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S2E15 – Lost in the World by Kanye West

2017-11-28 | 🔗

We continue our serialized analysis of Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by dissecting "Lost In The World."

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Welcome to dissect long for musical analysis broken into short digestible episodes. I'm your host CALL Krishna today. Continue. Our serialized examination of my beautiful dark twisted fantasy by Kanye West. On her last episode, we dissected the albums penultimate song blame game, attractive found Connie attempting to reconcile is crumbling. Relation with the woman. We heard a multitude of psychological and emotional twists and turns, as Carney uncontrollably oscillates from hurt change filter remorseful to sad in a matter of seconds We never really finds a clarity searching for ultimately hits an emotional rock bottom and construction elaborate skin his head to make himself feel better, but all these to the elms next and final track, where we find Connie know closer to discover,
he's looking for. Rather, we find him embracing the chaos of his life in a celebration of uncertainty and anthem of ambiguity. The subject of today's episode, it's in the world, lost in the world, along with the album's outro, who will survive in America, was produced by Connie West and Jeff Bhasker. The tracks main building block is a vocal sample from Boney Bear Song woods from the two thousand and nine Blood Bank Ep Connie Boney Bear's, vocalist and songwriter Justin Vernon. To ask his permission use a song and invite him to the find twisted fantasy sessions. Vernon told pitchfork quote, I was New York in January, and I got a call from my manager and he said Connie
wanted to maybe use woods the sample. I was like yes, a week later there are more murmurings, and eventually I just got on the phone with Kanye. We ended up talking for a half hour, music and how we were fans of each other in avatar. It was a really pleasant, easygoing conversation between two people that are pretty psyched about music. It was like I like how you sing so Obviously you don't care how your voice sounds. Be awesome. If you can come out to Hawaiian here the track and there's some other should I think you could throw down on. I was just like yeah cool man. When should I come out and he was like how about to so? I head out there and he plays me the track and it sounds exactly how you want it to sound for removing interesting, lighthearted heavy hearted buck incredible sounding jam was
I have bear so I added some choir sounding stuff and then sticking out the samples with my voice that whole first week I was there. We worked on the wood song, which is called lost in the world, were just eating breakfast and listening to the song on the speakers and he's like fuck. This is going to be the festival closer. I was like yeah cool. It kind of freaked me out. Unquote. Vernon ended up visiting the hawaiian studio on three week, long trips recording approximately ten different songs. Of course, the songs that made the album are dark. Fantasy monster in lost in the world, Vernon Song, Woods, a multi layer, four and a half minute. Acapella is used extensively in loss to the world. The introductions of both songs are nearly identical, I'll play them here. Back to back beginning with Woods June Mama news analyst who
To slow down the time Connie pitches up woods, one semitone for lost in the world I'm the down too slow like most of Boney. Bear's catalog is a vocal harmonies. What begins, as the singular voice, is transformed into a mechanical prism of angelic sonic beauty. Let's stay
just tell Vernon, does this beginning with that solo voice for time sake, I'm going to play these passages a little faster than they appear on the song The next repetition Vernon adds two additional voices. One voice plays generally lower in pitch and one hire these voices accent. The interval of one slash three, which is the most common harmony applied to any two or more harmonies
burning goes all in from what I can decipher that something like total of seven voices, while some voices play the same note at different octaves, that is the same note played higher or lower in pitch. We still get some incredibly rich, five and six part harmonies and pop music. Three note chords are standard practice with an occasional use of four note chord with five and six note cords were entering territory really only common to a handful of musical genres, the most popular being jazz musical perspective this, It's really interesting stuff. It's not unheard of
because these types of harmonies, but it's certainly not common practice, especially in the hip, hop or pop song, these harmonies process through audit to make for a unique unit of retro and future the time. This is that the human voice, the computer ice perfection of bands, technological it treatments of course, beginning with just a single voice and gradually adding more and more harmonies with each repetition access the dramatic build into lost in the world hook. A euphoric explosion of huge drums bass piano and a seemingly irrational amount of vocal layers, but before moving on, I do have to point out some really nice text. Painting going on in this section, Vernon Open, saying I'm up in the woods and this notion of up is selected melodically, as this passage is entirely built on an upward. Ascension burning begins on a flat booze up into a b flat
