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MS1E5 - "Superstar" & "Final Hour" by Lauryn Hill

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We continue our serialized analysis of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill with two songs cut from the same thematic cloth. With both "Superstar" and "Final Hour," Ms. Hill calls out the superficial materialism and ego in hip-hop, frequently citing scripture as she warns her peers about their final day of judgement. Follow @dissectpodcast on Twitter and Instagram. Join our newsletter at dissectpodcast.com.

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From Spotify studios. This is dissect long form, musical analysis broken into short digestible episodes. I'm your host cold Krishna, Today, we continue our serialize analysis of the miseducation of Lauryn Hill on uh, episode held a mirror to gender dynamics and stereotypes and hip hop culture on the song. Do off that thing? It's the of a trio of songs on miseducation that quickly addressed what Mishil views us flawed or superficial, and the contemporary culture of her era specific within the hip hop community. Many observations and opinions about the subject formulated while hill was pregnant. With their first child, she told the stone quote once I my child was forced to sit still had. I not still maybe I would
been caught up in the whirlwind too, because I was on the outside. I could see just materialistic. The industry was. It frustrated me that it had nothing to do with talent and musical merit. Mcs didn't have to right, the Rives, didn't really have to be able to sing. I just felt like that. The music was upside down a this disheartened sentiment about the music industry is expressed. Potent Leon miseducation's next two tracks, the first of which it's the doors, inspired lament superstar. I'm home baby, live off. Everything It was written by Lauryn Hill with Joe Hari Newton and James Poyser, the songs who
famously interpolates the doors nineteen sixty eight hit light. My fire superstar wasn't always the quiet side doors cover I began, is two chord guitar progression. Miss Hill brought to our team G Minor, an e minor These are the same two cords found in the doors light my fire only there played one step higher than to Miss Hill and the songs collaborator Joe Hari Newton. They couldn't unhear the symbol between light, my fire and the initials ages of superstar, eventually, went all in on acknowledging the influence that was definitely intend you know It was a song. I wrote first okay and
I after it was done and I ended up putting on putting using a harpsichord. That's when I realized This reminds me of that doors. Tone in the hook sounded so perfectly and you know what trying to say you know it is melted, melted, light bye, bye to and I came. We were the said that with him, okay, and you know they will you know to some extent of musical influence in my life I grew up around a lot of music. I was really blessed to come from a very musical family, so supposed to a lot of different stuff. I mean like spanish guitarist, who some people you know, I wouldn't even know. People like Gilberto In an you know, Jose Feliciano is some. You know. Just a lot of different You know the doors light my fire by Jose Feliciano's version of light, my fire, so It was music that was in me and it just fit right in perfectly
As Ms Hill mentioned. Superstar features a harpsichord as well as an electric piano played by James Poyser. Of course, like we've heard time and again on this, album is the once that act as a cohesive element to all Miss Hills, eclectic influences superstar is no different as both nobles and shake Rivera, contribute hip, hop drum programming. Will miscellaneous production is added by Rudy Bird the track
rounded out with heart, provided by grace Paradise. We transition now to superstars lyrics in subject matter. What the song is introduction missile makes Berricle
just what superstars about the growing lack of authenticity in hip hop? You know him now, yeah, not every superstar begins with the N7 chant hip. Hop started out in the heart now everybody's trying to chart it's an unfiltered, Anand Big a statement of the songs theme, the commodification of hip, hop and the digress from its roots as an authentic art form in which african Our could express their thoughts and experiences given miseducation spree extract you up and his direct reference to the puff daddy song. It's all about the benjamins we might. Check this opening statement on superstar to be at least in part aimed at puff and his dog
influence over hip hop culture in the late 90s. Puff daddy shiny suit extravagance, an emphasis on glossy materialism as spearheading hip I've to a superficial, commercialize space. Speaking about this trend, MS told Vibe magazine quote everything I do I try to do from the heart. What gets me upset? music right now, is that we're so hidden behind this whole I'm trying to be cool, and I have to look flawless but humanity, just by definition, were not flawless unquote. Miss Hill, elaborates on our malaise and fatigue caused by the music industry in the songs hook.
