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S5E12 - LUST. by Kendrick Lamar

2019-12-10 | 🔗

When DAMN. released just months after Donald Trump was elected president, many were anticipating the moment Kendrick Lamar -- the greatest rapper of our generation -- addressed the election on the album. LUST. presents that moment, but not in a way many people were expecting…

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Everyone quick message to let you know that we are brand new season, five apparel available now at dissect podcast outcome, we ve got room, He drew a long sleeved tease a couple hoodies onslaught urban season. Five analysis so had to dissect podcast dot com. To order yours today. From Spotify Studios, MRS dissect long for physical analysis broken into short digestible episode, I'm your host cultures, today we continue our civilised analysis upstairs by Kendrick Lamar last episode. We dissected humble on their founder protagonists. Kung FU, Kenny distorting gods mess
just humility to exalt his own ego throughout the track he put his enemies down and hypocrites. We demanded from them humility when, in the presence of a powerful, more dominant alpha male such as himself coming. The heat of the sun pride and kemys admission of his imperfections and is recognition of God's perfection, found the subject matter of humble and unexpected regression from their parent progress made on pride. In this way we might be kemys grace of his ego as a defence mechanism against his own inadequacies, that is in the field so the truly difficult process of humility and presents a perfection in the presence of God, doubles down on his original decision to follow his intuition towards sex money and murder. Indeed, This pursuit were crystallize in the Alps next track. The subject of our episode today must I mean why something Rachel A similar matters,
The council must was use by sound wave dj die in bad bad, not good and features guess focus Kate, Granada the song, is centred around a hypnotic guitar and basically provided by bad bad, not good now find an interesting connection between this introduction of lust in the outer of the previous track. Humble let's take a listen to that. Ultra now apples, Piana Riff, is based on three notes. The fur The main note is e flat two other notes, aside from this e flat and humble piano, riff aren, t, natural and a flat, but the rifts home base is that e flat? That's the songs, key signature,
and its natural state of rest. With that being the case, if one wanted to end humble traditionally, that is at the song come to a nice and neat feeling up conclusion: you would end the song on the e flat doing so. This is the loop approach, it's a solid feeling of resolution of completeness yeah. That's not what happens at the end of humble. The song an end on e flat. Instead, got any natural. This leaves a song hanging, it's full of ten, Doesn't resolve in the way we expect its equivalent to ending a chapter book mid sentence or with a triple die. Punctuation mark otherwise known as dot dot dot, but something really What happens when we hear the introduction to less directly after this cliffhanger ending of humble it's cool because lust as in the key of e flat minor and an e flat.
As the first note we here unless introduction, remember this either That is the main note from humbles. Piano read the note that would have proof did the traditional resolution and so when we hear the cliffhanger ending on humble into lust lust actually resolves attention: creating a seamless transition between the two tracks. Here's a p. The recreation of this transition, Yeah Now, let's hear the actual tracks, humble and bus back to back pretty cool right. Now, after less hypnotic guitar introduction, we hear them
prince of a strange percussion part. This precaution part is created by taking a standard, drumbeat and reversing it. That is playing a backward later in the song will actually here this backwards. Drum technique applied to a second drum pattern, this is now the third song on damn that makes prominent use of a reverse sound source like mentioned in our episodes. I'm your loyalty, this reverse sound source is assigning motif that will continue to hear throughout damn tying into the sea. Of reversing curses into blessings and foreshadowing the fact,
tire. Album can be played in reverse order, and so now with a good understanding of less creative and extremely unique production. Let's dive into the songs. Lyrics, I mean why Wait a second. Good luck. Opens with the songs hook. Here we find Kenny expressing thirst, saying I need some water, despite its simplicity, having studied so thoroughly Hendricks, catalogue. We know this phrase and the idea of thirst is ripe, with dramatic significance idea essential and good kid bad city address bar Finally, in the song sing about me, I'm dying of thirst completely eyes: you died. It there's so happened there and pray that it x, and the story line of good kid: mad City, Kendrick, dying of thirst,
five a moment he realized at its current path. His unmeaning it had pursuit of money and sex is leading him and others to death. Rather than barreling down the pit of destruction, Kendrick decides instead to quote hoppin that water and pray that it works, which is a pretty clear reference to. Christian ceremony of water baptism, knowing that Kung Fu Kenny, like Kate out a good kid has pursuing sex money and murder throughout damn, stands to reason that holy water is the kind of water that Kenny meet here. I must like Hendricks Discography. This idea, Thurston Water is a recurring motif throughout the Bible, as we do Thus, in our first episode the season, the prophet almost famously spoke, about your ways, words being the. Why where the Israelites needed to eradicate the injustice plaguing their society. Jesus himself also spoke of thirst and water when addressing injustice in the Israelites society.
