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S4E13 - Season Finale: Flower Boy

2019-07-16 | 🔗

After a thorough recap of the album’s narrative, we draw some final conclusions about the themes of Flower Boy and dissect the album’s cover art and title. We then hear from you, the Dissect audience, sharing their biggest takeaways from the album.

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Did you call analysis broken into short, digestible episodes. I'm your host quotation today. We conclude our seas along analysis of flour, boy by type the creator we ve got a lotta ACT today, so I thought it, hard the show by giving you a run down today's episode, we're gonna be and with one last summary of the Alps narrative from start to finish. Guessing out each song contributes to the alms, overarching themes and central story. Will then some time dissecting far boys cover our album title and main thematic symbols and see all these plain to the message. Far boy attempts to convey.
Finally, will move into my favorite part the entire season hearing from you, the dissect audience share your thoughts on the album, and so with that The final time this season, let's dissect, How many cars can I bought? Some one had robbed him of having almost rose to make labour are much less plea of some one in the biggest boy begins with the track forward. Like a forward and a book, or novel this is not officially apart. The Alps narrative right comments on the story about to unfold Tyler here take the opportunity to lay out the our central themes, including here materialistic intuitions, his chronic loneliness, his exile, about the future and hints the general isolation he feels due to his closeted sexual identity. Tyler also lays out to the arms reoccurring, symbols, his sports, car and nature, as you remember, we
where did the sports car to represent the material and the superficial, the things tat? indulges in to cope with his loneliness and filled avoid. He feels within natural elements like flowers, the ocean and trees rubber the meaningful the things he finds. Beer full and wishes to assimilate into his life over the course the album two symbols, the material and the natural we'll sit on Tyler shoulders like angel and devil hero and villain. Each forcing Tyler and pushing him toward their respective objectives. Having laid out thieves and symbols, the narrative of Our boy begins proper, with our second track, where this Blooms Take it back to the meat comes more say they have a flow of big mama, aided ballot, profit, coffee, Apple Rynason, where this fire blooms is something like character, development. Tyler begins with his childhood routes and poverty, his org in story. He then
forwards to the moment in which he found success and transcended the expectations of a young impoverish black men. While this the end of one kind of story for Tyler the beginning, foreshadowed on forward new life of wealth and fame will present a number of challenges for him to overcome at the end of where this far bloom. Second verse, we here too drive off in a sports car signally. Beginning of the Alps car right narrative of volatile other benefits logistics, a billion are seen in traffic, must guard when I get it the album being set as a car right, is a clever narrative tool with strong thematic implications, driving a sports car, specifically Mclaren sport. Car tellers literally the embodiment of wealth, wealthy Fine solace and competence in but again as foreshadowed on forward. We already suspect discomfort. Its limitations. It's also
clear exactly where Tyler's final destination is, where he's driving to a kind of men, four for the aimlessness Tyler's of current life in general, and we This far blooms final verse, Tyler like his rags to richest story to a tree sprouting from seeds, but the verse and abruptly cliffhanger of sort little while and make at least keep the remembrance of family favorite color Green Energy Squire, given biggest library, and these dropping them seeks, not which one you know what I keep limit shrunk. There is hiding something in his trunk an analogy that bridges both of the arms main symbols, the trunk of a sports car in the trunk of a tree, Tyler hiding something as well as the subject matter of forward plan, to see you in our mind that all is not well in the rags richest story. He laid out on where this flower blooms. Indeed this, just the beginning of the Alps narrative and were left alone or what exactly Tyler might be hiding fire boy can t Use with the interlude sometimes were.
Here. Radio station House take a request from a listener. Ok, it was that you wanna be MR segregated. What about me? transitions directly to see you again imply. But the song is about the male collar. We just heard. Twenty twenty twenty twenty vision, Cupid hit me Cupid, hit me with precision. I wonder if you look both ways when you cross my mind: position. Does a daydream Tyler's having while driving, see you again it establishes Tyler's fantasy love interest to exist only in his dreams. We enter printed. This as a manifestation of Taos loneliness, he feels in the waking world a place he like to war on the songs hook We also noticed how Tyler compared this person's looks to natural elements. Most note we rose tinted, cheeks and dirt colored eyes. Of course,
This falls in line with the recurring nature: symbolism that we interpret it as being meaningful, making clear that lack of love and Tyler's life is contributing to the void he feels within those entirely clear at this point, see you again establishes far boys and goal the guy. The terror will seek to fulfil by the arms end. Tell, does not have love in his real life its literally the subject of his dreams and order where his dream to become reality to find in the waking world. He must evaluate himself his life and Luther to buy the male collar his sexuality, with aim established. Tyler's journey begins The straight away, it becomes clear that tellers looking for this love interest and all the wrong places, indeed flat boy continues with the song who that boy, dramatic the court magic. You turned from the vulnerability of see you again who that boy, is all sports car, I'll superficial ego and bravado
Yo men, then no one would have thought him cosmic right along I guess a sap Rocky who tat boys filled brags about material goods and wealth. Does the two song see you again and who that boy become large for expressions of the Alps. Two contrasting symbols. Cereal and the natural. See. You again is all nature all meaning in love who boys all sports car. Materialism. An ego again. These symbols are competing for dominance and Tyler psyche in decision making. Who that boy with Tyler, ignoring his mother's advice, to keep his ego and check instead celebrating away and is Mclaren Sports car got too much right to make so much more
so I stayed home and start eating. Some mills get back to my way with what is Mclaren a zero to sixty in two point: two, whether I'm going just moments later Tyler hit the pothole directly into the song, but the same name me. Then something is my right hand was only Mohamed, held a white man hitting a pot. All snaps Tyler out of his ego, feel joy ride He reconsider his mother's advice and begins to examine the things around him in a different light. Rather and indulge with friends like a sap rocky who now retrospect appears to represent about influence. Tyler begin to consider whether or not certain people in his life or potholes, impeding on his part, as a personal evolution, as you remember, we compare this to the active pruning once garden. Remove
dead leaves in order for new life to grow at the end of bottle Tyler's. For to pull over to the side of the road as respect that is car might be damaged. Tyler Exiting sports car after a song about removing bad influences from his life is a move of symbolism that should not be lost on us and when we keep in the back of our minds as we can new analyzing, the Alps narrative. Heard, Tyler, open a door and, inter what we assumed to be a gardener shed leading into the song but the same name. Garnish ownership, but Don T that is one almost idea. Tat was remember. I was the sense of urgency, should vanishing sounds almost as seven of fourteen gardening this position does the album centerpiece the exact middle point.
