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S4E14 - Epilogue: IGOR by Tyler the Creator

2019-07-23 | 🔗

Today’s special episode dissects Tyler, The Creator’s 2019 album IGOR. After a thorough dissection of the album’s narrative, we hypothesize about thematic and narrative connections between IGOR and Flower Boy.

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Spotify studios, this is Dyson long form. The call analysis broken into short, digestible episode. I'm your host quotation. Tyler, the creator's two thousand and seventeen album flower boy is a story of self discovery and acceptance over the course of the album. Tyler confronts his insecurities anxiety, loneliness and sexual identity in order to evolve as a person, something he compares to a flower blooming from seeds. Tyler's journey culminates with him expressing his feelings to a male love interest a moment made possible through Tyler's acceptance of his sexuality and his recognition of living in the moment
Tyler expresses his feelings to the Alps penalties track, glitter, which he attempts to leave on its crushes voicemail. The irony of flour, boys conclusion, is that towers voicemail doesn't actually go through. We didn't get your message. I did because you were not sticking out because of the Gatt connection, despite its bittersweet conclusion. We recognise that far boy was never really about Tyler's crush. It was about Tyler himself and all the demons he had to confront to overcome his fears except himself and simply make the phone call. Indeed far boy isn't so much about finding. But rather about Tyler putting himself in the position to love which, as we know, was no small feet, but despite the importance of Tyler's journey to get to this point, five
boys narrative does leave us wondering where the story goes from here. Would Tyler find love would try again to connect with his crush. If so, was the interest mutual and would Tyler continue the story on his next project. Well, Nearly two years. Tyler has returned with his follow up to flower boy and we finally get some answers to these questions, while kind of, of course we're talking about Tyler the creator two thousand and nineteen album the subject. Today's special episode, dissect eager eager with on May seventeenth twenty nineteen debut at number, one on the billboard two hundred chart the opening with the out, we just heard immediately make clear that eager is not an attempt to replicate the sound and success of far boy, though it can There is no shortage of beautiful moments. Generally speaking,
you're the steadily less polish than far boy. It's a little rough around the edges and, while Tyler may have preferred a greedier aesthetic this time around attention to detail and deliberate constructive of an overarching narrative is just, thought out as its predecessor, flower boy case. In point, eagerness opening track is aptly Title II horse theme, Worse theme foreshadows many of the thematic and sonic motifs that will hear throughout the album. In fact, we can compare eager steam to something like an overture and overture is a brief piece of introductory music performed before an opera. I kind of sophisticated bird a medley? The overture introduces many of the musical themes that will show up later in the opera functionally. This gets the audiences ears acclimated to what they're about to experience, So in those musical theme show up again later in the story there somewhat familiar the listener on eager steam, Tyler put the modern twist on techniques typically utilised in classical overtures
Tyler introduces many of the sounds that were reoccur throughout the album. A heavy distorted based, Synthesizer, sampled, drums piano and brassy synthesize and while the majority of the song is instrumental, the track does feature ray of diverse voices and the lyrics they perform actually, or shadow lines that will reappear later in the album. Take, for instance, the songs main refrain heard about forty five seconds into the trap. The Lear is riding around town. They gonna feel this one or the other next track. Earthquake who contains a similar line about riding around. The second made phrase that emerges from egos theme is the line I got
eyes open, which has heard multiple times throughout the peace. The line my eyes open reappears on egoist ninth track. What's good has come too, out later. This episode, these two phrases ride around town. They gonna feel this one and I got my eyes: open, live structural of thematic significance in the arms overarching narrative architecture as Forbes as Chris Lambert points out in his piece on eager quote the prominence in dominance of these two phrases on yours, serves as a microcosm of the Alps as a whole part. One is an emotional journey that you feel part two bout awareness, seeing things for what they are and moving on unquote, but before we get to entrench in the Alps narrative Adieu
quickly want to point out one last thing about eager steam. The sign begins with the distorted synthesis. Are playing a single note, an e flat for twenty three SEC This distorted base synthesizer reappears Oliver eager in fact it's turn in every single song on the album on tracks like New, magic wand and what's good, it's the dominant but this distorted base. It also appears in songs, were a dozen entirely make sense, or at least in places. You wouldn't typically expect take, for instance, the song running out of time. The songs, verses are filled with lush, vocal harmonies and an intimate electronic piano
and yet there is a distorted basin, stabbing away don't know Tyler's decision, to introduce the distorted sense so dramatically in the album's opening moments. Coupled with his decision to feature the sound on every song on the album. Well, it seems to be pretty intentional and thus warrants some consideration. On one hand, the distorted sent the something like a compositional adhesive, a familiar recurring, sound that help stitched together. Eagerness, diverse palette of musical styles influences and moods, but aside from this compositional function, there's their somatic implications as well again implied by the title. Title Igor theme is not entirely out of the question that a distorted basin represents the character eager himself, similar to Sergei Precocious Peter and the Wolf and orchestra.
