album shows you how much that means to him. I I think you can keep all of his albums to himself and be content with that, because he was able to express himself and I'm amazed. I get to share such an intimate experience with someone I don't even know, I don't mind A4 year, wait between albums, if I know Frank, is doing what he wants.
Hi. My name is Anthony and I'm from Tempe Arizona, Frank Ocean's. Art has been by far the most influential music in my life he's my idol and I love everything he creates from this dodge tried to blind. His are is about his experiences from being a style Jake and during pain and seen the beauty of the struggle and how his music Daily Frank's music gave me a new perspective on life and the struggles that delivers. In my struggles, I found that his master pieces are therapeutic. It's not only just the lyrics and his soothing voice, it's the beats and the more that they convey. His porcher gives me hope. Overall blonde is an instant classic and I can't wait to hear what he drops annex. Thank you. I love you, Frank, hi, I'm Anne from Australia. To me one is all about frank, exploring his own subconscious narrative and in turn, helping the rest of us navigate through the paradoxes of life relationships. And ends of self identity. It's a poolside convo or facebook story. The modern Frank, explosion in his music, make him and no right candidate for voice of our generation.
It's we get to witness an artist like him in our lifetime. It's cool, I didn't think it was possible, but this season I've come to appreciate even more, but what Frank puts into his music and full, even when I love with him, hey, my name is Donna from Miami Florida, Neil one of the best songwriters ever remember six years ago. He listened to the Channel Orange Album which he liked, but he said he didn't know what the Hell Frankel she was talking about. So it was good for you to explain you know what he was talking about. I love how and bad religion you have able to do the metaphor of him talking to attack driver whereas, like a a sinner talking to a priest at the catholic Church I also love the pyramids, and I love how you involved with blonde with the twelve million three hundred and forty one thousand two hundred and thirty four episode right thanks, I'm Rachel from San, Diego and one is released during the summer. I was experiencing heartbreak for the very first time, so you can imagine how intensified every lyric felt for me
but as much as rings. Red stone may also made me feel I understand, and how to re frame. I lost love in a way that, to my battle with, resent me into gratitude with the album's enigmatic that the new machine and how many more allies that relationship on in the lab that was present and nothing else, calls plan about two years as a disservice. If we don't consider putting into practice the underlying philosophies of Frank's music brings us to break free from the sergeant that can sometimes consume less mistakes. Sex season has made me fall deeper in love, and this happens. A shot to call Hi, my name is Randy, if anything, and I'm not from Beirut, Lebanon, my big take we with blonde and Frank Ocean's. Work in general is how we can introspectively comment on his life and retrospective fashion. With this method, Express' important memories and emotions from his life that to me a seventeen year old, going through many thematic ideas, Frank discusses, such as love and self realization of identity can really late to Frank. As the icing to the cake with profound knowledge on his music production. Unlike anything, I've listened to before.
And was that I just like to say how much Franco things. Work has really inspired me and It's the way. I enjoy and listen to music. Hi, my name is Jason, who Rado I'm from San Antonio TX and my favorite segment from the whole Frank Ocean season would have to be bad religion, it just shows that You can give someone love back and You can praise him as a God, but really you don't have to and it just spoke to me on a spiritual level and hearing each piano key. How affected each leader, got me even harder, and I respect in so many ways and I loved it, and I can't stop thinking about every time I listen to the song. Time, Jason, I'm from League City, Texas, Frank Ocean, is, without a doubt my favorite artists in the music industry, and I never really could put a finger on why that is until I listen to season three. This podcast, I figure Take away is that I should spend more time focusing on the beauty and value of even the most broken things in this world and to not make snap decisions about people based on the way they look.
I love in Listen Channel Orange, so much n. Yet blonde is still my favorite album, because no matter how many times I listen to it, the meanings of each song continue to change, just as our thoughts on individuals changed. So we spend more time with him. Frank and truly understands the beauty that comes with being human, hi. My name is Nick. I am from Tustin California, my biggest takeaway from one would have to be how ' Mike is able to be really personal with his audience so I always find it really interesting when Artists are able to take all of their personal experiences and Channel it out on to record. I would think. That's really amazing Regarding the podcast, I think it's the interesting this the instrument perspire I never really thought of how Frank uses different voices in order channel is different ages. I think that probably really interesting to me.
Hey, what's up, my name is Lucy and I'm from Arizona The podcast give me a chance to understand the true meaning of Frank Ocean's blonde a like did, he went on personal topics such as his drug abuse and heart breaks. What I really like about Frank is that he is such a ridiculous guy and he puts a lot of work into his albums and it really shows I want to thank you cold for a dissecting this album. That means a lot to me hey. My name is Travis, I'm from Oklahoma City. So the best part of the season was your closing monologues. For sure there's been so many times that I've tried to explain to friends who I want to blonde songs. Impacted me so much now. I have some in Flint that too, but really it's extremely hard to listen to anyone else. When I have franks lyricism and vocals available, twenty four slash, seven, but I'll always hold the near and dear to my heart, because I went through a moment of isolation
couple with some major world view changes in the months after blonde came out in this album. Is there to help me reflect on the past, navigate through the president playing for the future? So thank you, names, I I'm from California my biggest takeaway from season three. Be the challenges Frank had to face in his adolescence and early adulthood from one side of the country, New Orleans to LOS Angeles, and it takes some serious balls do that to be able to live by yourself away from your families. A very scary thing. Hey, I'm John and I'm from Barcelona. Catalonia discovered Frank Ocean back in two and fourteen, when I listen for the first time with Channel Orange with will it became one of my favorite albums of all time. I didn't did not much when it came out. I have to admit, Maybe it was a little disappointed all the little did. I know, then, that it would later change mine as time went by. I started understanding the album relating to many experiences in a rated in the cell
making the soundtrack to my best worst moments, and I cannot even explain how this album has helped me going through our stuff. So Frank, Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for making me feel nostalgic and optimism in such a powerful way and for having me spread me in my worst moments. My name is Daryl, I'm from the Netherlands and blonde, be honest to myself about my emotions. Really it's with me through every season, almost everyday transcendent. To me, edge change the way I thought about music. It changed the way I look at it lyrics and I think this album will ever stop feeling new to me. I love you, Frank Ocean peace out hi this is truly out from San Francisco. I really enjoyed this season of dissect an episode about super rich kids. Resonated with me a lot one of my are parts of the song is how Shinju has a verse about starting his day up on the roof and this reappears when he ends his day up on the roof,
I never notice the line that says do they sell wings on tailored suits, but really appreciated the paradox that ocean introduces where he wonders if everyone, no matter their background, has guardian angels. I also really love the likening of his death too. Stock market crash, because only Frank Ocean is that brilliant and pat check, I'm from Upton Massachusetts- and I remember two years ago today that I'm recording this listen to blonde. For the first time The outer on self control the beat switch on nights just how I knew that this was a really special, album and it was the soundtrack for my final two years of high school. And tomorrow, I'm actually going off to college and I just can't wait to continue living and growing with this album so you call, thank you, Frank, can't wait for next season of dissect Aaron is on from LOS Angeles, California, Frank Ocean. To this day still frustrates me.
