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S5E20 - Season Finale: DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar

2020-01-28 | 🔗

We conclude our season on DAMN. by recapping the album’s narrative in standard track order before speculating on an alternative narrative when listening in reverse track order. Finally, we present a new theory about the album’s track listing (did someone say “chiasm”?).

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From Spotify studios. This is dissect long for physical analysis, broken into short digestible episode. I'm your host Commissioner today we conclude our seas among analysis of damp by Kendrick Lamar, paralysed the episode we dissected, alms final track. Duckworth there we are, the fascinating, true story of the chance encounter between Kendrick Lamar's, father ducking and the owner of record label, top dog, Anthony Tiffany Kendrick, deep, I was out Ducky small ACT of kindness, save ducky for being killed by Anthony, thus allowing Kendrick De Group with a there's guidance.
Wells, allowing Kendrick designed to top dog entertainment, stand Courting studio and avoid, the dangers of a street life in Compton his father and his music save Hendricks Life, enabling him to flourish into the greatest wrapper up his generation, thus influencing milk. The people around the world, but this story and message if it were for that single act of kindness of weakness, Kendrick IP, the sized his life would play out much differently wasted, because it fails to meet your dirty tat, dark a b. Seven life when I grew up with that of five, they die in a Gulf kindred. Speculators. Life would have ended at the hands of gun violence, as a teenager, meanwhile, his father would also be dead and aunt. Would be serving a life sentence in prison, all three of their faith in this alternate life, would be sick into the curse of being born of blackmail and Contemporary America. Instead, Kendrick sees Ducky ACT of kindness a choice that reversed the curse, displaying the
gravity and exponential effects of our individual choices, both for US else in this life and for the light of generations after hours, of course, Dan. Ends by rewinding or reversing the entire album forcing us consider the implications are playing dam in reverse order from the last song to the first, with ordering change the Alps narrative. If so, how we're going to asked these questions. In today's episode, Before we do that, we're going to reach the arms narrative and themes and standard order. Will this the implications are playing the album reverse order before examining the significance of the arab having fourteen total tracks, and so with that for the last time? The season, let's dissection, so you wouldn't be window. Mandela live with the member states. To present no family went ashore, massively sable should hit the fan issue still affair was shaken while blood. Maybe the first saw goddamn. There is ample
Evidence to suggest that the Alps narrative is a direct continuation of Kendrick Lamar's previous album Tipp, a butterfly having overcome the temptations of Uncle SAM and Lucy, the arms no track mortal man finds Kendrick declaring himself to be up it like Moses, who works to free his people. Mental slavery and lead them blessings through his divinely inspired lyrics. At the same time, Kendrick ignored Judges that is prophetic role, means he'd, have. Who endure abandonment, opposition and resistance from the very people who came to serve, namely that you said, lady. Never what is involved is a new window. Enjoy rights is, in my case your seven is attacking yes, it Jesse. All, I know, openly wonders how he should respond to the resistance he'll inevitably face this question leads Kendrick to seek advice from the Spirit of Tupac who expresses
intuition to fight fire with fire confronting resistance with resistance to bought claims. This tendency to fight back is a trade embedded in his dna. A core part of his family heritage Tupac also claims for black people to survive in America. Black men need to exhibit maximum strength to fight back against their oppressors. Hence Tupac profit I hope that the next wave of race rights in America would trigger mass bloodshed as black people, would finally rise up in an arm. Rebellion inspire by not Turner's eighteen thirty, one slave reveals that legacy try to grab the shit out the stores and next time it's a ride, is going to be like blood share the real. I don't think America know that I think America, that we were just playing it's going to be some more playing, but it ain't going to be no plan. It's going to be murder. No I'm saying is going to be like, like Nat Turner,
thirty one in this motherfucker in response to two assertions that black people must use, violence and strength to rise up in America, Kendrick reads: Tupac poem about a strong caterpillar who transformed into a week butterfly. Ironically, only through the strong caterpillar became a week butterfly. Was he able to shed light on his environment and bring an end? what Kendrick describes as the eternal struggle. I e the generational cyclical struggle at black people living in America. This poetic able thus seem to contradict to advice of violent resistance. Leaving Kendrick too asked Tupac for his perspective on the poem, respect path, to pardon, Our response to contracts, question about the weak butterfly to pimp a butterfly, thus ends with the cliff anger as well,
wondering whether Kendrick will choose to fully adopt the life of a weak, butterfly or revert to the mentality of this, caterpillar, in other words, will Kendrick continued to be approved it spreads. Jesus is message of love or the Spirit of Tupac, inspire Kendrick to become a profit like not Turner, leaning his people to revolt. Kendrick later noted this cliffhanger ending with strategic. Is a decision that I live hanging on the that's the real truth, undertone of what I wanted to buy, it never says were because Two years after the release of two pimp, a butterfly Kendrick choice between Caterpillar a butterfly, would transform into the central dichotomy heard at the beginning of dams, opening track blue. Had been. This opening stew,
men presents us with an ominous choice that seems inspired by the prophetic Words Moses and Jesus that economy be we'd, wickedness and weakness, suggest, In order for us to live, we need The visuals who follow Jesus is example of humility, forgiveness and sacrificial love. How We soon find reason to question of choosing. Weakness will lead us to life when the tracks protein again this is shot while trying to help a blind woman last lost. Yeah. This parable seems to illustrate how America routinely assassinate those who try to speak out against the nations and justice. This path, It is further supported by the inclusion of a Fox news clip wherein there huh the attempt to assess any kindred character, Lamar State, its views on police brutality with that line and the song quality, and we ate the Pope, who want to kill us industry for show, operates at all. I get
upon hearing the criticism from Fox NEWS, Kendrick respond to them vicious display a braggadocio that is the track. Dna here Kendrick expresses a confidence. Headed from his father, Kenny Duckworth, however, d, nay, also depicts Kenny as a conflicted prophet who hastily attacks. Is critics have Fox news and demonstrates its unwillingness to forgive his enemies on average money. Empower them tell me something what the fuck is going, that the damage that they never imitation, lay in the german nation with DNA its quickly. Is I wish that our newly ordain profit is now conflicted. Clearly, Kendrick is not exam. Find the way of the weak butterfly, but rather the vengeful way of the caterpillar as we discuss throughout the season, Kendrick story about a conflicting. Profit resembles the story of Jonah and israelite prophet, who rejected gods, call approach side against the world's most powerful nation, because he was not ready to forget
