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S4E12 - Glitter by Tyler, The Creator

2019-07-09 | 🔗

Our season long analysis of Flower Boy continues with the song “Glitter”. It’s that Tyler’s album long journey culminates with him expressing how he feels to the love interest he’s been chasing throughout Flower Boy. But as we’ll discover, this beautiful moment comes with a twist ending.

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Let's be honest, you came here to listen to me. Dissect your favorite albums, not read you and ensuring that an issue warrants gets that, so they kept. This add Quicken painless. To let you know that they make insurance. Surprisingly payments, so simple, transparent and affordable You can learn more about it. You sure dot com nothing more to dissecting, decide to start the show. From Spotify studios. This is dissect one. For, physical analysis, broken into short digestible episode. I'm your host caucus, two,
We continue our sea or lies analysis of flour, boy by tiles. The creator on our last episode. We dissected the Alps twelve track November there we heard Tyler hit and an emotional rock bottom as his things The and loneliness reached a tipping point broken about his past, uncertain about future Tyler wish to return to November, to the past the exact opposite of forward progress and emotional advancement and the end of first verse. We heard a critical plot and far boys narrowed. What you remember is set in a car ride at sunset. Tell me what show November is it a person? When was this tomorrow? Six, I remember, but what, if I thought, the brake with the gas? What if I crash what is ddos my last, let me pull over quick, Tyler's anxiety, written introspection hasn't distracted while driving. We hear a hawking horn which plies at Tyler, almost hidden other vehicle hidden, then pulls over the car to gather himself on November. Second,
Tyler still on the side of the road and perhaps should by his near death, experience gathers the courage to call the love interests. He's talked about throughout the album, I wrote a song about you. I want your opinion. Opposite of my heart rate is so down at the end it because the love that I got for you has exceeded appearance. The lyrics off the matter fact just call you, so you can hear it. If you do answer, I play the snake facts on the wall already know the response you're going to send back at that for now end up disappearing, just stay back, and if you don't I'll, leave a voicemail with the playback, All he says that he wrote a song for this person and wants to play for them have
God through an Alms worth of emotional turbulence regarding his loneliness and sexual identity. This is an extremely important point. The Alps narrative Tyler, is overcome as in securities and is finally going to express how it feels to this person. Unfortunately, tallish crush doesn't pick up the phone rather Tyler's met with a voice mail messages. The plate battle a message after the town tethered imprisons play and the song he wrote for this person the penultimate track on far boy, the subject of an episode today, Glitter by its glitter, is and produced by Tyler the creator and was originally intended for the pop star, Justin Bieber there's just one cord progression used on glitter, comprised of four cords,
Gee minor, seven c major. F minor seven and be flat major. This progression provides a harmonic framework for the entire song plead first, I tar and strings. Later on the song, the guitar strings, get replace with electronic keyboard. On top of this Tyler adds to synthesizers. Finally be syndrome
Now, there's a few inches things I have to point out about the cord progression used on glitter. The first thing We find yet another chromatic descending line hidden within this progression. If you'll remember throughout the seas, and I've been pointing out this similarity and multiple songs on fire boy as refresh Sending chromatic line is a series of notes that descended small intervals lower lower. Before these sending chromatic lines and cord progressions on forward, where this far blooms see you again, porthole garden, shed boredom nine when one, Mr Lonely, and we're going to find it here again on the progression on. Her glitters chromatic descending life begins with an f found in the progressions first cord g minors.
Seven. This move down one have still to an e in a second court of C major. The EU moves down a half empty flat. Third cord. Finally, the e flat moose down a half step to a d in the last Where did the progression so within glitters forecourt progression, we find a four note. Descending chromatic lie from after D. By my estimation, this Denmark's eight songs on far boy will refer. New chromatic descending lie within a saw, his cord progression, that's more than half the songs of the album and, if you can remember back to our episode on see you again, we discuss the compositional technique, known as motif Ec Development and use Beethoven's fifth symphony as an
sample of a composer, taking a single, often small, musical idea and working at throughout an entire composition. Whether expire silly intentional or not. That's exactly what Tyler is done throughout flower boy, with these reappearance of chromatic descending minds found and over half the songs the album, even though each song and each progression is distinct and individual the chromatic descending minds at a small but substantial element of consistency, contributing to our Feeling that all the songs belong together, why the album feels more than just a collection of disparate songs. While we often can distinguished small details through analysis and RARE hear them in real time? Listening is my personal opinion that these are the kinds of detail, that we experience on a subconscious level and are exactly Why albums, like far boy seemed to sit just above most other albums now getting back to glitter the second thing. I wanted to point out about the cord progression hostage.
