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S5E2 - TPAB as Preface to DAMN.

2019-10-10 | 🔗

We revisit To Pimp a Butterfly with a special focus on how its ending connects directly with the opening of DAMN.

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From Spotify Studios, this is dissect long for musical analysis broken into short, digestible episodes. I'm your host Cole Kushna. Today. We continue our season long examination of Kendrick Lamar's, damn with part two of our two part introductory preface on our last episode. We dissected Kendricks early life and discography through the lens of his developing spiritual philosophy. By exploring
stories and songs like faith, quiches song and sing about me, I'm dying of thirst. We heard how Kendrick believes that humans are spiritual beings whose actions are influenced by various spirits through the death of and Kendricks friend, we heard Evil spirits lead us to our grave by enslaving, us in pursuits devices like sex, money and murder. On the other hand, Kendrick showed, through his own story, told over good kid mad city, that is community can reverse the curse, is inherit by allowing God Spirit to fill them a spirit that ultimately to a new real life. This new life was celebrated with good kid: bad cities, final song, Compton, where we hear Kendrick Crown himself King conqueror of the circumstance,
the happy body, seven slash, eight, the new fate, the kids are too small. This is gene, Kendrick, Lamar, good kid, Maad City ultimately ended celebration through his music and a commitment to God. Kendrick was able to escape the tragic fate he seemed to be dusted for in the streets of Compton and while this transformation but at age, sixteen Kendricks telling of the story almost ten years later would actually transform his life once again. Indeed, the success of good kid mad city, elevated Kendrick, Lamar into the global spotlight,
the album debuted at number. Two on the billboard chart. It was nominated for four Grammy awards, including album of the year, but while on the outside Kendricks Ascension appear to be a rags to riches. American dream come true. Kendricks new found success would ultimately come with that. Some unexpected consequences for one Kendrick was now profitable and promising young icon. The other is constantly look to exploit the temptations of sex drugs and power Right Kendricks disposal at all times. There is also a deep sense of survival guilt, Kendrick felt for leaving as friends and family who are still struggling in Compton, and so, while the success of good kid mad city catapulted Kendrick to the status of metaphor, king, he found himself struggle
to adapt to this new role, triggering an emotional and spiritual crisis. This crisis would become the subject of his next album to pimp a butterfly to pimp. A butterfly was released on March, sixteenth, two thousand fifteen and is considered by many to be a musical masterwork. The album was actually the inspiration for this podcast and we spent entire first season, exploring the intricacies of to pimp a butterfly over twenty two episodes. I encourage everyone to back that season out, if you so desire- but I did want to take this episode, review the narrative up to pimp a butterfly, with a special focus on the album's contribution to Kendricks, ongoing exploration of spirituality
combination with our previous episode. This will provide us the proper context to begin our season. Long examination of damn I work very much grounded in Kendrick spiritual beliefs and a direct continuation of to pimp a butterfly is cliffhanger ending, okay, so to pimp a butterfly in a nut shell. The album tells the story of Kendricks transformation from Caterpillar to butterfly from prisoner to prof, from slave the Savior moving from darkness into light. It does this through a narrative that can be divided into two large parts. Each of these two large parts closely mirror each other and both themes and structure, and by the albums end. We understand how both parts ultimately become one. As will see, this multi layered strategy serves to exemplify how the political,
social issues that afflict Kendrick and his family are in reality, manifestations of the spiritual issues we discussed at length in our last episode to pimp a butterfly begins with the song Wesley SIRI and contrast what we might expect from the conclusion of good kid. Mad city Wesley Seery finds Kendrick talking all but the cars jewelry and guns that he dreamed of amassing once he finally signed a record deal comma by brand new patio mouse struggled until time to slow kinda Monday, then Panama, where Ray married to the game in a bad bitch shows when I get signed on the other by strapping straight for the CIA in Wesley Series. Second, verse, Kendrick Crafts from the perspective of America as personified by Uncle SAM Uncle SAM, encourages Kendrick to indulge in his materialistic
