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S1E22 – S1 Finale: To Pimp a Butterfly

2017-02-07 | 🔗

Our season long examination of To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar concludes with our final thoughts on the album. Then we'll hear directly from Dissect listeners who share their thoughts on the season.

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Welcome to dissect long for musical analysis broken into short, digestible episodes. I warehouse culture today we conclude our cereal lies examination of the paper butterfly by Kendrick Lamar, because today show will likely remain at the top of the dissect feed for awhile. Has any new listeners to begin with the first episode of season one. That is his boilers and because we're Examining any one particular track restructure is going to veer slightly from the norm. First going to take a broad overview of the album just to get the four or a spectrum back into our ears. They will finish our analysis of the longer dramatic problem that includes the other. Next will break down to our main themes: dissect, both the Alps title
our work will then leave a rigid academic approach behind now. Share my personal connection and experience with the album some thoughts in the first season of dissect. Finally will hand over the MIKE to you and here from the handful of dissect listeners, who graciously share their biggest take away from the album so for the file time the season, let's do it fact one really low, but people butterfly begins with Wesley SIRI. Where we met the Alps, protect as a young newly sign Kendrick Lamar, inverse too we meet the island's antagonist Uncle SAM Symbolic of the Americans
what's his eyes, his landing anything to my name, S uncle SAM Motherfucker, you believe at the mouth of the arms next song for Free Kendrick rails. It gets Uncle SAM, refusing to be pimp without adequate compensation. As we know, it's apply Uncle SAM can easily afford these dick aid, we you look at emulated intimacy like an ever made, is meeting your leftovers. Iran meet these Dick eight free, even in captivity, raise my gives out. A reseller we gotta be green, is in need of a daily policy, was barely aroused Chiquita. Kendrick returns to competent, gloat proclaiming himself came to all his enemies and contemporary rap years These being pimp by the industry, we know that while it feels like a king he's being controlled like asleep
It's where you and I was now when it came to the world's king, called you have it. I don't want to get the legs of good bad men taking its where'd, you and I was thinking when it came to the king continues with institutionalized a song which Kendrick grow, frustrated with his captain Hermes Behaviour at the BT awards. He reeled is that, despite its success, he can't take the heard at the homey. He can't overnight change the mentality bread by being raised in this its Compton once upon a very sound website that you buy. Something less is only knows what they want for the big one sought by the union with adjacent passport These walls Kendrick uses its influence as rap star to exact revenge on a common enemy who is serving
life sentence by sleepy with the mother of his child. Its reveal that the imprisoned man was the one who killed Dave on contracts. Previous album, good kid mad city, despite escaping Compton through musical famous success. Kendrick is still very much indeed. In the street politics of Captain Daddy's thing and I suddenly burst upon the abuse and allow me I will allow me down said Kendrick hit rock bottom: the Alps next song, you Kendrick, finds himself ill equipped for his new life outside of captain and in a drunken confession reveals is depression.
Survival, skill and suicidal thoughts. I know, even though you might know you don't selfish, deny your gale being felt in the day after the drunken hotel meltdown, Frederick awakes, with a new determination and fight drawing other black communities. Historic strength in the face of adversity, Kendrick seems determined to battle, is on demons inverse too me, Lucy Uncle SAM's kindred spirits, but what if we beyond our Foresail Lucy's, explored in further detail representative of temptation and sin Lucy attention
nor Kendrick down a dark alley of materialism? Agree. I can get a good kid. You returned home on the arms next song Mama adverse one from his Compton, whereas nostalgic unreflective, averse, three home has asked The motherland worries humbled, Annetta lit up like I was. There will not be just the actual gap in this matter, and we now need is bound to grab a number of men and women across the zambian unknown is being asked for laws waited on hood politics. Kendrick receives a voice mail from a Compton friend who gives Kendrick a hard time for never answering his phone, because he's too famous and always on tour, Kendrick gets defensive and heard politics is Kendrick proof.