In conversation with a distraught and dispossessed woman near water, well, Jesus said quote: Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but those drink. The water that I will give them will never be thirsty the water I will give will become a spring of water gushing up to eternal life, unquote,. As we also discussed in previous episodes. The Bible suggests, Spirit is metaphorical water that humans need to be filled with in order to truly live, without God, Spirit, humans will never be satisfied, nor could they live. In a just society is for this. Isn't that in the conclusion of the good kid mad city, narrative, Kendrick pledges ultimate loyalty to Jesus. I envy my lord and fake everything changes to take control of my life. I received control of my life and their mighty LEO bring em from this date forward.
I therefore thank you law if we recall our discussion of the spiritual thieves throughout Hendricks early work. We remember that Kendrick insistently presents human existence as a struggle between choosing God Spirit that leads to freedom and life or choosing evil spirit. That led to slavery and death. Of course, dam is no different. This idea is falling on display in the arms opening presentation of wickedness verses weakness and after hearing them this about sex money and murder and the previous track humble it seems like me as yet again rejected God Spirit and is now firmly under the IMF, lots of evil, spirits or demons. This idea gives way the next lines and bus took something came over me way too hot December down might as well overheat this idea that something came over Kenny Harkin's, backed the pivotal line we heard and pride. Sick venom in men and women overcome with pride Having already been overcome with the spirit of pride, it would seem
Kenya is now overcome by the Spirit of Lust, Kenny Sense being overcome is a meeting they connected to a description of his environment being excessively hot, which seems to be a clear reference to the christian concept of Hell, a place where demons, along with those who practise wickedness, are destroyed by fire. This concept of hell was actually inspired by Valley, EAST Jerusalem, where the wicked kings of Israel and their children alive as sacrifices to other gods. These horrific acts cause Jeremiah the same prophet, who told you king of Jerusalem too humble himself to prophesy that this week. Valley, would be forever cursed over centuries this valley became the primary Should the Israelites used to explain how one day those who perpetrated wickedness will suffer the same fate. They subjected others too, and it would seem that for Kenny that day is already com. Candies observation that its way too hot dissimilar down suggests it.
He is now experiencing hell on earth that is the injustice caused by his desire for sex money and murder seem very fully consuming it moreover, by saying might as well. Overheat Kenny implies that dying of thirst is unavoidable, maybe even preferable Indeed, as will see throughout last. Can is going to become just like the Israelites kings, who led their own people. Down into a valley of death and destruction, as less hook contained We see the immediate results of Kenny's lest inspired actions not bad give me some matches exit no
Yes, can he could Mr Hook, saying too close to comfort as boy rush, my favorite vain heartbeat racin, like a junkies I just need you to want me, and my asking too much here Kenny seems to express that his wealth and success place him in close proximity to various forms of physical pleasure and temptation and find him feeling like a junkie, specifically Kenny seems to be addicted to being desired by someone else. Someone we might assume, as a woman that Kendrick is attracted to this disease, arab being wanted sexually gives us secondary, meaning to the phrase I need some water, as Kenny now appears to be thirsty Flying word for someone who's desperate to fulfil a sexual urge. This idea The leads into the second half of less hook were Can he says, let me put the head in
dont want more than that girl. I respect the cat. I promise just a touch, let me put the head and if it's ok, she said it's. Ok, These lines make it explicitly clear that Kenya's thirsty for sex since he's not immediately, getting what he desires Kenny tries it can since the woman to play just the Tipp, a sexual act, in which a man attempts to engage in intercourse by saying only insert the head of his penis into the woman, the inherent irony of just the tip is that an almost invariably leads to going further in some case. The game is simply a charade to ease partners into intercourse and other cases? Just the two, is a manipulation tactic employed by men took evince a woman to have sex before she's, physically or emotionally ready. Thus, even though Kenny promises just a touch and claims to respect the cat, I e the woman's vagina
He simply cannot stop himself from resorting to underhanded tactics to get what he desires and the N Kenny justifies his action saying she said it's. Ok, it's not the most convincing response. And we, of course never here from the woman directly. These subtle details about consent, or the lack of it, seemed to be by design as we have already established, lust reveal Can he has been overtaken by demonic influence, hence Kenny's worth referring the ways by which evil spirits overpower human beings, much like Kenny- they have ignored the woman's apprehension. Lust itself. This persistent and its desires. Even if we previously said no in this way, we can did this game of just the Tipp as a larger metaphor, about lust in general, showcasing the powerful ways last utilizes deception, to get what it wants last week only having you deceiving others, but oh hi, You deceiving yourself as well. We ve all likely had the experience,
