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S2E10 – Devil in a New Dress by Kanye West

2017-10-10 | 🔗

We continue our serialized analysis of Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by dissecting "Devil In A New Dress."

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Welcome to dissect one long for musical analysis broken into short digestible upset? I'm your hosts competition, today ten sear lies examination and my beautiful dark twisted fantasy by Conny West. On our last episode, we dissected Scylla. A song, Bessys Conny in French speaking on the ridiculous news of their lavish lives. We heard how the heart of the women money and power they were crude. There is a kind of emptiness a sentiment accentuated by the somber smoke filled musical backdrop. As a result, Conny will begin search. For something more authentic on the alms next song and the subject of today's episode: devil in
dress, she said it. Hath invasion is the way he loves. You might know, Evelyn new dress is produced by being in my theme. It's your song, untwisted fantasy. That kind he doesn't have a producer credit on being whose real name is rose about Herald. Is it Grammy Award winning producer best known for his work with the Rockefeller label? Big, pretty three tracks on Jaycees classic the blueprint and during this time that banking can relationship began in an interview with thy magazine being said, quote as working on
Dynasty album when Connie started coming around the Rockefeller studio. It's like we just had a mutual respect for each other used to come by my house and we would beat spar going head to head with new beats unquote when being caught. When a producer's musicians visiting Hawaii to work on Connie's twisted fantasy album, he gave Connie a call and soon was on a flight to Hawaii. The first beat being play for Kanye was what would become devil in a new dress. Being said, quote the reaction I got from Kanye after I played the beat for the first time with R chance I mean yeah just doesn't react to music if it's not genuine, unquote, devil in a new dress makes heavy use of samples pulled from smokey Robinson's. Will you love me tomorrow? You can see
will you love me too I was originally written and performed by Carol King, You being uses three samples for Robinson's version of. Will you let me tomorrow? The first appearing around the two minute mark, the second around the four minute mark, the third around the foreign. Minute mark.
These three sections are then spice together. One semi torn up any cue to accentuate She knew high frequencies. When all is said and done. It sounds like that. An original drum pattern is laid beneath the sample loop, Recreated here by Sanders a beat breakdown,
the sample lupin drums of the tracks foundation provided by being Multi Instrumental, is MIKE Dean, then add the This line yeah? Instead, the strings. All these original elements is fully accept the musical material and hair in the samples added together and we get Dublin and New Dresses Musical Foundation
Doubling new dress, not always samples. Will you let me tomorrow it takes keys from the songs. Matic material as well. So will you? Let me tomorrow tell a story of a woman questioning the love of a man. We assume she's about. Secular quote tonight your mind completely. You give your love so sweetly tonight. The light of love is in your eyes, but will you let me tomorrow,
this a lasting treasure or a moment's pleasure can, I believe, the magic in your size. Will you let me tomorrow Morrow night with words unspoken. You said that I'm the only one but well my harpy broken when the night meets the morning sun. Unquote. The theme here is uncertainty. Looking into the eyes of your lover in questioning their motives is love or lust authenticity or deception worth Conny will later state. You love me for me: can you be more phony? Indeed, Conny will piggy back on the themes of deception and uncertainty found, and will he led me to Morrow questioning the girl he desires is just after money before moving on to our lyrical analysis, I do want to point out: devil in a new dress, is harmonic structure which accentuates this theme of uncertainty and western harmony. There, two main court types that domino
tunnel system cords. You hear nearly every song, you listen to every day the called major and minor cords. Both major and minor cords contain three notes, but their emotional qualities are drastically from a major cord is typically considered a bright or happy sounding cord. Why Minor cord is typically considered a dark or sad cord devil in it. You dress features two main courts a major, indeed sharp. My Let's hear these courts played on top of this Tat is the way we do cords escalate into secret. The entire song, because their waited equally many one
