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S3E1 – Frank Ocean: A Man of Art and Mystery

2018-05-22 | 🔗

Season 3 of Dissect is dedicated entirely to the music of Frank Ocean. Today we begin with Ocean’s upbringing in New Orleans and his move to Los Angeles after Hurricane Katrina. We’ll then break down his landmark 2011 mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra.

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From Spotify studios. This is dissect long for musical analysis, broken into short, digestible episode Cole years for long years,. Any fan of the genre defying Grammy award, winning artist, Frank Ocean knows exactly what this means for years. It be in the summer of two thousand twelve Frank Ocean had just release channel Orange his monument debut album that garnered universal critical acclaim and landed and full of Grammy nominations. Channel Orange Purp, Frank Ocean into the stratosphere of musical stardom, the author city and soul of sound gain. The respect of his peers and amassed a dedicated cult like fanbase ocean did something like a tip
press circuit directly. Following the album's release, he appeared on late television, perform the villa in Grammys and played a handful of concerts by February of twenty thirteen. Just six after the release of Channel Orange Ocean told the beam see he was already ten songs into his next album, but then over course, of two thousand and thirteen Frank began receive from the limelight. The post on his once very active tumblr page became few and far between interviews, public appearances and performances were increasingly scarce until they stopped entirely quickly and without warning. Goshen had all but disappeared, but it was too late. The seed of a new album had been planted and for years the world hung on breadcrumb clues trying to decipher, just where Frank was and when he planted for his next album in March of twenty fourteen and Instagram photo revealed crouched over a mixing board inside a recording studio in a cryptic tumblr shortly after Frank hint
that the album was nearly complete. But then an entire year goes by no album, no update, nothing aside from a few photos of Frank in the studio. It's now April. Sixth, two thousand and fifteen nearly three years after Channel Orange is release. Frank drops a bombshell. What posted to his website shows I'm looking down at two piles of magazines. Titled boys, don't cry the photo. Caption reads: I got two versions. I got two versions, hashtag issue, one album three July. Two thousand and fifteen boys don't cry the find a billboard confirms what everyone is hoping Frank Ocean is dropping a new album in three months. The way it seems is nearly over but July comes and July goes no album, no magazine nothing. Another entire year goes by Frank, remain silent, no word about what happened. No word about the status of his album
is now July. Second, two thousand and sixteen another cryptic photo appears on Frank's website. It's uh library due date slip the date at the top of the car July. Third, two thousand and fifteen is cross, now alluding to the mist release date a year prior various. Do it's continue down the length of the card ending with by two thousand and sixteen, it appears frank only be releasing the album boys don't cry sometime in July, but just like the year prior, the month of July comes and goes no album, no update, nothing. But then, on the first of August a mysterious black and white live stream appears on oceans website. It shows work, benches, large, warehouse hours later, Frank, here's on the live stream and without saying a word begins: woodworking building a series of four foot rectangular boxes, while instrumental music plays after completing these boxes. Frank exits, the stream that same.
The New York Times. Announces that boys, don't cry, would release five days later on Friday August Fifth, but August fifth comes in August. Fifth, goes you guessed it? No album, no update, nothing! Nearly two weeks later on August 18th Ocean reappears on the Can white live stream. He in December the boxes he built into an ascending twelve foot spiral staircase. One new Frank Ocean songs play the twenty song forty, five minute. Music video is an ounce of the visual album called endless made available to view on demand. The next day, but the drama is not over. Yet it turns out the visual album endless is separate from the long awaited channel orange. Follow up boys, don't cry that album drop just forty eight hours later and after four excruciatingly long and tortured years, the world find got their album. No longer boys don't cry, the album is called blonde and frankly it was well. We
the way we got on the plane leaves in terms of service are given just a night night night. You got someone coming spitting game. Oh you got it blonde. Is seventeen tracks of transcendent emotional and spiritual depth. It's less of an now and more of a world you step into once inside, were privy to oceans, most intimate memories and emotions, memories and emotions that are reflected prismatic Lee across its dense, detailed, richly colored sonic architectures season.