Traditional film structure, the half way point typical, tat some pivotal event, often dubbed the point of no return and events significant that the protagonists cannot turn back, returned to their life, as it once was at the beginning of the film it fully lock them into their journey and to their establish goal. For me, guarded shed. Is that event and the narrative of flour boy? It's here that Their knowledge. Sexuality is not strictly heterosexual and applies at his life, long attraction to men is something they struggled to fully knowledge. He speaks of. Having actual relations with women just so we can break to his friends who seem unperceptive to his true sexual orientation and in terms of the Alps. Narrative garnered shed is a moment of crystallization, a formal acknowledged. A part of himself that totter once kept closeted this. If where's ties in the songs title guarded shed. It is essentially an outdoor closet We also notice that, like see you again garden shed sclusively uses nature symbolism to express its message, making clear
this is a moment of meaning, but despite the song significance, We also understand that guarded. She is not the end of tat story rather the kind of new beginning. That's because time Let us acknowledge this part of himself and privacy inside the of his guarded shed. This of course, no small feet, but the next step- and The journey is too now work to express his part of himself to some one else, so Finally, the male love interests we heard about and see you again, flower boy continues Tyler still inside the walls of his garden shed its here. We hear about the effects that seclusion and isolation have on Tyler, as spires. It next track boredom while border begins as a light, hearted meditation on the effects of boredom the song slowly, increases in emotional intensity by the end of
second verse, tellers, isolation and loneliness hit a low point raining. I gave them a teller expressed the stranger it from his friends, his seated loneliness and his aimlessness at the end of the verse tat muttered to himself damage, to get out of here again, we remember that negatively speaking Tyler, still in isolation. This isolation has driven into a kind of emotional breaking point and at the end of boredom we're here,
just how Tyler chooses to escape is emotional turmoil rise over. We got some things right now, because Musicale here are cooperating. Habits in that the loneliness and uncertainty brought on by his isolation was getting to be too retired, to handle after the apparent breakthrough that was garnish said we now find other digressing back to his old defence mechanisms, he gets back into a sports car do we know he uses as an emotional, protective shield and speeds off, and just like who that boy avoids dealing with his underlying issues by parading his ego and creating chaos, both of which are expressed in far boys next track. I ain't got time
That's right! That's like food at boy I got time is the personification of the sports. Car Tyler is driving it's a mess. Ask or shield against the vulnerability he feels within negatively view this as a regression in the progress Tyler seem to be making on porthole and guarded shed those had Tyler on a trajectory of ascension. Boredom, and I ain't got time, Tyler, beginning to descend a downward trajectory that will continue throughout the Alps next few tracks. And if I ain't got time tellers opt out of his conceded fantasy by a phone call. He receives. We here there's ringtone and if you listen care like the sound of his vehicles, engine within here tell say what the fuck is, he likely look the collar. I d tellers then
answers this phone alone. Having answer the phone firewood, continues with the track that immediately acknowledges this phone call despite its dance ability nine one one, Mr Lonely continues the emotional dissent we heard since a revelation of guarded shed, discuss by Tyler is being the satisfying he's ever written Nine, when one, Mr Lonely, unpacked Tyler's loneliness with clarity and introspection, we haven't since the opener forward, indeed begins with a phone call, but by the midway point we You're dead signal tone is amiss connection.
If you know of any Dj Salem, this myth connection triggers than extended. Wrappers defines Tyler inciting analyzing its executive loneliness and materialism telling them, even though they should. I went back to the gas sector, we put him on the Taliban face and myself, but I have some like mere Marilyn along here. Tyler identifies that is a bit your purchasing. A material goods is used. The void caused by the lack of meaning in his life avoid Tyler we could and should be filled with love again not since the open or forward have we heard such insight into Tyler Psyche, and we also remember that forward was a preface not officially part
narrative. On nine, when one Mr Lonely Tyler finally take relates to himself the route of his anxiety and loneliness, thus others. Downward spiral continues until he hits rock bottom on the song November. Take me back to the hawaiian shirts in the Winter Coldwater Coldwater you take me back to November On November, we find Tyler yearning for yesterday. He wishes he returned to his personal November for. We know stance in for a time when he was happy. This is opposite a forward progress and evolution. Tyler is literally wishing to go backwards in time. In terms of a narrative arc and characters overall development. One can't get much lower than this, the song self begins with a series of questions almost I,
ethical and execution to the arms first track. Formerly, but what is more, the commission, what it from us a number of my coming months, villainous markets in Russia, How many hawks cannot bonds are much dropped? Habits are most rose to make labour are much less plea to select one may not knowing forward occurs before the Alps narrative begins, and then utility is to foreshadow things to come in the story. The sick, of questions that begins November is a full circle moment, to draw another filled comparison. This is similar to build comparison. This is similar to a mysterious opening seen in a movie one that does totally makes sense at the time, but foreshadows things come later in the we return to that same scene and now have
the context of events that led up to that seen things snap into place just like forward Tyler ass, rhetorical questions about his life, but whereas forward looked forward and of things to come November, looks backwards. As are several times directly references, songs and lines from flower boy. The end of November. First verse. We hear critical plot point to the end, narrative made some English is a person, was the most flexible meant. What if I thought, the break with the gas? What, if a crass? What is this the dose? My last, let me pull over quick and drop, that since the song I ain't got time has been behind the wheel, the sports car driving toward an unknown destination. Before we suspect stance and for TAT his life in general, including minded the verse we just heard state quote. Tell me: what's your November, is it a person? Mine was a summer o six. I remember the tellers
unable to finish the sentence and instead we hear allowed car horn daydreaming about November- has distracted him from the road and a hit another vehicle. The scare near collision gives Tyler snapshot of his mortality, inspiring to pull over the car. He says what have I thought. The It was the gas what, if I crashed what if these deep thoughts was my last, let me pull over quick now on the side of the road Tyler stalled, he's law all momentum no longer driving forward November continues, the downward spiral titans and we get the door Yes, most turbulent passage of the entire album shovel back. Take me: this is the moment of crisis, the narrative, a flower boy, the tellers desperate emotional screams are the summation of all the anxiety turmoil, self doubt and confusion tellers expressed,
The entire album it's a scene in the film were beaten and bruised heroes. Down for the count I must if every last out of strength and courage to overcome these obstacles November, right now but you don't. You a boy says my November is right now This comes in sharp contrast with November up until this point which romantically empty eyes the past this emphasis on right now, snaps Tyler out of his emotional tailspin. He now ceases his moment I wrote a song about you, I want your opinion. Opposite of my heart rate has slowed down at the end, because the love that I got for you hasn't completed up here. Instead lyrics off the matter fact just call you, so you can hear it still on the side of the road. She called love interest in order to tell him how he feels he does this form of a song which he plans to play for him over the phone. Love interest doesn't pick up the phone, and this
ends with the sound of a voice, mail message, a voice to plead that allow no one in the water tat. Your call, please leave a message after the town. Tyler, then press play on the song, but he wrote for this person dams panel, Many track, glitter by its title. Album long journey of self examination. Confrontation with the sexual identity battling existence, romantic loneliness all but experienced on flower boy thus far has led to this moment. Teller picks up the phone calls this crush a place for them. Glitter and unabashed expression of his feelings for this person and, in a larger sense, his feelings for the same sex in contrast with songs. I could at boy- and I ain't got time Tyler is now willing to be vulnerable.