it does not accentuated more than the other. We have a sonic power that is equally major and minor, brightened dark, happy and said we can hear this pilot is representative of the uncertainty. In contrast, emotions about the girl, Conny desires on track as Conny himself or oscillate between admiration and resentment. There is also talk of heaven and hell. Jesus and Satan, which, of course, is also represented by the contrast, a major and minor cords, and at the risk of going too far down the rabbit hole of tonal harmony. There is just one more thing: I'd like to point out. Typically, a song will be in a certain key signature. For example, we discuss the alms opening song. Dark fan, being in the key of F major. This means that the song more or less revolves around the F major cord other. Has known the tonic or home court when you that home cord and sound stable, resolved a place of comfort like home. Let's hear dark fantasies main court progression which begins and ends with our homes,
F major last Corti heard feels resolving right, we'd be comfortable ending here, but what about those middle courts in between the F major that began and ended the progression? What have we and on one of those courts This doesn't sound resolving right. We went wanted to end here. The feels incomplete. I speak, Our ears are trained a yearn for that home court of our key signature, in this case F major. Ah there we go, we found home are F major cord with this in mind, was turned again to Dublin and dress, we ve already established at the song, revolves around two cords e major and de sharp No,
the song itself. Is in the key of g, sharp minor But here's the thing. We never hear that g sharp minor cord we never find resolution to our home cord, the songs they stuck in those middle cords, those cords attention. The devil in a new dress where to resort to a g, sharp minor, sound. Something like this. But now just endlessly alternates between the major and the DE sharp minor over and over and over again this murky bit area of unresolved tension, combined with the songs back and forth major and minor court oscillation creates an effective uncertainty and unrelenting anxiety will see. This provides an accurate backdrop to the conflict, anxiety, ridden ridding couple that dishonest
Turn it around this harmonic Anis is adorned with lush gorgeous arrangements and pitched up vocal samples that, in view the music with romance wonder and extravagance, hadn't, even more complexity to the song, psychological off As I see Conny, will cause girl his sensation, a hybrid of sin and sensation of good and evil. This harmonic juxtaposition is not, like the elm twisted fantasy itself, we're just gonna exile fears and loneliness housing, a beautiful sonic architecture that appears attractive at first glance, but spend any quality time there. And he quickly realized a charade of appearances, how the external dormant lavishness mass the turmoil within. We think also twisted fantasies dedication that Michael Jackson, whose house was literally a theme park, name Neverland, but whose main argument Jackson himself was a prescription. Drugs attic dealing with an enormous amount of anxiety and
dress. We can also find this deceptive contrast contained in the devil in the new dresses song title something ugly, something devilish housed in something fancy, something extravagant something that fools or deceives us effort. Glance. The song title is a plant, the ninety. Ninety five film devil in a blue dress. I feel knew our murder mystery. Denzil, Washington and dont cheated, filled the war as a donor of cinema that typically centres around a detective who somehow gets involved with a dangerous woman and archetype character, known as family Tao. And they tower typically very attractive in seductive women who ultimately bring disaster to the men who become involved with them. It's no mystery. Why Conny upon devil in a blue dress for his own devil in a new dress, the song centres around a seductive woman who Conny causes sensation, undoubtably a nod to the family, tat archetype, saying new dress. Instead, a blue dress is cleverly
and to suspicion that she's only with him for his money with listen mine was dive into the song lyrics, which begins with the brief introduction, followed by the songs. Her tat is the way he looks at me. You must learn a lot from may lead to a lot away. We may be an easy task, may be the opening moments of Connie says I love it. I love it, though you can simply be an ad lib knowledge of the songs production, something fairly common and hip. Hop were using the word, though, meat, in spite of something else which is, of course unclear this early in the song. We might wonder if he's talking about the sin, a tribute
to the woman? He elaborates on in the songs hook, knowing while her deceitful ways but strongly attracted to her anyways. The hook begins. Put your hands to the constellations is now the third consecutive song on the album on which the hook asses to put her hand, in the air on monster. Conny says I may need to see your hands at the concert in so appalled. Swiss beat says one hand in the air. If you don't really care two hands in the air, if you don't really care the subtle thread when realise created through line that adds the dream, like logic, that's being established in the fantasy portion of the album the world we crossed into after Imagine suicide on power, the funereal music of all the lights, interlude, devil in a new dress. Putting your hand through the constellations plays out the religious overtones that are being established on the hook. Typically, people put their hands in the air at church, in praise of God, Hyrcania worshipping the godly women less after