To himself, how he kept it real to his Compton roots of a knife life. Why you make your life project round will know what this ban Mamma you manage way was, then why do you, like it doesn t return point of the comes on how much a dollar cost Kendrick refuses a home Samantha dollar, at a gas station in South Africa them reveals himself. Is God and experience sets Kendrick on a new path? this book, the Holy Spirit NASA within just how much damage caused the price they buy bracing is leadership role. Kendrick shares with his unity the lessons learned in Africa on complexion. He denounces color ism. It preaches acceptance of all
aids. The skin complexion me on the black or the berry Kendrick amidst feelings of hypocrisy for preaching unity within the black community, while still being involved in black black the imbalance in the streets of captain it unless we take, as our support is important. So why did we could save my mind? Was industry we can't let you make me kill a newcomer actually mean You ain't got a lie. Mamma said, Kendrick preaches self acceptance and authenticity. He urges as community to drop their imitation quota, quote Street persona and just be themselves
Zombie doing at my hearing that we must address the upper reaches its negative conclusion with the song I checked, performs in front of his home town Compton, a song about loving yourself, despite your flaws when a fight breaks out in the crowd a metaphor for black on black gang violence, Kendrick put an end to the scuffle by reciting and empowering speech redefining the inward lists in each Eu S description Black key rule, and let me finish by history books overlooked the world in Latin America tried to make it to our divided doll. Me don't reckon ass. We re using the wrong, so I'm a break it down and put my cat many song in each Eu S say wit, me say no more black stars. You can't make me take it from open free tell us. She went on time. Kendrick, Lamar, Bartha, really sneakers. Alas, final
on mortal man. Kendrick questions is new leadership role and asses sinners to question themselves and their loyalty to live. The coastal Mandela Muffruff. They were clearly that these boys, you consume every message assembly. They saw me making mistakes in the pressure. Would there be same when this question was singing still affair? Ornament? as the last proper song onto paper butterfly me as you, That concludes the conversation between Kendrick in Tupac, secure. On our last episode, we explored the connection Kendrick Fields with Tupac, an exam the supernatural conversation the to have that the conclusion of the album- turn out in many ways. Tupac has a spirit that propels the album Kendrick the best attempt to continue pox work in legacy to pimp a butterfly ends with Kendrick reciting, a poem Tupac. Well here, Kendrick prefaces palm saying over something quote. A good friend had wrote
In all my research, I was unable to find any information on who this friend might be magic. It. Should be one of Kendrick's, decease friends, Chad, Dave Pepper, Braised, Of course I don't know this for sure, but the problem is side and immediately after park says the spirits we even really wrapping just letting our dead homes. Tell stories for us, so the magic, it would seem to work before we dig too deep into the palm. I do want to quickly remind you that there is now a dissect, a pimp, a butterfly visual, our map available for free download at dissect, podcast, dot com Is the power about to explore the maps central component visually displays how each Song act and theme correlate to this palm, if you're able You might find it helpful to pull up now, if not check it out. When you can
let's go ahead and listen to the opening lines of this concluding poem I wanted to read one last thing to you is actually something a good friend hero describing my world. It says the caterpillar is a prisoner to Greece deck received. Its only job is to eat a solemn everything around in order to protect itself from this message. Work assuming its environment. The caterpillar begins to notice ways to survive. If my termination that the opening lines at the palm represent Hendricks last album good kid mad city, as refer throughout this season. The narrative of butterflies, a continuation of the story, told I'm good kid. Kendrick start saying the caterpillar is a prisoner to the streets that conceived it. It's only job is to eat or consume everything around it in order to protect itself from this mad city.
As you see, the caterpillar represents unrealized potential, the caterpillar or folks. Kendrick, raising a mad city like Compton, adapt into The environment is necessary to protect itself from the dangers of ST life. You join again. Protection against other gangs. You by again for protection against others with guns Violence by his friends and environment sixteen year old country got caught up in ST politics there. Hoddan in his friend Dave Being shot and killed. I'm good kid mad city, the conclusion of the album Kendrick surviving this world through music, God and self acceptance, this can go. Correlate with the line club Walkin seeming the environment, the caterpillar begins to notice ways to survive. The next line of the poem is a pivot, from which good kid ends and butterfly begins. It read one thing: it notices how much the world shuns him but praises the butterfly. The butterfly represents the talent, the thoughtfulness and the beauty within the Caterpillar
Kendrick discovered glimpses of the butterfly within him. At the end of good kid Despite being shunned by society for being poor and black, can tat allowed for his physical escape from content through music? At the conclusion of the album? Is at this point in Kenya, story that the paper butterfly begins a young hush off a record deal, Kendrick Lamar is introduced, Butterflies first track Wesley SIRI when I can only go mad dash around no secretary based, went home is bad ass about random audio files until they re married to the game and evaluations. When I gave me, I'm a bad state, senator sixties, Passementerie out and applied was Frederick sent many here are much different than the Harpole sentiments displayed on the conclusion of good kid or Kendrick physically escape Compton mentally. He still try
This change of attitude is explained as a palm continues, what they know it is how much the world should also praise the butterfly. The butterfly represents the talent, the tough, when you send the beauty within a caterpillar we're having a harsh outlook on life, the caterpillar see the butterflies weak, a figure out a way to pampered to his own benefits. Indeed, Kendrick pimps, the butterfly or town within for his own, selfish benefits, as you remember, act, one named pimp by consumption of Wesley theory for free and King kinda displayed the is Kendrick uses, talent for selfish materialism and driven assaults on those around him, he meets alms antagonist Uncle SAM, the american dream. Card it who looks to exploit Hendricks, for financial prosperity by demanding compensate enforced talent. Kendrick feels Empowered
by falling into Uncle SAM traps as upon continue we interact too, could already surrounded by this method. A caterpillar goes to work on the coal which he, alas, can no longer see past so does strap enacted We heard the various ways Kendrick with trapped. By a short sightedness on institutionalized by hood politics fishing is on these walls and by depression, and sir guilt on you act to represents Kendrick at rock bottom. Home continues as we interact three titled emerging wings. Besides these war zone, ideas take move such as gone I'll, bring it back new concepts to this method. The result wings began to emerge breaking the cycle of instead. With the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other Kendrick works towards inner peace. Finding purpose
