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S1E1 – Compton, K Dot, and Kendrick Lamar

2016-08-23 | 🔗

We begin our season-long examination of Kendrick Lamar‘s To Pimp a Butterfly with the history of Compton, California and Kendrick’s transformation from K Dot, a young mixtape rapper, to Kendrick Lamar, a true artist.

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Welcome to dissect long form musical analysis broken into short digestible episodes. I'm your host Cole Cuchna, our first season of dissect, is dedicated entirely to Kendrick Lamar's. Two thousand fifteen masterpiece to pimp a butterfly over the course of nearly twenty episodes. We're gonna dive deep into this deep into this incredibly rich record, we'll break down both musical and lyrical content, while also analyzing the album's overall narrative arc. There's a lot to unpack on this record from mathematically rich narrative of the arms opening track Wesley SIRI,
one room, but to the striking introspection and honesty of you Mamma. No, no, you don't selfish, deny you felt it to the complexities of race. Class and identity are blacker. The berry persuaded to death was finished his face. What I need is evidence of this is that what you're telling me beneficiary with Switzerland, which affect the slave of my last lesson, was the position of freedom and, of course, the dramatic conclusion and which Kendrick speaks a tupac from beyond the grave. Do you see yourself is so might as Rachel somebody made the best
opportunities selves and natural hustler. A true ass. They in every sense of the word answered nothing answered. The opportunities are worth the more I mean you and great job and bill myself up so gates were only from having somebody managed me to me hiring the person that works, my management company and I changed everything I realize my destiny and a matter of five years. You know I'm saying that made myself a millionaire I may as evident in these excerpts to pepper butterflies bursting at the seams with dramatic content. It's a true narrative, a carefully after concept, album that spans Hendricks Journey from Caterpillar to butterfly from Prostitute De Pimp, its rich with complex layers, Dublin Triple meanings and examines themes of race, class identity, consumerism, fame and self doubt not to mention it exceptional, funk inputs, musical landscape on which it arrests, while the majority if episodes the season will focus entirely on a single track from two pepper butterfly we're going to.
Preface our examination with two brief introductory episodes. Today, we'll dive into the tumultuous world with Compton California and its transformation from agricultural city to an urban battleground was explore Lamar's upbringing, Compton and its transformation from Quaeda the adolescent. Escape wrapper to Kendrick Lamar. The fully met artist. Our next step several focused entirely on dissecting good kid. Mad city, Lamar, Major label debut this. Of course, Bide context, a solid foundation on which your house are exploration of temper butterfly a d the personal record that reconciles the conflict between the Mars Compton Upbringing and his new found status as global like on a few bits of housekeeping before we dig in first, the owner of never listened to. Lamar's tipper butterfly. That's, ok, this castle makes sense, and I'm excited to introduce it. You also podcast will inevitably contain lyrics with explicit content, so consider self warned. Finally, if you
Would you here consider raving dissect on Itunes, there's no team behind this podcast? It's just me and ratings helped a lot without further ado, but I sat and eighties sixty seven Griffith tickets in Compton, let a group of thirty or so pioneers from Stockton, California, south to the area now known as Compton, theirs, seeking ways to earn a living other than goldfields, which rapidly becoming exhausted, one. Eighty, nine Griffin donated his land to officially create the city of Compton with its own city. Council and local government It was rooted in agriculture and by nineteen. Thirty had just one black resident
It was an until the nineteenth fifties and nineteen sixties that captain saw an influx of black families by granting from the south to California and the second great migration looking for work and education and to escape parse discrimination, Jim Crow laws, violence and racial bigotry at the south. Many of these migrants travelled to California and settled in the West side of captain whose neighbouring city was already had it established black community, At the same time, the great migration yielded a phenomenon known as white flight across the United States Middle Class Cartesian families flowed from cities with this new influx of african Americans with them take a healthy portion of the city's taxpayers. The The government also assisted white flight by withholding tax dollars for maintenance, suburban cities like captain and instead
invested in propping up new middle class. Suburban infrastructures, mostly by whites and made off limits to blacks through red lighting and residential segregation. This kind of institutional, racism, severely limited minorities from equal education and economic opportunities Cities eroded crime and poverty increased, causing frustration within the competent Watts community that restoration peaked in the Watts rise of nineteen. Sixty five incited by The police's abusive treatment of market fry and Rina price over Thirty thousand adults participated in the riots that targeted the police and the destruction of white own businesses over stays, there are thirty four des one thousand. Ready to injuries three thousand four hundred and thirty eight arrests, and over forty million and property damage
but I've seen. Seventy the once white agricultural city of Coptic was now over ninety percent African American Harvard in crime levels, continue to rise until tell in the I intend and early nineties, ushered in by the introduction of crack cocaine and increase gang giving the ship we know that the? U S, government supported the influx of crack cocaine into urban communities. I propping up- and in some cases paying Nicaragua, drug dealers who distributed the drive to local gangs and individual dealers and allay Of course, the solicitation of this cheap, highly addictive drug into poverty. Stricken communities had an awful degenerating, effective homicide increase due to conflict between dealers addiction. But to increase robbery and broken hubs. Carson rate skyrocketed. Do the governments war on drugs, a strict drug offences?
