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S2E6 – Power by Kanye West

2017-09-05 | 🔗

We continue our serialized analysis of Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by dissecting "POWER."

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Welcome to dissect long for musical analysis broken into short digestible episodes. I'm your house cultures today. Continue. Our sea relies examination of Conny where's. My beautiful dark twisted fantasy were currently in the midst of the arms first act, which we ve titled beautiful on the arms opener dark fantasy were introduced a colony west, a kid from Chicago who, like many of us fantasize affair, and fortune after obtaining fame chinese naive one dimensional understanding of it quickly. Roads and a dark side begins to reveal itself on our last episode We examined the our second track, gorgeous Hyrcania, delivered dissertation on race relations at America outlining the obstacles he overcame as a black man define success in this country.
He also expressed through surrogate narrator Kid Cutty, a fearful all he worked for after the backlash of that, the amazed, a fear that would lead him to substance, abuse and thoughts of suicide. Twisted fantasy continues to develop these themes of internal conflicts and fear. Suicide and fame with the arms next and the subject of today's episode power. Since you, we would tell anybody ever thing. Do powers pretty
by Conny West in Dallas Base underground producer, symbolic, one, a k S, one additional production credits are given the MIKE deem just Basque. Her and Andrew Duff in the framework of the track was created by us one who regionally gave the beat wrapper rhyme use, who is also kindness, friendly collaborator Rainforest A number of s one beats for Kinabu on why, during the twisted fantasy sessions- and as this one tells it, he received a text out of the blue from rainforest. Saying quote: Connie's loving your stuff. He said he's about to change your life. On quote two days after receiving this text as one an email saying that his flight to Hawaii LISA three hours when he arrived, honey had already recorded some buckles to what will become power, as was added some additional production elements. Power is truly a master class in modern hip. Hop production, the focal point of the track is based on an excerpt of afro American has one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight song continent number six,
why, this extra was in sped up and pitched up to sound like this this version was recreated and re recorded by Kenya. Studio engineers, which I see was done to have more freedom in the songs mix, power,
drums, are sampled from the band called grits, one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine song. It's your thing. These drums are chopped up to sound like this combining these two samples and we get the basic Foundation of the song I'd harmony is then added to the track provided by heavily distorted bay. Since listen,
I'd harmony sets the song and see minor accused nature, with historic metaphorical significance that will talk more about in a minute over the base. Drunk and tribal sample MIKE Dean at the seller, guitar line of the seas, four elements: the continent number six sample called grits drums since Synth bass and guitar that make up the core of powers musical material. It's an eclectic makes of tribal world music boom, bat, electronic and stadium rock. That somehow maintains a pop sensibility. Things get more. I am still at the end of each becomes punk.
Waited with a sharp interjection of king Crimson. Nineteen sixty nine track twenty first century skits ointment now here's the source of that sample- so the basic understanding of the production elements. I comprise power, I like to return, the significance of the song see minor key signature and the world of classic music, see minors after reserve for significant pieces that deal with dark and brooding themes. Specifically, what has been coined the heroic struggle, Ludovic Van Beethoven the composer who ushered. In this metaphor, use of sea minor as some.