To put himself and his feelings on the line in the name of love. Despite the potential for Paris meant heartbreak and rejection. He's no longer running Nolan, driving away from his boner ability, is now on the side of the road. Looking straight in the eye Of course. The irony of this beautiful and powerful moment is reviewed that the songs and when we hear a somewhat crushing voice message. We didn't get your master China because you were not speaking or because of a bad connection. Tellers voicemail didn't go through due to either a bad connection or because he wasn't actually speaking Teller Express. This frustration which has fallen. The Alps final track, enjoy right now today, yeah
through the seemingly demoralising news of his voice, mail not going through at the end of glitter flower boy concludes an extended and hopeful Instrumental Attract Tyler described as credits to a film, and then I was I know, and it with that. This album needs the credit Is that would guess who worked and that's will enjoy, because it was just like that. Well. Ok! Them is that you and pages kind of. What would I was I enjoy today right now is literally a b that I've made in five minutes liner was there was going to trembling we're on our way and I was the loop and aim at some Cordoba added the metaphor: oh shit is not left it. There didn't touch it when viewed this way as credits to fill enjoy right now, today, functions as an extended aesthetic flourish alone, listeners to contemplate the album and the story we just heard MR media on our minds, is a mysterious ending to glitter and which tellers
voicemail fail to send due to either a bad connection or title failure to actually speak. We were if this is all just playing out in his head repressed, simple, The reception was bad, either way, flower boy seems to end without resolution. Although Tyler, been through emotionally. In order to make this phone call seems to have gone to waste of time. This is the conclusion we might reach if we weren't looking carefully at a few small narrative breadcrumbs Tyler plant in the Alps final track, for We have the song title enjoy right now today, just a few son back on November Tyler. Wishing for yesterday which stand in stark contrast with this emphasis on the moment in front of you, this notion enjoy right now today We also remember that Tyler snapped out of his emotional tailspin would a voice said quote: mine members right now with followed immediately by Tyler, seizing the moment and calling as crush the second near breadcrumb is found that arms final six seconds room
We're Tyler had pulled over to the side of the road after near collision on the song November. It was there that he made the failed phone call and glitter, and finally, after nearly four minutes of instrumental music enjoy right now today ends like this Tyler cuts, the engine of sports car gets out of the vehicle and takes too steps before the arm and abruptly the influx action here seems to be that tellers once again abandoning his sports car. Perhaps this time for good, and if you can Bear with me for just one more minute: there's and final narrative clue. We need to consider before fully analyzing the narrative resolution of flour boy. This law a clue is actually the Alps covered itself, which you likely features, Tyler standing on top of a hill and a field of sunflowers. He surrounded by bees a rainbow archaic. Ass. The golden our sunset in the distance Low Tyler, a tiny white mixed.
Sports car sits on the side of a road, both that suicide doors open, as we know, I'll replace throughout far boy specific finally, on the song who tat boy that the car he's driving on the outcome is a Mclaren in real life. Teller. Owned, at least three Mclaren vehicles, one of which is why, depicted on the cover it seems here that the Alps cover to pigs, Tyler fleeing Sports car in order stand among the bees and flowers and for me seems to be a direct narrative league from the end of the album, where we, Tyler exit his car and take a few steps before the hour and abruptly in my mind, the owl Mart stands in as the last piece of the puzzle, the final The image of the Alps narrative, Tether, and in his sports car once and for all to be among nature, is no insignificant moment. The resolution of the two competing forces battling for tat priority and attention throughout the entire album, the sports car rubber
It's materialism, ego and superficial impulsive pleasure all the time Tyler indulged in to deny and avoid the internal emptiness and lack of meaning in his life natural option like flowers, trees, the ocean and bees represents, meaning beauty and love all the things tat are, His life was lacking despite its financial success. Having now completed our analysis of flour, boys narrative arc, we know tiles. Time to resolve this conflicting dichotomy led him on a journey of self discovery, wherein he confronted things about himself. He once avoided include but not limited to a sexuality. The root cause of his loneliness and is t, realistic impulses, songs like that boy- and I ain't got time express one path: is life? Could take a life of excess indulgence in ego, a life of avoidance, We might view this at the scum fuck side of the arms full title. Scum fuck flower boy saw like see you again garden shedding glitter expressed it.
Other possible path. Tyler could take if a meaning, love and truth, perhaps of our boy side of the title: scum, fuck, flower boy and now the final moments of the album we. Finally, for answer, Tyler realises the car right he's on, is merely an illusion of forward progress, a hamster We have wasted momentum, Tyler exits, his vehicle, he band. The sports car abandoned material, abandoned ego, indulgence in excess. He now walks among the flowers, a bee among bees, a rainbow in the sky proudly behind him, he's quite litter the entrenched in the meaningful side of the Alps, dichotomy Tyler's made its decision, his information is complete. Flower boy has fully bloomed Despite the poet
the flower boys and when viewed in its proper context, some of you myself included my be wondering just how Tyler was able to finally complete this transformation. Didn't, I am essentially end in disappointment with towers big when have calling is crushed deflated by Miss connection. How could this Lee Tyler to abandon his sports car to remain permanently among the natural. Having thought a lot about this I finally came to realize that Tyler's transformation never had. Anything to do with us crush responding to his call. Information actually occurred. The moment Tyler picked up the phone and made the call it was his willingness to be vulnerable. His willingness to press, his feelings that were previously inexpressible. His crush response or lack thereof, is but a footnote because this story was always about Tyler. This is always an evolution of self and acceptance of self Ernie Independent from his crush or any one else for that matter, and that's
Actually this new found accepted of self that allows Tyler took work will enjoy right now. Today that allows them to stop chasing yesterday. To stop worrying tomorrow, and instead enjoy the moment in front of him, because when comfortable with who you are when you have confirmed did and made peace with the things about yourself that once field insecurity, there's no need. For false ego. There's no need. Purchased sports cars or material goes to boost yourself worth. There's no need a wish for yesterday or fret about tomorrow, when you comfortable in your own skin when you know yourself and love that person unconditionally you can enjoy right now two dead were every day, November. Now, there's one last thing I'd like to address before we conclude our analysis of TAT, the creators, flower boy,
the large be supplanted over Tyler face on the Alps cover, as discussed at length major Symbolism is an important thematic and structural element in the Alps architecture. But Tyler only once mentioned bees on far boy. Yet is the symbol he chose to align himself with on the Alps cover this then me warrants some consideration. Why would they choose to represent himself is be Well, there's a somewhat obvious connection to flowers, bees and fly hours have reciprocal relationship. Bees need hours for nectar and flowers need be for Poland and seeds below also consider for a moment the public reputation of the bee. Imagine the buzzing of a b, as here when approaching, Imagine it now swarming around your face hovering around. Your ear landing your arm for most of this is a somewhat nerve. Racking experience. Of course, that's because bees, and inflict in us a considerable amount of pain? Bees can sting us.