I'm home baby live everything you drop is so tired Miss Hill sings come on baby light. My fire, everything you drop is so tired. Music is supposed to inspire. How come we ain't getting no higher, as we already discussed. This makes direct reference to the doors light my fire a song about pushing a relationship likely. Sexual relationship to the next level, but rather than a partner, still describes her relationship with hip hop music. She personally views music as a vessel for self discovery and growth. She's disappointed by the artist that released derivative music merely the score a hit and cash in the hooks last line. How come we ain't get no higher implies that
The music is a compromise that leads to stagnation and stunts the evolution of hip hop and its listeners That's not what it's all about once you you compromise yourself in one way. You compromise yourself in another way and you've just open the door to you. No compromise, mediocrity, settling that we should constantly be aspiring. You know to reach higher and higher and higher. We should The comfortable where we are should always be aspiring. To know more and to better ourselves, and to prove ourselves, you know to prove ourselves that's how we improve the world around us, but working within us, Miss elaborates on our position with the songs. First verse
exactly what will begin singing now. Tell me your philosophy on exactly what an artist should be. Should they be someone with prosperity and no concept of reality,
again Miss hills, attacking directly the rising providence of bling culture and hip, hop, which he views, abuses out of touch with the reality of most young men and women getting a pushing this idealized constructed. Reality is problematic as Miss Hill, then sings the who you know without any flaws that lives above spiritual laws. It does anything they feel just because there's always someone there who will applaud and s Miss Hill is saying that, despite what you might project for pier public validation now lives above or is it into the laws established by God, the quote: unquote: spiritual laws Miss Hill sites here likely refers to the four spiritual laws of popular outreach book that was created to help lead a person to faith in Christ, In summary, these laws outlined the belief that God loves you and has a plan for your life, but humanity flawed with sin, and it's only through Jesus Christ that we can be forgiven. Anne know, God's plan for our lives, just like the albums previous
back to Op Mishil suggests that these cultural trend, she's, calling out our divergences from the straight path, the path of God and she upset holding a mirror to this behavior will help correct it. Michelle continues her message with first two
I you think you got it all
inverse to attacking the ego that sometimes accompanies wealth and success quote, I know you think you've got it all and by making people feel small makes you think you're unable to fall. But when you do who you going to call there's an implication of burning ones, bridges are putting oneself above others, something that Miss Hill feels will one day come back to haunt them. On the day of judgment, these x might allude to James five one, a bible passage that cautions the wealthy who abuse positions of power quote come now. You rich, we, and how for the miseries that are coming upon you, your gold and silver have corroded and their corrosion will be evidence against you and will eat your flesh, like fire, behold the ages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, are crying out against you and the cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord you have lived on the earth and luxury and and self indulgence. You have condemned and murdered. The righteous person unquote quote Miss Hill
continues with more religious undertones, as she sings see what you give is just what you get. I know it hasn't hit you yet now I don't mean to get you upset, but every cause has an effect. This makes reference to the Bible passage Luke. Six hundred and thirty, eight quote: give and it will be given to. You is also similar to another well known Bible. Idiom reap what you sow, which is derived Galatians, six, seven quote: do not be deceived, God is not mocked. Or whatever one sows that will he also reap. For the one who sows to his own flesh well from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sells to the Spirit well from the Spirit reap eternal life, unquote again missiles, cautioning against the shortsightedness of her subjects, actions implying that there are consequences to come, even if they can't imagine them now when things are good and people are applauding after a repetition of the songs hook missile switches gears, delivers a scathing third verse,
no way plans with what you all I wanted was to sell my one, the range with the light, the respect this will begin to rappers. Once again, conjuring spiritual overtones quote across sand in distant lands made plans with the chics. I she gives a person respected for their piety or religious learning, typically,