begin to see and, of course, a dramatic leap up to a g room. It's also interesting to note that saying I'm up in the woods implies, isolation and solitude and ocean accentuated by this isolated solo voice, a voice in the woods. If you will next Vernon sings I'm down on my mind, and you know, melodically. This passes features a long drawn out downward motion after repeating the opening few nodes and here's that downward motion The final phrase Vernon Sings, is I'm building a still to slow down the time on to slow down the time we have even more drawn out, one might say: slow down, melodic descent of four notes:
This opening vocal section on lost in the world is one full minute and contains three repetitions of the four vocal phrases, but I'm boney various woods. This vocal part is repeated eleven times lasting nearly five minutes, and this in itself is a form of text painting, as the repetitiveness of the lyrics make. Gilmore more mantra that Song Vernon talks a slowing down time and in a way he's doing just that with these long drawn out repetitive phrases and for being just a few lines long, the lyrics are rich with meaning much like the Chloe Mitchell Plum. We heard on the previous song blame game, the opening lines of woods or one built on duality. In contrast, Vernon sings, I'm up in the woods I'm down on my mind, to interpret these lines. I believe we have to refer to Boney bears russian and Vernon's own self imposed exile after the dissolution of his band, Yardman Edison, the ending of a
nation ship and about with mononucleosis Hepatitis. Vernon left North Carolina for Wisconsin, ultimately spending the winter alone in his father's cabin in the it was here that Vernon began writing what would become the first bone. Yver album, Vernon's, opening lines on woods would seem to be referring to this time. Up in the woods implies is isolation, while down, on my mind, would seem to suggest sadness or Russian, you follows with the line I'm building a still to slow down the time, a Stillsuit contraption used to distil or purify alcohol very commonly moonshine, So our initial interpretation is that burden is drinking his pain or depression away. The ataxic effects of alcohol slowing down his perception of time, on the other hand, Vernon, is building still or common. Life. There is decision to isolate himself in the serenity and peace of the woods or time seems to move slower and one could workout their thoughts without the distractions of the bustling city it's really no wonder why these lyrics would resonate with Connie Vernon.
A situation parallel, each other in many ways as Connie Self imposed exile, him search for peace and clarity. After his life imploded Post, Villa Maze of Is Connie situation was magnified under the microscope with the media in public, so it makes sense when he enters lost in the world. For the first time. The phrase I'm up in the woods becomes, I'm lost in the yeah and Connie reenter
the lyrics of woods, altering them to read, I'm lost in the world been down my whole life, I'm new in the city and I'm down for the night Connie retains a duality. In contrast, the original lyrics were built on the urban Urbanizes broadens and therefore universal Universalizes, a setting the phrase I'm lost in the world. Is existential statement of being the truth. Just beneath the surface of our entire existence is perhaps the reason Connie quote, but down my whole life course. These lines are incredibly morose when isolated, but it doesn't make them any less true who among us, hasn't felt lost in the world, especially when thinking deeply about the meaning of life and our place in the incomprehensible enormity of the universe. I think it nearly impossible to avoid some sense of bewilderment when considering such things, and many of us spend much of our lives chasing purpose to
these feelings of helplessness and insignificance for his part. Connie offers a solution of his own with the lines that follow, I'm new in the city and I'm down for the night. These lines imply a new beginning, a fresh start in the face of the existential hopelessness of being lost in the world. Carnies conclusion is to simply live in the moment, embrace the unknown the new city and be down for the night. We'd be hard pressed to find a moment on. The album is cathartic as this one perhaps match only by runaways anthemic hook. Position here on the albums, closing lost in the world's chorus and so much of triumphant celebration of hardships overcome is the triumphant embrace of letting go, relinquishing total control and coming to terms with ones on circumstances, lawsuit.