There is a kind of dualism inherent in the reputation of the bee. On one hand, These spend most of their time searching for flowers and other crops from which they can extract Nectar well, technically, transferring Poland seeds helping these flowers and crops procreate. We literally depend on them for our survival. On the other hand, bees are feared when, in the presence of Hugh because of the unlikely chance they sting us. We should note that bees, only sting when they feel threatened, and so the beast It is primarily a defence mechanism. It's hard to say. Look a better symbolic representation for TAT the creator than the b Since his arrival at a teenage provocative toured the late two thousand dollars repartee in four outlandish behaviour and controversial lyrics often overshadowed is music. Some been viewed him as a legitimate threat? I got so bad and he was banned from entering the UK, Australia and New Zealand. But as we learn through our analysis of flour, boy Tyler
The insight is much softer than is early. Public persona would lead us to believe he's vulnerable, he's, lonely He has excited about his career in future and often his show version was a defence mechanism. A facade the mass what he felt within, like the b The creator is misunderstood, intentions, purpose and importance are often masked by Stinger he's just a boy Looking for love a be looking for his flower, and so to me. It makes perfect sense why Tyler would superimposed be over his face on the arm cover like Tyler, the He is at once hard and soft gentle and threatening once scum fuck and flower boy
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five dollar rebate on an at home oppression. Kid then so far. Listeners get one dollars dollars after clear liners when you use offered code dissect again for hundred dollars off visit, smiled direct club, dot com, Slash Podcast Africa, dissecting that smile direct club, dot com, slash, podcast, offer code, dissect, And now we arrive at my favorite part of every season and that's it. From you dissect listeners as you I ask you all to share your biggest take away from TAT the creators, far boy and or this season of dissect. Were you. To hear now as a montage, a very thoughtful people sharing what flower by means of them and, by extension, what music means to them. I would ask that you listen to each person attentively and openly here. From you all serves as a great reminder of just how many people in the world genuine I appreciate the power of music. It's like our friends that will never meet, and it's just
knowing that there so many reflective motivated, honest and passionate people out there in the world and that music has the power to bring us all together. My name is a and I'm from L a flower. It has taught me that it's ok to take your time, to fully flesh out your identity and to admit it, yourself, this is shown by how Tyler takes a long car right and proper, the various times throughout the album. To think of who he is and who we want to be. Everyone's gone through some sort of crisis, whether downward sexuality or other features of their identity. Taller has shown us that something shouldn't be rushed, especially when it comes down to whom he actually are. This item is how we deal with countless internal conflict, some of which China dealt with himself. So thank you, Tyler and thank you call. My name is John Lee and I'm from Charlotte North Carolina. They say to change the way that I listen to music period when I was, the flower boy a here so much, and I see so much more. I see us
Anthony and were thus far blooms is lighter than any introduction have ever known your silence and longing to say something in garden, shed I see the dreamy haze at takes over your body when you want someone or something so bad. I can see you again and every time I hear hear different pattern. No or interpretive my own every single time, and if that feeling, like I'm listening to a new songs, first time frames poem from Chicago. Fire boy was the soundtrack for there s a tiny seventeen, which is a yonder forget, Miss brownings. My friends to experiencing love for the first time, explain to my first heartbreak. And the scary my sexuality firewood, just now is assigned actually a year that changed my life, the Solomon taught me do not be afraid to be me not be afraid to burn. Thank you, Tyler and, more importantly, thank you, call hi. This is Celine and rum from the Netherlands, the sectors given us appreciation of the arts and artists super so much heart and thought in her work now
these and other albums with more intend sees a for a fly. We have taught us that sometimes need to overcome or cells to be yourself and that everyone has this battle, whether you're rich famous, gay, straight human or alien. Thank you, Tyler presenting your story and thank you call for dissecting it. Hey called is right from California. Far away released, while my life was an absolute turmoil. My dad let my mom and I we had to move to a new city, and I was torn between completing my business degree or changing to a major and found hearing college. It isn an acknowledgement and acceptance of self is one spired me to pursue my dreams. It stay strong during those hardships haven't graduated yet, but among the deems list for film production and moving closer to my dreams. Each day. Flower way, between one of my favorite albums of all time, and by far when I listen to the most since his release. I wanted Thank Tyler. Beautiful music and you for your excellent work, dissecting it. I hope you both keep doing what You do so well, I think
One thing I was able to take away from this entire. Like trip is how much care it. To tell a story an album like it feels like every court he He's draws from some aspect from his life in everything he says his melancholy from his loneliness like storytelling, so many forms of creativity to approach it's just so so beautiful and you're able to Understanding even more from this whole thing, I'm Nathan from Portland This season of dissect taught me so much about musical composition, and I don't think I'll ever look at flower boy the same way after it The realisation about western tuning in all in all of the lessons on step, wise motion, Heaven spired my own compositions, and also when I listen to flower boy to look not just at the lyrics in the themes that I already loved from Tyler, but also behind the scenes, the gears that make it all happened. So, thank you so much. How does this
from a small town in western France, in my biggest take away from thy season, for dissect was on the track November and Member has been my favorite check the arm for some time, but I don't they are quite understood, the intent. City and gravitas of what color was talking about and my main message that took away from an after the dissection was to stop possibly, but he needs November's happen and only realizing what they are after the fact, and instead They pursuing them and trying to cry. Your own November's, actively and aggressively, rather than sitting back I'm enemies, donors from Seattle, Washington flower boy represents change in moving forward. It's journey of doubt longing and feelings. They can always be described. Taken on a roller coaster. Tyler looks into the mere encourages us to do the same with. All sides of success and can only imagine the difficulties that come with it. This time
with cars. Allow me to get a better idea of what Tyler has been trying to communicate with his album and what he wants us all to take away. From this experience, I called government iceberg at first, I think were Tyler. Bonfire boy came out. I had on repeat all summer and didn't understand why your pike has helped alone tyres ability to share his own personal life to speak for a generation, his themes, with any one in the malaise of our modern digital lives or material goods can easily become a crutch first actual decision, but it says practised arrangements unwillingness to experiment that keeps us themes fresh and beautiful. I can't get enough I can't wait to see what comes next from him I'm carless for Miami Florida, my biggest takeaway from flower boy. Is that there's no shame in being vulnerable before flower boy. I didn't follow Tyler closely. What I've got to learn is that when someone is opening up and telling you who they are important to listen,
If someone is rich and famous, is Tyler, Ulis, distraught and lonely as me, and none of us are as isolated as we thought. We need to look past our insecurities and speak up, be yourself open up and see who sticks around? Who will be there to water you and who wants to see your garden grow cuz when given the right light, we're all capable of blooming hey. This is dayton- and I want to discuss November Y know the month is really just a metaphor. Coincidentally November is a month as ownership, some like greatest highs and lows. My November in context of the item was finally enter your relationship in November with a girl and shouted friend, I've been chasing for most of my life and encounter as having to end their relationship three November's later so far by we heard this idea, even when you achieve something gray, such as walkin tellers case, where MIKE The person doesn't exactly grant you a key to happiness and are really how to describe it, but I deftly remember hearing the song for the first time in breaking down over how deeply connected with my current state, You know the analysis call, and I gotta say thanks to tie for putting those feelings and away form a call. This
Jacob. In Chicago the thing stands out to me by this. Album is how reliable the messages of flour boy are, while my if in no way resembles that of Tyler. I think everyone must Russell with who they project for the world prices who they snow themselves. A truly be the journey of blending you're different identities is a healthy part of everyone's maturation process. Tyler's personal path is need to him. Through your analysis, that these themes become universal itself This is Jay from Oregon, not going to lie man. You really blew my mind with this last season. I think all your interpretations of Tyler's lyrics and his themes and everything we're pretty spot on also think it was super cool getting to hear this Stemmery creations and shadow Andrew Atwood. They just duck with me. You know I mean like now time I listen a flower boy. I cannot hear it. I'm like, unlike Listenin, ended cords the drum sections supercool anyway. A huge fan of the show really looking forward to what you tackle on the next season, brought peace out
hi Menus Alexandria and MC caully friend thought at first. I liked it call for your hard work and education. We listeners. I appreciate you and other I'd like to thank you thank you for being such a gifted writer musician impasse and for being able to bury wounds and vulnerability for showcasing how arguments, converted the face, a true isolation for them, and in reply to that, probably surely one of the most brutally honest and beautiful coming of age stories, and I'm glad I am able to have had the experience. Take that right with you more than on from London biggest thing, I learned from flower boy is Tyler's immense attached to detail, and definitely completely unique approaches, some structural songwriting in Hiphop season, for does. Actors only help to advance my understanding of this and also to particular exactly what is totters doing on each of the songs definitely already
for to season five high money was in California. As a consumer. I feel towers. Message of loneliness is something that we can all relate to it, increasingly digital world. Personally. I find it hard to relate my deepest thoughts and feelings to friends, even though were hanging. I haven't fun one These things are far more has sovereign realise is the need for you understand. You are core People here only to hide from thanks both Tyler and their search for providing and explaining a beautiful woman, but expresses a new generation of feeling Kyoto. This is crap. Calling from New Zealand, I first heard about the creator win, our governments saw fit to ban them from entering the country. A flower boy was the first item of his listen to induce we all know that it's a really nice full album and I really enjoy the deep dive into it during the season. It's clear that the shock that to President Tyler's early wick that one line from trunk it still makes you feel nauseous.
