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S5E17 - FEAR. (Part 2) by Kendrick Lamar

2020-01-07 | 🔗

In part two of our analysis of FEAR., we come to understand how fear has been the primary motivating factor in Kung Fu Kenny’s life. Kenny consolidates the album’s major themes into one extremely dense final verse, which unlocks many of the album’s mysteries. Finally, we dissect Cousin Carl’s voicemail that explains the reasons behind Kenny’s tumultuous emotional journey over the course of DAMN.

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Today's episode of dissect is brought, you buy, Maytag Maytag knows extra dirty, close need extra cleaning power. That's? Why Maytag washers now have the extra power button just give it up to boost stained fighting on any wash cycle simple as that to learn more had to Maytag dot com. From Spotify Studios, this is dissect long form. Physical analysis broken into short digestible episodes. I'm your host call cushioning. Today, We continue to see your lies analysis of damp by Kendrick Lamar, with part
You have our analysis of the song. Fear if you haven't heard part one. We go back and listen to that episode now there it began or discussion of fear by dissecting its strategic use of samples to come. The song with black American to question their poverty and suffering living in United States of America. We all discuss the appearance of two of Hendricks, real life, cousins, cousin com. I'll begins aside with a voice mail message that addresses and its loneliness confusion and suffering he's been experiencing over the course of the album he saw. Do Toronto me. Twenty eight, twenty eight in order to explain, can mental anguish, suggesting that guy but has placed a curse on him and his people. As Carl begin. To suggest the anecdote for Kenny's troubled, mind, curls, voice faith and is replaced by drinks cousin, Charles do what burdens, full of struggle,
Why why ground water out of every my feet, cousin Charles pleads, with God, asking God, splain or justify is suffering in this way. Fear set itself to address the suffering, I'm not only Kung Fu Kenny, but so the suffering of his family lineage and all black people currently bring in America, Ff we're continues with Kenny reciting the same passages. Charles only his vocals are played in reverse by their coincidence or strategy. These backward vocal signal, a move backwards in time as Kenny enters RAP, from the perspective of his mother scolding, a seven year old Kenny. In this way it would appear. Kenny is using the song fear to look back at his own history. An attempt to make then to the suffering he feels today by the end First one. It becomes clear that, and these mob is under extreme financial stress which external,
as is its threats against young Kenny. We thus discover a kind of feedback loop. Raided by poverty and fear. That is, poverty We get anxiety, anxiety yet suffering and suffering begets fear? And as this don't fear continues into its hook. Canyon as for ways to calm down his nerves, tat. Rarely escape the immense anxiety he inherited at a young age me No one knows whether bears polar bears, can, you imagine, fear to be a drug enlightens being under the influence. Fear to being under the influence of marijuana at the same time, the applicant
in here is that smoking, a drug like marijuana, allows it, temporary escape from the fear deeply entrenched in Kenny from a young age. In this way, coming off the heels of such a heart, rending verse about the schools from his mother? We can see how the who is implying. The reason Kenny's community often turns to drugs is to escape the harsh conditions of a life filled with fear and anxiety. They inherited at birth. In addition to drugs, can He also implied that sex operates as a similar escape and contemporary. The evade suffering this leads to the line life's a bitch pull them panties the side now here. Can he compares life itself to an unpleasant woman Kenny nonetheless uses for immediate gratification, his despot patient to escape is implied by his impatience. As he doesn't the time to remove the woman's underwear before having sex with her. In this way,
look of fear and the song itself begins to eliminate the reasons behind the sex money. Murder motif, we ve heard throughout damn sex and drugs. Offer a temporary escaped from the inherit suffering and anxiety of a life and poverty and to this point having The poverty since birth, it's only actual that one would be constantly concerned with getting more money. Finally, poverty that causes some to use violet force to either protect what little they have or acquire or through illegal means? At the same time, We should remember that life's a bitch pull them paint to the side now? It's likely different signals and Asia Classic Single life's a bitch like sun thing to die. That's why we get high cause. You never know when they're gonna go like sub here, AZ wraps life's a bitch and then you die. That's why we get high. Because you never know when you're gonna go. These
and are perhaps the most iconic summary of hip hop cultures tendency towards nihilism, which often masquerades as hedonism, in the minds of noise and a z life has no meaning, and hence to it. Suffering. They should simply try to enjoy what pleasure they can. This is the view of if that noise and z and party to a whole generation of young black adults and children when noises seminal album was released and nineteen. Ninety four fittingly ninety nine For was the year that can turn seven years old after that first adoration of fierce hook, verse to bring With a sudden shift in time
I probably died on a miss- I probably die with promises. I probably die walking back home from the candy house. I probably die because these colors are standing out. I probably die because I ain't know what the market was. Litchi probably die at these house parties fucking or bitches, and I probably die from witness to sleep from me- foster cube. I probably die from thinking that mean your hood was cool or maybe die from pressing the line, necking too extra or maybe die, because these smokers are more than desperate, probably verse. Two begins with a new subject for Kenny's confessional litany. Kenny's me, is no longer present in this birth rate Kenny now wraps from his own perspective, his voice resigned, numb and defeated indicating Kenny has lost a characteristic hope and innocence of childhood. Indeed, He's fear of physical pain from his mother has now escalated, to a fear of death as a teenager living in Compton Every single line will begin with the words I'll, probably die or me
he die Kenny begins. Averse wrapping I'll, probably die anonymous I'll probably die with promises. Ten years resigned to the fact that his eminent premature death become just another anonymous statistic: potential shown or promises made will simply vote from the earth without trace. Can you can t is by going through all the scenarios that could lead to his death. He wraps I'll, probably die walking back from the candy house are probably die, because these colours are standing out a candy. House is a house out of which gang members cell drugs gangs. Where is normally indicate their affiliation by wearing a designated color, hence Kenny's life is but legitimate danger. If he visits, I can't house wearing the wrong color? Moreover, as we heard in the first verse of x x, X, debts incurred from gang related drug sales can easily lead to some one son getting killed being collateral. Damage in such a scenario is,
one of the many real ways. Teenage Kenny could die Canican Can you by saying are probably die? because I ain't, no Demarcus Marcus with snitching I'll, probably diet. These house parties fuckin with bitches. Here. We should recall the first line, Kendrick wraps on good kid, mad city, a matter at this else party on Elsa Gun, don't and central in the narrative of the kid mad city. Kendrick was seventeen years old and meaning terrain at a House party did not ultimately end. Well, though he didn't die. One of Kendrick Friends did and Kendrick himself, I ve, got stop doubt shot up next Kenny says a problem die from witnesses? Leaving me false, accused I'll, probably die from thinking that me in your hood was cool despite being a good kid and a mad city. These lines make clear Kenny's innocence does not exempt them from being racially profile by witnesses. Easily land him in prison. Nor does it I could give affiliation protect him from the dangers of gang territories are relationships.
