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MS1E6 - "Forgive Them Father" (& more) by Lauryn Hill

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We dissect a trio of songs in which Ms. Lauryn Hill presents a micro-narrative of heartbreak and forgiveness, a turning point in Miseducation's loose narrative. After establishing her pain on "When It Hurts So Bad", Ms. Hill turns her life over to god on "I Used to Love Him" and works toward forgiveness with the song "Forgive Them Father." Follow @dissectpodcast on Twitter and Instagram. Join our newsletter at dissectpodcast.com.

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From Spotify studios? This is dissect for musical analysis broken into short digestible episodes. I'm your host cold cushion today We continue our civilised analysis of the Miss Education of Lord Hill. On our last episode, we dissected superstar and final our two songs at cautioned against the superficial and self indulgent behaviour of Miss Hales peers. As MS education continues. Missile pay, from the external when she views around her to the internal what she feels within her specifically with the Alps. Next three tracks we get up. Grow narrative about love, heartbreak and the process of moving on through forgiveness, As we see this will become the crux of the arms loose narrative. The point
which Miss Hale is able to accept what you cannot control the point it She turns yourself over to God, completely this micro. Narrative begins with the heartbreaking lament the subject first segment of today's episode when it hurt so bad lyrically. When I heard so bad stands in stark contrast with the three songs we heard previously on Miss education, whereas centric songs like final our contain abundance of metaphor, cryptic, biblical references and double meanings. When I heard How bad is straightforward and transparent working? maximize the sentimental impact of missiles emotions.
We heard the same lyrical simplicity on songs, like x, factor into Zion, there's a flu say between Miss Hale, the wrapper and Miss Hale, the diva, but Persona uses a different vernacular. Here on when it hurts so bad we are getting on. Big use expressions of heartache, the sun refrain. We just heard state simply when I heard so bad wiser fuel oh good, It's a feeling. Most of us can relate to expressing unparalleled contradiction of love. It's pose, the question, and rightly so, low ability to oscillate between elation and depression is often very confusing, You stay too long in an unhealthy relationship. Narrow gets somewhat masochistic as you well aware of the pain it causes. Though we, around anyway, hoping in vain. The situation turned the corner.
The scenario is elaborated on in the songs first birth. We need them and we feel begins by expressing a disproportionate distribution of love commitment. She sings.
I love real hard once, but the love was returned found out the and die for wasn't even concerned. MRS Claims, a relationship dynamic was unequal that care more about the relationship than heated despite efforts she could restore balance. She sings I too and I tried- and I tried to keep him in my life. I cried I cried- and I cried, but I couldn't make it right. One thing will want to remember with this passage as it pertains to the micro narrative were outlining today. Is this idea of effort of attempting to forcefully fit square pegs into around whole. This will stay, in stark contrast to. The ultimate resolution will discover by the end of today's episode, when
hurt. So bad continues with the songs hook line my dear Miss Hale things, if you ever been in love than you'd, understand that what you want might make you cry what you'd need by pass. You buy, if you don't catch it it's here that we get a critical juxtaposition between want and need. She gazed at her, want led to tears or sadness. Meanwhile, what she needed went unnoticed or unfulfilled, because she was our concern with her once again like first verse again like to first what she wants which is in this case, to make an unequal relationship equal require some
Effort and forests that she's blind to what she really needs this pointed out as a hook concludes, and what you need, ironically, will turn out what you want to be, if you just let it idea of letting go foreshadows. The resolution missile will ultimately find and live by, but first
he'll continues when I heard so bad for the song second birth. Again, like first one missile things with the simplistic colloquial toad, see, I thought this feeling. It was all that I had beheld
This be love and make me feel so bad gave. My power, I existed for you, but whoever knew the voodoo you do These latter lines contrast with the end of the songs hook. Wash your room proposed the idea of letting go in order to get what you need here Let go or gave up her power and live for this other person, leaving her feeling vulnerable independent on him for her happiness and contentment. This, of course, crush or when he turned out not to be everything she wanted from him. And this lesson of entrusting someone with your everything is when she took very seriously. One it carries over to the next track To love him I used to love. Him is very much a continuation of the thieves and story outlined on when it hurts so bad
features iconic diva marriage oblige who joins Miss Hale and expressing the aftermath of an unhealthy relationship outlined on the previous track. Unlike the previous track, Songs refrain is one of utter simplicity. I used, love em. Now I don't buy the songs I will come to understand why and how this transition occurred. Beginning first one would needs. Brazil begins the song placing its subject within a religious framework. She says as I look at what I've done. The type of life I've lived how many thing I pray the father will forgive this ring
both confessional, in which one states forgive me or bless me Father, for I have sinned, which is and followed by a confession of what they have done. This is exactly what Miss Hale does and she fell, by singing one situation involved a young man here, the ocean- and I was the sand- also point to the young man and the situation being likely Sean, though the spaces six, hardly matter and saw with themes as universal as this he'll comparison to the ocean and ourselves to the sand before she elaborated on in an unreleased track that surfaced in two thousand six title: love that Works of love are as follows. Your love is like the ocean and I like the sand, responding your power a safe place for you to land, but when the under for come and pull you ought to see. With shells and slippery rocks where you used to be and when the sun comes beating down and burns, my body dry, it's hard to until the tied to quench my thirst? So I cry the previous song missiles