and reconciling is passed with his present on act, three on all right. He gets a, of the strengthened determination found within on foresail? He meets Lucy Short for Lucifer attempts to lower the emotionally vulnerable Kendrick with riches and exchange for a song on Mamma. He visit South Africa. His humble by what he sees it begins. Discover more about himself through a connection with his african heritage. Getting closer embracing himself flaws in all Kendrick takes a step backwards in the song. Could politics said. By a voice mail he received from a Compton friend who calls them out foregoing Hollywood. He aggressively attempts to convince himself. He hasn't changed that it rushing carries over into how much a dollar cost, where an experience with I did the gas station in South Africa once and for all humbles Kendrick and set them on a new path of leadership. The palm continues. As we interact for the butterfly sheds light,
finally, free but a flash. Yes, label situations that Caterpillar never Cosette and in the internal struggle. Auto. The butterfly and caterpillar are completely different that one in the same Kendrick is grant. Opportunity to emerge from the cocoon never harsh Compton environment and he uses his knowledge gained through his experience teaches com. Many ways to beat the system the two might escape their own internal struggle. Kendrick does is through preaching self, accept inside complexion, calling out the hypocrisy of black on black violence on the black or the berry. And encouraging authenticity over the charade of cool on you. Ain't got a lie Nix metamorphosis crystallized on I wear his able unabashedly exclaim. I love myself in front of his home town of Compton. And using his influence for the betterment of his community. Not personal gain or profit. Kindred comes full circle,
the feeding Uncle SAM Lucy and his inner demons. The prostitute becomes pimp, the slave becomes master, the caterpillar becomes butterfly and I hated aware Romano, what? U K run For me, like I say when I will not tv shows Messinese Keesar, we live by your music. You want to talk about that Some that you got except you didn't you say so, no one ever realise a net. It gotta have the balance the ban to say way. Marvin Gaye put dare to say, wait, Isley brothers, the say way, look you saying they talked about life and real perspectives where people can actually function and feel like they have submitted, relate to access it up here. Talk slick our day already by who gonna relate to it at the end of the day when they gotta go back this crazy world and feel like
They don't love himself enough to stay. Humble or not. You know commit suicide, I'm make them records. Kendrick ends up I'm saying, although the Caterpillar butterfly, are completely different, they are one in the same state crystallizes. What I've name, the contrasting duality theme expressed in various guises throughout the album with implications of good versus evil. Exe. Station: verses, nurture and innocence, verses, maturation, assist conflicts, In contrast, it essential and Kendrick story is the commission a thing. My music is always conflicting While you were later Like you say, I want to propose wives out there. I wanna do some for the better but in actuality, my life, is is who I am Personally, I was in my life, who I The person is not the song, I
That's why I want to be now you. Now he was complicated as well. MR frustration on, gave rise as business. What our confidence tat was a tsunami daddy's, that's what makes a quiet and, in my The completion of today is How can I use my leadership you? Knowing what to do WWW lousy. Now, for of a worse as the conflicting nor version you come from place of negativity cover his place. Not have another nor following pingaree. Look up to now you are taking a lead from thousands of people around the world, their brings a whole lot of change, so does to completion. You know why you last the away in a positive way ass, the on as before,
just at our last episode, Kendrick, was born in June, making him a Gemini the zone, sign best known for having two contrasting or conflicting personalities. Kendrick is very self aware of his gemini characteristics, something that often informs is music fury. Where, from our analysis of the Alps, First Song Wesley SIRI Uncle SAM attempts to appeal to Kendrick, conflicting personalities and as a materialistic? I spent Canada, maybe the register German. I sat Manningham everything TAT is to say now my Jenadab. We now Christmas till I saw your wish lists mandated. How are you deserve? It can't drink like eighty six Leslie Use theme duality theme is expressed in a multitude of proportions, both big and small, beginning with the brain. Overview. We can see the duality theme express than the contrasting halves of the album through acts. One into the
staff of the album presents Kendrick as Caterpillar piping himself. Materialism, an ego cocoon by the You should lies mindset he developed being raised in Compton, the second half of the album acts. Three and four presents Kendrick as butterfly emerging from the kind of his physical and mental environment, shedding light on his community marrying our lands. We can see the duality theme express from song the song. Besides, the tree of songs, Wesley's theory for free king kinda, weird the tree, alright, foresail Mama Wesley SIRI, with its first verse of materialism and second verse. Uncle SAM contrast, with all right, with his first verse, exclaiming, over Uncle SAM and second verse meeting Lucy vines of Uncle SAM on for free contrast with the submission to Lucy on for sale on King Kunta, Kendrick returns home to gloat and on Momma Kendrick returns home reflective in the stalls
Outside this trio, we heard her complexion embraced blackness in all forms, while the black the very exposed the hypocrisy of embracing that blackness, while still being involved in black on black violence. We can identify the low and high points. The thematic pillars of the album in the south thing rock bottom song, you that contrasts with the self loving self affirming I uh the titles of the songs themselves are in reference to identity. That idea, you- and I are two sides of the same coin. If we narrow lens even more, we can see the duality theme express needs song. First, a verse and often word for word down but did the sample of Boris gardeners. Every Edward is a star. The juxtaposition between the poison and see if the Edward and the word star is reminiscent of the contrast between the words pimp and butterfly on one hand, we can interpret this phrase positively
the inside each human being specifically african Americans. There is a star a potential for growth, is. On the other hand, if we imagine Uncle SAM saying the phrase we can interpret it as having exploitative connotations that inside each human being, specifically African Americans and their experience, there is potential for exploitation on for free Kendrick claims. This dick ain't, free ain't free can be interpreted as not free, demanding compensation, forest talent from Uncle SAM or not free, being restricted, shackled or control by Uncle SAM, as he is ultimately the one writing the checks on King country, We notice how Kendrick felt empowered like a king yet was controlled like a slave. The song, institutionalize expresses. Kendrick frustration with his home is brute behaviour, the b to your words and birth. One lovers to was perform from the point of view of the homey revealed that is, behaviour was a product of institutionalize racism