It would seem that in Compton USA, your guilty by the association continue. Or maybe die from pressing the line act into extra your pressing, the line refers to any act that ignore societies establish limits. Similarly acting extra refer. MR behaviour that is dramatic or over the top. However, even if Kenny does act normal? He could still die. Because the erratic actions of others he says, maybe die because these smokers are more than desperate here. Kenya's worried about being attacked by crack attics looking for money for their next hit, as of continues canny turns. Is it to his fear of law enforcement is more than a desperate proudly DAF one. They. These paths, blue, verges bodies, lamp, black and white pay. My bones, snapping
we die from panic or die from being to lacks adapter waiting on it. Cuz I'm moving too fast. I probably died. Trying to buy weed at the apartments at Friday die trying to diffuse to Ohmydog. You probably die There is, as drug attics might be, can faces an even greater danger, as a result the war on drugs and the associated incidence of police brutality. He wraps opera, die from one of these bats and blue badges. Body slammed on black and white paint, my bones snapping and what surely one of the most vivid depictions of violence in this verse Kenny fears police research using excessive force, which includes being beaten with patents. Being body slammed directly onto the pavement snapping his teenage, bones and half the likelihood of care dying at the hands of police officers being equal to the likelihood of him dying at the hands of gang members. Displays. The conundrum teenage Kenny faces that
Kenya is no safe haven, his home, his neighborhood Community law enforcement are all threats. This dam if you do damned if you dont situation, is further high slide it in the next lines, or maybe die from panic or die from being too lax, or die from wait. Nodded dyke die a move moving too fast. These light suggests that Kenya's curse cursed to die, whether he tenses up or calms down, whether he moose asked remove slow and he goes on to say, are probably you trying to buy we'd at the apartment. I'll probably die too, the diffuse two hermes arguing once again Kenny I lied. Toes attempts to smoke a ways. Anxiety were probably get him killed. The phrase views to home is arguing implicitly compare these young men to bomb so inevitably explode killer. Some in those around them thus, and such irish environment. Kenny's attempts to resolve conflict encourage peace, will probably get him killed as well.
As first to comes to a close Kenny, again abandoned to litany to punctuate the verse with a compelling. Clips to hold me dog you by Friday. If that's what you do when you're seventeen don't worry, said no hurry. I wish I could troll things by Kenny Rogers I'll probably die that's what you do in your seventeen. While we already. Guess is first to pigs Kenny as a teenager. Its reveal be has been wrapping from the perspective of the seventeen year old self. This age, a signal for at least three reasons, first being seventeen fines, a decade older than the seven year old, Kenny being chastise inverse one, as will soon hear this pattern Kenny examining himself and ten year increments. Continue into the final verse seventeen is also significant because this was Hendricks age. During the tragic events of good kid, mad city, the verse seems to reflect the trauma and fear he experienced after his friends death. Lastly, seventeen
happens to be the number of ways that can be said. He might die prior to this line while its unclear, so is intentional. We can't put it pass Kendrick include the subtle reminder that each year, this earth has been assessed, got to stay alive. Kenny's com since struggle to live leads directly into the final line. He says all worries in a hurry. I wish I controlled things. The constant threat of death has caused Kenny to be controlled by his worried feelings. As such, this line directly mirrors the final line of verse one there we Kenny's, mom, say and word you gonna fear me he don't fear. No one else together. These two lines reveal that beneath all of kemys, external manifestations and actions is fear is primary. Motivator. As such, we can conclude but it was fear and his lack of being able to control as world that motive it can be to become rich and famous and escape is harsh environment, given that we
Kenny, did eventually succeed as a wrapper, we may assume his fear subsided. However, after repetition of the songs hook. The third verse reveals that Kemys fears have grown justice much as its wealth and status have when I was twenty custom to more fair accumulated in terms of what the while the years my new found life may not. Allow me magnified how many delays due to black. Now my success proposed to me on this one. From the opening moments of verse, three its immediately clear that were veering away from the structural template used in verses. One in two for starters, chemistry it is from present to pass tents. That is, we returned to the present moment. Kenny is now able to look back with clarity on its earlier years, described in the first two verses and to this point the Adverse also abandons the use of litany knowing it,
Any use lit need to express his more visceral emotions. We suspect, is abandonment of the FAO will signal a shift to a directness and clarity of thought that will help us makes sense of his emotional journey throughout damn this new direction. This is present in the opening mine when I was, twenty seven I grew accustomed to more fear, unlike verses. One in two can hear review This is aimed at the beginning of the verse. By doing so, can you draws increased attention to the fact that the three verses on fear reveal Kenny started, different ages each a decade apart. So seventeen and now twenty seven. Thus, when taken too there. The verses show both the progression and continuity and Kenny's lie. Over a span of twenty years. And it's here. We realise that this is the first time Kenya shown us the progression and continuity and his life over twenty years.