Because I don't know how someone can be this good, but overall blah and and Channel Orange. Let me feel emotions that I could never a thought without these pieces of art, He is a genius of our time and hopefully will continue to make beautiful music. Hi. My name is Monica and I'm from Tampa Florida. Blonde is an album that I had to see live to truly appreciate the way that it deserves. Unfortunately, although I was initially a hater seeing Frank perform this body of work with such a level of reverence and care has allowed me to experience it. The way that I think he wanted me to and now it never grows old. As a speech therapist, I love the discussion on the anatomical origins and manipulations of voice in the solo episode and how that relates to music, as well as learning about version was super dope. So thank you so much Cole and thank you frank,
hi, my name is jasmine. So has an I'm twenty one years old and I think the most important thing that I've gathered from blonde in his podcasts is that you're always finding new ways to appreciate each song, you're, always finding a new level of that song, you're always relating to a new aspect of that song, and that song is so versatile and it's so timeless that no matter at one point in your life, you can just press shuffle and immediately. You will be able to feel that Frank Ocean's blonde is undeniably the most important album life an album separation, artistic expression, formation, the dragon juice Heiser so late to the heart rate, infuse loads of Siegfried and album that breaks the statement. For me, boys, don't cry Blum, told me how universal these feelings are all be it
different situations. I thought I was dreaming when you said you loved me, the starters, nothing. I had a chance to pre fab. I can see you coming. One is told me house unintentionally, through their x like this, the feelings experience are all on teen years, all okay. They come and go as he says in gold speed that we round to see you, I may've blonde, is more of an island of forever cherish it and the man who made it hello to Jackson, Atlanta, Frank Ocean, isn't really the type of artist I can put into words. That's why, when first started. Listening to this podcast I thought blown would be perfect album to get dissected, but I really came into my life at the perfect time because I was going through in sort of an identity crisis of my own and hearing all the thing of duality really connected with me, So Sir, do Stevie wonder, is my favorite song of all time and use it in. The season so songs in the key of life possible future season. Just saying call thanks for everything
Greg Duran, Torrance, California, Athena sponsor specials. That Frank, is able to capture the emotions of what it is to be a millennial in the current age, how it is to grow up to fall in love, to deal with different. Types of technologies that affect our lives. Now I think captures it like a beautiful start photograph of sound. I think it's one greatest pieces of art of our time. Hey. This is Peter from Seattle before dissect. Been a casual Frank Ocean fan and an even more casual music fan in general, really only saying music as an entertainment platform, rather than as a legitimate and complex form of artistic expression. It's been. Such an eye opening experience to learn just how much of a genius lyricist and storyteller Frank. Is it
This is me just how beautiful complex an transcendent music can be, and I just want to say thank you Cole, for sharing your knowledge and insight with the world Jenny flows from South London, it's very rare that the Nazis committed to finding your life by when they brought you an album. I remember two thousand and sixteen for many reasons, but above all I remember is the Herb London. This album is acting like the soundtrack of my teenage years with franks sometimes tend to sometimes distressed and dissonant tone being vulnerable male voice that I need to growing up through his tales of heartbreak genius, Lee Implicit, lyrics and introspective thought longest made. New barriers in my life seems familiar and therefore easier to overcome when normal conversation fails. These are like this seems to be able to communicate the perfect feeling it's now for people who find the joy and searching for the answers. I would like to thank all for creating community of listeners to share these values and, just like my elder, showed me other music legends. Like always tell my kids about just a good guy who came up by saying the line I'm high and by who, in my eyes, is the greatest of all time the man made of pink matter, Frank Ocean hi, I'm Becca
doing songs like pyramids, which are completely unheard of anywhere in the music industry right now or anytime that matter he the way I look at music, sonically, How I understand the lyrical aspect of music also just how I gauge human emotion, just amazing and I'm so glad that other people look at his music. The way I do need from Texas. Here Frank Ocean is my favorite musical artist. I remember hearing songs for women in high school and then the album Channel Orange got me do a really tough time and I've been a fan ever since blonde came out right when I had started dating my boyfriend and I'll. Never forget our romantic rainy evening driving around listening to ivy. That album will always be the soundtrack to falling for the love of my life. Friends. Ability to transport and convey nostalgia gets me every time. Thank you, and thank you call for a great season
my name: is Tristan I'm from LAS Vegas, Album is my favorite album of all time I can put that on an extremely personal level and I've been listening and studying every second of this album every day for the last two years, and still this podcast revealed a lot to me- There's something absolutely fucking incredible going on here, and I can't thank you enough for shining a Thank you, Frank Ocean, for changing the way I view life hi. Andre from Glasgow in Scotland support for theoretical table, I've got it at eight miles. An hour flight goes musical quality production qualities without run self control, just the best the cover on my friend with a leveled out. I was actually spent freshman I've been waiting for right now. We gotta problem message: appreciate in failed relationships for what they are. Savoring the feelings rising book. The baroness moving break up
and say that philosophy or something I try to live by add white. Every album but any album w force by and for the which is always like blonde and a little Franco, hey my name is Noah and I'm from Edmonton Alberta, Canada, for my great love for dissect have a much greater love Christopher Francis Bro. That being the third season, let dissect open my mind and furthermore, my eyes to the true talent and, furthermore, pure history of Frank Ocean, his delivery originality. Writing ability is symbolism, his production, it's truly makes him him and what makes him one of the greatest, if not the greatest artist of this generation, your pie, has made me realize the blind is much more than just an album. It's truly a masterpiece! Just remember it's a call, not a click. My name is Erin Frame from forcing California, I've always loved Frank first
what city and desire to grasp a listener with his voice and almost tease them to go further down the rabbit hole finally was season three of I sat. There was a way to break down not only the ideas but the tone of each song, and not only for me, but for all of us to collectively enjoy and understand emotion, everything in this world and the ability to understand and translate emotion, especially in the form story. Album. Is it with Have a superpower power that is not only underused these days, but maybe also a little under appreciated. Why we need things like I said: musical history, instrumental and lyrical breakdown. In the case, goosebumps. Thank you for racing season. Three, my name is Mark Goodwin, from Buffalo New York. I have synesthesia, which calls mentioned before which, I can associate colors when I listen to music and that turns blind into a Michelangelo painting. For me, when I listen to it beautiful whites, greens, pinks and yellows fill the album one is really help me. Make sense of the past also give me hope for the future and instant classic. My name
Brandon and I am from Oakland California, some of the most prefer experiences in my life of happened with this album as a background I'll share one briefly heart broken and alone in Seattle. In winter I was walking along appear, pier with blonde on shuffle and Godspeed came on, as I say, staring into the distance nearly in tears. The way I could relate began to give me hope began the process as I let go of my claim on her eating them myself. It's a free world
My name is NASH, I'm from Hickory North Carolina and one blonde very strong. I was fresh out of relationship, it was my first relationship and it was a long distance as well, and I just remember the lyric that spoke out to me. The most was in self control and it was one Franco's I'll see between you all. It's nothin- and I just remember as the weeks and the months and even the year that passed on after that there was at least one there from at least each song that just help me and was the only thing there for me when, basically nobody else or nothing else could suffice, and I think that's why lawn bowls for ever be my favorite album of all time. Thanks call, my name is you. I still can I'm from Denver Colorado we first, listen to blonde the night of August 20th, two thousand and sixteen I immediately loved it with the songs, unique structure, Frank's complex lyrics in the puzzling effects laden throughout the tracklist, but it wasn't until the summer of twenty seventeen. When I experience
my first love and the subsequent heartbreak that blonde became favorite album of all time? my daily routine of coming home and listening to all seventeen tracks. Guided me on my path of healing and revelation franks, Full intimate stories continue to grow with me as I, go through this film. That's my life name is Victoria Marlene. From Silver City, New Mexico and season. Three dissect really took me beyond the music. It showed me that Frank Ocean is not only a musician but an artist means visuals with his creativity within his lyrics and the head. Messages that seem to just slip right into the cracks. So Frank ocean to me. You might ask the artist the musician and the yes, my name is: David from Baltimore, and my favorite moment in the season came in the two part. Pyramids episode. What an incredible masterpiece, Frank pieces together and diving into every aspect was really revealing: is kind of this incredible tale of the black women throughout history. Well,
