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Kanye’s Cry for Help

2017-09-19 | 🔗

Cole talks about his experience at Kanye West's infamous Sacramento concert.

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Welcome to dissect one for musical analysis broken into short digestible episodes. I'm your host cultish, hey everyone, I'm taking some time off this week for a family vacation, so in lieu of a new episode today, I'm going to share with you piece, I wrote about my experience at the now infamous Connie. West concert stop in my hometown to Sacramento California last year. If you remember, this is concert in which Khan a stop this performance, just after a few songs, went on a fifteen minute rant and then unexpectedly, canceled the show, and if you, days later canceled. All of his remaining tour dates at the time Donald Trump had just been elected president in our country was deeply polarized, which of course, is only worsen sense. There's something about Kanye's concert that
an election, the brace of state of our country that all seem connected. This piece was my attempt to connect those dots. I think it applies just as much if not more so today. I hope you enjoy wasn't in her. Let's talk about Connie Sacramento because I think we're missing something, this is a story about empathy, let's start with the requisite backstory here's, what down last Saturday night at the Golden one center, the stadium fills with long teas and skinny jeans,
Connie's an hour and a half late. Can you take stage with kid? Cudi all is forgiven. Crowder ups Connie drops off putty, take stage alone, performs three songs: half heartedly Connie stops MID Song and Rance for fifteen minutes called out. Radio, Google, Facebook, Beyonce, Jay Z, Hillary Clinton and Pseudo supports Donald Trump. Kanye drops my calls off show the crowd goes from confused too stunned to sad to angry. In the span of about four minutes, the house lights come up some cry most boo, others chant FUCK Kanye, while wearing Kanye shirts. Everyone leaves not sure of anything in life. He took considerable backlash online and became a global story. The next day, Kanye cancels his twenty one. Remaining tour dates, leaving ten million dollars on the table later that say
hey. He was checked into a hospital for psychiatric evaluation at the time of writing this. That's all we know implications of Saturday night's Connie experience have yet to be revealed, but it's already embedded in pop culture into me one who attended will say. I was there when just about everyone I know is asked me about the show I kept. My responses brief but what I really like to say is this: we need more empathy. I know. That's a big leap hear me out. Our public figures now play an intimate role in our everyday
lives there selfies is exist alongside her own on Instagram. They talk directly to us on Snapchat. We can now develop very strong, very personal feelings and opinions towards celebrities. They receive more of our attention than ever, both when they succeed and more so when they fail. This is what concerns me. It seems more than ever. We revel in the failures and downfall of our public figures. Social media gives us all the opportunity to twist the knife, but we need the designer clothes in Photoshop are real people, often with troubled pasts and more often than not they're people that have given this extraordinary gifts. Kanye West is a difficult figure. I get that what he did at the Golden one center upset. Many of us I get that too, but, let's for a moment, consider what he's given us, Kanye West is single handedly influence an entire generation if you paid any attention to popular music and fashion. In the last ten years, you know this to be fact.
As producer and musician, he's elevated hip hop a genre. Argue the most relevant at this time in history to heights previously, unreached he's. Given us seven highly influential critically, acclaimed solo albums, he's produced and written countless others he's a recipient of twenty one. Grammys is live, performances and innovative stays structures have set our. Expectations, the signature shoes are the stuff of legend in sneaker culture we're just scratching the surface here Wes is a cultural entity into himself the tides of contemporary. Urban culture sway with his every move, and even if you, outside the realm of his influence. Know that he's had very large positive effect on millions of people, the many gifts
he is given the world far outweighs social blunders and here's the thing Kanye hasn't hurt anybody he's just kind of annoying. Yes on a radic, loud mouth that opens at traditionally inappropriate times from George Bush. Doesn't care about black people to Taylor? I'm a let you finish. Connie is a self described blip in the matrix but there might be more to that loudmouth than meets the ear. What if we were to set aside all personal feeling and do the sack note, I read through an empathetic lens, there's that saying the loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room. What if Connie's outburst was a cry for help. Those may not know that Connie's mother unexpectedly passed away in the month of November in two thousand and seven Carney Jay blames himself for her passing. He told Q magazine quote
I never moved to LA she'd still be alive. I don't want to go too far into it, because it'll bring me to tears unquote, since their death Connie has been prone to behavioral problems during this time of year Less than two months ago, Connie's wife, Kim Kardashian was tide up and robbed at gunpoint by five men alone in a Paris hotel room. Did you want inevitable psychological aftermath of an incident like that. It's also suspect did that Connie is on the antidepressant lexapro he's references because with the drug in his lyrics twice in the past six months as well as feeling he's seeing a psychiatrist One. Last thing I need to let you know you ain't never seen Last time in Mexico
