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S5E4 - DNA. (Part 1) by Kendrick Lamar

2019-10-22 | 🔗

DNA. lays the philosophical groundwork for the album DAMN. In the song’s first half, Kendrick defines his genetic makeup as a mixture of biological (family), environmental (Compton), and cultural (hip-hop) inheritances.

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continue our c analysis of damn by Kendrick Lamar on last episode. We dissected albums opening track blood there, we unpacked the ominous wickedness weakness: dichotomy that begins dam and the life or death consequences and r Using between these two paths. We heard this opening sequence as echoing the teachings of both Jesus and the biblical prophet Moses respect related. That weakness is the way that leads to life through selflessness, forgiveness and peace. While wicked This is the way that leads to death through selfishness, vengeance and violence. We heard in bloods cryptic a cautionary story about an innocent man killed by a blind woman. He was attempting to help we suspected the blind lady to read. That Lady Justice, the person location of a society's justice system. With that in mind, we extracted from the. A number of layers of parallel meanings on one level. It sounds like the story of Jesus, the incarnation of God who preached non violence and forgiveness,
that was ultimately assassinated by his own community and betrayed by his justice system. We also speculated that the parable echoed Kendrick's own story and the backlash he faced after the release of to pimp fly an album that attempted to help his community through nonviolence and forgiveness. Finally, we viewed the herbal as representing the various ways, different societies from ancient Rome to Modern America, real, the mistreatment and abuse of the innocent- and this way we can hear the death- and as a voting, the recent killings of unarmed black men at the hands of police officers and the american the system that saw fit to acquit the majority of these cases, ultimately blood and with a click pulled from Fox NEWS in which to host mocking criticize Kendrick song. All right, Lamar stated views on police brutality with that line in the song quote, and we hate the po po want to kill us in the street. Photos show
I don't like it. The inclusion of this clip seems to confirm our suspicions that the parable and blood in part reflects Kendricks own story following the release of to pimp a butterfly or left wondering how are newly proclaimed profit would react to such criticism, already now lead his people in the face of ongoing injustice when it continue to be inspired by the butterfly and preach weekness or with the backlash you facetime feeling betrayed inspiring him to turn his back on his prophetic role and revert to only looking out for his own best interests. It's with these questions in mind that we proceed into dabs next track. The subject of our episode today: DNA I got I got I got I got dna is written. Kendrick, Lamar and produced by Michael Williams. A second better known Alias MIKE, will made it the first half of the track
centered around a guitar playing a simple but ominous melody. I this with accents interval of a minor second, an dissonant interval. Getting this interval gives dna, it's dark, total quality accompanying this guitar part the synth suddenly harmonizing a fifth above the main riff both the guitar and synth are supported by an eight hundred and eight heavy drum track
this minimum yet monster sounding beat provide the beefy backdrop for Lamar's version of a braggadocio rap track. Braggadocio rap is a classic hip, hop form. The rapper boasts about his personal attributes, particule the his sexual prowess wealth and toughness in comparison to other rappers Social rap has been criticized for having a limited subject matter and is often it to argue against the creativity or talent needed to create hip hop music is Jay Z address this notion directly in this book decoded comparing braggadocio rap to Tuason. It quote: let's have a set structure, but also a limited subject matter they're most. About love taking on just familiar subject and writing about it in a set structure for but writers to find every nook and cranny in the subject and challenge
to invent new language were saying old things, it's the same with Toshio and rap. When we take most familiar subject in the history of rap. Why I'm dope and frame it within a sixteen bar structure of a rap verse, sink to the specific rhythm and feel of the track? More than anything, it's a test of creativity and whit, unquote,. To Jay Z's point. Kendricks DNA is a creative and unique take on the braggadocio rap form to boast about his personal attributes. Kender continually plays off of dna or deoxyribonucleic acid, the molecules responsible for the genetic ring of human beings. Dna resides in our cells, which are incredibly small, so small, in fact, that the average human could, step over a hundred trillion cells. Yet all the dna within just one of these cells. Where range into a single straight piece that DNA It would be nearly two meters, Long Kendrick, very cleverly structures.
