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S2E5 – Gorgeous by Kanye West

2017-08-29 | 🔗

We continue our serialized analysis of Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by dissecting "Gorgeous."

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Welcome to dissect long for physical analysis broken into short, digestible episodes. I'm your hosts cooperation today, We continue our examination of colony, where my beautiful dark twisted fantasy. Our last episode. We support that Opening track, dark fantasy were introduced to the grandiose on spying approach. Should the arms production, as well as many other armed central themes we began than urbanize alteration of roll dolls, retelling of Cinderella in which the prince, who represents wealth, celebrity him privilege reveals a merciless dark side that contrasts with the typical. Happily ever after approach. Should the story, This is a metaphor for countries own life after his gaff. At the be amazed revealed to him the cruel fickleness of celebrity we
also presented with Communist nostalgic, reminiscent of his life. Pre started it kid from Chicago. Like many of us fantasize about fame and fortune This contrasts with present day Conway who acquired fame, but leads to alcohol, drugs and insects escapism from the emptiness. He knows that the centre of his Lamborghini filled life after dark fantasies. Exe. Ended lavish out through a soul, A glistening, guitar Selo announces alms next track. The subject of today's episode, just curious whispered by colony was no idea and MIKE deem the track is built interpretation of the nineteen. Sixty eight saw you showed me performed by the turtles,
Are we using this word Interpol nation, a lot this season, so behind us to take a brief sidebar to define it before diving into gorgeous. We covered SAM pulling at length in our second episode. The season the at least in hip. Hop music is like sampling, cousin, interpretation refers to a melody portions of a melody or brief passage, a music from a previously recorded song. It's a musical quote, but rather than sample the passage and use the original recording interpol Caesar passes re recorded by musicians in the studio. Let's hear a few examples: Bianti hold up from her two thousand. Sixteen our lemonade interplay of you sources the songs refrain. Slow down. They don't know the illegal back on their own step down. They don't love you! I love you can't you see, there's no! This line
don't love you like. I love. You was interpolating from the yeah two thousand for hit maps. The outreach Dantes hold up also contains an interpretation get me. Very well. Now is our than these to quote soldier boys. Two thousand nine track turn my swag on again. However, subtle interrelations typically require copyright. Permissions.
Yeah yeah yeah as an soldier boy receive riding credits on hold up for them. Two relations used on the track. Interpretations are not, as subtle is hold up, puffed up I'll, be missing. You contains both the sample and regulation of the police's is nineteen. Eighty three hit every breath you take step in puffs version, the guitar sampled during We from the original police recording, but the vehicles are re recorded by faith, Evans technically making them local part and interpretation.
I can imagine all pain or give anything breath still living interpretation, can be over. Like this puff example, subtle, like our bianti examples or anywhere in between bringing back to gorgeous the track Interpol, eight nineteen, sixty eight song, you showed me performed by the turtles.
And now the hook a gorgeous clearly because I've been modified, both lyrically and methodically and kind studio musicians, every record recorded the underlying harmony The two are similar enough that you showed me songwriters are given riding credit and gorgeous the same. Interpolating melody used on the hook of gorgeous is also the pie.
Guitar riff that plays nearly the entire song with guitar. Riff is a sample of Enoch light and the glittering guitars one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine instrumental version of you showed me big and so someone ingeniously gorgeous contains but sample and interpretation of the same song. The same we'll guitar high comes from the eunuch light instrumental cover of you showed me regulation of its melody comes from the turtles original
as co author kid Cutty heard the gorgeous beat him ITALY lobby to get on the track. He told MTV quote gorgeous, was one of those records that as soon as I heard the beat I was like man, this is the one this is this can't be life cannot be. This is the classic Gavi. I want to be on this. Of course, Cutty did make it on gorgeous let's take a listen to the opening. Her can fall. The hook opens a new car. If I want it, I need it. I can feel it slowly. Drifting away from me Given what we know about the circumstances surrounding this album coping with us
there's passing the end of his marriage engagement and they ve made debacle the it here on the hook eggs on multiple meetings on one hand it can represent fame. I'm colonies diminishing public reputation. It cannot represent a more general despair per even allusions to suicide or thoughts for further evidence. Return to the next line on the edge. So why you playing clear the economy is in a fragile state, mentally years, after the release of my beautiful dark twisted fantasy Connie. Would admit to being deeply depressed after his mother's passing either. Having suicidal thought, when did depression. Mamma Mamma is suicidal. Chant itself is the hook of gorgeous, contain Yes, I will never ever let you leave this down down down. Of course, we think instantly They may incident with this representing the public's unified voice, lashing out a canoe having just heard on the edge down down down.