With the emotional feeling tat, I was trying to portray the song a just sounds like a sunset, any it. It sounds like it sounds like defeat, but it's beautiful and that's what I wanted to capture the last song Tyler States at glitter sounds like a beautiful sunset, but also like defeat while will find that Other portrays this in the songs two contrasting verses. I want a first point out how Tyler's able to capture this happy said: juxtaposition musically in western harmony. There are two primary court. That you here in just about every song you ve ever listened to those core types or what's called major and minor triads. Both cords comprises three notes and a major cord Had the route note, a major third in a perfect fit emotionally major cords typically evoke feelings of happiness or joy, in a minor cord, you had the right
a minor third and a perfect fit emotionally minor cords took leave of melancholy, darkness or sadness Again to most common core types of western music. The major cord being critical, B and the minor cord being quota coats so, let's break information back to glitter, as we heard Tyler to end the out. What a juxtaposition between beauty and defeat to do this Tyler gives equal priority to major and minor cords and progression. It begins with em a court for two beats than a major court for to beat We didn't get another minor court for tee beats and then a major court for TB the clear progression in repeated
nation of minor major over and over again either the minor or major cords or prioritized or emphasised there given equal time and priority glitter that balance between happy and sad between beauty and defeat tower spoken, Did you see Tyler builds on his happy sad juxtaposition thematically in his lyrics as well done and done and done in London terminal. Glitter begin Tyler singing a series of Google ad receive
to be a shout out to the nineteen. Seventy four song, loving you by many reported many ripper and loving you was co produced by Stevie, wonder one of Tyler's idols and the song has been featured on Tyler's curated golf radio station with lyrics like loving, you is easy cause, you're, beautiful and no one else can make me feel the key There's that you bring is no surprise that Tyler nods to loving you to begin glitter as glitters. Love saw to his crush? Indeed, Tyler speaks directly to this person. Continuing the intro you ve been on. Mind, I'm losing my mind, because I hope we can be more than just friends with these lines. We realise Tyler in this person already know each other, It wasn't someone he was a virus from afar. After this brief introduction, glitter
ten years into the sunset Tyler begins the hook fireworks. I feel, like glitter And every time you come around, I feel like glitter. Of course, too there is excited by this person comparing the euphoria he feels to fireworks and the glittering lightened colors they produce as a shower down in the sky. He then says you're the one that I needed in my life, though a pretty straightforward line, I won't we experienced lightly after having gone through the turbulent series of emotions, Tyler displayed on the narrative of flour, boy we that love than the lack thereof had Tyler experiencing an existential crisis of sorts.