is genius composed of the pyramid. Shaped music really makes you realize how much root a genius Truly is especially enjoy the analysis of the moment, the song or which is negative for the viewpoint of the pimp and shows how even the african american pimp is not the same kind of kinky once was despite the sea the press of material goods he possesses. Finally, the final line of but your loving free, no more, completely brings on gather in a climactic and shocking twist ending, which normally the current popular music, unless written by the one, the great Frank Ocean, hello, name is drill from Renton WA. My biggest take from season three of dissect. Is that Frank Ocean is one of the most thoughtful artists I've ever listened to and as a result, he is my favorite artist of all time He cares about every aspect of making an album. He is articulate and really cares about his craft He wants us to feel all of the feels he has experience in his life since I enjoyed my childhood nostalgia is always brought me happiness in a bit of sadness. It makes me yearn to be young again see the people I don't get to anymore
since he's soonest algic. It always makes me emotional to listen to his music, even though he has made some memorable albums as a result of his heart break. He deserves to be happy and share his love with someone, look forward to his next musical endeavor and progression as an artist. Thank you all for taking the time to dissect my favorite artist, and I look forward to next season and PS version. Every time hey. What's up this is from Nantucket. I think my please take away from blonde it's just the pure power of the album podcast is allowed me to appreciate this album even more knowing the death Frank goes through with every verse people that say it is not as good as Channel Orange. Don't understand. This purpose isn't compete with or be better than it It is to provide new emotions, new stories and forever complements previous work. Is whatever Frank is willing to give us I won't take for granted. I find myself. Being very selective about where and when I listen to Frank Ocean, because I know that when I do I'm about to go on an emotional roller coaster and that's the
power of his music. I've struggled depression for most of my adult life and blonde has helped me confront, and even and consolation in some of the darker aspects of my mind and my personality. It's helped me connect My childhood and my adolescence and helps me feel, this alone. This is MEG hi, I'm Josh from Houston, Texas, During this season of dissect, I went through the worst breakup I've ever experienced and for a period of time I feel completely hopeless. As a result, the episode on White Ferrari reminded me how to live on my own, and it taught me to cherish the memories I had with my best friend Cole Thank you so much for everything that you've done. I would have never made it without you My name is Kevin from Knoxville Tennessee Frank Ocean, for my opinion, and, of course, is generations approached independent music including blind in the progression. Afterward, there's no sense,
compromise in lieu of emotion the marble beautiful music that resonates my generation because I feel we collectively stand for the same John religious structures in our everyday life, hi John and I'm from Raleigh North Carolina. Our time, moving on in my life and just letting go whether that be, people who are a certain relationship for the past. It's just never been a strong state of mind, and especially now, when I'll be off on my own. Soon, I've been running into that front. A lot lately and I think they're blondes and songs like White Ferrari. I kind of learned that I'm not necessarily alone in that struggle. People like Frank, are well and while Blonded necessarily give me the map on how to get over that I think it has shown me that there might be a way to move on and still have it be a part of you and I'm grateful I'm a Livia from the Northwest of England and to me blonde is summer. It's all the good days, all the bad days and
this makes you feel so many different emotions when you listen to it bye Please take away from this season, and I set is an understanding of all the components that come together for. To actually make you feel something you feel you this when you listen to it, but when you take it all apart. Makes you realize how much effort goes in to make that sound. Hi, I'm Maya and I'm from Dallas. My biggest takeaway from the season was the super rich episode. I never I thought about the struggles with young people might go through in this episode really open my eyes. I remember you saying something along the lines of issues like these not being addressed, because people don't like to listen to rich people, saying they have problems and after Turning to the episode, it's something that I started to see in real life, High School and I get a magnet school, so I'm surrounded by kids that come from different socioeconomic places every day, and it's true that kids, with more money, tend to guide their feelings,
thank you so much for taking your time to delve into beautiful worksite, Channel orange and blonde. I appreciate you the sound Blind really found me it familiar it with enough edges? made it satisfyingly creative. I was in, only taken by self Control and White Ferrari. I craved hear them again and again. I played them loud. Wonder how long can I play these and keep their income double feeling they were worn and fresh with a common through Frank Ocean's genius. Work and love for music This is Brian from Ireland and musician, and I also lecture in musical analysis in University in Dublin. This part Best has invited me with a great deal of inspiration and insight, but as a composer, an educator blown away by the first experience of the podcast, but you the two blonde really thrilled me blonde is really important for me personally, as it soundtrack to break up. I had in twenty sixteen and later
for a few months. However, despite the rep, I'm not sure how deeply I thought about the record in this season's dissect, level of analysis. Throughout incredible disgusting, duality seemed serendipitous to me and the revelation that the beat at the exact halfway point of the album Keep doing what you doing call it really means something. I called my name- is Serena the and I'm from Faysal Arkansas in, it's, not all of the seasons of dissect an I love your work. This season has been no different. I really enjoyed listening you talk about Frank Ocean in the complexity of his music and of him as a person, and that has really allowed me to receive TIM in respect his art and enjoy his music. So much more and enjoy music. Overall, so much more I understand, there's depth to any song.
Hey I'm coming from Brisbane Australia and the the release of blond ended over the weekend of my birthday, I mean forging a strong connection between me and the album I bought and as soon as it dropped and listen to it on my way to work during my make it work and all night off to work I've, never really stopped listening to it. The themes of heartbreak love, youth Personal growth, however relevant in my life and the way can bodies. These themes in his work is truly something special. Thank you. Thanks for covering this artist, that I love. Inside that has changed the way I listen to my favorite album of all time. Hey Cole, I'm Gina and I'm Joe, and we're brother and sister Frank Ocean and dissect super fans from long island. Shut down to figure out what our biggest takeaway from this season was. We had such a hard time because the entire season was so meaningful each. Every chord and, in fact, was truly analyze and appreciated,
If you ask me three months ago, what version was? I would have said that it was when it's humid outside and your hair gets all puffy. I it's a closed with a quote from Ludwig with Beethoven, who once said he wished he was as good as Frank Ocean. Thank you for This Frank Ocean tribute it has meant more to us than you could possibly know speaks to me most about blonde and Frank's. Whole discography is how he touch on just a few main themes without becoming redundant frank talks. That summer youth memories, love lost in the hopeful prospect of love that could blossom throughout all of his projects. This creates a solid story which the listener can follow, while listening to the album in its entirety, and yet Ideas are never over done. We really understand what frank values and who he is as an artist. This way hey. This is Allison from Brawley, currently living in Oakland Franks. Transparency and minimalist approach to many of the songs and blonde absolutely stunning, my personal.
Over being Siegfried, when I hear blonde I picture myself in an all white room. And as each instrument makes its way into the songs, the room begins to slowly filled with color This may in wonder and amazement how Frank Ocean can bring such an empty space like that to life. As an introvert. It can be super hard to express those feelings and ideas that live inside me I think season. Three really reminds me to be true to myself and have confidence in the development of my own picture. My own story I Mackenzie and I'm from Marietta California, after this season's analysis on blonde, I think it's clear that Frank Ocean really proves the difference between a musical artist in a musical genius. Many artists are celebrated exclusively on their vocal abilities to have exactness. However, Frank Ocean really uses his experiences in makes you live it with him. Every time you listen to the song, allowing you to reminisce on his time. You felt that way too, by allowing us to ride shotgun in his White Ferrari, despite the personal inside journey that we're about to witness you really time traveling with him to that moment.