Lyrics on DNA in a similar manner to the tightly packed molecular structure of biological dna them in of the song's lyrics are incredibly compact at times short sentence, fragments that moved from idea to idea rapidly as we'll see in our analysis, when you examine the Geordie of these compact lyrical fragments under a microscope, they each contain overwhelming wealth of information rich with complex historical references, us biological dna. The dna will contain a number of these compact fragments that, when viewed as a whole display the the coating that makes Kendrick Lamar, who he is today in an interview with big boy Tv Kendrick, spoke about how the DNA he inherited from his father Kenny Duckworth. Inspired the here at the track. Where is your mind? What is dna mean to you as far as when you're writing that uses the attitude, the attitude of being a confident and putting it in lyrics and putting it over record? That's all
and where did where is that confidence in that dna? Where does that come from? I think that that part of me was definitely the side of my father for sure he come here. He's he's loud. These extra I heard is that he's the start of the party, the end of the party, and you know he's confident about where you come from and, of course, that Father's dna runs through you. Definitely the fact that Kendrick's confidence comes directly from his father plays into the fact that as well here Kendrick is inherited traits in his dna from his biological predecessors. However, throughout DNA will also hear references to his environment, specifically childhood in Compton California. The effect that it had on his development in this way dna is a complex examination of biological inheritance and environmental circumstances that unique in critical interplay between nature nurture. That makes us who we are and before we into the songs lyrics. We should first,
that DNA comes directly off the heels of the Fox NEWS clip at the end of blood. Thus, DNA feels like a direct response to that criticism. Whi Kendrick would choose to respond to Fox news. Through a deep philosophical analysis of who he is seems to be in line with Kendrick's response to criticism about his art and message. In general, I set aside a sound for people who take that out of context. Or take anything that's out of context, and I'm not even blame the magazines, I'm playing the people listening to it or reading it. No, why you don't understand why I come from before you make any remarks, because I've been through a lot seen a lot and I I come from. We are to tear my own communion, so so. You do not recognize that in c see a hundred percent flip. Please learn Kendrick courage, is his critics to know his story and where he comes from before they pass judgment on him and for those like the Fox news. Commentators who are ignorant to how he came to be who he is
Kendrick is going to let them know and then so. Here on DNA, I don't like it. I get I get I got I got. The word I got that begin DNA a at this track is going to be a boast about the things Kendrick possesses, but unlike material possession Kendrick boasts about his genetic traits. Wrapping. I got. Loyalty got royalty inside my dna. Matically? This line is one of the most compact summaries of the persona that Kendrick is constructed over his previous two albums, specifically in their conclusions. Good kid, mad city and Compton a song that celebrates his devotion and loyalty to his city, family and a one friends. He also expresses his royalty incompetence opening mine
not everybody. Seventy eight that his faith of Kendrick Lamar King Kendrick, Lamar, King Kendrick, innovative and so at the conclusion of good kid. Mad city Kendrick establishes the LT to God, Anna City, that lead directly to Kendra new status as royalty. These themes of loyalty and royalty also played out over to pimp a butterfly specifically at the conclusion of that Album Kendrick redefines the Edward to meet royalty, thus suggesting that all black people had realty in their dna e g. U S definition: royalty g, wait, listen is e G who is Descripcion black Emperor, Qin rule, and then let me finish, and so we here in the opening lines of DNA Kendrick summarizing the conclusions he drew about himself and his pee pee. Through his previous two albums. At the same time, we also recognize that I