When I was man now. How do we know where the money, then? I would have gone well lighted and during the first bursts of DNA Kenny Rep. When I was nine on motel, we didn't have nowhere to stay at twenty nine. I've done so well hit cartwheel in my estate As we noted in our first episode on DNA, can he was able to use these two lies to show is progression from poverty to wealth. At the same time, the image If Kenny reliving his childhood by doing cartwheels as a groan, adult reveals it two of Kenny's life over twenty years. We can expect it in two lines: on DNA, he's now expanded, Three whole verses on fear, but rather than comment on his rags to riches story Kenny on food your uses. The two decades span to track the growth of a sphere and the poor. Already from which is fear, was born to this boy fears. Third verse continues when I was twenty,
haven't. I grew accustomed to more fear. A cumuli the ten times over throughout the years here. Can you play after ten years span between each verse, knowing how fear grew ten times over ass. He grew older. Indeed, and these tremendous success as a wrapper has actually cause The spheres to accumulate rather than disperse, can continue, to expound on these unexpected side effects with the lines mine found life made. All of me magnified how we act its do, I need to block denial Kenny. It describes the discomfort and vulnerability that result from living under a microscope of public opinion. At the same time, can you can the news to live a denial about his status in the world, which leaves them patchouli looking for more accolades to prove his own worth. Of course, these words, exact emotions, Kendrick expressed in the narrative of to pit the butterfly and now, but very much the aftermath of a sudden success,
and in the same way, the age. Seventeen averse to reflected his agent the narrative of good kid bad city, Kendrick was twenty seven years old when he released to pit butterfly. Of course, These relationships, or not, coincidental, come to have more significance by the songs end. Birth perceive Kenny continues express the negative side effects of fame and fortune wrapping the Jacques value of my success. Put bolted me shock back. It was a term describing the degree to which are given piece of content. Shocks are disturbs. An audience here. Kendrick uses phrase to describe as rapid ascension into stardom and how is reaction was like fearful pray, seeing a predator it froze him. Still. We also recognize Clever, wordplay of shock and bolts as he likes the success to getting struck by lightning noting rarity and its painful consequences, as fear continues Kenny If it's on this line,
considering the source of lightning bolts themselves as an act of God. Let's do it, the Black de la bag. My successful both me on his money is gap plan. Joe call me is it for me. They would see me most jobs. Take you from union leave me worse than it was before twenty said. The idea of God bending down lightning to destroy Kenny's career directly mirrors, biblical story of job which gives way to the line is it for them, and will he see me as job take it from And leave me worse than I was before, knowing their fear b and by framing itself is addressing Kenny suffering is very strategic. That can chose to incite the story of job, as it's unlikely. Lengthy typical story that discusses why human suffer in this story were to to a man named job who is described as corn and quote perfect because he fears guy and turns from evil were also to
that job is blessed with ten children, ten thousand livestock and many servants- it is ironic, given that jobs name means hated him, It soon revealed that job is hated by a spiritual figure referred to as the accuser which Hebrew is the word Satan unbeknownst to job the acute sir approaches God and accuses, but not being as righteous as he seems. The accused. We suggest that, if God allows job to suffer, then I will show its true colours and forsake his loyalty to God to our surprise godless. And actually allows job to suffer in the span of a few minutes. His chin livestock and servants are all killed after losing it all gone, then allows job to be stricken with a painful skin disease watch. I continue to express his loyalty, after losing at all the physical and men Anguish from the skin disease drives joke to his breaking point
Jobe expresses his doubts and suspicions about God in question, other God is just among other things, job, asks. Why is light given to him who suffers and life to the rob saw who long for death, but there is none for what I feared has come upon me and what I was afraid of has happened to me. Unquote here, joke why God allows humans to suffer from the very things that they fear. These questions. Heard by some of jobs. Friends who insists that jobs Frank must have been caused by some active great wickedness. Joke committed job rejected accusations of his friends demanded answers directly from God. It's at this. In this story that we can already see numerous parallels between job in Kenny, like job Kendrick has been blessed with great fortune and at the conclusion of two pimp, a butterfly Kendrick depicted himself as someone who, like job, had turned away from evil
committed himself to following gods command to love. Others, however, Hendricks message of was met with hatred by Fox NEWS who, along with some influential members of the black community level, various accusations against Kendrick and the current bursts of fear Kenny. Clear that he very much fear being judge unjustly by America, thus, like Joe, when the thing that Kenny feared happened to him. Kenny experienced a great deal of mental anguish, who was tempted to abandoned his loyalty to God. Like jobs, friends who felt his suffering was caused by some act of wickedness joke committed, Kenny's, cousin Carl, plies. Kenny suffering is caused by his failure to follow gods, commandments and as evident in the very beginning of fear. Kenny seems to have it Lord Carl's words for Now- and it's had demanded answers directly from God himself by the third bursts of fear
me too, recognizes the parallels between himself and job prompted him to fear that God will take away his fame and fortune and leave him worse off than it was before, which is growing up poor in Compton. While the numerous stories are famous celebrities going bankrupt, seem to validate Kenny's fear, it's important. Note that in saying that God left job worse than it was before, can you not take? the entire story of job into account. That's because, after German, Friend spent thirty six chapters, philosophizing about what the Lord had done. God actually answers job directly however, God doesn't explain or justified job suffering. Instead, God opens by asking job. Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? God then goes on to ask if Joe personally witnessed the creation of the universe gods in all of this seems to be that, while job and Kenny might try to look back to the earliest memories of their lives. To try and understand why there currently suffering God