Three dissect is in large part, dedicated to Frank Ocean's blonde, but, unlike seasons, past we're going to have our first ever double header. After today's Bye graphical introductory episode will spend six full episodes on ocean's, debut album Channel Orange are any ten or so episodes will then cover the album blonde. This double I'm approach will allow us to examine Frank Ocean's. Art holistically Lee evolution of frank, sound from the singer song, writer structures of Channel Orange songs, like thinking about you and I'm thinkin, badges. Imagine shoes again back to the intimate atmosphere. Introspect can a blonde tracks like White Ferrari in this life, and this
also discover how, with each project came parallel, acts of liberation and oceans, personal and public life. From the end, then it release of a self funded mixtape nostalgia ultra to the touch open letter that publicly revealed his sexuality days before the release of Channel Orange. To his reclusive withdrawal from trappings and falsities of fame in the four years before blonde, both Frank Ocean's art, his actions, moving parallel along a self created path towards artistic truth, creative purity and purse financial independence, indeed Frank Ocean, is something of an anomaly in today's world of twenty four hour quantity over quality, social oversharing, Frank curated rates, with an eye on forever. His pursuits are pure, his output, intentional his art, a reservoir of warmth, vulnerability, nostalgia, Alja, with and the genuine feeling of someone striving toward a more thoughtful elegant existence. This season going to learn more about what it means to be human through the beautiful music of Frank Ocean and
without further ado, let's dissect Frank Ocean whose birth name was Christopher, Edwin Breaux was born on number 28th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven in long beach. California, when he is five years old, Frank move to New Louisiana with his mother Katanya, who raise Frank alone without the presence of Frank's Father his childhood Frank, Tord, CQ magazine quote, I haven't seen my father since he left and for a well. You know we weren't middle class. We were poor, but mom never accepted that she worked hard become a residential contractor got her master's with on at the University of New Orleans to go to every class with her unquote since a young age, Frank was drawn to both writing and singing sigh car rides with his mother as its earliest influences there. He exposed to divas like Whitney Houston, Mariah, Carey, Celine, Dion and Anita Baker, but in most
formative early musical experience came when ocean first heard, prints quote I used to sing when I was younger. My mom would be like stop hollering. It used to make me also conscious about how I sounded like the tone of my voice or how loud I was discovered prints at my mom's and Jerry's house. I mean she use have one like every day and I honestly didn't pay attention at first, but I vividly remember the first time I heard beautiful ones in this grown man singing for his life. I remember it clicking like. Oh, it's, ok to holler and scream, and everything like expressed yourself. Kid go off. Prince basically made it all. Ok, unquote, let's hear a bit of princes beautiful ones, the song so influential to Frank as he was coming of age, my name, I know I am all day and if the plans of a random baby,
interesting music continue to grow into his teenage years. At thirteen Frank, wash cars, walk dogs and mowed lawns to save money for studio time, he soon became determined to make music his career ocean told Fader, mag being quote, I knew the only way I can make singing a livelihood and make a living off of it was, if I great at it, I didn't want it to be my hobby. I wanted it to be my career, unquote in two thousand and five at age. Eighteen, Frank enrolled in the University of New Orleans and moved into the college dorms. Just months later, in August of two thousand and five hurricane Trina storm through New Orleans leaving city in ruins, among the which was the studio, Frank, was using to record his music leaving him at a crossroads of sorts. Continue to pursue his music career, Frank dropped out of college, and may this way to LOS Angeles, he told the BBC quote the storm itself didn't make me move, but the storm ruined my recording