We also know that expressing his emotions to this person involved in confronting his own sexuality. So all that to say despite you're the one that I needed in my life being a somewhat simple line. Its impact here should be regarded as significant coordination of Tyler's album long journey throw glitters hook. We hear a sample in the background, saying how you feel this a sample from most S. Ninety, ninety nine track. Do it now featuring buster right. Ok, what's wrong You feel, of course, the sample how you feel ties, the glitters thematic subject, which is all about
what Tyler fields for this person after glitters first took the song continues at First one, a rap section inspired by an unlikely sources. I M Kwairyo has cool voice and cool pockets. I wonder if you would be cool on on the rapporteur for this, for my grandmother, singers and then, as I you know- maybe maybe here. Let me let me a rap, however, will likely rap international, mere marijuana, filling the listening, good and great. Regarding, like buyer bigamous, my bike wave of self glitter was one of those songs. I was mad. Let me let me do that. Mirror mirror on the wall. Who's, the baddest of them all and never been a dog is one cuz. My son was thinking child, so I never seen something to pay attention when they just got to stay up, so I can go fuck,
mere mere on the wall who's. The brightest at the mall. This is the first in a number of callbacks will find throughout glitter the civically. This reference is a song nine. When one MR lonely were Tyler asked a similar question, why they are mere on the asylum package. With glitter and nine one one. Mr Lonely play off the phrase. Originally Disney Snow White, the seven dwarfs but whereas on nine hundred one Tyler S who's the loneliest of them all to which it responds me on glitter, Tyler, ass, who's, the brightest of them all, this of course ties in the fireworks imagery of the song and expresses the way this person makes them feel the opposite of lonely. Tyler continues by contrasting brightest with darkest sing. I've never been the door just one, because my self esteem is tall, while songs on flower boy would seem to contradict his claim of tall or high self esteem. We know Tyler speaking about how, if
when these around this person Tyler continues. This line in the darkest one cause myself. Esteem is tall, so I never an eye to eye with the all Edwards, because this of esteem as current quote taller, he towers over his critics, see eye to eye with him. He continues. Building off this critics theme sing a Udo peso, never paid attention to what Edwards gotta say. So I keep that book. I give no fuck here we get some clever wordplay around money terminology I believe Tyler is using. Do no peso so to mean something like one dollar buck, as he then says. I never paid attend and then later says? I keep that book because he dismissed didn't pay attention to the negative comments from his critics. Tyler caps off this clever string of lines they build me up, so I block em like Lego, Tyler plays out the fact. Legos or plastic toys blocks you build with saying he ignores or block
at his critics, since they didn't contribute to how is built, is now very successful career as glitters first first continues. Tyler once again gives self referential legal weight that some people may efforts ass an interactive? Maybe we could you let my Tyler continues. First, one feeling glitter feeling good and great got the burner got the heat like wait aside from both being names for things that are hot burner and heat or both slang words for guns. This ties into the next line got the shit. That's all up hit as in a gun on one's hip. He then says I use it all myself on the day you did.
Playing suicide, to evoke how crushed he'd be if this person ever left him next Tyler again references a gun, but also far boy track. Numbers saying got that four five seven track eight for me got that four five first sites of forty five automatic caught pistol a standard. Forty five magazine capacity is eight rounds and so coming off the all use it. I myself the day deadline. We might suspect the seven track. Eight for me refers to seven bullets in the clip, while the It is in the chamber for Tyler implied by the track, eight for me line, of course, their significant double meaning in these lines, specifically Tyler's referring to tracks four five and seven on flower boy, which are see you again, who'd app.
And garden shed. These are all songs. Tyler, most directly alluded to his feelings for his crush, see you again and garden shed where the most blatant displays of his feelings, while who'd at boy Morceau refers to this person in the songs title. As we know, this person is male. The line track. Eight for me, is a little more complex. The tracks, four five and seven as Tyler make sure he emphasizes that. That track is his refers. Think of track aid on far boy which is boredom It would make sense, as this are mostly deals with Tyler's personal, boredom, loveliness and isolation, not so much about his love interest. But we You find additional meaning, as Averse concludes Tyler, says, track eight for me, baby doll. I hope you agree and the official song their export glitter. The word baby doll has quotation marks around it. This seems to imply a song title,
specifically Baby Doll track a on any. Are these album in search of work? As a remember from our first episode the season, any ideas album in search of had an incredible lifelong influence on Tyler. Specifically, the song baby daughter, finds forever revealing as romantic feelings to some one else. So it makes sense that tower with cited on the song in which he is doing the same So not only does the line four five seven track, eight for me, reference flower boys tracks for five, seven and eight. It also references track a baby doll on in search of but even more is revealed when we analyzed the verses final line was take one more reason Maybe we could you, like my Tyler, says TAT.