loyalty got royalty inside my dna comes as a direct response to the Fox news critique we here just before these lines, it would seem that the mockery of his music has Kendrick feeling defensive triggering him to aggressively and defiantly reinforces status as royalty, who remains bill to you and proud of where he comes from Kantor continues. Dna wrapping, cooking corner piece got war and peace inside my dna by coupling cocaine, trafficking with war and peace we seem Kendrick is referring to his experience in Compton and the drug trade the King gang warfare he witnessed there saying these things are in his dna implies that he inherited them and we think immediately of Kendrick's father who was a member of a Chicago gang known, the street disciples, as well as Kendricks uncles, were affiliated with the Piru in Crip gangs in Compton Okay, Kendrick never joined a gang himself, his family,
legacy of gang affiliation has filled Kendrick with tendencies that are both positive and negative, and to this We also recognize the duality of war and peace and more universal terms and Kendrick throughout ok will toddler between his instincts for both conflict and harmony, violence and compassion case in point Kendrick continues. Wrapping. I got power poison, and enjoy inside my dna, I got a hassel, though ambition flow inside my dna again. Can you guys reinforcing here at the inner conflict and more complexity that exist inside him and as the next line suggest these go
selecting attributes seem to have been present since birth, with one like this, give the gift that I Kendrick says. I was born like this, since one like this immaculate conception, he Kendrick contrast his own birth. In early childhood to the immaculate conception, the first of girl biblical references, we're going to find out dna. The immaculate conception refers to the claim that Jesus is mother. Mary was born without original sin term that itself refers to the inherited human tendency of choosing wickedness if Mary was born without original sin, it would that. She lacked this tendency of choosing wickedness. As a result. Jesus could be born free of wickedness and is therefore able to choose weakness.
This. Of course, stands in stark contrast to Kendricks conflicted family heritage, we discussed previously I then wonder why he compare his own birth to the immaculate conception. This gets Claire and in the following lines I transform like this perform like? was yes you a new weapon. In that. Even though Kendricks DNA shaped his character from birth, he still capable of being transformed or reborn, so to speak. We sausage informations play out in both good kid mad city and to pimp a butterfly. So it's no surprise. Said he connects this transformation to his rap performances implied by the line perform like this. Kendrick then suggest that it's active speaking words that inspire transformation is actually a weapon quickly. Yes, she was weapon. Yes, you are hebrew name from which the Greek name Jesus is derived, and he yes, you Yeshua means yahweh- is salvation is the name of the God of Israel
claiming himself. Yes, you are Jesus's. New weapon implies that Kendrick views himself as an instrument in service of God. This is confirmed in a conversation Kendrick ad with Zane Lowe and when I say as a weapon, I always felt like. I use me as a vessel period. You know whether to show my flowers weather to show my intellect to show my pain, to show my heart to share my stories to share his message. You know, I could say the nastiest Steve on record period, but I still feel like there's a vessel. You need to hear that because I can't sugarcoat the reality or, what's going on out here, I can sugarcoat the reality of uh my imperfections. These ideas come way beyond. Me and that's just how I feel about it. So they want, as we just heard, Kendrick believes that God uses him as a vessel in order to share God's message with the world. Kendrick believe
shares this message by offering all of himself to his listeners. This provides insight to why he's beginning damn with a detailed account of his blood of his dna and all of its flawed complexities's dna continues. Kendrick plays off the word weapon wrapping. I don't Compton plate. I meditate then off your fucking head this that put the kids to bed having just claimed to be an instrument for the teachings of Jesus who he know, preach nonviolent self, sacrificing forgiveness. These lines come as a bit of a surprise. By definition, contemplation refers to the thoughtful observation of external environment, while meditation This is on a person's internal environment. Most westerners tend to be acquainted with meditation through buddhist practices. However, Christianity actually began as an eastern religion with its own tradition of meditation, mostly centered, around chanting biblical poetry. Such meditation was declared in the book