did the injustice caused by his enemies, their Jonas rejection of gods? and its desire for God to ring fire upon his enemies, cause Jonah much turmoil by the end story reveal is Jonas on unwillingness to forgive his enemies as a of humanity as a whole and our own inability to forgive this. Idea of a universal conflict pulled through the specific story of a single individual is the same narrative structure. Kendrick uses over the course of damn. Indeed, Universality is applied at the end of dna, as Kendrick reveals that the port? suit of sex. Money and murder is a destructive tendency that this, not only in Kendrick Lamar, but in the collective dna of all vanity enough. They want this six months after expanding scope of the album to include each and every one of us, the beginning of the next track. Yeah soon, then,
focusing now the Alps protagonists, Kung Fu Kenny it's here in y'all, that the main conflict of the Alps narrative is revealed as Kenny expresses his I decision to follow is intuition by pursuing ex money and murder treaty now the real Edward conditions: Kenny's choice, to disregard gods, commandments and follow its own intuition. Soon leads to an increasing amount of interference, ultimately causing Kenny to reject gods com and they say it's here Then we come to understand that the narrative about two unfolded dam is a caution illustration of what happens when a person chooses to reject gods, commandments and seek self gratification through sex money and murder This idea cemented your second verse wearing Kenny's cousin Carl warned him that
be curse for refusing to obey gods commended, as I know my way around and say that we have it. I know it was the mining state, despite Kenny's, knowledge that God walks, the can rely unable to resist the temptation to pursue sex had money. Moreover, as I will continue with the next track element Kenny also attempts to justify the use of violence as a way to protect us. These economic security and the bad weather she hadn't graph, whether she might take a laugh, why the shit outta my Modena Glasgow and then when it should deal delay, can be refused to abandon his vengeful mentality causes him. Continuous associations with the criminal element in Compton. These associations combined
the ongoing investigations by federal agents leaves Kenny feeling, like his only option, is to fake his death and flee overseas to Cuba, the very place that Tupac was rumored to have fled after an assassination attempt, however, as Kenny fantasizes about his escape. He is blown off course by a storm of feelings that caused him to distrust the very friends and family? He just been willing to kill for when it be by that. I feel that you may be a problem like you. They know tomorrow, for the world the world is ended up the opportunity for you to get to feel it. I feel like raise been overrated. I feel, like the french faking, feel like a rabbit. Taking responsibility for our actions, contribute to a state of mind. Can he puts the blue on everyone, except himself, ironically Kenny, even planes that no one is praying for him. Even those he's the one who rejected gods car having a ban, at his loyalty to God. Question the loyalty of friends and family kung, Fu Kenny Joy. Forces with bad girl reread to question the knee.
Dr Loyalty itself, the two artist, and to start a secret society, All members are ultimately loyal to King Kenny and Queen reread as regards prevention Kenny and Riri suspect that people around them have become shifty and untrustworthy. The tooth secretly demand that those around them articulate who they are ultimately loyal to an ironic twist candy and reread questioning of what others are loyal to force them to themselves, the same question: last thing that anybody he was anybody you this way in a sudden reversal of his earlier disobedience, candy declares that is the one who everyone should be loyal to this loyalty to God, above any human, king or queen,
requires a level of humility that Kenny and re refined difficult to develop. Thus, the you and the song by acknowledging their need for gods. Mercy No, people of developing humility is further highlighted by a new dichotomy that opens the next track pride. Yeah rise these recognition that pride will lead away from love and towards an endless cycle of death forces him recognize how's imperfections at poisoned any hope of the world becoming more perfect big, vinegar, men and women, overcome with pride. A perfect world is never perfect, only filled with lies and promises. Knowledge is own imperfections. Can you tell
the whole world that God is the only one who is perfect and how did other religions and put them on and when service is just a shell on twin shit, but he's been perfect world want to track. Pride seems to breakthrough moment in which Kenny was finally able to hobble himself before God? The next track hum reveals that is overwhelming. Pride continues to inspire Kenny to exalt himself above others. This track thus review that Kenya still suffering from the real and work conditions he spoke about on ya. This is made all too clear by the end of humble Kenny, boasts about his ability to kill other blackmail If I kill a Niger, it won't be the alcohol be humble. After the track, Hubble reveals the extent to which Kenny has been overcome by pride. The next track reviews heavy has also been overcome by lust, demonic forces that influence Kenny?
use him to command the crowds at his concerts to follow a daily routine, pursuing sex money and murder. In one of my making you feed or what you look. How many take me she's, Derosa we'd go regional level for gonna. Please don't go towards did they have you seen? Maybe some, however, after getting caught up in a cycle of one night dad's, manipulation and predatory behaviour Kenny way. Up to the realisation that lustres causing it to become an enemy at the war ass. This I ask this realization leads to another sudden reversal, as Kenny turns back to God, and the next track with another dichotomy, love and lust with the track. Love seems to finally have overcome, is less for sex and money. Hence, rather than feeling cursed, Kenya's able
experience the blessings of his girls love the track, love us appears to signal a transformation in kemys life. At the same time, though, the track ends with Kenny. Keith Whitley, saying that he still on the way the fact that Kenya, yet Arrived- seems suggests that is not fully overcome the final vice that led him away from the way of weakness while Kenny. Now able to love his friends and family. Has a bit. D to love his enemies is brought into question when a friend whose son has just been murdered, calls him too how we should overcome his troubled feelings. He was like a despairing show. My firm, I dont know what I told him. I guess you'll get caught the ass. If what you this is our film there's somebody killed my southern me. Somebody can you tell me what you do well loved this, it. How Kenny had overcome his desires to bind Lucy pursue sex and money x, X, x, review that is love for family and his feelings of passion continued to make more. You're an interactive choice, thus right.
