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MS1E3 - "To Zion" by Lauryn Hill

2018-11-20 | 🔗

Ms. Lauryn Hill's timeless ballad "To Zion" tells a powerful story about the birth of her first child. We dive deep into its lyrics and discover how its harmonic structure reflects the song's themes of uncertainty. Follow @dissectpodcast on Twitter and Instagram. Join our newsletter at dissectpodcast.com.

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From Spotify Studios, this is dissect long musical analysis broken into short digestible episodes. I'm your host cold Kushner. today, We continue our serialize analysis of the miseducation of Lauryn Hill on our la episode get the albums opening two songs, lossed ones and x factor. We heard how the two expressed a dualistic view of the dissolution of Miss Hills, relationship with Wyclef, Jean asserting strengthen autonomy on last ones, while revealing learnability and anguish on x, factor, Miss Hill as another dimension to her personal dissertation on love with the albums next track. The subject:
today's episode to Zion it was written by Lauryn Hill and produced by hill and shake Rivera were very over. How did the initial conception of two signed with red bull media? And it's funny that
play that record, because we used to have this when we first got to New York, she had this little brownstone like bottom Floor brownstone, and they had this little at the top floor. There's a little studio apartment available that I rented for my studio. If you will it had no air conditioning and New York Summers get very hot and humid. So literally, when you have the equipment in there, it gets even hotter see. I could literally only work in his room for like fifteen minutes at a time before, like Ascena rate yourself in the gear so made at Zion was made in that room originally, where I had like fifteen minutes times where I could get for fifteen minutes leave come back and sign was made out of that, and then I played it for her. That's how we work a lot. Sometimes I would just sketch at home, so that was just catching the studio and I played it for and she started crying and at first I was. Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know it was that bad. I was like. I thought you liked it. You know, so she literally started crying- and I was like
not that bad. Like you know, I was like you know, and she was like no she's. Like you know, I've been I've had the song in my head that she was pregnant at the time for the majority of the album she's pregnant. So she had this if she's, like I've, had this song idea. For you know, my son and everybody's been telling me to get an abortion and so on and so forth, and I didn't know what the song was going to sound like and she's like now, I do to Zions infrastructure is comprised of two samples around which live in events are added. The drums are taken from Lou Donaldson's, one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven track ode to Billy Joe for the main harmonic accompaniment shake Rivera loops, a sample to
and from latin guitarist, Jose Feliciano's, one thousand nine hundred and seventy four track and the feelings good one all my dad. Ten fears are this or repair takes the first four core this introduction and loops them. The sample drums are added beneath this loop embellish by live drums played by. Crawford bases in added by James Poyser.
Later Harpaz added by Grace Paradise renown, guitarist Carlos Santana initiates the musical material with a guitar we'll use. Does the songs introduction regarding the collab relation with Santana Miss Hill, the rolling stone quote that totally came from my parents record collection. I remember finding his abraxas album in the basement and looking at the cover going wow. This is real. What's this and all this stuff going on all this beautiful artwork on the cover,
and then I remember putting on the record and wanting to cry, I put this one song on samba potty and it just gave me chills I used to write my first songs to other people's music and this particular album had this beautiful soulful guitar and was instrumental. So I was in Heaven from that time away. Come black magic woman. All those songs really just touch me and gave me an appreciation for guitar and for the latin african rhythms unquote Monday. Zaya
ad libs over the songs, introduction saying one day, you're going to understand Zion and the Bible is old. Testament, Zion or Mount Zion refers to the Eastern Hill of Ancient Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, Zion off This stands into me in the city of Jerusalem itself. The term carries with it be religious and emotional weight due to the importance of Jerusalem as the holy City, the city of the Temple, the location where Yahweh, the God of Israel, rained missiles middle to Zion, likely refers to the Bible, passage Jeremiah. Three hundred and fourteen that reads quote return: oh faithless children declares the Lord, for I am your master. I will take you one for city two from a family, and I will bring you to Zion Unquote, as this passage continues. Its acknowledge that in Zion in Jerusalem. These lost souls will right themselves quote. I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.