Eight. For me, baby doll. I hope you agree because you light my which bleeds into the word fireworks from the songs hook, making the line, because you, like my fireworks on its surface. This references, the hit song, light my fire origin. By the doors, but things take an interesting turn when we realise that singer, many ripper covered light, my fire, the same many reparative Tyler interpolating on the introduction of glitter many river tens version of light. My fire is found in, or nineteen Seventy nine album many. Can you guess what track like my fire, is on their album yep tracking. We'll be back right after the break, Today's episode of day sectors brought you by male chant males as a new original podcast called the jump,
by surely Manson listen as she sits down with some of the most influential musicians of the last few decades, including big boy, perfume genius and Courtney lie. To discuss the song that represents their artistic moment of truth and the impact that song had on both their career there's an their lives, subscribed to the jump on Spotify or wherever you get your podcast looking back to dissect before the break we discuss letters: first, half, which featured a well written birth that found Tyler's, confident soaring due to his infatuation with his love interest, midway through the song second hook, glitter takes an unexpected musical. Oh You listen to music slow down
what you do that a lot is it just try and I'd buy some hours. I don't just. Why can better Nassau, Download page down you yeah? That's what I'm gonna pick downsides. Listen glittered like that emerges slowly down to see and ass when I start a rap Agnes Muffy do by border bumper, how she let me right over Real quick who did the as we just heard, glitter melt into a slower tempo about sixteen beats per minute, slower than start the pitch. The song also slide into a lower tone, a register of e flat minor for pitches below their original Kiev G Minor note that glitters total running time is three minutes in forty five seconds, and this change and pitch and tempo occurs exactly midway through the song around one minute, and fifty two seconds effectively dividing the song into two parts of equal length. This division was first.
Suited to the Alps previous on November, referring to glitter the song he's about to play for us, Crush Tyler, says opposite my heart: it slows down at the ending Tyler's heart speeds up or accelerates in front of this person. Opposite of glitter, which slows down a song about you. I want your opinion. Opposite of my heart rate has slowed down at the end it because the love that I got the perfect division of will come to have a number of the magic implications, but aside from he's changes. The first thing notice about the song. Second half is that Tyler Sore and confidence has now come back down to earth and Deidre reminder to Tyler's description of glitter being both beautiful and also sounding like the feet. We started today's episode talking about how this was reflected in the song chord progression for also hearing it play out in long form as well versed. One found Tyler, confident boastful was first to
we're getting the other side of the coin, as Totter begins predicting his own defeat. You look schedule this one side of your camera won't work out with Fatboy. Yesterday we got it demo. Piscis seafood must be windows. Do you where the hell will be a dj are you sure, trees? We please don't say Tyler begins averse yeah. Look at my face. Look at that joy. This is one sided. I can't lie. We ain't gonna work out. We have fat boy, in contrast with the first half the sight of glitter. The sight of Tyler isn't so optimistic about how things will turn out
after he reveals is feelings to this. Unexpected love interest, Tyler than describes this person saying pails can see through must be a window. This person having paler white skin is consistent with the description tellers been giving throughout flower boy. We heard about this persons rose, tinted cheeks, as well as a resemblance to Leonardo, Dicaprio and Anakin Skywalker and while the line must be a window is first a clever about how translucent or see through this person skin is we also realise window sounds a lot like window. This ties into the next line must be a window cause you ain't, an l, L being short for loss, Tyler plays on this use of single letter. Saying could be a dj when I see you, my heart beat changes, tempo this line is at once a reference to the tempo change. We just heard on glitter a call back to the line about it. Heart rate on November and a second call back to the song nine, when one MR lonely, and which Tyler requested DJ too
and is not lacking a few. Nobody Dj Solemn Tyler brings glitter second birth to a close with the lines. That's what I want, but I can't that's who you are, but I ain't we can track. Ten skip trace here we get yet another reference to attract number. This time it refers to track ten on the outer skip tracing by the mild high club. Track. Ten on that album is a song titled, chapel perilous, in our view two thousand and seventeen Tyler tweeted a photo of the skip tracing album cover with a caption Quot fell in love to this, album would appear that Tyler and it's crushed listen to this album together and that for Tyler it's a memento
