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S5E11 - HUMBLE. by Kendrick Lamar

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We continue our season-long analysis of DAMN. with the album’s hit single HUMBLE. Coming off the heels of PRIDE. in which Kung Fu Kenny admitted his imperfections, we are puzzled to find Kenny egotistically lifting himself up by putting down others. But as we’ll hear, this mentality embodies the central biblical theme that powerful rulers and nations often become corrupted by pride.

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Everyone quick message to let you know that we have brand new season five apparel available now at dissect podcast outcome, we ve got room he drew a long sleeved tease a couple hoodies onslaught. Urban season. Five analysis so had to dissect podcast dot com to order yours today. From Spotify studios. This is dissect long for physical analysis, broken into short, digestible episode. I'm your host call cushions today. We continue our civilised analysis. A damn by Kendrick Mark are, alas, episode. We dissected pride. A song
Kung Fu Kenny wrestling with gods, commandments through an extended sequence of dichotomy choices. He imagines a perfect world in which different upbringing would allow to live perfectly and abide by what he know to be true in his heart. Ultimately, Kenny acknowledges his imperfections in the song. And with a powerful declaration of God is perfect, is out of prison, I'll, take all the religions and put them on, and one service to justice, Evelyn twins yet, but he's been perfect world at length, the serbs the kind of micro conclusion to the first half of the album. This acknowledgement of the very God he's been running from since the song ya. We wondered. Why this would be a turning point for Kenny the answering of God's caught a prophecy and acceptance of this. Of sacrificing humility required to serve God? In other words, we, wondered if he would now choose love of her pride and weakness over wickedness
well. If one only looked at the title of the Alps, next song, humble he may think, came he is prepared to do just that. Upon listening to the track, it quickly becomes clear that Kung Fu Kenny is acting anything but somehow I said now upside down, low pilot Humble was produced by MIKE will made it and Ashton Hogan best known by his prey, user, Alias plus, according to plus the beef for humble with cooked up in a matter of thirty minutes in Atlanta. During a session with MIKE will made it. The beat was actually intended first for Gucci man who, at the time was just released from prison MIKE we'll send to beat a Kendrick who immediately was inspired to write to the track telling the rolling stone that the phrase be humble was the first thing they can to his head when he heard the beat like the MIKE will produce
song. Dna hobbles beach shines in its simplicity. The most recognisable component of the track is its stabbing staccato piano part this piano part is then placed over eight away heavy drum pattern. The oil No elements are added in the songs hook. You find a synthesizer playing a single note, at most the commanding musical landscape for the song humble, but before the bee begins, we hear a brief introduction.
I mean I've ever mean yeah, yeah twenty says nobody pray for me. It's been that day for me here, Any reminds us of his primary complaint, but nobody's praying for him recall that kid, your pre first introduced this concept back on element and the first verse of element. Can he revealed that the death of his two grandmothers meant that known was left to pray for him without their spiritual intervention? There was nothing to prevent Kenny from going after the head of his enemy I must be a job, my grandma death, so why nobody prayer? For me, I'm on this lack of prayer became the course of the track. Feel has Kenny blamed everyone, but himself for the emotional storm Hughes experiencing his Fishing is epitomised by the fact that Kenny refuses to pray for others, because
feels no one is praying for him, wait five years too late, I feel, like the whole world, want me to pray for grandma me. Nobody plan from these earlier references, Kenny's, recurrent complaint that nobody is praying for. Him is meant to be Kenny as a self centered leader who points his finger as well. Was his gun at others, rather than taking responsibility for his own choices of key This is ironic that the previous track pride Kenny spent so the song confessing his imperfections and one line, he even said seems like a point the finger just to make a point nowadays. After finally take him possibility for how's actions have made the world imperfect, declaring that only God is perfect. Kenny appeared to have experienced a breakthrough at the end of pride. With this new acknowledgement, we naturally expected Kenny D start living up to his prophetic, calling
thus surprising that humble begins with Kenny blaming others, yet again can give no clear reason for his regression. He always says it's been that day for me, which is to apply that he suffered an emotionally challenging day. As we ve seen thus far throughout Damn Kenny's emotional turmoil has been result of his ongoing conflict with his enemies, which then triggers him dark, pointing his finger and making threats here the onset of humble. It appears he's about to repeat this same cycle Nobody pray for me seems now like a command, not a complaint. He seeks not the simple. The others, which it all the more easy for him to attack them and so I'll pride may mark. The point at which canning became reconciled with God remains You seen whether Kenny is able to be reconciled with other people party those he feels poses a threat, as will soon hear how what makes it abundantly clear that Kung Fu Kenny's intuition towards sex money and murder.