The most tragic and heroic works use, user key signature, for example, when a Beethoven's most recognisable works, symphony number five. See minor to have it is said, to have described these opening phrases as fate knocking at the door, and while these Winning measures are, of course, universally recognized. You may not be so familiar with the pieces. Fourth and final movement,
ass, the heroic struggle fate or death, knocking at the door in the opening movement is battled throughout the symphony until we reach a triumphant victorious finale. It was a reflection of Beethoven psyche during this time, as is progressive, hearing loss, led him to suicidal thoughts, but beta and eventually size deafness as a challenge to be fought and overcome, as he said quote, I will take fate by the throat. It'll never been me completely to its will on and thus the fifth symphony the hero struggle to persevere in the face, the diversity Beethoven chose see minor as a key to express these heroic sentiments, not only in his fist symphony, but a handful of other major works as well. Regarding Beethoven's works and see
minor scholar, Charles rose and said, quote Beethoven and see minor has come to symbolise his artistic character. In every case, it reveals Beethoven S, hero, unquote, many composers after Beethoven, continued this tradition of reserving see minor for larger or important works of heroic artistic expression, including your Highness Brahms Symphony number one Dmitri Shasta
which is strange. Quartet number: eight, Yes, Conway S power. Since you, we would tell anybody seen the withdrawal of aid intentional or not powers. Simpler use of sea minor in the classic tradition of heroic struggle, as we just heard Connie
It introduces the song as a superhero theme, music as we see in our lyrical analysis power as a multi d, philosophical and psychological examination of power. How can transcend how it can hinder? How can curse Connie will position himself as a man, a hero who struggles with power who craves it, who embraces it, who questions it, who abuses it, whose life is ultimately at risk because of it. Under current rocker grave wrote, quote powers a song about Conny Self, conscious delusion of omnipotence, offend He too aware of its own extravagance not to come on down the track is a wrecking Bob egotism that, by the songs and topples statue, helps a wreck uncle before we do into our lyrical analysis of the track. I want to briefly this
the visual component that was released in tandem with power, the first official single for my beautiful dark twisted fantasy. The video is directed by Marco brand Biller known for his work, described as moving paintings it begins with a tight shot of a stationary statuesque colony was wearing extremely large gold chain around his neck, egyptian ionic com stretch endlessly behind him. Song progresses the camera slowly zooms out revealing a symmetrical congregate, of egyptian inspired half naked women that surround him, some with horns and the one nearest him with angels wings, reminiscent of a phoenix as a camera, zooms out even further we see suspended inches above communists had a gold crown and along six sword, the Tipp of which penetrates through the crown and towards countries head resume out
further and see two men with swords on either side of the screen lunching at cognac. What appears to be an assassination attempt? The video concludes that the shot in which all the women are removed from the scene. Let me just khanate the two assassins the sword looming above his head. The video is full of enough symbolic imagery to fill an entire episode before purposes. Today. I do want to point out You revealing symbols that will help guide our analysis of the track. First dependent hanging from the large chain Conny, whereas to pigs horrors. The most powerful of ancient egyptian deities horse was a guy of the sky, his left eye, the sun is right, the moon! said that during a battle, one of his eyes was couched out and subsequently replaced by the gods, hath or enforce poorest gave this restored. I to his dead Father Cyrus to bring him back to life. Thus, the iconic I've horse was
born, also known as the all seeing eye a symbol of protection, knowledge and rural power. We might then ask what is Conny protecting, I believe, two things currently stands in front of infinite. Rosa bionic coms, ionic coms in there finding scroll like capitals are said to be symbolic of knowledge and wisdom, a wearing the horse chain seems to be the gatekeeper guardian of knowledge. I guess he sees fit for any true artist Secondly, sitting on a throne to the right of Kenya is a winged woman. The only other figure Seen aside from company, that's looking directly at the viewer, the to seem to be a pair this woman has a set of large angelic wings at evoke the image of a Phoenix mythology, Phoenix mystical bird that dies in its reborn across cultures and through time, the phoenix symbol. This renewal and rebirth. The phoenix also plays a central role in the short film runaway that accompany. The release of my beautiful dark twisted fantasy