says that many feel targeted blocks of grounds for exists. Both the sentence. Disparity between crack cocaine, primarily black drug and powder cocaine, primarily white drug, was one hundred too one step at a time when it was into this world of drugs and gang violence that Kendrick Lamar Duckworth was born in nineteen. Eighty seven Kenny Duck and Paula. Oliver, Hendricks parents moved a Compton from Chicago and nineteen. Eighty four to escape mister Duckworth involvement in the south side. Gangsters disciples with by hundred dollars in their pockets. They stop their belongings of the two black garbage bags and borders in California, the tooth in cars motels and our part benches. Until they had enough money to afford an apartment. I which point they had Kendrick others too. For children,
implemented our welfare food food stamps. Her hair and Kenny worked at KFC when he wasn't in the streets witnesses, verse murder at the age of five, when a drug dealer was shot in front of his apartment building recalls that age six witnessing is uncle, some of whom are Compton, Crypts language, guns and selling dope too uncles we're incarcerated and one was worded in front of a burger stand when Kendrick was still a boy violence. A part of everyday life in character, in his own words immune to it. Kendrick was a bright student in school, a quiet, absurd, the boy who love basketball and dreamed of being in the NBA at each day, then Kendrick, cotton unknowing glimpse into his own future. Tupac and Doktor Dray shooting the original California love Video, through the streets of captain and stopped in the middle of the road. Your country house, his dad problem Kendrick on his shoulders, Kendrick one
the two larger than life figures before him the event made a lasting impression on Kendrick and ass. They would have it. You would eventually signed a doctor drain label in future too, post, humorously, antipathy butterfly and until middle school they Kendrick tried his hand at writing his own rhymes. Creditors seventh grade english teacher, Mr Karim returning amount. Poetry. What a try did the introverted Kendrick as a form of self expression, continue to right through high school, and I was doing this time that Kendrick got caught up in the wrong crowd, although you early gives specific details about the exploits of this time. Contracts. Recalls once finding Kendrick rolling on the ground and tears in front of their house after getting shot at another time. She found a bloody hospital gown Kendrick WAR when accompanying his friend had been shot to the hospital Kendrick was even down to the house. For a few days after the police showed up to his parents store involved Unnamed Incident one day can
dad set him down and told him he didn't want to see. Kendrick grow up to be like him. He told Kendrick quote things I've. Mistakes. I've made, I never I urge you to make those mistakes. You can wind up around the corner, Kendrick set other respect. He gathered himself together. Music would be there so Kendrick, which used to escape a tragic destiny that he seemed to be heading towards was annoyed at the age of sixteen Kendrick put out his first mix tape called have city threat winner of the year under the monitor Kay DOT. The tape is full of young bravado and those stylistic a long way from the Kendrick. We know today the young wrapper
was clearly gifted beyond me. I'm just came to see me. I knew my point. The headache nickel shit on its instincts shepherd scourges- infant was, God would never accept. We need say you, man, don't kill happening spoken. It wholly. Why you put in it to mean opposed to be calm, lack the tape caught the attention of Anthony talked of a local producer legend. Has it tippit brought Kendrick to a studio where the young Hepsey Freestyle for two hours. I tell tee if its side of the top dog records, the newly any label Basin Carson California has again in a few years, Kate out, would release a series of mixed tapes that would prove to be a training ground for a young empty. Finding his voice here is mixed,
including training, day of two thousand and five and C4 of two thousand and nine. You can hear him developing his pain and solidifying his voice, while still having young bragi bravado Kendrick, begins to introduce themes of Compton Street Living and self reflection, Mornin America new day we gotta hit discussion, which was a key deals. Space like Microsoft, keep reciprocity, as Pope has been ghetto Social Headlands civil make us think about coming up with show. I got the message. This means societies Kendrick still performing as Quaeda also began touring at this time with label meat, J, Iraq, for the likes of fellow Compton Native the games. Later in two thousand vines he dropped in. Came out in favour of Kendrick Lamar, his first and middle the nickname It requires a thousand kids
No, some given small boys by my homeboys up then they might go back now I use it was a time for me to grow know not only as a artist but as a person I want to Well, you know me, I just sit back and watch lead, don't why to plan NOS one of the great well being one of the greatest Vijay's, does the people feel like they had a connection. It wasn't just a facade that you seen on tv people ask you felt like you know. There was a part you know or what you was going to win, and you know your worth is life in general. You know, I said you know what what better way to start that rather than you know, I am Hendrick soon released a self title extended play under a new moniker but this release and name change. It was clear that Kendrick have a new vision for his music and himself as an artist was the sender I am from the Kendrick Lamar E P M