The line the way he looked should be a sin you, my sensation, described this woman. This devil in a new dress character. Whose external appeal is so strong mass the sinner wickedness within. Of course, the made up word. Sensation is a play off. The word. Sensation again, we find juxtaposition in a word like sin being injected into an otherwise positive words, sensation itself, a kind of representation of the devil and a new dress idea. Connie continues. I know a preaching to the congregation Conny here plays off the phrase preaching to the choir, which meets approve a point to a person that already agrees with that point. Congregation typically implies a group of people gather religious worship, which is affirmed by the use of we in the next line. We love Jesus, but you and learn a lot from Satan. Again, we find dichotomy caught, in contrast between Jesus and Satan, the major and minor cords Catholicism
its implied here that our sensational woman characterised fond from grace in some way that are goodness or Connie's projection ever goodness, has been tainted by the sinful teachings of the devil. Cleverly Conny then wait two full measures about six seconds before delivering the next line, which is a line about waiting. He says I mean it and where did a lot of heading. We ain't married, but tonight it needs and consummation. Their religious overtones continue here, as Conny playfully asked for consummation, word typically used for the first time a couple: a sex after marriage of course, in traditional catholic Base Religions, a couple is required to wait to have sex until they're married Connie kind sensation, as some devil inner throughout the her kindness heard chuckling as he delivers. These lines, making all the theological vernacular feel tongue in cheek not to be taken to seriously rather it comes off, is clever. Flirtatious, banter he's having with the sensational character
This cute flirtation with declares a of some until the two are no longer on speaking terms the religious overtones continue as Conny performs verse. One way but tonight I need to consummate. May the Lord forgive us: may the gods be with this and that magic hour, I seen good Christians make rash decisions, so she do it. What happened to religion, forgive us, may the gods be with us and that magic our I seem good Christians make rash decisions. Oh she do it. The court uncle magic, our has two meanings: uncanny will use both meanings and his two verses here on verse. One refers to the hour before last cod bar night club to go urban dictionary is the time in which, every person who has not yet hooked up and wishes to do so, lorries are respective standards to whatever is available. The decree
loneliness and desperation inheriting this version of the magic hour, the kind of desperation that leads a simple acts. For that reason, Connie prefaces is lying about the rash decision. He in the christian sensation are about to make with the lines may the Lord forgive us. May the gods be with us trying to continue saying what happened to religion? Oh, she lose it and playing that he and the woman had sex, which, if you'll remember Connie, requested at the end of the opening hook, we're trying to piece together the origins of this relationship with a perhaps the two meeting at some kind of clever party
lusting after her the two going home together. As the first continues, we suddenly flash forward into the couples demise. I made no tax rate that they can t wait. No more. I thought I was now. I get my money around one's own examples. Like all the way, along with the added, some of which had attacked the nations, the way you look lines were happened to religion. Oh she lose. It implied that the two had sex and thus syn Which is then followed by a succession of lines. I tell how quickly the couple corroded he says she putting on her make up. She casually allure text message: break up the casualty of tour. How she gone away.
And not love me no more, but I was the asshole. I guess it's rubbing off, there's a few ways we can read. This passage first taken allude to a one night stand while Conny is on tour with the two having sex of the result of the desperation inherent in the magic our the morning after she casually puts on her make up with play, a kind of emotional detachment from the situation. What kind of looks on admiringly later she text him breaking things off, leaving Connie confused and hurt another, perhaps more fitting way of reading this passage. Is it kind of macron impressionistic view, that's not bound by tradition?