He's in which each instrument represents a different character in the story. Yours instrument might just be represented by this distorted since something that comes into focus when we learn more about the character eager himself and the journey he undergoes over the course of the album and now is perhaps as good a time as any to briefly discuss the alms title and the character at him. Eyes eager is an archetype character. He originated in his most associated with a Frankenstein film franchise eager is sidekick in Man servant to the mad scientist eager as a lackey loyal your fault and addresses the mad scientist as master he's, typically grotesque and ugly, often portrayed as a hunchback. Despite his loyalty, the mad scientist cease eager as a servant and dedicated time and attention to Frankenstein his monster, as will see, Tyler purposely draws on this eager archetype in order to express his role and a relationship that,
export throughout the album beginning with the second track earthquake, if ego There was something like an overture thou second track. Earthquake is something like a thesis statement. Tyler sings cause. You make my earth Riding around your love is shaking me up and it's making my heart break. This idea of up and down of emotional turbulence sets the stage for the narrative that will eventually unfold, which is very much Tyler tottering between love and despair, infatuation and ballast devotion in frustration at the end of earthquake. We here
either in the background start counting sequence, one two three. This leads directly to the Alps next track. I think which completes the forecast for four. For with. I think the central relationship explored in eager slowly comes into focus as expressed on the songs hook. The overall impression we get from, I think, is one of infatuation
Tyler falling in love were so he thinks this hook as well, as I think, cord progression and overall musical environment, is an interpretation of the nineteen. Eighty two song special lady by Jerry Musician, Bebe Mascot despite the hooks emphasis on towers infatuation, I thinks only verse contains several choose. They begin revealing the complicating circumstance.
Disregarding this relationship cuz, I'm sorry. This is not an apology. You are such a distraction or equity on ambience car cuz. I want you like Rihanna by what the fuck is your motive and later says: you're such a distraction, fucking with t on and off it would appear that Tyler's love interest isn't reciprocating his feelings in a manner that is satisfactory, something that comes into focus more when we extract meeting from a fuse, References Tyler hides in the verse. The first of these clues is found in the line man. I wish you would call me by your name because I'm sorry, the cites, the two thousand seventeen film call me by your name with centres. Are two males Elio and Oliver getting romantically involved, during a summer in northern ITALY. At the end of the film its revealed that Oliver intends to marry a woman, crushing Elio
as will discover when we get deeper into yours, narrative, the plot Call me by your name will contain a number of parallel Tyler story. The second clue planted it, I think, is found in the line. You drive me coup and I could because I want you likely Anwar this references, the song I want you performed by Marvin Gaye, because written by me on what I want. You is all about. Unrequited love of one sided love in the songs. Verse Gacy
I give you all the love I want in return, but half a love is all I feel in the sandy hook. He sings. I want you, but I want you to want me to I want you to want me just like I want you tell his reference to the song seems a deliberate choice to express the dynamics between he and his love interest. A relationship that is one sided were love is not reciprocated equally eager than progresses with the first of a hat,
full of voice recordings featuring comedian, an artist Gerard Car, Michael, exactly what you run from events of chasing can avoid both chasing a try. Everything we do care is always an obstacle. Drugs reappearance throughout the album act as narrative threading, helping to weave together the story into a cohesive whole withdrawn first appearance. He says exactly what you run from you end up chasing similar to the up and down motif introduced an earthquake. This idea of running and chasing implies a dichotomy back and forth of conflicting emotions. Indeed, as will see
Tyler will run from his love interest one moment and chased him. The next drugs quote ends with the line. There is always an obstacle for shadowing obstacles. Tyler will face when attempting to sort out the relationship in question. Cleverly tying it draws quote about running Tyler expresses one optically faces, which is running out of time. Why time would be an issue, is somewhat of a mystery until Tyler presents to more obstacles in the song second birth,
mask off mask off sublime for these niggas be applied to yourself. I know the real Joker, Halloween costume, Tyler says: take your mask off. I need her out the picture. Take your mask off! Stop lying to these Edwards stop lying to yourself. I know the real you Halloween, eight for a minute lose the costume Tyler. He represents a and a mass that is love interests. Where's similar to the aforementioned film call me by your name. It seems at Tyler's, love interests, also has a woman in his life and that the mask he wears a straight heterosexual persona and so with running out of time, the loved, angle, Tyler's involved in comes into Focus Tyler once a guy, the girl wants a guy and the guy wants. Well, it's not entirely clear what the guy wants yet, but Tyler doesn't plan on waiting around as he makes clear in the Alps next track. Tyler is going to make the choice easy,
him. Sometimes you got a closet door open a window beginning of new magic wand. We hear the second appearance of drug car, Michael, the expression close the door to open a window is typically one of consolation used to look on the bright side of a dark situation. It means something to the effect that when one opportunity ends it open, the possibility of a new opportunity, as we soon find out on new magic wand, tat. His interpretation of the expression is much more sinister. He plans to sleep.