As we see in our analysis of this film later in the season the Phoenix represents Conny is pure inner. Creative muse after us self imposed exile following his mother's death, the loss of his future wife, the Vienna. Is kind. He sees himself as reborn and use the Phoenix S symbolic of this rebirth protective. Now the create amused, helped him rise from his metaphor. Grave The last thing we need to discuss is that looming short above commies head This is a sword of Damocles eyes. Ngos damocles- was an attendant in the court of Dionysius Afore Century B. See tyrant of Syracuse Damocles exclaimed that as a great man of power and authority down. Easiest was truly fortunate. Dionysius then offered to switch places with him for a day, so we could take first hand that fortune in the evening a banquet was held Damocles very much enjoyed being way
it upon like a king. Only at the end of the meal did he look up and notice a sharp and sword hanging directly above his head by a single horsehair. Immediately Damocles lost all as for the amenities and asked leave of the tyrant. Thank you. No longer want to be so fortunate diabetes, Said successfully conveyed a sense of the constant fear in which the great man lives hours, narrative structure, both the song and video resemble that of the Damocles anecdote, revealing the complexity of power and celebrity the tight opening shot in which we see Conny surrounded by gorgeous half naked women is our one dimensional understanding of the luxury and indulgence of power, as a camera. Poles back we see Conny, surrounded by threatening swords. Suffocated by chaotic decadence, revealing the pressures weight of power. We think of the Shakespeare quote: Uneasy lies ahead that, whereas the crown with all this in mind, let's now died to the Lyrics Timey Wes Power,
I'm leaving it at 21st century with something mean to it. Do it better than anybody ever seen. There was a nice ring to it or a red carpet, introduction to Connie's prodigious eager. He says I'm living twenty first century doing something mean to it. Do it better than any one you ve ever seen. Do it screens from the haters got a nice ring to it? I guess every superhero need this theme. Music, knowing this to be as first fishes release post the amaze Conny straight away, addresses the controversy in a solid reputation with unabashed egoism. He positions himself as the most influential artists of the twenty first century We also slyly alluding to the king, Crimson sampled, our punctuate upcoming hook, patronising new congregation of haters, stating that,
the screams or music to his ears. He seems for now to be embracing his role as villain. An invincible tyrant, a line all means needs to brush off the torrential outpouring of discuss following their be amazed. These opening lines are akin to the opening shots. The power. Video were always see as a powerful, Godlike Conway surrounded by women and nothing of the field, fear and dread. This introduction is immediately by the same turns. No man should have all that power. The clock is ticking, adjust count the hours stop tripping, I'm tripping off the power twenty first century skit, so it man
This work will come to have multiple meanings as a song progressive after the arrogance of the introduction, the hook becomes a testament economies. Accumulation of power are no one. Man should have others power, buccaneer does, while the clock taking undoubtedly represents the idea of a looming damocles, his arrogance only allows them to count the hours a kind of passive right off to his inevitable demise. Stop tripping, I'm tripping off the power is an acknowledgement and arrogant, embrace men of his above, the power he tells us imaginary audience to stop tripping as it's killing his buzz or high off the power. His cord and power trip. The overall feeling we get from both the introduction and opening hook is unapologetic indulgence and abrasive assertion of ego, a kind of me against the World proclamation of power
after the songs opening her first one begins to tell me why we made the verse begins at the height like summation of the conditions of contemporary american society system, broke the school closed, the prisons open this ratio and social commentary reminiscent of the Alps previous track gorgeous economies respond to these circumstances. On powers. More reckless saying we ain't got nothing to lose mother Fucker Rerolling, with some light skin girls in some Kelly, Rowlands,
colonies. Rash nihilism regarding the imbalance system in America, causes them to roll, which can mean both driving and or taking drugs. With both light and dark skinned women Self, a man with so much self proclaimed power power that could be used to help fight these as a conditions. Reckless indulgence comes off as a Blaine, reckless abuse of his power. The next line in this white man's world affirmation, the ones chosen racial, a powerful formation in the face of racial bias, countries, clearly among the ones chosen and up until this point he's indulgently embraces role. The next lines begin to reveal the chinks in his armor. Is so good night cruel world I'll, see you in the morning. This is way too much. I need a moment is beginning to retract, from its initial posturing as invincible king, it would seem that the pressures of the cruel world are beginning to expose themselves is, reveal the Damocles sword as our lands on colonies. Life continues to widen after a rapid.