That's a thing of the past. Intolerance evolved into a true artist. Yours just incredible, and I can't wait to see what does next. So, thank you, call food ethics and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next as well high My name is Matthew. My favorite. They set up solar power whole, which is number six, I love her actually go into details with his wonted adviser gives them at the beginning. Are you actually our car, he drives in the lake in the song. Also the meat, I lay how you find a meaning of powers, as people were destruction of him lake and will be enshrined in just amazing. Just keywords: just do what you do you dream is Johnny. Another fact when I was Jonah from Massachusetts and when I first saw the flower boy, I really enjoyed a new, especially important before listen to dissect. I didn't really see the level thought those put into it. Listening to dissect, showed me how incredible the production writing an arrangement
the entire openness and I seeing that death and flower boy gave me the mindset, Z, the creative layers in all the music, I listen to I'm glad dissect can show me. The extreme thought put into flow boy, and I think the package for showing me a lot of the music I listen to its deeper than were made here upon first in listening to it what's up, they say Podcast, I'm Eric from rock. Esther New York and my thoughts far boy. She was my Albert ear. When that should drop. Do it came at a very important time, my life, that summer I was going through a lie, go into a lot of anxiety and things like that and Tyler kind of, like men album. That was like this five of summer. Unlike of love, like the uncertainty of it and like living through that kind of stuff. So We share Tyler, and I love this album with all my heart, hello. My name is eaten and I'm from tamper, Florida,
Recently I went on trips Colorado, where I discovered this cast in doing so: Tyler Craters flower boy. I wish two, the first episode of this and fell in love with both the podcast and flower boy. Thank you for making this call. Ass changed my life in so many ways a really help me. I hope you experience further success with further seasons of this punk asked? I wish you well. Thank you. My name is Ronnie from Us Angeles and the biggest take away. I take from flower boy is the idea of salt discovery and how hard and insular them process can be how I'm it's different for each of us and sometimes the things We do before the actions before don't reflect the person that we are going to become or that we want to be- and it takes a lot for us too, to change that reflect the different person. Everyone. This is Joey from Chicago biggest
way. For me, the season is the idea of growth. This theme of growth explore throughout our boy, resonates with Tyler's personal growth over the years, but it resonates with me in my own growth as well, Bastard Goblin Wolf, so many the other out future albums for the soundtrack to my teenage years and flower boy felt like This combination of all of Tyler's talent that I appreciated since the start of our future, but in my opinion, flower boy, presents a new level that Tyler had reached all around as I have matured over the years. Both Tyler and his music have evolved and matured with me and that's why the idea of growth was my biggest take away from the season I call this is risky from advocacy Marilyn just wanted to say great season height, in music data time round was so awesome. I learned a lot about step by motion and why tired at certain melodies, the way he wanted to? and yet this need to discern how much she's improved as lyricist in a serious composer but here's to my eyes and who just made me appreciate this Magnum opus of is even more on the theme of varied episode.
It's probably I got time he talked about how he bragging about men the same way the wrappers do about women and just taken subliminal shouts everywhere. That was so sick to me again. Great season and here's to success in the future. My name's from Vancouver Canada and my biggest take away from flower boy stance from its concept of loneliness and isolation. These feelings uncertainty, the Tyler's betraying throughout the arm, gives me reassurance that it is ok to feel this way. Teller shares his purse. Was struggles which makes him such a reliable artists and listening to him takes me to November. Miss Carter from Minnesota, my biggest take with our boys, to express yourself and let people know who you are as a person. You probably wasn't easy v tailored to put on our like this, given his previous diskiver in public image, but it was the best way for him to express, off to everyone It also made me realize the Tyler is a great artist. Any puts the same type of energy into his work as Kenya does. That is one of the most impressed.
