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S5E13 - LOVE. by Kendrick Lamar

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Coming off the heels of LUST., LOVE. presents the flipside of the coin as Kung Fu Kenny explores the youthful, romantic love he felt as a teenager. As we’ll discover, this isn’t the first time Kendrick has explored the love/lust dichotomy in his music: it was actually the basis for his major label debut good kid, m.A.A.d. city.

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Everyone quick message to let you know that we have brand new season five apparel available now at dissect podcast outcome, we ve got room he drew long sleeved tease a couple hoodies onslaught urban season. Five analysis so had to dissect podcast dot com to order yours today. From Spotify studios. This is dissect long for the cool analysis, broken into short, digestible episode. I'm your host call, commissioner. today. Continue. Our sea relies analysis of damp by Kendrick Lamar on our. Deficit. We dissected lust aside found her protagonists. Kung Fu Kenny under the demonic in
what's a lust through music? of daily activities of men, women himself and all of us, can he forced us to question the was this guiding our daily routines and how that did Pratt untempered cycle might be prohibit As for making the progress we desire at a deeper level, both as an individual, and a society at the end of the song Kenny, quotes James Chapter four to announce that those place your allegiance to lust, become the enemy of the Lord. God recognises that the pursuit of lust and in death and destruction can The recognition of this fact gave us reason to believe he may have taken an important step out of slavery, to lust and towards freedom. Through this subject, Today's episode, love available on a daily love is produced.
By sound waves, Teddy Walton in great Kirsten with guess vocals by securing the majority of the beach was constructed by Teddy Walton. Who begins with a simple to court, are keyboard riff these courts are layered into a collage of original sounds to korean Teddy made into an eight hour. Loop this, ample loop gets beefed up with an original drumbeat Do you Thus we have the basic musical Foundation of the song love, but before we hear this beat this
introduction as to a growing list of dichotomy, choices last gimme here of course says damn lubber lust, damn all of us. This is a second direct reference referred to the title of the album, the first being in long element This time the album title is punctuated between the dichotomy, choice between love or lust, suggesting that the our album can be boiled down to this choice, a choice that all of us make at the same time It's important to recognise that this is the third song from Damn that begins with a dichotomy statement. The first instance was of course, the wickedness or weakness dichotomy heard at the beginning of blood. Later heard the lover pride dichotomy at the beginning of the song pride, yeah
It's the board that the word love appears in two of these dichotomy. Lover price and also lover lust this overlaps. Ports are early interpretations that the various dichotomy we hear and damn are not presenting different ideas, rather their different expression that the same fundamental idea Austin. From the original wickedness weakness dichotomy the AL begins with while love is the fundamental attribute of weakness, particularly five of one's enemies, both pride and lust. All under the umbrella of wickedness both are presented. Us antithesis of love and in this way their closely related problem, even inseparable. We actually discussed intertwining of lust and pride at the end of our previous episode, specifically and we analyze Kenny Citation of James Chapter four. We heard how less turns in the fear, which then justifies,
retaliation against once enemies in the name of self preservation of pride. Finally, Lastly, we should note about the love or less dichotomy. Is that its inclusion here, love is enough. Time. Kendrick has presented the idea and is music. It's also heard in good kid bad city and is actually the drive force behind the entire alps narrative. This is it published on the very first verse of the very first song terrain, a k, a masters. But daughter, I had this house party. Also candle was central shared the credentials came when from the judge was a camel. I went to live like a rabies. Push Mercedes Benz with these opening lines, becomes immediately clear that Kendrick is focused on having sex with a girl named shrank. He compares her added to that of a stripper and her, but to the hub of a camel Rain seems to be fully aware of Kenny's attraction and proceeds to further enticing.
