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S4E10 - "911 / Mr Lonely" by Tyler, the Creator

2019-06-25 | 🔗

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Our season long analysis of Flower Boy continues with the song “911/Mr Lonely”. Despite its upbeat tempo and danceability, “911/Mr Lonely” is in Tyler’s own words “the saddest song I’ve ever written.” Find out why through our line-by-line analysis.

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season finale episode. We include a montage of dissect listeners sharing their thoughts on the season if you'd like to be featured on the season, finale follow at dissect, podcast on Twitter or Instagram for submission instructions. Okay, thanks, everyone enjoy today show from spot. If I studios, this is dissect one for me. Go analysis, broken into short digestible episodes. I'm your host Cushman, today continue our civilised analysis of flour, boy by title of the creator. Our last episode we dissected the Alps ninth track. I ain't got time
there. We heard Tyler's emotional defence mechanism kick into overdrive as he reintroduced sports car and drove away from the vulnerability and loneliness expressed in both garden shed and boredom. Indeed, I ain't got time is all bragging, bravado and egotism, but by the end of the track, Tyler's joy rightist but suddenly interrupted by a phone calls, allow Tyler, picks up the phone and immediately the am continues into its neck song. The subject ever episode today nine one one, Mr Lonely
nine. What one Mr Lonely is written and produce by TAT the creator. Additional writing credits are given to Frank Ocean and Raymond Calhoun of the Gatt Ban for Tyler's into pollution of the song outstanding structurally nine one one, Mr Lonely is divided into two parts. This division is implied in the songs title as nine when one and MR lonely are separated by a slash mark things get interesting when we recognise that nine, when one Mr Lonely, is track ten on far boy as attend track on Olive Tyler's, past albums have featured this divided song structure on cherry bomb track. Ten is a song fucking young, slash, perfect on Wolf track. Ten is actually three songs combined into one titled parties and over Slash camp fire, slash Beemer on Goblin track. Ten is entitled fish, slash, bobbin, Bitch, even track ten on his Davy mixed a bath.
Stirred his vcr slash wheels. It's not exactly clear why Tyler's chosen this divided song motive for the tenth track on his albums and to my knowledge, Tyler's, never been on record speaking about it. In the case of nine, when one Mr Lonely, the two in one song structure seems to have been birth from combining a number of song sketches into one a process. At two point, five tries to get right am I want. One saw the version I came out of the twenty fifth version: it waits for the twenty fifth twenty February of hers of those twenty four. The first version was over interlude song. That tony tony tone has alluded saying over that, like the hook that I put their made thirty beach for it, it's the versions, oranges, different type of lyrics, its literally like different beads de formalities. Molly went overboard
casual listening is not obvious that nine one one, Mr Lonely, as a patchwork of song ideas, but upon scrutiny, specifically harmonic scrutiny. The pieces of the puzzle begin to reveal themselves the solemn begins. With for court progression and a key of be flat. Minor two out of the ordinary here harmonica speaking, though we might suspect this progression was inspired by crossed my mind by Jill Scott, whom Tyler is a fan of wondering if you hear the same SNL gay on you beneath us openly progression. We hear a simple drawn pattern and later, when the vocal hookers,
performed a baseline so here that our version with Tyler's vocals keeping in mind that nine, when one comes directly after Tyler picks up the phone at the end of I got Tyler things commie repeatedly before singing how you do it. My name is lonely nice to meet you. Here's my number you can reach me the seems to make reference to singer: Charlie Wilson's, two thousand five song, Charlie last name, Wilson, Girlies Harcars career,
and then, by the share with me, let's go Charlie Wilson was a singer. The gap in, as will hear the Gatt Bands outstanding, is interpreted later at night, one one so the connection to Wilson. So the work seems too an intentional nod. We also remember that Tyler collaborate with Wilson on the song, fucking young, slash, perfect track. Ten on Tyler's previous album cherry bomb, as we just heard, Tyler plays directly off the opening lyrics of Wilson Song Charlie last name. Wilson was interesting. Is the brief introduction we heard just before Wilson start singing We hear voices speaking to Charlie, who says you know we need to go out and do something man got all these hot cars and hot cribs ain't got. Nobody is shared with. Of course,
this alliance directly with the main theme presented throughout flower boy as Tyler speaks often of his loneliness. Despite a sports cars and cribs, using these material things to distract himself from the emptiness, he feels without a partnered sharing with indeed Tyler dogs himself. The title, Mr Lonely, and as nine when one continues hands is quoted, quote number to an unnamed, perhaps hypothetical love interest, the songs
pizza single line? Nine one one call me some time, like we ve heard several times throughout the album tellers, directing his attention towards a hypothetical or idealized love interest. We first heard about on sometimes an see you again, the number Tyler Acre, Mr Lonely, provides as nine one one, of course, number one calls in an emergency when one needs help, while the meaning behind this will become more clear when we analyzed songs versus the implication seems to be that Tyler's loneliness has let him in a state of emergency Indeed, as the song continues in diverse one, we find Tyler detailing his fame had success, but once again revealing beneath the surface of it all lies a hunting.