The dodging and activities, food or even people we know, are bad for us, we talk or so kinda pursuing our desires, we wilfully consciously distort reality, despite knowing in our house it's. What we are doing is hollow and wrong in this way. Lest spiritually akin to the snake in the garden who deceived Adam and Eve. It's a part of the venomous a served up by the devil that, along with pride, will find you king, ever more drastic measures to get what you think you want if taken far enough, you end up like Kenny, suggests a junkie desperate for your next six a slave to your own, less born addictions, need some water. Indeed, gay as we just heard. Continues with a strange poster wherein Canny says I need
everybody's mother, fucking hands up right now. These words crew the image of candy performing at a concert we'll telling a crowd to put their hands up is typically away four performer to inspire the crowd to move the disease the total landscape and carries distorted, monotonous voice and slow breathing make the statement sound, darken foreboding. What, if he's putting the crowd in a trance that is conducted, some kind of mass hypnosis, given that both do as their toll when a performer make such a request We may be this line of commenting on how easily humans allow themselves to be controlled by forces that are untrustworthy. Moreover, this line ill straits. How one voice can inspire a whole group of people to willingly? perform a given set of actions, while this may feel, like a stretch now will soon see that this idea of humans, mindlessly following the commands of a controlling influence, is the central motif that less present. The next thing I know in this post
Turkey is the sample that suddenly cuts cutting off the same. Who taken from rat boy song knock knock, knock, though hard to make out the words. Boy things are done and his Nike air rattles rush, the fire exit, no time for battles. Well, I never expected. The lyrics here, of course, are pretty cripple. Now. The way they fit cynically into less production adds a kind of dark, demonic, texture, but things get
Little interesting when we view the lyrics within the context of knock, knock, Knoxville, verse, rat boy sings, knock knock knock on the door, who could it be puffy jacket? Bad man wants? Is money down the door and his Nike air rattles rushed the fire exit no time for battles. Well, I never expected it from you, according to rule boy. This story about a man breaking down a door looking for his money is based on a true story, as Rapporteur tells it he was in a. Courting studio with two collaborators, when a man unexpectedly burst through the door and held boy and collaborators hostage while attempting to rob the studio, apparently the who was trying to get back money that was owed to him by the two collaborators. This rap voice,
but was chosen for any other reason than an aesthetic flourish. We might speculate those used to illustrate how persons desire for something they think they need can motivate them to act and destructive ways. A thematic idea, That will become even more clear as less continues into its first verse. Wake up in the morning. Think about money, kick your feet up. Wauchula comedy, take a shit and roll some weed or go hit you with liquor fuck on the beach, don't go to work today, happy you're feeling, maybe some cakes and make it the fur. Earth begins a sequence of imperative statements coming directly. For the interlude that seem to set the song and a concert atmosphere, it would seem that Kenny wrapping this list of commands to the crowd at his concert. Each other and seemed to be directed at stereotypical men from a neighborhood like Compton. The list of imperatives begin wake up in the morning. Thinking about money, this early
reference to money. Sets our expectations that these commands are going to direct the men to pursue sex money and murder. The anew Trinity that has appeared multiple times throughout damn, ironically, after just telling the men to wake up and think about money can command them her feet up another way to say that they should relax instead of seeking gainful employment. This inconsistency between their thoughts and actions helps us down the idea that these men are going to be stuck in a feudal mindset. Their will ultimately leave them unsatisfied their aims. Way of life continues. As their told watch you a comedy, take a shit then roll some ouida. Next there told to go hit you, which is slang for making a lot of money in a short time frame, most often through illegal activities. With a little bit of money. These listeners are immediately directed towards self gratification and laziness. Kenny says: go fuck on a bitch, don't work today, cop you a fit, or maybe some kicks
up here is, of course, slang for purchasing, and in this case there told to purchase an outfit and sub sneakers as a verse Ten years it seems, Kenny's list of demands will also continue the Kenny is suddenly interrupted by the rapporteur. Sample which has fallen a strange series of stops and starts coming. He take achieved. Imposing we'd go eat you illegal phone. Please don't go nowhere. Did they have you Athena, maybe some peaks in making its way funny about mining. He give me what you were coming up up in the morning. They give up my neck. You feed of what you a comedy. Take the shooting, also we'd go Rachel when they go back on this entire sequences. Odd, it's not ITALY Clear why Kenny was interrupted or why it took him. Three tries to get this far into the list of commands what ideas that can be said, one of these lines and correctly, and because this is being performed in front of a crowd, he says, hold up and starts over. We also my