environment and the studio I was working in got, looted and destroyed by flood water. I didn't have a place to work in Orland, so I left and came to la unquote with a one hundred dollars in his pocket. Frank drove over two days to LOS Angeles, originally planning to stay just two months. He requ the demo at his friend's home studio and worked a number of odd jobs pursuing a songwriting career. He told GQ quote. I was only supposed to be in LA for six weeks. I don't feel like I. I made a conscious decision to stay six years. You just kind of role, the first four and a half years with me in the studio everyday riding. As for other people, I had jobs to eleven jobs. I worked at Kinko's, Fatburger Subway. I was a sandwich artist and I was a claims. Processor, Allstate, insurance, unquote over time, Frank began to make more, can actions in the music industry surrounded by experienced artists and producers francus
feelings of inferiority is fuel quote. I would sit in, we do for hours, but I went right any. Line that was as good as the lines being written in the rooms. Next to me, I had to elevate. I was looking at it like an athlete. Then I just wanted to be better than everybody else. I'm By two thousand and eight Frank had landed, songwriting deal and gain writing credits for artists, like brandy and John Legend as an example Franks early song writing. Let's listen to an excerpt of brandy's, two thousand and eight song. First in love, co written by Christopher for the years two thousand nine in two thousand and will contain a
handful of pivotal events that would begin to propel Lonny Breaux, the songwriter toward Franco in the solo artist. First, he met Ricky Stewart, an Def jam records tricky. Heard Frank Solo work inside of the def jam, not as a songwriter, but a solo artist. Unfortunately, it immediately became clear that deaf, I had no intentions to prioritize Frank. He told complex quote: I sign my paper at the end of nine. It was a by January of twenty ten outside of the contract. In the paper there is no relationship I never walked through the building and eh had the opportunity to build with them because of some other shit within the company. All I knew who was that I was an artist and I didn't have a relationship with my label. Unquote later in twenty ten Christopher Edwin Breaux would officially filed to change his name to Christopher Francis Ocean aka Francos. The genesis of the moniker was inspired by the original ocean's. Eleven film and legend
the rat pack singer Frank Sinatra: ocean initially compelled to change his name because he thought it looked better on magazine covers, but it seems the change became a defining active liberation. He told complex quote: I change my name on my birthday last year. It was them empowering, should I did in twenty ten for sure I went on Legalzoom and I change my fucking name unquote, In addition to signing to def jam and changing his name, Frank met Tyler the creator but of the LOS Angeles, collective, odd future event. Joining this crew of influential musicians and artists. His membership in odd future was a step out of the shadows of songwriting, no long where faceless credit in the liner notes. His membership also came at a critical time when ocean was suffering emotionally ocean told GQ quote I was real dark time. In my life, when I met them, I was looking for a reprieve at twenty or twenty one. I had a couple hundred thousand dollars from producing in song right
a nice car, a Beverly Hills apartment and I was miserable and here's. This group of like minded individuals who reference made me revere the do it yourself twality of odd future, really rubbed off on me. Unquote. Inspired by the odd future diy approach and the neglect from his label free I began working on a self funded project without any support from def jam. He released said project for free in February of twenty eleven eleven we garnered critical acclaim and launch frank into the music industry's limelight, forcing def jam's hand. Prioritizing him as an artist of course, transformative landmark project is named Nostalgia ultra.
