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MS1E1 - Lauryn Hill: An Education

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Today we begin our 8 episode mini-series on of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. We start with Ms. Hill's upbringing in New Jersey, her rise with The Fugees, and the events leading up to the creation of Miseducation. Follow @dissectpodcast on Twitter and Instagram. Subscribe to our newsletter at dissectpodcast.com.

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From Spotify studios. This is dissect long, longform musical analysis broken into short digestible episodes. I'm your host Cold Kushner on February. Twenty six one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven are Umar circulated among the attendees of the 39th annual Grammy awards. The breakout hip hop tree the Fugees were up for three awards, including, of the year and word on the street was that the twenty one year old, STAR Fuji members Lauren Hill, was pregnant. During Thursday's recording session Fuji Lauren Hill confirmed a real
for that had been running rampant through the Grammys on Wednesday. Are you with child? Don't blush on me now? Actually, yes, yes, I am. This is something that was planned and are you excited about it and and in the sense of you know, twenty one years old and going around the world no but plant in the sense that you know I'm very much in love and very happy. I mean I see Birthday um motherhood as a benediction. So I'm just blessed with another responsibility, amidst external pressures, to have an abortion. This pregnancy Miss Lauryn Hill's choice to keep the child would begin to see when's of events that would eventually alter the trajectory of popular music forever unbeknownst to the public Hill and fellow Fuji Member White Wyclef Jean, who was married at the time had romantically involved throughout the creation of their breakout, album the score. However, the it- was not why cliffs and what we'll do
Well, this complicated situation and do time so, if I said, for now that why and missed close personal relationship would become and to the point that the Fuji's would never record another album together again. You know I'd intended to be in the group for ever until I found myself in in circumstances where I felt the inner desire to express myself freely the without any constraint you know with Anybody saying hey this. You can't say that you know the only way I could have done that wasn't doing a solo release. One thousand nine hundred and ninety seven Miss Hill Eve tour with the Fugees and return home to New Jersey where she began. Documenting her personal experience and song I've gone through a lot. You know it's a huge, emotional and and and spiritual battle prior to the creation of that album the funny thing is that while I was going in the battle, I couldn't see my hand spite my face. I mean I really couldn't see any.
'cause, I was so emotionally entangled and everything that gone through, but it was like once I was delivered from that situation. You know, and once I got the able was look back, look back at and look back at pain and disappointment. It all was so clear. The picture started to form itself the song started to create selves that was able to look back and and and and and be a narrator of my own situation. The reason to MS creative outpouring would be a think of age story, told over fourteen tracks. An album that sets are spiritual and emotional journey to personal emancipation. Against an eclectic backdrop of hip hop gossip, reggae and soul. Appan. It's real into the world in August of nineteen. Ninety eight, this body of works packed with seismic. Simultaneous expanding the boundaries of hip hop, while bridging the gap between Hip Hop mainstream music. It broke the record for first sales by a female artist, reach plat,
status in less than a month, and we go to be nominated for a record nine Grammy awards, ultimately winning five, including hip hop's, very first album of the year, of course, We're talking about the landmark album widely considered one of the most influential lp's of all time. The mist education of Lauryn Hill. It's funny how money changes a situation liberation of the miseducation of Lauryn Hill's 20th year anniversary, we're dedicating the next eight So the price tag to uh packing this historic album from the spitting, album, opener lost ones. Bridled expression of a mother's love on to Zion,
to the car, the teachings of the number one hit. Do a we're diving, deep. These classic cuts to discover just how Miss Hills, synthesized, a diverse array of sounds stories and emotions to create a masterwork of self expression will start from the very beginning with missiles. Childhood in New Jersey and arrive? to prominence as both a teenage actress and singer. Will then for her time with the Fugees, her relationship with Wyclef Jean circumstances that led to the dissolution of their relationship. Finally, Our detailed track by track musical lyrical analysis will come
stand just tell Miss Hill translated, her experience into story and song and by doing so created cultural treasure that is the education of Lauryn Hill and so out further ado, let's dissect Lauren Noel Hill was born on May 26th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five she spent most of her childhood just outside Newark New Jersey, urban neighborhood called S Orange Miss Hill, who had eventually fuse. A culturally diverse palette of musical styles creditor eclectic upbringing as an important early influence s Orange It was interesting because it was this very diverse, and I can't just say cell phones have to say the area surrounding S orange, because Nork is the city and then The oranges are the suburbs okay.