secular, that this stopping and starting of a list of hypnotic daily commands might be used to imply that these actions are habitual and repetitive. That is we wake up and robotics start the cycle again: This idea of being stuck in our ways and specifically stuck in a daily repetition of lustful pursuits, will come in decline focus in the south conclusion as less continues. So too does. These commands aimed at men. Please don't go to avoid. Did they have you a faint, maybe some makes it making work today without me stand or you may be, Mama sips only he'll get a pistol shoes at the windows batch of every team plays a man accounted for your Mama House, whatever you don't just make a gas and what we want. He continued his instructions. Hang with your home is stuck on your baby mama stunt her slang for flaunting your wealth or belongings and hopes, and making someone jealous this act. Especially harmful here since the target is the person's baby, Mama or mother of his child
Kenya is pushing his subjects to continue and already hostile embitter relationship between the mother and father of a young child, the manner than toward the sip lean. The popular mixture of cop syrup right and jolly rancher candies lean, came tremendously popular after hip hop artist such as dj, screw pimps C and Friday. Santana talked obsessive about, drug in their lyrics and tragic irony. All three of these men die from overdosing on lean, assuming that Kenny's listeners avoided the fate of these fallen Hiphop artists. The men are then supposed to go, get you a pistol and shoot out the window, presumably an attempt to murder one of their rivals now that they silence the competition? The men are told to bet your favorite team in place. Imagine which, of course refers to gambling on, sports and playing the video game, Madden NFL football to activity said, have also been known to trigger arguments and even shootouts. To top there night off, the men are told, go to the club or your Mama's house.
Finally, Kenny Elzevir, saying whatever you do it, make it count. This final and seemed similar to the ancient latin phrase, carpet DM commonly transit to seize the day such an act Two normally implies that one should live for the moment with no regard for the future. The list of commands, he gave throughout the verse certainly implied such a short sighted mindset living for the pleasure. To the moment with, regard for the necessary sacrifices that required for a better future. If, at this moment that we you're, a repetition of the opening phrase of the songs, her Mamma house, whenever you don't just make a gas and what we have been appointed thinking about my Nicky hearing the phrase I need some water interjected after the verses, hypnotic list of commands provides us with a dish. No evidence and our initial interpretation of the hooks lyrics. Indeed, briefly reminded that Kenya is dying of thirst, he's rejected God, Spirit, lost access to living water and is now experiencing hell on earth more.
For those who are deceived and following the commands that are being channel through Kenny's music, will themselves experience such a thirst such hell. After this brief interjection of I need some water. Can it continues into the song? Second, verse averse will dissect right after the break today's episode of dissect is brought you by May tat. Maytag knows extra. Dirty clothes need extra cleaning power. That's why Maytag washers now have the extra power button just give it a push. Boo, fighting on any wash cycle simple as that to learn more Had to Maytag dot com, Today's episode of dissect is brought to you by stitch, fix stitch, big It's a personal styling service for men, women and kid that delivers clothes, shoes and accessories can selected just for use by stylist right to your door.
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A list of hypnotic commands Kenny receives two stereotypical men from a neighborhood like Compton, with first to Kenny, turns, is focused, Dario typical women make when you think about my Nicky Veto, have been the shouts of what do you make of nature? We ve touching yourself tell em cause, can get you a visa, make you pay, you may have on the ground for checks on the edges. Ebby aid. Now you happy Opium Colombia, Bitches Apple, weighing pace make their spouse is without, which is making a gas were much like the previous verse. Many issues. A list of appeared of statements, although, as we already noted this time there give the stereotypical women from a neighborhood like Compton the command, actually begin by repeating the same two commands. Amanda opened the first verse wake up in the morning. In about money, kick your feet up. This rapid fishing shows how the destructive way of life described. Inverse. One is rooted in ices that afflict both men and women indeed were actually
I that each of the commands given to the women mere commands given to the men, for instance, can he tells the women hop in the shower put on your makeup lace, your weave up these commands and struck me and to focus on external appearances. This Here's how men were told to focus on their appearance by obtaining outfits and sneakers after making them a few more attractive than women are then told, touch on yourself, referring to masturbation after the women. Gratified themselves. They have no need for man and are thus told call your Edward tell him. He ain't shit. This pattern of sexual gratification outside a relationship combined with the expressions of content inside a relationship meares how the men were told to fuck on a bitch and stunt on your baby Mamma the law relational commitment seems to have left these women struggling financially making in appealing to quote credit card scam. Get you a visa, make it pay your This use of illegal means to get money me