As ominous suicidal connotations, we can also View I will never ever let you leave this down as Conny talking to himself that it fails to produce a successful redemption album and lose eyes. Work for he'll, never forgive himself This sentiment is accentuated the repeated the hook and which allow I'm on the edge becomes no more chances. If you blow this, you both While we under Did the stakes in my beautiful dark twisted fantasy, because a research of the events that led to its creation, the hook of gorgeous The first time we hear Conny actually establishing mistakes on the arm itself. My This is all heard via the voice of kid. Cutty becomes a narrator and colonies. Personal journey, an interview with MTV
Could he stated that the thematic direction at the hook came from Kenya himself quote whatever Connie tells me I just try to put it in my little machine and make the perfect solution for it. That's always been our collapse formula and that's just a gorgeous came up he just kind of told me: what are you trying to say? I threw out somewhere we rearrange words. We came out with a bunch of Four options before coming up with the hook on club, this become a multi fund twisted fantasy, this use of third party, surrogate narrators, commenting on progressing the absolute storyline I gorgeous but he establishes one of the central themes of mortality and indeed, on the these verses were here, com a rap as of his life depended on it. Before. Moving on, I do point out an ingenious use of harmony and the songs hook. If you car from her last episode, the song dark fantasy. He's a compositional technique called a deceptive cadence to drain seen from the hook to the verse it are
expectations of hearing this progression in our yearning for resolution with the tonic, her home cord, which in dark fantasies, cases F major when the song transition to the verse. Resolution through a d minor cord F made. Happy court and demand. A dark court two out of their three notes in common you'll have to different emotional qualities. Because of the shared notes we know their relationship. With closely related. What music theorist call relative minor, de Minor is literally f major dark side and is used and dark. Fantasy as a tone, representation of the duality of fame, good and evil gorgeous also makes use of this tunnel duality but executed differently, the songs hook oscillate between three cords seashore
minor e, major and f sharp minor? the sharp minor and a major had the same tonal relationship as F major in DE minor. We just discussed the shared. Two of the same notes assist, minors e majors dark side, its relative minor, and this progression. The major cord are poor, well intentioned cord that represents purity and light is surrounded by records of darkness. Seashore minor below it and ass sharp my Here's a broken one more time now is about some of the lyrical phrases set over this progression. I can feel it they slipping away for me, I'm on the edge. So are you playing clearly Connie fears losing his grasp on the goodness and his life his mother has the answer: is Success Post, be amazed and now find themselves being pushed and poor?
by darkness all around him totally the corporal Russian is doing just that. It begins with dark up. Sharp minor moves up to our bright e major again to another dark cord, F, sharp, minor, majors, literally enclosed by two minor cords on either side trapped in the middle oscillating. Desperately between the two Autonoe reflects. The struggle kindly fields within himself. After three repetitions of this programme, with slight variation and a major quarter. Introduced during the last line of never ever. Let you lead this down down down, says is now on piano alone. First, our original corporal and now that a major court
can you feel that before plain the rest of the progression, let's just feel the breath and openness that comes with this change after the sombre earnest and unease at the previous minor base progression that a major is an optimistic, harmonic and emotional shift. Unfortunately, its presence is momentary. A mere set up for the free fall. Happens. Next. The remainder of this kind in court progression as a harm. Make descent and we end up back restarted see sharp minor for proclivity sake here, just a descending baseness of this passage and when you know the lyric that a company this dramatic down down downward dissent, as I will never ever. Let you leave this down down down again. Cod,
and his co writers ingeniously employ harmonic, accents and subtleties that high nor emotional experience with the lyrics and as a brief but related aside, the same technique was actually employed on the arms previous track Fantasy lyrically, the song soak, is just one line: can we get much higher? This is sung over a four core progression that you guessed it ascends upward higher and higher and again for clarity. Just the baseness of this passage dark fantasy we have lyrical and harmonic ascension is Kanye, establishes his character as rich and successful are gorgeous. We have both lyrical and harmonic descent. Is this character begins a downward spiral into the dark twisted recesses of fame? It's a hook of gorgeous establishes the album steaks. That kind of career and props is life, is to
The successive twisted fantasy than the three verses fine Conny, wrapping as it is life depended on it. Returns to a subject that he addressed regularly on both the college drop out and late registration. The experience of the blackmail in America,
says, is the general days is an advisory has become a hot on them for the love of bone, and yet how would loading the tablet? Legality, Mahina, centrally city transient, lays down the wave of his brain paisley around the emotion and ran the dates of God who my bag family, that is random, was, namely the verse, begins, penitentiary, chances, the devil, dances and eventually answers to the cod. Otto all them fallen for the love abolished, got caught with thirty rocks the cop look like out Baldwin Straightaway, Conny constructs a deeply complex portrait of the circumstances of the blackmail in America, penitentiary chances alludes to America's blooded prison population and the high likelihood that a blackmail faces imprisonment in their lifetime. Indeed, the penitentiary chances are quite high, with currently one in three black men expected to see some sort of incarceration in their lifetime kind.