And you know I lived in in suburb- where was like I'd- say fifty percent- maybe forty percent- percent black sixty percent jewish- and I grew up with this very eclectic, just interesting exposure to all these different cultures and, of course, Manhattan is right there. So you know just from that I was very young exposed to the the asian community is West Indies community cuban community. The Latin could you know just just a myriad of cultures in this one area the hill family household included Lawrence mother Valerie, an english teacher, her father mall, a computer consultant and old brother bill music, was a constant presence in the hill household and media, Miss Hills, earliest memories involve music, apparently
shuffle music little love for there's, there's so many records. So much music concert being played. My mother played piano. My father saying it was just music, always surrounding music. I remember when my earliest memories movie stores that we lived in where you know the the Sundays Saturdays, maybe saturdays, we would clean the would play. You know Stevie wonder, is solve the kill life. The whole album should be hearing, isn't she lovely and you know and pretending to IRAN, you know so from a very young age. He was a lot of music. Ms Hill would later credit the songs of for you, that's our musical education. At nine years old, she discovered her parents record collection, stored away in the basement. Yeah I and eighty nine years old, everybody else is listening to New edition or whatever current you know. Group is on the radio and I'm listing to like shipping line lights and Gladys Knight and the pips in all these older groups and really loving it and becoming.
You know just just die my myself doubts myself and all this music in all this, this musical history and and they really were. My teachers, my musical teachers, I didn't have you- and you know I I didn't go to Juilliard. I was a classically check train, but by listening you know I mean I, I grew appreciation for certain musical philosophies and ideas and concepts. A false speak to it I used to play my records allowed until one night one of was like this is too loud, I'm not having it, and so I the headphones, but in order for me to listen to the records, you know the headphones didn't stretch, always my bed from the record player. So I had to sleep on the floor in order to hear the wreck and that's where I slept until heights of college. Bill's parents supported her creative pursuits from an early age by school in high school.
Pursuing singing and acting professionally appearing on local television and auditioning for movie roles in New York City. Her parents support wasn't overbearing or pressure written. Rather, it stem from love when they could have easily said no or we have no interest. You know we're not going to drive you to this audition. No, you know we're not allow you guys to practice and play the music in the living room. You know when they could have easily done that they didn't and just very, very meaningful, I mean my parents, you know really took a heavy, a very serious interest in my creativity from the time I was very young and not for the sake of I they didn't know what would come of it. Just because I enjoyed it. You know that's a reflection, of love. When someone can see you enjoying yourself and want to participate or want to encourage, you want to help you to do something that you enjoy. It was about making her a star was just says she likes to do this. Let's supported it age,
thirteen, a young Lauryn Hill competed in the world famous amateur night at the APOLLO Theater in Harlem. This is store. Competition sees emerging young talents going head to head kind of like an early version of american idol. And it's over eighty years of existence. It showed but the APOLLO amateur night competition has seen the likes of to be superstars, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie holiday. James Brown Stevie, wonder the Jackson, five Dave Chappelle and one Lauryn Hill, the crowd of the, follow is notorious if they, like you, you're greeted with vigorous applause. If they don't like you, they boo they loud now we have an exciting show and I'm telling you I promise this is going to be an exciting amateur night. So, let's bring our next contestant gets some nice