tell. The men were told, go hit, you will lick next. The women are told hop on the gram flex on the beaches that behave. Nine, you Here, the stereotypical women attempt to make their rivals jealous by posting photos of themselves, with expensive clothing bags and jewelry on social media. These acts of passive aggression towards rival women mirror the Two forms of aggression the men were told to perform when Kenny said, go, get you a pistol, shoot out the window having silenced her haters. The women are then told pop you a pill. Call up your bitches. I've been waiting on. You men to inspire drug use prior to social engagements. This Here's how the men were told role you some we'd up and Simpson lean after getting together with friends, the women are told, go to the club, have some fun That aspect, which mirrors how the men were told go to the club or your Mama's house can then answer second burst, saying it whatever just make a count again implying that there's no need to think about what they're doing, but simply enjoy the pleasures of them,
after a repetition of the songs hook, less proceeds into the third verse here, the environment changes from Kenya stage to Kenya Hotel Room the morning following its culture, performance, decay, why am I spent on his orphanages, fell as a day what affairs life manage a shabby, listen, there's just promise myself I'll, be out on a global level. Monies are Lellouche hobble. My jewelry Hanukkah Lhasa note have hit electricity for another. Take me, I never do it again with the third burst quickly becomes apparent that and he is himself lived out his wraps about drug use and women, he says I waken the morning my head, spinning from the last night, both at a trance in addition to applying drug usage. The word both suggest that can
woke up with someone likely a woman. He had sex with the night before Kenny's patterns of heartless sexual activity is further confirm with the lines feelings are dead. What a fast life canyon. This woman have no real romantic or intimate connection. Rather, Their relationship was inspired by drug use and a by product of the lust inspired trance. They both were under Kenny's wild. It seems to have caused him to sleep through most of the morning, putting a map Jessica of missing a scheduled departure. He says manager called the lobby call it's eleven thirty did this before promised myself I'd be an hour early. These latter lines clue assent on the habitual nature of the scenario and Kenny's half hearted desire to change. Kenny's carelessness with his time, causes them to act carelessly with his money and possessions, as he says, room full of clothes bag full of money, call it loose change. Fumbled my jewelry a hundred K. I lost a mutual
However, there is no time to look back the tour let's go on, as indicated by the line hop on the bird hit, the next city for another em. Here bird refers to the airplane that takes care to his next tour. Stop We can make another m or million dollars. It would seem that penny, too woke up thinking about money, the costs it rapid. Vision of the cynical routine is implied in the next line. Take me a nap and do it again. The application here is that all the exploits Kenny just documented waking up hung over with a stranger being late for departure losing his position. All this will happen again and again and again at this point were fairly convinced that, regardless of his fame and fortune, Kenya is a slave to the same daily cycle of futility. That he's been peddling too. More disenfranchised men and women at his concerts, however, the second half of to it becomes abundantly you're that Kenya in his peers from the hood or not the oil
caught up in a cycle of utility, turning to the Daily NEWS for confirmation. Open election wasn't true, love us why we read in Venice, Patsy to his proposal made us Biagi down destructive neighbours. That report raises trees, which avoids capacity as the second half of the First begins Kenny abruptly gifts from the present tense to the past tense from singular to plural first person rounds. He says we all welcome trying tune into the daily news. Looking for confirmation, open election wasn't true here, He is taking us all the way back to the morning of November. Ninth, two thousand sixteen the day after Donald I was elected president of the United States, it would seem we finally arrived at the moment. Many of us have been waiting for the moment when the greatest Upper of our generation, Eviscerate Donald Trump, remember, dam was released in April,
twenty seventeen just five months after the election, most of Kendrick score, audience was still struggling to understand what had happened. Naturally, fans anticipating that the same wrapper, who gave us all right, the anthem of the black lives matter, protests rise to the occasion and disavow Trump, this anticipation only grew after Kendrick release the hard part four in the weeks leading up to the release of damn the songs who did lines at called out Trump by name. Can you waited that God would one day breed judgment on the polarizing president Myspace, due to their download some as a jump? Nor are we feel upon TAT on the guy. Come a russian, neither replay but you're, not the Sunday Electoral, your phone like memorial courts, but a marriage to finish Norman. The woods is blasphemy. How many go we could hardly think of a better tractor lust for Canada to expose Trump, especially given the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct trump has faced. Given all this build up-
maybe shocking. To learn that Kenny does not criticise Donald Trump on this track or on any track on day. For that matter here. Unless can he doesn't even mention trump by name, because in the end, Donald It was not the subject of this birth. We are right: Thirdly, when I wanted more self, no Yourself Oh discipline, because what's goin on now we're not focusing on health, was gone. Now we focus in self now we see, can control was going on out. There was hope the power to be so what we can do now? We can start coming together and figure out our own problems or solutions and how things are. I believe I know, does this sort, this reflects this like to focus on self that Kendrick speaks of his immediate apparent in the opening mine of this section of the verse Kenny says we all woke up all of his worried all this buried in our field.