Some have passed, and now I can now computationally. Having probably imagine maybe my anxiously end of life and love or last week, honest were focused escaping us things. Decoded me with the internet, Kendrick and train or having cause Kendrick to feel like it's just a matter of time before they have sex. He wraps. Who could imagine, maybe my actions will end up wife and her lover lust regardless will fuck cassettes a trifle? of course it's here, that we run into the lover less dichotomy within the context of good kid, my city, this quest and asks which emotion will direct Kendrick Lamar's actions towards rain and everything else in his world. He met. That may be their feelings, for each other could lead to marriage, but then he since whether those feelings are built on love, an emotion that door the person to satisfy the other person or lust Should that drives a person to satisfy him or herself in the inn. Kendrick decides that the question is irrelevant because either
We are going to have sex kindred care free for this on its own gratification throughout the song, so cities already chosen last, whether he realizes that are not as a verse continues, can knowledge is family. History of gang relations, This knowledge likely should have caused Kendrick to proceed with caution. However, Hendricks Lust find them throwing all caution. Dmitri system, tractable, family history of Game Bank at the amendments were not enough to stop me from given enough. I want to come up with that's what I told us. It was so allowing go off in time, and I was like a cat is my tax. Those depravity me before can I guess, Grandmama keys out in the car, then Kendrick reckoning this, that is less, is causing him to act like an animal and heat and thirsty cactus in the desert. Since a feelings between Hendrick and train have gotten way too hot December down. Kendrick agrees to I have to her house to have sex. He borrows his mom
minivan it heads out and this is where the narrative of good kid bad city begins over the course of the album which takes place on a single day. Kendrick himself and various cars trying to make his way to Shrines House in order to satisfies lust after a botched house robbery he partakes in with his friends Kendrick you, Dr Seuss House, to have sex only to get jump by two gang bangers many was up in front of her House Kendrick and his friends decide to retaliate which ultimately ends with Kendrick sprang getting shot and killed a Besides the german as we discuss multiple times a season, this pivotal of that leads Kendrick and his friends deciding whether or not to retaliate and take revenge for their fallen homey. It's here that Kendrick
life is that he and his friends were dying of thirst. I'll show you how to die in tears died in that bag. This. What are we going to table this time by his at this moment that we can look back on good kid, bad city and see them? its narrative, is essentially an illustration of how uncontrolled lust leads to death and destruction. Less for sex is what caused him to ignore the fact that shrank could be dangerous for him. Hendricks less for money is, caused him to join his home is in a failed house robbery that nearly got them arrested. Finally, Frederick in home, is less for murder, and vengeance is what caused them to retaliate, which ultimately led to the death of Hendricks friend. In this way, we could see a good kid. Bad city illustrates how seventeen year old, Kendrick's pursuit of a fleeting orgasm would cost his friends life. Confronted the dichotomy of love or lust. This younger version Kendrick constantly chose, lest he then
the hard way that choosing bust eventually leads to death and destruction? Meanwhile, you're, a damn chemist. Turned back to God at the end of the previous track. Lust give reason to believe that Kenny might now be able to choose a different way of life. That is, he might now be ready to choose. Love All my money There was no one now spent I merely want to daily life, turkey's son by a Kendrick actually, first her. The car is singing the hook before he wrote any of his lyrics, thus both in real even within our narrative, Zachary seems, function as a romantic muse,
His interview was Saint Low, Hendrick talked about how hearing the beat took him back to the metal space. He was in as a teenager, to be in. Amelia. You know I was I just go back to this. To this. Did the space of you know, being a teen and and and and you just now figure now what is the cost of Ashley further bayonets to a woman by actually love someone, you know and filling their type alarming in your heart, broken no go back to their space. In the simple idea and a simple cost: a love and end and a feeling amongst us. The man is around now I've got to ask you a note. According to the interview, the song is and to be about the simple concept of love as understood by a teenager. This, of course, is the antithesis of good kid, mad city, which explored the complicated concept
