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S5E8 - FEEL. by Kendrick Lamar

2019-11-12 | 🔗

Kung Fu Kenny’s pursuit of sex, money, and murder comes to a head in FEEL. In a violent storm of emotions, Kenny reveals the underlying isolation and suffering caused by his self-centered way of life.

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today continue our serialized analysis of damn by Kendrick Lamar. On her last episode, we dissected element a song that documents are protagonist, kung, FU, Kenny's willingness to kill or be killed and defense. His family and his positioning in the hip hop hierarchy, candies violent mentality Nfs did after making the choice to follow his intuition on the previous song YA, since the inherited These of sex money and murder are encoded into his dna. This choice, to follow his intuition has now let him on a path of wickedness with Alan being the most articulated expression of the vengeful and violent tendencies inside Kenny, but we also realized in element that beneath Kenny's, hard exterior lies a deep rooted fear of going coke and returning to a life of poverty and hardship in Compton. The
or episode. We recalled the story of Jonah. The conflicted prophet, who rejects gods, call in subsequently faces a violent storm sent by God. To stop Jonah from laying if Kenny story mirrors Jonah, like we predicted Kenny's own rejection of God's call on ya and confirmed an element would find him facing a storm of his own, but rather in a storm of wind and rain Kenny's about to dive head first in a storm of emotions on the albums next track. The subject of our episode today, feel I feel like a chip on my shoulders. I feel like I'm losing my focus. I feel like I'm losing my patience. I feel like my thoughts in the basement, feel like I feel like you missed, educate. If you'd like, I don't want to be bothered fee, is random produced by Kendrick, Lamar and Soundwave. The You guys are somewhat interesting, backstory with sound they've telling Fader magazine quote, feel was the only record that wasn't made in the studio, and that's because I had a the emergency I had to take off to Atlanta and I literally made that song on the plane I sent. It
and he sent it right back. This was towards the end of the recording process for the album and I knew it was missing a song like that that was about two months before we turned everything in unquote. Deals, production is based on a sample included in a loopmasters sample pack, a sample pack collection or catalog of pre recorded pre prepped audio, Apple's producers can purchase for use in their original productions. Not very often do you find big name producers, pulling from generic sample packs. In this way But as we'll see, the samples in Fit Dance, sonic, environment, perfectly. Here's the main! treated, sample, Soundwave pulled from loopmasters contractor two kind of Pomegranate Toyota San
wave slows is sample down about fifty beats per minute, which sounds like this. Turn turn off. Computer Soundwave then adds a drum beat beneath this sample. From Oc Smith Song Stormy, This is chopped into a four measure loop and to beef it up a bit Soundwave overlays. Additional kick drum and hi hats
Now, let's combine this with the loop master sample the nurse we have the basic musical foundation for feel before this be begins. We hear a brief introduction. Can, you repeat the phrase ain't. Nobody praying for me, something we first heard said by kids free in the introduction of the previous song element as we'll see, in this phrase will become one of the few recurring lyrical motifs heard throughout damn, but having spent a amount of time on Kendrick's back catalog in the beginning of the season.
We also know that prayer has been a central theme in his previous work. It was most prominent on good kid, mad city, an album that actually open, to the prayer and I probably would care for my sins. I believe at noon. At Lord, we hear this Again, the song sing about me, I'm dying of thirst and, as you know, signifies the moment that Kendrick's life was transformed. On the more recent track. Untitled two you're, emotionally distressed Kendrick, compare himself to the prophet Jonah and ask whoever is listening to pray for him for me, get Kendrick wraps trapped inside the belly of the beast. Can you please pray for me? Get got on the phone it would seem that Kendrick has an established pattern of requesting others to pray for him whenever
is drowning in an ocean of concerns. Ultimately, Kendrick hopes that prayers offered on his behalf will cause God to respond to him Ironically, when God did respond in the earlier track ya, can he followed the pattern of Joe? by refusing to answer God's call. Thus the complaint that no one is praying for Kenny seems to be somewhat contradictory. As will soon see prayer complain. Sing. Contradictions are going to be three of the central themes, explored and feel I feel like a chip with my shoulders. I feel like I'm losing my focus. I feel like I'm losing my patience. I feel like my thoughts in the basement, feel like I feel like you missed, educate it feels like. I don't want to be bothered Kenny wraps. I feel like a chip on my shoulders. I feel like I'm losing my focused. I feel like I'm losing my patience. I feel like my thoughts and basement these initial four lines established the main miracle form of the track. Was every line in the verses begins with the word feel as one of the first few words
Kenny uses this repetitive structure, to provide us with a catalog of thoughts and feelings that are overwhelming and chaotic in literary terms. This stylistic is known as litany litany is actually the central american poetic device employed by poets, like what men in song of myself or the Beatnik Allen give Berg in his Seminole piece, HAL Litany is Incre a deft in meditative or confessional, poetry works that are introspective, and on a multi, dimensional nuanced examination of a particular subject, of course, This examination could be deeply personal, especially when the poet is exploring nuanced or contradictory feelings towards the subject: Allen, Ginsberg Poem America. As an example of litany, hard at work, listen to Ginsberg, read the opening lines, America I've given you all and now I'm nothing.