She paranoid. Every time the president problem may not be driving. The problem is I'll, be texting. My psychiatrist got kids that are expired for song. They played for me without a friend that just does texting and driving down. Then there's the telling, but little known song and music video. I feel like that release late last year the video features Kanye sitting with his back against the wall, visibly exhausted, possibly medicated just yesterday, the video mysteriously disappeared from the internet. Well, let's take a quick, listen to its. Do you feel temper outbursts that you cannot control even when you're with people Dylan Blue feelings easily hurt you feeling that people are unfriendly or do you feel like people dislike you,
up combined, three of his mother's passing the robbery, the lexapro with being a new father, the relentlessness of paparazzi millions and personal debt and the countless other under pressures. A Kanye West must face on a daily basis. We can't help but wonder what if Connie's rant, was a cry for help,
there's anything. I've learned from my six month study of Kendrick Lamar's to pimp a butterfly for season. One of dissect is that we should root for our leaders and artists to succeed after battling with fame, which led to severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Kendrick took a trip to South Africa and search of clarity. The trip inspired him to embrace his leadership role, in spite of its potential consequences in a prophetic speculation of his own future
inclusive song, mortal man muses on the build up, tear down mentality. We have towards our leaders, make mistakes in the pressure. This is later in the song, Kendrick asks how many lead you said you needed, then left him for dead. We take and take and take from our artists yeah. We often lack empathy for them. Their success can make them appear invincible, but history is filled with humans that have struggled with fame and celebrity is led mini to depression, addiction, self, destructive, behavior, nervous breakdowns and suicide. In two thousand and four comedian Dave Chappelle walked off stage midway through a set at the memorial auditorium in Sacramento after,
of the audience: continually shouted I'm Rick James Bitch Catch phrase from Dave. Chappelle show the massive hits which comedy show that propelled him into global stardom. After a few minutes, Dave returned to the stage, noting that the show was quote ruining his life. He was working quote twenty hours a day and expresses it as of being famous, which you felt resulted in the inability of fans, seem as a human being frustrated Dave turned on the crowd. Saying. Well. You know why my show is good, because the network of will say: you're, not smart enough to get what I'm doing and everyday I fight for you. I tell them how smart you are turns out. I was wrong. You people are stupid, unquote shortly after Sacramento appearance, Chappelle famously walked away from sees
three of the Chappelle show leaving fifty million dollars on the table. Rumors of drug addiction and mental breakdown quickly circulated, but the truth was like Lamar Chappelle fled to South Africa in search of clarity the people they say they there something metaphoric about watching Connie alone and that strange, beautiful stage floating above the crowd at the golden one center large straps men and across his chest, restraints that were attached to a rope that helped him avoid falling off the stage and into the crowd he circled around that
small floating island like something caged? He didn't seem in control of himself. I remember thinking, I hope, he's ok, because empathy is not concerned with how something is said, but why it's not concerned with specifics but intent. It's able to differentiate symptom from source kind, Wes. Is the measuring stick for empathetic capacity, a barometer on our willingness to understand? I chose to write about, Kanye, west and empathy, because for many it's an absurd concept we're living in absurd times. We just concluded the worst most divisive election cycle in recent history. The negative energy in this country is pal,
we've become so blinded by our own opinions that we forget, we need each other to succeed. We need more empathy for those we don't understand. We need more empathy on both sides of the aisle. We all want a better future. There's a lot of disagreement on how to do that. But empathy is only concerned with why intent over specifics common ground. We need more empathy for the we don't understand Dave Chappelle very recently returned to the limelight for a monologue on Saturday. Night live the first Saturday following the recent election results after a story about attending a majority black party at the White House. During a presidency, he concluded his monologue. With these lines.
And I saw how happy everybody was. These people have been historically disenfranchised and it made me feel hopeful and it made me feel proud to be an American and it may be very happy about the prospects of our country. So in that spirit, I'm wishing Donald Trump up and I'm gonna give him a chance and we, the historically disenfranchised the man
that he give us one twelve. Thank you very much Dave Chappelle stood alone on a small stage and spoke to the world. He chose empathy over discord without sacrificing his message. It was beautiful and thoughtful and incredibly moving. So in that spirit, I'm wishing that Connie and his beautiful angelic stage float their way to his South Africa wherever that may be, because I'm rooting for Kanye West, even when it's challenging I'm rooting for everyone.
Dissect is written and produced by me a special thank you to Garrett Shields, who is an invaluable aid to this piece? Also, shadow different to friend of the show Reba Lou and his excellent rap music rap music as a gateway to empathy, was a big inspiration visit at at dissect podcast on Twitter, linked to to the peace. If you enjoy dissect leave a review on Apple podcast share link on your favorite social media Chan. Or tell a friend about the show, as I often say, there's no team behind a sect. It's just me. I can use all the help. I can get growing the show if you'd like to support dissect. You can do so at page on dot com, slash dissect, that's paycheck, on spelled p a t, r e, o n dot com, slash dissect, okay, thanks so much for listening I'll talk to you next week, wasn't in her
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