lust as understood or at least pursued by a teenage Kendrick. The hook of love begins Gimme a run for my money. There's nobody, no one tout run me here's the car uses the standard English idiom give me a ride. For my money, a light hearted to encourage someone to provide a competitive challenge? This leads to next line and wish to carry claims that no one can doubt run him in a foot race at this point is not clear. Whom these words are addressed, or with the significance of running is, but given the tracks title likely that running a race. As a metaphor about love, that is, no one will love this person more than the curry after the first two lines of the hook. We're here clip of kid Caprice sing another world for me, while some innocuous at first listen. We call the same phrase was used in the song Mama from Tipp, a butterfly
after this interlude. Mama concludes Wrap section that contains some interesting parallel to our discussion of love like a man and a woman, is any money I'll make some companies to make in this section Kendrick Round, about spending is life looking for an indescribable feeling that he hoped to find with either a woman with money or with all of mankind. The background because then respond by repeatedly saying: let's talk about love, which makes it clear the thing Kendrick assert forest love. We find another. Did this use of world premier on the single version of the song, I
and just like mama I finds Kendrick wrapping about love Thomas this, so including the World Premier Ad Lib at the beginning of the song. Love Kendrick, see is to be slyly nodding to us careful observers of its discography. The district is joining a group of his songs that focus on love. Specifically, the above a woman who is going to give Kenya run for his money. The car continue singing serpent, bubbly, feeling lovely living lovely this light, hearted language about sipping, champagne and feeling good adds to the living environment the song is creating, but as well the inverse one It's also setting up a metaphor about Kenny in his girls relationship feeling like a party or function so I then repeatedly things just love me or Kenny. Enter Jack singing. I want to be with you. This may sound that can be speaking to his girl. The first time
he's done so since the first verse of Yom lower down these how's get em man, as we know, Kenny. Clearly let the get into his head. Thus far down, this was, but in the strings of one night, stand on tour described in the previous track, lust having possum transcended his last. At the end of that song, it would appear now that and he is going to attempt to be faithful to his girl here on love, Tuesday. However Tuesday it already huge, has made back off the hook continue. This can be asks for dinner, blade on curb. Would you still love me riding on blade is slang for driving a car. That's been customize with large rents and low profile tyres, because
Friends are so large. The tires can bear may be seen in the car. Look like, its wheels are made a blade such customers since are very popular neighborhoods, like Compton, intend to cost a lot of money, thus asking his girl. If she'll still love him, if he doesn't right blade on curb can is really asking whether she'll love him. If you are no longer rich and famous this underlying question, comes to the surface during the next line if I minimize my net worth, would you still love me? The term net worth refers The total value of all the assets that a person owns, including cat real estate, jewellery and other investment recall that, during the second verse of ya. Kenny, should that is causing Carl Duckworth told him to know his worth, because I know my way around and say that we know he was. The mining is day these lyrics
illustrated that Kenny's knowledge that God walks the earth is in direct conflict with this. Now shut. There's money in sex to be had likewise, Carl advice to know his worth seems to express that a person's worth comes from having God, rather than money here and love. It seems Kennedy is finally considering this advice, along with turning away from other women, can he is now willing to turn away from money and materialism? I e minimum ices net worth at first glance it might sound dream to not just reduces obsession with money, but also takes steps to actively reduces wealth. However, inclination to give his money away is likely inspire from Biblical Account about a certain ruler who came to Jesus and asked what he must do to inherit eternal life. Jesus replied quote, wish to enter into life? Keep the commandments ruler claim that he had followed gods, commandments, senses, youth, which led to the following exchange, quote Jesus
there is still one thing you lack so all that you own give the money to the poor, You will have treasure in Heaven then come follow me, but when he heard this he became so for he was very rich Jesus, looked at him and said how hard it for those who have wealth to enter the kingdom of God and Club in this exchange. Jesus clay, that people who aim to follow the commandments perfectly must love other human. Enough to sacrifice their own gratification and economic security such self sacrifice. This is the only way one becomes less likely to commit adultery, murder, theft and slander the evils prohibited by the commandments after all, these evil. Are simply manifestations of pursuing one's own gratification and economic security at the expense of others. Like the rich young ruler, kung, fu, canny, see to be considering the idea that, if he remains unwilling to minimize his net worth, he will remain