Work continues with the brief instrumental bridge that will circle back to later in the show. After this bridge, the hook is performed again, followed by Connie's only verse of the song. I have been yeah my question yeah, my stress as Connie tells it. The conception of this first began as an email that turned into a pile that he sent to one Kim Kardashian to
and I had this song playing over and over and over several years down the wire everything I just had that bond with their sample playing Armstrong figure out. If you have approach because it it was so much faster than the rest of dark fantasy it. I don't really know how to how to get on air flow and share it. You know, and then I just got it wrote this How about this? I was write. An email in an encounter ended up like a poem. And I press send I know, and I looked at the email- and I said, let me try these words that just came out of Maine and let me try this on this song and uh and that person who are Taurus and when I told him that I stay here with me tonight, is my fiance Connie also elaborated on the poem and song in appearance. On New York's now FM
I was so happy at that. It worked on that song on you know LOS in the world like we're, not always in the position that we want to be at were constantly growing, with constantly making mistakes because they trying to express ourselves are trying to actualize our dreams. An you know that song was the first step or a second separate third step twenty a step to the actualization of the family that I have now what I said on stage, but I'm saying to you right now, is the twenty of twenty fifth thirty of step to the actualization of when I'm able to create whatever I want to create is a really interesting to me that Connie describes lost in the world as a first step in the actualization of his future. He imagined for himself in read the verse on lost in the world is one of extreme clarity and expressive. Precision, as you remember that previous song. Blame game found Connie stumbling over his own emotions, oscillating between love and hate, with no real clarity of expression, the rebel,
displayed on lost in the world. Is that love, and perhaps life itself is best experience when you embrace inherit duality of the universe. When you accept the negative, because you know, without it, it's impossible for positive to exist, This is expressed with extreme clarity. Is Connie recite the sequence of distilled opposing forces, Devil angel, Heaven hell now forever freedom jail, lies, truth, war, truce, questions, proof, stress, MSU's, personally. The passes always reminds me of an urbanized version of Dallas text. Daoism reckon this is a duality of all things. I believe this contrast is needed to create a distinguishable reality without which we've experienced nothingness, in other words, without bad. There is, by definition, no good without the concept of hell. There is no
tip of heaven, the daodejing, the essential Dallas Tech, says quote. If you want to become whole, let yourself be partial. If you want to become straight, let yourself be crooked. If you want to become full, let yourself be empty. If you want to be reborn, let yourself die if you want to be given everything, give up everything unquote throughout twisted fantasy Connie's struggle with the principle of duality trying to reckon or take control of the conflicting forces in his life and, like we mentioned last in the world, is the embrace of letting go and in that resignation is where growth and harmony reside. If you want to be reborn, let yourself die if you want to be given every give up everything by yielding to the natural chaos of the world and therefore the cast of his own life Connie is freed. He reconciles the duality and contradictions presented throughout the album that freedom sets himself.
A path of self actualization, as Connie mentioned in the interview we heard earlier that freedom also result in tangible action away act. This is hard in the second half of Connie's. Verse yeah, it is hi, daddy, yeah they Connie Piggy backs the words my masseuse and transforms it into Mama mama say Mama mock. You saw. This is a reference to the nineteen seventy two song
so mark you stop by money dibango. My my Michael Jackson, interpolated mock hit Wanna, be starting something the word something roughly translates to dance, but we suspect Money is used to the quotas. More tribute to Michael Jackson than it is anything remember. My beautiful dark twisted fantasy is dedicated to Jackson. And here on the finale last in the world. The reference reminds us that this album was created in the shadow. Cast after his tragic untimely death things get a bit interesting when we had start ears slightly to hear the Machi saw interpolation as saying Mama say Mama, say Mama Michael said, before we.
Play mister each reach. We have to consider the way Connie performs this song live Honey, Singh's, mom say, Mama, say Mama, Donde, son Donda is of course needs to deceased mother or Mama. Who shadow was also cast over the making of this album with Connie here attempting to find his place in the world. The mama say reference perhaps alludes to a kind of guidance provided by the spirits of both Michael Jackson, Connie's Idol and his Mama Donda West, also Conde, side The line acts as a bridge between the repeating contrast in couplets and Connie's plan of action. He says: lost in this plastic life. Let's break out of this fake, as party turn this into a classic night if we die in each other's arms still get laid in the afterlife and directly after this passage comes a modified version of the songs hook in which Ellie Jackson in Alicia Keys, sing, run from the lights run from the