Sustained emptiness several times. I might say that such a king s, son long, must have got us all about that, but don't you with nine when once verse birth we get. It Magic shift, musical material and mood the songs, initial core progression, replace within our page, aided heavily affected guitar keyboard. We also hear the base taken more power
minute role with long, sustaining knows that shift the emphasis of the track to its low end and so in just a matter of moments where had been a funk and saw inspired hook, is transformed into a dark driving. Hip hop beat What school is that this somewhat dramatic transformation occurs without the bee itself. Changing that is the drum pattern stays exactly the same between these two contrasting parts. Let's have another: listen this time, keeping our attention on the drug a pretty cool right,
in the drum had in the same, helps in creating continuity. Despite the two parts, having completely different moods, of course, Tyler's wrapping vocals also contrast with the sun passages that come before it. He injures averse, quoting toy stories Buzz Lightyear to express his loneliness and despot nation wrapping. My third levels are infinity and beyond thirst years, use slang for someone who deliberately fishes for attention or compliment Tyler plays out this thirst reference as he continued Sit on that lemonade. I need a beyond say. This, of course needs to be answered. Two thousand sixty, album lemonade, while reiterating Tyler's desire to find a partner. The verse continues can't see straight the shades or Celine Dionne as upon this line, that we realise a clever play on words, Tyler's crazed around the first four letters of the alphabet, a b c d. He rhymes lemon aid for a meter beyond, say four b can't ceased.
I foresee, and these shades or Celine Dionne for DE on its surface the latter line finds Tyler, seemingly using shades or sunglasses as a symbol of fame Celine is a popular brand of designer sunglasses. And singer Celine Dionne is known for dawning March shades, but We did a little deeper. We find a few alternative unlikely site. Artemis, meaning to this line. First, the line see straight May to a number of slight allusions to tatters, not hydra orientation. Something you'll talk, less vaguely about by the songs. End SEC, there seems to be a double meaning in the word: shades use first to mean sunglass. Tyler also uses it to mean throw shade or insult someone. It appears Tyler, slyly nudging us to acknowledge a subtle shady, throwing at Celine Dionne as the next line after these shades are. Slim d begins with the word sucks, so we hear the phrase Celine Deanna sucks, Tyler actually has a history of trolling, Celine Dionne and two thousand
Levin Tyler's album Goblin was set to release, and while the scrambled to get an early leaked copy. Tyler all the internet with his own faked download link which, upon downloading, contained songs by Celine Dionne. Had a continuous averse sucks, he can't gas me up and they, Timmy by shouting out Elon Musk, the sea of the gases. Electric car company Tesla with the name. Ilan Tyler adds a fifth and final letter to his alphabet letter wordplay interesting is the way Tyler devised, full name as Ellen, is the end of one mind. While musk begins the next line, a similar to the way he divided Celine Dionne sucks with Dionne ending one line and sucks beginning. The next is at this point we realize that both Elan Andean Rhyme, as well as sucks and Musk Aubert, can firming our suspicions of Tyler Sneak dismantling D on as a verse continues. Tyler talks directly to his fictitious love interests, while downplaying his success
he wraps yeah, I got a sword out, show crowd wild out don't matter, cause you're not front row. I've been looking for keeper, listen to the speaker. If you fit description, hit me on my beeper and just as abrupt as a transition into this hip, hop or at First Tyler switches back two or more so inspired section. We find ourselves in a new key signature, see sharp minor my reply. Now: bang, Bang this section of nine one one which we only here. What is it