outside the kingdom of God. At the same time, Kenny questions whether his girl is willing to live in such humble circumstances, leading him to say, keep it a hundred I'd. Rather, you trust me. And to love me, keep it a whole one. Hun don't got you. I got nothing keep it one hundred as an alternative way to say: keep it real. Phrases are used to describe someone who remains authentic and tells the truth as we seen throughout. Damn Kenya's really made it a point to assert that he's real up until this point Kenya is associated being real with pursuing sex money and murder. However, it appears now that Kenny Associates authenticity with relational loyalty, entrust Kenny As far as to say that maintaining trust between him and his girl is more important to him than this, Our feelings of love, this pre eminent, are you Kenny ascribes to trust, connects back to the intro loyalty,
as regards here. Kenyan Rihanna said all we ask is trust. All we got his US, which seems too the direct parallel the lines. I'd rather, you trust, He then, to love me and I got you. I got nothing. It seems clear that for Kenny, just as the foundation upon which love is established and make meaningful, having a stir I wish the song central subject: love continues with first one, a virtual dissect right after the break today's episode of dissect is brought you by May tat. Maytag knows extra. Dirty clothes need extra cleaning power. That's why me washers now have the extra power button just give it a push. Guph fighting on any wash cycle simple as that to learn more
two maytag dot com will come back to dissect before break. We dissected the introduction and hook up love with the songs. First verse Kenny plays off, Champagne bubbly line of the hook and create an x the metaphor about he and his girls relationship being a party for two. We will not only for one idea: less giddy politician Coming back to this you already know tat when a man is really our trousers party can begin First one singing we gone function, no assumptions The meaning of function is to operate properly and Kenny
He was to be using the word to refer to the relationship we all recognized that function is slang for party and give the remainder of the verse will refer to making love dancing amusing. The phrase this party will end this early. Line we gone function seem the frame, the relationship as a party for to the only party they need. Next Kenny, says feeling Thyssen with it, knock it out twice with it. Here, Kenny compares himself to boxer MIKE Tyson, like a boxer Kenny claims the knock his girl out twice in one night, meaning she read: orgasm, twice after multiple rounds of sex Kenny, continues only for the night, I'm kidding only for life. Let's get it here, me playfully, acknowledges his old pattern of one night stands and contrasted but this renewed commitment to love his girl for the rest of his life. Had then sings hit that shoulder lane the shoulder lean as a dance move that involves moving ones fee in a two step. Pattern followed by
we each shoulder forward twice. The shoulder lane was created by a wrapper name: young grow to promote it, two thousand six single of the same name. The shoulder they became a staple of hip, hop dance parties in two thousand six, when Kendrick was nineteen years old. Thus, by efforts. The shorter lean Kenny's again taking us back to the simplicity of love ass, a teenager next Kenny says I know what common over me as well de. This is the first of several deliberate contrasting statements when compared to the previous track, lust there heard Kenny repeatedly saying something came over me and the context of lust reinterpreted the something to be the feelings of less than overcame Kenny before he realized what had happened without the knowledge had he been overcome,
Kenny, mindlessly sought out his own gratification. In contrast, Can he deliberately points out that he knows what is experiencing now is love, while lust cause you need to be ignorant of his own motivations, love Brinks. Now, of himself and others he further highlights is increased knowledge, as he says, Backstroke overseas. I know what you need backstroke overseas has a few possible meanings. It could be an allusion to either a backward on vacation or swimming in waters overseas. Given the Baltic metaphors about their relationship being a party and the right princess champagne. In the hook, we could ask consider the use of backstroke overseas as a reference to drinking alcohol. Similar to Catholics. Lyrics from swimming pools, quote Grandaddy had the golden flask Backstroke every day in Chicago here in the sun love. It would appear that drinking metaphor is that when they're together, they feel intoxicated with love I know what you need is a
The contrast with the song Lust were Kenny keep the said. I just need you to want me, this contract illustrates the central difference between love and lust, someone who lusts focus- is on his own needs. As someone who loves focuses on the needs of the beloved Kenny makes way to the conclusion of verse. One saying already on ten our money come in all feeling go out. The phrase on. Ten is slang for ten out of ten meaning. The best of the best it is commonly used to refer to a good party. This, of course, falls in line with the power metaphor being used throughout this first describing money coming in and feelings going out as the hooks about the negative effects of money. The lines here imply that the more wealth one amasses, the less that they ve emotionally making hard for them to empathize or connect with other humans We ve seen this idea on display, as Kenny throughout the outcome, has selfishly pursued sex money and murder, which has caused him to be