At that time, Jerusalem shall be called the throne of the Lord, and all nations shall gather to it to the presence of the Lord in Jerusalem and they shall know more stubbornly, follow their own evil, heart, unquote, Zion, that's beak the destination symbolic of spiritual replenishment, a holy place where Abraham Occ Religions travel on pilgrimages and Ras Tafari, a movement that developed in Jamaica in the nineteen thirties. Africa is referred to as island as Africa's to them a heavenly paradise, a place of spiritual restoration in the same way that Jerusalem is that place to Christianity with his eye on me. Til, intertwines, the religious, spiritual and historic meeting of Zion, together with their first born child, whom she named Zion, she told rolling stone. Well, I wanted it to be a song that had two meanings where Zion is representative- I'm not only my son, but of this holy place.
I wanted it to be a revolutionary song about a spiritual movement and also about my spiritual change going from one place to another because of my son. Unquote, she elaborated on this point with vibe magazine, quote: names wouldn't come when I was getting ready to have him. The only name that came to me was I on. I was like a Zion tomb, I have a way to Kerry, but this little boy- man, I would say he personally delivered me from emotional and spiritual drought. He just replenish my nunis when he was born. I almost felt like I was born again unquote in Feed Miss Hills. First, pregnancy was not without controversy, sending Miss Hill into an emotional spiritual crisis of sorts. As you remember, from our first episode, this season, Miss Hill became pregnant at age. Twenty one, the same year, the Fugees released the score and were quickly becoming an international sensation, Many saw the pregnancy as a conflict of interest, including some inner inner circle and at a record label. Lauren bill was a superstar in the making and having a child
view, does a hindrance in our development. As an artist, Miss was I should buy some to have an abortion, but she chose instead to keep the child, which he viewed as a direct blessing from God, it was a decision that provided clarity and a sense of priority confusion was before my children came. You know make my children just cleared the air. The whole atmosphere was just cleared immediately like when they were born. Like I realized everything I mean, like everything just became clear, You know it's like everything that I didn't see before my eyes. Just they just popped open and I started seeing things and I never saw before into Zion Mishil shares with an incredible intimacy and honesty, her emotions during pregnancy and after the birth of her first child. She begins the song with the lines unsure of what the balance held. I touch my belly overwhelmed by what
had been chosen to perform unsure what the balance health I'd touch my belly over while I would I had been chosen to before, but you number from our last episode. The compositional technique called text painting that is when the music is written, to reflect what is being said in the songs lyrics in the case of x factor we noted how the line it could all be so simple, with some using a simple melody and how the next line, but you'd rather make it. Was sung using a more complex ability here. On the heading up to Zion, Miss Hill speak about the initial uncertainty she felt about her pregnancy, about being forced to choose and overwhelmed by the potential consequences of her decision, reflecting Miss hills, emotional state, there's, a heart, uncertainty and lack of resolution, and the songs accompagnement to Zion. Is built on a four chord progression that repeats the entire song e Major F, sharp minor
Seven g dominant seven at c sharp minor. As you likely know, songs are typically written in a certain key sigma. For example, if a song is written in e major, the song will primarily use the seven notes found in the e major key signature and will resolve or feel conclusive when an e major chord is played the tonic or home court of the key signature. Doesn't that feel resolved like you're? Okay, things ending there. It feels complete. That's because I played chords found in the e major key signature and it ended on a e major chord, giving it that resolution, even if you can't explain it most of us can feel that intuitively now, unless you're a musician, you may not know that every major key signature there's what's called a relative minor key signature. It's called relative minor because
the two keys are closely related. That's because the relative minor key uses all the same notes as its major key counterpart. So, for example, the e major key signature has a relative minor key of c sharp, minor e, major and c sharp minor share. This same exact, seven notes, but c sharp minor, like all minor key signatures, has a darker more broody to quality. Compare that with its relative e major e major sounds brighter happier right. Think of them like two sides of the same coin: ones bright and sunny once dark and melancholy, but both the coin. They both share the same notes. They just express themselves a little differently now. The biggest difference between the two key signatures is the relative minors use of what's called a raised, leading tone without going too far down the rabbit hole.