fantasies and spend his money irresponsibly with fire hazard that money isn't feeling a piano. Like a tie, anything said my name is Uncle SAM. I need a mother fucker, you can live at the mouth. I know your guy Wesley theories, two contrasting versus display all the american dream, as personified by Kendrick, is ultimately a scheme used to feed America's greed as personified by Uncle SAM. This master slave dynamic is further portrayed in to pimp a butterfly's third
track. King Koonta Navana Game get the whole world talking. 'cause, everybody wanna cut the legs off game Batman. Taken earlier, fire pits where you, when I was walking down by the game, get the whole World CUP ankle to everybody, wanted similar to the conclusion of good kid. Mad city, King Koonta, finds Kendrick proclaiming himself a king. We find him back in Compton, rubbing his newfound success and wealth in the faces of his local enemies, but despite the power he might feel, King Koonta is ultimately an oxymoron as Cooter Kente A was a fictional 18th century slave, whose right foot was cut off by slave hunters. The deeper meaning here is that, despite feeling like a king because of his wealth and celebrity Kendrick is ultimately still a slave to Uncle SAM who's, exploiting Kendrick for profit, King Kunta is followed by to pimp a butterfly's fourth track institutionalized.
It's here that Kendrick more explicitly shows that money has not provided the freedom that the american dream promised him. When I don't know the full definition of a rap image which, at this at the ghetto- and I am proud to admit it- institutional blast by keep running back for Pensacola, Kendrick raps, I'm trapped inside the ghetto- and I ain't proud to admit it- institutionalized- I can still kill me and Edward. These lines suggest Kendricks. Newfound economic freedom did not release him from the violent mentality that possessed him, while growing up in Compton. Also Kendricks attempts to profit from a super stardom distracted him from taking care of his friends and family in his hometown, as he explains in the track you Kendra
blames himself for the murder of his best friends, little brother and Compton. Well, Kendrick was living it up on tour. Stop instead of the hospital physician Chicago recover, well century deconstructor cleaning for real, then he died God himself and say you fucking failed far from leading him to life and liberty. Kendricks pursuit of money has led to death and depression. This becomes painfully at the end of you. You should've filled that black and if there's never going to get it said you gotta go and if I turn some features the world and no one can stop us or sign a weakness. He stares at his own reflection, Kendrick wraps. If those mirrors could talk, it say you gotta go and if I told your secrets, the world
No money can't stop a suicidal weakness with this revelation of Kendrick suicidal thoughts to pimp a first half reaches its emotional climax. However, before Kendrick succumbs to the forces of darkness, he suddenly re birth, the faith that he found at the end of good kid, mad city Nazareth, I'm fucked up, homing you fucked up, but God got us, then we go be alright, be alright. Like a week, Kendrick raps, I'm fucked up homie you fucked up, but if God got us, then we gone be. Alright, with this statement, Kendrick effectively resolves the dramatic tension that existed throughout the first half of tip butterfly Kendrick recognizes that whether he successful or not putting his trust in God's care in Provo
will lead him to life and freedom, while putting his trust in the false security of material wealth will lead to death and slavery. This recognition is specifically addressed in the opening lines of all rights. First verse Kendrick describes waking up from the nightmare. That was the song you and announces his defeat of Uncle SAM right, and when I wake up, I recognition licking me for the pay cut, Bahama Stubby, looking at you from the face down or MAC Eleven Liverpool with the base down skimming and so with the introduction. First, one of all right, the first half of to pimp a butterfly, reaches a kind of micro conclusion. Kendrick recognizes the exploitative tendencies of Uncle SAM and renews his faith in God, but while Kendrick Concord Uncle SAM First, two of all right immediately presents a new adversary, Name Lucy Interesting Lee makes the exact same offer of material prosperity that Uncle SAM offered at
beginning of the album. What you want your house, your comfort, haikus in the Mueller, began to look at. I anything see. My name is Lucy a dog. What the fuck are you can live with them are by to see the evil way here. Lucy is short for Lucifer, a word that, in some english versions of the Bible is thought to be the proper name of the devil. The fact that the devil makes the same word for word offer that Uncle SAM made. Strongly suggest that problems we perceive as social and political are at their core, really spiritual problems. More specifically, Kendrick seems to suggest that the racism and exploitation of America itself is inspired by evil spirits seeking to trap unsuspecting humans fittingly just like the devil tempted Jesus before the start of the prophetic ministry. Lucy Temps, Kendrick,