Ability to combine both his level of emotional and musical intelligence is the reason why he is able to create music that describes how people feel when words cannot and that's make some not only one of the greatest artists of the generation, but in history hello. My name is Caesar from Cathedral City ca. I just want to say Frank Ocean music is so grand musical an intriguing. I can't relate to a situation, but I can't relate to his emotions, agitation sensibility and, I think that's what makes him music universally praised, because in this divided world will feel pain, anguish and lonely and Frank Ocean understand this and makes you feel that you're not alone in helps by putting himself on the line and in this vulnerability is what makes him music just so fucking beautiful hum. James Daniel and I'm from London and about two years ago exactly one of my friends tweet about blonde coming out, and I never listen to Frank Ocean music. Besides thinking about you but I instantly love this album and one thing I find about songs is, I can add them to play this. What I want but
the moment, a specific someone come to my head is a little mood and I felt that with a lot of songs on blonde the this season of the dissect podcast poker causes help me to learn so much about Frank Ocean, and creation showing things I never thought of an opening my eyes to the incredible mastery behind his music all the Robledo New York City, Franco. His music has been prevalent throughout my high school experience from the train ride on my first day as pink matter played to the morning of senior year being started off by good guy He showed me how everything happens in a blur and to enjoy every moment. Oh start college applications, and just yesterday I was freaking out over his endless live stream. And then the release of blonde and then the single seed dropped afterwards? it really is a floating faster, flew by Hey My name is Dylan from Athens. Ga I had always wondered why the song solo made me so emotional. Probably teared up to it
and cried like a baby listening to it more than any other song. I've ever listened to, and now that I understand it, it just makes me even more emotional. It's that frisian man, this Kevin, the biggest takeaways me listening to his podcast. It's easy! It's just this see in a detail that he put into each and every track, which not bad more meaning behind it. And more great. This album is to me an how much it meant to him, so my name is ISIL. Basically from Egypt, but live in England, not blooms released. I was at home when your sister and we was on the website watching the nights video when our bloated with the locations of the pop up shops and was in London, I've never driven so fast. Anyway, we went inside the shopping with the free boys, don't cry! I
the guy back to the car and rip it up from a copy of the magazine and I'll just remember the city landing in my life, and I can't believe it is very special to me, because I will never get that special moment. Meanwhile, or sister Aleah had listened to the album for the first time on the drive back home. We still Think about the magazine at least once a week, and it's a special memory on share that forever Levi from Morgantown West, before podcast. I hadn't listened to Frank Ocean I'd heard of him, and I wanted to check him out, but I'm bad about getting around to that stuff through the course of this, cast to learn about his music, and I think my art was influenced in a myriad of ways. I see meaning beyond the surface, and I see that art can reflect your interior, but still resonate with other people. The white Episode specifically made me cry an I hadn't done that in a long time one is now and we will be for a while. My inspiration when I create my art, I think it's from blonde- is that our childhood and adolescence is always with us and it shapes who we are
I am at age now, where I realize I have the rest of my life to be an adult and I'll never be there kid again, we only have If you precious years to be a kid in comparison to our decades of adulthood, it happens in such a short amount of time when we're young and it's all incredibly transformative ultimately It's taught me that, if we're looking for answers, creative inspiration or help of any kind child, so it is a world of its own to explore and dissect. Now the Texas for me: There is no other artist that can evoke so much real raw human emotion from a place so delved into the heart and soul, the way Frank paint these pictures is the exact same way. We all live our lives. Flashing memories in rose colored lenses every journey. My face has been alongside his music. There is so much pain, and so much happiness attached to every song for me Also for Frank, and anyone else has listened to blonde everything seems to be fleeting but long lasting at the same time and he's
how to blend it all together into something singular, coherent and beautiful, hey cool. This is Brad, I'm Stratford on Canada and I'm a huge fan of the podcast I started listening to the Frank Ocean season due to my avid frank fandom, and I got so hooked. I finished the Kanye and Kendrick shootings. While I was waiting for the nights episode, two seasons and four days, your ability to shine a light on the genus of these artists is unbelievable and somehow you made me appreciate frank more than I even did before. So thanks cool and I can't for what's to come: okay, Kaden from Sex Texas, and after listening to this season of dissect, I want to give my two cents I've seen people compare blonde to the four seasons to phases summer stuff like that, but I see blind as a collection of feelings and memories that frank things of when he thinks the summer, but such as his feelings that he wants to share with us. He wants us to experience something two,
like to me pink and white is sitting shotgun with the top down while going down the California coast on a sunny day and that's what music is to me. Thank you, dissect and thank you, Frank Ocean. This is Ryan from LAS Vegas and my biggest takeaway from Frank Ocean, and the blonde album in particular is the way it takes you into another world. I can't STAR Trek. If I know I have to stop at halfway through, it always feels like the album is going on without me. It's kind of like reading a good book that puts you into a different headspace space, his work is altruistic and honest and Frank Ocean is a musical figure, we're very lucky to have hi this tell from Boston my biggest, play the season definitely had to be frozen, experience it so much when listening to specific, albums and songs that take me back to certain memories and blind is no exception. I could never quite articulate what I was feeling the closest I could come to was tells chills, call
so thank you for so accurately describing what so many of us have felt when you're listening to this album. I've never been one to really share my thoughts or feelings, but this season in particular, has really inspired me to do so because for once, I actually had the words I'm I from London Ontario One perfectly represents the end of summer, We could have August that bleeds in the start of September, just as you're soaking up those last few moments of summer. That's when blonde really shines for me that memories of driving around my town with the windows down as the sun begins to set with night sky two or like Ferrari, playing with the warm air coming in the fact that two years through its release and I'm still able to unpack new meanings in the works or pick up new musical details every time I listen to this. Album speaks volumes with immense quality and replay value that a house one of the introspective, album and french discussions on love summer romance and life make for a classic timeless album that I will appreciate, rest of my life
My name is shaymin and I'm from Colleyville TX, and when people tell me that they don't listen to Frank ocean because it puts them into their quote, unquote I think that is probably the worst trade off in the world to make to miss out on the art. That is Frank Ocean, because he kind remind you that it normal, it's human, it's it's beautiful to to feel outside feel a longing for someone. You no longer have to feel to feel your feelings, and I think I think we tend to avoid feeling our feelings alot. An I don't know. Just seeing Frank Ocean reminds you that it's ok to its artistic
hi. This is Caroline from Florida, and my biggest takeaway from blond is that it's so much more than an album to me. It's like a time capsule to a part of my life. I mean I still remember exactly where and when I heard White Ferrari for the first time, because it just absolutely brought me to tears. I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world and I think Frank, just has a natural way of doing that and Channel Orange was the phenomenal album, but blonde really to me solidified him as one of the greatest artists, not just in recent years, but uh. All time. So thank you, Cole. For another great season. I really enjoyed it hey guys, so my name is Allie now from Morocco, wow just wow. That's the only word that comes to my mind when it comes to this album this is enough. They say I mean I'm looking at this album on a whole new other perspective. Thanks to you called, and I'm super Thank you for that, and
I kinda have to agree with you. The second part of self control is one of the most or even the most gorgeous moment of the album. In my opinion, I live. You can't find proper words to describe what I feel while listening to it just get chills every time hello. My name is Jose and I reside in mobile Alabama as I'm currently attending graduate school daily, weird bombarded by messages and information, making it difficult to sort of unpack. The blank themes and purposes of the messages being delivered. What are most exciting takeaways from the podcast, the sheer amount of reflection that can be applied to not only music but the underlying skill of generalize. Forms of art tell it's like who is essentially teaching us to dissect the material into components and to consider all the pieces not only promotes. Thinking, but also increase the enjoyment of the art being presented to us. Brandon from Ohio. Blonde as an album means. So much to me, the music collectively express and seventeen songs highlights the feelings of the deep nostalgia. How things used to be and what could be in the future.
Next, with the angst brought about from the fear of living a regular life. The way explains the emotions conveyed sonically, especially, even part of the season. For me, it's hard to know what cord makes us feel a certain way, however, with this season I feel like we are closer to finding the essence of life matador dealing in the sky. Thank you.