He sensitized the feelings of others, particularly on the tracks element, feel pride, humble and, of course, lust. This idea about money, descent appetising feeling is, in contrast, but the line this feeling drought. This party will end here and yes, Sir, said the feeling of love between him and his girl will not dry. Up in an emotional drought again we hear another contrasts with last weekend. He repeatedly breast his thirst with the phrase. I need some water. We just how this line was an allusion to the biblical idea that those who act wickedly would periods, a drought of hearing the word of God and, as a result, with faint for thirst here in love, Kenny now realises that if he chooses love rather than lust, he'll, not experience such a drought, and thus will be able to receive the living water of God Spirit and if he had access to this kind of water to be able to maintain his feelings of love and loyalty to his girl, this relation
El Fidelity is, in contrast with the one night stands and games of just the Tipp described, and must we see this call we express when we compare the line, this feeling won't drought from love with the line. Feelings are dead, what a fast life from lust this contrast between dead feelings and feeling set are sustained by living. Water further highlights the idea that less will lead to death. A bully to eternal life, this iter he is defined by the verses final line. This party, while end taken literally the statement imply that the two of them will enjoy each other's company forever. This final fine about partying also brings over full circle back to its first line, we gone function, a repetition of the songs hook, verse to begin
I'm on my way down always Papa. You come on line away. I don't want you know how much a person it oh by the way I tell you, there are no more no egg donation is. Can we begin First, to saying, I'm on the way introduced the way as about teeth that will be repeated throughout this second birth and appears and he is now the way to meet up with this girl and that time said the essence, sir, by the next line. We ain't got no time to waste. Kenny's girl seems to be separately driving to this destination, as ex line is popping your gum on the way this depiction of his girl bigger bubblegum, helps ticket the light heartedness of young love, can he says, the way Kenny it takes a moment for self reflection. Question his own actions and motives you one. Whether he's in his girls way in blocking her from getting to our destination
this awareness of house actions could affect his girl leads them to say. I dont want pressure you none. I want your blood today. These lines can that can be used, trying to be sensitive to his girls feelings and doesn't want pressure her into having sex this the tv for his partners, engagement, contrast with lust, where we Kenny using the game just the Tipp to manipulate the woman into having sex these realisation of how much he loves his girl finds him conferred, saying that he doesn't just want her consent. He wants or blessing ITALY. Hearing the word blessing on the out for the first time does peak our interest. That's as blessings are the opposite of curses and, as you recall, the album title Damn itself refers to the biblical idea of curses up into this point, the album we ve only heard about curses here. But blessings for the first time on a song about love and the transcend The worst is certainly fitting,
I also allude to the biblical idea we discussed at length, which suggests humanity will receive blessings only when we learn to overcome our self serving lusts, while growing in love and loyalty to God and others as love continues. The micro narrative of communist girl driving to see one another reaches its climax. How you there are no more no less than I should this bag pillar dope over me, Emily coming in Irving. You, when you remember your camera, I know tat will be mad at me. I don't want you about one which could you can contain servers, reiterating that is on the way, adding. I know connect, in his vague pick up the phone for me, baby The latter line is likely an allusion to Travis Scots twenty. Sixteen single pick up the phone
it's likely can chose to allude to Scots pick up, the phone primarily a song about commitment containing Such lines is never will. A cheat on you never will I It treason, interestingly Travis makes a cameo in the music video for love and appears screen when Canny says pick up the phone for me, Baby Kenny Can you love, saying dammit, we german, with the phrase can he makes another reference of the Alps title fittingly its them. Playful usage of the word damn or find on the album. Meanwhile, the phrase we German seems too reference? The Bob Marley saw jamming in Jamaica how jamming I dancing and having a good time.