Vision of the songs hook birth to begin come in, come in my mind that the vote is needed. Treaty opens up, So the round house swing on Saturday night by chinese You're stemmed from Essen, mockery of them after the amazing Taylor, Lautner Taylor, swift boyfriend at the time karate chopped economy, mannequin head off during the opening monologue Connie continues Jabba ESA now, comparing their short added the french Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, while content mongolian furs are more kinda. Gang is calm as it could historic posturing of colonies power as gay
cause Reza may have twelve million square miles of territory. Conquered makes child's play of Napoleon seven hundred and twenty thousand square miles. Connie then goes all in on his narcissistic grandeur, saying I embody every characteristic of the egotistic and then, as an example of his ego, speaks about himself and third person saying he knows he so fucking gift it at this point any more extreme self. Aggrandizing like this would likely make us nauseous we're like we see multiple times on the outer. Thus far, Conny makes an unexpected emotional one. Eighty and deliver some
this most thoughtful lines of his career. Reality is taking advantage. Taking my guy on May twenty Differences is self imposed exile. After the be amazed that the lines I just needed time alone, with my own thoughts got treasures that my mind, but couldn't open up my own thoughts. My child, like creativity, purity and honesty, is honestly being crowded by these grown thoughts. It's a poetic expression of his fear after the Vienna backlash and an incident that could very easily a broken him, but it
isn't his fame or power that Connie speaks of being at risk. This is creativity, the thing he holds most dear. He elaborates with the next lines. Reality is catching up with me. Taking my inner child, I'm fighting for custody can you lichens inner creative mused to a child, something innocent, something pure something threatened by the realities of the grown world. Chinese exile was an attempt to escape reality, a paternal instinct to protect, to nurture to regenerate his inner childlike creativity now emerge back in the real world. Conny stands as a guy Eddie at the gates of creativity. The phoenix at his side, ready for a fight is important to note here that it's not favour money or power that colonies concerned with losing its security of his art in fact has missed of power and the reality that abroad imposed. The amaze is the very thing that now threatens what he deems most valuable is beginning to realize that it's, the people that grant in power
and if those very same people are able to take it away with his power, even real in the first place Connie punctuates averse with what I believe to be one of the most compelling was cryptic lies of his career. Diana must listen to this line one more time and ask yourself: is he saying diamond or die man is likely. That diamond was purposely, pronounced, such a way. To also hear dying, man refers to economies famous Jesus peace, necklace that features a diamond encrusted head of Jesus. A dying man can play with the crown of thorns he wore when Chris in the context of the lyrics outcome before it, the line is incredibly rich with meaning the diamond encrusted. Jesus peace becomes a contemplated symbol of contradiction and conflicts
Jesus himself can be viewed as symbolic of virtue and compassion. An example of power in its most purists must righteous form, but around com his neck he's a door with jewels and diamonds, the symbolic purity of Jesus becomes tainted with frivolous adornments that represent self indulgence and ego power being misused and abuse for peace Then again, Conny looks down at his cord, unquote diamond encrusted. Peace conflicted about his use of power seen throughout the song. Thus far country has escalated between aggressive I get Dose YO, the indulgent abuse of power and a desire. Return to a state of creative purity and were left wondering which path will choose. Also, it would be far fetched to think. Conny also sees himself akin to Jesus Crusader for good will and righteousness who was nailed to the cross for what he believed in and interviews. How many more than once comparative standing up for Bianchi at the amaze with other iconic examples of historic sacrifice in March,
Isn't no anonymity I'll put my apple myself, the line of fire. Its is that suit straight up. In tandem in scope and aunt Hannah Square to chinese gate in front of the tank right there in front of them, the social, the media tank, I said This debate is that for our sins, die for the sins of our media. Jesus had idle. Here, media just hiding there like fighting their battle ride, my fight it also with explanations people sell you over explain yourself wrote those things that want to ever be explained within my time and for like when I swear, I myself am explaining Michaelmas blame and claims waning must lay the kids they just committed suicide two weeks ago in Chicago explaining all that, because I felt suicide. Oh I felt heard I felt compromise in a way you know before moving
but listen again to the concluding lines of birth too, but this time, let's think of diamond encrusted peace not of his Jesus chain, but a gun my pony alluded to the pressures of power and the closing of one when he said this is way too much. I need a moment now the endeavours to these pressures. These calls responsibilities, they entrusted me seem to be way. Heavily unconscious conscious the image of him holding a diamond encrusted handgun represents all of colonies. Conflicting emotions, we discussed in the Jesus peace, but now the imagery is much more ominous again. We think of that sword of Damocles hey I'm a string above his head and we wonder if it won't be Conny himself that cuts the string power continues with the petition of the songs hook after her in these last few lines of verse to reveals a deeper alternative.