they offering him wealth and security in exchange for Kendricks Trust and loyalty. Lucy. What god I loose! You gonna call you! Even when Lucy know you love your far down low. She I loosely our prayers on your first album truly Lucido mark is, at the end of the day, you're presuming Kendrick Graphs from Lucy's perspective and says Lucy, going to call even when Lucy know you love your father, I'm Lucy. I loosely heard prayers on your first. Album truly Lucy, don't mind 'cause. At the end of the day,
pursue me here, Lucy Colleges that she plans to seduce Kendrick, even though she knows Kendrick loves God, his heavenly father and, in spite of Kendricks public profession, of the sinner's prayer on his previous album good kid mad city. This constant temptation from the devil eventually pushes Kendrick to escape from his life on tour and find mental clarity by traveling to South Africa. The trip to South Africa unexpectedly challenges Kendricks faith in God, as he finds black men in rival tribes, engage in violent conflict just like rival gangs. Back in Compton, as displayed on the hood politics, Kendrick experience in South Africa begins to convince him that violent conflict is inevitable and then he must rely on his own strength and selfishness. If he wants to live So we was in a fourteen with the bills bills. Fourteen years later, Gar like what you still wanna dead, honest on a dead Island Kendrick's decision
become selfish and hoard's money as soon challenge. When a homeless man in South Africa ask Kendrick for a dollar, this story is played out on to pimp a butterfly pivotal track. How much a dollar, Listen to me. I want a single bill from that there and then more, I told him mine half if they close my door, tell me how much it damn it cost. Kendrick heartlessly rejects a homeless. Man's plea for a dollar the homeless, man doesn't give up on Kendrick. The man so I can check for a long time making him angry enough to contemplate hitting the man with a baseball bat. As Kendricks anger starts to come to the surface the homeless, may
the questions, Kendricks character. Nick I never understood someone back and forth goods axle for handouts, taking it. If they could look at this particular person, she's had it down back there whenever for the longest until he finally asked have you ever opened up exodus. Fourteen a humble man assaulted. We ever need tell me how much it down 'cause the homeless man asked Kendrick. Have you ever opened up exodus? Fourteen, a humble man is all that we ever need exodus. Fourteen is a chapter from the Bible that recounts a pivotal moment when God use Moses to part the sea of reeds and lead the Israelites from slavery to freedom even after being emancipated, many of the Israelites continue to question the qualifications of Moses as a leader and God's decision to choose him. As then that the scripture explains Quote Moses was very
humble more so than anyone else on the face of the earth, unquote by explicitly referencing these stories about Moses, the homeless. Man suggests that, in order for Kendrick to be a leader capable of freeing his people from mental slavery, Kendrick must become mobile in particular, he must learn to focus on the needs of others. Rather than focusing on self preservation. None the less Kendrick still refuses to give the homeless man a dollar. It's at this point that the homeless man reveals that there's more for him to meet CI with sweet and damn is saying every nickel with master keep. He looked at me and said: no, the truth for the central free. Do you connect the Messiah, the son at your home, for the hydropower with a client that spoken word the Holy Spirit, the nerve and Nazareth, and I tell you just how much a dollar cost the price the happiness part in Heaven in Brescia? I am God, the homeless man says
you're. Looking at the Messiah, the son of Jahovah, the higher power, the choir that spoke, the word the Holy Spirit, the nerve of Nazareth and I'll. Tell you just how much a dollar cost the price of having a spot in Heaven embrace your loss. I am God, of course, these lines indicate that the homeless man's words have been inspired by the Holy Spirit. At the same time, Jesus seems to be testing. Kendrick appearing in the form of a homeless man? Thus, when Kendrick rejected the poor, he was in reality rejecting Jesus and depriving himself of God, spirit upon realizing. The tests had revealed the ugly nature of his heart. Kendrick is finally humbled enough to admit his wrongdoing and turn from a selfish ways. This notion is expressed in the elms: pivotal, it hurt at the end of how much a dollar cost.