A raised leading tone alters or raises one specific note in the key, typically at a cadence or a point of resolution, So, for example, the related key signatures. We've been discussing e major in C sharp minor, both container be natural, but at times when, song is using the c sharp minor side of the coin. It will alter that be natural. It will raise it up. One slash two step to a b sharp. Let's hear this in action. Which will make it much easier to understand here's a progression. Late in C sharp minor used a raised leading tone a chain. What should be a b natural to a be sharp? This is done to make a stronger, cadence a stronger feeling resolution when the final chord is played.
Would it sound like if we didn't raise that be if we kept it to be natural? Well, it would still work, but the resolution wouldn't feel as complete or satisfying. Let's hear that progression again, without using arrays leading tone without changing that be not Let's hear this final chords again an hour with the same two cords with the raised leading tone feel much stronger and resolute that ending fields. That's why they leading tone is raised to make that cadence stronger, grounding the song firmly in its minor key signature, to make it clear that in this case it's in c sharp minor and not e major. Now, let's return to Lauryn Hills to Zion like ice. The song is built on four chords e major. I have sharp or seven g
ominous seven. I see sharp minor. The interesting thing about this progression is that it's somewhat ambiguous, that is a place between the lines of email, Jr and it's ray key c sharp minor. It begins with an e major chord making us feel I could be in the e major key signature. Had progress is too F minor, seven, a standard cord found in the e major key signature, but it then moves to the third chord G dominant seven. Accord cord that makes use of the raised leading tone. It changes what should be a b. Do a b, sharp This is then followed by a c sharp minor chord, the progression's fourth and final cord Now it suddenly feels like we're in C sharp minor, not e major. Now, here's the kicker just a half of
after the c, sharp minor chord is played. The bass guitar plays it be natural. Not to be sharp, like we just heard again to be natural, is what we expect to hear in the e major key signature. This be natural acts as a pickup or lead into the first quarter, the progression. E major chord and the four chord progression repeats just like before we're back to feeling as if the song could be any major, especially after hearing that be natural, but as a percussion continues by the fourth and final cord. We feel like we're in C sharp minor this repeats throughout the entire track this oscillation between major and minor. This total uncertainty. We never feel too comfortable. There's never clear
sustained resolution, one way or the other. It creates a bed of tension upon which the entire song rests, electing Tonioli. What Mishil presents the matically in the song is opening lines she says unsure of what the balance held. Expressing the uncertainty of her pregnancy. Lay in the verse will speak at the push pull battle between wanting to keep the child and the pressures from some to abort and again, this triple battle is reflected totally battle and unrest of the songs, competing key signatures and lack of resolution This might seem like a minor point, but I feel like that unrest both in the song subject matter internal infrastructure work together to elevate the emotional impact of the song. One of the reasons why many of us feel so moved by this composition and accurate musical atmosphere. One that reflects accentuates an artist emotion, a message as the reason we say words to music in the first place, it's likely the reason why Miss Hill
cried the first time she heard the instrumental for what would become to Zion. She heard abstractly there feeling that was already in her heart. Her words met the music halfway and together the unified to create something infinitely more powerful than the sum of their parts. Well, look down Miss Hills words as we continue our thorough examination of two Zion right after the break. Today's episode of dissect is brought to you by Sonos my this memory as a child, as my father playing the Beatles Album revolver extremely loud while he cleaned the house on weekends. The person whose life has revolved around music. Since I was a teenager, this memory has always stood out to me as being important. So when my wife and I had my daughter Mabel three years ago, it was a but to me that she grew up in a house filled with music. Now nearly every room in my house is supplied with the Sonos speaker during dinner,
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each episode features one of today's top artists, talking about their inspirations, fears and the fund of trying to put a unique spin on someone else's song. One of my face for episodes of undercover features. The band panic at the disco talking about their experience, recording a cover of Outkast check out undercover only on Spotify and catch now. Episodes every Thursday welcome back to dissect, having used the first half of our episode to breakdown the back story of Zion and the song instrumental. Let's now dive into the songs lyrics beginning with verse, one unsure what the valence health I touch my belly overwhelmed by word I had been chosen to before, but then an angel came on day told me to kneel down and pray for RON to me, a man child would be born bowl. This crazy, narratively Misha.