the only one who can look back to the birth of the universe he alone can Adam, every move of every atom that lead to the world we currently inhabit, as such God informs job that is not passed. Well for him to fully understand how is suffering fits into the grand scheme of the universe. Instead, God encouraged job to trust the God who holds universe together, God of Chile commenced job for wrestling with him until his doubts subsided. However, God Chow sizes jobs, friends for making false accusations against job. God tells us friends that they must go to Joe and asked job to pray for God to forgive them. It was then that quote the Lord restored the fortunes of job when he had prayed for his friends and the Lord gave job twice as much as he had before, unquote and a surprising twist curse on jobs. Life was reversed when he prayed for his accusers and its with this knowledge of job story, that we give a very clever and likely very
tension or foreshadowing of Kenny Story, jobs reversal of four friends from wealth to poverty, to even greater wealth suggests that the people who have been asking Kenny to pray for them have been sent by God. It is through them and kemys prayer. For others that will reverse the curse on Kenny's on life and light this information, we can look back on the ain't. Nobody praying for me motif heard throughout Damn with increased insight specifically, we see irony in the last line of feel the song that marked the big you have Kemys emotional journey lay far. I feel like the whole world want me to pray. Remember me: nobody plan. We realize now that Kenny's exclusive focus on himself and his reluctance to serve others, see to be what's holding back from experiencing in God's blessing in his life. We keep this important revelation in my
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a verse fall by twenty seven. My biggest was scared to spend money. Hamley sleep from scared to go back to section, maybe my mom. Don't you show a month in a still more blue legs? Is somebody there's? No doubt my checks, anxious to fuck you put my fine s is dead. I read in case of reactors the county, wonder the bag feel wasteful addendum camp was the type of candy continues at twenty seven might be sphere was losing at all in the same We Kenny's fear progressed from physical abuse to death. We now see that Kenny's fear of death, progressed into a fear of losing its wealth and status for some who defied the odds rose out of poverty. It makes sense. Can he would now fear losing all his earn more than losing his life? That is he'd rather die than go back to broke? This explains why, on element Kenny,
wrapped I'm willing to die for the shit I'll. Take your fucking life for this shit, we're going back to broke family sullen dope, while on element, Kenny's apprehensions about going back into power, but he manifested as anger. He reveals here that is, apprehension is actually rooted in fear. This ideas, Chris the lies in the subsequent lines of fear, as he wraps scared to spend money had me sleeping from Hall to haul sky to go back to section eight with my mama stress, it thirty show a month, and I still want I mean no Lexus here. Kenny reflex back on the overwhelming fear that took control of him when his mother repeatedly threatened to beat his ass Twenty years later, he now recognises his mobs behaviour is rooted in her fear that their family would lose what little they had, leaving them homeless. The sphere Poverty Kenny inherited still control. Despite his extreme wealth, so much so that even after performing a sword out concert every day of the month, Kenya's too afraid to say
any of the money. He's earned defined, self sleeping hallways, rather than getting a hotel room and driving his old car rather than buying a luxury vehicle. Even if Kenny referred it's from spending is money. Realizes. His livelihood could be threatened if someone close to him this is loyalty and particular Kenny asks what an adviser, Somebody that's hold him. My checks, just a fuck me over I put my finances in debt me here, worries that is financial adviser. Could one day betrayed by stealing his money and leaving I'm in debt for Kenny's these concerns are no longer theoretical, because he personally know someone who suffered from this exact scenario. He says a rhetoric. Is about Riad as accountant and wondered how did the bad girl feel when she looked at them numbers? he's fear of rogue advisers stems from hearing about the mismanagement of Ryanair, eleven million dollar net worth leaving her effectively bankrupt, detailed this story and our discussion of loyalty, the track in which
honor herself has featured there. We fear as that Ryanair feature was meant to connect to a music video for bitch. Better. Have my money that video? I feel that the bitch was reference in the title was real Real life accounted the video too it did reactors intuition to make violence like sexy by kidnapping the accountants, wife, torturing, her using her as ransom and stabbing the accounted to death we. Thus at the size that bad girl, reread inclusion and loyalty was meant to indicate that Kung Fu Kenny, shared the same inclination to use violence in order to get his money back and it would appear. Our theory is confirmed. As fear, continues to fail,
we condemn the amount was the type of labelling is killed. Some real some unifil wretches wouldn't know some malpractice. Whenever fear guess has good twenty seven. You stole my biggest feel with being a judge. Had no myself family, my baby, what they say: Balmy filled my reputation workplace me what they see from you doubt. Racial rummy will make your mind like my when this last I'm talking referring to the hypothetical betrayal of a rogue recounted that steals is money can be wraps. That type of ship will make. We flip out just kill something drill. Something git and feel ratchet with a little somethin the terms flipped out and get ill are slim. For acting in an angry crazed or deprived manner, to drill something is slang for violently penetrating someone, be it during sex or when firing bullets. Hence site, kemys mentality on element and reality. A bit better. Have my money. We see here how this
read to Kenneth Livelihood. I e his wealth triggers him to feel violence and sex is the most attractive option of retaliation, in other words, he's once it in making violence. Look sexy, we all recognize this as a parallel to the message of the hook that emotion, the stress, is dealt with by compulsively pursuing vices Kenny continues. Wrapping I practice running from fear. Guess I had Good luck! At twenty seven years old, my biggest fear, was being judged earlier in the verse Kenny stated, his biggest fear was losing it all. Initially seemed to be mostly about losing his fortune. However, here we find them. Can biggest fear also included losing his fame. As a result of being, judge negatively by others, but the time each two thousand seven hundred and ten east fear of being judged eclipse the fear of death that played him at the age of seventeen. This idea that being judged is worse than dying, seems to be something first imply