The door shut, the songs first perspire Tyler, looking at a photo of his life interest with his girlfriend Tyler's Iser Green with envy, and he says I need to get her out. The picture. She's really fucked up my frame she's not develop like we are. This leads into the songs hook like magic, gone, new magic wand. Tyler here is playing off the MAGIC one tool use in the photo editing software Photoshop, where one can select and remove objects from a picture. Tyler, of course, once this girl out of his love interest life,
but as a sound progresses. This desire takes a dark turn things take, children is love, interests doesn't choose to leave. His girl Tyler threatens the kill them both. If, here that, we realise that new magic one is also a murder weapon, a gun which, into the Alps. Next song, a boy's again on a boy's, a gun Tyler begins to recognise a danger he's in. He compares with love interest to a gun, an object upwards
acts as well as threatens the entire song embodies body. This dichotomy as Tyler says things like how can be the best for me. I know you're the worst for me and later he says: don't leave stay right here. I want you right near. You invited me to breakfast why the fuck your ex here, Tyler's resentment gross, anger throughout the track, culminating as a threatening command near the song, then state of fuck away from me, boys against production is based around samples taken from a nineteen. Seventy one song bound by Ponderosa twins, plus one no
does? The same song Congo, where samples in the final song of his out visas, found too she said she only here for girl birthday, build a champagne but still look thirsty forever. Twenty one Winchester fun fact: the original unreleased version of Kanye bound bound one was produced by Tyler the creator and she would show up on Igor's next song puppet the track that follows the bouncing
the boy. Is a gun, Mister Kanye, West Kanye appears midway through puppet the song that finds Tyler once again under the control of his love, interest and deed. Despite his best efforts to escape the relationship at the end of boy. Is a gun Tyler's comparing himself to a puppet and his love to a tier he'd, literally can't control himself around this person. This puppet relationship has been alluded to a number of times throughout the album. We heard it as far back as such three, I think, that's how come you and then the hook, a boy's, a gun, Tyler claims you got
by my neck, the fucking dangerous you some Motherfuking James R, US blue diamond by my neck. That's why it doesn't explain that for the first half of puppet Tyler, search the album long notion that he's being controlled by his love interest. He says things like: I need your company. I want you to want for me. I can't maneuver without you next to me and later he says what is your wish it can be granted, but, despite being pulled by strings near the end of the song, second, birth. We hear signs of Tyler breaking free. He says your number one on my list. I am Santa, whereas Rudolph Rude off here is the girl, the love trying triggering Tyler to say your parasitic tallow then become self aware saying I do not have self control, I'm starting to wonder this, my free will or yours. This is followed by the songs hook, which introduces the Conny West feature we heard earlier. Conny then adds a verse
Oh, I have spoken, have sung passage that faith over time. Away. Presence on puppet seems metaphorically. He begins. You lost son and I ve been trying to find your way. To me. It's possible colony here is playing. Some father figure pushing Tyler to snap out of his lover spell indeed puppets outreach finds voices. Singing cut me loose, of course, referring to cutting the puppet strings. Meanwhile, Conny tells Tyler to quote breathe on a song in the context of the puppet motif. Breathing here is a very human characteristic
perhaps invoking the puppet Pinocchio transformation into a real boy, but at some point you come to your senses punctuated by the drug car. Michael quote, we just heard the end of puppet is to me a critical juncture of ignores narrative, having teetered back and forth between infatuation and resentment between love and hostility. Tyler finally cuts the strings and comes to a census. This shift a signal by what's good, a dramatic change in musical mood and tone from the previous song puppet