It introduces the song subject with verse ones, opening lines unsure of what the balance held. I touch my belly overwhelmed by what I have been chosen to perform. As we noted earlier, Miss Hills expressing the initial uncertainty she felt about her pregnancy. More than most, it seemed Miss hills. Life path was well defined from a young age. A successful at Pearson. Artist who, at the age of twenty one, was due entering the international consciousness, was just getting it taste of elite commercial success. The traditional path for word is to tour, to record and sell more albums to continue. Capitalize on the commercial success the unplanned can see was a curveball. No one saw coming, not even Miss Hiller Self. The foresta purse will re examination of our life and career path, leaving she says overwhelmed, but career
just one element in these opening lines. The lyrics actually came to her when thinking about the health of her child quote. I was sick with the flu and I was terrified because I thought I was going to give it to him. My mother was like relax and those lyrics came to me quote to me. This expresses something more universal than just Miss hills. Unique set of circumstances at the time expresses the universal pressures that come with having a child, especially you first child again surfaced surface self doubt worry anxiety. Panic paranoia, second guessing a whole huh list of emotions over the course of nine months as you, both physically and mentally, prepare yourself to bring a child into this world. Miss Hill words are so universal that even the father I hear touch my belly overwhelmed. I can genuinely feel the weight behind those words planned or unplanned the thought being responsible for a child. It's future an by extension, the future of the world. Well, it's a reality. Check every to be mother and father is confronted with the interesting
think about line three by what I been chosen to perform is that Miss Hill brings up choice. We tradition think of choice regarding a pregnancy as a choice between keeping the child or having an abortion. But here miss speaks about another type of choice, about God's choice. To give her a child, this is elaborated on is the verse continues, but then an angel one day told me to kneel down and pray front to me, a man child would be born. This alludes to Bible story of the conception of Jesus Christ, in which the Virgin Mary was visited by an angel Luke. One hundred and twenty six reads quote: in the sixth month Angel Gabriel, was sent by God to a town called Nazareth to a virgin h to a man named Joseph. The virgin's name was Mary any came to her and said: greetings favored one. The Lord is with you, but she was much perplexed by is where and pondered what sort of greeting this might be, the angels to her, don't be afraid Mary for you have found favor with God
and now you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you will name him. Jesus unquote,. The storylines, with the one missile presents on to Zion being visited by an angel and told she would bear manchild. Of course, we don't believe so was claiming her child to be the second coming of Christ. Rather, she use this child and perhaps children as gifts or benedictions from God, as divine create with the power of deliverance. In other words, we do not choose them, they choose us as verse. One continues. Miss he'll, get specific about our unique set of circumstances around this pregnancy. Bold is crazy circumstance I lose his life deservers chance, but everybody told me to be smart. Look at your car rear, they say: Lauren Baby use your head, but instead I chose to use my heart. This opening verse
he with the line. Well, this crazy circumstance, as we mentioned earlier. The crazy circumstance is the fact that you became pregnant just as the Fugees were a leak commercial success but she's also likely referring to the love triangle between her Wyclef, Jean and Rowan Marley Wyclef. Miss Hill had been intimate close enough to the pregnancy for white to believe the child could be his and like Wyclef. When was married when he and Miss Hill became intimate, So when Miss Hill says crazy, circumstance consider her young age at twenty one. Her newfound success, the initial question of who's, the father and the fact that either potential other was married and while Miss Hill Knowledges the untraditional circumstances of her pregnancy. She follows by singing I knew. His life deserved a chance again. She use the child, is a blessing, never mind the complications around its could
never mind those around her pushing for an abortion. She says, but everybody told me to be smart. Look at your career, they said Lauren Baby use your head, but instead I chose to use my heart. What's striking about this passage is just specific and personal Miss Hill gets no doubt many in her shoes might be more cryptic to Vail the duration. In metaphor, the Miss CALL center first name and addresses Lee does pressuring her to have an abortion. She six, the transparent, owning situation and her decision with little regard for the potential judgment of others. She doesn't attempt to explain, or the decisions. More than saying I chose to use my heart again for the second time she emphasizes choice she chose was head over heart, chose intuition for traditional logic and gave birth to her first son as