psalms to be a way in which one can turn away from wickedness and be blessed quote. Blessed is the man who does not follow the advice of the wicked or stand in the path of sinners or sit in the seat of the air yeah, but his delight is in Yahweh's commandments on his commandments. He meditates day and night. For Yahweh regards the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked end in destruction. Unquote, dude was conflicting and fly DNA Kendrick meditation does not lead to avoiding the way of the wicked. Instead, his meditation swivels into a pond on premeditated murder as Kendrick decapitate, his enemy and not that the rest of his rivals, as if their children being put to sleep after displaying this contrast between both the peaceful and Tendencies in his DNA Kendrick will double down on his killer. Mentality will dissect that mentality along the rest of the first half of dna right after the break
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create your style profile and schedule. Your first fix today by visiting stitch, fix dot com that stitch fix dot com. Welcome back to dissect before the break we discuss. Dna is first few measures. There were her Kendrick describe both the positive and negative attributes in his dna after lines about decapitating his opponents after a meditation session, Kendrick continues to display his killer mentality- and I Kendrick says I got realness. I just kill shit, it's in my dna
rich is built into my dna here. Kendrick seems to be claiming that his life is real by virtue of his tendency to kill as Kendrick dives deeper into his instinct, stored violence and greed. We here for the first time, evidence that wickedness has produced great suffering, even within his body. He says I got dark. I got evil that rot inside my dna. Big then says I got off paired with the previous lines about dark and evil rotting in his dna. I got off seems to insinuate that he's committed a crime without being convicted. It stands to reason that Kendrick guest talking about getting away with murder on the track. Mad city Kendrick asked whether we believe him if he confessed to killing another black male at the ages. Steam, sixteen, which the innocent Kendrick using on the track. The blacker, the berry, Kendrick, further simulate said he killed another black male when he was younger,
so why did I we can train from London with Simmons ST with Gary Rankin? Make me killer NIC of record in me based on these tracks in past interviews, we don't know whether Kendrick actually personally murdered someone or just feels responsible for the murder either way. The guilt from Kendricks troublesome past has left him with a troubled heart. But ever the contrarian Kendrick follows the lines about evil rotting in his dna, with lines about his perpetual winds
just when they when they get use the. I know what you just so you use it Kendrick wraps I just win again did win again like Wimbledon. I, sir, can you accuses the image of a tennis match to describe this conflict with an unnamed opponent he's off the tennis term? Winner which refers to an exceptional shot that an opponent is unable to handle. Kendrick continues by doing donuts in a sports car he raps yeah, that's again the sound that engine is like a bird you see. Fireworks in Corvette tires skirt the Blvd
pairing it sengen to a bird as a reference to the whistling sound from turbo engines, while fireworks likely refers to the flames emitted from shorten exhaust pipes. We should also note, in this passage the change of perspective Kendrick sneaks in he begins by saying I win again, but then in the corvette lines, he switches to the person. Saying yeah. That's him again. He does this slice, which a perspective to set up the next line, which introduces the second person pronoun you. This allows Kendrick to now take direct verbal shots at a stereotypical opponent, perhaps inspired by the Fox NEWS commentators. He says I know how you work. I know just who you are see: use Abich your hormones, probably inside your dna bdsm. The word switch first to someone who alternates between dominant and submissive roles. The implication is that Kendricks opponent only acts like an alpha male amongst weaker individuals whenever he approaches Kendrick his erratic hormones cause them to become Kendricks