I'm in space instead Conny tells a story about their mutual innocence lost by giving a small glimpses into their time together. Both Conny in the woman began with sincere intent that corroded over time the line how she got wake up and not love me. No more, is a clever reference to the song sampled on the beat which of you remember, is called WWW to lead me to Morrow. Conny continues hood phenomenon the la abroad,
hard to be humble when you stunt none jumbotron, I'm looking at her like this is what you really want at home, but the time a writing twisted fantasy and be a star Lebron James had just left his home town team, the Cavaliers for the Miami heat on national television. A few days later, Leubronn infamously claimed he went up to seven championships with the heat. Those two events made LE brought a public done overnight, similar to what the amazed did the Congo, the line, the brought him rhyme hard to be humble. When you stand on a jumbo tron undoubtably finds Conny acknowledging the parallels between their situations. It's also a clever display of lyrical talent is the mutate, the words Leubronn and rhyme, so much that they actually rhyme with each other Leubronn a rhyme Conny uses a jumbotron is symbolic of his fame. Then asked the girl
This is what you really wanted, her caddies confused or upset that the girls left, despite a celebrity status as s what she seemed attracted to initially the verse ends at the line. Why we argue anyway? Oh I forgot, as summertime hot weather is notorious for escalating conflict, perhaps most tragically colonies, hometown of Chicago regained, violent skyrockets in the summer Canyon, woman fight so often that he forgets whether even arguing in the first place. Of course, the Tell tale sign of a relationship got off the rails. After rapid, mission of the song, her first to begin.
Mason went mad and add a green or your man. Why? Which base dolly? Why you have made me sit around I'll wait. Maybe I should call me right ahead. The opening words averse to our tragic juxtaposition of beautiful landscape filled with hostility, resentment twenty wraps with the sun. Go down. It's the magic hour and out of all the colors that fill up the sky, you got green on your mind. I could see it in your eyes, while the magic hour represented last call at the nightclub in verse. One here on verse to it represents an hour before Sun fall in which the sky filled with vivid colors in the air is textured.
Dream like golden glow Baconian, the women are so far gone that they can enjoy the beauty of the moment. Conny looks into the woman's eyes rather than be taken by her beauty as saw began. He can now only see green symbolic of her desiring Conny for money. Things deteriorate further as a person continues saying why you standing there with your face screwed up, don't leave while you're hot. That's how I'm a screwed up base was a popular rapper in the 1990s left, music at the height of his fame, to become a pastor trying to use his double meeting with the phrase leave while you're hot as mace left. Why was a hot rapper and the woman leaves while she's, hot or pissed off? He continues his clever chain of lions with throwing should around the whole place screwed up, maybe I should call may so he could pray for us. Of course, the latter line is extremely witty, as you brings back the mace reference and alludes to his status as pasture asking him to quote pray for us birth. To conclude,
more clever wordplay. I ordered you jerks, you take your sense of humor, but tonight you should have seen how quiet the room was. The lyor, Cohen and Deorro net on that to your homie face. Couldn't be more tony. You love me for me: could you be more phony put your hands to the constellations. Seen at a jamaican restaurant in which the woman puns, the jerk state, Conny orders by saying you are what you eat a while at one time in their relationship, Conny loved her sense of humour, the joke is now written in too much truth and resentment. He says I always loved that sense of humor, but tonight you should have seen are quite the room. Was
striking expression of loneliness and their awkward, terrible feeling swallowing a slide job for me lover, because here in a public space or among Company Conny, inverse too, with winding wordplay saying the Lee or cone of deer home, that's dear home, not d or homey Leir cone is the music industry executive provident hip, hop for over thirty years and dear home. Is a french high fashion men's where retailer similar to his leave a time Don moniker colonies, aligning himself with two influential and talented brand. He cleverly says not. Dior Homie, which is a likely miss pronunciation of the french word home and lose to lie, are cones working, hip, hop kind of then says the crib scarface. Could it be more tony? This is a the movie scarface that stars Tony Montana, a drug Lord who lives in a gigantic two story: mansion Tony is also a word. That means, according to Webster's dictionary marked by an aristocratic or high,