Like insist, sentiments to the devil's work, the dental being a recurring presence throughout the album and already mentioned several times and dark fantasy. The devil dances tempting as he does impoverished Men with drug dealing and other illegal activities, then answer to the call of autumn, which is a season where things die, were things fall then, in a sudden, very Connie, Wes pivot. He ponds thirty rock bottom, Missy, comedy, show and crack cocaine and a typical why american police officer, represented by our Baldwin, the star of thirty rock country, continues Inter century anthems based on intercity tantrums based off the way we was branded face it. Get more time than Brandon trying to hear links together and its cycle chain of cause and effect hip hop songs are, in a century. Anthems are created based on the plight of the black experience or inner city tantrums. These are themselves a product of the unequal perception and biases of black american
or the way we was branded. Conny then elaborates on race, branding, calling out the inequality of the justice system by comparing the prison sentences of blackmail and white males illustrated by the names Jerome. A black name and Brandon. Oh name kindly here could be alluding to the sentence: disparity that developed in the nineteen eighties war on drugs, crack cocaine, primarily black drug land, into a sentence one hundred times longer than powder cocaine. Primarily. Why? drug it was an entire bombers. Two thousand ten fair sentencing act that this disparity was lowered. The five year minimum sentence for simple possession of crack cocaine was removed, adverse one continuous Conny pivots from universal commentary, too
no commentary, emotion and ran the airport dates of drug use, my bag, Germany, that is random, stay when we demand a massage Anita having been Eleanor beginning and job opportunities created. This the real home is, will finish, data storage you'll know data at the way the government shows movies. That is when you get it. After outlining some other nations raise issues in the first half of the verse, Conny pivots to himself sing and at the airport. They check all through my back and tell me that it's random. This anecdote exemplifies that even a country's level of payments success he still black men living in America and is now me into its consequences, candy continues with a more optimistic approach, knowing that we stay winning and that he needs a happy ending a new beginning, a new outfit and a new job Conny often takes a more critical
when man perspective in order to make his music more related to his audience, something that is addressed in interviews Listen to all my music is the code to self esteem is the cause of who you are, if you can It was found you not a phantom EU. A fan of yourself, you will be keeping yourself, I'm just the expresso, I'm just a shot in the morning to get you going to make. You believe that you can overcome that situation, that you're dealing with all the time. As a verse concludes Conure says I treat the cat like the government tree AIDS. I won't be satisfied till I'm Edwards get it here, colonies addressing the conspiracy that, U S, government scientists created aids to kill black people, while may strike some as an egregious statement. The thought, at least in part, stems. The fact that over half a country's new AIDS infections occur among black people despite their making up just twelve percent of the population.