Kendrick. Then moves on to further dismember his opponent. Rapping problem is all that sucker shit inside your dna, daddy, probably snitched heritage inside your dna backbone, don't exist, born outside of jellyfish gage. In addition to calling his opponent a and a switch Kendrick alleges that his opponents, father was a snitch snitch is a derogatory term that refers to someone who disregards the rules of the street by Reporting illegal activity to the police, snitches are seen as weak individuals who are incapable of standing up for themselves as if they have no backbone KEN thus determines that it's enemy has the dna of a spineless jellyfish as a verse continues. Kendrick turns the focus back
I'm self and you I know yeah yeah, yeah Kendrick wraps see my pedigree most. Definitely don't tolerate the front. Should I been through probably offend you. This is Paul as old as in contrast to the spineless and fake tough rival in the previous lines, Kendrick and traces pedigree through his confident Father Kenney, other Paula who endured numerous struggles to get Kendrick and the siblings where they are today. Kendrick then goes to itemize the legacy he received from his parents. He raps, I know murder, conviction, burner, boosters, burglars, ballers, dead, redemption scholars, Father dead with kids, and I wish I was fed for this, in an interview with rolling stone, can are common in
In this specific line, saying quote, I can't tell you the shit I've been through. Without telling you, the I've been through unquote the employee. Asian here. Is that if you were to detail tribulations, he might incriminate self and others. So instead he keeps the events nonspecific in list form at the end of this list. Kendrick shows a brief moment of ability. By admitting the one thing he wished, his parents had nurtured in him. The ability to forgive others at this point not sure who Kendrick wishes he could forgive or what caused him to is the value of forgiving others. It could be that Kendrick. Yes, she was new weapon. The struggling, Yes, she was, or Jesus is greatest weapon forgiveness, Jesus Miss Lee taught his followers that if they do not forgive those who offended them, God will not forgive them of their own offenses. Judging by DNA. Thus far, it seems clear that Kendrick is not yet ready to forgive his adversaries, making it impossible for the forgiveness of his own,
At this point, we should remember that DNA began as a response to Fox news. We also recall that or just admitted that guilt is eating away at him, possibly due to his involvement in a capital offense. Hence, if Kendrick could not make peace with the conservative opposition, who will likely have difficulty finding peace of mind without the ability to forgive to not be able to choose weakness. I will be resigned to live in a constant state of war. This we have ongoing war, leads us into the next line, wherein Kendrick Research. That has a soldiers dna. We think first of Kendricks Father, whose home City is nicknamed shy. Rack of blending of Chicago in Iraq. We think also have Kendricks childhood in Compton, which Kendrick has described as a zone. Finally, we might also think of the trauma endured by soldiers and the post stress disorder. Many of them live with having X.
Instead share of trauma growing up in Compton said the he documented on good kid. Mad city we might speculate. Kendrick suffers from some form of PTSD himself as a link. The verse of dna continues. Kendrick explores this child to Here's more deeply! So just what is when I was yeah, we do yeah. Well, we in this section Kendrick shows that, despite the drastic change in his family circumstances, in the present day, there's a clear continuity between Huey was as a child and who he is now he says, born inside. The belly of the beast are reference to his birthplace of Compton CA, belly of the beast as yet another biblical reference this time to the story of Jonah. The prophet who rejected gods, call in find himself inside the belly of a large carnivorous fish or whale Kendrick.
States my expertise- checked out in second grade. This is likely when Kendrick was seven years old. The year he became an older brother when talking about his childhood in interviews. Kendrick is he often spent time by himself contemplating his environment this unusual maturity he showed from an early age, let his mother to nickname him man, man, in the same interview we referenced earlier. Kendrick, explain, DNA was in part an attempt to understand himself at the age of seven, the h as mom began, calling him man, man, MR type of things in it in a wreck. Miss me recognizes the the world around me to me recognising the lifestyle that out about grown to c n, n and intelligent from time to time from a famous person.