outlining an imbalance power dynamic here and which she, the sand, is dependent. The ocean for replenishment, leaving her literally out to dry. Continues. I used to love him singing. He stole heart like a thief in the night, the fray thief in the night originally comes from the Bible used in rough and to the return of God on earth quote. You know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. Unquote The phrase is now used to mean sneakily or unexpectedly, because Miss He became so caught up with the relationship with this man, her heart stolen from her without her realising this note and is punctuated with the subsequent line doored my senses blurred my site, which expresses how she was blinded by our affection for this man and how she lost sense of who she truly was. I into a lot, you know a huge emotion, no and and and spiritual battle private. Creation of that album and the funny thing
is that while I was going in the battle, I couldn't see my hand sprite spite my face and I'm really couldn't see anything because I was so emotionally entangled in everything I'd go through as used to love. Him continues the net
if Miss Hale begins is continued by marriage, oblige and birth to still waiting see regarding your choice to include bury Jape light on the album. This hill by magazine, quote Mary she's, my sister, I love Mary, I feel like I grew up with her like I know her. So familiar to me and that's it
people love about her, that she's familiar where she sings she feels it is not about perfection. That's difference between the method and the heart. She strikes that cord, unquote Mary begins her verse. I chose the road of passion and pain sacrificed. Much and waited in vain, gave up power ceased being queen addicted to love drug of a fiend, again and were getting confessions of losing oneself relinquishing ones power in order to serve and unhealthy unrestricted relationship. She compare this to a drug addiction and which one prioritizes drugs above all else, no matter the consequences to their emotional, spiritual or physical health both Miss Hale and Mary, established or mental state during their respective relationships. They do each other in the second half of the verse. Stories move toward their transition point the point, which they made a change. They sing reached the crossroad which path would I choose
I can frustrated. I waited debated for something to happen, that just wasn't faded What I wanted was something that I needed. These latter lines, actually call back to the Alps previous track when it hurt. So bad as you remember, Miss Hale Sung. What you want might make you cry, What you need my passing by, if you don't catch it and what you need, ironically, will turn. What you wanted to be, if you just let it both instances theirs. Contrast of want versus need and how we ought. Confuse the two, especially when love is involved in the same way as drug fiend feels like he needs a fix. We know that that want where he needs is to actually stop using drugs, this is the idea related both when it hurt so bad, and I used to love him. They vainly wanting to make work and unhealthy unequal relationship, ultimate what they needed was to leave and, as we discover the song third birth,
control of their life into God's hands. Me me that what is done with written consent is sometimes isn't looking man with others. Thirty five over this hill oblige continue their back and forth, expressing their new commitment to, God
it contains a number of allusions to the Bible. Beginning with one group father. You save me and show me that life was much more, the being some foolish man's wife, the food. This man is a recurring figurative character in the Bible used. Play a man who disobey the word and warnings of God she used. The foolish man here to portray the wayward ways of her Ex ways that lead to her living outside the word of God, Helen continue showed me that love was respected, devotion greater than planets deeper than oceans, The latter line is a reference to solve thirty. Six. Six quote yours, vast love, o Lord extends to Heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds. Righteousness is like the mountains of God. You're judge Ants are like the great deep knowing now gods, love and Devotion Hill oblige or both able to see how their love for their acts was not healthy in comparison The verse continues. Citing again scripture quote my son was weary, but now it's replenished we compare
this to solve one. Nineteen. Twenty eight quote mice. Was weary from anxiety and grief renewed. Strength in keeping with your word, I quote: the verse continue I see him sometimes and the look in his eye is one of a man whose lost treasures untold them treasure is, of course, Lauren herself theirs. Location here that the man viewed or as a material object for collection. Perhaps one of many not as an individual deserving of love and respect. Finally, the verse concludes my heart is gold. I took back my soul and totally My creator controlled the life which was his to begin with. These closing If I used to love him, is to me the crew call turning point of Miss education as the entire rested. The album will be informed by this action is the restoration of divine order, the humility that comes with the acknowledgement of the errors of your ways there relinquishing of control of your life in entrusting your fate to the hands of God. Every time the God navigates my ship this
nothing so we going on is very little. You know, there's very little fought is If I have the directions, every time I shall do myself, I'm you know conjuring conjuring up my own concoction and try, and we know it is difficult to do it that way, because it takes a lot of thought. Tat, a lot of energy, but like what I'm lead? You know it it kind of really is just so are there and its clear these. These data, easy orders just go forth and carry them out having reached a critical point and missiles journey from heartbreak to redemption, through God, begin now to see a shift in the Alps themes, as MRS works to apply the word of God in her life, it begins with the Alps next track. Forgive father, a song, will dissect right after the break.