Target two dollars and twenty seven cents January 17th, one thousand nine hundred and fifty six America. I can't stand my own mind- America, when will we end the human WAR Ginsburg opens MOE lines with the word America and continues the series of complaints these early rep. Tensions are meant to establish the poem as a litany about injustice in America later on in the poem Ginsburg even makes a direct reference. Form he's using when he writes my ambition is to be present, despite the fact that, America. How can I write a holy litany literally moved in this? and Ginsburg talks about writing a holy Letni, his use of word holy is likely not to the fact that lit he's originated as a form of collective prayer within christian worship, with a church service, Elitni Typic,
consists of one person saying a series of statements that begin with the same phrases after each statement: war- First respond in unison, asking the law have mercy on them. One famous example is the litany of the sacred heart views in the roman catholic church. Heart of Jesus burning furnace of charity have mercy on US hearts of Jesus Vassal of justice and law. I am very soon heart of Jesus, all of course, ironic that feel uses a form closely associated with repetitive prayer will also including a hook that repeats ain't. Nobody praying for me moreover, rather than being a prophet who speaks the truth. Can you to focus on is ephemeral, feelings, particularly his negative feelings, thus much like the poem America by Allen. Ginsberg Kenny to be using his litany to voice a catalog of complaints and explain why he doesn't feel well. Listen again to the first lines. This time, focusing,
content of each line, I feel like a chip on my shoulder. I feel like I'm losing my focus. I feel like I'm losing my patience. I feel like my thoughts in the basement, feel like I feel like you missed, educate if you'd like, I don't want to be bothered. I feel like these initial line, the narrative of damn, take then reversal as Kenny expresses how Mental state is quickly deteriorating on the track element Kenny. Both that about how he would retaliate against those who had threatened him and his family, but here those past grudges have condensed into heavy chip on his shoulder on the track. Ya Mom was worried about Kenny working himself to death, but here losses ability to work or focus at all. On the last track element Kenny said you know, careers take off just got to be patient, but here on Feel Kenny has lost his ability to be patient. Also, on the track element, can you speak?
okay of lifting up the black artist. But now his own thoughts have descended into the base like. I don't wanna be glad that I feel that you may be the problem I feel like it. They know tomorrow for the world in a number and they put rating. Thank you for the changes, like my thought, a compromise like the bill for you, which will right. Can you continue saying I feel like you're miseducation, it feel like? I don't want to be bothered feel like you may be the problem rather than taking responsibility for his condition. Kenny instead places all the blame on others. Ironically, by refusing to Archies contributed to the problems in his world can become just like the Fox news host, whom he criticized throughout the first three tracks. Damn next
he says I feel like it: ain't no tomorrow fuck the world. The world is ending, I'm done pretending and fuck you. If you get offended Kenny's belief that the apart to the approaching gives way to a nihilistic, pasta, Latitude tored the world. On the previous song element, we found Kenny Hostile, tore his rivals and rap, and in Compton now can he's expanded the hostility exponentially. He essentially tells everyone to go hello. Kenny's downward spiral continues in the next lines. I feel, like friends, been overrated rated. I feel like the family been fakin. I feel like the feelings are changing, feel like my daughter, compromised and jaded feel like you want to scrutinize how I made it Kenny expresses how those who are once loyal to him seem to have lost their feelings of devotion on element, Kenny claimed he'd rather die than leave his element and have his family go broke. Those same people he cared for like his own daughter, now seemed to be as great as source of hard.