on these walls. Kendrick spoke of the walls of a woman's vagina as men. Or for using his fame for vengeful sexual exploits, but also revealed limitations or walls of his own selfish, narrow mine that lead to these exploits and while act for displaced Jack. Embracing is leadership role. Mortal man shows the potential pitfalls of that role. Of course, than those that alms title to pit the butterfly and enter with mass appeal. Kendrick alludes to the duality theme in regard to the outer title saying club. It was something about butterfly how soft it sounds and how hard pimp sounds. It was just the contrast. That's how my music is. It's a roller coaster, its cohesive but it's up and down you're going through all these different emotions. I wanted the title to reflect that. Kendrick expands on the meaning behind the arms title in an interview with click as the task ass. He gazed at her complexion and gave it goes down from the title, and I think this
entitles does want to live forever, represents so meet the reticence taken of puritanism, something it represents decision making or whatever art is how can whenever lady for better or for worse, a show decision. These are, Two things that I was just making this record the record being about how can I not be pimped in the system? You know, as far as we are can I put my salary for a better, more community or for a better world How can I be selfish and take advantage of the USA How can I be selfish and take advantage of it saying a word It was all about me: I'm going to get these chains off and get the jewelry I'm going to get these clothes. Women cars in here Like them, you know but
is a decision that I left hanging on the album. You know that's the real trick. You know undertone of what I want to do, but it never says what I'm going to do, because I may not feel the way I felt yesterday. As we just heard, Kendrick implies a duality seem to the verb pimp from Kendrick personal perspective. He gets used, a pimp talent his success in influence. His butterfly for selfish returns, money sex drugs, immaterial kids, even though he may feel empowered. The real pimp in this situation is the one who writes the checks uncle DOT Sam who exploit the butterfly for all it's worth this song the word pimp is presented in the first half of the album acts? One and two, on the other hand, Kendrick papers. Talented influence for good didn't send in and temptation and uplifted com. Ready by using his experience outside of competent to teach self respect. Vacation and authenticity here, Kendrick becomes apparent,
and fully realises the transformation from Caterpillar to butterfly represented in the album second half through acts. Three and four. If we Weiner nerlens, we can view title is general representation at the black experience in America, Cocoon their environment, The racism in historic oppression, many black men and women, destined to remain caterpillars their potential tragically unrealized. They do make it out Uncle SAM is there to exploit their struggle and stunt, therefore Transformation into butterfly Dobbs near if his Kendricks best attempt to educators community show them play. The skirt, the expectations and exploitation through authenticity, acceptance and God. If we Weiner lands even further the meaning behind a pimp, a butterfly ass, a very poignant question about the human experience. And challenges us to evaluate our own life task. Ask ourselves: am I the pimp or my being pimp,
Am I fully realising my own potential what walls are keeping make acount? What's my Lucy my voice, is how my using my own influence herself she turns or to advance. Entity in a positive direction, however, large or small, and by the and I'd like to see in the world and my caterpillar or my butterfly fuel like, the let themselves in a mere asked. How this thing to do now is to critique yourself round and appoint a thing. You know by his change? So actually do that say. I'm wrong in a lot of areas. I look at myself in the mirror and I'm found a lot of hair that takes a lot of willpower and they don't stand so start with self. First. Another place of duality theme appears is on the albums I see you ve probably seen it at some point, but if nodded to pick a mob of Kendrick, real friends from Compton, posing in front of the White House nearly every
person has either a stack of money or alcohol bottle in their hand beneath them as an older white judge laying knocked out her deceased on the ground with excess over his eyes. Kendrick is in the center of the mall shirt, listen holding a baby, you didn't know what he looked like you and be able to distinguish Kendrick from the others in interviews. Kendrick breaks down the meaning behind them, Mark was impetus for that. For now I ask of aggressive statement. Just so several mean is actually a seven means. One of the meanest is Wesley Day know that their song is by their cover for me personally This is going back to the neighbourhood and taken the folks. Amazon northern had taken him around the world. Whether No, whether you want to call him Aignan and that they need to see these things where is the White House weathers Africa? Whether
knowing, as in London, no out exactly you, not aid cities. These that's why explanation, for it gives more deeply. Does that it covers is my boyfriend warehouse really take hoping for my neighborhood entailing around the world. Let me see He's that I've experience everybody in the picture is spent two armies keys to Baku away since elementary hurry up to now and also laddie visuals, that's half of article K, Mercedes dishonest covered, so it s been around for we really digesting round as a judge lay down ground. Look at these individuals living room is bad people a menace menaces society, but they actually the people. You know
the probability of lamb one person they always rubbish- they're not life's negatively, is the you know Only guy can judge these individuals were here not knowing what to gavel. No an awful bonobos years, given these keys, a chance in life avenues star irreverence down, it represents. I felt when I first got signed, Wesley story, the first initial state. You know you gave money, you feel like this overall in general, it represents those without money. You know my color their riches spirit. No no need dollars. Feel like you, you ll have a place in the world. You know ass down goes ten? Eleven twelve tracks does what it represents: the first as a lobby, ignorant
This know how I was brought up. So, as I see the world really about the money is about how the two Aspects- references that arms opening track Wesley. Syria's partial inspiration for the owl marked the go ahead, listen to the clippers, referring to keeping him the verses written from Kendrick, the caterpillar, who added, suddenly recital laundry list of things you'd like to do once inside the record. To when I gave me, however, state that seeks to use it ass, a model on a black and White House right now, when I give you my man has again, it might get a made, an exact like also references the White House in a similar fashion, on the introduction of the song institutionalized. Fantasizes about why he do fear president?