the of the song outstanding by the gap, Tyler's love of outstanding is documented as far back as two thousand twelve, when he tweeted quote outstanding by the gap in is a really good song. Goddamn Tyler repurposes outstanding core progression: melody singing along with Anna, the North and Steve Lacy, call me some time. Please being my line, you know I'll answer. The most interesting thing about this interpretation is away. Tyler gets back to the songs, Maine we currently in the key of sea sharp minor away from this its original key of beef lot minor towel need to modulate back to be flat minor to form the songs hook again at any time, a composer modular from one key signature to another. Their typically needs to be some kind of compositional strategy in place to get from one key to another smoothly with
jarring the listener to move or modulate from sea short minor back to be flat. Minor Tyler plays a descending sequence of five minor seventh courts in a row beginning on d, sharp and moving down dramatically until it reaches be flat. Minor issue are the natural see sharp, see natural, be natural and finally be flat. You may recall conversations a season about step, wise motion, the technique in which a composer is able to use, notes outside and establish key signature by moving dramatically to the next closest neighbour Note. Remember we like, in the sly movement of notes, to turn volume, not from forty five, something you were really notice or find jarring compared to turning a boy not bring forward a ten something that you deftly would notice and fine jarring
what Tyler's doing here with this descending progression of six cords, utilizes step wise motion, but rather than just one or two notes, moving step wise to note outside the key signature. Tyler moves, the entire cord all for notes, step was the majority of the cords he plays or outside the key signature, a sea sharp minor, but because Tyler's moving and half steps these tiny intervals weeks, it had before. We know it. Tyler walked all the way from De Sharp down five notes to be flat. I think about standing on top of a staircase, and you want to get five steers below you. Jumping five stairs would be a great way to get. There is risky and requires a lot of your attention. Instead, you walked down each of the five stiffs individually, does something similar here, rather than jumping from the key signature of sea sharp to be flat. He walks up there with that descending series words Thang
This rapid series, of course, also puts our ears and a state of temporary total instability. For a moment we don't quite know where we are harmonica early, so entire finally lands back on the be flat and stays in this key signature. We accepted a stable since what came before it was so unstable. So we find ourselves now back in the key signature, be flat minor where we hear repetition of the songs hook, but Tyler won't stay here. Long
the hookahs immediately followed by yet another modulation and the entrance of Frank Ocean. Anyone is frank. Ocean begins by imitating the chirping ring of a telephone, but with the next and we also realize he's imitating the chirping of birds, he sings woke up in the burbs with the birds were used to come and get me with the swerve, as he often does Frank seems to be reminiscing about a former love. You think contrast the past with the present singing these days. You got to find time even the Nightline
Workline Dial nine Frank appears to be saying that day or night he's available to this person, dial nine alludes to nine hundred and eleven Tyler sings throughout the song, but also cleverly ties into work line. As often in large offices, one must dial nine before dialing outside number nine hundred and eleven canteen with another verse and again we find Tyler wrapping about his London com site. Get me that debts that did not work in the future and loneliness Madame when I did not apply to back, and if you know many details, some more time begins averse five car garage full take of gas, but that don't mean nothing without you shock in the passenger, similar to his line about a crowd of fans, meaning nuts.