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That's solos dot com hey. This is guy ROZ, be sure to check out my pie cast the rewind. I sit down with your favorite artists and musicians, including David Getter, Tele, Clarkson and Sean Mendez, and talk about how they became the person we all. You guys today, new episodes drubbing every Thursday only on Spotify. Welcome back to dissect before the break. Reached a critical point in Miss Education's narrative We heard how Miss Hale turned her life over to God. Doing so resolve the heart. Breakin, lingering resentment she felt towards, or acts of the Alps extract missile, extorts forgiveness, with the aptly titled song. Forgive them far
Lord, forgive them father- was recorded, Kingston, Jamaica at the tough gunk studio that was built by Bob Marley physically, songs, musical foundation is built upon Bob Marley nineteen. Seventy three track concrete jungle Tar part on concrete jungle was re recorded by Julian Barley, Bob Marley, Sun and brother to row and Marley. The father
I've amiss hills. Children I gave my larger than leaving it down. Tat Tat was never never, then that's all they got a guy like that. Blocking the jamaican impulses continue with the songs. Introduction, which features could dance artist, Shelly Thunder on a song that centres around gods. Forgiveness of those who wronged you fitting unlikely strategic that Shelly Thunder, is a born again Christian and speaks and about it in her music. She opens track saying forgive us Our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us although them again, we will never trust. Become the central theme of the entire song.
While Miss Hale works towards forgiving those who wronged or trespass against her. She also vows to learn from those experiences and never trust so naively again there continues there, not let them do dig out. Your eye was sticking like glue perpetrators here ignorant to their ways and thought contrast, serve vindictiveness which you, against the digging out of one's eyes with her loyalty, which she liked and to being strong like glue Shelly, There's introduction is followed by the songs. Her off the hook is extremely simple: centering around a single couplet. Forgive them far. They know not what they do. This impulse, do you have hook mirrors exactly the arms previous to songs there We heard Miss Hale sing when it hurts a bad, why does it feel so? Good I used to love him now. I don't
this to me only works to further unify this trio of songs and a micro narrative. It tells forgive I'm fathers hook is a direct quote from the biblical account of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ It said that as Jesus hung from the cross, roman soldiers below him were gambling forest, close the criminals the cross is next to him were condemning him. Their release. This, leaders were mocking him and the crowd was ass, beaming him still Jesus. Prayed for them all ass. He hung nailed to the cross. According to Luke twenty three thirty four quote Jesus said father. Forgive them, for they know not what they are doing. This was seen as a fulfilment of Jesus is prophecy and bearing our sins, something here book about in his sermon on Mount I've heard that it was said, love your neighbour and hate your enemy, but I tell you, of your enemies and pray for those who persecute you unquote Having turned her life over to God's hands. Miss Hale reflex cry words in our own, forgive them father having
The good about the album venting her frustration with an ex lever and the music industry at large. She now surveys, a landscape of her life and works to forgive those who crossed her. This notion is developed, as the song continues into its first verse of Miss he'll, hear recite a cautionary verse about those who pretend to have your best interests in mind, but a really take,
the advantage of you for selfish returns. It's over his pen from our own experience. You know what bout, a young woman. In the music industry, you know, and the pitfalls snares the traps and they don't stop they keep coming. You know they don't stop. I think that be cause. I grew up with such a loving family structure. I thought that everybody did and therefore that everybody reap the benefit of that love and pretty nice. Way to think, and so I learned very important lessons about people and their voids And how, when you have void, you know like up like a black hole, just sucks and consumes everything into it. You know- and I am not a lot of those people here was a ship and is wont to love a bail out of black hole. Lotta people allowed deep, deep, painful voids, and you know who
fairly easy to take advantage into manipulate into disease deceive someone with me who just you know all I want to do is love. I I had learned from those things: as forgive them. Father continues Miss Hale which is persona delivering an impassioned second birth amianthine. One shall be pulled me three strategy for me as a means of wine to use me speak. I think I will take good sense and also try to keep it simple man, like many other nervous dawn, was started sources. Capitalistic gambling, careless, don't tell you missed, Miss Hale begins first to playing off the adage Tribune Chiefs and not enough Indians asking why, Every indian wanna be the chief. This expert is the autocratic power hungry instincts of man, which is abrogated on in the next line, feed a man