My name is Vincent. I'm from San Antonio Texas, the biggest takeaway, was from the way for are you at the seven? I've always had trouble moving on from past relationships, and I always feel like it was my fault. I did something wrong, but the biggest thing I understood was timing. Was it meant to be it wasn't meant to be? I can be upset about that, but, like Frank said, I will always care for you. That's exactly how I feel I can't be upset anymore about it as a guy. My name is Peter. I'm from the U K, I'm a huge fan of the dissect Paul cost blonde is one of the five albums off personally, given a ten out of ten to the others. Being kid I spent about the flight might be from doctors fantasy and quite annoying. My biggest takeaway from blonde was realizing just how good Frank ocean is at translating indescribable emotion into his music
truly an incredible and unique artist, unknown sakoda, I'm from North Carolina and the take away from the blonde album and the guy said podcast about Frank Ocean is the importance of duality. It was so awesome help song nights marks. The halfway point in the switch between the album Frank is a great artist, and, although it was excellent for four hearing the in depth analysis gave a better understanding and taught me many new things about the blonde album, I'm Sarah from Pat Australia, an blunt to me, is an album of intoxicating depth, unexplainable beauty and psychedelic passion each. Back, is so isolated, impactful and refreshing. I love how Frank calculation of his voice to depict the younger him captures his youth, presenting me with flashbacks and had were emotions which evokes such hyperactive thinking. For me, I'm we could up in the abstract. Poetry of it'll
I find blonde so precious as a document of where Frank is right now as a person, a time cap for the past four years since Channel Orange, so intimate yet inscrutable, is Ian from Orlando FL before the season. I had this idea of Frank Ocean's being avant garde or having a certain quality that you just needed to get in order to enjoy his music, but this is Does not only show me the depth of his persona, his personality and his virtuosity as a musician, but also accessible is music, is and how each listen reveals a new layer in his music that you may have never caught before. It's really say that this season has made me appreciate Frank ocean tremendously, and it has feed made me a fan of his and his music. My name is ear and I have mold in California. I've always appreciated the way Frank Ocean organizes his music, every time I listen to his projects. I can tell how meticulous to detail. He is. After listening to it from a dissected perspective, it show things deeper in the detailed I already listened to, but never found
I believe his organization and storytelling skills can be applied to anything in life no matter what it is you want to accomplish. If Utah time out and really think. Why am I doing this? What will come out of this I'm going to convey this message, then the call center ask task a lot easier to accomplish. It's cool to hear you to point out his reclusive choices. Driving for a normal life, Frank he just wants to work on cars to me and your view as to. Why says that the public eye makes a lot of sense. Thank you, my name is Amy and I'm from Melbourne. Australia Next solar is my biggest takeaway from Frank Ocean's blonde you I have wondered about the frisian phenomenon. I feeling I described as attempting to keep my head above water, however, in is to be much more simple than that conflict and resolve consonance and dissonance, and not at all. While all of our actions tracks a lyrically extraordinary the weather's Cool solid is in this track, paint a sonic picture of a feeling or vibe rather than a story.
At the same time it almost sounds as if you're seeing the word war for the Well, we all sometimes face is is my fridge and trigger going to track resin vibrational frequency just they said Circleville, album the Frank Ocean internet. Then that I to tell room Qualis on LA principal, a lesson for lucky Frank. Ocean city weather. Ok did rest. The tool Take us down differences, my name is Matthew. I'm from Chattanooga Tn Blonde is one of them that fills me with total peace. Whenever I listen to it. For the first Nike's that I have to play the entire album for the most complete and very musical experiences that I can think of
I first was in one of our most deeply depressing things that experience speaking purely from sonic that point and now, after what has to be a new mobile, listens all the things that a piece of forgiveness ring louder than anything else. I love the self, Hey call, my name is Eric, I'm from Oklahoma, when I first heard that you were doing a full season analysis on blonde. I was a little bit skeptical because when I first heard that album pretty good. You know it wasn't to me it wasn't anything special and it, but every utterance keep seeing. Everyone called like amazing in like one of the best songs, they've ever heard, I can get it, but after every episode they put out so far I've loved to sell more and more, and I Thank you so much for that. Call it a I could say easily now that it's in my top ten favorite albums of all time. So thank you, hey Cole, is just us and I'm from Lithuania blonde is my second favorite album. Only under my beautiful dark twisted fantasy, I am a full listen to dissect already knew that Frank was a genius, but now my opinion is justified by our dissection. It's an
Emotional rollercoaster and has been For me, when people couldn't be hello, start to finish- and I know many people do to best way. From the twentieth and good luck on the next season. This is mark from London. Laundry really allowed me to come to terms with a lot of things that were happening in my life, It was ivy and self control. Those are the two tracks. It really show truth down my throat, the ideas of missed opportunities that shit hit me like a truck. It was medison I needed and blonde gave me that real clarity to just step back, reflect cry and move on. France Blonde made me realize I can be melancholy about love and life sometimes, but still feel the beauty of it all. I love that Frank is open about his insecurities. Most importantly, the nuances of sexuality bond help maybe more genuine and honest about my own emotions. Your
open my eyes to Stevie Wonder's beautiful rendition of close to you, first of all, thank you for analyzing, one of my favorite albums ever the vignettes Frank's life on shows are truly sublime. What I took away from this album is how theory it is from the strumming guitar pattern of to to the otherworldly sonics of Siegfried Frank, makes it clear. These vignettes are hazy through the eyes of memory, but does that mean they're? Less real through thanks stunning, music and vocal delivery. He's suggests not this is. From Chicago I remember seeing Frank's performance of bad religion on Fallon and thinking it was one of the most important musical moments I had ever seen with blonde. And even more intriguing and beautiful work from someone who is everything, I've ever wanted an artist to be the wreck. Is dance, experimental, thoughtful and thought provoking. National elusive and, above all, brave all the things it's Peter has always been even if he says otherwise, it's a record
It has reminded me of so many small, yet hugely impactful moments of my I'm growing up which to me is it true power, Frank made. The the artist of our time and I'm so grateful he decided to share the stories of blonde with us all. I'm Katie, I'm from Philly. Like many of the release, chips described on blonde? I too experienced one of those complicated and unrequited loves, blah is constantly playing in the background of relationship and quickly became one of those blacklisted albums when things ended it took for me to be able to listen to this season, but it transformed this album into the soundtrack of my heartbreak found was the first I fell in love to experience. Heartbreak to listen to when I was so low and then over and over again, as I rebuilt myself back up, it is that you find a piece of art that to accurately walks the line between these polarized emotions there to be kept closed, and hopefully never forgotten,
As I listened to you, dissect blind, I was off surprised at how unique yet relatable Frank Ocean stories are, crazy. How someone can be so honest and genuine and convey their emotions and experiences so delicately and vividly blah I will forever have a place in my heart, the true masterpiece, Nicole. This is Nathan Baller from Silver Spring MD fan since season. One on this album for me was very helpful because I recently got out of a two year relationship on August 24th, I will always love my ex girlfriend now and that's one of the reasons why why Ferrari and Godspeed were very freeing it cathartic for me I loved how he was able to express so many different emotions as a black man from self control. Go to ivy nikes, it's all. It's full circle and I loved every second of it thanks hi Spotify does that
my name is Nikki Anne, my biggest take from with his blonde Isaac series will be from White Ferrari. The way coal dissected that Longborough, oh meaning to it I mean a whole new meaning to it. I always liked it, but I never talk to deep about it. But it is really made me appreciate people a lot more. You know in as much as I knew that people come into your life and they may not be there forever. It just made me want to establish more relationships with people. And you know enjoy, while, while it lasts because they may not be around forever hi tequila from Miami FL. I think that is easy. Need to find a soundtrack for heartbreak sadness and loss loss. Relationship of a dream of yourself blind, Why did the soundtrack for a feeling that I couldn't describe before hearing Franks Voice guide me through the NIST Alja? That comes after moving to LOS they accept
since that moments in our lives are sometimes meant to be just that moments It is okay to continue living with the feelings of those moments to I from them to grow with them, because I get those moments in my life. I needed this soundtrack in my life. This is Ethan from New York City for the That's two years blonde has been one of my best friends. I've listened to it so many times. Now that the lyrics and melody had become infused with my daily life. I don't think I've gone more than a week without listening to it. It's so fascinating to me. It feels at once, thrown together an painstakingly perfected. It has bare bones production, yet is grandiose and complex, the languages colloquial almost conversational, but deep in multi layered with double sometimes triple meanings. It's blonde with the e versus blonde. Without the e knights versus days, one slash two of yourself pulling at the other. It's so honest to kills me. Thank you so much frank. If you're listening hi, I'm Timmy from California.