no take. The chains of the imagery Rebellion is also alluded to in contracts. Conversation with Tupac at the end of the album the ground is gonna. Up and swallow the evil. I see my words born. I see, in the ground is a symbol for the poor people. Poor people is going to open up this whole world swallow up the rich people, because rich people going to be so fat and and they're going to be so a As you know, I'm saying well appetite for help. No say it's gonna be lying between what this theory institutionalized and the park statement. When you start to piece together
interpretation of the cover as portrait of the Alps. First, half the caterpillar or quota quote ignorant half as well fiction of the ground Tupac speaks of Kendrick Spanish Moving the captain swat me to the White House, posted in the White House can be viewed as a perpetrators of the system make racism that created. I continued to perpetuate many of the black communities obstacles and achieving the american dream for the cap. Displays a physical defeat over the judge. The hum is yet overcome their institutionalized mindset, a song institutionalized can fantasizes himself as president, and I can To do with that power is pays. Mama's, rent free, his home from jail bullet proof is car and smoke we'd, the were reflects short sighted fantasies, as all the men are holding alcohol of money and generally acting a fool Also. The few women included in the photo are blocked by
how bottles are gang signs, perhaps representative at the disrespect or lack of priority shown to women by certain members of the black community. It seems that Kendrick is implying that a violent revolution is an incomplete one. Like the story told on Tipp a butterfly, these endeavour jewels need a spiritual revolution to truly escaped the real prison created by systemic racism and oppression, the prison of their own mind, the more optimistic or butterfly interpretation of the cover, as one Kendrick explains in his inner, these, while they may be porn disenfranchised Hendricks homes, are rich in spirit knowing the history behind places like Compton generational oppression. The black community has faced. We can look past Alcohol money and see the butterfly within all these men, like the song I Kendrick here is using his influence to share his worldly experience with those who have had the same good fortune. He doesn't separate, or this
English himself from them is among them and if you episodes pursued season recorded Kendrick, saying I'm not speaking to the community or of the community, I am you mean the cover seems to be the visual depiction of the statement. Of course, Kendrick holds a baby and symbolic of the future, taking Kendrick His community will overcome conflict through self acceptance and unity among black men and women regardless of gang affiliation. In this way, the judge on the ground becomes not an act of violence, but as symbolic defeat through self respect and unification and the White House becomes not a symbol of oppression but of empowerment, implying that the Our community is as American is the widest Midwest community and just as deserving of opportunity. As we wrap up our analysis of to butterfly, I suppose, if
their examination will be complete without a bit of criticism. So here's my critique of the album yeah. I got nothing because here my thoughts on criticism, sometimes doesn't need it. And frankly, I don't have time to criticise we already. You have to love our time to art, as it is I'd rather not wasted time. I critiquing if it's they created with honesty, less immediate. With respect and openness. Let us say what it has to say without judgment if it resonates beautiful, if not, let's respectfully, move on I guess this is as good a as as any to move into a more personal space regarding this album from day one. Tempted to approach to paper butterfly without any preacher germination like all great art, this arm could be viewed any number of subjective lenses you could approaches.
Purely from representing the black experience in America from its place. Pantheon of black music from his place history of the concept album from the perspective of the content? black lives matter: movement and racial tension in America. The possibility These are truly endless. My approach, the little more generic I wanted to be weightless as possible, allowing the out to push me. Whichever way of wanted, I want stay out of my way to be observed, to the album and let it now aid to whatever destination it had in mind but I'd like to leave that behind in lieu of a season finale conclusion segment, which I also deemed a bit redundant on the heels of a twelve hour analysis of a single album. I've decided Instead, the closed with my personal take away from the album and a little back story about the creation of this podcast. I started dissect because, like many other
I found myself constantly scrolling in swiping my days away with access. An infinite amount of content at my fingertips, I myself spending too little time consuming too many things over time. This began to feel disrespectful specially to artists who, in this age of overconsumption, still choose to craft and crime? with detailed, honest and thoughtful pieces of art. I wanted to create it. Structure that would force me to spend months with a piece of art to extract as much as I could from something rather than consuming casually and swiping on also, wanting to be realistic about our new consumption habits. Thus, the idea making long form analysis and a short digestible episodes. It's me see what can happen when we commit ourselves to a great piece of art. Did you made it This entire season, you ve dedicated nearly Twelve hours of your life to an analysis on a single word, classic
countless hours, I'm sure you spent listening to the album imagined sitting front of a piece of art at a museum for twelve hours, just sitting, thinking letting it give everything it had to give blood yourself give everything you had to give to. It would be hard. Walk away from the experience unchanged as a person. And now that I'm walking away from Tipp a butterfly released The in depth analytical sense in honestly, say I'll, be walking away a change person and allowed me to experience through someone who's up Bree, was completely different from my own. It may be understand, more about the black experience in America about the underbelly of fame and success about the invincibility of our human spirit, The force me to honestly assess how I view others to me, my own cultural biases and prejudice that I wasn't fully aware of the forest me to prioritize. What's important, my own life question, whether I'm being pimped
question whether I'm nurturing my own butterfly to its full potential question whether I'm using my influence in the most positive impact for way possible, but more than It may be realised that while it may come from white suburbia, Still relate understanding connect with people that don't look, talk, think or act. The way I do as Kendrick says to conclude the album, although the Caterpillar butterfly, are completely different, they are one and the same. Despite proximity, political views, religion, race class or any other potential division where human first We all feel the same human emotions. Emotions are an exclusive the same her. You feel I feel joy or anger or frustration, we all experiences thing the same way and its around these human commonalities that we can unite. Empathy essential, but it's just the bridge to taking action, and I am doing my best across that bridge every day.