That serving as a vessel to bring his friend closer to the Spirit of God? Can he becomes a vessel for the spirit of violent retaliation, but they were not affected by this committee. I case we go talk about go further. Still, it's too inciting us to commit acts of violent retribution, execs revealed itself to be a satire demonstrates the absurdity of trying to address gun control in America without addressing the demonic forces that are causing Americans to move in unison to the same murderous rhythm. Having a stand, that America is a nation that Kung Fu Kenny was called to prophesy against Can he uses the second verse of execs to reveal? Eric as history of injustice from a divine perspective, yet a gang members, Voltaire Better run America's reflections on me. That's what a merit does within sixteen bars,
This shows how America is the one who teaches that violence is the best way to make oneself great. Thus, while America's quick blame minorities and immigrants for its troubles. As no one to blame except itself. Ultimately, x, x, x reveals that the character of Kung FU is when America sees when it looks in the mirror entire narrative that detailed kemys rules of profit, kemys rejection of God's call, Kenny Self destructive price. Can he repeated assertions that he's the greatest and Kenny's hypocritical pattern of vat Let's are merely a reflection of America's own fall from grace, given that key, in America have proven to be unreliable profits, Kenny's, cousin, crawled Duckworth offers an expert nation for their dissent and destruction,
We are being fair and all my life and are furnished hard luck. Fear begins with cousin curl, asserting that the mental anguish Kenya's expressed throughout damn it's meant. The station of the curse Kenny was under after choosing to disregard gods. Commandments, however, like the failed profit, Jonah This diagnosis is not yet sufficient for Kenny or Kenny's other cousin, Charles who can t he's by, asking why God allows him to suffer and why God is not destroying the world. The apparent so of their suffering, we are then taken back in time to hear a detailed account of Kenny's childhood a major wise target break Hemingway's lodge they stole away. Who say they game is broken, that breach away ass, if example my couch average. Whereas if you walk and fears first verse, can you wrap up the prospect
but his mother, giving a litany of reasons why she would beat seven year old, Kenny's ass in doing so any reveals that physical punishment was his greatest fear at the age of seven. In fear. Second verse and he goes forward in time ten years and gives a litany of reasons why he would probably die in doing so. He reveals dying was his greatest fear at the age of seventeen and fierce third verse Can he goes forward in time by another ten years and reveals that becoming rich and famous? the age of twenty. Seven has not out him to overcome his fears. Rather, his fear of death has now been reply. By the fear of losing his riches and fame. However, as Kenny reflects on his fears. He realized since that is greatest fear, should be the loss of love and the compromise.
Of his loyalty to God and others as a result of his own price is my fear. Them talking, fear fear them ultimately Kemys breakthrough Cubs, as he renews his belief in a future resurrection and recognised is that is relationships to God and others were the only thing he could take with him when he leaves this earth the peace and security that Kenny derives from his external relationships is then echoed in as in cross concluded method, he's gonna kill you because he loved you told dares. While we get Europe back. That's why we in a position that we're in nature we come back to the LAW of amendment two, what the law says: cursor they're gonna be upon us. We gonna, because in Karl asserts that God is a loving father who disciplines.
Annie so he'll learn to follow gods commandments be freed from destructive emotions. An experience, a new kind of feeling this, Governments have been overcome. The Spirit of fear Kenny is but to be filled with the Spirit of God, a spirit that provides any with power, love and self discipline. Moreover, Kenny's that he'll be loved and forgiven by his heavenly father enables him confesses sins failures and shortcomings without the fear of being judged by Mama told me when I was young looking potter Brad aiming at. Even though can. Is now filled with God Spirit. His troubles evaporate at once Kenny continues to face conflict from hostile forces and was tempted to fall back into old hat its, but in the midst of this daily struggle, can we find them
to transcend his environment, I got a bad had lived through Kenny, previously acted out of the fear that he'd loses riches and fame. Now that God is in his heart, We can rest in the assurance that his heart is rich in his heart is famous this moment the conclusion of the main narrative of Damn Kenny turns away from wickedness and towards the way of weakness. The way of peace, the way of the butterfly whose eyes fittingly can spinal tract Duckworth opens with a reference to Tupac Seminole, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five album me against the world. This reference effectively took us. The way back to mortal men. The final track of Tippit butterfly, as you know,
It was there that Tupac expressed his inclination to fight back against anything in anyone that threatened him. When we first heard the conclusion of mortal man unclear whether Kendrick would adopt two packs, combative mindset and become a profit like not turner. Indeed, The opening line up Duckworth indicates that, like Tupac, Kendrick grew up thinking, it was him versus the world, and thus the world was responsible for his problems, both their causes and their solutions. However, Duckworth following mine, until I found out. It's me verses me revealed, at some point, Kendrick learn that struggle is not against others in this world, but rather struggle is with himself with his own pride, his own ego, his own vices, his own emotions. This maturation of thought underscores Hendricks transformation from Caterpillar to butterfly and is new. An ability to shed light on situations that Tupac never considered all with the intent tat he stay non mortal man and the iter
struggle for all of his people, justly member states without putting after Duckworth opening minds, dj. Kid caprice informs us that we're about to put it in reverse on the surface, the seems to indicate were about to go back in time. Much like we did on the track, fear sure enough Kendrick goes on to tell a story about the fateful interaction between future TT kingpin, Anthony Tippit and Hendricks Father Ducky, isn't that wonderful James, both for the last point, curse at a time reversed. The manifesto comment that tell you why you take those dangers. Employable memorandum put dig omits given with those that they can make their own choices in there with its twenty years later than staged. When Anthony Rob, You see he decided to spare Ducky life due to the kindness that Ducky had shown in the form of free chicken and extra biscuit according to Kendrick. That decision reversed the curse on two black men who seem to be
destined to end up dead or in jail. Moreover, because These two men shows the way that leads to life. They were both alive to The blessings of Ducky son, who ends up being the greatest raw rivers generation can men. We, his fate, had Anthony stead chosen wickedness and killed contracts father, because if they meet your daddy tat, dark of IE seven life when I grow up with that of five, they die in the Gulf yeah. That's what I woke up the animals even in Kendrick alternate reality: Anthony kills Ducky leaving Kindred to grow up without the guidance of a father as a result, Kendrick hidden, in gangs and his killed and a gun battle we, of course, then here the album go in reverse all the way back the beginning of the parable in the Alps first track, I guess I was taken to work the other day. The cryptic end of damp
forces us to question whether there is any connection between the end of Duckworth and the parable and blood One possibility is that the events in blood or chronologic, lay the last event in Kung Fu Kenny's narrative. This sort explore Why Kenny was still alive after the track? Blood transition into dna plea The blood at the end chronologically would apply as a result of committing to the wave weakness and learning to quote unquote, fear God on the tracks, fear and God, com can he tried to help a blind woman, the idea, Kenya shot by the blind woman after choosing to follow the way of Jesus would be a perfect illustration of beacons claim that loves gonna get you killed yeah however, another interpretation could be that the parable in blood never happened. Rather, the terrible represents part, the alternative reality Kendrick presented the end of Duckworth, where he grows up without the guidance of his father.