It seems that he can no longer even count on his family as a source of comfort and stability. Next Kenny says, Like I ain't feeling, you all feel like movie myself, no feelings involved, Kenny's doubts about his friends and family causing him to become emotionally removed and distant. This increased isolation makes Kenny both sad and resentful with the line I feel for you. Been in the field for you Kenny reminds us that he's been working like a slave for the benefit of others. Kenny then ask it's real for you right Again Kenny wants to assert that he's real on ya, I'm diagnosed with real and work conditions on element. Can posted about himself saying and words thought that Kay was real life. The same like they see on tv, and so dismissed his rivals by saying most of y'all ain't real. All these references help to show how Kenny's Con focus on being real, tends to drive Kenny towards conflict with others,
later in our examination of the track. Humble will see Kenny's association between conflict and being real illustrates. The extent to which Kenny has reverted to the old patterns of thought that he inherited while growing up in Compton. Kenny and Severus, and simultaneously transitions to the chorus by saying shit, I feel like ain't, nobody praying for me and after repeating the phrase ain't, nobody praying for me Kenny dive straight into verse. Two Nobody and nobody I feel like debated- I do not feel like. Can you begin?
the second verse saying I feel like Edwards been out of pocket. I feel, like N words tap in their pockets. The phrase out of pocket can have at least three different meanings in the traditional british usage being out of, it refers to running out of money and traditional american usage. Being out of pocket refers to remaining out of reach. And in more recent american slang being out of pocket, refers to acting out of control Thus the line seems to suggest that those around Kenny are broke, aloof and uncontrollable. Meanwhile, the phrase tap and they pockets refers to gauging how much money a person has in their possession most often with the intent of trying to given that those around Kenny are out of pocket and have lost his trust? He feel
said those who are once loyal to him will soon be tapping on his pockets. Next Kenny says I feel like debating on who the greatest can stop it. I am legend as we discussed in element. Can he considers himself to be the greatest rapper as well as rapper two through five? by saying I am Legend Kenny seems to be claiming legendary status within hip hop. However, I am legend. Is also the name of a nineteen. Fifty four zombie apocalypse novel as well as Two thousand and seven film starring Will Smith double. I am legend follows a man named Robert Neville he's been living in isolation after a disease turn all the humans around him into vampires. Zombies never has, lock himself in his house and find ways to kill these vampire zombies. Eventually, Neville discover that there's a community of people who are infected with the disease but who have not turn. The vampires zombies, because he's infected humans are authentic to the zombie vampires. They end up capturing novel and sentence him to die,
Has Neville awaits his execution. He realizes that the infected, Humans are now the new race of humanity and that the old humanity he was apart of soon be nothing more than a legend. In a book review critic Dan Schneider, wrote quote despite having vamp ours in it. The novel is not a novel on vampires, nor even a horror, or Sci FI novel at all in the deepest sense. Instead, it is perhaps the greatest novel written on human loneliness, unquote. This exploration of loneliness seems to be the underlying reason. Why Kenny used the phrase? I am legend superficially the phrases post about his legendary status as greatest rapper, but at its core I am legend underscores how Kenny is isolated and faces. Hostility from his compromise former homies, who are now trying to suck the life out of him. This idea extend
directly into the verses next life staffing. I do not feel like take a second MIKE joined a whenever holding a real might like me in the musical. Thank you for calling the mutual Kenny wraps. I feel, like all y'all peasants, I feel like all y'all desperate, I feel like all it take, is a second to feel like MIKE Jordan. Whenever hold the real by. I ain't feeling your presence feel like I'm a learned. Your lesson here Kenny continues. His boasts I mean that those around him are desperate peasants, which, by contrast, implies that Kenny is an exalted self satisfied. King Kenny also compares himself to Michael Jordan, who is almost Bursley considered the greatest basketball player ever this reference also plays off the homophone of MIKE, as in Michael and MIKE as in microphone. The one that Kenny holds when proving he's the greatest rap
much like how Jordan Ambaris many of the individuals who tried to guard him, can he also threatened learn your lesson and humiliate them. Next Kenny says feel you like only me and the music, though I feel like you're feeling ain't mutual. I feel like the enemy you should know here, He claims that he only connects to the music and remains untouchable by humans. This is another case in which Kenny's apparent boast. Barely the confession of his loneliness, the is the enemy you should know. His He also reference to swim, who said quote if No, that enemy an know yourself. You need not here. Are the results of one hundred battles if you know yourself, but not the enemy, for every victory. And you will also suffer a defeat. If you know now to the enemy, nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle, unquote 's Windsor was a chinese military strategist who wrote the treatise entitled the art of war, one of the most,