The muslim religion Mishil asserts herself, worldly and well traveled, as implied by the imagery. She provides about the sandy landscapes of the Middle EAST But we also know this is metaphor: cool as she's more interest, collaborated with power for leaders, a spirit not the false leader she sees in hip. Hop in this way she also plays on the slaying or secondary meaning of chic, which is an a people attractive young male, while the He star she references throughout the track may think they're irresistible Mishil would rather meet with men who are concerned with their spirits, not their looks or checkbooks continues by stating her goals and hip hop were modest from day one wrapping. Why you beef with freaks, as my album sales p, All I wanted was to sell like five hundred and be a ghetto superstar, since my first album blunted this ladder line. Two references to Miss Hills. First group, the Fugees saying my first album blunted sites the Fugees debut album blunted on reality. This album was a commercial flop, but that
find with Miss Hill so long as she gained the respect from our community and became a ghetto superstar saying, ghetto superstar here references, the song by the same name, released by Fuji member probs on his one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight debut, it's believed, Some that superstar was aimed at Miss Hills. Former Fuji, bandmates and interviews just cryptically implied that success and alternative motives had something to do with their separation. The interesting thing about entertain me that when you're struggling everybody goes in with the same goals. Somewhere along the success area. You start look at everyone around you and go wait. A minute where you going where you- because I'm going this way, wait what?
and I thought we were all on the you know and um. Sometimes success can do that. Sometimes it really illuminates. You know creative differences, spiritual differences. You know emotional differences, an alright. You know just like uh a young person would think that you know the friends you by fifth grade friend again, my friends forever. You know throughout high school throughout. It is not that day cease being your friends, but sometimes you just make sure to a place and some people get there faster. Some people- don't you know, and- and you know hope- hopefully also everyone catches up as Miss Hill Work store her conclusion on superstar. She plays off the our superstar saying when it's I'm serious I'm taking over areas in Aquarius aquarium. This is one of the oldest constellations along the Zodiac.
With Miss Hill saying when it's over, we suspect she means death and Aquarius might represent the heavens above again, rather than be a superstar here on earth. She'd rather live in such a way that ensure she excels in the afterlife. This is in you does she says, running red lights. With my ten thousand chariots this sites, the Bible passage. Psalm, six thousand eight hundred and seventeen quote the chariots of God or 10s of thousands by saying she's running red light. We Miss Hills, alluding to the devil or hell again. She's living on earth in a way that allows her to escape hell in the afterlife as Miss Hill work stored, the Asian of reverse she of the Andrew, Lloyd, Webber, musical Jesus Christ superstar. She says just Christ. Was a superstar you're stupid star. They, tell you the nail you no matter who you are myself is that if the warship superstar allows their popularity in public perception to control or influence their actions, they put themselves at risk for a type of crucifixion, because in the end
Those that create the pedestal, have the power as they can just as easily take it away rather than Bing, accolades and chasing the spotlight. Mishil feels it's better to focus on one spirit, to serve God and help those around you well. First I what was with the Fugees? I guess I was honored, you know what I mean, but the to me have to do with the award You know what I'm saying it to me translates in the relay. Issue that I have with the audience and if my music is helpful to them, you know that award you know and and that you know that you know and if I never won a Grammy, you know would satisfied. If, in fact, I could help people. Because it is it's really really not about that, and I don't say that as it sounds like something cool to say, I mean really. You know my mother has that stuff all the awards and stuff, because you know if I walked downstairs
then I saw all my achievements. Be so easy to become complacent. I've got all these then look at those me to do anything else, but life is is, is continued work It's it's constant learning. I don't. Even the whole concept retirement I don't even buy into you know we should cost be working, maybe not physically working, but we could be spiritually emotionally. Working toward better ourselves and bettering the lives of others around us. So you know I really afraid, those little comfort. You know These things that make us feel like we did something great, because I've done nothing. I've done nothing and I mean that sincerely superstar takes aim at the facade infallibility of stardom as we or throughout miseducation, miss places or argument within a spiritual, biblical framework citing scripture in ancient wisdom primary sources as she calls out the