I believe you have a jabra, I believe the seventh, I believe in what I believe the woman's Temple gives her the right to choose. Would there be done before I believe in marriage? Nist Alja Ultra is a fourteen track mix tape released for free as a digital download on oceans, tumblr page mister, ultra both utilizes and pays homage to the mixtape. The mixtape format has rich history has two parallel definition: and then uses of the word mixtape developed during the early 80s and continue to evolve through the early 2000s nostalgia ultra actually utilizes. Both of these parallel definitions of the mixtape simultaneously and a brief sidebar in the history of the mixtape will prove essential to fully appreciating oceans, clever use of the medium. The concept of
mix tape rose to prominence in the early 1980s. When cassette tape emerged as the dominant medium of audio distribution and consumption, consumers could create a cuss collection of songs with a few simple tools: a blank cassette, a cassette player with the recording feature and a primary audio source from which to record, like the rate a second cassette player or later a cd player. These mixes of songs recorded on tape were dubbed mixtapes. I became extremely popular throughout the 80s and 90s. There is an art, the creation of a great mixtape, and for many they became a point of pride, an outlet for self expression, to create custom mixtapes for yourself for a best friend or to a potential partner. They could hours or even days to compile often decorated with handwritten listen hand drawn embellishments in the two one thousand five book mixtape the Arctic cassette culture contribute
Matthias Beginner said quote. The mixtape tape is a form of american folk art, predigested cultural artifacts, combined with homespun technology in magic marker turn the mixtape into a message in a bottle. I am known, consumer a pop culture. It says, but also a producer of it. Mixtapes marked the moment of consumer culture in which listen, take control over what they heard in what order and at what cost? Simultaneously the mid 70s and early 80s apparel definition and use of the mixtape begin to emerge in disc jockey culture. Before the cassette tape, there was no physical, medium capable of recording and easily distributing the early iterations of hip hop, which was created live by DJS, using the instrumental breaks of funk records mixed with various samples, vinyl scratching and coming Mcs began, recording their live performances on cassette, which could then be duplicated and Distr did in the streets. No, though,
is dj tapes, their popularity exploded due to their portability and help the widespread growth of hip hop as an emerging genre. As a example, let's listen to one of the earliest surviving DJ tapes from a grandmaster Flash New York performance in nineteen. Seventy, eight black people with your desk, don't think because I'm using your car, but we need to be a shit yeah. She had jobs and put the be there go on and on and on and on to the pizza without to bring it on it like this Sean, unlike that, the dj centric mix tape developed into a number of permutations overtime, becoming more more vocal centric in its evolution by the mid 90s states produced by the likes of dj, clue and others showcase array of rappers riving. Sixteen bar features with the DJ interjecting, with echoed shouts of their moniker Ministry of Safety of fate for Non Cigna. Sixty Jaiku Jaiku Jaiku, with their full flower safe routes,
for that is to improve this back in the house. Once again did the life you had a job, isn't guns and now jail pull, get like a big sample. All stand in the early to me. Two thousand rapper. Fifty cent led a movement of artists, centered mixtapes. These iterations were full blown full length projects by a single artist that contain a collage of freestyles remixes of popular tracks and original songs. Rappers use the mixtape to gain street credit, so in hopes of getting attention from record labels and with the rise of the internet and specifically blog culture in the mid 2000s mix, mixtapes became even more prevalent as one could distribute. There digitally on sites like that dot com, lifting the restricted reach of regional physical distribution in the streets. This full length artist, driven approach eventually began to blur the line between the mixtape
Album young, aspiring artists like chance, the rapper Drake Kendrick Lamar and the weekend release quote unquote, mixtapes that sounded so much like albums that seemingly the only thing mixtape about them was the fact that they are distributed, digitally for free without physical counterpart, and it was in this mix. Tape's, album environment that Frank Ocean created release, Nostalgia ultra in twenty eleven, but Franks mix tape was unique in its conception blending. Both the classic custom cassette tape, definition of the word with Hip hop's free, album evolution like hip hop's definition, Nostalgia Ultra is a full length project. It was released for free and features of lodge of original songs, interludes and remix covers that borrow production from well known groups like Coldplay, the Eagles and Mgmt these re. Covers play to the classic custom cassette version of the mixtape which ocean
century. It's by using actual sounds of a cassette tape being stopped rewound and fast forwarded throughout the entire project. In fact, the cassette tape is the conceptual framework of nostalgia Ultra the project plays like Frank's intimate custom collection of is on tape, creating a world of memories, childlike wonder and adulthood. Disappointment will dive into this beautiful Tennessee filled world. That is nostalgia ultra right after the break Today's episode of dissect is brought to you by Sonos. Sonos makes wireless sound systems and when heard they signed on as a sponsor for season three, I was honestly thrilled at even using their Sonas. One smart speaker for months, of course,