turn manner or style, which is indicative of commies lavish house, but also place of the previous line about the high fashion brand, your home, the Scarface reference gains complexity, when we think of the life of Tony Montana, whose mansion looked gravely his own home. It's another representation at a devil in a new dress, dichotomy, external appearance, basking the internal chaos within. Finally, verse two ends at the line. You love me for me: could you be Finally, verse two ends at the line. You love me for me: could you be more phony? This line, of course, sums up Connie's feelings about the girls feelings for him. It is money, his fame, his success that she loves, not This line leads directly into a repetition, but slightly altered version of the songs, her
the way you look. You must nay twenty plays the song sample, in which Smokey Robinson says, with words, unspoken and sings. You haven't said a word to me this evening: cat got your tongue. Connie is now taunting, the woman after he calls her out for being phony, do what she apparently has no response. It's the last thing will hear from Connie on the track and we can perhaps be the silence as a dead end of the failing relationship with seem to begin is pure since you're mutual. It is now a toxic, unravelled mess. This thematic dissolution is followed by a musical dissolution as an instrument of bread, stripped the song of its foundation and introduce
The piano and solo electric guitar, both played by my team I knew it payments are introduced in this breakdown, no actual new parts are played rather existing parts parts we ve been hearing throughout the song, thus far are re, orchestrated that is played on different instruments, which, of course, change or emotional quality. The main instrument here is the piano which place the two core: three disgust at the top of the show,
a major and de sharp minor, while also taking over the main descending riff, previously play by synthesize strings No extra tar also enters a mimics, a baseline. We heard throughout the track after two repetitions of this. We get a big wind up in the base the piano, this windup acts as a red carpet for the second electric guitar that begins expressive, heart wrenching, sallow, also play by deem there's nothing. I can really say about the solo. Aside from the obvious, is gorgeous and following the disastrous relationship outlining the verses, its emotional quality is one of tragic. De. If you able to now, I suggest
closing your eyes. You listen to this passage, really try to live in its beauty for the next minute as one of the most moving moments on the entire album
you know my pretty powerful stuff right?
quickly following the solo. A new characters introduce Wrapper Rick Ross, who himself delivers an oppressive, powerful, verse, it was actually a verse are almost never was, as a story goes, Connie called Ross. The day before his out was due to his record company, I requested a verse Rostov, MTV Club, I gotta call they wanted me to be a part of that record. It was actually the last day before Conny had to turn in the record, and I think that pressure just made it that much more special to me. So I just sat there approached the record openly as straightforward as I could when I laid the verse thirty minutes later. I was extremely happy. I sent it to him and he was too unquote. Indeed, Ross lays a phenomenal verse on devil and a new dress,
is baritone, gravel and a wet sock of a voice and a sharp witty wordplay. Elevating the song is dynamic range of sonic layers to even greater heights and not to discredit Ross's performance whatsoever, but I believe the impact of his birth has just as much to do with the musical landscape has provided as it does with actual formats less because the guitar solar that country for his entrance is one big, beautiful, build a red carpet roller that any m c would kill for the guitar Scylla began with that breakdown and introduction of the piano we heard and with each measure? Additional instruments are added back in when it finally just Ross? The song peaks dynamically, with his unexpected entrance, the piano cord slamming beneath him, the last Bernie members of the Qatar solo still resonating on our emotional oral palette. Let's have a listen, paying close attention to this dynamic, build and pay off
Ross S entrance Emma picture. Where do you asked about making them are Sergio stretching limousine similar Rosa master would show me read sherry excesses, just my character maker should never needed, except for my? U, whilst that is easy, because mouth why Josh had examined the logs latin still says like Ross, with a series of witty line, saying look at my bitch, I bet you give your ass a bone. Look at my wrist it'll Turner asked a stone Russia's wordplay centres around a dog bone, the bitter female doc you referred to being his woman his sensation, who so beauty
for that, her appearance alone apparently gives us male listeners bone ers. He falls within and about looking at his watch turning people to stone, which is a clever and as for Saki Watch, whose logos medusa reduces the greek mythology monster with snakes for hair. You look at her. You turned to stone. Ross continues, stretch limousine slipping rosy, all alone, of course, There is a type of wine and is Ross as sipping on it, while writing in his limousine all alone, but we also a double entendu here as rosy is also losses. Nickname and his sensation is now quote: sipping rosy. If you catches drift, this innuendo continues the line double headed monster with a mind of its own alluding, into Rossi junk, but also canoeing. The greek mythology themes as authorised The two headed guard dog tying back into rises, opening bitch slashed dogma line rises. Birth concludes with a series of thematically poignant