word ways of our the center. Well not only persist but amplify as miseducation continues with this next track. Final, our a song will dissect right after the break. Today's episode of dissect is brought to you by Sonos one of my features of Sonos Home speakers is what they call true play speaker tuning troop uses the Sonos APP and the microphone on your smart phone to measure the acoustic architecture of your room. That is how sound reflects off walls, furniture and other services you do. This walking around your room waving your smartphone phone. While your Sonos speaker plays this series of futuristic sounds. And thirty seconds the speaker records over a hundred impulse responses. It takes it
You stick measurement and instantly applies to your speaker, a custom program, infinite impulse response, filter and sharing that each tweeter and woofer is optimized to sound its best in your specific room. It's a pretty cool experience and proof is in the pudding. The speaker sounds clear and extremely precise. To learn more about true play and the whole family of sodas home speakers visit, Sonos, dot com that Sonos dot com. Welcome back to dice. The second half of today's episode is dedicated to the song final hour, rounding out of video of songs, focused on authenticity and hip, hop culture like the albums opening track last ones. Reverses a final hour display. Miss Hills, mastery of rap rhyming, beginning with verse, one
this might be your whole life shop. You can't the man still begins by address,
sing the scholarly detail with which she wraps saying. I treat this like my thesis well written topic, broken down into pieces. I introduce then produce words so profuse informal essay writing. A thesis statement is found in the beginning of a piece stating the papers topic in the authors position on that topic. The bulk of the essay then work prove the thesis missile plays on this definition, claiming her rhymes are intricate and thorough, as a scholarly paper first continues continues its abuse, how I juice up. This beat like I'm two two people, both equal, like I'm Gemini, still plays up the fact that juice is slang for both
credit and steroids claiming a rhyming skills are so strong. It should be considered abuse on the beat. She compares the strength to being equal to two people playing up the fact that she's, a German I assigned known for its dual personalities. She continues by extending the metaphor saying to people both equal. Like a German, I rather simeon. If I Jimmy on this lock, I could pop it still references Simeon from the new testament here, the devout man who accepted baby Jesus at the Temple in Jerusalem. She didn't is that the fact that Simeon sounds, like slim by referencing, Slim, Jim, a tool used to Jimmy or unlock car doors without a key, the kicker comes when they realize that Ian and Jimmy are both first names and are in fact the two people. She refers to the line like I'm deuce, two people, both equal, like I'm Gemini, after a series of lines that put down our competition Mesilla.
Search, our worldwide influence, saying you can't stand it respect the banded. You get flown around the planet rock hard like granite or steel. Here she cleverly ends. One lie with the word planet It says rock hard, the meaning here changes depending on the way you group the words when heard planet rock. She reference, is the influential african Bombata Song Planet Rock from nineteen. Eighty two of bona fide hip hop classic We hear missiles line rock hard like granite or steel. We realize she's also playing off hard rock cafe flipping the words. And she rocks the bike is hard as granite a type of rock or steel and extremely hard alloy. This is punctuated with the next line. Feel Lauryn Hill from Newark to Israel.
Exercises are worldly influence and popularity. She shouts out her hometown Newark NJ, whose nickname is new Jerusalem, an Israel whose capital is actually Jerusalem, we also realize Miss Hills, calling back to our opening lines. Referencing Simeon the man who accepted baby Jesus at the Temple in Jerusalem? Finally, Miss Hill closes one pointing out authenticity saying- and this is real, so I keep making the streets ballads Why you looking for dressing to go with your tossed salad and one of the more humorous lines of the album? misil compares arrival MC skills to eating ass and find some scrambling for dressing and additive to The taste of there should inauthentic songs, given we heard on the song superstar. This quote: unquote. Dressing could also be a place. The flashing dressing style, bling culture and hip hop, which, Thomas Hill views as phony final continues with the song's hook.