And subsequently dies and gunfight. It's a teenager. Moreover, the idea Anthony's robbery at the care of sea could lead to the death of ducky and later to the death of Kenny. The perfect illustration, a beacon statement prides gonna, be the death of you and you and me Dr Weir? Thus face with You interpretations of how blood fits into the larger narrative of damn. We could argue which interpretation is better. How It may just be the case that both interpretations are equally valid and allowing for These two opposing interpretations kindred, could beginning yet another duality to ponder that is to quote the beginning up he's letting you decide letting you work. Your own theories and suspicions on why Kendrick a shot and what it means but negatively and philosophically more
ever Kendrick could also be illustrating the inescapable truth that each of us is going to die one way or another, and in this way damn asked how we're going to respond to death. Specifically when, I threatened to take away not only our own lives. But also the lives of those we love and consider to be part of our tribe, the natural human tendency is to combat death with more death and resistant. With more resistance as Tupac discuss during mortal man. As Tupac observed, this tendency fight back is in our veins in our blood in our dna. However, in Damn Kendrick challenges us to have faith in midst of our impending death and destruction. He challenges us to examine our own flawed intuition. Those for me It is by our environmental and biological inheritance things we have no control over. He challenges us to do so when a rubber band ourselves as much as me, I try to discipline and reprimand others.
He challenges us to consider our own agency in approving the circumstances of our life in the lives around US reversing our inherited curses by using free will to choose humility over pride love over lust forgiveness. Over vengeance. Weakness over wickedness took him a butterfly would be the thought of change in the world and how work and how we approach things. There will be the idea I can change the world. Until I change myself So when you listen irregular pride, humble lust law, These are just human emotions, and me look in the mirror and coming to grips with them. You know things I world and self combined into wreckers. Our hope the listener can take heed in and go some perform both them to ideas and carry their day to day
potential themselves. They see by the end of damp Kenny seems to have chosen to remain faithful to God and his commandments in the face of overwhelming emotions? He battled unlikely will continue to battle, unlike me, storybook endings, much of what makes, damn so uniquely powerful is that it Inclusion is not so much a permanent resolution, but the establishment of way of life that helps deal with the many challenges and inevitable suffering we face in this life on earth. Like good kid man, city ending with Kendrick three citation of the sinners prayer and turning over his life to Jesus liked to pimp a butterfly any with Kendrick, meaning God in the form of a homeless man subsequently humbling himself to spread his message of love when we listen to dam and standard order, Kendrick Lamar Fine, resolution and letting go of his troubled and unreliable feelings, so that God Spirit can guide him forward, into a new kind of life inspire by gods, commandments at least says.
Case when we listen to the alpine standard order. We should remember, of course, that the end of Duckworth Rewound, the album back to the parable of the first track blood This detail suggests that the one find a way to understand the place, but a blood within the narrative of damp examined they Albin reverse, track order and will do exactly that right after the break. Welcome back to dissect before the break We recap the themes and narrative of damn when listening it standard track order. We looked at the entire narrative, can be viewed as a continuation of Hendricks conversation with Tupac during mortal man and honoured challenges, of committing to a life inspired by the weak butterfly lie we noted that the reversed audio at the end of Duckworth suggest that. We need to consider what happens when we listen to the alpine reverse order as we. Discuss throughout the season. This idea of reverse This is a central motif that appears throughout damn one expression of this motif the frequent use of reverse sound sources.