Steep. This initial awakening might imply the reality check. That was the election of Donald Trump, as many didn't believe it would be passed but for a person like him to be elected president, the depiction of being buried in our feelings. Deep assured reminiscent of the track, feel their Kenny described that his thoughts for in the basement and proceeded everyone, but himself for the way he was feeling. As will see, this foreshadows proof. Lay his message on this section of lust next Kenny says: none of us may to his proposal. Make us feel cheap here. The clever work, play lichens trumps policy proposals to the half big marriage proposal of an unwanted suitor, this analogy places us in the role of a patrol woman who feels cheap or worthless after being forced. We an undesired proposal, We might also hear this as a subtle reference to trumps immigration proposals that many devalued immigrants and minorities and general Canican
and used by saying still, sad distraught and mad the neighbour about it, but they agree parade the streets with your voice, probably on the morning after the election. It was certainly a natural reaction for many to vent their feelings of sadness, anger and fear to others. However, the They can. He says, but they agree, seems to imply that many of us were presumptuous in assuming that any sane neighbour must agree with our political views. Despite nearly half the country voting for Trump. This presumptuous attitude is further hinted at as can describes as parading through the streets with our voices. Yelling proudly, while might normally interpret proud voices as being a positive description within the context of damn it's been. We will establish a pride divides humans from gods perfection and is thus the route As for the imperfection that exist in the world again, to come to a shocked, to hear Kendrick seemingly criticized the same protesters he inspire, but the track all right, however,
second verse comes to an end. We find that the criticism is now directed so much at the actor protesting as much as well. We do when we come home from the protests down the sand destructive, managed and enable the agreed raises. Trees, which avoids Hasn t changed, referring back to our daily programme. Stuck in our ways can he says time pass and things change revert back to our daily programmes stuck in our ways. Love here. Can you finally narrows in on the problem that continues to undermine generations of woke individuals simply put the problem is Despite our pleas to change the world were unable to in yourselves, while the prospect of having a boy, heard. May motivate us to join a protest against the injustices of the Trump Administration, such fanfare D. Not inspire us to live more justly in our daily lives. Equality, when no one is watching in the same way that can be abandoned God. Spirit, reverted back to his thirsty way of life is far too
easy for us to abandon our new resolutions and revert back to our daily routine of self gratification. We may even join another protest after subsequent new cycles and veils new allegations against the Trump administration. However, more often than not, we see back into our old way of life as we discover that it's too hard to play just the tip with all that we desire, hence, because we can, change ourselves. Our efforts at chain, the world become so by our own cycle of futility and stubborn addiction, the self gratification as we discussed in our episode on, feel Kendrick revealed that so I to change the self before one can change the world. Precisely what distinguishes damn from Tipp a butterfly took butterfly, would be the idea of the thought of change in the world. You know how we work, and now we are approaching down will be the idea I can.