its opening track blood. In our discussion of that track, we noted how the parable about any being shot by blind woman in part represented, can experience of being judged by Fox NEWS and some of its points in the rap came here and fear Kenny elaborates on this saying how they look at me reflect on myself, my family, my city. What they say about me reveal of my reputation would miss me what they be me, which trickled down generations in time. What they hear from me would make him highlight: I simply lines he reveal set his fear of being judged, is rooted not just in his pride of self, but also the Friday, takes it being a leader and representative for his friends and family in Compton, both in the present and for generations, to come This explains the sensitivity regarding the misrepresentation of his message from outlets like Fox NEWS and others
while some in similar high profile positions can brush off negative press coverage for Kenny. Any attack on his character is an attack on everything he loves a sphere continues. We hear a noticeable shift in the verse. Indeed, this heard signals one of the most significant passages of the album a passage. That's critical,
unlocking the meaning behind dance narrative structuring, like my last, I'm talking- fear, tat, fear now to talk. You might think. Maybe in the same fear them talk, you feel fear than nothing more. Tat fear fear that it will give this. What every day is both existing plants is like eating this business with me, so hopefully they disperse within fourteen tracks carried out searching for President Bush's until somebody give back it continues to unpack is fear of losing it all. Wrapping, I'm Talkin fear fear of losing creativity, I'm talking fear fear of missing out on you and me after spending, most
verse, expressing his fear of losing exterior manifestations of success like fame and fortune Kenny now realises he's even more afraid of losing internal manifestations of success, such as creativity. Healthy relationships we all recognize how these two things can be opposed to each other, that is, these drive to create art, takes him away spending time with his loved ones and in time with his love. Once takes him away from spending time. Working on his art as it continues Kenny there stands at losing such things would be caused by his inability to follow gods commandments. He says I'm talking, fear fear of losing loyalty from power because my dna wont. Let me evolved in the light of God, I'm Talkin fear you're that my humbleness is gone. I'm talking fear fear that love ain't living here, no more Kenny's breakthrough moment here. Gains in earnest ass. He uttered the most self reflective lines on damn, thus far. The idea that he would
uses, loyalty to God because of his pride is a reflection of the biblical teaching of James, for we discussed at the end of lust. The central teaching in that passage displayed how God opposes a proud but gives the Spirit of God, to the humble, thus Kenny finally recognises that his pride and lack of him he has caused him to be denied God Spirit, whereas he puts it. My dna Won't, let me evolve in the light of God is finally reached the point where he can look back on his journey with a degree of moral clarity allowing him to unify the disparate parts of the album into one cohesive train of thought. This attempt to place the entire album within a year. By perspective is immediately apparent when we recognise that Kenny here references, seven of the fourteen track needs on damn, including fear law. But he pride DNA God, humble and love,
Kenny uses these track references to show how the entire album boils down to Kenny struggled to choose humility over pride can clear He recognizes that the negative consequences he's endured is cause, a decision to choose pride he now recognizes that pride could cause him to abandon its ultimate loyalty to God. He now recognises that pride could cause him, embrace the destructive traits in his dna that render him in. Capable of evolving into enlightened human being. He recognizes that pride can quickly displaced the humility he once had as a child. He recognizes that, due to the dichotomy between love and pride, choosing pride means he'll deprive himself of love, after suddenly alluding to these dichotomy of pride, verses, love and pride versus humility, can he then says I'm Talkin fear fear that its wickedness or weakness fear whatever it is. Both is distinctive fear. Of course wickedness are we,
This is the central dichotomy we ve heard reverberated through almost every track. Since sobs opening moments, It's the choice that we know will be to one of two distinct outcomes: either life or death. At the same time,. We should mark this moment in fear, as the first time Kenya's personally acknowledged the wickedness weakness- dichotomy. Of course, Kendrick. The writer has used this economy frame the entire album, but Kung FU canny, the character hasn't well now been oblivious of this choice by calculating these ideas. It would appear that Kenny is The feeling is calling to be a prophet and the Board of Moses and Jesus the to Israel light who She has seemed to be represented in the opening lines. A blood thus Kenny now view his suffering on earth from a divine perspective and has found the it's to articulate deeper truth. This leads him to proclaim what happens on stays on earth, and I can't take these feelings with me. So hopefully they dispersed
similar to the wickedness weakness dichotomy we ve previously heard happens on earth stays on earth. As a line recited not by Kenny but by Dj Kicker pre? in our analysis of this line. We noted that this raised was inspired by two related phrases. What happens on too or stays on tour and the marketing campaign. What happens bigger stays in Vegas. Historically, both of these phrases had been used by men who set aside their loyalty to their city figure others in order to indulge in promiscuous sex while travelling away from home. Indeed, during the track lust, we witnessed How can he became a boil to his girl and even adopted Maybe relative tactics to sexually exploit women on tour, however, here and fear realises that its entire life on earth is a tour. A temporary journey. Indeed, throughout damn referred, kemys life depicted as an emotional journey as he tries to find a way to make it on this earth. All of these emotions
Is the tremendous burden on Kenny a burden he's been able to offload, however, Kenny now realises that he can't carry this emotional baggage with him when he leaves this earth and goes to his true home. It's likely? They came use alluding to the heavenly home Jesus spoke of the night before the events of good Friday. Jesus TAT, His disciples quote in my father's house are many dwelling places for I go to prepare a place for you. If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and take you to be with me so that where I am there, you may be also a mean oh, the way where I'm going. I am the way in which Ruth and the life unclear in this passage. G the states, the reason he ascended into Heaven after his resurrection, was to prepare a home for all of his followers to inhabit. When Jesus came to reunite Heaven with earth, given that both of his followers, would have been long dead by the time Jesus came back. The promise of a new home implies at those