The main sample on Ya the river, Bruno MAR sample on loyalty and the reverse drums on lust He's worth something gave the track fear also contains a prominent section in which Kenny's vocals are played in reverse and, of course, Duckworth, ends with the sound of the being played in reverse. They die in the Gulf the need now. But I won't, even I think,
in addition to the use of reversed audio. We also heard too, explicit usages of the word, reverse on Duckworth. The first came when kick Caprice said we gonna put it in reverse, The second came: when can we explain that the curse on Anthony and Ducky was reversed after Anthony decided against killing does pay attention that, when decisions both for the last workers at a damned refers to manifest comment that tell you why you take those dangers? Damn was released in April twenty seventeen full listeners noticed how prevalent the theme of reversals our throughout the album. This plus Hendricks history of constructing complex narratives, lead some blisters, the theorize that damn actually contain two albums the album standard order and the album reverse order. These theories were confirmed during an empty, be interview in which, Edric explained that damn was designed to be heard. Reverse tech too. Maybe we now
a partner, album or their alliance areas that the partner album was the album itself played in reverse, was at something that you thought about it all. The more offers no real future EU those details in here and for the most part they usually, have a good listener, the figure out. What's goin on no sir, I think can we get outcome came out. They realize you can't listed out backwards. He plays as a force story. And even a better rhythm NOS one month. It was rhythms and temples within how so www tablet again, some there will definitely premeditated, albeit studio Kendrick me, the reverse order official in December, two thousand seventeen when he released a collector. The addition of damn featuring the same exact tracks as the original album button reverse order. While the collectors Edition cemented the concept, a reversals as a pre eminent theme, a damn
It should be noted that Kendrick seems to have been developing this motif in his work prior to the album for evidence return. Untitled unmasked heard an album released a year before down with matter. We see my days been nobody ever less, whereas at the last summit, man woman life completely, whenever I guess I went and embrace China make it discharge on this. Untitled, one Kendrick wraps. I can see days been numbered revelation greatest. As we hearing the last trumpet all men, child woman life completely went in reverse this it is then followed by sound sources being played in reverse in the broader context of the track. Kendrick is wrapping about the destruction of the current world order, as depicted in final book at the Bible, the revelation of Jesus Christ, as we discuss previously there the word revelation as a trance, nation of the greek word Apocalypse depictions of
structure, and a revelation explains why, in modern times the term up collapse. Is the word used to describe cataclysmic events that led to the end of the world is thus in stick to note that Kendrick describes your pocket as a time in which man, child woman life completely went in reverse Kendrick, Canoe in between reversals and the apocalypse, is consistent, about teeth throughout the Bible, where wars, deportation and by mental devastation and worldwide floods are depicted as reversals of the created order established by God, reversals represent a return to the primordial state of chaos due to the destructive effects of human wickedness. The apostle It is also reference directly and damn during the track feel and seems to be. Can acted in some way to to box debut album Tupac lips. Now Philip gas, it feel like there's gotta be definitive pack was enough. Populists having implemented is definitive if we go back and listen to Tupac lips. Now we find
another layer of connection to reversals. The album actually be ends with a reversed audio sample on opening track young blackmail on opening track of two hot lips now Tupac depicts himself as a power the typical young blackmail, whose caught up in the dust doktor, pursuit of sex money and murder as a result of being born. Into a harsh environment. Of course, this way of life, would eventually led to Tupac getting shot to death by an unknown assassin given that references to both Tupac in the Bible appear over and over throughout Kendrick Catalogue. It seems likely that Kendrick has been thinking about the connection between reversals death and destruction for along hence, as we listen to damn in reverse order, we keep in mind bibles use of reversals to illustrate how human wickedness destroys gods established order and how to box me
can story display a tragic trajectory of another young blackmail destined for destruction in the United States of America PATH. Whose eyes. I found it. The reverse order, rendering the direct connection between, paper, butterfly and damp is made unmistakeably clear as the album now begins with Duckworth and its direct reference to to box. Album me against the world also hearing Duckworth First changes our expectations of what's to come on. The album the songs and details the alternate reality which Kendrick rose up, fatherless and dies young due to Anthony's act of wickedness this prime, To consider that the admin reverse order is set in this alternate reality or, at the very least, will display what happens when one chooses wickedness
just as the standard order seems to display what happens with one chooses weakness, and in the same way, that the track blood acts as a preference in the standard order. So too does Duckworth than the reverse order. The narrative begins proper with the second track. God and it's in this reverse order that the songs opening minds take on a new context tat. I say that I am glad we pair these opening lines to the early lines in the song DNA, the second track and standard org Might I was born, I didn't like me making letter not just one idea like live without you know: I've been no candle, of course, both verses begin with an origin story side. A younger version of Kendrick and its transformation from a kid from the streets of Compton to a superstar star wrapper in this way
the song, God, makes sense as a narrative opener, unlike DNA, the track showcases, both the good and evil tendencies that reside in Kenny Another interesting thing to note is that in a standard track order, we find Kenny making its way toward God. Both this, God and got himself, but reverse order will now Witness Kenny moving away from God as the out progresses, The reverse order track listing continues with fear again, like God, fears, the respective look at Kenny's life over two decades? Just now is back story, not a self reflection that Stu revelation we learn how much fear was instilled within Kenny from a young age and how I fear, will continue to guide, is choices going forward and the reverse order. Narrative We are also aware much earlier of the suffering can endorse, despite its success and cousin Charles words of advice or less of a revelation, and more of us
we're warning is Kenny continues on his journey. We come back to the law of gradual amendment to what the law says. These cursor they're gonna be upon us. We gonna be at a loss in this light that we leave here today and United States of America a low you an uprising. God bless you shalom, as you Just heard in this ordering a dam, the transition from fee, You're too x, x, X, is seamlessly bridge by both Cousin, Carl's and beacons reference to America. Also hearing chinese, violent adventurer responds to the death. His friends, always son, directly after Carl's advice to follow gods. Commandments shows how come is blatantly ignoring Carl's advice. Turning away from God, and instead relying on his own untempered feelings. His own destructive intuition this day