Continue to undermine any hope of making peace with the rest of humanity, I remember serve sound common now with this. What NASA, nickel this county town count ambrosia were my account companion did they were waiting for the light your weapon Jimmy begins Hum what the rags to riches storyline, he wrapped I remember serb sandwiches and crime allowances. Finance Edward, with some counterfeit and these former life. His family could not afford. Upper nutritious meals and thus, where resigned, to drink coolly and meet sandwich, is filled with maple syrup. Further stretched. Their limited resources, Kenny's family hustled people and accepting counterfeit bills Kenny continues with the lines. But now I'm counting this parmesan were my accountant lives in fact him down if I do say with my booby tastes like Kool aid for the analysts,
contrast to his former life in poverty Kenny now hires and occur. To counter money while even parmesan the so called king of Jesus but can we can now afford to put inside of sandwiches? Of course, at the same time, the word cheese and shudder are both slang words for money. Hence the line parmesan is another way to imply that Kenny Status as a king entitles them to great wealth. Can you also mentioned that in place of Kool aid, he now drinks do say a brand of cognac that is partially owned by J C Kenny's boast about money naturally lead him to spend the next few lines boasting about having sex. He wraps, Well, I can buy your ass the world with my pasted, who that pussy, good ones sitting on my taste buds. I get way to pay, once you let me do the extras here: Kenny I stood the were women into sleeping with him by claiming he can by the whole world for her any material goods that she wants. Kenny's request for sex becomes more explicit in the second line. When he comments on our body and offers too
form oral sex at the same time can be employed said he expects her to perform the extras or actual or Mary Sex acts beyond just standard intercourse. He compares the sex acts, various positions to tatters the computer game in which play receptor manipulate different shape block, so they fit into various openings as humbles. First first continues. Kenny implies that they'll be playing the sexual game of terrorists all night I am dead, ass, thou job with deal today. I quit your bill. I still have Mercedes like with his teeth, and I still the plainest folk Kenny Rubs- am to the p m p m to the air coming off the heels of the previous four lines about sex. This could be heard as brag about playing sexual tetra all day and night. At the same time, The line also seems to relate to the next line. Piss out your per diem. You just gotta hate him,
per diem is a daily monetary allowance, that's given by an employer to an ye to cover their costs while travelling for work. For instance, a record label I give up her DM two, an artist on tour, so they can purchase food and drinks, mice many pieces out and other persons per diem can be seems too Bragging about is expensive, taste and alcoholic beverages tying back in who has lied about do, say, Kenny claims at ever he urinate the alcohol It's yours alone com. More than what is rivals get to spend for the whole day next Kenny says, if I quit your be, am I still right Mercedes, This line is a double on tundra that can be interpreted as a boast about cars or sex. Bs refers to Bmw and is- a surprise about owning a Bmw. Anna Mercedes Benz, alternatively, being can be an abbreviation for baby Mama, which of course
first the mother of a man's child, and this reading Kenny claims to be having sex with his rivals. Baby mama at the same time, Kenny's boasting and if you stop having sex with this woman, he still as another woman named Mercedes. He can have sex with Kenny's deadline. Andrea about his financial and sexual conquests leads directly to next line. If I quit this season, I still be the greatest here. And he compares his career as the greatest wrapper to the careers of all time great athletes. It would seem. Have you specifically evoking the box or caches Clay Acre Mohammed Ali, all these famous spoken word, poetry, album. I am the greatest features palms and which Ali brags about his left and right punch prophesying about his victory over sunny listed lamenting how hard it is to be humble and, of course, declaring that he was the greatest
the great says claim this kid's gotta. Will this kid's gotta right? If he had? You was you'll sleep from America and as you loud before, candies embodiment of the spirit of all Lee seems to have been are the next lines of bubbles. First verse is my message. Well just went Right stroke put a baby in Spyro the rental fee. We like to keep it on a high note. It's levels to it. You and I know which be humble Kenny says my life, just went viral right, stroke put little bee, being a spiral. These resemble lines and Mohammed. All these I'm the greatest palm quote this kid's got left. This kid's got a right if he hits you once you asleep for the night. Like all ye can, he seems to be boasting that is left and right. Punches have knocked his rival down and left him withering on. The mat