Blonde to me is all about isolation and love. The being Jan when you dream deep for lasting love, and the reality often falls short for any number of reasons. The is that the arms, the french it's every song like its own individual story and cross. The perfect sonic environment, for each one So you can really imagine yourself there talking by the poolside or watching the it's loading, my White Ferrari and the it to accept. All these experiences, no matter the pain because in the end, it's still good. Ohio higher call. Trying to summarize and find my biggest takeaway from blonde has always been super difficult, but I think you described it. Accurately when you describe the drums on White Ferrari being a presence more felt than heard, which is an excellent, and I think how this album is affected me every time since this album it's almost like it's an arrow which just pisses my subconscious, pushing me to a place of gratitude, for
ability, reflection, a place of just raw emotion and feelings. It's an album, definitely speaks more to my hard hat. Does my head a lot of the times? I think is amazing. So to see it Looking down and and see Frank go through his emotions and his memories like that, it's such a beautiful experience that we can Find some way to relate to so That being said. Thank you Frank Ocean and thank you call Krishna for an amazing season. Dissect, a cool. My name is Jonathan. Twenty and I live in Jersey, I was been a really important work of art to me ever since its release. I even enjoy united drop because it was such a long wait, but I'm to say that it was well worth it. My biggest takeaway from blonde. Is that a reminder that, even though love can be so complicated and tragic times, love is answer to a lot of the questions and problems that we don't have an answer or solution for what they taught personal or global level. Landing bodies how truly powerful love can be, and it does it in such an honest with the person
universal way, and or that blonde came out to be? Thank you frank, Frank Ocean is one of the few artists I've heard whose music seems to perfectly capture feelings in a song. I remember the first time I listen to blind. I was alone in a new city for a job I just taken. I went for a drive at night in the middle of this unfamiliar landscape and I put on the album and listen to it start to finish Frank, Ocean's music, makes me feel like I'm not so alone in this world, like there's other people that feel the same things, I do my just take away from the season is what you talked about on the Self Control episode get chills. When I hear a lot of those songs rank music finds a way to express what words cannot and I really do feel his music in my soul. This is from Denver, Colorado, hey call. My name is sherry and I'm from Atlanta GA. What can I say you've done it again. I've been listening and eyesight since season one, but this is the first time, I've gotten up the courage to share what I think
I came out when I was starting my freshman year of college, so throughout all those feelings of uncertainty and adventure, love and loneliness. I really felt strong connection with the album and Channel Orange remains one of my favorite albums. To this day, I even designed a website for a college project on it. Thank you for two of my favorite albums justice and for respecting Frank Ocean's, character and integrity. Also, it's a long walk or not. Although upper love, a longtime fan Cole I'm galley flowers from Venice CA, season? Three was by far my favorite season of dissect. I barely any appreciation of Frank ocean before this season and it is incredibly enjoyable to go on this journey of discovery with you. As my guide. My biggest takeaway. Is that so many artists put an incredible level of detail and nuance in their art and it's hardly ever appreciated. That's why thanks, dissect, so special say my name is,
I'm from the Bay area in Vallejo, California and my biggest takeaway from season three of the sect was how much more the layers of each seem to be peeled back. Sometimes, I think I'm one of the biggest Franco's event that exists in this world turns out. I'm not because things like I said, come along and remind me that I'm not the only one I discuss on people many times thing there was more to them only to have this podcast from I mean, there's less and that the album blown is more stripped down more compelling more forward. It is more complexities of the roster mutation. Then what is your provided when the leaks come to play from the recreation of the music and breaking down payment? Amazing, three, no skill that represents potentially the pyramid itself to the version of understanding souls vocal and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait to see what Frank does to us all in the future. What's up guys check the slide here from one socket, Rhode, island. Finally able to get my voice on here. I love the show. I love that cold can finally do this full time that was such a. Thing to hear when he finally mentioned at the end of season two I know season three. I love the crack rock episode,
quickly when he mentioned the blonde and hitting it raw, and I just always put that to a girl and never translated it to actual like raw cocaine, and it makes sense song. Obviously, I love the show, keep up the good work. All we all love it. Peace. Rest in peace, MAC, Miller,. In college, I fell in love for the first time it was my. Last month of senior year and after graduating, I moved across the country to start a new job. We talk all the time visit occasionally, but neither of us is ready to commit to a long distance relationship, so either text in visits grew less frequent until they died out. We were people, I think, who found each other at their time we spoken in a few years. We found other people, but the memories are still there and always think about what we could have had. That hopeless resignation to the present mythology of the past in search for resolution is what really resonates with me about blonde frank Godspeed. Completely earnest in the claim that he will always love this person, but also in that he's trying to let go and move on? Maybe
Frank can do it. We can too My two favorite artist of all time are Kanye West and Frank Ocean, the dissected hell life by Kanye West last season. Just completely blew my mind. And we that's acted. Pyramids by Frank Ocean was none other. That's all. Is incredible and the store- and the significance behind it is overwhelming Hopefully next season we get house of balloons or maybe Connie Kanye West Album. This is Ivan long story. Short I've grown this guy reciting, the homophobic lyrics that you played in the second episode of the season. Always Frank, says: frank sexuality, it doesn't. Even matter anymore. Love is love. Heartbreak is heartbreak in regards to the album the fact that there were limited, Brahms amazes me: solo such a beautiful record and not a drum insight. My main, take away their frank, hates a talker to store she were sort of Tarantino esque how they jumped around rededication coal, like Tupac, said in dear mama you appreciate it. My name is Marquis.
And I am from New Haven, Connecticut n Blind. Has become one of my top ten favorite albums of all time. No, One does nostalgia the way that Frank Ocean does nostalgia, so so much so that he makes his nostalgia feel like it's yours. He paints. These worlds. Lyrically that make you feel like you are really there. I find this out. To be a very ingenious exploration of duality, sexuality, life. It love the undercover hidden, gems and facts that the normal listener wouldn't catch make this album even more special blonde is a journey from one sing the next until its ultimate conclusion it. Looks feelings in this Talja logging belonging Heartbreakin. It lately of others it's morning this realization realizations precious time is accepting. Some things aren't meant to be I think that some mountains, you can't move, and ultimately about finding joy in that journey through reflection,
blonde. An endless came out of pebble time for me and my own journey have been. Contracts to many precious memories and will be the soundtracks for many to come, ways to save all continue to swim, good and Frank's vast ocean of sonic literature for years to come my name is Phil and I'm from Seattle call. We did that. I still can't believe you did blonde for this season of dice acts like that. This is an album that is so close to my heart and frank I know you're listening. Thank you for bringing your art to the world as a young, black creek. Who love sad boy. Music blonde quickly became the push from my own acceptance and open. To love and be loved, something that I didn't think was meant for someone like me. This album I mean to be vulnerable and find inherent beauty, and just that both blind. This season of dissect is and will be a huge part of my journey of identity into adulthood, and I'm truly truly grateful for that and this
then came out. I didn't really think much besides. I like it, and it's by Frank, so I like it even more and I went through a really rough. Breakup, ended, deeper meaning revealed itself to me. Kinda cool in a sad at the big. Of the state dissect podcast, I used to laugh because I say, Frank is too well adjusted. How will I ever get there, but in the end, it's been reassuring. Thank you frank. Capturing these universal emotions and things they said for nerding out with me and helping me into this album again Megan Houston Texas, My name is Josiah Mooney from Lancaster PA to Maine. Listening to blonde is to listen to my own human experience. Whether nostalgia, love or insurgency. Frank's intricately It's minimalist production and beautiful voice call, culminating songs that I listen moments and experiences in my life that represent the feeling Frank himself is emulating. Is brutally honest. Dare I say Frank: songs are not only an enjoyable listen, but it helped me to
the beauty and the wide range of feelings were exposed to in life hi. I'm Jamie just wanted to start by saying. Thank you call for what you do. Music is always been an important part of my life. My refuge, I've been in the acceptance of me, see when to get so special to Maine in ways that could not previously articulate Frank, Kendrick had been instrumental to me finding my way through. I would say that Please take away not just from the season, but the series this far has been to live. My truth, I've been feeling stuck lately been inside my head, trying to figure out why Ford moving beyond this endless loop of existential dread, finding peace in a chaotic world. I me I'm no longer living in an idea of another man's mind. I want to end this by thinking friends and family, for putting up with my bullshit over the years. I know I did person now. Thank you, once more can't wait to see what's in store for season for Jason Toronto it wasn't until self control and White Ferrari began to remind me of someone of someone's
soon discover that this album is healing me. I listen to blonde everyday from front to back for months on end, and even now I listen to portions of it. Weekly blonde is They have gone to this really turbulent time. In my life I learn to forgive and be forgiven to All the love that is walked in and out of my life. Six years not only furthered my appreciation of blonde but also Frank Ocean as a whole. Thank you. I no longer living a blonded life and for amphitheater free now Godspeed. My name is key for birch, I'm from Cincinnati Ohio. Since it came out, bond has had me were visiting it again and again proving to be timeless to me. It's uncanny how close blonde is my feelings, hardships enjoys as a young adult. Thank you for helping you get closer to this, album that I truly love Frankie, fires me and I can't wait to listen to a generation of musicians, also inspired by Frank hi. I'm Games from New Paltz, New York and Blonde is my favorite album of all time for me,
has really transcended the sum of its parts and just a trigger some kind of emotional reaction within me that no other music, I can think of, has to the state. I think think about this season of dissect. Is that it's allowed me to fully understand and appreciate a work of art I already loved taking my enjoyment of it to the next level from every time I listen to skyline two will hear those faint drums in the background right away or the six days time in pink and white with guitar riff in nights is distorted. I just now a vast wealth of information about this album. Even if they're just details in production or two bits on what references mean or who helped Frank. Do this it's come together to enhance my connection to this album to such a level that it just wasn't before, and I owe it all to you colon, I'm sure many listeners can agree with me on this. So thank you. Bye Miss grace from Cincinnati and my take away from Frank Ocean Channel Orange blonde. It is that intense feeling of nostalgia, you know deep down in your chest, the kind that they for summer, the people you love.