It was simply coming directly after cronies patients, a suicide, no one and should have all that power shifts from a line of self aggrandizing egotism drew threatening self realization for good reason. No one man should have all this power as of pressures and fear. It comes with his way too much for any man to handle the lines. The clocks, taking I just count the hours, becomes ominous for warnings as Khanate Lonely, an isolated stares at a clock. In the hours till us demise. As you probably notice, the line stop tripping, I'm tripping off the power has been changed in this house too. I'm tripping off the powder, a reference to cocaine It's another allusion to drug use as escapism from reality and countries power trip is
drug trip. Something that will return. To the songs and after this altered, hookahs perform first three begin: I was asked: how was translation, what our population they say, abomination up Obama would, as a country begins averse with dense wordplay, saying colon palace. Austin powers lost in translation with the whole fucking nation. This is a direct reference to the be amazed and his Katrina, George Bush, doesn't care about black people moment. Conny first lichens himself to politician Colin Powell. A black man with real power who suddenly transformed into Austin Powers a fictional, characterises Chile, a joke who people laugh at Austin Powers was played by MIKE Myers, the man who is actually a side when he set his now infamous George Bush black people line. What kind
intentions might have been good and both the visa May. An Katrina incidents, the points he was trying to make were lost in translation due to his inability to express his message without emotion and our ego. Twenty than states they say. I was abomination of nation. Well, that's a pretty bad way to start the conversation It would seem that communist frustrated with the media's portrayal of them as an american atrocity and their law. Of desire to have a real, meaningful conversation about the issues he spoken out against. First continues. Conny takes another. Unexpected pivot lay a rather than pivotal. Introspection like first to Conny turns reckless, perhaps tripping. After
How do they know it sounds? Were you going to drink? It will take time. Begins downward self destructive dissent, as the attempts to once again overcome as self doubt with arrogance, but this time it just comes off is kind of desperate and sad. A sentiment accentuated by the somber piano part that enters precisely when Conny begins is arrogant. Tantrum in all ends with Conny ask himself how yea
to which he responds I'm surviving. I was drinking earlier now, I'm driving. Clearly the pressures are turning Conny Reckless, as he looks resource and drugs, alcohol and women. Must listen again to the end of this birth, paying close attention to the phrase so exciting and the echoes follow Did you notice? How so exciting begins to sound like suicide? Have another listen, No and before some of you claim this, a reach, less jump ahead to the songs next section
tiny says now: this will be a beautiful death. We'll see Dweller answers, I'm jumping out the window, I'm letting everything go with references to a diamond, encrusted, handgun, drinking and driving the Damocles
and now a very blatant suggestion of suicide, and the outlook is becoming clear that death was certainly a consideration during Connie's exile and a key component of power as a multi faceted concept here on the outer death seems to be a glorified fantasy, uneasy out the inevitable conclusion to the downward spiral. That seems to come after a rise to famous spectacularly yes like her Cobain and others. There seems to be a list of power for areas that choose to take their own life at the height of their fame, leading us to believe the pressures of Liberty in power are real threats of those ill equipped to deal with them conning visas. With a question before the demonic, tailspin foods. Aside You gotta, have a ass. You the power to let power go. It would seem to be confiscated. Into a psychological examination of power is shown to be all too aware of the sword of Damocles hanging over his head realized
The power is a crude will inevitably lead to its demise. The kind of power corneas accrued is granted by people by the public by us in the be amazed, taught him anything it was at the same people that, given power, can very easily take it away and again it begs the question: is this really power at all Conny seems to think not Is he questions whether he has the internal power to let this extra? No power go this internal power? based on self actual zation humility, a kind of eel is virtue that will certainly not come naturally to economy west, of course, coming after is blatant images of suicide. Another way, Conny can give up the powers to take his own life bath more than a few have taken to escape the pressures of power and fame. This darker reality of powers, accentuated by demonic screams and the songs outgrew, as well as a second king, crimson sampled repeats the phrase Neuro scream is frenetic. Persistence is perhaps a reflection of colonies, mine as a parasitic pressures of fame.
Aware is eager. Ends on one final interjection: the king Crimson sample. We ve heard used throughout the song with cod introducing himself as the ruler of the twenty first century in the tracks opening mines, it would seem that the twenty four centuries gets annoyed. Man is a title. Colony is dawning himself. If you like me, you might have assumed that skip toyed with short for schizophrenia, but in fact it's not that simple.
Scared, so it is in reference to Lloyd Personality disorder, the condition characterized by isolation and difficulty or lack of interest in social relationships, because your attachment to the external world is frail and non existent. They live in rich. Elaborate internal fantasy world, yes fantasy world people, schedule, personalities, have difficulty assessing the impact of their own actions and social situations. Be amazed that many speculate that schedule personalities have ties to creativity, the literal meaning of schizophrenia, split type and in the case of the skids, what one thinks has little to do and a separate from how one feels are behaves? schedule, individuals commonly act out with substance abuse, the substitute human relationships calling to mind the already numerous references to drugs and alcohol escape on the on the spot.