Meanwhile Kenny relishes the fact that a video recording at the knock out had begun viral sensation on the internet, We also realise that came. He seems to have snuck in another double entendu about sex, and this alternate reading the word, Sir, refers to a single thrust during intercourse? Hence, can you see to be bursting. That to thrust are all it takes for him to make a woman climax and leave her withering on the bed. To top things off. Can he also relishes in the fact that his leak sex tape is now a viral sensation on the internet. This double ontogeny continues. The motif of Kenny blurring the lines between violence and sex. We last noted this motif on the hook for the track element. If I got a slap, a pussy s Edward, I may make a look sexy. If I go hard on a bitch, I make it look sexy here and humble. We see that Kenny intends to use violence insects to knock others down in order to place himself high above them can continue,
to explore this up versus down motif by saying supremacy. We like to keep it on a high note. Soprano voice is the highest of all singing voices in western music. The high pitched this voice naturally lends itself the volume and dominance these traits allowed soprano voice to be distinguish above lower voices by placing self in the Sopranos Raw Kenny's, asserting that his voices at the top and is thus the voice people listen to knock the lonely voices of his rivals he's knocked down or the submissive women he dominate sexually candied then ties the who verse together saying if levels to it, you and I know bitch, be humble at first, referring to level seems to be a clever way to acknowledge all the double antandrus as he's worked into this birth, but we are the recognised, the more potent thematic meaning which is differing level of intrinsic human worth, coming off the heels of a boy, this dedicated entirely to raising himself up while putting others down can clearly for
was that the men and women he subjugated should simply accept their place at the bottom of the dominant hierarchy and likewise respect his they set. The top now sit down he said now upside down below of course, the hook for humble. Kenny receiving reciting. A forward refrain sit down, be humble within the context of damn These words seemed to be an act of prophecy against those who opposed Kenny the word and I can his own, but are likely inspired. Rightly from the biblical profit Jeremiah Jeremiah prophecy it against the Israelites of Jerusalem. Specifically those in this Other kingdom of Judah who are under constant threat, of invasion by the ruthless babylonian empire, the king of June, and his loyal, is profits were pride, full and overly confident assuring their citizens at no harm would come to the city. However, Jeremiah
prophecied against the Israelites in their king, saying quote the Lord says in this way our ruin the pride of Judah and the great pride of Jerusalem. These wicked people few. To listen to my words, therefore here and give ear dont be proud, for your way has spoken say to the king and Queen mother, humble yourselves, sit down unquote this message of him Letty offended the leaders of Jerusalem, so there Mr Jeremiah put em on trial and sentenced him to death Jerome, manage to escape execution, and just like you prophesies thankfully witness the destruction of Jerusalem at the hands of the babylonian empire. Even though Jeremiah was constantly rejected and persecuted by his fellow Israelites did not gloat when destruction came upon those who rejected him, rather Jim, I wept over those who suffered because they did not said to his message within the narrative context of damn
Jeremiah is an example of someone who chose the way of weakness, someone who loved their enemies, and so, if we take this wide lids view, we can see by Kendrick might have drawn on Jeremiah story for humbles. Refrain like the parable told on blood Jeremiah like Kendrick, like Jesus himself, was harmed due to an active kind. However, unlike Jeremiah, the character Kung Fu Kenny is not move to tears, nor does he forgot If those who refuse to listen to him rather Kenny gloats, as minute inverse, one is taking pleasure and the prospect of his enemies misfortune as a result of not humbling themselves in this way, can he resembles not Jeremiah, but the prophet Jonah, like rediscover in our previous episode Jonah eventually answered. Gods call after an initial refusal, only despair, his own perverse and bitter version of God's message, because he was still able to truly forgive his enemies. The refrain sit down, be humble,
functions in the same way as Jonas vindictive attitude. It technically spreads the word of God, but that suggest twisted and skewed in the hands of a prophet who is still seeking revenge against his enemies. This idea, clearly expressed in the secondary refrain heard in humbles hook. Hold up a little bit upside down below when humble first debuted the weeks leading up to down many fans speculated that the hook was an attack aimed at big Sean as evidence, fans pointed to Chauncey. You said the ad Lib little bitch as a response to his haters, worse still aim, but it ain't work low bit she age. We should recall that, on the hard part for Kenny called one of his rivals scared little bitch which many also thought was a big Sean DIS. It certainly plausible that big shot and perhaps all of Kenny's rap rivals are one target for Humbles COS.