widely read, literary works on strategy and leadership, the work work's, fired numerous military leaders throughout history from the into intimal to the KGB to the Us Army Art of war is also referenced throughout the history of hip hop from dead Prez to Tupac Shakur Interestingly, after ray rinsing Swindell directly to park That is number one rule of war is to know your enemy so that you can observe and exploit his weakness. And a song about his growing isolation and hostility towards those around him. It would seem that Kenny's reference the art of war is evidence that Kenny expects conflict in his future and is thus preparing for, It's also another reminder that Kung Fu Kenny has inherited so
His dna as feel second verse, continues the reference to the art of WAR Morse into a reference about the war on drugs. Well, exam. Just how Kenny makes this clever transition right after the break. Today's episode of dissect is brought to you by Maytag. Maytag knows extra dirty clothes need. Extra cleaning power that's. Why back washers now have the extra power button just give it a push to boost Ane fighting on any wash cycle, simple as that to learn more the Maytag dot, com, is episode of dissect is brought to you by Stitch, fix stitch fix as a personal styling service for men, women and kids that Deliv clothes, shoes and accessories hand selected just for you by stylist right to your door. You could try at home, keep what you love and send the rest back for free or low
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they trudged to the mall or even leave our house, create your style profile and try stitch fix today by visiting stitch fix dot com that stitch fix, dot com. Welcome back to dissect. Before the break we examine the first half of feel discovering the mental storm of emotions. Kenny is dealing with, after choosing to turn away from God and follow his intuition. We left off with a reference to the art of war, which can will now transform into a reference to the war on drugs.
Let me use you know, feel like the filling and no hope to fill in a bad dope. Courthouse manipulated from soap to fill in with the filling the first freedom of crossbreeding, the poison of filament. In a person after, like he's just mean look after, like I can't breathe, look I feel, like I can't sleep. Look at your heartless off the office. Filling the following are falling apart with darkest hour was lost in filling the void of being employed with the place with coffee and fill up. The banks with Dallas FED babies were pushy internet blogs in pulpits fill up with gas, and I feel, like this Kenny wraps, feel like the feeling of no hope the feeling of bad dope. One slash four ounce manipulated from so the feeling of false freedom, I'll force, feed 'em, the poison that'll fill him up in the prison. In a masterful display of word economy can summarizes the cause and effects of the war on drugs and just a few sparse lines. The war on Drugs was an initiative that began in nineteen. Seventy one under president, Richard Nixon, one of the top goals of the initiative, was to
a halt to the civil rights movement by heavily criminalizing the drugs that were prevalent in black communities, but the 1980s after many black leaders were in prison, Many younger black individuals felt that they had no hope, which Kenny be in the lines, the feeling of no hope As a result, they began selling dope a slang, that normally referred to crack cocaine, crack cocaine was prepared by taking pure cocaine measured by out and manipulating it with other white substances such as laundry soap. Hence the line, the feeling of bad dope, one slash four ounce manipulated from soap. The next line, the feeling of false freedom, really refers to the drug dealer selling. This drug dreams of freedom through or mobility and economic prosperity from drug dealing, and it up pulverising the commute Steelers sold to an intern destroyed their own lives as well
during the Ronald Reagan era. In the 1980s, the US justice system increase the length of prison sentence is for those convicted of selling crack cocaine, ironically, many investigative writers have alleged that the CIA actually assisted rebel groups and trafficking cocaine. As a result, America Force FED poison to black neighborhoods and then uh did black drug sellers in order to fill up America's privatized prisons. This in are the final line in this virtuosic section I'll force feed in the poison that fill them up in the prison Kenny continues this first rapping I feel like it's just me. Look I feel, like I can't breathe. Look I feel, like I can't sleep. Look again we hear Kenny confesses, crushing isolation as he's surrounded by hostile forces that keep him up at night and threatened to choke him. The phrase I can't breathe may also be a reference to the death of Eric Garner, a black man who helped to break up a fight in Staten Island on July 17th, two thousand and fourteen.