New research suggests that prison is a cause for the disproportionate contraction of AIDS and that the increase in black AIDS victims coincided with the increase of the disproportionate rise and black prisoners, beginning the nineteen eighties war on drugs. When viewed this way, Connie's AIDS line actually brings averse full circle back to the opening statement, penitentiary chances after an abbreviated, her
Connie continues. His discourse on race relations and its position in America have just open is important religious, so music legislation is the dozen more dangerous mobility, but did not one which allow the adage Zog Islamic Hollows Melanie be legally, but it's not a craggy ability of black about and show the feel when it fairly young. Someone in a trap me with his pig Conny, begins averse his hip hop just a euphemism for a new religion. The sole music of the slaves at the youth is missing is a valid question and ties back into Connie's opening lines, a verse one in which he suggested that rap is the product of inner city plight, which is itself a product of the discriminatory treatment. Blacks endure. He like in sick authority, chain gang and field anthems of slaves to hip hop anthems up today, who use me
because a blueprint for their lies. Much like people use religion and if hip hop is a new religion. Conny considers himself a high priest as he states next. This is more than just my road to redemption. Malcolm West, had the whole night, standing at attention. Counties I will take you to the knowledge of the state of the art in his own life in mind, but also viewing music as something more than personal triumph, is a visionary I'll be controversial, spearhead to a national movement similar to Malcolm X, The Silver Rights Movement Conny continues with more dense, wordplay as long as I'm in polo smiling. They think they got me, but they would try to crack me if they ever saw black me polo common is in reference to his early career. Much Conny was known for his brightly coloured polish shirts, a very safe public image for a black man in America when that Whitefield Comfortable, accepting country then states that they would crack me if they ever saw black me
If you showed himself to be anything other than a docile suburban night, they would crack him which alludes to the crack of the slave whip and crack cocaine both reference earlier. The illusion slavery continues when he states. I thought I chose a field where they can sack me if and where it eight shootin jumped shot running attract me. The field here reminds us of cotton field. Slaves worked, which he then likened to today's football fields: basketball, courts and track and field. Although feels whites are comfortable with black people on happening, I kind of call back to his and threatening pink polo, like first one midway through verse to Conny pivots on the word, but
the threat of empowering affirmation made with these people at the top of a man on a bridge when he put a world gave. This is my vision we make of sale of the game, so his sober south for wider would stick my assistant, the Gill report, but it is worth making came with this mommy when you try to apply the one great big much Miss countries could it begins at this, pimp is on top of Mount Olympus ready for worlds games. This is by olympics. These lines are a play off his the US line about marginalizing black people as athletes, cunning play himself on top of the highest mountain in Greece for whatever shenanigans a public throws his way. Again reminded of the outer stakes in colonies, mind which he lichens, his personal olympics, and the quality of his bars thus far makes it clear that he's going for nothing less than gold. Next Conny jabs shook a South park writer with a fish dick
This is a reference to the infamous two thousand and nine South Park episode fish dicks, an entire episode dead, hated economies, inability to understand a joke about the word fish dicks sounding like fish, dicks leaning? Why do people think I'm a gay clause because you like me, don't you get it? Please just get it. Why look at me? Look at me. I love be sticks. I love pudding, be sticks in my mouth you're gay.
Coming after the world's games. Olympics line Connie's job back at Southpark appears to be a display of his lyrical athleticism. A single passing line is all Connie needs to blow off the world's assertive efforts to slander him, trying to conclude the verse of the call back to the opening lines of verse one and these drugs and words can't and in another, unexpected pivot, says remind me of what try to have Ali enlisted Hyrcania case African Americans, going for prison for drugs, answers to Mohammed all these five year prison sentence for resisting as mandatory military service in the Vietnam war. This dread the whole The seemingly random pivot. Together is a: U S: government, we patrol boat, the laws and enforcement of those laws. Cleverly, the phrase Ali listed is pronounced to also sound like all the and listen a reference to all these famous nineteen. Sixty four fight against sunny list in Rwanda heavyweight belt. For the first time.