Press, especially within the context of dams narrative we heard in our discussion of element Kenny seizes RAP right, as threatening its position at the top of the rap hierarchy, but we also have to acknowledge the clever double meaning in humbles hook, in an interview with Stone Kendrick without direct about the meaning behind the track. Specifically, they wondered if Kendrick was talking to himself. Kendrick, replied quote. Definitely if the ego when you look at the song titles on this album, these are all emotions and all myself expressions of who, I am that's I did a song like that. We're just don't give a fuck well, I'm telling the listener you can't fuck with me, but ultimately I'm looking in the mere unquote. This response supports our theory, that, like the previous term, pride, can you simultaneously a prophet who relays gods commandment and a king who refuses to humble himself? He is, if it Jeremiah conveying gods message, but also the pride for
learn who Jeremiah tells to be humble. This dualistic nature of humbles mess, reveals one main purpose of the track to depict Kenny as a walking contradiction. He joined the countless leaders in history who say one thing but act another. His prophetic words of humility sit down below or are immediately undermined by his pride expressed in the ad Lib, hold up little bitch, either. We now recall and understand, more than ever, the words Rihanna, some back on the song loyalty is so hard to be humble. Tumble moves into its second birth Kenny continues. His contradictory expressions of humility will dissect this along with the rest of the song, humble right after the break today's episode of dissect is brought you by May tat. Maytag knows extra dirty clothes need extra cleaning power. That's why Maytag washers now have the extra power button just give it a push
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They even show you other colors that are available for your favor items and other ways to style that new peace to small, thoughtful details like this or why I've come to love using stitch fix for all my clothing needs. Create her style profile and try stitch fix today by visiting stitch fix dot com that stitch fix dot com. Welcome back to dissect. Before the break we detailed most first verse, as well as the size refrain. We found food Kenny asserting his hierarchical dominance, which he does recklessly at the expense of others, and this, where we found irony in the songs refrain of humility as Canada. And others too humble himself yet refuses to do so himself. As we noted, this was a blind expression of kemys contradictory nature The ignorantly and or wilfully misrepresents gods message, as humble continues. So too does Kenny's egotistical
that again daddy right now. My stay out of my very tight mega fucking up you're, all right, I'm so fuckin sick. Can we begin first to asking Huda, Edward thinking that he front not man, man As discussed during our analysis of DNA man, man nickname given to Kendrick when you seven years old, the nickname was chosen by Hendricks mom after observing our seven year old boy displayed the maturity and disposition of a grown man here The term seems to be used to express Kenny's, hyper masculinity he's a man's ban who combated because out another man for front for is a short former, the phrase putting on a front which refers to acting in authentically, to impress or deceive others, of course,
ironic that Kenny is criticising someone else for being fake, while he himself faint humility, Kenny continues, get the fuck off my stage on the Sandman. Here Kenny seems to be addressing other wrappers. You dared upstage him and use his platform to have their voices heard can. He tells them to come down from the stage. So there, Sir below him. Course, another way of saying sit down Gimme the names himself sandman this title references amateur night at the APOLLO Theatre in Harlem. This famous talent, featured and Usher named Sandman who escorted unpopular acts off stage. When they are issued by the crowd. This is what Can he calls himself Sandman after telling his competition They get off his stage, but we get additional layers of meaning when we explore the origin of the term Sandman itself the Sandman originally referred to. A mythical figure in european folklore, who put Childer sleep by sprinkling sand in their eyes and american slang pudding
Someone to sleep can also. Two knocking a person unconscious with a punched, the head the slang usage inspired the creation of a fictional boxer name, Mr Sandman, who is featured in a nineteen. Eighty four arcade game called punch up, hence by saying get the fuck off my stage on the Sandman Kenny's, implying that here fourth other wrappers off stage, as if their amateurs at the APOLLO, if they refuse to get down Kenny threads, are put them to sleep or knock them out like a boxer. This could tie back in the Kenny's reference to Mohammed Ali at the end of verse, one as well as the lines about the severity of his left and right, strokes or punches next Kenny says, get the fuck off my dick that ain't right I make a play. Fucking up your whole life at first glance. These lines seem to be a continuation of threats aimed at Kenny's rivals in slang. The phrase get off my dick is
The news to dismiss a man has become a nuisance after trying too hard to be associated with a more dominant mail to such men. Kenny threatens a fuck up their whole life, continuing the run. A reference is made to boxing Kenny ass. He rode their life by making a play Assuming he's talking to his rap rivals, fucking up their whole life would likely involve intensely destroying their career as, if you're an athlete making a dirty play to intentionally enter their opponents, but we all the recognised a clever use of play, as in a stage drama tying into the performance stage. Since, in the previous line, get the fuck off my stage on the salmon Things had even more complex when we realise that, like we saw throughout first one Kenny, again using sexual language to make violet threats in this reading, saying get the fuck off. My dick is directed towards one, and who Kenny heartlessly pushes away after sex, taken literally
line. My also imply that can he doesn't want the woman to be on top during sex because he believes he, the dominant mail, has the right to be on top as first. You continues Kenny uses this double on tundra transition into an attack on women. He deems inauthentic, I'm so fucking, sick and tired of the photo. Job show me some and not your show me something that your voting months right. Don't you did you try to break the candy continues so fuckin, sick and tired of the Photoshop. Show me something natural like Afro on Richard prior show me something natural like ass, with some stretch, marks in these lines, Kenny again, The sizes others for being fake and thus by contrast, boast about his own authenticity, He focuses on how women allow themselves to be portrayed in popular media in particular, can criticise us these industries try to make women look more attractive by altering their foes.