Have to come in a grips too, the idea of knowing who man man was, you know as a seven year old boy in freaking out who they see as Kendrick Lamar. You know an taking all of these different aspects and personalities from my own perspective, for me, for my soul and putting them into record. Ok It continues. Dna wrapping when I was nine on sale motel, we didn't have no, where to stay at twenty nine. I've done so well hit cart. Will in my state here k drag, shows the degree to which is circumstances have changed in the span of two decades having a baby brother and living in a motel at age, nine or likely factors, and if L, in Kendricks maturity and ambition at a young age. Twenty years later, these traits have led Kendrick to such great success that he could purchase and live inside a mansion, the imagery about doing cartwheels, something we do as
sighted children illustrates how was wealth is allowed him to recover a part of childhood. He never enjoyed due to his family's financial hardships. Kendrick news and I'm going to shine like I'm supposed to antisocial extrovert, as we mentioned earlier, Kendrick often prefer to be alone in a corner of the room as a child. This antisocial behavior often mask the fact that Kendricks attention was always turnt or his external environment, particularly the complexities of his family members. At the same time, Kendrick also describes himself here as an extrovert, a term for someone who primarily obtains gratification from outside of themselves. Kendricks extrovert. As often on display when he performs as a rapper and feeds off the energy of the crowd. The internal conflict between being antisocial, social and an extrovert suggests that even when Kendrick
chooses to surround himself with people. He may still feel antagonistic in isolated. Kendrick continues an excellent mean the extra work and absent Nis. What the you heard and pessimist never struck my nerve Fear Kendrick seems to display. How is antisocial, extraversion prepared into work hard for Dexilant with such dedication might mean he was absent physically, he was never absent minded, rather he preferred to avoid the I miss you fail to recognize the ambition that flows inside his DNA as DNA reaches the conclusion of its first lengthy verse, Kendrick recites. Three That's rich with meaning and that's the way it is so for a profit. Kendrick says in Nazareth going to plead his case,
here Nazareth refers to Jesus of Nazareth. Pleading his case likely refers to the trial in which Jesus played innocent of false accusations. It's unclear what Jesus trial has to do with Kendrick until we consider the next line. And Nazareth going to plead his case, the reason by powers here on earth they've location here is that Jesus trial has led to Kendrick having power on earth. When we outlined Jesus's trial, it becomes clear why Kendrick is asserted. This notion. Jesus was accused of claiming to be the king of Jews and ACT of treason, despite his pleas of innocence, trial. Jesus is ultimately put to death upon his resurrection. Three days later, his disciples asked Jesus whether he'd uses power to restore the kingdom of Israel and Response Jesus said he was going to ascend to his throne in Heaven. I would instead bestow power appan. His followers quote. You receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses, even
Remote is parts of the earth unquote. This, of course, adds substantial context to the lines. The reason my powers here on earth, according to Jesus, the Holy Spirit, is the power that comes down from Heaven to his followers on Earth Kendrick among them. Moreover, Jesus claim that the Holy Spirit came to earth to enable Jesus's followers to serve as as witnesses, meaning his followers would tell others about Jesus Life, just like someone called upon to testify in a legal case, they won in theory, tell the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth leads to the final line of TNA's. First verse Kendrick says salute the truth, when the prophet say, as we mentioned before, the main function of a profit is to convey a message inspired by a given spirit, in the same way that spirits can be good or evil, they can also convey messages
either true or false. This is why Jesus clarified that the Spirit he sent down to his followers was the spirit of truth quote when the comforter comes, whom I'll send you the Spirit of the truth. He goes out from the Father in Heaven. He will testify about and you will also testify unquote, as we have discussed earlier in his interview Kendrick believes that his own, life is being used as Yeshua or Jesus Jesus's new weapon. In that same interview, Kendrick explains how the words he said come down from a power. Much higher than himself is out of my hands these words you know and not just made up words. You know when I say I sit in and I live with me know, and I really don't into him. These are ideas coming way beyond me. I mean that's just
Phil about it since day, one the higher power that Kendrick refers to is likely the same spiritual power of truth that Jesus promised to send his disciples. So we can see how final three lines of DNA's is first verse are potent summary of Kendricks Rules, messenger he says and Nazareth going to plead his case. The reason my powers here on earth salute the truth when the prophet say the cell is that Kendrick believes that his power is the spirit of the truth that comes down from God. The spirit is It enables Kendrick to serve as profit and endure the trip. Of slanderous accusations from outlets like Fox NEWS. After this dramatic conclusion of verse, one dna transitions into a chaotic bridge. That features several layers of vocals.