A certain moment and simultaneously aches from a heartbreak and loss and what he does is capture that feeling You can't even put into words- and he gives it to you in chords and lyrics in just like this. Is it exactly it name- is Josh dinner from Oxnard CA. Well, I just going to come up here and say. Thank you to Frank Ocean himself, south for creating blind, because Album has literally gone to some rough times in my life and I have such an emotional attachment to it and also You call for this wonderful podcast. That has, can a new perspective on how I view blind hey. This is miles from Atlanta. Once my
favorite album of all time and what was definitie by Connie currents by tame Impala in twenty two million by Boney Bear give the regular run for his money. As my favorite, there is no replacing with blonde means to me One means that I can run away from the struggles of life and listen to Frank story. Bon River, law. Summers in his dodging memories that I will always hold deep. In my heart, blood represents the unrequited love that I early in my years on this planet under presents feature that I will come to experience in my life myself and with those around me, a pun represents for me that life is short and that we should be thankful for what we have cuz, we only have one shot at it and we should aim high and try as best as we can to make ourselves happy. Thank you, Frank when this album came out. I was going through my first break up. I was in love, but things fell apart We were long distance and I listen to self control wishing that our time was right, she began dating someone soon after I was crushed, I lost all my self control when I thought of that relationship. My good memories were blocked, but time is passed since then
falling in love and been heartbroken. All over. It wasn't. So I looked at this relationship through the lens of my entire life that I realized. I wasn't sad anymore. I wasn't angry. I can access those memories again and I care about her. Does not in the same way I kept. This is my heart without knowing it, and I will forever hello, my name is Jenny and I am from San Diego. California, first of all, I would like to thank you call for all of the hard work you have put into creating dissect. Blonde is an album I hold near and dear to my heart and probably one that says listed under my heavy rotation on Spotify You know how many times I have caught myself tearing up to this album, which brings me to my biggest takeaway, Frank, is able message powerful emotions through his music, and I would like to thank him for being such an amazing. Talented, musical genius class mastered his craft Frank Ocean as a musician, unlike anyone else out there to me. Frank's music has always made me feel at home and it's almost hard to imagine a world without it whenever
this isn't channel orange. I couldn't help but wish I discovered the record sooner, but I was so grateful to have it then in their challenges, an album that my friends and I can always sing along to that's long way when blond finally dropped. I felt like I was missing something the album was so different at a few songs. I frequently in two, namely self control, but I wasn't in love with every track like I was with General Orange thanks to dissect. I have a true appreciation for blonde and I'm finally able to fully appreciate every song. Anne Frank as an artist. Albums lyrics are heavy I'm looking at you White Ferrari, but necessary, as they have allowed me to be introspective in my own life. Thank you, Frank is. My name is Peyman from Portland Oregon and Frank Ocean's, blonde change, my life to they go. I was living in Texas, going through a very bad depression in music was only thing helping me. I still remember the night me and my friend stayed up watching the endless live streaming. Holding each other crying will be no the next day, my now favorite, album of all time, would be released. One
Take me into a whole nother world. Every listen and has changed to. I am sounds like night Subscribe evening, summertime drives with friends and Siegfried displays the human emotion of existentialism and wander into a sonic landscape. I don't know what will do next, but I wanted to take as much time as he needs to master this craft. My name is Julius and I am from Medford Oregon Frank Ocean give us a gift, and it finally made sense why we waited for years for the release of his sophomore album lyrically. He abandons conventional song structures and essentially ops for minimal production, but every change in pitch sound effect, chord progression has a purpose with, execution. He embodies the exact emotions he's experienced and unintentionally pushes us to reflect on our own past memories
hey. My name is Jelani from Philadelphia and blonde is my favorite album of all time because the sound of it just takes me to a different place like. It takes me back to a time where I wasn't even alive. It takes me back to a time that I, where I wasn't even there, makes reminisce over thoughts that I never had, and I think that's pretty beautiful my name is Steve and I'm from New York. I remember the feeling of waiting every day for Frank to drop something to any sign that he was living and then night by himself bless us with blond My first lesson was so heart: wrenching, Lee Beautiful it gave me goose. It made me cry it made my heart hurt in a good way. And it is the only album out. There were no matter how many times I listen it knights me those same feelings as if it's my first time hearing it- and it just caring for years meant Frank, giving us the ethereal masterpiece. That is blonde. I can only imagine what he's going to do next
hey cool. This is Matt from Chicago this season of dissect made me realize that music has the ability to put me in anybody's shoes, whether they're, rich poor, happy depressed, love your lonely. Made me realize that I love listening to music, for the sense of empathy gives me He taught me that music is supposed to inspire. It makes me question if a is worth a thousand words. What is an album worth thanks for? ever call a do anything to contribute yeah the man and good luck with the baby, hello. My name is Muhammad from Trono, Canada. First and foremost, I just Thank you call for creating a recording such a great podcast, for so many listeners who want to know more behind the music after list the second season on Kanye West, my beautiful dark twisted fantasy finding out about Goshen being the next feature. Artist was amazing, anyone would listen to Frank ocean. We know that the artist It is very complex, well thought out and in some cases, mystical my biggest takeaway from season three season introduction the backstreet behind. Nostalgia also came to be
appreciate the importance of following your dreams like this, so full of distractions and excuses, and too many Frank, was able to complete this early project to show everyone what he was capable of great work. Takes time and then leading up to the release of blonde may have frustrated his fans, but the way it was unanimously accepted once you had your first, listen it is difficult to imagine an album that could top channel Orange and I wasn't sure what I wanted to follow up to be bombs released, it took a while for it to sink in, but I think the best of those define Frank ocean. For me suddenly it wasn't something that could be better or worse, and I the goal here is to please anyway,. It's just about having something to express any more than words to say. Is and then you get music bye. From column in Copenhagen Hi. My name is Hector and I from Austin Texas as the progress my final year of high school, my emotions primarily connection in relationships, has had its highs and slows. Blondes A piece of art connect me to Frank. A man.