The word until I change myself. They I did a world itself and combined. Two wreckers. Our will hope the listener can take heed and in and grab some perform, both of them to ideas and carry out their day to the best patent. Oh, they see when the rolling Stone Ass Kendrick why he been so quiet about Donald Trump. On Damn kindred, replied quote, I mean it's like beating a day, course. We already know what it is we gonna keep talking about it are we going to take action on and off the album? I took it upon self to take action in my community on the record I made an act and did not speak about what's going on in the world or the places they put us in speak on self reflection of self. First, that where the initial change will start from. Unquote, based on His interviews and his lyrics is clear, The central idea behind dam is the knee
did change certain things about ourselves in order to store justice in the world. A lust Kenny's, clearly calling out a specific area for us to focus on which he crystallized in the final lines, the verse reverting towards every programme stuck in our ways, lust in modern many people assume the word lust implies uncontrollable. Often illicit sexual desire, however, said Two ago, when the Bible was first translated into English, the word lust. Actually a neutral term that could refer to any desire, including the desire for sex money, murder, drugs, fame status power and all the the pursuits. We seen on display throughout the verses at this track, having us I wish the action of the verses as fuelled by Lust Kendrick alive rates on the idea that lust inhibits personal transformation and societal change,
over the last four years. First thing. We should notice about this. Section is Kenny to use of it. Fashionable litany form similar to the form of the track, feel their every line began with some derivative of the phrase I feel like here, and there sure to lust each line What the word lately and most lines can, in a word, lust Kenny uses this confessional. Let need to reflect back on the verses of the track and display The last of underlined corporate that causes Destructive way of life can start put saying lately, I feel, like I've been lusting over the fame. This
explained the first half of the first three that focused on the aftermath of Kenny's drug induced hotel debacle on tour. It also helps to explain the framing of the song as a performance to an audience who are influenced by his words. Given the market potential for hip hop songs, Ec Law, FI, sex money and murder. It makes sense that Kenny, who is lusting for fame, so blade promote, sees things to his audience and appeals to their most based desires and tendencies. Next Kenny says lately we lost on the same routine of shame here. Can he points out that less does the driver? force behind the pursuit of our guilty. Pleasure second prize are daily routines routines at their core may a b to de similar to the ones we heard in the first two verses. Kenny then says that is less has been heightened, which implies that out dodging himself. His feelings of love to become more intense, triggering the cycle all over again. We all I recognise that heightened implies that satisfying is lust has been elevated. Above
other pursuits like the care for other human beings. Even above his service and loyalty to God, Kenny then says lately, it's all contradiction. Lately, I'm not here Last has so thoroughly hijacked Kemys life in mind. That is almost as he's not here anymore. Rather, his daily routine had become a mindless pursuit towards the things that he lusts. This helps explained, the monotonous hypnotic tone of the songs versus it. Also, whilst my dams, album cover were Kendrick. His picture thus, by some darker demonic force, a blood Red M sitting, a top his head, like Devil horns, Kenny continues, lately. I lust over self Lust turn into fear. Kenny's desire for self preservation is as strong as ever he treads the thought that is, life might be threatened, or that is fine. She desires could be taken away. Hence the line must turn into fear.
This illustrates how feelings of less can suddenly transform into feelings of fear that then justify the use of violence. This last point is clear. Joe, and one that seems to drive Kenny to pick his bible. Backup so let Kenny says lately and James for four says friendly world is enemy of the Lord here Kenny Clothes, a passage from the book of James and the new testament. We ve quotation of James Chapter Four, the extreme. The clever as it not only connects to the themes of lust, Every major theme we ve talked about on track that deal with human emotions, loyalty, pride, humble and lust. Four context- James was the leader of the first new Testament church comedian Jerusalem commute.
That was often tempted to join one of the many violet uprisings that sought to overcome the oppressive rule of the Roman empire, James Chapter, four big as with James Admonishing, is church community. Saying quote: where do wars and fighting among you come from. Don't they come. I'm your last that war in your body, parts you'd, lest any, don't have murder and envy, and you can obtain you fight and make war unquote, here James Ass, wise community is so eager to join violent uprisings and kill their enemies, determined at last is what fuels of their violent tendencies similarly and these words during the Ultra Jane observers that, when his people last after things, they cannot obtain, they become so envious at their willing to murder those who have what they want. It goes on to say quote you adulterers, Doctors is don't you know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God
whoever, therefore wants to be a friend of the world, makes himself an enemy of God. Unquote James Lichens. Those who follow the wisdom of the world to selfishly pursue their lest inspire desires are cheating on God, like we heard on the song loyalty James is questioning who their ultimately loyal. Their own earthly desires or God. Furthermore, James for for claims that those who are loyal to the imperfect ways at the world make themselves enemies of God as proof James goes on to quote a proverb from the old testament that says quote: God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Here, James Places, less driven warfare, deceit and those Doyle, to their mortal existence in this world, and not God under brother pride, this harking back to the track pride specifically the line.
Venom and men and women overcome with pride, a perfect world is never perfect, only filled with lies. On the other hand, James claims at God gives grace to humble and ultimately encourages his people by saying quote, therefore submit yourself to God, but resists the devil. And he will flee from you? humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he will exalt you. James advice. To humble yourself, of course, Mirrors Kenny's famous words sit down, be humble, moreover, It states that, rather than rise up against their enemies, the focus of his people's resistance should be directed towards resisting the devil James, encourages people to trust that after humbling themselves, God will lift them up, just like God, lifted Jonah up from the belly of the beast at the bottom of the sea. Having considered all of this, we can recognise these direct reference to James for four.