who have suffered like Jesus will be resurrected like Jesus and, like the humble bandit, will be invited to Paradise with Jesus Kenny these two, this future return of Jesus, as he says. I can't take these feelings with me, so hopefully they disperse within fourteen tracks carried out over acts searching for resolutions until Sir but he get back came. He seems too come to terms with the belief that the suffering it continues to experience on earth, will never fully resolved until Jesus comes back This is the same conclusion that job came to in the middle of this suffering. When he said, I know that my route, our lives and that in the end he will stand upon the earth. And even after my skin has been destroyed. Yet in my flesh I will see God both joy When can we seem to believe that God will one day come to free them from their life of suffering in their history of trauma, even if the
suffering leads to death in this life, both job in Kenya, faith that God will raise them up from the dead and bring them into new life, The only difference is that, while the book of job use forty chapters of ancient poetry to work through jobs, theories and suspicions, damn as use fourteen tracts of hip hop poetry, the has allowed us to hear Kenny work through his theories and suspicions on wax a term wrapper used to refer to the lyrics recorded in the studio. This implicit parallel b, in scripture and wrap lyrics leads to the final lines of the verse. Bags carried out over flags search of resolutions until somebody give back lab is still lacking. Take these were so, hopefully they dispersed within fourteen projects carried out wax wonderin form different to fear livery to wrap down,
this final line Kenny provides us with yet another dichotomy. This time, it's his personal choice between living through fear or living through rap, all three verses of fear. Have clearly illustrated what it looks like when Kenny's life is immersed in fear, however, We may wonder why, for Kenny living through RAP, the opposite of living through fear. It might be helpful to recall the interview in which can talked about how he lives. With the word said, he puts on record these words The I Meda words you know when I say I say I live, will we know, and I really zone it all these ideas as common way beyond me, that's just half about it since day, one on top knowing how he zones into the words he puts on Wax Kenny Claim, those words come from a source that is beyond him. Of course, as we do Gus throughout the season, Kenny's role as profit implies that the Spirit of God is this
from which Kenny receives his lyrics. With this so into the significance Kenny places into his own words. We, recognize now. The spiritual realisation that occurs with Kenny's, dramatic final line performed on fear for Kenny living through rap means. Eddies living through God. Spirit, instead of living through fear see now understands that a fear of suffering on earth, a fear that leads to wicked selfish acts of preservation, violent and death camps. Replaced with the all inspiring fear of God, a fear that leads to selfless acts of non violence. Forgiveness, and a new life in his permanent home in the Heavens. At the same time, we can to see how the idea of living to wrap cleverly implies that the story of conflict any is fictional, based, of course, on nuclear bars, own emotions and experience, but a store. He himself did not fully live out in real life by creating a fictional character and living through him. Kendrick the author and artists
is able to express the more negative emotions he feels through music in an attempt to cathartic. Spell those feelings instead of acting on them. Hence the lines- hopefully, they dispersed over fourteen tracks, carried out over wax and living through wrap. In this way, We see how Kendrick fictional story about a character who turns away from gods commandments to pursue intuition towards sex. Money and murder is a way to correct himself Imagine the world where we actually allows these negative emotions to play out fully, so we can observe their consequences but we also know that Kung Fu Kenny is not just representative of Chemical MAR Kung Fu Kenny also represents the United States of America, as such, we realise that Kendrick Lamar, the author, is fulfilling its role as profit. Sing. His inspired words spread gods message and attempt to correct not only himself but America at large underwent form. Leverage to fear. Never
web. yeah after experiencing a spiritual breakthrough on it can you can see, is damn Can you use of the album title as an interjection then gives way to Beacon who uses the album title to refer to curses as he sings God. Damn you goddamn me, god damn us, God, damn we goddamn us all and our last episode execs, we pointed out all the various lyrical cues that Kendrick employs two subtly imply that the story of Kung Fu Kenny only representative of Kendrick Lamar, but of America as a whole, and perhaps humanity at large
here near the conclusion of the Alps. Most revealing track. Kendrick pulls back the curtain and abandoned all ambiguity. Damn is about everyone currently attempting to make their way on this earth questioning the suffering. They endure we reminded of due to run it, is claimed that we ve all been cursed, that the way chaos of the modern era? Is dude or unwillingness to abide by gods commandments. This sets us to hear the remainder of the voice mail from Karl Duckworth earth transfer you on the family third Party getting your comment, the voicemail jump into the middle of his speech and which Karl tells Kenny quote, but two says you only have I known all the families of the earth? Therefore, I will punish for all. You inequities at first reading
assume Carla's still quoting do Toronto. Me chapter twenty eight, but Carl here as action jump to chapter three of the book of the prophet AMOS. As we discuss in our episode on Lust AMOS prophecy, Debbie, The Israelites continue to ignore gods, commandments the Israelites, with faint for thirst after experiencing a drought of hearing the word of God, end chapter three verse to God. State that the reason he'll take such harsh actions against the Israelites is because God had field himself to them in a way he had never done with any other nations, because the Israelites had been blessed with such a unique relationship to the God who created the universe God, them to a much higher standard when they refuse to fall. God's commandments, God decided, To make an example of the Israelites to teach all nations at this regarding garden gods. Commandments will leave us all cursed, Your comment will be on in his turn,