APOLLO welcome to Lauryn Hill. How old are you Lauren, Lauren thirteen? What song is singing who's loving you well come on Lauren, yes, Superstar Lauryn Hill was vigorously booed at the APOLLO theater, with a thirty Earl didn't cave. In fact, after hearing the boos, she took the microphone off. Stan. I began to sing more passionately eventually over the crowd by the end of her performance
this by any in a high note. Lauren in two after leaving the stage according to Other Valerie quote. I said to her every time they don't scream and holler you're going to cry then- singing. Is it for you and she looked like I had taken leave of my senses to her the Mir Justin that this wasn't for her was crazy. Unquote, Miss Hill can we need to pursue an array of creative endeavors throughout Highschool. Aside from- a member of the track team and cheerleader she Violin lessons Dance class founded the schools Gospel choir,
all up placing an advanced classes and earning a grades yeah. I think that my work ethic, I think the work ethic that was established in my, Family was also something very important. You know the you know if you plant the seed, if you you know, if you you know so sparingly. You reap sparingly. If you someone in you're reaping abundance, so that was You know always sort of in us from very even the things that I love that try to you know put a couple seeds in it. You bunch of seeds in the ground and see what sprung up, and sometimes it was out Sometimes it was music, but whatever it was. I continue to play it during high school, Miss Hill's, acting career to develop after an agent notice. Her performance in an off broadway hip, hop reimagining of Shakespeare's twelfth night. He landed a recurring role in the soap opera, as the world turns playing a trouble Runaway named Kira Johnson, in one episode still, Hill was able to showcase their vocal talents. Performing you I'll me love at a wedding
and I'll be there for you, like you, been there for Maine one thousand times I'll do just as you do for you who brought me long is here: Rodney Hawaii, when Miss Hill was a senior in high school. She landed what would be biggest role of her acting career co along Whoopi Goldberg in Sister act. Two. She played Rita Watson, Belias City Catholic School team, with a golden voice, the movies climactic moment
come. Join Reid, delete the school choir to win a national competition, well, Miss Hill was developing her acting career in high school. She was continuously developing her music career as a freshman. She was approached haitian American Name Prize about a group, you, a starting first one prize in high school, surprise wow. He. You know he was the type of kid who had a real, strict mother who used to dress You know like dress, pants and dress shoes and you know he was really you know he was. He was very popular in school because he was sort of like this real.
As the guy he's, the only guy in high school would a pinky ring and I first met him. He said you know Laura you. I didn't know how this thing No, I know you brother, so I think you can join my group guys, like I yeah I was down, but I just want to make music and then you know like a month later, he introduced me to his cozen Wyclef and you know he wou. I never forget the first day He walked into the studio and he had on like a anti Batman, uniform when the Batman Movie first came out and it was like really big. They would just Batman button, but, cousin, hats and buckles on his so here very dramatic. And you know we make good music we make music and at that point in our career, is very you or an insincere. You know we all put our hearts into it. You know so we decided to become a group Originally named time the tree- Lauren products and Wyclef Cleft change your name.