To get the power took as the thesis statement, Miss Hill mentioned in the opening lines of the track she warns about getting. Caught up in our attempts to climb the cultural hierarchy through money and power, encouraging us to keep an eye on the final hour, a euphemism for death, given the countless references to scripture throughout miseducation I also assume the final hour comes with it. A judgment from God ended implication that our behavior on earth will have consequences in the afterlife this point is further elaborated on, as the song progresses into verse, two
I will choose from the bridges. Basile begins about to change the focus from the bridges to the broadcast. I wrote this opus to reverse the hip knows. The opus. Our grand scale work here is the album miseducation itself, unlike your contemporary, to focus on the riches, Miss Hill
focus on real issues. The majority of everyday people deal with by signing the hypnosis she seems to allude to occur. Cultural spell when it which we worship false idols and wealth and power, because we're taught that this is the path to happiness and reality. It typically just leads to making the rich people rich. This is elaborated on in the subsequent lines. I'm about to begin it for a minute, then run for Senate make a slum Lord, be the tenant, give his money to kids to spend this resembles a Robin Hood type mentality of taking from the rich and giving to the poor, but Miss Hill wants to get it a step further, and she, so not only redistribute wealth, but also make the this ingenuous immoral landlord, actually Experian? but it feels like to live under the conditions that they themselves construct the this continues with a series of extremely complex lines, amend it. Every law prevented our survival, since our arrival documented in the Bible like Moses and Aaron things going change. Its apparent
here: Miss Hill parallels, the history of black people in America, with the Israelites in the Bible, both groups were oppressed. Captured and enslaved in America. Well, Israelites were enslaved by Egyptians in the Bible. Still professes that if she were senator, she amend all the laws that quote prevented are Bible, since our arrival, which is the numerous laws that enslaved blacks, but also the laws. After the abolition of slavery that worked against the advancement of the black community, she compares this liberation, with deliberation of the Israelites documented in the Bible. Moses was a prophet that led the Israelites out of Egypt by parting, the Red Sea Aaron, was Moses Brother, who helped to articulate Moses's message to the masses. The verse news and all the transparent going to be seen through, let God redeem you keep your dean. True, these lines apply that God can see through your
option that he knows the true intentions behind your behavior, like in the song, do up Miss Hill brings up the concept of dean, an arabic term that refers to the way of life. Muslims must adopt to comply with the by law, and the judgment of God still concludes verse to saying observe how queen do and I remain calm. Reading the 73rd song, because, with all that's going on, I got the world in my palm, the 73rd song. The Bible is rather long, so we won't read it in full here, but, in short, the passage questions. Why wicked people who treat others arrogantly prosper and why Wicked people are often treated like celebrities because of their wealth. Ultimately, the 73rd concludes by asserting what matters more than wealth and fame is keeping faith in holding fast to God and God's promises. Wealth is fleeting lost in a moment, but life in God is forever. It also points out that those who exploit others will be judged by God, so people of faith can give up their envy and their anger
for what seems like an unjust world by saying 'cause with all that's going on. I got the world in my palm, it seems to Miss Hill is referring to the Bible in her hand, it's her so of guidance and her direct line to God. I tried you know not to have a day that's where I don't read something from the Bible. For example, it's my sustenance to me. If the a week is a battlefield. It's like reading that is sort of like that parachute. With the box of You know reserves it comes in on the middle of the war and your food and water in the toothbrush and toilet paper. Just like thank you so after a mission of the song's hook, final
resumes with first three, but the thing is we did this spiritual illusions continue verse. Three, as Miss Hill opens wrapping, I be breaking bread, sipping manischewitz wine. It's a phrase that comes off as mocking the boastful wraps of her peers, rather than bread as in money and expensive Krista champagne missiles references are religious in nature. Breaking bread Raise you several times in the Bible, the most well known reference being the description of the supper recounted in Corinthians, eleven quote
Lord Jesus on the night when he was betrayed, took bread and when he had given thanks, he broke it and said this is my body which is for you do this in remembrance of me, unquote from the story, birth, communion, a remembrance ceremony performed at christian churches and which one eats a piece of bread and sips wine remembrance and dedication to Jesus. It would seem hills alluding to communion as she also references wine, she specify is manischewitz wine, which is uh wine consumed primarily by those of jewish faith like we've heard throughout miseducation, Miss Hill. Here intermixing religious groups assigned. Prioritizes faith, God and spirituality over fixing herself to anyone specific religion. Every day is a lesson in full for me and not buying into sort of the world concept of what you have to you know, I'm really try everyday to be individual and not just in you know,