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or the break. We discovered how Frank Ocean's debut project nostalgia ultra. Is that once a free album mix tape that plays like a cassette mix tape? The project begins with the skit titled street fighter and ought to oceans love for video games, These opening moments of nostalgia Ultra firmly established the cassette motif that reappear throughout the album. Of course, the cassette also evokes nostalgia. One of the project central themes regard his approach to the social Ultra Ocean. The BBC quote: have you ever seen? Boyz in the hood. There are certain movies that are shot with the summer haze that look like the best part of summer, the vibe in
Film is super nostalgic for me and I was chasing those colors trying to make a record that had that feel unquote. This cinematic approach to album construction and Frank's obsession with summer would prove to be a through line in his career. As with the juxtaposition between old and new, the nostalgic longing for the simplicity of chow word against the harsh realities of adulthood in contemporary life. Regarding the Mixtapes Title Ocean told complex quote: it's nostalgia. It's a longing for the past. That's what this record felt like. I named it five minutes after we finish mastering right before we had to write the labels on the sea bees and get out of there ultra, because it's also modern because of the sonics of it. It felt right and this juxtaposition of old and new is masterfully displayed on the opening sequence of tracks on the style, Je Ultra the brief audio clips on KISS tape. We just heard on the projects. Opening moments are taken from cold place to one thousand and eight album viva la Vida or death and all of his friends, Frank skips through a few songs off the album
finally lands on the track. Strawberry swing that sick, the start of nostalgia overtures first song, which borrows production from Coldplay Strawberry swing. As we listen notice, the music begins sounding lo fi and thin, as if Frank is room singing along to the cassette tape over time that loaf ice down gradually ascends with more and more clarity, infidelity, as if we're being eased into Frank's fantasy world of childhood nostalgia.
The first words Frank shutters on the ultra are masterful in their poetic composition and the staff
straight away. The nostalgic tone of the mixtape he sings when we were kids, we had painted strawberries on a swing. Every moment was so precious. Then I'm still kicking daydreaming on a strawberry swing. The entire earth is fighting. All the world is, at its end, Justin an atom bomb comes falling. On my lawn, it's saying you should hear I've loved the good times here. Frank is daydreaming about the war of the innocence of childhood. Using beautiful, vivid imagery of swinging on hand painted strawberry swings as symbolic of youthful bliss, both oceans in cold place, use of strawberries to evoke childhood is likely a dot to the Beatles Strawberry fields forever itself, a song about the carefree nobody of childhood ocean immediately. Com. Trust is nostalgic. Sentiments with this present day here. The innocence of child
it has decayed into the harsh conflict, ridden realities of adulthood, still frank, punctuates a burst with glowing optimism and grace saying that if he should die by Adam Bomb, no less, we should know these chairs the good times he's had on earth. Versed strawberry swing, further expound upon the momentary, fleeting nature of our most beautiful moments, with the tragic sense of nostalgic optimism, he sings, say hello, then say farewell to the places you know where all Girls. Aren't we any moment this could go cry even though that won't change a thing, but you should know you should hear that I've loved the good times here toward the end of strawberry swing. We hear a crossfade of conflicting elements. The music begins to fade down as a jarring aggressive sounds of an alarm clock invade and eventually dominate the sonic landscape.
We hear frank side before turning off the alarm. His nostalgic. The dream is, over the alarm clock wakes some to the shrill realities of adulthood. I Heavy sigh leads directly into the project. Next track, no were refined, frank dealing with those adult. The realities in a drug induced meandering, a momentary, pleasures. You started something a gap little pony did did and I can feel nothing superhuman. Even when I'm fucking for Agr up I've been every single record, auto tune in Seabrook, emotion, muted, emotion, pitch, corrected, computed, emotion, a payment on a model bra without Hollywoods, my stripper booty in Iraq, like wow brain, like Berkeley, meter record seller. I want to see Jacob. She went to cc trip perfect. I took a seat
on the ice cold or she had the media eyes blue bunk, whatever she said she wanna be at Dennis really bad. She said school pan for tuition doing porn in the bath at least working patrol. I can't feel my face. What are we smoking anyway? She said: don't let the high go to waste in Novocaine Frank describes various states of numbness he began saying he quote, can't feel nothing and like is desensitized emotionless state to the robotic, emotionless vocal effect auto tune, we discovered that the cause of his death. This is a woman. It grab this woman as being both gorgeous and smart singing. I blame it on the model broad with the Hollywood smile stripper booty in Iraq, like wow brain like Berkeley later in the verse sings. She want to be a dentist really badly she's in school, paying for tuition doing porn in the valley.