Things to me about Tyler. Thank you My name is John and I'm recording this from Hanoi did not. If you tell me during bastard or goblin era that Tyler might drop something of set sensitivity, introspection and are a genius. I honestly will flat that you far boys one, my favorite rap albums a near perfect testament of admirable maturity. Thank you tell it a creator. Thank you, call Bennett, and it might be, for doctors at fantasy. My name is wrong. Answer yogi from likes to Pennsylvania, the narrative arc created the flower boy solidifies Tyler's place in the autumn grades and wrap storytelling. Tyler us from Doktor TC encamped Latona driving has Mclaren there's, overgrown field of self and sexual identity boy is accusing the ignition rolling, continuous, for acceptance and self appreciation and holds my favorite yet
simple tireless today tell these black kids. They can be who they are. That's my biggest take away Hey call, my name is already, and I from California They think you because I've been offended Tyler since Bastard, not future days, and it was The goods are finally seen getting the attention he deserves as an amazing artist, and also, thankfully, for drawing more attention to the problem that helps him in transforming his image in and so what he wanted. I believe that this season of your pack hast will go a long way in leading where people the towers music, if they ve been apprehensive because of his earlier work. Thank you take all this Nick from Missouri Flat boy in season for of dissect hold a special place in my heart flower buoyant whose me too, the genius of time the creator who quickly became one of my favorite artists of all time, and even though I had never listened to dissect before season Forest premier, I could not happier than decided click that spot, if I add, call
have reinvigorated my love for music at a time in my life, where I couldn't have needed it more, and I just want thank you and Tyler for reigniting, this passion within me how many was Alex and I'm from rocky Hell, Connecticut Flower boy has always sounded to me, like the Indy Movie, with a budget tallow describes in his instagram bio, After listening to this season of dissect, it became clear that far boys a score of his struggles and desires, orchestrated in such a way that allows the sign of complexity of the music to create a visual experience for the listener He is one of the top creators and musical innovators of our generation and to me this album encompasses the depths of his capacities and of his abilities as an artist this trade and I'm from Solana Kansas flower. It was released during a transitional period in which I was incredibly unsure of myself. I was completely spy going into the depths of negative nostalgia, which prom an unwillingness to move forward grow and become
individual. I knew I was capable of becoming this album spark bright inspiration from it. Severe through my flaws and accept myself as I was then as I was before them, and as I would be in the coming years. I see through fact: yellow lenses and that's ok, hello. My name is Solomon, atoms and garden. Tennessee when listening to the seas of four of of the dissect podcast and it has helped me so much. I've been there to it through the food the process of making my first album and hearing the different things that he could figure out things you can do with his music. It's help me so much and I swear it's. How me make a masterpiece Tyler your hearing, and if you hear this, thank you so much may should made my young men. How does shrink ass an over
If our boys, musical representation of plan silence at first glance, the present blame may seem to be contained, the sunset loneliest, but in all honesty the pledges to buy silencer. Why would they do holy tallies. Places lonely is maybe still paranoia of other people's perception. That high I'm Wyatt and I live in Maple Valley. Washington I've been listening to your podcast for a while now very happy. They did a season: flour, flower boy, Khazars. Actually, my first introduction to lyrical rap. Like Tyler's view on change, where you can justice change, do it's a sexuality or hers. Well, furs relationships he's got. Showing how much has changed, which expresses flower boy. The title really well Heller My name is angel. I'm sixteen and live in Atlanta over the last
two years are losing the flower boy dissect. As pointed out, tiny things out, whenever my head says, there's a little details that put this out together stuff like the theory of time, his car being a protective shield in him stepping out of it for the song garden. She has given me a different outlook on this golden. Our car I'd call you do such a great job, explaining music theory to begin as, like me, in Tyler things for making music that gives color to my most boring days, offer we're wave your flag hi. My name is Dan from Massachusetts currently living in cork. Ireland, I think, season for, has highlighted tellers ability to derive power from emotional honesty above everything else is lyrics. You said metaphor and open processing. Are together simultaneously, more accessible and more challenging the much the music of some of his contemporaries. He's so able to consistently challenge stereotypes of game entered the truth of his own narrative alone. I think that both the case a few
boy and eager Tyler owns the Monica creator more than ever, as the all aspects producer of two true concept albums, my name is dry and on from England the main thing I take away from flower boy, it's kind of knights. It's ok to question self and have worries about your own character. Title four of in advance. Lee makes me comfortable without paranoia goes through my head and the question. Am. I asked myself because I can see there's someone there. That's also going through the same thing is me, the albums, person Tyler, even though is Goin little has that universal saw of appeal. That makes it so good money still enormously from Nigeria Ploughboys. An incredible listening skills are wrong. I'm unable to bleed something in a while, and everything
next to me, when I really started to listen to, it is made a lot of things in my life more clear about future myself. Brought me to a path towards mounds of discovery in the park. She's really help with this process. So thank you for that and I hope Richie under that assume. Overall a boy just feel so human and it's a timeless classic body. Work appreciate the up to recall and take each other hi my name's Ulysses narrows enough from Atlanta, Georgia A boy was really phasing out to me, because the Tyler expressed himself through this album and through the songs I felt was really nice, because at that moment, and at tat time I was turned to fear the worst. He was a bit feeling and through this album and self discovery, I felt like this album really help me out. So thank you for dissecting it for me,
my name is Andrew and I'm half dutch half American. The big stick way from the season is that I never realise how Much of a story there was to this house, I thought at first was just a collection of tracks and then, after hearing this brings home narrative issues its mind. Lloyd's, making. We appreciate the some even more and real, asking us a beautiful and how vulnerable layers Tyler was to be able to say these things just issues so amazing, hi, I'm Murray from Edinburgh title. The greatest flower boy in particular paul- helps me through one of the hardest decisions of my other life. Your analysis of the song opened my eyes to the relates ability of tyres, advice and how I could use it as a fellow to my own situation. This is allowed me to. Creatively and emotionally flourish by surrounding myself with people who, every day I am grateful for being in my life thanks call. My biggest
away from flower boy is the title the creator is ready to tell the world. This is who I am and fuck it if you're not down Taylor, takes two big risks to accomplish this lyrically. He opens up a sexually musically, he produces court aggression and melody heavy beats the lira, and music pair perfectly on each had not inducing track, which, when listen in order form. A narrative. The best part is that it does not end with flour, boy I personally believe eager, represents the next chapter in his relationship with the recipient of the love letter. Glitter Albania's take away that I got was You can be or fully realise, solve their pure hard work and effort on your passions with this. You also have to be able to be interest active and understanding your own problems and insecurity is, which is what most people can't do. Thank you. Tyler for inspiring people, like
Finally, we come where they want to be and actually pursue their passions, which is what people want to do. He call my name is sneaker, I'm from Chile. And I just wanted to say our congratulations on our great season and add my biggest take away from flower boy is that improves our unique of an artist Tyler is through the season. You showed us all the unconventional directions, Tyler taste with his music and me. That makes him very, very special. Also. One thing that I really came to injure with with season was the narrative of the album I didn't know had sought to develop storylines of ours,
surprise. One that made me appreciate the album much more hey. What's up, my name's is Aaron from one bit Virginia. I should say that to say. Thank you call. Food is amazing. Seasonal flower boy, Tyler, is one of my greatest musical inspirations in the way he uses chords and seven quarters, and just variations of notes is with cords when taking my fell one class in college and to hear our disease and so well ass, beautiful to me I'm so they decided well very thing inference by it to be myself self and just to express myself, the yard hires Dominic from ITALY was it was. I met Tyler when he was twenty, and I was twelve. He called me and my best friend bitches it was the best of our lives. Tell us, persona that I saw that day, I feel, is younger version of what we see on boy, you got time seat, oligopoly Our persona came to me at a time when I was doing the same. I felt through far away have grown up alongside our in turn, found my ninety five. You love you solely to learn, even further empathize with my openly gay sister. I love you know, are high
my name is Madeline. I'm from Massachusetts and in my biggest take away from flower boy is that material items can only keep are satisfied for so long and out the genuine friendships and relationships we foreman life. The truly make us feel hall in us. That being yourself as a step in the right direction. Dampness. My name is None from bend organ far boy changed my life, better. What music and hip hop could be the changing in crazy rap verses to internet era. Shifting moments was still feeling like the same. Album is so amazing. I remember that first time, listening to garden, shed and being astonished at what I have just heard and all the best ways far boys when my favorite albums- and I thought I already knew most of what there was to know but listen to dissect in learning the intricacies of the outcome sonic beyond just the lyrics is something really special and I am so grateful. Thank you, Tyler and thank you call work no doubt the California for graduate school Listen you far boy. Whenever I get in the car as a black man alone,