time spent with one another Tyler and glitter second verse, I'm caught in your quicksand. Wait, please don't save me. Quicksand here is used as a metaphor for Tyler's dangerous emotional relationship. He has, with this person Tyler's happiness again Men are out this persons will, which means they also have the power to completely devour him. Hence the quicksand metaphor: despite its risks, Tyler doesn't want to be saved and it's no wonder. Having heard the em up until this point, no that, for the majority of tethers life he's been lonely and without romantic love. We also no, that this was in part caused by his inability to articulate sexuality to others on glitter Tyler is now willing to be vulnerable willing to himself and his feelings on the line in the name of love. Despite the potential for heartbreak and isn't that what makes love a powerful in the first place, the inherent vulnerability of giving a piece of yourself to another person. The
Terry Willingness and humility to carve out a space in your own heart for someone else's to care for their health and happiness as much as you care for your own. Even if this person breaks Tyler's heart, at least he's allowed himself an opportunity for his heart to be broken for some who seemingly lived his entire life without real romantic love, who struggle for years, starting He laid his feelings for the same sex. This is no small. Feet is actually quite something. Please don't save me indeed, We please don't say Are you as we just heard, Glitter continues with a mostly instrumental Otto. If we listen closely, though, we can hear Tyler's detain, voice, murmur, something
Tyler stated on record that he sang rose. Tinted cheeks here was listen to this passage, one more time and our cue you just before Tyler Murmurs, right here: as we work Bert, Tyler, first described as fantasy lover as having rose tinted cheeks on the song, see you again, but the phrase takes on. Even more significance when we realise that rose tinted. Cheeks is the name of unfinished song, Tyler wrote for flower boy and subsequently shared on Youtube as a rough draft. The songs introduction gives us a clue into where the sun would fit in our conceptually. How your call. Please leave a message after the town this is the same. Answering machine we heard in the introduction of glitter, it seems safely to assume that rose tinted. Cheeks was an altar.
Native song that Tyler was going to leave on his crushes. Voicemail rose tinted cheek systematically the same as glitter both are love, songs, expressing our Tyler feels about this person, Tyler even references track. Ten four mild high club, the same song. Tyler shouted out on glitter fathom under this rag, because my tracks, space, which rose to cheeks. So contains a similar ending de glitter please don't say we're Here- Tyler says I might as well drown. Please don't save me, which is of course very similar to him being caught in quicksand and not wanting to be saved at the end of glitter
while rose tinted cheeks doesn't contain any additional insight to the Alps narrative. It does reinforced at Tyler's most likely talking about some one very specific and if anything is just kind of a coup, alternative ending seem you'd find in the movies bonus dvd after Tyler Shoutout rose tinted cheeks on the outer of glitter. The sunken India with its extended instrumental as we approach the end of the track, we hear another thumb equally relevant near. Are you here? Tyler sings the phrase- Scum fuck flower boy over and over. Of course. This is the arms full title, adding two growing list of self references in the Alps back half what would happen at length. The thematic implications of the title, scum book flower boy and our finale episode hearing it
here on the Alps penultimate track, provide the nice feeling of completion of narrative unity enclosure. This view of closure. Doesn't last long, though, with the final moments a glitter, the albums narrative takes an unexpected twist. As you know, others pulled his car over to the side of the road. After nearly getting into an accident on November, perhaps inspired by his near death experience. Tyler gets the courage to call his crush with the intention of telling him alley feels which he does to the song glitter. His crush doesn't pick up so tat leaves glitter as voicemail message we're. So we thought we didn't get your master China because you were not speaking or because of a bad connection. Tyler's album long journey of self examination. Confrontation with his sexual identity battling excess central and romantic loneliness. All of what we have experienced
fire way thus far has led to this moment the moment in which Tyler picks up the phone causes crush and plays for him glitter Now, here in the closing moments of the narrative, Tyler finds out that his voicemail dinin goes through due to either a bad connection or because he wasn't actually speaking Tyler then expresses his frustration, saying fuck, but were still not torn exactly The called in go through with a really bad connection was taller, not actually speaking, this just all in his head. The entire time will discuss this recap. The entire A flower boys narrative and draw some final conclude. On our season for finale episode next time- and I said
sectors Grindin produced by the original theme, music by bureaucratic song recreation by Atwood audio editing by Eric Bass and me if you enjoy dissect, please help me spread the word by telling a friend, family, member or co worker about the show followed, Isec pod playlist on Spotify, where you can find music Phyllis curator by yours, truly also be sure to say hi at dissect, podcast on Twitter and Instagram enjoyed. Our new later at dissect, podcast dot com; ok, thanks! Everyone I'll talk to you next week,.
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