as for any still want beef, this s. You possibly even three meanings. First expresses the gluttony greed of man that By having enough you still once more by saying beef, we also take this to mean conflict, so we can Herbert the line as meaning, despite having all his needs met. He still instinctively. Craves conflict or war in pursuit of some unquenchable thirst. Finally we can view the line personal missiles experience with her ex she quota quote federal useful or did thing in our power to satisfy him, but he still wanted to fight using our kindnesses ammunition, as stated in the first verse later, first to Miss Hale, assert yourself, saying if I treat you kindly Does it mean that I'm weak you hear me speak, You think I won't take it to the streets. I know enough cats Don't turn the other cheek. She plays up the biblical phrase turn the other cheek and idiom for forgiveness. She's got a violent crew at the ready. If need be,
I feel missiles display of aggressiveness here only works to prove our strength. Her kindness is a choice not to be mistaken for weakness it all. Displays that forgiveness is something she still actively striving to achieve fully. There's. No, it develops as she continues. But I try to keep it civilized like mentally. She I hear mentally the first jewish emperor of Ethiopia that reigned in nineteen fifty BC, its body that mentally was the son of King Solomon and Ethiopian, queen of Sheba both who appear in the Bible this also refer to mentally the second emperor of Ethiopia. The turn of the twentieth century under his rule, if opium was transformed and modernized and mentally was known for his forgiving and unselfish deeds towards the poor. This line can t news, but I try to keep it civilized, like member leak and other african tsars, observing stars with war scars aside from rhyming three of the last six words Missis, Gibson, Ray image of ancient african leaders peaceably observing the stars. The scars
their bodies, representative of years, a persevering through adversity, but Miss who also uses this line to bridge and turn next line observer stars with war scars get yours and this capitalistic system. So many or got bought. You can't list them in this way. Miss Hale personifies the african leader looking around at stars or celebrities and politicians accumulating wealth by manipulating american capitalism. There scars or from battling in this cut throat dog eat dog system built on survival of the fittest. Saying so many caught or got bought. You can't list M refers to the often in sexual relationships between sea owes politicians, law officers and drug lords. Often we find people in need. Circles have illegally manipulated the system for personal gain, including things like fraud tax evasion, paid off govern and officials corporations sponsoring politicians and slew of other shady tactics that some people in power utilised to advance themselves, at the expense of others
replacing or birth within a socio political framework missile continue by turning our focus on survival. Under these conditions, Smith, finally, the survival of african american Idol being allowed to stop thinking even when they come. I got enough the opposition movement at first reading, but it has plenty of voice and mostly candle ring thanks. It always was like Mozilla search or strengthen commitment to principle sing vibe, is to stay alive in the face of opposition. Even they're coming gunning. I stand in position else known the mission since conception less free the people deception if you're looking for, answers. Then you gotta, ask the questions. As we heard in a reference to mentally missile Positioning herself as leader of her people, she's pulling, the current on the inner workings of society are often too
by our leaders and manipulated by people who profess to be our allies she's using her own power to question authority speaking for them you don't have a voice, ass, loud ass, hers she says, and when I like my voice echoes to the ghetto sick. If bench Nepal strings like to peddle Japan. Is course the woodcarver who created the puppet Pinocchio, pulling the strings of a puppet is compared to the way in which those in power control society. It's a diner. Make Miss Hale as previously compared to the movie the matrix matrix was by. It will be to me and the reason why I pray it is so much was because capable at the end, when NEO like realise its potential, he started the seed of binary code. You remember that, whole world. What that's why I'm here, to be spiritually I'll, try the word of God whole whirls every time that agent, those approach on. Like I see you you know I'm just catch and is positive,