in stark contrast to the feeling we get in the standard track order were corals. Words are meant to console Kenny after his emotions get the best of them once we reach the middle of the reverse order track listing. There's not that stands, in contrast with the standard order. Because the middle section, the album, finds Kenny wrestling with his emotions, wavering me, We do of love and lust pride of humility, its injured, linked to note, though, that in reverse order there is this prominent progression towards wickedness, and we look the trackless alone, Kenny moves from love to lust from humble to pride. By the time we to the songs feel an element we clearly see out and he has chosen to embrace wickedness. Rather then feel establishing the emotional turmoil caused by the violent tendencies expressed on element and the reverse order element becomes the conscious decision to choose unforgivingness violence and nihilism due to Kenny's
isolation and the feeling that nobody is praying for him. I feel, like the whole world want me to pray. Remember me dead Solana. A prayer for me. I'm on thirty may lead and repairs road an element and feel establishing character flaws. Kung Fu Kenny will eventually transcend and the reverse order, these songs establish the person Kenya's become after succumbing to his more vengeful spiteful tendencies. This ideas further, confirmed by the next pair of tracks, YA and DNA Standard ordered, trackless YA functions as a formal introduction to confer Kenny, who is receiving a call from God call he chooses to ignore hearing It's early on in the standard track order again establishes the flood choices. Kenny makes that leads and wrestling with his emotions over the course of the album
reverse order. Ya is a second to last song and cement, Kenny's wilful choice to reject God always intuition, towards sex money and murder. Of many theories ass knows about alliance heaved, a family money having already cousin, Charles Voicemail, back on fear. Can The decision to wilful ignore Carl's words here on ya is all the more troubling. We now lose all hope of Kenny being able to transcend his wickedness and choose weakness, because I know my way around. We say that we have it. I know it was the mining state having firmly stuff Bush Kenny's choice to follow, is intuition and turn away from gods, commandments, We now hear the song DNA wearing
standard track list? We heard DNA as the explosive reaction to Fox NEWS in reverse we hear DNA as the persona Kenya's chosen to fully embrace he's brutal, arrogant and for giving of his enemies, tell me something what the fuck is going to mean that the damage that they now perhaps most compelling about hearing DNA as the final song on dam is attracts conclusion. When there's gonna be a sex money, knowing that the standard order trackless Kenny eventually able to transcend, or at least keep at bay, the sex money and murder, and his dna here, yet now in reverse order, it effectively becomes and final statement on the album there's a feeling that can he sees no way of transcending these wicked tendencies and thus a comes to them. Accepting too action, as are inevitable fate. Has he Oh yeah. He knows, God walk the earth
but there's money to get an bitches to hit, and thus the final decision and the reverse order. Version of dam is to embrace wickedness. This leads directly into the reverse order final track blood. Rather and the revelation of discovering it was him versus him expressed on the interim Duckworth. The album now ends with a question. Is it wickedness? Is it weakness, of course, we hear Kenny encounter the blind movement who shoots him dead and this rendering there is no real. Or some the gunshot, no reversal of the inherited curses Kenny was born into without his there's a guidance without the music opportunity granted by Anthony He was not able to control his emotions and intuition. Rather, It would appear that Kenny's decision to choose wickedness has led to his death, which seems all but confirmed by while we here after the gunshot that kills Kenny last July.
In the standard order reviewed this reiteration of the question to be more of a comment on the act of wickedness perpetrated by the blindly here the reverse order. It seems much more of a comment: uncanny choosing wickedness that led to his death at the hands of the blind. Lady, remember that done worth foreshadowed, Kenny's fate of dying in a gunfight as a teenager, presumably in the streets of Compton. Our perception of the fox, used clip that immediately follows Kenny's death also changes, as is now the final thing we hear the album. Can he becomes. Another blackmail. Statistics cynically commented on by Fox NEWS is premature death used for percentage and his story ending in blood, not the redemptive blood of Jesus, but the boy a young black men spilling in the streets of the United States of America police brutality. What that line and the song quality and we ate the Pope, who want to kill us industry for show, is like
having now established some of the more common theories regarding the reverse order, narrative of damn it seems right that we consider what Kendrick himself said about listening to the alpine reverse in an interview with empty V, Kendrick says that, while the feel changes, the narrative does not really change. How does the stories hangs playing the different direction they destroy necessary change. I think that the field changes, Kendrick statement about dams narrative not changing, might be confusing to some of us. Why release the collectors edition I so much emphasis on the idea of reversals. Why end the owl but the album itself rewinding back to its beginning. Well, one possible idea that we're going to explore is that damn in its two track, listings are constructed as a mere something we look at to see an identical world that happens to be in reverse, we talked at length about this idea of Kung Fu Kenny being a mere of America. As review in the track execs. But the idea
of Mere seem to also appear in some pivotal moments and down the first possible instant is on the track element specifically when Kennedy parity of self to candy man, though the shadow Jehanne just say his name, and I promised that justly candy man as we noted in our episode on element, candy, and was a black man who was tortured to death by racist white men and women, he then became a vengeful spirit who killed anyone who said the named candy man five times, while looking at the mere the signal Hence the mere is further highlighted in the film sequel, candy man farewell to the flesh a pivotal, seen near the end of the movie candy reveals himself to his great granddaughter, Annie and explains how you be a vengeful spirit, is the secret of my strength, keep my soul, I was not always this way.
This is why become see, I became the reflection of hatred candy man, says the mere is the secret of my strength, the keeper of my soul. I was now Always this way. This is who I've become He must see what they did be by witness, sir. How I became the reflection of their hatred, their evil see what it means to call me by that name. Candy man, this, each from candy man, establishes the motif of eventual black man inciting others to take revenge, while using a mere to reveal himself as a reflection of the hatred and evil perpetrated by America. The beholder the terrifying blue man is America's self concocted nightmare fabricate it entirely from the nations own historic hatred and evil this?
My idea was expressed by Tupac in the track words of wisdom from the aforementioned album Tupac lips. Now, a black man like me, what his nightmare I must make The haitian people gave given that any specifically mentioned candy man on element and later reference to, clips now the next track feel it seems, Hendricks depiction of conflict any as a mere reflection of America in the track x x x, more than mere coincidence, better run America's reflections on me. That's what a marriage dust and so element and execs seem to be alluding to this idea of mirrors, specifically how certain vengeful and violet black individuals who are hated and fear by some Americans are, in fact a reflection and product of America's own history of hate, violence and fear.