And so saying we jam and falls in line with Kenny's assertion that we cannot function. His claim that this party will end and his plans to hit that shouldering the thought of dancing with his girl Irish Kenny to be further attracted to his girls, mental and physical qualities. He sings bad at dude from your nanny curse in your hips. From your mammy this train of thought about it. Traction to his girl continues, as and he goes on to recount an old story from the younger days of their relationship. He says: remember: Gardena the studio camera I know top will be mad at me. I had to do it. I want your body, your muse. Gardena is a city west of Compton in South central allay. Meanwhile, top refers to Anthony topped up Fifth, the founder and Sea of Kendrick record label, top dog entertainment apparent. At some point, after being signed, the record label, can you see they took the label studio camera without telling top dog
York, seem to indicate that Kenny been drove to Gardena to meet up with his girl and record a video of her body and music, a k, a sex tape. The birth continues. I bought the big one to prove it here that we get the only line of the song that might directly allude to real life girl, Whitney Alford the to have, together since their time at Centennial High School in Compton, which might explain why Kendrick was inside right. This song about his teenage feelings of love and two thousand fifteen Kendrick Whitney became engaged This engagement seems to be what kemys referring to the line. I bought the big one to prove it with the big one referring to the big engagement ring. He bought her The second verse reaches its conclusion with the final lines told you that I'm on the way, I'm like an exit away- and this those in line Kenny reminds his girl one last time that is on the way, trusting to note that within the sought love he never reaches
destination mentioned throughout the second birth he's, an exit away. That is he's close, but not quite there given the context of the album this far and Kenny struck to transcend his intuition to pursue sex, bunny and murder. We might consider these closing lines, a calculated ending to the warmest most optimistic track on dam on the surface The way is, of course, talking about being on the way to meet his girl. However, on a deeper level, can you see to be confessing that, while he still struggling to fully transcend his lust and become the person, God wants him to be he's on the way out. Given the overwhelming about a biblical references throughout damn, we can't help it consider the repetition of the phrase, the way as alluding to the biblical idea of the way, as in the way Jesus before the followers of Jesus were referred to as Christians. There are actually referred to the followers of the way. This description was tat.
From the famous Jesus quote. I am the way, the truth and the life and other Jesus claim that he's the embodiment of the way that humans are meant to live the way of love the way of weakness, the that leads to eternal life, while we can know for sure. This repetition of the way throughout the verse is alluding The way that Jesus represented. What is clear is that and he appears to be one step closer to the wave weakness now that is We committed himself to loving his girl s last conclusions, Love is clearly the warmest song, a dam and directly contrary through the Alps previous on lest the despair, Many between these two songs and their placement next to each other is like previous set of tracks pride and humble a calculated decision.
Adding to the growing list of dichotomy choices. Kendrick is presenting throughout the record lust found Kenny not pursuing the earthly physical pleasures of sex and money and even noted how less turns into fear which they and encourages. Violence against any perceived threat in the name of self preservation of pride we saw something similar play out in the narrative of good kid. Mad city were Kendrick As for sex with terrain, ultimately led to the death of his close friend. Each of these, both this lust and the narrative of good kid express death and destruction the final destination of lust, if pursued to its natural end without intervention mean love finds Kenny, expressing a kind of juvenile, pure emotion, centred version of love, but also implies. That Kenny may be on the way to a love that is mature and rooted in a lifelong commitment to other human beings. Indeed in stark contrast with everything we ve heard thus far down. Love has
me questioning is less for money and sex standing that his own worth is more than money and the worth a woman is more than sex. Saxon money price two of the three components of the unholy trinity of real and work conditions. Kenny was diagnosed with back on the song YA, though Kenny youthful. Romantic love here on the current track is inspiring remit. To be seen if his idea of love is developed enough to extend to his enemies. If you were to do so. Can would also overcome his less for violence. We ve heard throughout the album, so quickly on the songs element and humble this would complete transcendence over the unholy trinity of sex money and murder and would represent his transition from wickedness to weakness, from death to life, from vengeance to forgiveness, from less to love, but by the sounds of the Alps next track, it would appear
Nor can we have some work to do before he can purchase heart of the violent revenge he seeks against as animals, so that got the ass. If what you this is our film somebody killed. My southern me somebody can you tell me what you know: that's not the intention of other memories, collective moments. You can never touch his rage. Fuel chaos as X, x, x. The song will dissect note by no line by line next time on dissect. dissected, use by me for Spotify Studios today Episode was written by family, although toddy me so recreations by Andrew outward
audio editing by Eric Bass and me, a region the music by bureaucratic you can How stream all the original dissect themes composed by bureaucratic on Spotify, just click. The linking the showed out. If you enjoy dissect. Please telephone about the show and be sure They hire twitter and Instagram at dissect. Podcast, you could also purchase dissect merchandise that dissect podcast dot com. Ok, thanks for that sending everyone I'll talk to you next episode.
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