you know, so I don't I'm not afraid you know, I'm not afraid, I'm starting to see that you know things are just situations materialise themselves and he's an agent sell concludes reverse with a question and answer why black people always be the ones to settle Martian streets likes a widow about the lines on Miss education. This once to relate both to the themes of the book that inspired the Alps title the missing. The occasion of the negro by Doktor Carr Energy Woodson in the book? What's it search that black people in the United States are culturally indoctrinated by the school system and army I feel as if they are inferior, as agreed out of this mess education, he argues that lax or unable to thrive in the american, social and economic system. We get away this too Miss Hales line about black people being the ones who have been forced to settle throughout the course of history like Doktor Woodson. She calls for cultural unification of black people, citing uprising in Soweto, South Africa, nineteen. Seventy six, the somewhat
Uprising was sparked by the Africans, Medium decree of nineteen, seventy four which forced off schools to use afrikaans a dutch base, language that was associated with apartheid and The language of the oppressor by Desmond Tutu This was an addition to the apartheid ruled ban to education system primary aim with the following quote: NATO's. Must be taught from an early age that equality with Europeans. I e whites is not for them. Unquote. In June and nineteen seventy six, sometimes thousand black high school students walked out of their classes in protest The rally was met by brute force from the police, who eventually shot directly at the students, killing twenty three on the first day of the uprising by the In June of this year, the casualty was up to one hundred and seventy six without the others entered given that Miss Hale enter Burst with such a potent reference to the uprising in Soweto. The imp,
act of the songs course that follows is heightened substantially. As we imagine in our minds. I, the thousands of bloodied young black students and alone, worse than that fired the shots. Before reciting. The songs refrain missile. Things like Kane enable Caesar through this Jesus Judith backs davers. Do this. Yeah she's, outlining three historical stories of betrayal, Kay, infamously killed his brother, able in the Bible, Mark Brutus, assassinated Julius Caesar and forty eight BC, after being pardoned by seas, are just a few years earlier Jude. Who is one of the original twelve disciples of Jesus Information
betrayed Jesus by revealing his identity to roman soldiers. Looking to capture him, the rest it to these betrayals is followed by the recent taken. Forgive them first, They know not what they do. And so, while Miss Hale, concisely, details the follies of men and injustices she sees in the world. Her up, innovations of malice or punctuated, with the biblical passage of ultimate remission reminding herself and others of Jesus forgiving. Those who wronged him, while he hung dying on the cross. Forgive them, father continues, missile
returned the singing inverse three may still missile begins. First, three me, a little while to discover wolves and sheep coats who pretend to be lovers. This the biblical passage gospel of Matthew. Seven fifteen quote: beware: false prophets which come to you in sheep's clothing but Edward
they are raving: wolves, in ties into the songs, themes of deception and betrayal, missile ends averse, providing the root cause for these people's deceptive ways. Men who live. Conscious will, even by themselves a friend one said, and I found it to be true that every people they lie to God to so. What makes you that they want lie to you, the design. As people missile speaks of live a life based on complex series of lies. First and most importantly, they lie to themselves. Falsely Joe define their behaviour and character which allow them to lie to their family, friends, partners and God. Ultimately, This passage lent insight into one's ability to forgive, We view the malice of others as acts of ignorance as rooted in their own self deception, insecurity and unhappiness. We realise that their behaviour is unconscious. Expressions of those insecurities and unhappiness. With this understanding, we can evolve from viewing. These acts is completely unreliable, rather,
extreme representations of emotions. We all experience this provide pathway to empathy and with practice we can pray for, rehabilitation, not retaliation. We can empathize right, then exasperate or escalate we can forgive, but not for get the conclusions: the claims, psychologists, doktor robber and right pioneered what he calls the model of forgiveness, which outlay the process of forgiveness and four phases. It's a process not on similar to the micro narrative. We just unpacked the songs when it hurt so bad. I used to love and forgive them. Father phase, one of the model of forgiveness is, was called the uncovering phase in which a victim explores the pain that they have experienced because of their perpetrator. We can really This emphasis on pain in the uncovering phase with Miss lament when it hurts so bad a song,