run for your life here we find Connie for the first time directly, opposing and literally running from the life of celebrity he's been attempting to make sense of throughout the album he coins it plastic and fake. Reality in which you no longer sees meeting again. It forces us to return to the duality concept we just discussed. If Connie is Deming Fame is meaningless. We have to ask what then has meaning it would seem is love with a woman by a side together they flee the plastic reality in search of something more meaningful. It's not clear exactly what that is, but they have each other, and that's all that matters. That's the meeting. That's awesome, Tissy T in of itself. Of course, the idea is essentially want to rebirth crystallize. The final line if we die in each others, arms still get laid in the afterlife Connie is now willing to let a part of himself die willing to let go
celebrity and fame in order to find himself in order to be loved and be loved. This notion calls back and gives deeper meaning to the song's hook, specifically the lines I'm new in this city, I'm down for the night. Yet again we quote the daodejing. If you want to be reborn, let yourself die if you want to be given everything give up, everything is Cognis, leap of faith is letting go and embrace of chaos is a means to find order, and it's interesting now to think back. On the other time Connie quote quote: died on the album happened on the third song power as a refresher. Let's play the passage in question ' find. You, get the power
as you remember, this passage came after. He spoke of his diamond encrusted piece or handgun, as well as the passage in which she speaks of Wylie chasing women and drinking and driving this death or suicide, is one fueled by recklessness as a byproduct of the Damocles sword of power, wealth and celebrity and, as you know, power leaves us with that lingering question: do you got the power to let power go among other things? It was a question. Connie pose to themselves, could be relinquished. The power he's a crude now that these experiences dark side, the strong enough to turn his back on the luxuries of fame, knowing it ultimately soul, sucking with the seemingly inevitable decline. It would seem here at the end of the album, we're finally getting an answer, or at least an attempt at one. The death on lost in the world is a necessary shedding of ones own skin. In order to grow to mature to be reborn in this contrast between the symbolic uses of death on power and lost in the world shows just how much
Connie has grown through his experiences. He shared on the album, as we said many times a season. Two Fantasy is largely an exploration of Kanye psyche and attempt to make sense of his life, exploring the different facets of his being to organize a clear picture of who he is after his personal identity, was shattered in the wake of the death of his mother, the break up with his fiance and then Amber rose and, of course, is public villain is Post Vmas It would seem, through that examination, through a self imposed exile through the cathartic process of creativity, Connie comes out the other side, ready to free himself from those experiences at least as much as anyone person can he's ready to move on to be reborn. It's not exactly a fairy tale ending, but it's one grounded in reality and truth is the documentation saturation one step closer to self actualization, overcoming in freeing oneself in the past to allow for a new, better version of you, radio city. So it's no real.
Ready to the situation, but then also what I learn. There's no reality to celebrity and because of everything that I've been through is led me to the point to be able to be an it way. More expressive. Artists deal with way more reality. You can't take anything away from me at this point. Canceling too I was talking with Lady Gaga. I miss you. I was going to have like you know, I'm saying like Who also went on to the meteoric rise like and I completely lost everything, but I gained everything. 'cause, I lost the fear. I used to pray for God to deliver me from pain and fear, and all these different things and in a way he did, like you know, say like if I'm getting sued by a gangster or something like that, what you're going to go over my mom's house? I'll have no mother you're going to my girlfriend. I have a girlfriend. I have a daughter, I have you know it's nothing we're going to do. Everything I ever had. What are you going to take? One more
Can you take away from me and that's what I'm saying about any media, any person that writes it? I think, without you know, releasing all the fear and all the what if this happens, I wouldn't have been able to make the runaway film. Like the way we did it. I wouldn't be able to make the music and I'm just at the very beginning now. Finally, cracked out of the shell and there's no last The world is the album's grand finale it, along with the semantic rebirth aspect of the songs lyrics, we have a finale like approach to the songs production. One of the things I found most striking in effect about the production is that it acts as a kind of sonic amalgamation of the entire album, meaning that several sonic callbacks and similarities to other tracks. We've heard up until this point: for instance, we have an incredibly lush palette of voice track stacked on top of each other
and, of course, we first think of the lush and layered vocals of the album's opening track. Dark fantasy. Act. Harmonies on lost in the world is also I'm innocent of the introduction he performed on monster I so right out
about midway through lost in the world. A distorted, snarling, Synth Bass enters a tone. We've heard on all the lights run away and hell of a life. Some a good day you In my email, I sent this bit the picture of my dick. I don't know what it is the females, but I'm not too good at that
Loss of the worlds bridge features tribal drums that are converted to conga drums when the song switches over to who will survive in America. This style of driving explosive drums are also president. All the lights and monster
Finally, in perhaps the most obvious and purposeful sonic callback is a tribal chance to enter at the end of lost in the world which closely resemble those on power. 21st century? If you remember from- power episode these tribal which are based on an Afro America sample that was then recreated and re recorded by studio engineers, KEN Lewis and Alvin fields,