When a group of police officers arrived on the scene, they tried to gardner on suspicion of illegally selling cigarettes as a police force them to the ground One officer used in illegal chokehold to restrain Gardner, which prohibited garner from breathing and a video recording of the incident garner could be heard repeatedly telling the police. I can't breathe I've had the police officer is ignored, garners please and, as a result, garner loss consciousness and died at a hospital now or later even though the use of chokehold is banned by the New York Police Department. A grand jury decided not to indict the police officer on any charges of police brutality? the decision not to indict was a pivotal moment in the applies matter movement and triggered protests.
Around America, in which garners last words became a rallying cry for justice. Free by using the phrase I can't breathe Kenny seems to be connecting so in personal struggle, with the larger struggle at the black community against the american justice system, it also connects back to the narative section of the track blood in which Kenny was killed by a blind woman who seemed to be a representation of lady This never ending struggle for justice seems to have hardened and traumatize Kenny, leading him to say. I feel heartless, often off this feeling of falling of falling apart with darkest hours. It seems like the legacy of struggle against people and systems of oppression, have drain Kenny and left him feeling heartless being devoid of compare
leads directly into the lines fill in the void being employed with bawling streets is talking fill in the blanks with coffins fill up. The banks with dollars fill up the graves with Father's fill up. The babies with bullshit internet blogs and pulpit fill him with awesome and these lines Kenny modifies the litany by using the slant rhyme Phil F, I l l at the beginning of each line. The call end of these lines, also share a pattern and that they each discuss how voids in urban life tend to be filled by things that only cause more problems. The void of being gainfully employed is filled by purchasing expensive clothes. Jewelries in cars, empty talk in the streets is fulfilled by putting enemies in coffins. Thus empty graves are filled with Father's who were killed while trying to fill empty bank accounts with money. These fatherless babies then grew up with only internet blocks in church services to fill them with lies and gossips about why their fathers died.
Also be noted that the phrase streets is talking is likely a reference to Jay, Z, song of the same name, this need in streets is talking. Jay, discusses. The anxiety he lives under as his our associates have now become jealous J environment becomes so hostile that he feels all the hustlers in the street. I'm not talking. Amongst themselves and plotting his downfall within the context of feel streets is talking and another example of a man whose embattled and isolated after the people around it became compromised and jaded, as feel continues. Kenny makes reference to
other hip hop icon. It is a I feel, like this got a what is happening with promises crack a church with Kenny continues. I feel like this got to be the feeling what park was the feeling of an apocalypse happened, but nothing is awkward. The feeling will prosper. The feeling is ta check here Kenny seems to be reiterating his belief that the world, as we know it, will soon collapse in an apocalypse coming off the heels of Kenny's reference to the war on drugs is interesting to know the term apocalypse originally meant revelation the to a genre of symbolic jewish literature that revealed how God would bring an end to the violence and injustice perpetrated by oppressive nations
now. The word apocalypse is mostly used to refer to a set of destructive events that will lead to the end of the world. In this passage, Kenny, also references Tupac, likely a nod to his first album two Pacalypse now Tupac also spoke of the apocalypse on the tracks I think we can to block wraps to park. Lips is back and strapped attacking the packs. I'm kicking the facts on stacks of wraps, thus, within the context, Tupac's music Tupac apparently sees himself as the manifestation of the apocalypse, both in his use of violence against his enemies and also the truth he reveals through his rap. This provides context to why Kenny says this gotta be the feeling. What
aquas was, as Kenny seems, to have inherited this role of revealing the embarrassing truths about american society, who or by saying nothing is awkward. Kenny may implying that America is so blatant in shameless in its injustice. That nothing Kenny reveals feels awkward thing is awkward could also mean that, when we're confronted with these dark truth or even the apocalypse itself, we simply carry on with our lives like nothing is awkward or wrong. Next Kenny says, I feel, like I'm boxing demons monsters, false prophet scheming, sponsors, industry, promises and words, bitches Hunkies crackers, Compton, church, religion, token, blacks in bondage, lawsuit visit subpoena served in concert here, Kenny envisions himself in a fist, fight against demons: men, women, black people, white people, the rap industry, the hood, the justice system, false prophets and true religion. Ascential '
Kenny is fighting against everyone and everything. This feeling of endless conflict leads to the most vocally intense section of the entire track, find it's lots of physics, Sabrina, so deep acid structure. Phyllis I mean this fall in plastic packaging at the Phoenix showing of watch is accurate. The dream is more in the process. Hackenberger regime. Therefore Kenny screams fuck your feelings. I mean this for impostors. I can feel it the Phoenix sure to watch us. I can feel it. Dream is more than process. I can put a regime that forms a lock ness. I can feel it. The screen HANS our logic, its interest the note that, with these lines, Kenny manipulates his voice Kendra often uses vocal modulations to better match and express the emotional content in his lyrics. In this case, it's like the aggression and intensity of this verse, almost pushes natural voice from the realm of the real to the unreal. This shift in vocal production comes
hand in hand with lines that are all focused on things that are not real. This includes dream haunted houses impostors, who act like friends and mythological creatures like the Phoenix in the Loch Ness monster. However, while most of us would use logic to convince ourselves that such things are not real. Kenny's feelings to affirm the reality of the things he mentioned. This is empathy, repeatedly. When Kenny says, I can feel it the phoenix, I can feel it the dream and I can feel it. The scream This discrepancy between what Kenny feels and what he knows be true seems to the one of the most central motifs on the track. Thus, as we come to the end, we reminded that we cannot rely on anything that Kenny has said on this track, because Kenny's feelings have diverged from real.