John David Marley. Now that my word is in Zion now the door earning her decision to keep her child missile told the rolling stone quote, always made decisions for other people, making everybody I happy, and once I had him, that was the first decision that was unpopular for me. It was one that, based on my happiness and not what other people wanted for me more for themselves, it was best decision that I could have ever made because I'm the happiest and yes, that I've ever been. It also bill to me which relationships were right which ones sincere and which ones based on exploiting and hurting me. It was a god
and all the way around three hundred and sixty degree did that whole situation were nothing but a blessing, and I'm so happy that I made the choice that I did unquote quote is exudes throughout the course of two Zion. She expresses jubilation with utter simplicity. Now the joy of my world is in Zion earlier the episode we disk just the historical and spiritual significance of Zion, a synonym, the holy city of Jerusalem, symbolic, spiritual replenishment and rebirth. It's also the a As for african roster Fari, with a similar spiritual meeting as Jerusalem for Abraham make religions, maybe her first born child die on is an expression of feeling that he's the metaphoric Zion Jerusalem and Africa over world. The replenishment of her spirit that brought clarity in times of distress. Her greatest joy in ultimate attainment, specifically the joy of my world, is in Zion, might refer to the Bible passage Psalm, one hundred and thirty seven six quote my tongue make click to the roof of my.
If I do not remember you, if I do not consider Jerusalem, my highest joy, unquote,. These religious undertones are made more explicit adverse to. We should note that verse, one express missiles, feelings before the birth, and now I'm verse two to express her feelings after the birth.
How beautiful is nothing more than two way: Italians door? I've never been in love like this before now. Let me pray to keep you from the Parral. Dad will surely come lie for you, my friends as Jasmine Guy had not like you pick your main to come through on the line to the the beautiful reflection on how these graves see. I know them again, so grade is only one God could create in our reminded every time I see your face at the Miss Hill in first two, how beautiful up nothing more than to wait Zions door. This plays off Zion as a city I play she waits to be in service of God. She follows by express
your unconditional love of Zion, her son and of God, singing I've never been in love like this before an interview with Vibe magazine, Miss Hill, elaborated on her love for Zion, quote it's extraordinary how these babies are created in come to us and through us it's hard to put into words. Trust me when I say this, it is the highest form, unconditional love that you can ever feel. There's nothing so could do that. Would stop me from loving him unquote midway through verse. Two Miss Hill again brings up the idea of choice. She sings- and I thank you for choosing me to come through on to life, to be a beautiful reflection of his grace. This marks the third time she's deliberately used the word, choose or chose first, it was pretty, but, as God's choice to bless her with the child later, it was isn't as her choice to keep the child and now in verse, three, it's her child's choice of choosing her as a mother she's grateful for his presence. I she views it to be a reflection of God and remind
for his eternal presence, and this way Miss isn't a three dimensional definition of choice as it relates to having children and her mind. It's not only the choice, keeping the child. She so considers the divine choice from God to grant her a child and the child itself choosing the mother she average on this singing see. I know that a gift, so great is only one God could create, and I'm every time I see your face so firmly cements our belief about the interconnectedness of God and life cements, the dualistic use of Zion, as both the name of her child and a symbol of God. Unlike those who wanted her to abort, she views the child as a gift, not a burden, and she chooses prioritize family over business child over quote, unquote. Success I to Zion continues into its second chorus a gospel style choir enters formally uniting the overtly spiritual lyrics with church inspired musicality, let
Randolph Sabrina Johnston. Any Stockley, Earl, Robinson and Kenny Bobien comprise a choir. The enter the song utilizing a call and response technique, a distinct feature of gospel music, echoing the words joy world. Isn't science, as we just heard