But things get extremely interesting when we realise that element is the fourth song and dance standard order, while X, x x, is the fourth song in reverse order. The fact that- two tracks mere each other in their use, about teeth, themes and track. Positioning should make us look closely, does if every track on the standard order of damn mirrors the track at the same position and the reverse order, We begin by examining the first track in the standard order, blood which of course begins with beacon. Singing an introductory dichotomy in continues into a story about Kung, FU, Kenny, choosing dish kindness to someone with a gun. Meanwhile, first track and reverse order is Duckworth, which also begin the beacon singing introductory dichotomy and also condemn, he's into a story about Kenny Duckworth choosing mission. Kindness to someone with a gun, the main cod ass between these two tracks is that in blood kung, Fu Canny gets shot, while in Duckworth Kenny avoids getting shot
the second track and standard order is DNA which expresses the feeling of confidence can he received from his father, beginning in childhood, up into the present day. Meanwhile, second track in reverse order, as God, which expresses the competence, can we receive from his heavenly father begin in childhood up until the present day, the main contrast between these two tracks. DNA Kenny receives confidence from his earthly father, which leads them to pride. Walling, God can receives confidence from his heavenly father, which leads to humility, thither track and standard order is ya or Kenny here from his cousin. Oral, who tells him that he cursed. In addition, the reversal of Kenny's prophetic role is emphasised by the tracks. Use of a reverse sample Meanwhile, the third track and reverse order is fear. Where can he also hears from his cousin Carl, who tells canny that he's cursed? In addition, the reversal of Kenny's mental state, as emphasised by the tracks, use a reverse vocals, the main conch
between these two tracks, is that your Kenny turns way from God, wild fear Kenny turned toward God. The fourth track standard orders element? Where can he expresses Inclination to protect his family by taking murder revenge against his enemies. Meanwhile, the fourth track and reverse orders execs were Kenny. So expresses his inclination to protect his family by taking murder revenge against his enemies, the main cod, ass is that an element Kenny Fleets from America, to avoid is prophetic. Calling one x, x, X, Kenny, fulfils his prophetic falling by prophesying against America, the fifth track and standard order is feel here, Kenny expressed his desire for the prayer of others. Meanwhile, the fifth can reverse order is love here? Can you expect this his desire for the blessings of a significant other, the main contrast is then feel and he considers walking away from the people he committed to. While I love
Can he is on his way towards a person who is committed to the six try can standard orders, loyalty a song. Begins with Kenny, expressing his desire for sex depicting himself as king, who gives orders to his loyal subjects. Before autumn realising he needs to hobble himself before God. This reverse so. A mindset is further emphasised by the tracks. Use of reverse music sample. Meanwhile, six track and reverse order is lust. A song that begins with Kenny pressing his desire for sex to pigs himself as a hip, hop king, who gives orders to his loyal fans, before he realizes that he needs to hobble himself before God. This report, so a mindset is also further emphasised by the tracks, the use of a reverse drumbeat, the in contrast between the two tracks, is at loyalty Kenny. Initially. Here's to be the one in control. While a lust. We see that Kenya is being kin by demonic forces. Finally, at the very centre of the album, the seventh track.
The standard orders pride and pride Kenny ironically, expresses the exact opposite trade from the one indicated by the title. Meanwhile, the seventh track into the reverse order is humble and humble Kenny to expresses the exact opposite trait from the one indicated by the title. Of course, the critical conch, last year is that the two tracks titles are the two. Central opposing spirits of the album pride versus humility and so having gone through this analysis foresee to be enough evidence to propose that the similarities between the standard order and the reverse order of damn or intentional. That is Edric seems to have designed damn so that each track in the standard order mirrors the thieves about teeth of the track in the same position and the reverse order. Further evidence for this theory come sooner realised that this narrative design is actually regional too. Damn. But rather has a long history and ancient literature This mere like design is a technique. Notice, key aspects structure
is defined as a literary device in which a succession of words grammatical constructions or concepts for the first half hour, mirrored in reverse order in the second half, often in a modified form, he asked extra sure is actually a prominent feature of the Bible in the old testament. One can find key aspect structures and poems, story such as NOS art and even entire books, such as the book of Ruth Daniel and the first half of Jonah Jesus is life itself, is also key. Ass, dick and structure, as story, moves from life to death to resurrection into a new eternal life. The key asked extract, Jesus is life is most clearly seen in a letter written by Paul, the apostle which became the first note, him about Jesus in his letter Paul instructs followers of Jesus to adopt Jesus is humble way of life. Saying quote: instead of being pervaded by selfish ambition or vanity, If you should in humility, be moved
one another as more important than yourself. Review should be concerned not only about your own interests, but about the interests of others as well. You should the same mindset of Christ. Jesus unquote to exemplifies point Paul then quotes upon That tells how Jesus was God at the very beginning, but he did not take advantage of his status rather, he hobbled himself by becoming a human and Dennis, urban obedient, His father, even to the point of death on across the poem, reverses and tells us how I raised Jesus from the dead exult Jesus to become king of Heaven and earth and decreed that Jesus Ass, Lord, and so, if we too, can overarching view of this poem structure. We see how its key stick or mere likened design. It begins high with g is ass. Divine ruler his humility and obedience eventually brings about his death. The low point the story and the hinge with which story reverses itself, Jesus
then raise back up and exalted high in the heavens as divide ruler, the same place The story began, hence the first Note him about Jesus reveals how the narrative presented in the gospels, She hasn't centred around the humility of Christ. For all those who follow his example. The struggle for humility would become a universal quest. The same quest conflict Kenya's depicted going over the course of dam, which, in our view, is itself a chasm also centred around the universal human struggle to be humble You might think maybe involvement, asylum, John fear them talk. You feel fear in the reverse order Kenny struck. Ends in defeat, as is over by his feelings, leading to a cursed existence and, ultimately to death however, in the standard order, Kenya's aid, to overcome his pride and let go of is negative feelings which
it's him to the blessings of eternal life in the kingdom of God. The importance of care, overcoming his emotion, seems to be why the climax in the standard order occurs Can he says that the fourteen tracks of damn or what it will take his feelings to disperse as he searches for resolution. Until Jesus comes back We have is that eating this business with me, so hopefully, they disperse within fourteen crags carried out are searching for resolutions until somebody give back Given that Kenny directly reference the number of tracks on the album, we might work or whether the number fourteen has any larger significant So the message at the album one explanation, You'd be that fourteen is a multiple of seven as we discussed it. Types of season. The numbers I've been is often use throughout the Bible to symbolise completion. Hence on one level,