Photoshop. Here The criticizes black women who straighten their hair or use extensions, so they're here this? No longer afro textured? He references com, the richer priors afro to denote the natural hair texture he prefers, while straightening An extension had become the dominant hairstyles by the latter half of the twentieth century. The early tooth I saw the rise. The natural hair movement then encourage black women tougher oh using relax her in favour of natural afro, textured hair, in addition to avoiding hair damage and health complications cause by chemical based products. Many black I have chosen to wear their natural hair as a way to him MR black identity and freedoms, from european standards a beauty a cursory, listen many in Digital media publications thought that Kenny's lyrics about natural hair were positive step for black women. But there are a number of black women who are highly critical of these lyrics within DG, is it the tracks release numerous. What
of color, turned to twitter and various blogs to voice their disapproval. For example, in the article the false feminism of Kendrick Mars, humble Their lord rose, worn said quote. Despite no less then forty uses the word bitch media were quick to dubbed the track. A feminist triumph, however, and requesting an afro in yearning for stretch marks Lamar still asking women to fulfil his wants. He still beckoning women to display themselves to him for him funding our perception of beauty to include a frozen cellulite a new set of grounds to appraise women too. Some as attractive and to dismiss others is fake. Just another way to pit women against each other continuing with the assumption that our hearts be only for the validation from men equip the This is from this article and most others centred around two main issues. The first
he was that Kendrick is putting down one segment of women in order to uplift another segment. This in turn its women against one another and ignores the problems created. Male gaze in the first place. The second she is at Kendrick continues the pattern assigning valley to women. Don't how sexually appealing they are, two men from detailed analysis of humble so far, we can see that the She's. These women highlighted are consistent with every We ve heard on the track. So far, can you repeatedly knocked out others to let himself up as now. Uprising, then, to see him tearing down some women to uplift. Others, moreover, Kenya's claimed, valuing individuals at different levels of worth is an inherent he drove society that we all should just, except for his part, Kenny's repeatedly talked about using sex as a way to put women in their place This pattern is further solidified here inverse too, when after them to show sharp natural hair and ass with stretch marks. Can you, Sir said he quote still will take you d?