Without a partner in the front row together here undermines its wealth, represented once again by sports car. He continues averse on alone these man alive, but keep dancing a throw em off. Tyler here gives insight to his centric public persona. Claiming is extra version is used in part to mask the loneliness he feels within was clever about this line is that it actually acknowledges exactly what were hearing here on nine one one. Mr Lonely, it's a dance track and it feels joyous, but beneath this joyous colleagues as its lyrics. What is actually saying is extremely dismal, and so the song itself, as a real time, calculated expression of the juxtaposition between a fabricated external presentation of joy,
that hides in internal sadness and vulnerability, sonic representation of exactly how Tyler feels about himself. Like Mr Lonely, I was I or do I wanna write. The status are possibly writing see. People go crazy and my dance to its that and at the shows, I showed that song is insane and it's the satisfying Tyler brings the second verse to a close with the lines I'm going to run out of moves cause. I can't groove to the blues if you know any Dj Tom to call me at night, one one here: Tyler plays off the blues, which is both is both music and an emotional state, a melancholy he states that he's going run have danced move soon, which we take to mean that his loneliness is going to overwhelm and erode the front he's been putting off for years. He didn't ask for a dj or destruction. Someone who can chew the music to something more lifting courses is a metaphor for love interest, a partner that could extinguish toddlers loneliness. We also note that clever double use of dj,
which is a common abbreviation or nickname for a male after the end of this second birth, we hear a telephone dead signal, the seams, connect the songs, opening moments in which Tyler picked up his ringing telephone. As heard on the closing of I got time, it would seem tat answer the phone and hopes of a love interests being on the other line, but we now realise a person hung up either intentionally or simply a wrong number. The sideways directly into Mister Lonely part two of this two part track It's here that tethers critical self evaluation comes to ahead as the articulated loneliness, unlike we ve heard previously on the album, will dig into this lengthy verse right after the break
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MRS, which includes a sap rocky schoolboy Q early eyes like a snake- I just imagine it may wife beaters. And like it. Those words to police, a quick shadowed by but
The latvian only is far too little is being honest with his home these or something I was inside man I'll, be really need a chain, but is the perfect set up for one that song by comes in its set you up for life? What's going to happen? Its honest as Tyler leads to hear the opening anthem of Mr Lonely set. Their supper was about to happen, which is an extended tumbling wrappers that finds Tyler looking inward to get to the bottom of his loneliness. Just like nine, when one these introspective lyrics are somewhat masked by the songs, upkeep and now hip hop style drums also masked by these drums or the complex jazz inspired harmonies.
Island lights on top of them. So I was like okay. Let me for this time specifically add all the chords I like the dude in a way they could digest. So, Mr Lonely has some of the prettiest cordless album, but I kind of hid it behind the hard drums in the fast pace, rap that you really listen. It's really fucking pretty, Indeed, Tyler introduces yet another new career progression here on Mr Lonely, this is now the six the regional court progression referred since the start of the song and There were actually introduce two more progressions by the end, making it by my estimation, eight different, an original cord progressions at a single song, most hip hop songs, have one maybe
court, progressions and many dont have any at all. In popper, rock music you'll typically find two three, sometimes for core progressions at a song, but eight eight original court, progressions and multiple modulations in a single song is extremely extremely rare. And the cool thing. The reason why Tyler's able to pull this off is the fact that are all happens without our really knowing it, The song is so as Tyler put it digestible, it's so smoothly constructed. We don't really notice all the changing parts, it seems and stitching aren't for the most part visible in the wrong hands. A song with this many different parts and mood swings could very easily feel clunky, mismanaged and all over the place. But here on nine hundred and eleven, Mr Lonely, it just sounds like the natural organic progression of the which really speaks to tell her skill as an arranged and composure, and so now we turn our attention to the words Tyler places over this new deceptively pretty series of courts as
song title suggests, Tyler would continue to expand upon his loneliness and even though we ve heard multiple rep, answers to loneliness on this song and throughout the entire album. Tyler mostly does this in passing. That is is yet to really meditate on it with any real, deep analysis. All that is two changes. Tyler attempts to get to the root of his loneliness on this extended wrapper lonely, only lonely, lonely site. Allow us in a promise: wait, that's what they saw. What a disgrace to lapse and approaches! Probably no one seemed to think of public Spiegel COD Rapporteur, like some people who do not exist that are not so much cardinal was ruled out with some kind of like a lot of from this. Not doggedness would not progress such as public transport play like have amply sombre. Ptolemy impressionable Tyler begins at birth.
They say. The loudest in the room is weak. That's what they assume, but I disagree the seems to make reference to the two thousand. Seven film american gangster starring dense Washington understand it allows you make it too much noise, How does one in the wind is the weak one in the room. I tell you that the application of this phrase is that only weak in secure people feel the need to be this. Of attention or put on a charade of strength in the company of others there trying to convince others and themselves of something there, not real competence and true strength, don't feel this need because her generally comfortable with who they are Tyler, who has a reputation of being loud and obnoxious, sees himself in this phrase but disagrees with the root cause he counters wrapping. I say the loudest in the room is probably the loneliest in the room and then in the background we hear him say. That's me Just like his line about dancing to throw a moth. Tyler's extra version is a red herring. A diversion to mask is deep. Seated loneliness.