The translator crew and began for locally and recording demos While Miss Hill was originally recruited for her singing talent. She was encourage, I prize and why to try your hand at rapping she told the rolling stone quote. I used to write and I was real sensitive about my poems. I remember Wyclef and prize hearing my poems and going YO. You should write some rhymes. So I tried writing some rhymes reluctantly and at first They were very hard, I'm I am seeing. They were like that's wack, right that over So once again I was challenged by the boys, and I saw better and really started, taking rap seriously more basically even then singing at that time, because I felt like it say more and what I could They would be taken more seriously as an MC unquote. Why It tells a similar story in his book purpose quote for months process and I did all the wrapping felt like there's something missing, though so one day I asked Lauren. If she would ever rhyme, she told a sure if you two can do it. I know I can unquote. Whitecliff remembers
impressed by how quickly Mishil excelled quote. I wrote down a few verses for her some I had been working and added a few lines I made up on the spot. She looked at the paper for a few minutes and then told me to put on a beat and when I did, she tore through them like a pro, not even looking at the words if she memorize lyrics that quickly. I knew she one hell of an MC. I gave her a lack of Mc Lyte and Queen Latifah CDS and told her to listen carefully and learn the rhyme she heard she took to that. Like pirate to a matches and had the it's down in two or three days, soon rhyming lines, terror that she would memorize on the spot and spit back at me better than I had expected. Unquote, in nineteen. Ninety three: the translator signed to the translator, roughhouse an extension of Columbia, Records and change, their name to the fugees Fugees was an abbreviation of refugee, alluding to and whitecliffs haitian roots, but according wycliff. The name was the universal to the american experience quote:
everyone in the United States as a refugee. To some degree, no one's culture originated here, unquote, the Fugees debut album blunted on reality was real February. First, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four led by their first single booth, bat into their later work, blunted on body was loud, exuberant an unpolished, a commercial flop that nearly got the group dropped from their label, but the Fugees thrived as life perform opening for acts like NAS Wu, Tang, the notorious b, dot, ig, onyx and naughty by nature. Regarding the album Wycliff, recalls
blunted on reality, captured our talent, but it sounded out of touch with who we as performers. Unquote, this disconnect was in part, two to the out being recorded in one thousand nine hundred and ninety two afful two years prior to its release. Though they were at risk of being dropped from their label. The Fugees life line was extended due to producer Salaam Remi and his remix of their song nappy heads through his remixes He had a reputation for making jamaican dancehall reggae palatable for America, urban audiences, ready disk,
the original version of nappy heads as sounding like a grimy uptempo on Extract Grammy, stripped down contemporary production of nappy heads Remix contrasted with the bombast of the original, laying the groundwork the future of the Fuji Sound, Melissa,
internet Columbia records who is responsible, putting Remy in the Fugees together credits, the nappy head remix for the Fuji Second chance, Jack, call John Morgan in her book. She be this quote: the Fugees had talent just had figured out how to channel it we're coming out of a moment in hip hop for groups like onyx who I'm really fast, had a lot of success. But there is a shift going on hip. Hop was slowing down a bit more and Salaam knew it. He told the Fuji to slow their ship down. Let people under and what they're saying and add a catchy hook. Then he just bodied it. A quote the success of Rammy's nappy heads Remix, led to another collaboration with the Fugees arena, their song, Vocab studio session proved to be pivotal as it inadvertently. Juice. What would become one of the Fugees, most successful songs, Remy, told large up dot com quote the nappy heads Remix worked, then I remix both
During the same session I had a beat I made for fat. Joe Lauren said play that fat Joe Beat and Wyclef Cliff jumps up and says we used to be number ten. Now we permanent number one. That session ended up being the original incarnation of Fuji LAW William criminal minds. continues quote that song was recorded
put together before they even had a second budget for another, album the scores energy is based around Fuji LAW, unquote, based on the ' potential shown from the collaborations with Salaam Remi. The Fugees were given a second chance and One thousand nine hundred and ninety five there, need a one hundred and thirty five thousand dollar advance for their sophomore album. The group you money to set up a studio and Wyclef's uncles, uncle's basement, eventually dubbed the Booga basement, with more experience? In a new artistic vision, the group went to work what would become their final album the score with his finger
We're wanted on reality failed in showcasing each Fuji members talents, the scored, so triumphantly the members, the coalescence with returning to who they were creatively, and burdening themselves from pressures to succeed by conforming to what already existed in the book check the technique. Fuji member price, told Brian Coleman quote after the first album. We just started making songs that would work without compromising what we believed in our strength was in being Individuals who blended together perfectly cleft, brought the musicality Laura, brought the soul for this, and I brought the roughness and flash and close why cliff could curse. Saying quote: the score was done calmly, almost and there wasn't any pressure. It was like. Let's make some music just started forming into something amazing. It sounded like a feel good, hip, hop record to us, It was different than what anyone was doing at the time. It was three kids
from an urban background expressing themselves, you have three different points of view from three different worlds. On that album, I'm from the in prize. Listen to a lot of rock stuff and lore, the soul three into one. A fusion it had happened on blunted on reality and quote blunted on reality. The new stripped down production style, and laid back temple of the score allowed, ace for Miss Hill singing voice to radiate throughout the album play, crucial role on all three commercial singles, Fuji LAW, killing me flea and ready, or not Miss Hills. Mc skills were no longer work in progress either. Wyclef recalled quote I'll, never being impressed by how much Lauren came into our own on the score. She was the caterpillar that became the butterfly did she was still learning how to rhyme so lyrically. She had training wheels on and the years between she wrote she practiced and she became a true artist She is one hell of a rapper and that came shining through the score unquote as nightclub.