These two engineers also recorded the chance that appear on lost in the world, which, of course, six similarity. This blatant repurposing forces us to consider the reasons why Connie and his team might have done this. Well, the on power, could be heard as chance of worship. The conjuring a power the chance on lost in the world could be heard as the release of power, the embrace of the unknown the end. To the question posed on power. We just spoke of a few minutes ago. The tribal chants lost in the world, combined with the heavy use of tribal jumps also as an additional dimension of the ever expanding universe being created on this song. As we noted earlier, the psalm begins with a lone voice. In the woods, when Connie enters the songs hook, the woods become the world's hair. Camera lens expands wider with the addition of tribal drums and chants at the songs in
our lens grows wider. Still we're getting invocations of the beginnings of man, a timelessness, an agent wait. It adds grandiosity to the closing of an album, already full of grandeur, of fitting finale for a work of this ambitious magnitude. But perhaps more importantly, Thomas evil. Cations position loss in the world seems a personal liberation, the gamut of the human experience when we strip Connie story of its specifics. That is a celebrity that fell from grace the emotional and spiritual journey he's taken over the course of album he simply a human being trying to navigate his way through his own existence, trying to make sense of his circumstances and overcome adversity and hardship, and this universality is the reason Carney can sing different words over the body, there would sample that's the reason he can juxtapose tribal Johns with electronic drums tribal chance with choir voices. So for a rb vocals with auto tune, piano with distorted synthesized bass is the union of culture. The car
Last time, the harmonization of humanity reminder that, however, diverse and divided we become were all a part of the same human race were all related and can therefore relate to one another We may all be lossed, but were last together and that's something you remember. You know our existence, as a race, humanity period is a blip. The second of our life in the entire scope of the universe. All these walls that keep us from loving each s like one family as one race, you know racism, religion. You know where we grew up in a what. What? class social economics in all this. What makes this like be so selfish, prideful What makes us not want to help the next man? What makes us you know be so focused on a personal legacy as opposed to tire legacy of a race. You know, like the this or is not remember much more than their bones. You know so far
Humanity is gone. What do we give to even this little planet? You know that we're all and what could we do collectively they remove it. The pride I don't care about, having a legacy. I don't care about me and remembered important thing to me is like, while I'm here, while we're having fun while we're going to sleep and breathing Jan Eleven life and falling in love and having the pain and have enjoyed is like what can I do? What can I do with my voice? What can we do for each other to make life easier to make life dope before our kids as they grow. You know we wanted to Broken world were like the clean up crew. Lost in the world segways directly into the album's final track. Who will survive in America less? song that it is credits rolling on a film who will survive in AM forces us to yet again re examine and brown dark sexualization of Connie's journey in the landscape of american history. The track
is essentially a musical setting of an abridged version of Gil Scott Heron comment number one. The spoken word piece written in nineteen. Seventy! The time is in the street. You know us living as we do upside down and the new word to have is revolution. People don't even want to hear the preachers mill or spiel, because God whole card has been thoroughly PETE parents, peace, disdainfully, Size is the sds or students for a democratic society. I believe it's a mostly white college students, or attempting to help the revolution being called for by parties like the black Panthers, of course, herons pieces largely decontextualized on twisted fantasy Carney Cherry Picks, an excerpt from Comet number one to create a piece his own. As twisted fantasies closing remarks, herons boys,
past, serves as a prophetic prognosis of the world we live in today. As speaks on the unfulfilled promises of America and the american dream specifically for people of color, it's a dream that Kanye Black, rich and famous as fulfilled more than most. Of course, Kanye Stream is felt more like a nightmare throughout twisted fantasy inherent voice now serves to crystallize his experience within the broader context of history. Is revolution. Upside down and void of true leadership, it's hard to hear the line. People don't even want to hear the preacher spill spiel and not think that Connie here would be considering himself. A type of preacher or leader who was overnight. Stripped of his
Miss Connie feels he speaks the truth, regardless of its consequences and now finds himself in a position where the truth he spoke put in jeopardy. Everything is accomplished, Harry continues to scathing assault with lines like America's now blood and tears. Well later, calling America Bastard the illegitimate daughter of the mother country whose legs were spread around the world and a rapist known as freedom free doom near the end of the peace. He asked What does Webster say about soul best way to frame a question a piece that has is questioning the facade of american history and the past and present sins of our country. He turns the Webster's american dictionary defined the concept of soul. We do take a certain snide cynicism in the asking, as if he's mocking the cookie cutter definition of soul, that America is selling, but things get interesting when we noticed that up until this question herons comment, number one has been sampled verbatim since its entry