in a new environment. Are here in California, for the first time my flower boy, something really comforted me, Terry sharing his struggles. I gotta resonated with my own struggles as well, so got me feel quite a bit My aim is Cristoforo robbers enough rejects the Mississippi call up in this, and it does take their position first day, its appeal, but a philanthropist somebody people on these last few years and biggest take away from Thou boy is the music dear that you did classic aspect. Did you showed Tyler in a wee within his power? it is just made it so much more beautiful and maybe appreciate some was Morton Hour, but I d argue: Dave, Boy is probably want to close around projects to beautiful twisted vanity, just because he did so most meticulous then lasted about projects everything that you do alone
does it brain is building towers, even notice in order to note, as long as you're doing younger, supporting amorous from California and the biggest take away from far away that I've got it is that one can ask people around them like an attempt to be there for you constantly giving their biggest possible effort, but in the end they made, Sadly, what you need, or what you're looking for sir, consequently left seeking something or someone else, this theme it many times in the album, with a song, see you again Paul now, one one dashed, Mr Lonely and of ember. We establishing how one may feel incomplete and others sugar may persist to buy what one considers missing from their life to reach full happiness and satisfaction with where one is in life. My name has been Myers from awesome. Taxes. And flower boy really helped me to Stan my own struggles, we're getting to know who I am Tyler, rapping about stepping outside of his Malden Bein, outside of what people expect of him
but also not entirely understanding himself throughout this entire explain Hence hating loving himself. It's all so real to me and I really love this album. My name is Monica I'm twenty six years old and I live in temper Florida. I've had a really a time putting into words just how much fire by means to me and how much it has impacted my life. So I'm just thankful for people like Tyler for coal who use words and beautiful ways. For me, this item was with me as I transitioned into adulthood, and help me learn about and accept myself, and I am so grateful to have been along on this journey with Taylor. At the same time. Thank you Tyler. Thank you call. You call this his Nikko from New Jersey remembered the animal. Freshman year, one far boy came out and blew my mind. The melody some cords and the production or my favorite part in one of the reasons why I started writing songs. In the first place, this
and of dissects showed a deeper lair too damned. I never news. There lyrical win theoretically my favorite moments, where the boredom garden shadow, nine one one, Mr Lonely, upsets the spend money, every season so far sighted the Frank Ocean season. Thank you. My name is Daniel. I'm from Nashville Tennessee The season made me realize something about a lot of my favorite albums, some of the most motionlessly, vulnerable impact for and culturally resonant art comes from a place of uncertainty, whether its Tyler come to grips with his sexuality. Or Kendrick reaching the top and realizing he still lost the albums you ve selected seem to reflect this theme across the board. Obviously harnessing that feeling in crafting into a masterful project, something only a select few can do, but potato showed that even the most seemingly carefree artist has phenomenally complex emotions lurking beneath by releasing flower boy tower shine the spotlight and some of his darkest moments, reminding celebrity obsess culture that he still human high
getting nowhere firewood. The first item of Tyler's that is able to truly connect to a someone is often lost in thought. Such an introspective album was exactly what I needed the season Investec drops while I was in the process of producing my own album, and it calls me to completely reanalyze my purchase on rating. For me It has been the perfect roadmap to God my creative process. Thank you, for another amazing season. You ve truly help shape the well listen to and read music. It takes me back to some twenty seventeen when I was still learning how to cope with the feelings of isolation that can come a depression. I had people really cared about me, but I commit myself. They didn't want me around. I'd, feel them best get into neighborhoods assigned to fly. Herbaline european staying up all night to watch the sunrise from the top of this hospital parking grass near me, How be alone with myself and a healthy were great looking some of them, even though so much has changed since then. I still find myself missing. A feeling of group and blooming in the summer, with a better sense of self identity.
The sun was assigned backdrop to a really to start experience. It help me make myself and a lamb today. In other words, flyby takes me back to my November height All my name is got three and on from abstained New York. I was so happy to hear that you'd be dissecting flower boys. The seas entrance is one of my favorite album. This whole season. I really appreciated the attention you drew to musical details like the roof and where this flower blooms or the cord progression and boredom you did such a good job of highlighting Tyler's abilities a composer as well as the growth told through the story of flour, boy thanks so much for your hard work, and I can't wait until next season. Hello,
my name is private and I'm from New Hampshire season for of dissect has given me a whole new level of appreciation for far boy and Tyler. The creator and general he made more than just a creamy nominated album. He created in artistic masterpiece has helped me through some really tough times, so I like to think Tyler for making music that speaks to the masses and coal. Dissecting his message line by line went by word, hello, my name, is you only and I'm from Brazil Tower? it's been a true inspiration for me and every aspect possible, even though we have truly do and personalities. I met him smokers and nine when one and a delicacy of his views, who compositions Mimi pretty interested in his persona at first sight, the way. Presses himself and tells everyone everything he thinks people need to know being obviously clear or not is one of them reasons. Why he's such an inspiration for me, the freedom,
inspires, has too much value for me, and I thank him for that I think you call for bringing new meaning into all at it. Thank you hi. His wife from Deborah Colorado I've carried a lot of shame over the last few years of my life for being sensitive and aware of my emotions and have been told, often not to feel them through the narratives of flour, going eager and the analysis from season for dissect I've been able to find Qatar since with the message that a little self compassion is all that is needed to fully bloom thanks, Tyler thanks core values, Adam from Australia, terrorism that can only have one label associated doing a creator. It has been very interesting to see the evolution of Tyler, an artist who stay true to himself from his chair, energy understanding life without a father to a man. Standing. Sexuality is forged his own path in Hiphop, too.
Something more than just a rubber he's, a creator that inspires you to be yourself and to find your own path in life. Hey Alex from one Georgina informal boys used to Munich too soon. Feelings of deflating time turn them into ember into owned, and maybe boot fully honestly and sincerely. He helped me realize the power of Frieden, adding an he just like a beekeeper, successfully teeming these bees gave him water sung care in love, not upon not curse. We shed honey from him and a really taste so good high there. My name is Scotland Wallace, and I my radically from Canada. I am currently in high school and this year for an english essay dissected, the song nine, when one, Mr Lonely, but after listening to dissect, which is way better. But may I say I feel inspired to write and solve the meaning behind art. After all, music isn't just a few beat, since both its being emotional and Peru
snow as well as putting yourself out there. Thank you, Tyler and dissect for keeping the interested when this thing too late at night were times when I feel lonely. You both are very inspirational, hello, I'm Spencer, from LOS Angeles, California, a major theme of law a boy is acceptance, not only can I relate to Tyler's over thinking and second guessing on the first lady, the album, but I understand how easy it is to tell other people to be who they are and have it be difficult to take your own advice. Tyler embracing his quirking us in his lyrics and his production has inspired me to the same, and I wouldn't be in person or think about myself in the same way, if it wasn't for this extraordinary, album Ben and on from unjust, the England tolerated me is a huge inspiration when it comes to creativity and always pushing the self to deeper. He puts his wonder sense into all of his. What is of work and flow boy is no exception. Sing Tyler, expresses honesty and vulnerability for the album is Percy. What makes us LP so special easy to relate to
five. I will definitely go down as a classic in years to come, thanking those is Alex from British Columbia, and I just wanted to show some appreciation for the recognition of Tyler's ability to transcend John rose. I believe that music is the greatest and most broad form of communication that we have and to have that ability is really incredible and really important to unify. The art form. I hope that this is, fired other eyes to climb out of their boxes and to challenge those norms. Huh and it is clear now from San Francisco and what I took from flower was the ability to find myself upon the sooner dissect amid me, love the album and what it did for me even more, because large We came at a point. My life of subsidiary help me discover how to be myself and had embrace myself as a person as a human being and dissect me further analyze and item that help find my wings biggie,
name's Victor enough from Dallas Texas, I biggest given the seasons growth as avert the thing was I really enjoyed given time to fire boy and to tire like never before to learn more about the driver. Tell has been on everyone story. Growth is unique and should not be overlooked. Motions ensuring their story be taken for granted. Is this type of honest in openness that gives a young adult like myself, the courage and knowledge to navigate life? Also, I felt that the way that I approached music, endless two arms critically has evolved things too costly in time to prevent war, an offer new perspective interpretations, press into a diving into more music theory analysis throughout the season, Ale, My name is Corey from MR, let's be confused, Feldman Hame, and I have to say I agree- the whole heartedly with you take our now one lonely being Tyler's. Bohemia city. It's epic in every sense of the word, themes are universal and are coping mechanisms we used to hide our depression and his feelings.