ACE of grade will never change if autumn don't turn this page help me change, survived Ronald Eisley sings. Guess I'm not all what is meant to be shades of gray will never change. If I condone turn this page help me change to write my wrongs. This re commitment to God effectively resolves a central tension and Kendricks choice between Lucian Jesus between the devil and the heavenly father between evil spirits and the Holy Spirit between amassing wealth and giving wealth of Hey between Kendrick, enslaved and Kendrick liberated. This new found freedom signal by the statement. At the end of how much a dollar cost marks the beginning of Kendrick, using his influence to right the wrongs of his past, just like you, do but the track all right at the end of the album's first half Kendrick uses the remaining tracks in the second half
deliver an inspirational message to his people. The central point of his message is that black people must love each other and love themselves, regardless of their inherited circumstances. Will outline just how Kendrick expresses this message in the back half of to pimp a butterfly right after the break. If you love die sex, I've got another show. You should check out. It's called logo from Ryan Gimlet media mogul, It's a podcast all about Hip hop's, most iconic moments, told by the people who live them. Posted by hip, hop journalists, Brandon Jinx Jenkins. This season of mogul will take you down south to tell the original story of southern hip hop and one of them I guess music controversies of the 21st century. It's a ribbon make some Miami Bass beats and battles. Over free speech, definitely one you don't want to miss. The new season of mogul starts with the story of the two live crew and how they made hip hop
nastier than ever before, only to find themselves on a collision course with the US government. You'll also learn about the world of pirate radio and hear exclusive interviews with all your Miami favorites like trick Daddy Rick Ross Trina Flow Rider Walshe. Fire and more You can stream the entire season of mogul on Spotify now or listen to new episodes each and every Wednesday. Wherever you get your podcasts welcome back to dissect. Before the break, we discussed the pivotal moment of to pimp a butterfly that occured in the song how much a dollar cost Kendrick will now turn his focus to delivering an inspirational message to his people on the back half of the album beginning with the song complexion here,
Kendrick asserts that black people have all shades are created by God and thus are worthy of love. I got the world attention, so I must say something at night and went critical for survival. Men, Karen Defina Color should never rivaled. Billy is what you make and I used to be so mistaken, but different shades of faces them. Wait, told me your woman, this woman love the creation and all came from God. Then you with my confirmation I came to where you reside and looked around to see boy in the song, the blah for the berry Kendrick confesses, that, in spite of his new commitment to love other black people, his efforts are undermined by his path, participation and violence that led to the death of another black man in Compton Simplex it. So why did that? We can train from London with industry when carrying bacon, make me killer, nigga blacker than me hypocrite. Finally, to pimp a butterfly closes with Kendrick, declaring that, in spite of his life, long struggle against the devil and oppression, he knows God
and thus is able to love themselves with his decal mission of living himself on the song. I, the narrative of to pimp a butterfly, comes to a close You can thus see how the two narratives in the first and second half of the album mirror each other illustrating Kendricks life as a cyclical struggle through a cyclone of opposing spiritual forces in both halves, Kendrick is tempted by a deceptive figure Uncle SAM and the former and Lucy. In the latter. In both halves, the deceptive figure tries to trap Kendrick by getting him to pursue vices, namely money and power, and both halves. Ken it becomes increasingly agitated and emotionally unstable, as he discovers that his selfishness and pride is preventing him from becoming the leader he needs to be in both halves. Kendricks personal tree
formation finally enables him to deliver an inspired message to his people. Finally, Kendricks messages, ultimately about love in the first half a declaration of God's love for the oppressed and in the second, a declaration of love for his community along itself. These intertwining and ultimately unified narratives come to a head. At the very end of the song I, after a fight breaks out in the crowd, Kendrick is performing in front of Kendrick stops the music and a man enter the fight chill music