like how exciting give up my what's good seems to be the purest expression of the eager character. The distorted sent that we speculated represents eager dominates the entire track and midway through the Song Tyler actually names himself eager directly with the cup lyrically. What's good as all brash egotism and bravado, the threads of Conny West continue here too, as the songs hook evokes too facts from colonies, album visas, Tyler, rubs, Edwards. Turning it up, I'm telling you down this interpolate line
from communist new slay them mapped out about the tarsi about damp about the air sea. Now, what the fuck thing I'll say, man directly fall This new slaves, Interpolation Tyler, says quote hard to believe in God, when no mirrors around. This seems too, about the song. I am a God also from the users here, I am God I am a God as labor points out and is Igor piece. Tyler seems to be using that you are character in the same way, Kanye used to the yeezus character, both utilize. Dream eager to alleviate the pain and inadequacy they feel from failed relationships, specific too eager Tyler exemplifies the concept. Clearly on, what's good as its the song in which he reclaims is free, will they know? Snaps is dependency on his of interest and becomes autonomous. His eyes are now open. Tyler ceased
lies at the top of the episode we served, how eager steam foreshadowed alms to large parts through use of lyrical, fragments de lyrical fragment that foreshadowed. Part too was got my eyes open the same lyric we just heard featured on what's good. Indeed, what's good is to me the crux between parts, one and two: the bridge that divides Tyler's emotional
goes to win over his love interest and the emotional journey he'll undergo an attempt to move on this divide is all but confirmed by Gerard appearance. At the end of what good I don't know, what further letting go for the spirit of this passage signals an emotional tunnel shift into eager second half, which will focus on acceptance and moving on, will break down that second half in detail draw some final conclusions and examined the connection between eager and far boy
right after the break want to show off your love, dissect, be sure to check out the limited edition season for merchandise, now available, I'd, dissect, podcast outcome. We ve got two beautiful shirt designs inspired by our seas and on Firefox, so had to dissect podcast dot com to check them out before they're gone. Welcome back to dissect. Before the break we reached eagerness emotional and tunnel shift the divide between the alms to large parts, whereas part one detailed, Tyler struggle to win over. His of interest. Part too, will detail as process of letting this love interest go. We recognize this shift straight away and eagerly tenth track. The first track of part two gone gone thing
with gone gone. Thank you. Tyler reflex upon his relationship with this person, recognising the mist eggs hundred made and acknowledging that is, love is gone. Both that is, love has left him for the woman and that Tyler's love for this person is gone he displays here a maturity and objective analysis of the situation. Acknowledging that to their lives as a different set of blueprints with different timelines and their sets of blueprints. Just in the line this time It is to build and got poured down. Bob some new should never down with a lease. You never lived in each of them to send me amendment, but I finally found peace, so peace at the end of this first Tyler RAP
you never lived in your truth. I'm just happy. I lived in it, but I finally found peace, so peace, its applied here that tighter believes the real reason his love interest chose. The girl was because he wasn't ready to take the mask off to live in the truth of his real sexual identity. Before saying goodbye, Tyler shows gratitude for being able to live in that truth, if only temporarily, the shift towards gratitude continues into the second half of the song, but first we hear the alms final appearance from drug car Michael waste. The potential that crushes use those processes, this idea of wasted potential will carry us through the Alps end, most specifically on eager spinal track would immediately follows. This quote is a song. Thank you where entire continues to express its gratitude for the time he and his love interest spent together at this.
Time. Tyler reveals that quote. I never want to fall in love again, despite the good times he had, the wounds from the relationship are still fresh and like many of us, after a break up Tyler rights off love altogether. Thank yous hook is an interpretation of Anthony singer, songwriter, ten zero Yama sheet as ninety ninety eight song, fragile more man be having establishes acceptance of the Ed Tyler begin, the process of moving on with eagerness penultimate track.