You said the number seven seems to indicate that dams narrative contains two complete cycles that are needed. Divided into two halves. Further effort said the alchemist key ass, dick or mere like structure? A second reason: be that the number fourteen is an allusion to the fourteen stations at the cross, which refers to the Thirteen shrines constructed along the road that Jesus was thought to have walk when he was carrying the crew in Jerusalem. Each shrine, takes a moment. Jesus is life on good Friday, which you knows the day that damn was released. Interestingly, the number of stations initially varied until settling to economical series of fourteen images. Moreover, five, The eventual fourteen images to pick moment that do not exist in the biblical gospel accounts, meaning. Additional moments were later added to get to the number fourteen. Of course, this begs the question: what so significant about the number fourteen,
Well, we mean look any further than the gospel of Matthew Chapter, one, the first chapter of the new testament here, to provide the genealogical list of fathers leading up to Jesus, for example, the GDR begins by saying Abraham was the Father of Isaac Isaac, the Father of Jacob and Jacob, the father of Judah. The list continues with many more names onward. Are organised around four key events were going to, briefly summarize those key events here and as we do pay it good, how the location alternates between Babylon and Jerusalem, the first event described- between the geological list of fathers as when Abraham accepted gods, call to leave as birthplace, Place Babylon and go to the promised land, the land that would eventually become the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. The second event is when in David, established a unified kingdom of Israel and Judah with David through the gods Temple in Jerusalem, the third
that is when Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon conquered the kingdom of Judah, destroyed the temple and deported the Israelites to live as exiles in Babylon. The fourth event, is when Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem on good Friday by those who rejected is key. To be the long awaited king of Judah. After mentioning these for events and listing the sequence of fathers between those key events, man, He then summarizes his account of Jesus is genealogy by saying quote from Abraham to David. There Fourteen generations, and from David to the patient of Babylon fourteen generations and from the deportation to Babylon to Christ? Fourteen generation, its established here that the number fourteen is important, because the number of generations between the key events that would eventually led to Jesus is death and resurrection. Moreover, as we pointed out the key of its oscillate between Babylon and Jerusalem. This is significant.
Because within the biblical narrative Babylon, predominant symbol of experiencing the curses of death, destruction and exile as a result of reach. Acting gods, commandments, in contrast Jerusalem is the predominant symbol of experiencing the blessings of God's life, gods, love and gods. Forgiveness, result following gods, commandments heads fourteen generations between Abraham in Babylon and King David, Rousillon records a period in which the Israelites learn to follow gods, commandments and move forward from cursed blessing. The next fourteen generations, between King David in Jerusalem and the deportation to Babylon. Presents a period in which the Israelites followed their own intuition and saw their blessings reversed into a curse, finally fourteen generations between the deportation to Babylon and Jesus is crucifix. China, Jerusalem, represent the period in which the Israelites re dedicated themselves to following gods, commandments, which allow
Jesus to reverse the curse into a blessing, this back and forth journey from curse, to blessing back to curse and then the blessings in fourteen generations is what were bent experience. If we listen to the fourteen tracks of damn forwards than backwards and forwards again It's in this oscillating pattern of listening that we see the essential human struggle against the negative trades that had been passed down, Do the dna of generations of fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, as Discuss back in the very first episode of the season Kendrick Mission, to reverse generational. Curses goes all we back to good kid. Bad cities track sing about me. I'm dying of thirst They are caught between a personal life. I was like you need to be told that life, but twenty generations that the result is that what happened here flank until you wrap, ignores Danny being distracted by money drugs. I count Laugh Kendrick rat
curse in the life of twenty generations after her soul. Exactly what had happened. If I ain't continue, rapid were steady, being distracted by money, drugs and four five in previous episodes, we discussed how these laws represent a pivotal turning point specifically Kendrick realisation that his actions to day could curse the lives of numerous generations. After him, however, after listening to down. We know that can it is a mere reflection of those of us living in America as well entire human race, who shared ninety nine point: nine percent of the same DNA, Kendrick his choices, Kenny Duckworth in his choices, Anthony teeth and his choices or choices, my choices and on and on and on their all interwoven, all visibly interconnected across time and the butterfly effective each individual decision and action, we make on a daily basis. Can and should not be underestimated, with damn
Kendrick zeroes in on his personal story to give evidence to this idea who casing the eventuality of our intentional pursuit of growth in or the virtuality of our negligent self serving destruction. Having dissected damn over the course of twenty episodes season. If we take Kendrick Mars message to heart. We should each of us. Recognise that if we get distracted by the selfish pursuit of sex, money and murder of lust greed and revenge or act, have the potential to curse the lives of numerous generations after us, and by the same token, if we choose selflessness and forgiveness. Our actions have the pet central to reverse the curse and bring blessings, into the lives of countless generations to come, and so we're going, to conclude this season by asking you the listener. One final time Are you going to contribute to the ever malleable legacy of human existence? Are you going
to succumb to the demands of anger, jealousy greed and contribute the world's decay, its destruction or will you despite its difficulty, used to transcend the negative aspects in your dna and country, beat the world beauty reciprocity. Loving kindness. Are you when did choose wickedness or weakness, yeah I was taken and what the other day. Thanks everyone for listening, I like to take a more to dedicate this season to my mother in law. Alice who risk we passed away after a battle with cancer, This was a lovingly devoted by their and wife.
Her kindness and worth was felt by the many people she touched during your time here, I'll was listening to this season during your final few months and the many meaningful conversations we shared about the ideas presented in this album broad. Closer together, conversations are always cherish, fittingly Alice. Was the epitome of the biblical idea of weakness of Christ. Like self sacrifice, compassion and generosity retorted. Lot this season about how small everyday actions had the exponential power to shape the world for the better now into future Alice was gold standard of this idea, her speech now lives on through the countless action she made guided by kindness and humility, and the world is truly more beautiful. Having had the privilege of her presence rest in peace Alice. We love you.
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