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every Thursday welcome back to dissect before the break discussed a twenty year old Lauren Hill's array of towns were showcased on the Fuji's. The score as an example of those town we're going to dissect the scores third single Barack Obama. Favorite song of all time, ready or not. You can't hide you. Sleepwalk await those who, commonly known the world naked jail, bars angle gates, those who think they break when they meet their four hundred pound exhibiting their eclectic music influences ready or not, the convergence of two diverse sources. The hook is, interpolation of the Delfonics one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight hit ready or not. Here I come
the Fugees took this hook and laid it at sample of Nes. One thousand eighty seven track bow at DCA, Wyclef, What's the creation of ready or not in his memoir quote I had a simple hip, hop breakbeat, going on mile in nine thousand and was lube. In any sample over on my mpc-
just then my door burst open and Lauryn Hill was standing there. She scanned the room, then look me in my eye. What's that she said I don't know yet. I've got beat and a loop. I'm just messing with this. We both sat in the semi dark just listening. The sample came back around and then to be kicked in and then Lauren started singing ready or not. Here right you, you can't hide I want to find you take it slowly. I got shivers all of my spine? It was magic. We both knew it.
And saying ready or not. This is verse on ready or not finds, are flexing or lyrical prowess name. Dropping
diverse array of influences that she has sold her competition. I play my lease, like our friends, know wed some make tracks like let caption young ballsy like yes, which is so why you might say, and now its application, Ms Hills Burst, begins. I play my enemies like a game of chess. Chess is, of course, a game of strategy or makes a series of tactical moves to set up an will kill. Cleverly missile will do exactly that with her verse, will see. There are several references stated early in the verse that will come back around as punch lines in the end. Miss Hill continues
I rest no stress if you don't smoke, Sess session Slang for Marijuana- it's in v of the spanish word sense, Amelia, a high quality, very potent female cannabis in an era of hip. In which glorified marijuana use was nearly a prerequisite. The Fugees were to be accepting of all that is, they did judge either way. Hence hairline no stress. If you don't smoke, Sess Miss Hill continues. My destiny's manifest Manifest destiny refers to the 19th century, belief that the United State was destined to control the entire territory from the Atlantic. Into the Pacific. On one hand, Miss Hill is saying her own personal destiny. A star MC was inevitable, but in the subsequent line she also play after long expeditions, early american settlers made West as she says, and some Gore Tex and sweats I make tracks like I'm homeless, Foretrex, if used, to meet both trek as a traveling long distances and track, as in recorded song.