This is why I say that hip hop is done more damage to young african Americans and racism in recent years. In the midst of the chaos we here emerged, the Voice of Fox these Hoes Horado Rivera the audio clip from the same news segment that played at the end of the previous track. Blood auto claims that hip hop has done more damage, young african Americans and racism in recent years. This critique against hip hop in general seems to have A nerve with Kendrick, as we know, from studying his discography music, is responsible for saving Kendricks life in a large part of his cultural inheritance, Kendrick defend himself by saying I live a better life, I'm real several days, lines that seem to embrace his hip hop inheritance, specifically the rolling several dice line. He refers to see low of form of illegal,
gambling in which players roll three dice. These kinds of dice games are popular with an urban black culture, and references to Dice games run throughout the history of hip. Hop One of the better examples is in the song casualties of a dice game by big l that battery stretch. The cable snapped at fat cats pockets respect they playing Celo, as the name of the song might suggest. Big L described sore feelings from a dice game that trigger a cycle of violence in which big l, three other young, black men and one police officer end up getting shot to death. Given the history
crime and violence caused by dice games. Kendrick's assertion that he's rolling several dice further associates. Kendricks DNA with the subversive heritage of urban hip hop culture. At the same time, rolling dice could be alluding to good Friday the day that Kendrick released, damn after the trial that found Jesus to be guilty. The same trial Kendrick just reference at the end of verse. One soldiers were given orders to execute Jesus by hanging a cross Jesus prayed for these soldiers by saying father. Forgive them, for they do not know what they do. Over these soldiers, seemingly paid no attention and the very next sentence, the soul, proceed to roll dice to gamble for Jesus is remaining close. If Kendrick is making a reference to these events, it would their emphasized that he has quote unquote: soldiers, dna and, like the soldiers at the Bible, he's ignorant of how to receive forgiveness.
This is I rate reaction to her all those comments about hip hop as the chaos of the bridge leads to its climax, Kendrick recites, a powerful couplet. Let's have another list Kendrick raps. This is my heritage. All I'm my in power, the maker of marriages, given the reference to hip hop culture. We just heard these lines seem to further express' Kendricks inheritance of hip hop culture. This would explain why Kendrick claims that his inheritance is tide to three common themes of braggadocio RAP money, power and sex. Furthermore, what distinguishes these lines is not just what Kendrick says, but how he says it. Kendrick uses, what's known as a triplet flow. A triplet is a rhythmic grouping of three notes to ta to TA to TA, despite its use by hip hop artists like bone. The
it's in harmony and three six mafia. The triplet flow has seen a recent resurgence in popularity, particularly in trap. Music spear by the rap trio Migos defending himself the culture at large against Haradas defamation of hip hop, while using a triplet flow on a trap, beat Kendrick is cleverly an effectively embodying the culture of hip, hop circa, two thousand and seventeen. By doing so, he's not just defending himself against her Aldo's critique he's, also defending the hip hop community at large. Dna is chaotic bridge, ultimately transcends into the song second half, which features an entirely new musical landscape transition into this. Second half is accentuated by a five to one count down sampled from the launch of freedom. Seven, the
flight that made Alan Shepard, the first American to reach outer space. Tell me something interesting, including a slight countdown adds tension and drama leading up to the venomous explosion. That is the second half of dna. A second half will examine note bye oh line by line next time on dissect. dissect is produced by me for Spotify studios. Today's episode was written by Femi Olu today and me song, recreation by Andrew,
audio editing by Eric bassen me original theme. Music by bureaucratic you can now stream all the original dissect themes composed by bureaucratic on Spotify, just click, the in the show notes if you enjoy dissect, please tell a friend about the show, and be sure to say, hi on Twitter and Instagram at dissect podcast. You can also purchase dissect merchandise that dissect podcast com. Okay, thanks for listening everyone I'll talk to you next episode,.
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