Your ocean just opposes her ambitions as a dentist. With our current situation as porn actress, it gives a line brain like Berkeley, a clever double meaning. Uc Berkeley is one of the most acclaimed college universities in the: U S, so brain like Berkeley, alludes to the women's and agents and her ambitions as a dentist. Brain is also slang for oral sex, and, given that the woman does porn brain, like Berkeley, supplies she's masterful in bed, novocaine, continue is the repetitive yet discreetly complex hook, little no ok, baby, baby, novocaine, baby punch. Fuck me good fuck, me alone. Fuck me numb, love me now. When I'm gone love you done. Love me nine! Let me know I'm not sing.
It would seem that sex with this woman is left Frank Numb in more ways than one first. The sex itself leaves him numb. A temporary drug, like euphoria during to will discover that the woman in their sex was so good that at least them numb to Everything and everyone else, has nothing compares with her. These various states of numbness are encapsulated in the song's title novocaine. We first think of the localized anesthetic commonly used by dentist to Numb the pain of dental work. Of course, with Frank side, a woman aspiring to be a dentist, the use of novocaine a clever way to express the number she causes him, but it's own. We analyze the spelling of oceans, novocaine that we discover it's double triple and even quadruple meanings. Novocaine is, additionally spelled no Veoh c a I n e, but in Frank's alternative spelling he combines the word Nova and VA and Kane C, a n e.
The definition of Nova is a star that suddenly increases its light output tremendously and then fades away to its former obscurity in a few months or years. This to the momentary, overwhelming bliss of sex with this woman and the numbness that causes frank to have about everything else after Nova, according to urban dictionary, is also slang. Quote: a beautiful girl who is extremely unique. The woman character in Novocaine is both beautiful, annexed How unique as she's an aspiring dentist who does porn? Lastly, Nova. Is also slang for the synthetic psychedelic drug, twenty five b n B, o m e, like the start of his brief high intensity, burst, followed by a fading decline. Twenty five dash. We begin to the LSD, like visual trip lasting three to five hours, followed by ecstasy, like effects lingering up to twelve hours, twenty five dash b. Is Perhaps the answer to Frank's question toward the end of verse, one where he asked. I can't feel my face we smoking anyway, an interesting?
tell here that Nova or twenty five dash be only very recently surfaced on the streets as a designer drug. In two thousand ten inverse one of Novocaine Ocean describes doing drugs. Coachella we're both Jay Z and Z. Trip were set to perform the only year those artists performed at Coachella was in twenty thousand ten precisely the year drug. No, hit the streets. Finally, we have the word: Kane spelled C, a n e there's a few interesting possible interpretations here. We first think of a cane that helps one walk, a crutch similar to the way a drug addict might these drugs as a crutch to escape their suffering pain, is also slang for cocaine and in English. Kane is used as a verb to describe consuming drugs or alcohol in large quantities, of course, These uses of came find relevance within the context of oceans Novocaine, which were just trying to be a song rich with understated complexity and depth and verse. Two we find franks time after is transformative encounter with the woman. He suddenly portray
himself like a drug addict, doing cocaine for breakfast in a messy house and building himself doing orgies with a bed full of women. The way through the verse we discover why is life is turned so explicitly gluttonous step, but it keeps on moving. I blame it on the model bra with the Hollywood smile house stripper booty with the rag like. Why did you put me on a feeling I never had never had never had, and ever since I've been trying to get it bad to pick it up and put it back now, something like the chemist on campus, but there's no drug brown. My bad word found you. You Frank sings. You put me on a feeling that I never had and ever since, I've been trying to get it back and pick it up and put it back now, I'm something like the chemist on campus,
but there's no drugs around quite like what I found in you, Frank is Chase. Unsuccessfully for the high he felt with this woman, but nothing he's found. Spoton is her. This sentiment is full suppressing the song's. Outro were big all the women he slept with in search of his high as you listen. What other words can't feel her begins to sound like can't fulfill her? Are the breeding cows and Bob with me and making pretty love to me pretty it's a pity gave everything became filled, cave cave in to thank a pair, fit Novacaine novacaine look gay occasions until Novocaine flip a flip, a cake, a fit because of francs numbness. He has no feelings