perspective lines very Kaliningrad. As my chair before nice man afflicted by so many twice over delivery array, a cool just what a major large dam catch, your film is noble, stumbled, retraced semester, Raw says getting to pay money twice over still real Edward cookie sweater dice roller here Rossi, claiming off titty. Despite a success as it brings in more money than Tupac. He also lose an editorial Biagi with the red kooky sweater as big as no two that brand, of course, Tupac and bigger often mentioned together as
the greatest wrappers, who are also murdered around the same time. The sets up the next line. I making love to the angel of death, which alludes to his risky wrapper lifestyle, but also brings full circle, the notion of the devil and a new dress, the sensation, the juxtaposition of good and evil, the entire songs bill upon rises. Powerful conclusion is immediately followed by continuation of the guitar Zella. We heard in the bridge the seamen transition from solo to roster solo, while the musical material behalf and then remains dynamically elevated creates a stunning and prolong climax this in the six minutes song doesn't feel like six minutes. Its dynamics are carefully calculated. The entire song itself a continual build listen to this outer together all the way until the end, because it ending is perhaps the most brilliant straw. The entire song
tourism must design index. And resolved to you not really right, just kind of end abruptly, this big, ascending, piano, writhed and then nothing? It's a fit and to assume that essential exists entirely in a tunnel grey area. As you remember at the top Shall I pointed out how the songs harmonic structure takes place in this weird unresolved middle area? How annulled
the alternates between a major, indeed sharp minor, no sign of the home corridor resolution in the entire peace, the songs ending, no different. Instead of resolution, we get tension without pay off. We get silence a fitting metaphor for colonies. Final words on the track. She hasn't said a word to me this evening. Cat got your tongue, but what happens when we consider the Alps next song runaway? What, if I told you devil in a new dress, was one Big build up for the song runaway. What if I told you run away as the resolution we ve been searching for throughout devil and a new dress. Let's hear the ending of devil, followed by the introduction runaway the opening note, have run away as an aim is the route noted that e major core problem.
Lee, featured on devil and a new dress, but we're on devil that ascending piano riff leads into an e major cord a runaway stripped of everything, but the route, no e, pitched, two octaves hermetically speaking. That transition is smooth and connected. Runaways introduction that high is singled out and repeated over and over again refreshing our on a pallet, it still acting as a bridge, between run away and devil and redress, but the time we hear them. The runaways descending piano line. We don't know quite where we are harmonica. Resolution finally comes with the introduction of the drums and base.
It is here that we- finally, get resolution runaway snaps in harmonic leader, the key of the major proper, the key signature that Evelyn and new dress was searching for that a desperately yearn to be the entire song, but can never find run is devil on a new dresses resolution devil in a new dress? Is one big build up to run away the tour Inexhaustibly linked? This is next level stuff, guys This theory not only works totally and works even better thematically, as we heard, devil in a new dress, finds Conny Resentful, get views about the woman sudden, disinterested him with theirs. Line that I believe reveals and forced something critical. I thought I was
and I guess it's rubbing off religion. Oh she lose one which says what happened to religion. Oh she lose it which implies. She was at one point more pure, we might speculate. She was more pure before, as that is bad influence of ego and celebrity lifestyle, as expressed in the previous song. So appalled has rubbed off on a sensation. Indeed and run away. Conny will admit close, and I just blame everything on you. At least you know that's what I'm good at devil, enemy, Dress could be viewed as just that: a display of colonies, virtuosity projection of blame for the woman and the woman alone for the dissolution of their relationship throughout the entire tractors. Area, hint of self examination as a one sided incomplete, analysis of their decay, which is why it makes
Instead, the song is unresolved and incomplete. Harmonica speaking, indeed, Conny is attracted sexually to a woman. Lusty, perhaps mistaken for love is baffled to why the woman would leave him why she would run away all that changes when Conny. Finally, for the first time on the album really looks himself in them you're on run away. The stripped down naked piano note a fitting what oh representation of the deeply introspective brutally deconstructed self examination. That's the follow, runaways a cathartic expression of self doubt, loneliness desperation, alienation and insecurity, which one packet noble detail. Next time, dissect Turner Dissect is written and produced by me, the music by bureaucratic. If you do
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