right on your mama's, couch and polo socks. Take you down here slang for sex. At the same time, if we take the phrase literally and applies at He is trying to bring the woman down in order to this is dominant, while but her voice. Their disapproval over these lines and humble may have been justified in their criticism, is also or to note that almost all such posts were written before the full ab dam was released. As such, these critics, soon that the lyrics of humble represent Hendricks actual views on women I Corrado Ribera criticising all right or azalea banks. Kid, Cutty criticising the black or the bury the women who criticise humble judge, Hendricks character Taking the time to understand is lyrics within their narrative context, having tested the time to do exactly that. We can deduce that these lyrics from humble are the words of conflict Kenny, an alternate version of Kendrick whose abandoned his
Philip, calling and chosen to follow his own intuition in the pursuit of sex money and murder? Kendrick chose to adopt this fictional, alter ego. In order to expose societal evil by fully manifesting the destructive tendencies that exist in humans tendencies. Especially destructive when there are acted upon by men at the expense of women at the same time It seems to have baited critics into revealing, just how could we are to abandon our leaders, something he revealed as far back as to pimp of butterflies, mortal men and also displayed through the parable of blood? Anyhow, we die as less now jumped back into humble second birth. As you listen
notice. The way each line ends with the word right. Don't you did you I took place from eighty about budget retain. I know every day to day ass, they modest body have a binding. This deck grateful plan there every gun that day, adopting this house being, as we pointed each line in this section ends with Kenny, saying a As you remember, this is the same flow we heard earlier on the track element aiming at a good pace. I can imagine that we will again peg set of figures how to swim. I do my best figure Goin Digital, given the It was all about making violence like sexy. It makes sense that key he would adopt the same law and humble as it repeatedly boast about using violence and sex to dominate men and women Can he begins by saying the shit? Wait, you crazy! You do not amaze me! I blew cool from Ac Obama. Just page me
here Kenny claims, while others are not impressive pieces cools an air conditioner to prove this. He points to the fact that President Barack Obama, just paged him the real life Kendrick Amar does have a relationship with Obama in late twenty fifteen. I was still in office an interview people magazine revealed that the track, how much a dollar costs from two pimp a butterfly was a bomb has failed. Some of the year at the same time, present Burma invited Kendrick to meet him at the oval office of the White House, something document in a video released by contract record label tv. I look where met they will ass they most of my successors, Odin. Amid tours there was in my life. I sat down what President Barack Obama and share the same views. Tat is concerned, the inner cities, the problem, the solutions and, furthermore, embracing the youth, both being aware that meet toy saves laughs. Sometimes I reflected think back. Where would I be
If I had a presence of an old acquaintance, tell me was: I was wrong. Tell me that those kinds of very moving back to me support my brother's keep above it made to our rural life rather than using the meeting with Obama to exalt himself. The real life can It turned the moment into a public service announcement calling upon men to teach younger boys had to choose between right, wrong. Her mentorship program called my brother's keeper. However, you're in humble the fictional Kung Fu Kenny turns eating with Obama into an active superiority. The cause for pride can he goes on to say I dont fabricated, most of you I'll be Facon. I stay modest about it. She elaborated here Kenny asserts steadiest, truthful and modest, to claims that are left given how this track has been a showcase of false humility, were still kindred uses the pronoun she to insinuate that an unnamed woman is elaborating details of her story and even fabricating parts of it such
character. Assassination is a common defence tactic used by men against women who have made algae of sexual misconduct, by using the same tactic chemist was to be displaying how pride and eager can often lead to injustice. Kenny then says this: that grape who pon that avian, that TED talk here, Kenny associates himself with three popular brands that are known to distinguish the wealthy from the poor again to elevate, can its own status in comparison to his rivals, grape who pond is a brand of dijon mustard it, contains white wine and was originally crafted. Indeed, on France for decades, grape upon has been a popular brand for wrappers, too rough. Since when telling the rags riches story here, Jane he doing just that and its ninety ninety six track. Cashmere thought something between cashmere thoughts being well grape who kindly
a famous commodity and the United States during the night team eighties. This was large due to a series of commercial that feature to men sharing grape upon as they each road. In the back of a rose wise finer, pleasures. Pardon me, would you have any grateful, but of rape upon one of life spinal play the advertising campaign became iconic. Inspired numerous parodies, including a scene in the Hubble music video, as we are also very effective in associating grape upon with wealth by ninety. Ninety two esteem: consumption habits across various income levels found that using gray Pouponne was the most accurate predictor of whether a person was in a high income break With over sixty two percent of grape upon consumers being classified as high income, similarly, beyond is one of the most expensive brands of bottled water that is widely available. Light gray, Pouponne Avian