Should also be noted that Ali first received widespread attention as a boxer, one thousand nine hundred and sixty before his first professional boxing fight when he won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rome, which calls back to the olympic references earlier in the verse, punctuates versus conclusion bike, All these famous- I am the greatest speech after Rep, titian of another abbreviated hook, first, three big I need more electrolytes than an american apparel going to just type. She told the director she trying to get in the school he said, take the glasses off and get in the pool. It's been awhile. Since I watch the two cuz I can trip set. I got way too many blues for anymore bad news. I was looking at my resume feeling real fresh today. They rewrite history. I don't believe in yesterday and what's a black Beatle anyway, a fucking roach. I guess why they got me sitting there, fucking coach,
any more dreams and less life with his own. I need more drinks and less lights. Here, he again elites and alcohol dependency and light represent the spotlight, he ran from post. The amaze Conny continues with an inch. Vignette first, stating somewhat massage mystically that he needs that american apparel girl, unjust, tights mechanic quickly pivots to a more empathetic perspective, saying she told the director she trying to get into school. He said: take them classes off again, Poor. These lines are in reference to the american Apparel Risque ads and the string of sir, Your harassment lawsuits that were charge against their c o dog Charney the girl economies than yet is attempting advancement through education signified by your glasses, a mention of school and the director clearly desires to exploiter
after all of colonies, talk of exploitation and mistreatment of blacks would see me sympathises and sees parallels with the plight of women next Congolese, again to his exile, depression stating has been a while, since I watched the two is like a crib set. We got waiting, any blues for anymore bad news. Clearly, the television will bring more sorrow for Congo as user of seemingly every late night talk show four months after they ve amaze Chinese, then sharply pivots to optimism. Reference. In the success of his earlier album saying, I was looking at my resume feeling real fresh today only to counter with the line they rewrite history, a double even yesterday. This is a play on the Beatles hit. Yesterday, and its refrain. I believe in yesterday, upon my car
things sings. Believing in yesterday, Romania is a little more difficult. Conny believes its critics have jeopardizes reputation, Riera his We thus negating his past works and achievements. We can all view this as commentary on race relations as white men that rewrote and softened our country's history of slavery in deprecating treatment of black folk, who also aren't likely to share Mccartney's nostalgic yearning for yesterday. This is further punctuated by the now classic line and what the black beetle anyway a fucking roach. That's why they got me sitting in fucking, coach culture. The back of an airplane is being likened to back of the bus during America's years of segregation. Conny ends verse three with a climactic string of self empowering shots at his critics,
Because my gosh dead at eight different oppose these people can be like a mythical. It's not funny any more tragic themselves. Tell em honey kiss my ass, you know he's the ring Wadi adage Matvey, while I gotta waste streams, what a dramatic whack shit like had about into classes, I got it from the level of chrome and ever more obvious. Fantastic back yard is like that when they give a fuck about it, could save a lot of let's forget about the Mont Blanc Tunnel verbally assaults. Those who attempt to ridicule saying tell em hugging kiss my ass excellent, because the ring, while you're at it This is clever wordplay as Exxon, our short for kiss and hug economy then uses Oda symbolise both the jewellery ring, a sign of royalty and power and apply
of his body that resembles a ring, but is definitely not a ring. If you catch my drift Conny, then States act like eight had a belgian, too classes likening skills as both wrapper and producer to that of a boxer, winning championship belt and two way classes after sarcastic. Dismissal of potential newcomers threatening spot at the top Conny saves is best most mine for the safety of let's forget about laws throughout gorgeous cronies just together, starts on race relations in America and is unwell. Very self confidence. Despite those circumstances, these concluding lines of the birth serve as a perfect punctuation mark to these two themes, lack bawling addresses those attempting. The whole country back and those attempting to hold back What color and general kindly then uses the same phrase, my black balls to agree
we assert his private himself, his blackness and, by extension, the entire black population. It's an empowering line and effective exclamation mark two three near flawless verses, gorgeous repeated abbreviated hook and at the FAO. Thirty mark seems to come to a natural ending point on any other. Album three high quality verses would be more than enough justification to end the song, but like dark fantasy, the song pushes past our standard expectations and into unknown territory. This time we get sly transformation of the songs beat, which is they stripped of everything, but the piano and progressive hits as re confirm. The routine clan makes an unexpected entrance. A new drumbeat is introduced,