Kendrick, ending a fight between who we assume are two black men is the larger metaphor for is called a an black on black violence in communities like Compton Kendrick, then proceeds to recite a spoken word poem that educates his audience on. The origins of the Edward pointing out that the word originally met. Royalty is e g. U s definition! Royalty! King, wait, listen is e g. U S description black emperor to war and then let me finish. The history books overlooked World America tractor make it by educating his audience to their roots and royalty. Kendrick hopes to inspire his community to transcend their inherited status in contemporary society and respect themselves and each other this skit. That concludes the narrative of to pimp a butterfly, is a micro narrative that exemplifies Kendricks transformation into leader and messenger and contrast is original return to Compton to selfish the glow TAN king Kunta. Kendrick is not real
in order to be in service of others, and so while the song I very neatly concludes the overarching narrative on to pimp a butterfly. The album ultimately ends with an epilogue entitled mortal man. It's here that we find Kendrick declaring himself a profit, while Simon aimlessly questioning this new role is more than a song is surely your blessing, what a property in a profit to the yes, this question: she hit the fairness, you still affair in the bible and other religious traditions. The word profit refers to someone who speaks on the behalf of God. In most cases, a profit comes under the influence of God Spirit when God calls the profit to deliver a message to a group of humans at a pivotal moment in their history. In some cases, the
Fedex message will predict events that will happen in the future. However, at its core biblical prophecy is always about the choices that humans must make in the present, as the main function of a profit is to instruct gods, people on how they are meant to live while on this earth. Those who heed the words of the prophet are thus able to be freed from a cursed existence and experience God's blessing for humanity. Well, there's numerous prophets whose words led to the writing of the Bible, the prophet, who best exemplified the role of all profits after him was Moses. As we noted earlier, Moses was the first israelite prophet, who is used by God to lead the Israelites at a slavery, after freeing the Israelites Moses, provided them with hundreds of commandments that instructed them and how to obtain God's blessing. With all this in mind, we can look back at the narrative of to pimp a butterfly and realize it essentially a story about Kendrick stepping into his role as profit. This thesis would explain why both the first and second half of the narrative build Tord Kendrick encountering God
it subsequently delivering and inspire message to his people. It also explains why Jesus told Kendrick to read Exodus fourteen, learn from the humility Moses showed, while leading the Israelites out of slavery. Ultimately, mortal man ties all these motifs together. Kendrick declares that he's a prophet who freed his people from mental Avery. He also asserts that his songs contain inspired words that will enable his people to experience God's blessing. Still Kendrick acknowledges that being a prophetic leader also means that he has to be prepared to be rejected by the people he was sent to help Becca kissed a woman. How many leaders you said you needed then level for dead. His in Moses is Eue new in order Troy red. Is it Martin Luther JFK sure you assassin isn't Jackie? You said Jesse, oh, I know it's Michael Jackson, love when shit hits the fan. Is you still affair? Kendrick asked how many liter
You said you needed, then left him for dead. He then goes on to recount a list of historical figures who are banded by the very people they served. Well most of the individuals on the list or social or political leaders. The list begins with Kendrick spiritual predecessor, Moses. The inclusion of Moses is likely a reference to exodus, thirty two and that chapter that relights assume that Moses is dead after he spent forty days on a mountain while receiving the first set of commandments from God. The people suspicions about his death eventually led them to make idols of other gods. This story, along with Kendrick statement about leaders being left for dead, seems reveal just how hard it is for impatient humans to remain loyal in the face of adversity and so what the musical section in mortal man, we hear a Solida fication of Kendrick's role as profit Appra
Who is divinely inspired? Words are meant to lead his people out of mental slavery and into a way of life that is blessed by God. At the same time, mortal man suggests that humans all too often reject good leadership and instead choose to follow their own in. Mission, the end of the song mortal man, then transitions into an extended skit that will ultimately bring to pimp a butterfly to a close after re signing for the narrative, poem, that's heard throughout the album Kendrick, begins to ask questions to an anonymous figure into doubt. That figure is none other than Tupac Shakur Kendricks RAP Predecessor, who,