But Miss Hill also plays off the two standard definitions of track one definition is to travel or migrate, typically by foot tying into a reference to a homeless person. The definition is to travel by ox wagon, just like early Americans. Dealers did tying into reference to manifest destiny, Miss Hill, continues RAP or geez, with Porgy and Bess capture, your bounty like Elliot Ness, These two references are set up to slide punch lines later in the verse, porgy and as an american opera by jazz, classical composer George Gershwin and Miss Hill makes. Reference to it as a way to display or eclecticism as an MC, an artist elliott- was an american prohibition agent who famously took down crime boss, Al Capone in nineteen, twenty nine, not uncoincidentally, Eliot Ness Prohibition, Al Capone's arrest and poor, best all existed in the same era of american history. The 1920s and 30s
known as the jazz age. Miss Hill continues bless you. If you represent the foo but I'll hex you with some witches brew. If you're do do voodoo this likely it's to the early nineteen nineties, hit shoop by salt and pepper, which contains a similar ride, Kane somewhat still for a the food that so to Apple's rhyme is actually a reference to jazz composer Cole, Porter and his night twenty nine song. You do something to me. Do you spell do that boo? Do that you, who win unclear whether Miss Hills rhyme is a reference to shoot or Cole Porter. Given that she
well versed in both contemporary and vintage music is likely and not to both. Miss Hill continues her verse. Do what you do easy believe me fronting Edwards. Give me the Heebie Jeebies, This is Miss Hill standing tall among a male dominated hip, hop industry not only saying she can rap better than most but prove She can, with the quality of reverse, with the This final lines. We get the payoff. The check she's, been setting up throughout the verse have another listen so why you would say it now: it's application on your microphone already Miss Hill calls out the prevalence of inauthentic gangster personas in hip, hop, saying So, while you're imitating Al Capone as you ' earlier in the verse, Miss Hill declared herself to be like Elliot Ness, Al Capone's capture, so how pun. Reference here comes with it, establish superiority in contempt? She is a verse saying I'll, be Nina Simone and defecating on your microphone,
Nina Simone was a multi, talented, american singer, songwriter pianist and activists that seamlessly blended genres like jazz, blues folk, gospel and pop being multi Allen, Tate and diverse herself, it's only Natural Miss Hill would choose Simone as a comparative figure, but we I also realized that Simone's, one thousand nine hundred and fifty eight rendition of I loves you Porgy from George Gershwin's, opera, Porgy and Bess charted in the twenty helping popularized, the song. I love you, Don't let him, as you know, the best was name dropped earlier in the verse another. Tickle setup, payoff, lyrical checkmate. That proves Miss Hill as indeed rap strategically, as if playing chess with Al Capone, like enemies.
Extremely high caliber verse in both its writing and delivery. Miss Hill seamlessly transitions into the song's hook, displaying an unrivaled quality in our towns as both an MC and vocalist. Okay, the food she's. The score was released on February thirteenth, nineteen, ninety six to widespread critical and commercial acclaim, the Album He got number one on the billboard chart one Grammy awards and by fall one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven was certified six times platinum meanwhile, behind the scenes why Jean and Lauryn Hill have become romantic, involved, despite Wyclef being married since one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, the fair, existed
about the creation of the score and according to Wycliff, filled. Much of the album's greatness quote. I was a big brother figure to Lauren and it turn romantic and the soundtrack of a relationship is the score that album came out the way it did because of our passion. We have become a real couple even though I was with someone else at the time it didn't matter she and I had our own musical romantic language and I hear that in the music we made together, that's why it touched people, that's why it's so real, unquote I know the relationship helped fuel the greatness of the Fugees. It was also a big fat, their demise by all accounts. Why, Lawrence relationship oscillated between two extreme polarities love and rage. Why stated quote? We were either deeply love or there's no middle ground. It was like a passionate roller right, every single day we had fights on planes, we had the police called our hotel in Germany, because our arguing with keeping the neighbors awake unquote, while
smoking groups to one thousand, nine hundred and ninety six Miss Hill Metro and Marley Bob Marley son and brother of Ziggy Marley, the two of we became intimate and miss still at the age of twenty one became pregnant with Marley's child various accounts, various accounts in competing storylines. Regarding this love triangle between white, Cliffs and Rowan. Why claims he was led to believe the child, was his one, tell herself hasn't said much. Regarding the specifics of that situation, we now at the time, nor desire to attempt to detangle seems to have been a messy, complicated set of circumstances, but one thing was clear: wycliff or in personal relationship, deteriorated to a point that it affected their creative relationship, Fugees would never make another album together. Again, everything happens in time. You know there's a time, for everything is a time to be in a group and there's a time to be so. At least it was for me If I had it my way, I would have been in the group forever. You know I enjoy the
atmosphere. I thought it was good to have two guys stage backing you up, but the interesting but entertainment is that when you struggle everybody goes in with the same goals: it was somewhere along the success area. You start, look at everyone around you and go wait. A minute where you going, because I'm going this way, what When I thought we were all on the you know and um Some success can do that. Sometimes it it really illuminates. You know creative differences, spiritual differences. You know emotional differences, an I you know just like a a a a a a young person would think that you know the friends that you great friends are friends forever. You know throughout high school throughout and it's not that they cease being friends, but sometimes you just mature to a place and some people get there.