a fistful of sorts for an artist coming of age. See. I don't understand me, lobbies to win your husband, Grammy critical wars like a sworn in the hands of a spying, marginal role, crazy, coffee, ok, cause conflict must be resolved quickly period. I've been the golden when we deploy remind me of a young one way. Piece of round now makes deed ass naval. What I believe in family got an honour for Chicago my daddy, among came to Continental, accomplish one thing: raising King Reign Supreme, entering Lansdale the king, and I am one on one end when will lead to the soil to make sure they haven't. When I had this, wealth is failing to click. Yes, uncle quips may make it all Muslims that until the genius jogging grandma being is coming, when I saw you came to wring its wing with honest thing, when even then King stubby out my one and employ passionate logic, passionate in your life, the passionate my places they mean, if you ain't, you may have been appointed by this time, and that is the key man who, when he stood alone so long alone, reminiscing exactly with the more you focus on self reflection and purpose. Kendrick continue to record the mix tape, overly dedicated and two thousand ten or twenty years
sensibly were tech, nine and J Rock. Upon his release. In September, two thousand ten overly dedicated entered the billboard top one hundred peeking at number. Seventy two. The song. Ignorance is bliss, along with its dramatic video that portrays Kendrick shooting a gangbanger in retaliation of a dead friend, would find its way to make a star in Compton Native Doktor Dray, the two Philip a working relationship with Kendrick help. Andres unreleased detox album just ten months after releasing overly dedicated Kendrick, really section. Eighty, section of song: some label and mix tape, while others claimant an album and the release feels like both an artist His vision cannot be contained by the disposable constraints of a mix tape, but whose background states is clearly evident regardless section. Eighty was an ambitious release. His title refers to both government funded low income, housing known as section eight housing in the nineties Eightys the crack written decade in which Kendrick with born a calm. The tracks are clearly
acted thematically loosely held together with a reoccurring, skip that features and unnamed leader preaching to an audience around an intimate campfire gatherer I'm glad everybody came out tonight as we stand on unable to corner know that despite this burner represents the passion to listen in this way the tracks come off his sermons, with Kendrick speaking directly to his community, Though the outcome is heavily seemed drug sex and violence, flaunting glorifying these issues. Kendrick provides insights too wise community commonly falls victim to these vices
If these other roads and everything on tv, just a figment of imagination. Now one authentic nations read like I hate you why you pull the plug of weight and happy? Obviously, serviceability pyramids rang out live just kind of our lives. Are nothing less than section? Eighty clearly displays Hendricks View vision as an artist desire to elevate Hiphop himself and his community to new heights through self analysis, self, empowerment, culture, criticism leadership and I'd match lyrical prowess. The ILO conclude with absolute the bars label may asking Kendrick, and perhaps the world at large, a question of Lady Kendrick replies the proclamation of purpose warning critics are not mistaken for another half truth wrapper talking about closer money, so when thoroughly examining these vices their history, their purpose there pitfalls. Let's hear it gave a pdf,
so push it might without inviting me die sound the horn times now, my child commodity, a lady, I don't understand, is Lamar because you want to talk about money, home clothes, guiding Israel anything since they haven't coming on behalf of the true. If you telling me I've been till one day, I will add to come a woman, I'm that allows that looking man, I'm not only is that. Looking now, I'm in a big fucking looking around Levison into one baby calibre man doesn't analogy for the way the world make me react. My innocence been so the next time I talk about my clothes guiding is: do you think they ve been just? No, I meant you filthy. Could you tell us that the next stop with the rapporteur twenty three years of age Kendrick still seem set on proving himself as an embassy
for that reason, section. Eighty, at least by comparison to his later works, feel slightly and polished still section. Eighty is a triumph garnered high praise within the hip. Hop community remains at underground, classic. Just after its release, Kendrick was named the new king of the West coast by Doktor, Dray, Snoop Dog and the game at a concert and allay within six months contract signed to aftermath, doktor trays, branch of the major label, inner scope, He also leverages demand to ensure tv, the label that sign them. When we have sixteen received the joint ventures with interest group he had seen, the national stage was now prime for Kendrick Lamar, with back by dray major label funding national distribution. A strong sense of purpose and year spent the studio perfecting is crap catcher. Go to work on is pivotal major label debut good kid mad city. I think it. This point is important to recognise that with the hype and backing Kendrick could have Lee chosen a formulated, commercialize path, get his choice
our producers, songwriters and collaborators to make any type of out means like but I will discuss in more detail later Kendrick actions and decision making aligned with as messaging on record, you choose, of artistry and storytelling over traditional commercial album. Those gene says reveal when you realize he obtains both through carefully calculated maneuvers good. Mad city is a concept album that spans one pivotal day in Kendrick teenage upbringing in the streets of Compton, the coming of age story that displays Hendricks transformation. Brocade ought to Kendrick Lamar The item is widely deemed a classic which and hip hop circles as equivalent to masterpiece, and I can't wait ducks with you next time, dissect by sectors written produced by me. If you had we're dissect, remember to rate and review on Itunes. It really helps for additional content, including a two people butterfly album map followers.
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