As such is able to analyze. This mask is something outside of himself continuing now and third person attention seeker public speaker, oh my god that boy there is so fucking lonely, riding songs about these people who do not exist. He such a fucking, phony ass. We ve heard throughout Flower Why towers been fantasizing about a partner must explicitly on the song? See you again, Tyler feels this imaginary love interest is a sign of desperation and firmness. This also marks the first time on fire boy in which Tyler become self referential about the album, its narrative and emotions. He shared this kind of real time self referencing increases at the outcome. Is, will ultimately come to a head on the song November. Mr Lonely continues with Tyler. Comparing is gloomy emotional state to a sports car. Wrapping heart is low, it's real low, it so low. You can't
let me up unlike Alardo Alardo Gallardo is a model of Lamborghini that is extremely low. Ground Clarence sitting just four point: five inches off the ground Tyler continues cracking and nervous joke about his dark emotional state, comparing it to a charbroiled, broiled or overcooked piece of meat. He then says I'm playing like Hasbro Hasbro being the brand that makes toys and bored My children play next comes extremely clever line. I'm really sorry Commie Otto. On its surface, this line makes reference to the board game. Sorry that Hasbro produces, of course, tying into the previous Hatboro line. He says commie ATO and reference to finish professional scape border Arta. Sorry last name spelled as a our eye, but per Sorry, like the Hasbro game, another layer of complexity is added when we recognise Arto sorry Road for flip skateboards, the company that produced the Classic Skateboard movie titled, sorry in which artists sorry start
finally realise that well known artists, theme park and toy designer Arta Monaco once worked for Hasbro as a toy designer. Giving additional new wants to the a reference by my estimation, the lie. I'm really sorry call me are too, is a quadruple on Tonga simultaneously, referencing, sorry, the board game made by Hasbro the order Arta. Sorry, the skateboard film sorry in which Arta sorry, starred and Hasbro toy designer arter. Monica Tyler continues to fly
he's lyrical bustle, as is extended, burst, continue sovereigns crash tests. Can we talk about the dilemma that even those who should? I trust that the sector needs gossamer, dynamic sector at the time of the face, and apart from us from mere Mirandola, someone would actually got another call, and I had to pay midway through this extended birth Tyler once it.
Guess self referential he wraps crash the Mclaren bought me a Tesla. I know you sick and we talk about cars, but what the fuck else do you want from me? That is the only thing keeping me company purchase of things and tell him annoyed. These items is filling avoid been fill in it for so long. I don't even know if it should I enjoy, we haven't heard Tyler speak so introspective lay about his obsession with cars since the outset, opening track forward was there that Tyler First introduced the sports car as a symbol of his material goods, filling a deeper void within him, but we also remember that forward as far boys preface and that the true narrative doesn't start until the autumn second track. Since then referred, the car symbolism appear and reappear in different contexts and guises, but never with as much insight as when it was first introduced on Forward Tyler's character had fully realised
tend to which his obsession with cars and possessions represented a larger issue and the structure of his being, but, as were nearing the conclusion of the album olive Tyler's introspection. Finally has a martini relating the root cause of his materialism. He's purchasing to quote fill the void, his boredom loneliness and lack of meaning leave him with all of which he he'll stems from the absence of love in his life. He lab raids on this in the lines are follow current battle as an addle, my partner as a shadow, I need love. Do you got some like embargo next? He reveal super crested nation that staggered his search for love, rhyming fuck it I can find some tomorrow, but that never comes leg of a sector me. Where have I done this rip off the idiom tomorrow. Never comes a phrase that plays a present and future tenses, while the present we put them
off until tomorrow, but we actually experiences corner quote tomorrow. It's our present, so tomorrow never really come. Since all the experience is right now, this makes procrastinating a vicious endless cycle. A cycle Tyler now finds himself in, as is put off the confrontation of his loneliness. Instead, focusing on petty material purchases since a song garden shed, which revealed Tyler's concealed attraction to men. We know the reason Tyler's having a hard time confronting his loneliness is because it would force him to confront his sexuality more broadly, to accept his orientation first to himself and then share those feelings of others. Of course this can be extremely difficult in some circumstances. So it's no wonder why Tyler as procrastinated so long now under why now find themselves so alone, as a verse reaches its conclusion, Tyler attempts to get to the bottom of this dynamic, this interim.