how to get company made up the track drops out as a song progresses, leaving just drums a solo and guitar played by Santana and the choir. The choir plays off the marching style band, snare, drum roll singing, marching, marching watching to Zion. Again, Zion is used here as a destination, alluding to the pilgrimage that Bible based religions take to Jerusalem by definition, a pilgrimage, the journey of moral or spiritual significance and again miss he'll play on this notion. Dualistically. Realistically again, the quote first presented at the beginning of this episode. I want to be a song that had two meanings. Rezai on is representative: I'm not just my son, but if this holy place, I wanted to be a revolutionary song about a spiritual movement and also about my spiritual change, going from one place to a because of my son, a as to sign continues. Miss Hill delivers and sequence of vocal flourishes that right is the emotional extremes of a register
Sheik Rivera. The as co producer recounts how the sequence
this is actually a montage of different takes, but speaking to the technical thing of it, she was pregnant when she was singing this, and so she did all these vocals. That, I think, was very intense for at the end of the song, you hear these vocal she's doing and I think she was a little overwhelmed after she did him, and she said you take those vocals and you put him together and when I come back play before me, and so I literally sample idly sampled all her vocals and chopped him in the MP. So what you're hearing at the end of the song is me playing that in triggering it from an npc. And I think she just she had just done so many vocals he was like. I don't even want to begin to think about it. Beyond the word, she sings. We hear a Miss Hills, Voice, a cathartic release of the passion, the Harding, the beauty associated with having her child and the circus. Is that surrounded her pregnancy? We here in her what is a resistance against the established model, the voice of an african american woman, a economy for herself by any means necessary, standing up to the store
systemic obstacles that challenge a person of her gender and skin color. We here her voice, the love of God, the love a child and love of self that's necessary to endure such circumstances without sacrificing one's integrity. Indeed, starting to Zion on organ writes quote: it was a universally powerful moment of possibility, relatable for all women face with pregnancy, under unconventional circumstances, for black women. However, it was a deeply needed affirmation: one we rarely get mine. They didn't see. Ads quote the decision to do. Motherhood on one's own terms is a kind of resistant and, however, black women decide to do it. It's the right way. Lawrence response was to create a beautiful lullaby. You. To Zion concludes without harmonic instrumental accompaniment; rather, the choir ends the pc.
In the words I on the pitch, they sing eg sharp and be the three notes that comprise an e major chord. This is significant is finally presents the harmonic resolution. We've been yearning for the entire song. We've already discussed, link the song oscillating between e, major and c sharp minor, never quite sure of these two related key signatures. The song was grounded in and then because the kind of choice What key would Miss Hill team choose to resolve in the brighter e major or darker c? Sharp minor with the songs last word Zion. We finally get the answer, the brighter more joy. E major is triumphant, resolving the harmonic tension built throughout the entire track. I sonic representation of Lawrence Choice and the joy she fell after having given birth to a child. The solution to our own internal spiritual battle: do you love I'll, be there about
conclusions? Miss Lauryn Hill's to Zion is one of those rare songs that truly transcend music, but its first extremely specific and personal story, a untraditional pregnancy, the story she tells honestly and bravely in the face of the stigma and potential judgment of the world. It's a song about choice in the true sense of the word for the May, a twenty one year old, Lauryn Hill. She chose God. First, it's her child is a gift from God, a gift she how to keep despite the external and internal pressures to abort, but even amidst it's very overt spirituality, to Zion never sounds preachy? It sounds personal, it's vulnerable and honest a hundred true to who miss Lauryn Hill is. Is this author city to self that emphasizes and allows for this idea of choice that empowers want to try
internal instincts, despite whatever external forces you face, and it's for this reason that to Zion has resonated so deeply with so many women and mothers who face similar untraditional circumstances. I felt self assured and supported in their choice where that was to keep abort or otherwise. Indeed, author Joan Morgan writes. There are so many ways to Zion could have gone left strongly Eve, realistic with distinctly gospel overtones. It could have been the perfect pro life track and yet so beautifully and vulnerably created a vehicle that tenderly supports choice. Unquote, Dr Trey Lindsey concurs telling Morgan quote as black were offered a very limited range of choices based on our structural realities for black women. So often reproductive justice and choice is talked in terms of the ways we decide not to have children, but in for real reproductive justice and choice to exist, we have to talk more honest,