the women he sleeps with because of this lack of feeling he can't fulfill them sexually or emotionally. This general the feeling on Nova. Kaine is in stark contrast at the warmth and innocence of the daydream. Strawberry swing, the got a call that is Novocaine Kaine internal push, pull relationship ocean has with the past and present lg ultra continues to develop these themes of internal confliction with songs like we all try a that finds ocean oscillating between belief and disbelief in a meditation on religion and personal credence, songs for women. He proclaims to write songs, to attract women in verse, one only to deny the claim in verse, two on american wedding, a remake of the Eagles classic hotel. California, a young couple gets married in verse, one only to get divorced first to the soldier. Ultra is also filled with self referential connections between tracks, for instance, under novocaine. Second verse
sings about feeling like Stanley, Kubrick and name checks, Kubrick's final film eyes, wide shut and then later project the song murder. She wrote samples an extended monologue from eyes wide shut on the hook. We all try ocean sings. We all try the girls. Try the boys. Try. Women, try men, try you! I try. We all try this song. Followed directly by an interlude that features Radiohead's optimistic, a song in which frontman Thom Yorke sings. You can try the best you can. You can try the best you can. The best you can is good enough, These intricate connections display the detail in which ocean constructs a project helping to create a the medic dreamlike surround that permeates the listening. Experience of nostalgia Ultra there's a sense of someone attempting to align, conscious and subconscious experiences of the past and present attempting to connect the emotional dots in one's life in order to move successfully into the future, and that future was looking all the more bright
frank ocean upon the release of nostalgia. Ultra the project received positive reviews from critics and peers alike, telling the relatively anonymous songwriter infringe member of odd future into the limelight of the music industry within the year Ocean, with collaborating with Titans Kanye, West and Jay Z, landing two prominent features on their two thousand and twelve album watch. The throne also work with Beyonce at our album for as well NAS. Album life is good. He doesn't get a household name, but Frank Ocean had the ears of many proving himself to be an extremely promising and unique young talent who showed genuine sides of greatness, and then there was deaf You know the record label that signed ocean only to immediately shelf him on March, first, two thousand and eleven less than a month after the release of nostalgia. Ultra Frank aired the dirty laundry of their strained relationship between quote. I did this, not island, def jam.
That's why you see no label logo on the artwork that I did guess it's my fault for trusting. My dumbass lawyer and signing my career over to a failing company, fuck def jam any funny that goes the length of signing a kid with dreams and talent with no intention of following through fuck him. Now, back to my day, I want some oatmeal and toast brunch wag, unquote. Of course, with the success of nostalgia, Ultra Def jam ultimately change your tune through termination of artistic spirit and fearless defiance. The kid from New Orleans bet on himself and took on a major label Goliath gaining the upper hand, by releasing a free mixtape on the internet, with no marketing or promotion, is truly an incredible feat. A testament to great arts could, need to transcend to empower to thrive. Despite a lack of resources and support when asked if he felt vindicated with Def JAM, came crawling back ocean responded with nothing short of a mic drop, quote yeah, I just told them
the one million dollars. If you want the next album unquote. Indeed, within Ultra Frank Ocean, was just getting started, he would immediately begin working on his debut Grammy award, winning genre defying full length. Album channel Orange, which will really discuss next and I said, dissect- is written and produced by me. Additional projects, support from Spotify's Machel, Santucci original theme, music by bureaucratic. Remember when you listen to dissect on Spotify you'll get new apps. So it's a week before everyone else, as well as access to exclusive bonus episodes only available on Spotify. This week's bonus so dice X2, two additional songs from astrology ultra. There will be tears and swim good. You can also follow the official dissect profile on Spotify to find a selection of curated playlists by your
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