I like to share with you now something I wrote for the very first episode of the season that ended up on the cutting room floor. Looking back at it now, a rubber it's a kind of full circle moment. For me, it reads quote: before We began our examination of to pimp butterfly. I thought it might be appropriate to briefly explain my decision to dissect this album. There's. No doubt it's a work and deals with issues. Someone like myself cannot pretend to understand completely. I'm a white kid from suburbs of America if you can't tell by my voice why this might viewed by some as a hindrance and analyzing an album, so heavily rooted in african american culture is per se the reason I chose to dissect it. I dont think we get anywhere as a culture for afraid to confront issues because our difficult or feel like they don't apply to us. In fact, because our issues understood
merrily by the people they affect his press. One reason why they perpetuate this podcast season is my best attempt to understand my analysis were always come from a place of honesty. A true desire to learn as much as I can about our culture through this incredible album. Summarily decided to admit this because I felt it was to personal revealed security, I felt about approaching this album, but I do feel I stay True to my words, my approach always came from a place of honesty list. That same place that I now try to approach all things in the world. While I went in with the intention of attempting to understand others, which I certainly did more than anything came out understanding more about myself, and this is a great thing about great art. It gives and gives and Gibbs, but you have to make self available to it. You have to listen when it calls you immediately my connect
and two butterflies a little extreme, but perhaps for good reason. The album came out the day after I first and only child was born with six, a M son slating through the blinds I sat on a rocking chair with my headphones on, elicited a to pimp, a butterfly for the first time, by newborn child slept in my arms. It's one of those storybook moments in life that I'll never forget. I listened to the arm incessantly in each time. I felt this again curiosity and unease. I felt If I was missing something that is true, to say something that I wasn't paying close enough attention. I decided to fall that curiosity to submit to thy curiosity. For once give myself totally to thy curiosity So dissect was born a twelve hour hundred plus page analysis of two pepper butterfly? I started this. Act with zero expectations. I didn't think many people would find the podcast
let alone be interested in such a tedious analysis. I certainly didn't expect it next with so many amazing thoughtful intelligent people have come to meet through this podcast reader Your emails, your thoughtful season, two suggestions, your support, nor fundraiser, our interaction on twitter. It's all been really overwhelming, and frankly, Isabel time of Extreme division in our country. The positive the firming spaces podcast has created in my life has truly been beautiful. So thank you and in that spirit, I like to now hand over the microphone to you. Toward the end of the season. I ask you to share your biggest take away from Tipp a butterfly in the form of an audio clip. I've compile all this clips and taught were here now. It runs about tat, minutes long, and I could you too, really submit yourself and listen to each one. A fascinating range of diverse backgrounds and interpretations, and I try it
to hear their ideas their thoughts, their stories as your own? On the other side, have some final words as well as a result from our fundraiser enjoy yourself as one is for San Francisco, California, originally from Pasadena neighbor in to so also live in. The hood pretty similar to a country had to deal with as a youngster.
We spoke to me about that album was the album, was sister a person looking for a way out of the laws of in his life and looking for salvation all around places and figured it out that you know the change has come from within before it comes outward, so it almost inspired me to do what he's doing it away to sort it become a beacon of almost a light to show others that look just like you that come from places just that they come from. You know to come from the bottom and say: look you don't have to think like you from the bottom, you can do more for yourself in those round you it just has to start within yourself. You have to want more and know what more is and is achieved
but you just have to believe that its achievable my biggest take away from the peanut butter butterfly is sun. I because, despite all the suffering and oppression discuss on this, Album Kendrick finds a way to inspire people to love themselves and rise above negativity through this beautiful emotional uplifting song. This album would not be the complete masterpiece said it is without this track in one song, he finds a way to educate people about oppression and, at the same time, inspire people to love themselves. The exact way that they were born when it was red blue Nile over National Tennessee I start listening to dissect right. Whenever I moved to Nashville in on you moved an insidious therefore, that fresh start sort of vibe, and so I got here, I was thinking. I'll be a better version of myself than before, and I an I you look the political climate social climate near racial issues are huge and me being
some new grew up and like suburbia, why America, I realize I didn't have a good grasp of what was like to not be that and so does just tell me a lot about empathy and not just thing suit and a butterfly and someone else issues, but it's have given me at least a toolbar, a toolbox by which to think about things from someone else s point of view, and for that I am forever grateful the podcast dissect and their season onto pamper butterfly, as educated me in the past few months, about the art of rob and has connected me more deeply to the african american experience. I've heard it said what really changes. People's opinions are stories, because it's the emotion, soul and life that really lie
a fire in us with the help of dissects, tedious analysis. I have heard the tipps of emotion. Saw and life Lamar once his audience to feel. In all honesty. The empathy this podcast bestowed me with helped me become less racist. Helped me see all African Americans as more completely human as hard as that is to admit. Thank you for helping me deeply appreciate this art. And become a better humbler person. Hey called this is Tucker from Indianapolis, and I wanted to do a voice recording for you. I say that when I first heard Kendrick Lamar that his first thing I heard was Maxie Freestyle and I immediately wrote him off as a rapporteur, who is this crude obscene person and I think when timber butterfly released, mileage viewpoints cannot change a little bit after listening to the album,