Another acknowledgement of this choice between the pride of this world or the humility of God seems like candy, now recognises that is less. For sex money and murder are driving him to choose pride but gods. It offers to satisfies deeper thirst for peace and justice. If only he reached, the humble himself. Moreover, if kung can he continues to align with the demonic influences that seek to slave humanity, the very influences he prom, to his audience on lust. He would become, as James for forest suggests, an enemy of the Lord and would thus have to brace himself to fight against God. This is why the outer of lust ends with the line brace yourself, last is all yours and apply. Is that those who are driven by lest her acting in opposition to God and thus will have to vote? air to battle him. This idea Harkin's back to Kenny claim to be an easy rely on dance, third track ya
I'm a Israelite. Don't call me black, no more! That word, it's only a color, it ain't, no more explaining or episode on. The name is, Build means, one who wrestles with God. Similarly, the story the ancient Israelites is itself the story of a group of people who abandoned their loyalty to God and chose to worship the gods of fertility prosper pretty and military success. In other words, like the people, James spoke to the Israelites, rejected God in favour of earthly benefits, however, once the Israelites realise that their less for such comforts were causing them to die of thirst. Many of them confessed their wickedness and turned back to God. Likewise, the track lust and Kenny confessing the recent manifestations of his imperfections in doing so, can he takes a pivotal?
step out of slavery and on the way towards freedom conclusions, a few weeks after the release of Damn Kendrick, responded directly to a dj booth article written about Kendrick Sphere of God in his response, Kendrick disk just how is a child? He always A little unsatisfied after attending sermons at his local church Kendrick explains quote attributes heavily in my studies, these past few years, I finally figure why I left those services feeling spiritually unsatisfied as a child. I discovered more truth but simple truth. Our God is a loving God. Yes, he's a merciful god! Yes,
but even more so, a God of Disciple obedience, a jealous God for every conscious choice of sin, we'll be corrected through his discipline, whether physical or mental, direct or indirect, three or sufferings, or some of those close to kin It shall be corrected. Hence the concept. The wages of sin is death. It shall be corrected unquote later in the article Kendrick shared I feel spreading this sight of God is his duty quote. I feel it's me calling to share the joy of God, but with exclamation, more so the fear of God. The bow knowing the power in what he can build, but also where he can destroy at any given moment. Unquote, with the song, lest we find her first clear cut example Kendrick warning is listeners the inevitable com Quences other conscious choice of sin. He frames lust, as the primary driving force behind our actions of sin, providing
weeping mosaic of daily routines that our fuel bar conscious or unconscious pursuit of earthly based desires. He excuse since no one from his evaluation, he lets no one off the hook. History logically focuses on men than women, then himself and finally, all of us. In the end he quotes James for four warn that those who plays her ultimate allegiance to their earthly, less driven desires will become an enemy of God. Will suffer the consequences of their choices, hence Kendrick final line of the song brace yourself. Blessed is all yours. In other words, if you can t you did choose lust of love and devotion to God. You better be prepared, experience hell on earth, because your flirting with the devil, indeed, as Kendrick put it Wages of sin is death. You dont have They believe in God to understand the concept Kendrick is laying out here on lust revolves next and likely suffered first hand, the consequent
decisions we know were bad decision. We were responsible for whether you leave the suffering caused by your bad decision was distributed by a higher power, not bad things happening, because The bad decisions made by individuals is an inescapable fact of the reality. We inhabit and so for really listening to the message of lest it should spiral to evaluate our own actions. Take stock of our day routines down to the tiniest of decisions and really are too He lay to ourselves what is influencing these actions and how These decisions we make daily might be control, turning to the world around us as much we might complain about the actions of others and fault them for the wicked ways of the world. Its much harder to quickly, evaluate yourself and how your actions or inactions might be contributing to that wickedness. Its too easy to blame institutions, corporations the government or even be itself for the injured
this and are inherently imperfect world, and, while account Billy is important. We also need to evaluate ourselves, justice, critically Justice harshly and hold selves truly accountable, because we, too easily overlook how the simplest daily actions perpetuate either good or evil in the world. We too easy If forget, the exponential effects of the smallest of gestures how they affect the lives of our family. Friends. Coworkers are city are state our country, our world and even history itself. Concept is the opposite of nihilism. Idea that everything matters. The idea that the world. We inhabit the key. They should have small decisions made by individuals as you should never underestimate your singular power to make the world we share either better or worse. For us all, if you ever question. The meaning of life can see this idea, because what you you on earth does matter, it does contribute
It truly mean something in a very real, very tangible way, and so you might ask yourself when you wake up tomorrow, my going to be a force for good today or force for evil. My going to make the world more beautiful or contribute to its decay, its anger, its suffering. Am I going to choose love or lust now at There is no.
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