style, and I look at my music but my my approach to life even You don't want to be religious, I want to be spiritual, you know anybody can be religious, some people, jog really just lay, and you know you don't want to be that you want to be spiritual. You want a relationship not as opposed to doing what everyone else does. Michelle continues her third verse referencing, a prince song, saying pay no mind party like it's one thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine applying that are subject axes that they won't be held accountable for their short sighted self, indulgent behavior. She follows saying, but when it comes down to ground beef, like Palestine say your rhymes, let's see if that gets you out of your bind, Miss plays up the phrase ground beef as in meat, applying it to the on going ground battles are beef between Palestine in Israel and the Middle EAST missile claims that their self Indulgent Ryan's will be futile when the day of judgment comes next comes a row now make it the mozzarella like Rockefeller, playing off
he's being slang for money and ROC, who is, of course famous for his wealth like the versus opening night missile counters. This post, with the subsequent line still be in the church of La La Bella. Singing hymns Acapella la la Bella is a town in Ethiopia. Famous for rock cut churches Miss saying that despite the well she's acquired, she hasn't lost sight of her spirit and strives to forever make that her priority. This ideas, he did in the verses next couplet, whether frozen beer in Bella and Couture or collecting residuals from off the score I'm making sure I'm with the one hundred and forty four mirabelle was a woman's magazine and could tour? Is a french word meaning fashionable clothes? the score is- you Know- was the multiplatinum fugees album and residual those are royalty payments made to contributors of an album. Finally, one hundred and forty four first of the one hundred and forty four thousand people that will be allowed into Heaven. As mentioned three times in the Bible's book of revelation,
so when all the references are accounted for, miss This line translates to something like whether I'm dress fancy on a magazine cover or collecting money from my music, I'm still focused on following God's word and insuring my place in the afterlife. This final third versus complexity doesn't relate as it works towards its conclusion- you're, clever spiritual. Both saying I make some like a Suny Salah, is the arabic term for prayer, well, Suny First, the largest sect of muslim faith may still plays off the fact that Salat sounds like the phrase. A lot so saying, I makes a lot like a Suny. It sounds as if she's bragging, income which is really bright,
about how much she prays lay Miss Hill says had opportunity went from a hood shock to Hood chic hood shock is a series of free concerts organized by the Fugees, the aim to mister new young voters. Hood chic plays off two types of chic chic spell CH, see means stylish and elegant, while Sheik spelled Sheik means the leader of a muslim community so again on. First listen, you think she's bragging about wealth and Matt. Realism, but she slyly referring to her faith next, Miss Hill says, but it ain't what you cop. It's about. What you keep It's a line! That's now often quoted it, has become a kind of hip hop adage. It implies that a ring of wealth and material goods is one thing, but real success. The sustainment and what you materialize in the long term, given every well, she said throughout the track we might have
She means what you keep in the afterlife, which is not well the choir here on earth, but once moral character and devotion to God. Finally, miss conclude third verse, and even if there are leaks, you can't capsize the ship because I baptized my lips every time I take a sip She compares herself to a ship with leaks, which we interpret in the flaws in her character, but because she's, a woman of faith, she's constant repenting for sins, constantly correcting a refining her behavior, which she compares to a baptism a ceremony in which one is submerged in water to be reborn or replenished in the name of God, we to realize that by saying baptized my lips every time I take a sip missile, brings a verse full circle back to our multi religious reference to communion and drinking manischewitz wine. Conclusion
doo wop that thing superstar and final hour or three variations on the same theme Miss Hill. Hold the mirror to those whose behavior she believes has wavered from the dean or straight path, the path that is pleasing to God, She warns throughout these songs that, while this behavior and immorality can offer short term benefits like fleshly pleasure, stardom and wealth, there will be long term consequences when these people, the judgment of God in the final hour through at all. Miss Hill embodies the boastful posture and tone common in hip hop, but bragging about money and status. She brags about her spirituality about how much she prays devoted. She is to God. She proves ones. Lyrical content can have a message without devaluing its coolness credibility, listen ability, or commercial appeal, this works to prove MR thesis that on superstar music is, is to inspire bikes your message in a language that appeals to the community. She speaking too, she creates a direct line.