Masses of people, don't you know and- and you know hope, ultimately, everyone catches up but you know, I uh it is really interesting cuz. I didn't actually make a decision to be solo. It really just happened. I promise you that, to explain, but you know I'd intended intended to be in the group forever. Until I found myself in in stances where I felt the. Inner desire to express myself free, we openly without any constraint. You know with anybody saying hey. You can't say that that's not that's not fly. Can't say that people won't. You know what I mean. So you know the only I could have done that wasn't doing a solo release, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven throughout her pregnancy, Miss Hill began work on a solo project, she assembled New Jersey musicians that came to be known as a new arc studio band Rasheem,
hello, pug, Vada, nobles and twin brothers. Are intangible Newton regarding the creative process, Joe Hari Newton recalls quote. Lauren was definitely the guide. It was her our job was to take whatever was in her head and put it down for her unquote quote: Tyler recounts quote: everybody had jobs, Vedas his to find that groove that made us hub. Then joes job was the instrumentation to enhance that groove and when the groove was so he that it made his harm either. Lauren or then it was time create those words that she wanted to sing. It was literally constant work. Even you didn't think you're working your working, the vibe was incredible. Unquote miss Hill, also recruited producers, shake Rivera and James Poyser, who both contributed, Lee to the album. So at the time coming off the success of the Fugees as well, she was interested in producing. She really wasn't a producer, so it was like kind of like well if I partner, if we, if we
together. Then you can help me. You know I have the name. I have the success you're, you know, you're a beginning producer and you're learning and in you know you have this experience from Teddy. You have this experience from cliff and you know, let's, let's partner up and so really organic, literally just sitting in her addict in her at the and that was their parents house in Jersey, the creating of the album was an amazing experience is about a year and a half out of my life, like you, feel, like you gave blood like everyday, an we sat in a room when we started the record- and it was me her and james- and the first thing she said she, I, like soul, music, reggae music and I like Wu Tang. Let's go regarding her choice to use relatively unknown producers, engine commissioner, Gordon said quote. No one believed Lauren said I want to make my own record. Have the Bay and use these unknown guys they're, like your Lauryn Hill. Why aren't you with trackmasters it
a lot of courage to go down that road, and we all felt like soldiers in our army, Lord will push you to tenth level to get something to. She's hearing it. The divinity The scenario was always overwhelming to me, because I could feel it all the time a over the course of a year and a half in New Jersey, the New York Miami in Jamaica, Miss Hill, team would work to shape a collection of songs that reflected her influences emotion, A personal journey. I've gone through a lot. You know it's a huge emotional and spiritual battle prior to the creation of that album and the funny thing is that, while I was going in the battle, I couldn't see my hand spite my face. I mean I really couldn't see any 'cause. I was so emotionally entangled and everything that had gone through, but like once I was delivered from that situation. And once I got the perspective was able to look back at heart ache and look back at pain and disappointment.
For some reason: it always so clear. You know it was just like a you know. The picture started to form itself. The to create themselves. I was able to look back in and and be a narrator of my own situation. But the interesting thing was that it didn't it happened. While I was in the middle of the confusion of course, Miss Hills. Emotional creative outpouring would result. The creation of the miseducation of Lauryn Hill. One of the I claim a beloved albums of all time an album that will dive into note by note line by line next time. I dissect Dissect is written and produced by me projects my Spotify is Michelle Santucci
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