been dead for nearly two decades. To our surprise, Tupac actually responds late too other than that. Now that I finally got a chance to highlight, you always want to ask you about a certain situation. About a metaphor. Actually uh, you spoke on the ground. What you mean by that? What the ground represent the ground is going to open up and swallow the evil right. 'cause I see in my world is born. I see in the ground is a symbol for the poor people. Poor people was gonna open up this whole war and swallow up the rich people, because rich people going to be so fat Tupac. Several predictions about. What's going to eventually happened due to the ramp in justice in the world first to park, predicts that the poor around the world are going to rise up and eat the rich later to park for sees the violent way in which the poor and dispossessed will soon respond to the injustice in America. Today. I think that niggas is tired of grabbing shit out to stores and next time,
So right, it's going to be like a blood shit for real. I don't think America know that I think America think we was just playing there's going to be some more planned, but it ain't going to be no plan. It's going to be murder. No I'm saying it's gonna be like like Nat Turner, one thousand eight hundred and thirty one up in this mother fucker. You know I'm saying this, but it's going to happen. Tupac here is referring to the infamous eighteen thirty one slave rebellion that was led by Nat Turner Turner was born into slavery in Virginia, but none. Showed an astounding intellectual capacity from a young age. His intelligence even impressed his masters family, who then taught net how to read and write gnats ability to read, enabled him to study the Bible and come to his own conclusions about what the book taught. He then began to preach sermons to other slaves and even some white men. His intelligence and charisma led his fellow so
used to refer to him as the profit. At the same time now began to have a series of mystical experiences that he believed were messages from God. He felt that God Spirit was telling him that if he sought the kingdom of Heaven, all things would be given to him eventually one of these message and poured not to fight against the forces of evil. In response not gathered a group of more than seventy black men armed with hatchets, the men made their way through town, freeing slaves and killing any white people insight. This uh rebellion managed to kill over sixty white men, women and children before a state militia crush the rebellion Nat Turner put on trial and executed, along with dozens of his men and many ways now Turner's rebellion proved to be a watershed moment in american history. As a result, the Virginia legislature at the time had been seriously considering a plan to gradually emancipate slaves in response to the fear and outrage caused by the rebellion. The legislature shout all. Plans of emancipation instead verge
in other states in the south added laws to make it illegal to teach any black person to read or write, and so will not Turner hope to free black people from the tyranny of slavery. His failed rebellion meant at hostilities would only escalate until the inevitable outbreak of a bloody civil war. Nat Turner store it offers numerous parallels to the portrait of Kendrick that we've seen throughout its work, like Turner, Kendrick, showed remarkable intelligence at a young age, especially given the underprivileged environment. He was born into like Turner. Kendrick seems to have studied the Bible extensively and had mystical experiences with spiritual forces like Turner, Kendrick, it's considered to be a profit and like Turner
Cantik feels that its purpose is to freeze people from slavery. How well these parallels are clear. What remains unclear is whether Kendrick agrees with two pocket. Nat Turner's use of violence, the story of to pimp a butterfly assured the black community of God's love for them and challenge black people to love themselves. And so, while Kendrick makes clear how to resolve conflicts within the black community, he gave no clear instructions on what black people should do about their oppressors. Could you bought the rights Right in saying that racial violence is inevitable, perhaps even desirable, for now the only response Kendrick and give to Tupac's net Turner prediction as to recount his own mystical experiences with music. Sometimes I can like get behind am I can I don't know what type of Energean will push out where it comes from true. Sometimes because spirits we don't even really rapidly just letting out their armies. Tell stories for us ah
for Kendrick wonders aloud about the mysterious enerji that he sometimes feels when he raps Tupac explains quote because it's spirits, we ain't even really rapid or just letting our dead homies. Tell stories for us. Kendrick then responds by saying Damn this exchange is yet another assertion that the inspired words Kendrick raps, does not come solely from him, but are heavily influenced by various spirits, be at dead, homies or the spirit of the living God. This view, chief about various spirits. Attempting to influence Kendrick will continue throughout damn the alley. Set up here at the end of to pimp a butterfly as Kendrick Exchange with Tupac draws to a close Kendrick reads to him a poem this serves as an extended metaphor for Kendrick, as well as in art. Mystic summary of the to pimp a butterfly narative, the caterpillar is a prisoner to the street DES conceived is only job is to eat or consume everything around it. In order to protect itself from this mass city,.