as its title suggests outline the pain she experience because of an unhealthy relationship with a man faced you have and rights forgiveness model is the decision phase here the council. Debt forgiveness is explored, ending The commitment by the victim to attempt to forgive the perpetrator It applies the missiles journey. The concept forgiveness was first explored in the opening lines of I used to love, him quote. They look at what I've done. The type of life I've lived, have anything I pray the father will forgive by the end of the song, Miss Hale, submits herself to God who and Abraham Religions is a god that requires his followers to practise forgiveness in their own lives in order receive forgiveness from him. Phase three, as was called the work phase where the Damn shift the focus to the transgressor in an effort to gain insight, understanding and empathy we found this phase in abundance on missiles, forgive them father,
Each of the songs, verses details, the actions and motives behind Malleson betrayal. Cloning by the songs end that this behaviour is extreme expressions of one's own shortcomings and weaknesses. This leaves empathy making the frog. This process easier for the victim fight lay the last phase in the forgiveness model is the deepening phase where the victim whose towards resolution the vote becomes aware that they are not alone, has themselves been the recipient of others forgiveness and find me and purpose and the forgiveness process as this leads to Miss Hill. We need to look no further than the refrain, forgive them father. They know not what they do as you This was what Jesus said while on the cross, the ultimate expression of forgiveness under the most harsh in extreme circumstances having
in four given by God herself missiles able to deepen our commitment to forgiveness as a moral principle and, as will see as the album continues, allows us to move forward free of the encumbering baggage caused by the harbouring of ill will and one's heart. She does this from a place of strength, not no, sir, not evident as its we often much harder to forgive than it is to resent, indeed, doctor right speaks often about forgiveness, as a moral virtue cultivated through continual practice, because forget This is an easy, nor does it always come naturally, forgiven. Is a choice I commit to a moral philosophical principle. It takes supplant self control and strength of will to forgive it's a decision to abolish toxic bitterness to reject, revenge in favour of goodness and purity of spirit, doctor and right put, it quote forgiven stands on the truth that what happened to me was unfair. It is unfair and it will always be unfair. But I
haven't you response to it and club empowering new response is a love toward our perpetrators. That's more power! our folded, the injustice against us The transcendent exhibition of moral strength that Jesus showed on the cross when he forgave is executioners, the transcendent exhibition of moral strength, the doktor, Luther King promoted when his people face abject hostility and violence in the American South forgiveness and love is the platform on which the most memorable and revered leaders in history, stood on when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Because we all inherently recognise the strength and iron will required in the commitment to moral principle when the Opposition expresses only malleson hate. Because revenge is a cell propelling cycle, one active malice leads to another act of malice and revenge. Which leads to another act of malice and revenge of that act, and so on and forever forgive this throws a ranch into the spoke of that we'll
and for those who have truly forgiven a perpetrator for the wrong doing come to realize, just how heavy and debilitating the tumor of resentment is on your heart. You real. Is that the one who suffers most is the one who does not forgive, and this way. By setting a prisoner free, you discover the real prisoner. Was you all along and with this new found freedom, discover that you can actually stand and goodness and love when confronted the injustices of life, there forgiveness as a weapon, infinitely more powerful than brute force, because Why can hate anyway? and hold a grudge. That's easy! That's for the weak as the person of strength that forgives a transcends injustice. Knowing The world would be better off if more of us chose to love overheat, the other thing is, I'm concerned about a better world
I am concerned about just as I am concerned about Brotherhood unconcerned about truth is concerned about that. He can never have occurred to me as a matter of a few. Can modem learn through violence you made, but you can establish real balance. You may murder, but you can't darkness can not put out darkness light. Can do I say to you. I have also decided to stick with love When I know that love is ultimately the only answer to mankind's problems, not talk and everywhere I go on northern populated
mounted in some circles today, blogging about emotional boss. When I talk about love about a strong, demanding love, and I have seen too much hate. I seen too much on the faces of shares in the South in hate on the basis of two minute clansmen in two minutes Citizens councillors in the south. The one myself, because every time I see it, I know that it does something to their faces and at present and I say to myself that hate is too great a burden to bear
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