Love you anymore, because, while Tyler seems ready to move on, it becomes clear and the second verse study doesn't exactly know how to do so without a road map forward, Tyler feels like you'll, be stuck in limbo forever, because he can't picture life without this person. He can't live with the idea of wasted potential Tyler proposes a solution,
egoists final track. Are we still friends? Tyler plays up the common idiom. We can still be friends which typically one says when breaking up with someone it's more of a formality than anything something you in the moment, to ease the pain of leaving someone. You propose a reduction in the relationship, not an altogether abandonment of it, though many of these proposed friendships failed to materialise, because when it comes to love, oftentimes at all, or nothing, of course, Tyler flips. This, let's be friends idiom, as typically as the one who's leaving someone who suggest being friends, not the one who's left and while Tyler's intentions may sound pure that he really does just want to be friends.
There are indications throughout the song then apply. He might still be holding hope for a chance at romance later down the red and this last adoration of the chorus Tyler intersects between the lines are we still friends saying this can't end and need someone to say hi. This is followed by. Final moments of the song and ensure that finds Tyler, singing can't say, by these are the last words were here on the album can't say goodbye.
It's not quite the resolution we expected given the progress Tyler is made over the course of the Alps final three songs. All signs pointed to TAT, letting let it go and accepting the end now in the final, our it seems is asking to be friends, comes for a place of desperation, perhaps wasted potential that crushes one spirit was simply too much to bear. Ultimately, in appears Tyler would prefer to have something, rather than nothing, even if it means the cycle of him. Falling in love might begin again, And with this in mind, let's have a listen to the album's final moments has there's something very interesting about the way eagle end. The final note we here on Igor is this: a stain b flat that rings out for a proxy.
Six seconds. This is significant totally because the song itself is the key of F major nine times out of had a song and F major resolves or ends with an F major cord. Yet are we still friends end on a bee flat? This will make more sense. If you hear it, here's a forecourt progressed and use throughout the song. Having heard this throughout the song, we expect the song to end This sounds complete right. It sounds like a resolution like we be comfortable and satisfied with the sun ended there. That's because, where the key signature at F major- and we just ended on F major court,
the home chord in this key signature again. This is the ending you'd here and the vast majority of songs and F major, but that's not what happens at the end of eager instead of resolving into an f like we expect We get this, Not really satisfying right does because we ve gotta be flat which does not resolve properly in the key signature of F major for harmonic tension is never relieved, and so it feels like we ve been left hanging it feels incomplete, just as the song title itself as an unanswered question. Are we still friends by definition does not resolve it doesn't resolve totally
nor does it resolved negatively because in the end, Tyler doesn't win over his love interest, he's destined to be eager the archetype character that, as loyal to a fault, the grotesque sidekick and man servant to the mad scientist, whose attention and affection is focused on the monster. Who, in this story, is the woman much like Tyler's failed dream, a happy life with his love eager ends without resolution, but there is just one more thing: noticing instrument Tyler chooses here to use the final moments of eager. Is this an instrument with which the out began a soul.
Distorted basin, the size or yours instrument, though it's now softer more subdued and perhaps even docile, we think of how Tyler pleaded for his love interest to remain his friend to not abandoned his life, completely an act that could be viewed as coming from a place of weakness. In this way, it would make sense that a distorted base sounds a little. Well weak, but things take an extremely interesting turn when we consider the note with which the album began at the top of the episode, I noted that e gorse theme begins at this stage. The e flat endorse the beginning with an e flat makes sense. Because the song itself is in the key signature of e flat minor and in every key signature. There's what's known as a dominant cord, a dominant court is a court of tension and giving key signature. It's fun,
She is to provide the tension necessary for satisfying resolution into a keys home cord. Once again, this will make more sense if you hear it. Here's a cord progression in a key, e flat minor, does is incomplete. Now right were hanging here on a key signatures, Dominic Court, court of tension. Our ears really really wants to land on the home cord which in this case, if e flat, my I feel that there is a satisfying resolution made possible by the tension and hair in that dominate court. This use of dominant court is extremely common and all western music. It's something you ve heard thousands of times whether you know it or not.