he's saying he's on first or the socalled black hispanic native american Indian. Near thrill what goes on to say that the people whom God chose to be his family or the so called blacks, Hispanics native American Indians. He claims that these ethnic, are the true descendants of Israel. According to the Bible, on our last episode, we discuss the origins the black hebrew Israelites, noting that various branch so this larger group developed over time. The idea Hispanics and native Americans are included among the descendants of Israel, is a distinct teaching first by the one West Camp, a black nationalist branch of the Blue, Keeper Israelites establish nineteen sixty nine, the one s, camp spiritual heritage can be traced back to Frank cherry. A man who
obviously that Jesus would come back to start a race war and its slave. All white people deserve black people over the subsequent DEC the one West Camp with splinter into different sub groups some being more extreme than others. However, most of these, maintain their conviction that the so called black Hispanics. A native Americans should look forward to the day when God will destroy their enemies, Oh This sounds like guys way with these people This is gonna, give us our lay back, give us our servants back. We are no longer gonna be added and I don't want to spend six years a college if we got what I wanna be because you know what we're gonna be rich World, there's gonna be ours. Once again, this clip was taken street demonstration by Israel, United in Christ, or I, you
I see a faction of the black Hebrew Israelites founded a two thousand three by Nathaniel Ben Israel, a former member the one Wes Camp, are you see, maintains many of the teachings of the one was camp, including the belief that black Hispanics a native Americans, make up the twelve I have said the nation of Israel the eye I see, has since been branded a hate, grew by the southern Poverty LAW centre for its black national ideology. Cousin Carl is a member of the EU. I see and is now known by the name. Carnea been Israel, seeing how Kung FU can claim to be an Israelite on ya and that he chose defeat your cousin Charles message on such a pivotal track on the album. We might wonder if Drink himself is associated with the EU. I see cousin Carl made it up to address this question and a Youtube video posted shortly after dance release, so was
with a consequent everything is going well when he takes me, I say as a lot of politicking. A lot of people live in autumn now, you know and which has just causally know, try to answer our questions that he eggs asked me where he is that committed. Are you I see just be aware that everybody trying to holler, rather when asked directly by device if he embraced the theology of his cousin Carl Kendrick responded quote Everything that I say on that record is from his perspective. That's always been my thing always listen to people's history and their background. It may not be like mine in May, happy like yours, it was taking his perspective. World and life as a people and putting it to work Book and listen to it and make their own perspective from it. Whether you agree or you don't agree, that's what I think music is for its a mouthpiece unquote
The interviewer then asked Kendrick if he believes black people are curse by God, as Purdue Dorani Kendrick replied quote that Shit's truth there are so many different ways to interpret it, but it's definitely truth when you're tired how about unity in our community at some of the Instead, we have no control over where this fighting against the government were fighting against our own political views- there's always our being right, there will to stop it. Unquote, despite tricks, hesitant to fully embrace Carl's theological, believes he finds truth in this perspective, and thus Karl the stage and the most pivotal song on down yes, well near nimble. The Bible shoulda sure,
Churchill, your because he loved you don't just while we Carl suggests. That suffering is God's way of correcting his people, describing it as occurs cause our disobedience, he compares God to a father who chastise Sir Disciplines, his son, nodded, straw, his son, but to prevent him, destroying his own life through bad decisions, fitting Carl seems to have taken this idea directly from due to rob me specifically chapter eight were Moses, says to the Israelites quote: You shall remember all the way which the Lord, your God has led you into the wilderness these forty years that he might humble you testing, you They know what was in your heart, where the EU would keep. Is amendments are not. He humbled. You allowed you to Hungary and then fed you, thus you are to know in your heart that does a man disciplines, his son so the Lord, your God disciplines you. Therefore you shall keep the commandments
the Lord, your God, to walk in his ways and to fear him. This passage me, Clear that often God allows people to endure periods of suffering and hunger as a way to test his people to reveal what's in their hearts too humble them. And to draw his people near to him through the on sparring. Fear of the Lord as such suffering can be seen as an expression of God's love and his desire to provide what's best for the future of his children. This idea of God, correcting humans, do suffering is a point that Kendrick made when he responded to a dj booth, Blog Post and wrote our God is a loving God. Yes, he's a merciful, God yes, but even more so a god of discipline, obedience a jealous God ever every
conscious choice of sin we'll be corrected through his discipline, whether physical or mental, direct or indirect. Through your sufferings or someone that's close to you, it will be corrected. This quote show that, despite the fact, damn provide to profound critique of tribalism and ethnic hatred that often underscores the most visible segments of the black hebrew israelite movements candor, his humble enough to listen to people from these groups and highlight the deeper whose, beneath their controversial rhetoric this path, I've humbly listening to a messenger from an oppressed people group is exactly what, versus the curse for the people living in Nineveh and Jonas Day, and in a time of it? dream political polarization where The vision and animosity across party lines has never been more intense, where our conflicting ideology can, often blind us from seeing the humanity in our fellow man. Perhaps such radical, humble Ernest listening to others might just be
what's needed to reverse the curse for those about living here today in the United States of America Loan, you don't dance. While we get that, while we in a position that we're in we come back to the amendment to the Lord Fair Eve, cursor they're gonna be upon us, we gonna be at a loss in this light that we leave here today and United States of America a low. You found an approaching God bless you shalom curl ends his voicemail message. His party were signal a reversal of three primary concerns that a plague canny throughout Damn Carl says, I pray for you which is a reversal of Kenny's earlier statement that ain't. Nobody praying for me. Carl says: God bless you which is a reversal of Kenny statement that God will damage all. Finally, Carl ends his message The track itself by saying so long, a Hebrew grew used to say, good, bye, bye.