back to his other islands and listening to his other work, there was so much more meaning that I didn't understand and also say that to pimp a butterfly was the album that got that really like pushed me into hip, hop and rap. All I really can listen to it's hip, hop and rap. That's kind of all that keeps me interested anymore Kendrick once now the outside. Looking in among the inside looking now, I'm in dead centre looking around, and I think that theme Who sells the duality you have? The introspective conjugal mark came out from the black from captain juxtapose with that our work more braggadocio King Kendrick King counter, and this analysis is album, really shows how fluidly Kendrick move between both these prisoners to create a more complete version himself and really endearing, thus to whom at while, at the same time showing his skill. I
truly enjoyed listening to dissect. What I already knew was a brilliant album and pulling out all of the layers of meaning in and imagery Symbolism: men metaphor: and just you pulled everything out of an outcome that are already loved and made me love it even more. I also appreciate the fact that you always said the inward and never actually said the inward. Thank you for that. Thank you. Much for dissecting was truly amazing, so from it's almost impossible to appreciate to Paypal butterfly without juxtaposing against good kid mad city up until this part that was fear about most of all time bar none because it put me square in the shoes of getting Compton, unlike any thing
You could ever do you know about my world, but but to people butterfly did was helped. Me understand the conflicting feelings that that I felt going up and iranian kid born and raised in Virginia that sense of love for my home, but never never truly feel like. American I'm so, whereas good kid Maad City help me understand the struggles of somebody else to pimple butterfly we understand my own little bit better call Kushner Man you pay cash is fantastic, major take away that left me there that I've never really thought about. Actually was the fact that. Good kid, mad city and pimp a butterfly are so connected that
from the end of the first album to the beginning of the second album, it's a direct line, connection that blew my mind. Major fan, love your work, I'm going to keep following you thanks a lot. This is MIKE, The pimp, a butterfly as Adam S, music, album, has everything I could pass for its government. Eighty in depth and engaging it's fine, but is also moving but it's even more than that. It creates a bridge between my own contacts as a white middle class mail, to a context that I just these familiar with our understand as much. Otherwise, I gotta think conjugal mourn his genius and things like a dissect podcast for that one of my favorite ounce of all time. Besides the personal impact on those sitting Hendricks approach to writing here and his structures.
Putting them in line with James Joyce in terms of black contextual complexity, dense, lyricism, uncompromising statuses, on delivering colonel wisdom and creating a history, an oral history, the concept of self determination, love accepting failure and really pushing now a Kendrick Lamar vision of strength and real power. Its real beautiful thing at this decisive coercion from Saint Paul Minnesota. Sector has been very important to me as a white, male and Middle America. I've never experienced what it's like to be a minority and likely never will the best way. I know to understand the experience of others is to listen to them before dissect. I've listened to Kendrick Lamar's music. The show is help me understand it in a way I couldn't before musical
inability to convey ideas better than simple speech, and I'm grateful that Cole has taken the time to unpack everything in to pimp a butterfly for us. I listen to tip of a butterfly everyday the week it came out and I continue to listen to it. I think part of the reason I do is the same reason. I watch all my favorite movies over and over again it's just a sinner, it's a cinematic album and I have never really listen to anything else like it, yeah, it's great favorite, I'm involved time. Timber butterfly was an amazing, our I know this is an amazing album into I listen to dissect podcast. In my opinion, it is ranking among one of the greatest problems of all time. It is a beautifully crafted concept album. There can only be topped by Kendrick himself, how's it going corn fellow dissected listeners
I've been rocking Kendrick since overly dedicated. I think, since good kid, mad cities been in contention for the greatest Hiphop artist of all time. That's just my opinion. And honestly. After listening to dissect, I have to say that two pimple butterfly is my favorite hip hop album of all time again. I thought it was great the first few times I listen to it, but after hearing your opinion on it Hearing the depth and time and effort that went into this album. I really Heard any other hip hop albums that can compete with it, thank you for Changing my mind on that and in swaying my opinion. I can truly say that I live by Kendrick Lamar's words, because
The man is so unsafe for an he truly displays something or it displays a message that we don't hear too often in Hiphop. You know when I think of her pop I was raised listening to a lot of to park. Biggie a lotta, all school rap the tragic Lamar reflects that sufferer, someone like me: I truly connect with Kendrick Lamar, an even bigger his message. Hey was the one thing that I guess I took from too the butterfly after thoroughly listening with they over these packages. Is that there is always room for growth that we're always going to have the ups and downs and in betweens in life, but there's always room for growth and is in growth, is for anybody
to pimp butterflies like a major major show up there, and I think that's the one thing that I did take. Hey call. This is Joseph in Taipei City, Taiwan, something value and greater is its ability to transcend simply It's very specific and turn into a very universal experience in that's something I definitely see, in two pimp a butterfly its ground in his experiences, but it so masterfully, communicated that it never fuels close to. Someone like me, who didn't groping, Compton or late, enjoy expiring, his level of fame, the joy way. The exuberance of King King TAT, the lines of depression and you d affirmation of all right and, on the the
present question of out and out only survive in the complex web of American true, but how to carve out and create meaning for position within. It is something that I think is very relate a bow wow staying very honest, Hendricks own experiences and struggles, send him at his grandson around the two biggest take away from the seasonal they set as we ve evolved into the lyrics. Kendrick Lamar is that I can be proud of who I am, and anyone who blackness that, skin. Color is not effective and the king, you proud the struggles of my ancestors
fighting in this piece of oppression, and to that I must have It was those I dont understand and I've been teaching is to my students is even let them listen to the episode that is important for us to seek to understand those. We don't necessarily agree with that. I believe, will help us you as a nation things. This package has been granted to them the butterfly S, work unapologetic, black mass, it s a score: the historical, social and political legacy, Hiphop whiskers, hip hop, but also the score to movement happening right now in America and what has always been happening for backfire.