Suicide is an idea common for most gets Lloyd, individuals that are not likely to attempt one, as scheduled scholar, Ralph Klein says quote for some sketches patients. Suicides presence is like a faint, barely discernible background noise and rarely reaches a level that breaks into consciousness, for others is an ominous is an emotional sword of Damocles, in any case, is an underlying dread that they all experience unquote. Suicide. The sword of damocles we're trading from earlier water here are, we not Obviously I am not a doktor we're having justice. Is level understanding of skits I'd behaviour is enough to parallels with the behaviour corneas displayed on the this far broader egotism. Braggadocio found on power. Ultimately, the title Conny gives himself is twenty first century skits old man characterized by isolation. Disconnected this substance abuse lots of suicide and living in a fantasy world with our camera now fully seemed
Connie stripping away the armor of his ego, revealing to us the complexities of power. The twenty first century, update on the Damocles anecdote like Dionysius Colony, is attempting to express to us the fear and pressures of power and fame. As we like Damocles, I was always see it as a one. Dimensional luxury conclusions in multiple interviews, Khanate claims that he and his team for five thousand men hours into the sun power. So even solid power like we spent five thousand hours, and it's really psychology behind a live issue is now just lately: I got all the powers. No one man should have all that power in its wording in really sensitive way. That you know opens it up for everyone from its meticulous headroom. Jimmy
production to its tightly well, lyricism and complex metaphors thematic content powers, a detailed intricately chiseled, marble statue approaches songwriting, Appleton, EAST Lake Sports Power, both as a concept in and of itself, as well as its personal effects on his life in mind. It's something Kanye, clearly struggles with he's smart enough to recognize powers, ability to deteriorate in spirit, but also recognize his own inability to let it go by his conscious use of greek mythology and symbolism and props is unconscious, use of their throats key signature of sea minor colonies, powers textured with antiquity, breathing new life into old things. Twenty first century presentation of ancient ideas in the end power borders on greek tragedy is: can you imagine, is death? Is a beautiful released from the vice like clutches of power and thing which, at this point, the arms loose narrative seems to have got the best economy? West? Are the very
EAST has among the ropes, interestingly, fraud, self centered, philosophizing Johnny ultimately concludes power by breaking the third wall, He has listeners the same question. He asked himself. You got the power to let power go it's a question. We can interpret a myriad of ways. Certainly assets to reserve judgement until we put ourselves in Congo shoes. If you accrued enormous power, how would you handle the pressure, the constant scrutiny? How strong is your skin in the face of adversity? If your mother died in her engagement, ended how'd, you behave by the whole world was watching. We often reserve empathy for those laws on the social and economic totem pole for people whose circumstances are less fortunate than our own or for people facing tragic adversity. But what about the people quote above us. The fortunate the powerful the once you seem so well off at a distance. What do we make of them? There are three
shoulder limiter on epithet capacity. Is it possible to empathize with the homeless person? In the same way we would a millionaire. The definition of empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. It says nothing of her. Deserving of empathy, because empathy as a concept is objective and without bias. Then it's pure state. Empathy is applied equally to all things, because when practice, empathy is infinite. A well that never run, try. Our culture seems to love tearing down the same statues. We help erect. We love a good rags richest story, but equally love a fall from grace Because with success in celebrity comes an inherit dehumanization, the famous become objects on a screen. Talking points, point of debate, representations of larger concepts are too
and your movements, but often lost somewhere in those contracts, as our capacity to empathize our ability to understand and share the feelings of others in the case of Conny West. It would seem he believe, wholeheartedly in the invincibility of success when achieved, he found himself still vulnerable to the basic human feelings of loss, hurt depression pressure stress Society suicidal thoughts, the whole gamut of the human experience on power. He begins as a self aggrandizing egocentric. I read and ends and unravelling suicidal skits Lloyd. His question to us it end of the track is region and empathy as a forces us to ask yourselves the same question he's asking himself: you got the power to let power go well
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