about how black women are also talked out of becoming mothers. There was something so powerful about Lauren, a black woman who made a fine choice about how she was going to do black motherhood, because everything politically and personally was telling her that she shouldn't unquote indeed, just like those around Miss Hill, pressuring her to prioritize career of her motherhood. The idea that business trumps all is bill right into the fabric of american capitalism, if not directly, stated heavily implied by its policies. Currently, the United States is the only industrialized nation not to mandate paid leave for mothers of newborns over forty percent of new working mothers. Take unpaid leave, according to the Census Bureau, a comprehensive study of workers
to use FMLA the guaranteed twelve weeks of unpaid leave, without the risk of losing your job found that over half of the workers who took leave with less than full pay said that they had trouble making enough to get by over one slash, four of them borrowed money and nearly forty percent put off paying bills. The same study found that three point: five million people needed leave but didn't take it because of financial constrictions. I'm all the other inherent worries that bringing a child into the world do so in the United States comes with it a financial anxiety, all other industrialized countries have decided to help alleviate it's wonder why missiles, bravery twenty one years old. My idea has been a source inspiration for so many females inspiration to follow their it's an intuition when looking into the the financial, emotional and social obstacles to empower to bear those burdens. If they so choose till recently reflected on two sides. Twenty plus year legacy and up
she wrote she wrote in August of twenty eighteen quote: Tuesday Ryan gave encouragement to women during challenging pregnancies. There you're given a chance at life because their mother experience moral and emotional support through the song, Miss Educat, recording supervisor. Commissioner Gordon shared one story, while on tour with Miss Hill in nineteen. Ninety nine, I was by the sound the place I cleared out and this little girl couple a little girl, but He was about sixteen, maybe one thousand six hundred and seventeen came up to me and asked me with Warren still there- and I said I said I don't think so- I think she's probably gonna- set on what can I do for you and then she opens up here is poster rolled up and she opens up the poster and, on the poster, is a picture of a baby and says. Thank you Lauren, and you know some words about. You know that, basically, this was like Lauren's, God
wow. So to tell me a story that she got pregnant in a situation that was a really a great situation, a young girl and got into it, but and was afraid, speak to her mother, about it was going to have an abortion and the song Zion actually listening to the song and made her feel like okay, she needs to talk to her, I'm about it and see you know. Is this the right thing and a mother? Actually, you know, spoke to her and she decided to keep baby and she was really really happy and she was showing the meter picture to give the posted to give to Lauren to say hey, you know, if it wasn't for her in the song that this child would have been here. Since that was really I mean little baby too yeah. It was really deep. We can only imagine the thousands of stories similar to this one, the thousands of web, who found inspiration from missiles willingness to bare her soul so openly on to Zion Twenty plus. Your its conception. The song remains today, a cultural treasure, a timeless and
a woman's autonomy should of resistance to the status quo shuffle rumination on the idea of choice and personal freedom and perhaps, most importantly, an unbridled expr. Mission of the everlasting strength of a mother's love, First of all, I don't think that you could have a child and not have the entire world changed completely. You know my life is totally different. What it was when I was you know twenty one years old, you know on the road by myself, you know without a family to think about humble you, but same time. It gives you the greatest confidence in the world, you know what I mean it's kind of hard to explain it's kind of hard. So I think you like this. You know if you don't have children, but you know it may to feel this big and this big you know all at the same time. You know, because you realize it's such a
from God, and that you should, you should be humble, you know, mean and use you know that he's giving you this blessing to treasure. At the same time, you know, you also know that I'm a woman- and I his life into the world- and you know the guy told me to have this child- is a huge strengthening thing. So there were things believe it not that I might have been afraid to say you know before my children, but now I know that I had to strengthen the confidence to say the truth. You know because you know I have this this. This beautiful blessing also motivate me in order to inspiration. You know I write songs about my children because every day do something that inspires me to do that and then I feel very blessed. You know a very humble by both of my children and I'm I'm very thankful.
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