Play between a sexuality and his loneliness never had to pay. I never had a pet there's more fish in the sea, but I never had to go fish. That begin with, I never had a dog, so I never been good with bits. Cuz. I never threw a ball patch. I never had a bad. That's where things from my bed treat me like a direct deposit. Checking on you sometime. Ask me how I'm really doing so. I never have to press that nine Tyler raps I've never had a pet there's more fish in the sea, but I never had a goldfish to begin with Typically one tell someone, there's more fish in the sea to consult them not a lost love, because Tyler's never had a pet, of course, a metaphor
were never having a relationship that cliche doesn't apply to him. It doesn't matter how many fish in the sea tat has been surrounded by fish forever and still has never been able to catch one. He extend this metaphor to provide more insight introspection, saying I never had a dog, so I never been good with bitches, because I never throw a ball fetch not being good with bitches is, of course, a coded way of saying he's, never been good with girls, not playing fetch or throwing a ball
types of disinterested stereotypically, masculine sports boys play both his disinterest in girls and sports again Hulu to Tyler's, not Hedera orientation. We know this to be at the root of his loneliness, so it's fitting that here at the end of the verse, Tyler's articulating the connection between the two. Finally Tyler conclude, this lengthy verse with a plea treat me like direct deposit check in on me sometime. Ask me how I'm really doing so. I never have to press that nine one one with the ladder reference to nine hundred and eleven Tyler brings Mr Lowe. Full circle. It would seem that Tyler fears that, if he doesn't find love soon, his loneliness will develop into a serious emotional emergency. Conclusions
nine hundred and eleven. Mr Lonely is a dynamic display of Tyler the creator skill as an arranger, composer and lyricist, and just over four minutes, Tyler synthesizes, going to rave chord, progressions, total modulations, musical moods, instrumentation changes and vocal features to create a dynamic backdrop worth per pound on loneliness, bite it up tempo dancing, musical environment nine, when one, Mr Lonely is Tyler's desperately for love for companionship. As we noted this dichotomy of joyous, music and melancholic lyrics is a sonnet depiction of how Tyler feels in real life. He's a goofy extrovert, Heidi real hard, behind the smiling face. Indeed, nine hundred one, Mr Lonely is intolerable words. The saddest song he's ever written in terms about now
nine hundred one MR lonely begins at Miss connection. Tyler answers the phone props hopeful that is receiving a call from his fantasy partner, of course, midway through the track. Tyler receives a dead signal tone. This triggers Tyler's introspective analysis of his anxiety, loneliness materialism since the alms opening track forward, tat, identifies that is habitual purchasing a material goods is used to fill the void caused by the lack of meaning in his life, avoid Tyler, believes could and should be filled with love and since the revelation that was garden shed, we suspected that Tyler's inability to find a partner was, in large part, caused by his inability to articulate sexuality to himself and to others. Since that critical turning point We wondered how Tyler would proceed if the revelation would begin to absolve his loneliness and anxiety. So far we ve heard no such thing. In fact, there seems to be spiralling more and more into his anxiety, written state of mind. This is marked first by the
selection, expressed on boredom the failed attempt at driving away from anxiety through the egotism of I ain't got time and now the restating forlorn expression of lonesomeness of nine when one, Mr Lonely, after a brief, interlude tat Spiralling descent will continue until we reach rock bottom take me back to November. Take I want you take me back them up This is the song November. The critical juncture boys narrative arc a song salmon. No by no line by line next time on this
they sectors random, produced by me original theme, music by bureaucratic song, recreation by Andrew Atwood, Audio every by Eric Bass and me, if you enjoy dissect, please help me spread the word by telling her friend family member coworker about the shell, followed dissect, pod playlists on spot. Where you can find music playlist curator by yours truly also be sure to say hi at dissect podcast on Twitter and Instagram enjoyed our. Use later at dissect, podcast dot com. Ok thanks! Everyone autocracy next week,.
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