Literally means piece of one level Curls use of the word shalom is merely an artifact of Carl's association with the black hebrew Israelites. However, on a deeper level, the word peace reverses the chaos and fear that has plagued Kenny since you seven years old, moreover, after being mitten by madness and blindness and astonishment of heart. The appearance of Word shalom, as the last word on this pivotal track suggests that Kenny has finally found peace of mind collisions over the course of the seven and a half minute. Epic fear Kung Fu Kenny. Goes a deep self examination, as he walks through his own history and discovers house
and to avoid suffering has allowed fear to take control of his life. The strategic use of samples place a song within an existential framework as members of the twenty four care, a black question the idea that Paradise or happiness can be. For those in poverty looking for a way to make it on this earth. This seemed to directly challenged. Jesus is claimed that blessed are the poor, for their belongs the kingdom of God. This notion is confirm when we hear cousin, Charles asking God directly, but he ever. To deserve the suffering he endures only to be overcome, with resentment and wish for total annihilation of the earth, the through, poverty continues as Kenny wraps from the perspective of a scolding mother and the songs opening verse. It's here We discovered that the stresses of a life of poverty led to a fear of survival of fear that Kenya inherit. At a young age in burst, we observed how this fear continued to manifest as Kenny
impoverished and stress neighbourhood had seventeen year old, Kenny continually fearing for his life resembling the events told of a good kid that city by verse, free and age twenty seven we find Kenny fighting got. His attempts to escape is inherited fears by becoming bridge and famous. However, his plan backfired as he became even more fearful of losing all that he had gained me comes to realise that is, poverty extends beyond finances. He suffering from pretty of spirit like there's two alluding to the events of good kid, my city, this third First resembles the narrative up to pit a butterfly. Thus, while Kung fu canny the character is looking back at his life throughout fear Lamar is simultaneously reflecting on his own discography, Let's hear that we realise that the fear of suffering is at the heart of all this Mrs Kendrick has made an express, throughout both his past albums and the current album Dan
songs like YA element and humble Kenny Sphere, suffering in poverty level the violently protect as well through acts of self preservation of pride. His fear of suffering from being judge led him to lashing out at his accusers, rather than for giving them on loyalty. His fear of suffering. Betrayal, caused him to act like an authoritarian and demand question allegiance from everyone around him. A lust Kenny sphere of suffering from vulnerability, led him to indulge heavily and drugs and sex on execs. His fear, suffering from the loss of a family member. Let him too Ultra violet, retaliation against his enemies, Miss Kenny Reflex back on his actions here on fear the pride full violet active mentality, develop because It has inherited. Fear now has Kenny fearing that he's lost his loyalty, love, compassion and humility. I e as weakness
if life is in fact a choice between wickedness her weakness. He fears that the fear he in here in his dna has hindered him from it following in the light of God, withheld from his cousin Carl any conceptualizing his inheritance as occurs. There can only be reversed when he repairs its relationship with the Heavenly Father Carl explore God, is chastise Kenny by allowing have to suffer from a selfish acts of pride and his unwillingness to abide by gods commandments. This chastisement help can come to terms with the fact that, following gods, commandments will require him to choose weakness. Can we now knows he must commit to loving his enemies, despite the fact that doing so will make vulnerable to those who might try to steal money from him accused falsely threaten his livelihood or even threaten his very life thus Kenny realises that he cannot put his trusted money or fame those things can be lost at any moment and will never be
as valuable as its relationship with God and others. Instead Kenny put this Breast and Jesus his promise of a future resurrection, kemys leaf in the resurrection. Finally, convinces Imp, relationships with God and others were the only things he can. With him in the afterlife senses conflicted feelings in their info. But on his problematic acts of wickedness or the biggest threat. These relationships Kenny real ices that, like money in fame, he can't take his trouble feelings with him when he leaves us earth thus, hopes to dispel these feelings by expressing them through rap, which makes them for a new transcended feeling, namely the feeling of being fit with the Spirit of God. What of course, this is dams, penultimate track. God, a song
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