The palm Kendrick reads as about a troubled caterpillar who tries to survive his harsh environment because the caterpillar considers butterflies to be week. It plans to pimp the butterfly, in other words, he intends to capitalize on the benefits of being a butterfly without embracing the transformation between caterpillar and butterfly, fully specif Oakley, who reject the fragility and weakness of the butterfly and instead maintained his violent ST mentality during the challenging metamorphosis. The caterpillar becomes enlightened. And ultimately end up taking on the mindset of a butterfly with this mindset, the butterflies able to end what Kendrick calls the eternal struggle. The poem and the album itself reaches its dramatic conclusion. Kendrick asked Tupac verse first perspective on the poem.
Auto. The butterfly and caterpillar are completely different that one in the same. What's your perspective on that buy pot in a strange twist, Tupac goes radio silent No reason for the silence is given mortal man and with it to pimp. A butterfly concludes with this cliffhanger. Well, of course, open to interprete to me the most compelling reason why to park doesn't respond to Kendrick is because to park was not fully able to transform into a butterfly before is murdered at age. Twenty five for all of two pox predictions about the poor eating the rich and black people, murdering their oppressors to park, rejected the weakness of the butterfly and, as a result, he rejected the invite perspective the butterfly, provided I can
throughout much of to pimp a butterfly tupac was conflicted caught somewhere between the mentality of the caterpillar and the butterfly. We may ask ourselves the Tupac Park with a fully made. The transformation had he lived longer, but according to two pox, understanding of the musical afterlife of dead homies. He does live on through the creative life of Kendrick Lamar hands. As to pimp a butterfly comes to his end or more aware than ever that, Kendrick spiritual journey is no longer just for his own personal salvation. The success this journey will determine whether two pox tragic story can be redeemed and more than that, Kendricks Journey on his next album M will determine whether redemption is possible for Kendricks people, his homies in Compton, the black community in America, and everyone who believes that his songs are more than just songs. The question is now, as implied by the end of to pimp a butterfly okay.
Songs, lead us to blessings or curses will Kendrick become a prophet like Moses or profit like Nat Turner, Willie remain humble and continue to be inspired by the week butterfly Will you make a call to arms returning to the mindset of a caterpillar like the Israelites journey through the wilderness? Kendricks journey on? Damn is the test that will reveal which way he's chosen to be the foundation of his life and by proxy, which way he feels all of us. Humans are meant to walk, should we desire and light mint justice and mercy? Is it wickedness or is it weakness? Are we dissect is by me for Spotify studios. Today's episode was written by Femi, Olu Thaiday and me song, recreations by
Andrew Atwood, audio editing by Eric Bass and me original theme, music by bureaucratic. You can now all the original dissects themes composed by bureaucratic on Spotify, just click. The link in the show notes. If you enjoy dissect, please tell a friend about the show be sure to say: hi on Twitter and Instagram at dissect podcast. You can also purchase dissect merchandise that dissect podcast dot com; okay, thanks for listening everyone I'll talk to you next episode,.
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