Communication with that community, I kind of, read scripture text book that could be referred to for guidance if one really listens, and it's this marriage of music and wisdom. That, to me, is the biggest takeaway from the tree of songs. We've discussed over the past two episodes, whatever thoughts are about God or religion or spirituality, central message of missiles. Words as one of self reflection. Six critical evaluation of yourself in your actions getting to the root your motives and being with yourself about your true intentions and returns one's life is eventually evaluated objectively by a higher being. How would score, how self urgent or your actions. How much does ego and pride influence your behave? His aim is image that you project to the world, a reflection of who you truly are, or is it an attempt to fulfill a stereotype, Culturas culture on upon you. How much do you value, the opinion of others, and how does that once the way you behave. How truthful? are your words how much
You value your time on earth. How often do you think about how your actions are, attributing to humanity at large, wins, last time you did something purely for the benefit of someone else. If everyone live life, the way you did would the world be better or worse. The music industry is just a microcosm of the world. So whenever you stand for something and you stand for goodness and truth, you will always get resistance. That's period, whether you're in pharmaceutical pharmaceutical industry, the record industry or whatever. Whenever you stand truth and for the service. You know the service of others, the I could make money very easily. I could make records that are self indulgent and you know basically self me. You know lyrically as M Cs stuff comes easy, but in order to
Well, something higher. I mean I feel now at the ripe old age of twenty five, that the only thing that I could do is serve others. You understand what I'm saying and because there are people who have not reached that point in their walk. You know, yes, there's a little anger, there's little resentment because you raise a standard. You know you you, when you Do it and you make some noise? You know and you do it in people actually listen to what you have to say and like record is Buffalo on the radio and you're saying something that holds a mirror up to a lot of the negativity and self indulgent things in messages that a lot of other people you know, but but we all young, I mean I I have a hard time. It's so hard on the music world, especially hip hop because most people come out of the hood Seventeen years old, I have no clue a concept having no concept of what life really is an because hip, hop
so fast and and what we like changes so quickly by the time they do get a concept making records you know. So I was I've been putting this unique position at this very unique responsibility that God has made me aware: while I still have the mic for me now. I'm learning that it's more important to be righteous than to be right. I've tried to be right right. This is an injustice. Is a travesty. I'm right I've been very unrighteous and still right. You can attack someone completely right, but it doesn't resolve anything. It doesn't solve. Problem, so I understand now that the battlefield and at the war so much greater. What we see before us. You know I live in. This physical body is like my address, like twenty two eater terrace, I just gave her by my address. That's my address
is where I live. You know, but there's something much deeper. Who, I am you know, nothing to do with. You know the hair and shoes of stuff, even online shoes. But you, though it has nothing to do with that. You know but I do I mean I found there's a lot of power prayers. So I pray for the people who don't understand me- and I tell you be honest with you: Pray more now to understand, then, to be understood. I pray that I understand them so that I could talk to the administer them to them. Even more, you understand what I'm saying as the miseducation of Lauryn Hill continues. This hill turns in with a trio of songs, that chronicle a story of love, heartbreak and forgiveness, it's the ical turning point album. The in a turning point will thoroughly discuss next time on dissect
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