And it's just a work of art, that contract was able to look at history, look at her part, and it shows that he really understands the work that her Papa has always done. The work that rebel music has always done for the black community and was able to weave those stories into this masterpiece and just do it in a way that is unapologetically black and shows deep love and understanding of black folk and black history. Hey. What's up this time for me to put into words how much this podcast really means to me, there are very few, is that a line from this podcast from this album will pop up into my mind the camera Does a dollar cost and complexion really doesn't mean anything? It's open up, coming nations in the communities living in the school, but I teaching or middle school teacher church than I worship in as well as all I can say. Thank you
in the leg work on this album we're gone away to advance the way that I see the world a better place He has had to my life and the way they can raise needs a clear to his story, also aforethought as its entire album musically. He brings his the old man with a new and classes together, Mesa Beautiful, sound, the album lyrically he takes us through to despair. And ultimately, he shows us the story. The soil degradation musical imperatives and the thing that struck me always about Kendrick hey. This is Matt Lindner, one of the host of musical imperatives and the thing they fuck me always about Kendrick. Technically it's about power of. Why is the spiritual underpinnings at the outcome and how much He has a reliance on God. Even in his doubts about faith, he said He's got as his way.
To escape, burst out something that leaning on and then something to bring back to committee. The fiend out impact of tipping the butterfly on me is: how can you can simultaneously hold together, hope and realism and I am most edith- exemplified on the hook of all right, as he points to injustice and points to with things that are not right going to operate as they should, but also holds out. His hope in and community in real life. And in positive and inspires us and everyone else to pursue that same hope, along with him, hey call this is Chris, sending you this message from either how so Honestly, what was my biggest take away and listening to season? One of dissect out Probably say come down to just whole appreciation of chemical MAR the whole appreciation of is musical genius. Why?
heard dissect. I heard how all the songs played together, including the songs and I like less say like for free having new podcast. I really am since his his in breath, is an artist and brilliant. For changed. I think about all music in general. So are you I guess that's my biggest takeaway, so thank you. I appreciate it call the reason why I loved the butterfly so much is. It shows everyone that we're all connected The story it isn't millennia years old, but even then it saw reminds us that we have the opportunity to make that story. Two pimp butterflies solidified, my belief that King Kendrick is my favorite artist of all time. We can talk about the lyricism all day, and I bet there things I won't catch until ten years from now help even the title and cover are just waiting to be further. Analyze cynically has seamless
extra various genres was done so well. They can even be categorized. I now or understand why some people did not like the sound initially and there's no telling what he is capable of making next. My name is, I love the show, and I can't wait till season. Two
wow, so a thirty seconds to explain everything I got out of to pimp a butterfly. You do realize, of course, that that is severely insufficient self. Let me just say that I salute you, my brother, because what you did to take the time and break down to pimp a butterfly and Kendricks ART in general was nothing short of amazing, and hopefully there are people all around the globe now who are more enlightened and have a deeper appreciation of the genius of that man's work. So we salute you and I appreciate it and look forward to season to a call, I'm just going to say my biggest takeaway from to pimp a butterfly is that as a young black man going through changes and never go, and not only that is inevitable. Is that it's okay? It's supposed to happen and that's what makes him a man that's what makes you know an adult and to hear that on an album from another boy
blackmail is, is amazing. So thank you so much regard. I really do appreciate. You help me to a lap banking, Jamie, Pomeroy, eleven National Tennessee one day recently on the way to work. I had two homeless people saw me outside of our regular coffee shop, nasty thing. It's me need to get something to eat so Documents I got him whenever they wanted and to stop these people for, like ten minutes heard their story told me about some tough times. On over the last ten years and just got some perspective. And didn't think too much of it by got home that night and the episode from you listen to us how much dollar cost- and I heard Kendrick story and call story, has actually brought it yours and didn't expect to go that night and have anything like that have after what happened this morning, but just good reminder that still in the world, were all one, and so we hear people out when they ask for help. We been in down the ball.
When the crab was low. Looking at the world like, where do we go when I guess, just read. There will now be God. The red we ve got your head key. You, may God enjoy these stories as much as I did you do, Some men and audio club. I'm going to give you your thirty seconds now be at a particular time. A memorable moment. A theme that's presented
wherever you are now take a moment and consider your biggest take away from Kendrick Mars, to pin but butterfly Thank you. Everyone. This first season has been a beautiful experience. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as they did, creating it I'll talk to you next season, or a fully submit ourselves to another musical masterwork, because great art deserves.
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Thanks to my mom, dad and sister for always supporting everything I do and a big thank you to my wife and daughter for being the best thing that ever happened to me for letting me spend way too much time on dissect these past six months and of course I like to thank you for listening fiercely. Thank you I'll see you next season. Why don't we go understand that we are put on earth to learn, as all is about I want to figure. Complicated life is in and break it down. This is what I actually think Why won't you on frustration, frustration, angle, keep one or two finally go back down to the simple is where love.
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