So bringing this back to your theme, the song, like we noted, is in a key signature of e flat minor, and the track itself begins. The sustained e flat played on a destroyer, The base synthesizer the dominant court in the key signature of e flat minor, is a bee flat, thus accord. We heard create all that tension and our sample, be flat resolution and if one again and a key of e flat, the dominant court, the court of extreme tension as it be flat, now. Do you remember the no are we still friends ends with the note that let us hanging that ended the song in the album as a whole. On a lack of resolution, you guessed it not note, is a bee flat the final unresolved note that I am eager ends on is
surely resolved when you begin the out again eager the album and its story is a loop, because what you run from is exactly what and chasing there's a or of the magic implications we can extract when we realised the connection between the Alps beginning an end. Specifically, we think of We landed on the final song with Tyler asking is love. If they can remain friends, it seems implied, but the cyclical nature of the album that if they remain friends, if Tyler's able to keep this person in his life in some capacity, the cycle will repeat the earthquake up and down. The turbulence of emotion is falling in love, his frustration with the woman, the pub
strings and the lack of free will. All of that will repeat, leading him to feel unsatisfied, leading him to open his eyes and see the light leading him to cut the puppet strings owing to realize you can imagine living without this person in his life, asking him to be free and which triggered the entire cycle. Over again, like I applied a moment ago, this gives new meaning to the phrase what you run from you end up, chasing Tyler appears to be caught in the loop and each time through the cycle he's doom to his feet as a third, we'll, forever running and forever chasing forever. The grotesque sidekick for eager and we began to date beset with a short recap: Tyler's previous album flower boy. We heard the ELM ends with Tyler Express
how it feels to a male love interests, be a phone call only to find out that his message failed to go through. We knowledge that, while this ending is bitter sweet, the real accomplishment was that Tyler even made the phone call in the first place as he had to overcome a lot of inner conflict to make that call, including coming to terms with their sexuality in or Tyler, had to learn to love himself in order to put himself in a position to love someone else, and despite the beauty of this sentiment, we still couldn't help, but why if Tyler and this fantasy love interests whatever connect one day and whether that would be addressed on his next album, while the story of eager isn't exactly a clear linear connection to flower boy, there is evidence that the two stories are related. The closest thing we to a direct connection is found in the song a boy's, a gun where entire references, flower boy directly
Baby drinking this stuff give a fuck what they talkin about. I see you as a ten I'm going to leave it at that, and I'm going to leave it to strange, because I really is. I don't want to see you again. Tyler says they be bringing this up like now and again give a fuck what they talking about. I see you ten. I will leave it at that time. I leave us as friends, because the irony is, I dont want see you again together here is defending his love interest to his friends, who seem to recognise that this person is toying with tiles emotions, the law, ass line, because the irony is, I don't want to see. You again makes direct reference to the song, see you again from flower boy Can I get a kiss, and can you make it last forever? as a remember, see you again
It is a song which Tyler first romantically introduced, love interest on flower boy, he's Tyler's dream boy and its assume this boy is the same person Tyler cause at the end of the album say the irony is, I don't want to see. You again seems to apply that the love interest on eager is the same of Interest Tyler wrote, see you again about, which is? Why ironic. That Tyler doesn't want to see this person again, but there's a larger irony, perhaps even tragedy that comes when we realise Is it the love interest on both far boy in EU are the same throughout Eager Tyler applies the main reason he heinous crush are not together is this person's inability to live in is truth to take the mask off and fully commit to his attraction to the same sex He hasn't yet undergone what we witnessed, Tyler undergo and far boy we chooses the girl because it safer having been there himself, it makes sense that Tyler shows empathy for his love interest toward the end of eager, ignore
during their different blueprints, and that everyone is on their own time line when it comes to self discovery and self acceptance. But while we recognise this larger irony in the stories of flour buoyant eager we'd, be remiss of me, didn't also recognise the story. Silver lining, because, despite Tyler's heartache bear in desperation exhibited throughout eager. We have to acknowledge the fact that Tyler got to experience love in the first place. He got to experience a shared truth with his person. Even if that truth, that love was turbulent, knowing how much Tyler wanted even a chance at love. How lonely here really was on fire way experiencing love for the first time as a benchmark event in anyone's life, so is experiencing your first heartbreak and frankly, Isn't that part of the deal when it comes to love anyway? Most of us, hit a home run and our first that bad. It takes a series of experiences to grapple with the intensity of loves power to understand
highs and lows enough to assimilated into our life successfully and so in a way. There's beauty in the fact that Tyler had his heartbroken on eager. Because at least use in the position to have his heartbroken rather than still confined, inside the suffocating walls of his garden shed. He got to experience the earthquake. That is love all of its size, most the full bouquet of emotions. Only love can inspire knowing Tyler's journey. To get to this point, the fact that experience heartbreak to me, as rather beautiful it, calls to mind the famous words of poor Alfred Lord Tennyson quote. I hold it whatever before. I feel it when I sorrow most tis better to have loved and lost they never to have lived at all.
Thanks everyone I'll talk to you next season.
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