Emptiness and As for my November, just hoping you found it. I'm around Martinez from California from California. I wake him. Oh man, I didn't I haven't interests because I wasn't really tell the creator front, however, and I came around to listen to it. I was very much impressed with the production costs. Vulnerability and albums stood out to me and was very for he had not exhibit, is vulnerabilities and out to meet before this note puck as actually the first listen to and to hear analysis on the songs astound man maybe appreciate the album even more seriously, asking for the music really that shines through in every episode. His gets me excited to list to the seasons and for what comes next. Thank you. Call, hey com, This is clear from Maryland aims happy that you chose to dissect far boy the season, I love them How long and I thought that I had a pretty good understanding of all the songs and the meetings behind them, but out.
Billy blown away without the music analysis you provided I'm so excited to witness the progression of Tyler as an artist and as a person. Thank you call for helping me appreciate. Such a great art, even more than already dead remembers, Martin I'm twenty one, a man from home to California and as a queer prison of color to storm the closet. I really want to saving he's so much a really hard thing to understand and to feel confident about. This was an ally as some color and as someone who is clear and using your platform in order to advocate for both these things is something its highly appreciated. Thank you. So much call for being an lay for being someone who actually carries was using their power to make a difference and think So much for giving new memories and meaning saw all these albums higher, travel from Richmond Virginia, and where can I start with this album flower boy? You know DIS Cilvia demo by Isaiah, Rashad and Taconic butterfly by Kendrick are probably my favorite of all time and is because,
audio, something that still relate a boy. You know we are asked questions on ourselves. We all do of the poor, and securities anxiety every day and just being able to take a step back and really grow was a person, Just look within yourself. There's something our respect anybody for, and that is why a respectable. My summer in twenty seventeen. I was nineteen and it was my first romance. There wasn't love, but it could have been Thank him for that, because this outcome has been the soundtrack to my life since it came up. All this is Juliana from New Jersey. Far away was the Daphne this contract my summer in twenty seventeen I was nineteen and it was my first romance. There wasn't love, but it could have bad. It was vibrant, meaningful in blue and its crochet that sound see you again was our song, as both neither relationship is geographically impossible and ended with the summer you're dissection of sea again given innocent summer fling a more vulnerable and genuine meaning that I could have really expected, and I'm really grateful for that. Thanks, call how many Missy man from Virginia
to listening to season for thy said. Not only did I learn more about one of my favorite problems, but I, learn more about Tyler on a personal level. After listening to our voice for the first time in twenty eighteen. I meetly connected to such an amazing piece of work there but fire series of questions and forward in November held, we now understand what Taylor was going through when he wrote it unrelated back. Any feelings of anxiety that I was dealing with during my freshman year of college. Thank you calling Thank you dies out for never failing to amaze me on what I can learn when these episodes and for allowing me to understand,
album on a completely different level that makes each listen brain you hey! This is algae from LOS Angeles, California, actually listening to far why one of my big take away from it was that its beneficial to be truthful yourself take time to explore in China. We really are in it's. Ok, to be afraid, life is a huge journey in its all about being self reflective, as a young adults is like we're all in this grey area of what it, but, in essence, was all acknowledge that life is vital and its sparking dynamic. A lot of us experience things tat shapers into who we are today. Tyler is one of my favorite art and to see his progression as an artist is truly amazing. Thank you call for this amazing part cast. My name is curious and proper Canada. I've been in love with a pocket. Me more morbid theory. The my theory teacher unaware section made me think harder about a bigger image. The season touch my heart and brought me closer to home. Boy. The season was amazing and made me feel like I can understand. Each other better
it mainly relate to far boy and made me feel Norma accepted and understood Sweden, Saxon Virginia, beat Virginia fire it is truly a masterpiece and is now encompasses emotional vulnerability and, as a candid expression, it as maturation only lyrically but also cynically this isn't dissected demonstrated meaning credible manner in which music allows for us to meet our own experiences and feelings through lyricism production arrangement and more from the events introspection describing a foreign power deliberate. He bowed abundant I'd love at his glitter every track. This amputees most incredible narrative tat is protection through life and I'm just grateful that another witness it for myself Thank you Tyler for everything and think you call for generating the conversation. Jordan, Buffalo New York. Granite Tyler's for years and I'm really thinks for this party has given me an opportunity to further dive into his writing style. And realized his personal end, music.
Maturity. Apart from the beautiful Instrumental in lush sounds in this record, I think the underlying emphasis on personal growth and the vulnerability that comes with that growth. It gives me a strong connection to this album that not many others do so. Thank you, however, for this amazing work and thank you call for putting the time into dissected This is not only for Mannheim, California boys cinematic narrative, a sunrise to sunset. A car ride with many sites turns and stops. I believe wait: Tyler directed his story, gave his listeners clarity when and how their fears about the reality of things and what those things really mean to him. Teller points idea back to us. He asks us what's your November or what do you really care about and are you willing to chase it to me? far boys, a story of growth and realisation and the belief in oneself, from loneliness to one s, two fireworks and finding love.
I hope you enjoy hearing those as much as I did. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts. If you did get a chance to submit your clip, I'm going Give you your thirty seconds now, be it a feeling. A particular a memorable song or moment wherever you are, whenever you're doing take this opportunity to think about your biggest take away from TAT the creators firewood Ok, everyone. Thank you so much for listening this season. I genuinely grateful
for each and every one of you so passionately supporting this podcast I'll talk to you in a few months we'll dissect another musical masterwork, because great art, search more than a swipe dissect is rendered produced by be reviewed, we d season, please take a moment until a friend family member coworker about the shall be sure to keep touch over the brain by following at dissect podcast on Twitter and Instagram Bore, joined the newsletter at dissect podcast dot com. Thank you, too. Bureaucratic for the killer original theme. Music. He composed with a season be sure to check more of his music by searching bureaucratic on Spotify, b, I r o c r. Eighty, I see a special
You two Andrew Atwood for the beautiful song recreations you heard throughout the season, thanks to Eric Basque, help with audio editing. The season also thinks Matthew Lindore, for song transcriptions and to occur. Upon day for help researching this. Is it ok, everyone? That's all I got. Thanks again for another wonderful season, I'll talk to you soon,
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