Encapsulates perfectly those who have endured similar situations with the same emotions me he did the pain of loving others hurting when others are hurt. Others are happy and servants are gone, My greatest fear is sharing so many intimate moments with others and then having those close to you vanish. It's painful to see those you love slowly disappear from your life and to have all these dynamic emotions you shared with one another, simply diminish themselves into memories that slowly fade away. However, as pain, experience those moments of unfiltered emotion remind us of what makes us human love and hate we grow towards others, cool and everyone is he's podcast. I am here in Texas and a few hours ago today ended a relationship that lasted a few months. I really care my partner, and I know they did too in both. Line and the seasonal disaggregate supplements to my relationship life for our self control. Take on new meanings is not my Subaru relationship has ended. But I'm not necessarily sad about that. I'm glad experience like my partner,
a sort of an emotional wreck. Right now I love the podcasts and I hope people can appreciate frank storytelling and the work put into this podcast. My name is he recalled. I go to school in Houghton Michigan Prominent moment of this season, for me is the records of the organs intro in Forrest, Gump. Send me of the introduction to a benediction of a church service. This is the time at the end of a service where you're invited to stand to rise and rejoice the same way. That Frank is rejoicing in his newfound self understanding and love after the reflection of his vulnerability in the previous two songs well Heather, here from Chicago around the time that blonde was released, I lost a close friend of mine. I We connect to this album with depression, grief and just chronic despair and I can't listen to this album today without thinking of him for at least the second and listening to a daily from then on for the past.
Couple of years has really helped me dig a little bit deeper into realizing the meaning of life, and it's hell. Need to heal and forgive, and I now feel just betterment and solace, and relief and comfort in the fact that my feelings just aren't unique and, and there are words and music and keys and everything to just kind of convey exactly what I feel and and every moment of that sadness and in every moment of that happiness this is Joey from Chicago, Frank's open letter starts with the line, whoever you are wherever you are, I'm starting to think we're a lot of like this. As my main take from this season
makes me think of the similarities. I have with the community of Frank Ocean and I psec listeners. Franks music has evolved with me overtime, and I expect that this is true for many of us. So I want to sincerely thank Frank, which I believe is a shared sentiment from this community and let me echo that gratitude to cold as well. Your analysis allows us to better understand and appreciate all the effort put in by the artist we love. We all really are a lot alike. Roman, I'm from Michigan, and I applied for the first time the frizz hair came out at the top of RV on the way from a bluegrass festival up North in Michigan and I'll. Never forget the way it made me feel the thing with and is it makes me excited to live my life in feel new. Anything to meet new people Ann. Makes me feel like I'm not wasting my time on earth yeah just give me a much brighter outlook on life and that's a good thing to have. How do you die
My name is christian from Southern California. In my mind, nostalgia is a word that perfectly describes blonde through Franks album. I can find a time in my life where I felt the same emotions he vividly conveys such as self Control and White Ferrari, have resonated with me most in detailing the feeling surrounding lost love. Do the songs Frank reminds us of the beauty beneath failed relationships that people forget to appreciate He shows a human emotions. The good and ugly are real and true. Thank you for creating the most genuine piece of art blonde. My name, awesome from Cornwall Oklahoma and to me bond is when you find yourself caught up an emotional fits. You never expected to live through growing up songs. You feel completely broken and surrounded by people with similar, but the exact opposite emotional patterns innocence. Being discovering your deepest insecurities and overthought things. Losing self control thinking, feeling of being truly connected to someone or multiple people in this endless universe. So caught up in emotion,
passion that reality of an end doesn't even seem to hit you. The fear of the friends and distrust for me, because can't control it Franco windows more than create music. You presents reality through emotions that everyone can relate to even in different situations. It captures acceptance of what it's like to. Grow and become your true self. Hey Cole, long time friend Joe from Chicago here, just wanted to send out my thanks for another great season of analysis and the vulnerability throughout that really make it into the l more since I was skeptical at first about changing your this season. But after about yours and other listeners. Experiences really help open up just in time White Ferrari. To hit me, I really I graduated college and I have been conflicted if I should abandoned norms and go and live in the world hearing Frank had the strength to do so inspired me and hope I can go out and find that strength to an open mind. Eyesight listeners. I can't wait for next season to once again blow my mind,
hey. This is Paula chain from ulcer in a California, and one is one of my most favorite albums and I gotta say call you killed it with this one. Before this podcast, I was already feeling like I was connecting with the album seeing myself through self control and nights, but when you went over it and those details, just I was just falling in love with the album even more, and I got a thank you for that because you're, no one does it like you and thank you, Frank Ocean, just for a everything. Ever my Miss Terry and I'm from Atlanta for downloading blonde the day that it was released, not really understanding the hype behind it all. But I knew that it was a big deal so I gave it a listen and without the knowledge of why it was such an anticipated album. I instantly fell in love with the music in every song. The past two years. I've really learned so much about Frank and his writing and music style, and I really
appreciate his music significantly more than I used to, into this season, and eyesight has taught me so much about Frank and the composition of his songs, every time to dissect. I feel I can listen to blonde for the first time all over again, but with a new perspective, one of the soundtrack for the First time I fell in love I had wrongly dismiss. As a lesser franks works. I have continued to it. Hadn't been this boy's favorite album. He played it in for one evening in his car in a moment so intimate so full of love. We were both robbed with words, and all I could do is kiss and cry we separated. The time the season of started, and it has helped both through very dark period. We try. Recently to reconnect but didn't work. You cannot look over the past, preferring instead to look me the last time. We are both aware of the fonality of the situation. I wanted that final they should loving, but instead was met with humiliating cruelty. But if you and Frank me anything and I to my own experiences, so my version of the open letter eulogizing the most transformative experience of my life so far, hi
I hear from La Jolla, California, originally the DMV, my put me on to your podcast after season one and I fell in love so for files everywhere. Thank you, Frank oceans, blowing and your analysis of it has left me with an empowering ability to manipulate memories, not to write them just letting the negative emotions go despite being hurt, it's just here this way and the way This happened today. It's really helpful. Congratulations. Spotify's a good home for dissect can't wait for season four. From Sacramento ca I began to season a casual fan of Frank Ocean, but it was certainly not as passionate about his music as I was with Kendrick Lamar Kanye West, focus of seasons. One and two Frank Ocean most prominent, while it's still in college, during which time I only listen to classical music, When I graduated, I began to explore contemporary music again
Frank was in the midst of his four year disappearance, so I never really heard his name enough to check him out It wasn't until I received an overwhelming amount of requests to dissect Frank that I gave his music and intense listen. The course of the season I've come to deeply admire and appreciate not only franks, music but position with independent release of nostalgia. Ultra Frank took wait by the throat refusing to let a neglectful label controllers artistic destiny, the channel orange in the open letter from if to let society and cultural norms dictate self expression in the after Channel Orange Frank's play from the spotlight and travel the world. Refusing to let fame and celebrity controls happiness, with endless and blonde Frank, play it safe. He succumb to the pressures of attempted to create another channel orange, he took an artistic leap of faith, we're, rather than duplicating refusing to let expectations dictate his artistic vision, He forever remains true to himself
great role model in an increasingly complex and changing world a world which one can feel insurmountable pressures to conform compare your life with the person leave, but most often falsely glorified lives of others. But I have to say my biggest takeaway from Frank Ocean's. Blonde was harmonization of strength and vulnerability of masculine and feminine. I suppose I felt these two things existed in us, like those two sided balance scales that when one side goes up the other side down but Frank Ocean's, music and the study of his life. I is that these things exist in us in equal parts that there independent but inseparable from one another, and that because we might show emotion, doesn't make us weak because we show strength, doesn't domineering, We can be in our both simultaneously the beautifully coexist within with all, and we should. Cultivate one over the other were vulnerable 'cause we're strong and were because we're vulnerable,
This duality is what Frank Ocean taught me this season and for that I'm forever grateful. Okay, thanks! Everyone I'll talk to you next season.
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