It's only here at the end of the track that Connie chooses to extract this question out of context and then inserts it towards the conclusion of the peace The same goes for the answer he provides through this question. Let's have a listen to both the original source passage and then to Connie's re. Imagining He wonders why I tell him that America Revolution will not be the melting pot, but the toilet bowl
fighting for legalized smoke or lower voting age, let slip from his generation gap and bucking in the street. Where is my parallel to that? All I want is a good home in a white and her children and some food to feed them every night that goes pale face to basics this little off, and then they have a natural. Do struggles. Kings, make him a refugee from Mandingo. What does Webster say about soul? I say you silly trade motherfucker! Your great grandfathers had a ball and chain to my balls. It involves me through a cotton field. While I lived in an unflushable toilet bowl- and now you want me to help you overthrow what the only issue that can be there, what does Webster say about soul? All I want is a good home and a wife and a children and some food to feed them. Every night
build a new route to China to place a piece in a new context. Is one thing, but to me, cherry picking. Two sentence is out of context to create an answer to a question that is completely different than the original. Well it must be pretty important, especially considering it sets up. The last thing we here on the entire album with her invoice Connie asked What does Webster say about soul? Connie's answer is simple: love quote what is a good home and a wife and a children. It's a food to feed them every night, where really reminded of lost in the world's only verse. Originally a love to his now wife, Kim Kardashian, and you remember that the verse close with this fantasy of the two fleeing the world of celebrity alive he deems plast. Fake. We might now say soulless again. We have to replay the interview in which Connie defines lost in the world as a first or 20th step in actualizing. This fantasy I was so happy that it worked on that song.
You know lost in the world like when I always in the position now we want to be at with were costly, grown with constant making mistakes. Z, trying to express ourselves and trying to actualize our dreams, and you know that song was the first step or a second separate third step. 20th step to the actualization of the family that I have now so again here at the end of the album, we find Connie reiterating his destiny. He wishes to abandoned the shallow celebrity life in search of something more meaningful. Something was soul. This abandonment on who will survive in America is expressed in the elms penultimate line. After all is said and done build a new route to China. If they'll have you well, her was undoubtedly speaking of a scaping, the unjust circumstances of America as a person of color. We suspect that Connie might be speaking more personally.
In the plastic life is outlined on lost in the world in search of something real. This line is also a clever call back to the opening line of the peace living as we do upside down. Trying is use, metaphor Lee, is a destiny far away from America. On the other side of the world. Of course, if America, upside down the other side of the it is literally right side up a place where life is more righteous and reasonable. My beautiful dark twisted fantasy ends with the line who will survive in America passionately repeated four times as the Congo Drums increase in tempo. This line is actually a quote from another. Spoken word piece by Mary Baraka. The same era will survive America, few Americans Very few knee grows and no crackers at all. Who will survive America You Americans,
unique rose and no crackers and the question posed by both Heron and Barack I was under. Really addressing the growing racial tension of the day, a time in which rebelling revolution seemed inevitable. Coming after herons grim portrait of the bloody history of America, we hear his question and wonder who, in this seemingly apocalyptic landscape could endure could survive? The answer seems unclear in the context of twisted fantasy and Connie's journey. The question who will survive in America has some interesting connotations. First, were forced to consider Connie's rise rise and fall within the framework of the larger american landscape portrays uh. Until this line. It recalls the theme to the album second song gorgeous, at which Connie Champion himself is success. Story, despite the obstacles people of color face in America after the confidence of gorgeous, arose over the course of the album we find Kanye, chewed up and spit out by the promises of the american dream. It's a dream. We suspect, Kanye
hungry, for success celebrity and money holy bought into now, we find self, on the other side of that dream, living in exile, motherless loveless, his career in jeopardy, contemplating suicide loss in the world with number of hope, a realignment of self a step towards a meaningful future. Now, after the brooding prophetic words of Gil Scott Aaron. We wonder if Connie will ever actualize that future amidst national and personal turmoil. The question who will survive in America is a rhetorical one. Ultimately, a shrouds Connie's fate and mystery will he survive. Will you find love? Will you find his soul, his family, his new american dream, or with the car running effects of fame, continue to eat away at him until, like Michael Jackson, and so many others before and devours him whole? he said and done build a new route to China. If they'll have you pool supply,
in America in America, America, America, my beautiful, dark fantasy fantasy with her and abrasive shouting and cacophony of conga drums and after an hour and eight minutes of ambitious expansive Roman Colosseum musical grandiosity, the album ends with a stuttering, a flimsy half hearted applause. Whatever could this mean I'll? Give you some time to think about it and will talk about those recap: the album and draw some final conclusions on our season. Two finale episode next time I dissect
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