marketing strategy, targeted the wealthy and influential their tactics included, delivering free bottles of avian to the homes of celebrities, so paparazzi would photographs. Drinking avian, and so ironically, in the case of both grape upon an avian their association with the wealthy seems to have less to do with the quality of products and more to do with crafty marketing campaigns. The targeted the pride of those who use three products as an expression of their class status. Of course, we find cow. Your humble doing just that eleven he himself, above others, through innocent Association with Luxury Kenny, compares, is music to TED talks. A lecture series by influential individuals to promote themselves and their ideas to predominantly educated upper class audience again, like his reference to gray, pouponne and avian Kenny is raising himself above his competition by associating himself with the cultural elite as high. Or continues the competition, can
comparing himself to comes into focus land. They began their debt where's, my house being tough thing. Thailand will be the outcome of the peerless Nick as the patch beyond sit down Kendrick until is by saying watch my soul. Speak you let the Mets talk here can occur. Sizes wrappers who rely on drugs in order to find creative inspiration, release promote that notion in their music and content Ass Kennedy asserts that he speaks from a soul which implies authenticity. True skill, whilst admirable Can he came out of Compton and is able to live a drug free life this? seems to be another case. Where can he is putting down others in order to lift himself up continue? the theme of being under the influence Kenny ends two. By saying, if I kill Edward, it won't be, the alcohol I'm the real S, Edward after all, Kenya, Sir, said, if you ever kills another black man he's not gonna blame it on
alcohol, the application hears can. He has no inhibitions about committing murder and thus doesn't need liquid courage to take another life of a black man, rather He suggests that killing comes natural to him, because he is the realist. Edward throughout Damn referred. Kenya That is the real send word. We discuss that. Throughout the history of Hiphop calling. So real Edward has a common way distinguish, a man is being worthy. A great honour and respect on ya can claim that he been diagnosed with real and work conditions. Which would be interpreted to mean that as environment had preconditioned him to find is worth it, suit of sex money and murder, fittingly. The first verse of humble consist of Kenny boasting about how much sex of money he has? This final line then feature Kenny, boasting that his ability to commit murder makes him the realist, Edward, completing the unholy true of sex, money and murder. If it wasn't clear thus far, any hope we had four Kenny
earning the corner after the regulation at the end of pride has now all but evaporated operating in Kenya. Completely revert back to the self serving intuition following character who fully embrace The real Edward conditions he's diagnosed with using his pride, upon others in order to stand above them. Conclusions humble the cleverly constructed song that functions in two ways, depending on the context in which has heard as a state One single humbled the legion of commercially successful hip, hop songs where m c boasts about wealth, women and murder, while exalting himself above others, by putting others down as Hendricks, both commercially successful single to date? It would seem that this man reality is largely accepted, expected and perhaps even applauded by mainstream audiences. But, as we already touched on briefly, humble is much more can when viewed within the narrative of dam. In terms,
the progressive narrative humbling. Regression. From the progress made on pride, a song which Kenny confessed is false, and his country patient to the imperfect world we live in, like the prophet Jonah. Humble its Kenny distorting gods, message of humility showing no camp. I should to his enemies step using his prophetic words to elevate himself above his rivals. It portrays Kenya's both a contradiction and a hypocrite. Advancing is pride directly up your song. That acknowledges imperfections in this way. We recognise that Kendrick cleverly play his humble directly after the song pride, in order to dispel How humility and pride sit on opposing ends of a double sided scale. When one goes up. The other goes down this ideas really central. Throughout the Bible and like we ve discovered many times a season, this biblical concept is likely work. Found at least some inspiration, specifically the word peace. It is often used in the Bible to describe individual
Well, Sir societies, who exalt them in order to preserve their own lies at the expense of the lives of others. In contrast, the Bible uses the word humble to describe the visuals, who lower themselves and take on the characteristics of the ground on the surface, like the idea of weakness it might seem that becoming like the ground will lead to a passive existence of being walked on by others. However, the biblical authors serve how the ground absorbs nutrients from dead plants and animals and uses east nutrients to bring forth new plant life and keep existing plant the live. Likewise, the biblical authors claim that, when its Hubble themselves, their able to absorb the decay that plagues their society and find ways bring about life at a death, seeing The dichotomy choice between pride and humility, essential in almost every major biblical narrative, its fitting that the tracks pride and humble, or at the very centre of dams, track list occupying tracks, seven and eight out of the fourteen total tracks,
ironically, the song pride displays Kenny's humility, while the song humble displays Kenny's pride, showing just backwards are protagonists Kern. Understanding of these concepts are likewise given the commercial appeal of humble We also find irony in the success of a song that expresses false humility, which of course brings into, russian or our own understanding of such concepts, especially given currency we ve historically placed on pride and american society the way Kendrick is able to simultaneously exemplify an critique society at large will actually become even more blatant as damp continue. Wake up in the morning. Think about money. Kick your feet up. Wauchula, take a shit ton rosin weed of go hit! You a little fuck on the beach, don't go to work today. You were feeling maybe some cakes and make it. Of course, this haunting hypnotic Jose is lust a song salmon. No by no line by line next time. And I said:
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