over which originally Qatar sellers play by mighty cops and lived in lenses, cage, mommy suits, fresh foods, valley boots and benzes counted up smoking. One cup of is a red light. We bear grab a bluff work, its name about it. It s kind of the jails by sweats running up. Instead special mention in the first half of the verse rake want to stab issues. Self as a wealthy weed smoking success story as a verse progresses instead of success was due to the guidance bestowed on him by his elders. Black Dutch back in the ocean. If you can't live, you die. If you can, but mine, keep it real, keep it moving, keep running, keep shining to every young man. This is a playing love from others. Like your mother's favorite Kanye. You can't live your dying. You give in or buying keep it real or keep it moving, keep cry
keep shining through every young man. This is a plan, learn from others. Like your brother's ran canyon. Two colonies. Three verse sermon on maintaining self confidence in the face of the obstacles African Americans must overcome to succeed in America required both exemplifies and punctuates. His lesson is, advice is straightforward, stay focused and just keep going, of course, with my beautiful dark twisted, Fantasy Conny is due just that confronting his personal adversity head on and letting it pushed him to be the best version of himself conclusions where does is undoubtedly one economies strongest displaces, lyricist and wrapper. While the subject matter of the blackmail experiences America's something we ve heard, Conny addressed multiple times on the college drop out and late registration gorgeous is more mature and its craftsmanship, more concise or experienced more venomous
call back to the previous life. This intricate approached lyricism was a conscious effort on colonies. Part as my beautiful dark twisted fantasy was the first I'll worry, actually wrote a scraps down on paper. I didn't write my wraps down for the first four months: on paper. I didn't write my rats down for the first for my first four hours ago. All I just did it from the head straight to the booth, but on this last maybe for doctors fantasy. I wrote it too that I really put myself in his own that I felt like my life was dependent on this success. SAM. Indeed, there's an area wasted word on gorgeous Connie seamlessly with cheeky pop culture, references with poignant, Rachel, anecdotes and self, empowering affirmations, it's a blueprint to atonement, to overcoming uncontrollable forces, sure, grit, determination and self assurance he seems Concern without it and end racism and more concerned with how to overcome it, how did you great things in spite of it
Of course we add layers of emotional psychological complexity when we consider the narrator kid Cutty observes and provides commentary. Uncanny situation feeling that a fear of failure, fear of judgment, fear of losing all as a guiding underlying principle? Unkind behaviour would see for all his bravado Conny is not fully confident in his confidence, his ego being a defence mechanism to adversity. Calls to mind something interesting Conny set on his blog. After seeing that South Park episode, we discussed earlier the one that box colony for failing to get a joke about fish fisticuffs. He said quote South Park burden me last night and it's pretty funny hurt my feelings, but we can expect from South Park actually have been working on my ego having the crew
the eagles played out at this point, my career and life? I used to use it to build up my esteem and nobody else believed to me now that people do believe in support my music. The best response is thank you. Instead of I told you, so I just want to be a doper person that starts with me not always telling people how dope. I think I am. I need to just get past myself drop the bravado just make the product and thus, as the conundrum of economy West is defying ego made possible. The purse distance necessary to succeed as a wrapper after years of rejection and laughter, buys industry, peers and now posts. The amazed that very same ego has jeopardized a career he worked so defiantly to achieve his ego is a gift and a curse and so
the economy was to do. How do you take the very eager that brought you success? How do you harmonise such conflicting internal emotions? These are complex questions, of course, the anxious to which Conny will attempt to find through more multi dimensional exploration of self, on the arms next on power. What's your thoroughly examined next time Monday sacked they sectors ridden produced by me d, music by bureaucratic have you enjoy, dissect, consider dropping review and apple podcast, tell a friend about the show or share Lincoln favorite social media out that there's no team behind. I it's just me and I can use all the help I can get growing. The show dissect podcast on Twitter and Instagram during the day community group on Facebook by searching dissect podcast if you'd like to support Dyson
you can do so at patriotic dot com, slash dissect, it takes me on average, around when he paused hours to research right record at it, makes master and publish each episode. You here also workforce and have a wife and child, so you can imagine My time is very precious, my dream- is to one day be able to produce dissect full time. A very the sooner the show pledges one dollar per month. I could very easily do that. They may be see, be helping dissect become more sustainable, now be off that some of the costs of the show a huge to my diamond level. Supporters, Evan, sweat, salmon, Chaudhry Judy Krishna. That's my mom and John and hearty way for their extra generous support. Again, that's patriotic spelled php r e, o n dot com, slash dissect thanks. So much for listening attacked you next week.
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