Difference between the automatic, I feel like say something like take selfie like skating, not feel like wait for me. It's too late for feel, like the whole world, want me to pray for him, but who the footprint for Maine, if you like, say something I feel like take something I feel like skating off. I feel like waiting for him. Maybe it's too late for him. Can he expresses this conflicted feelings about how we should respond to the family, friends and community members who have been compromised. He debates whether to restore these relationships by speaking the truth and waiting patiently or just give up on them extract what he can from them and walk away. Ultimately, Kenny wonders of trying to help others is futile, since it may be too late for them to change before the world ends yet Can we see that Kenny's feelings of hopelessness is a central reason that he continues to reject his prophetic? Calling remember that on the pre
D'Estrac element Kenny RAP damned. If I do, if I don't God Dam Asal, if you won't with no hope in the ability of people to Change God to turn curses into blessings. Can you read It's an isolated, angry and rebellious profit. He wonders why he should pray for the well being of others when nobody is praying for his own. Well being This mentality stands in stark contrast to the way of weakness, of self sacrifice and forgiveness of others, The second verse comes to an end. The ones agitated Kenny punctuates his primary complaint with a voice that sound, very much defeated ain't. Nobody praying for me program for me conclusions if we head to the names of the next seven tracks on damn loyalty, pride, humble lust, love, xx, x and fear.
We should notice that each of them, except xx, is named after a feeling. And as we'll see later, even Xxxviii the mentally a song about rage. This upcoming emphasis on feeling Yes, I Kendrick design the narrative of damn to be a self reflective journey into the emotional center of the human heart. In his interview with Zane Lowe, Kendrick discussed how the focus on internal conflict throughout damn contrast with the focus on external conflict throughout to pimp a butterfly the best way for me to put it to people. A would be the thought of changing the world, you know and how work and how we approach things down. It would be the idea I can change the world. Until I change myself, you know We listen, listen to like pride, humble last love. These are just too many.
Things and me looking in the mirror and coming to grips with them. You know an in know how a world itself and combine meant to records our whole. The listener can take heed and and grab something from both of them to ideas and carry out their day to the best potential of themselves. They see bring to the interview. One of the central themes of damn is that we cannot change the world until we change ourselves. Moreover, we can change ourselves until we change how we deal with our conflicting emotions. Hence, what to pimp a butterfly call this to look out the window, at the chaos going on outside. Damn calls each of to look in the mirror at the chaos going on inside of us. The track field, thus serves as an introductory meditation for the self reflective journey. We're about to embark on as we look back on the once we dissected thus far blood DNA Ya, an element,
see how these tracks helped to establish our protagonist, Kung Fu Kenny as the prophet who rejected God's call and as followed his intuition Tord sex money and murder, now it seems, will focus on the various emotional states one undergoes when making such a decision feel. The introduction this emotional meditation uses repetitive lyrical structure, inspired by lit knees used to request prayer in church services, but, as we heard, the lid structure was also utilized by american poets, like Walt Whitman and Allen Ginsberg to praise her protest aspects of american life as we'll see later in the album. These two motifs of prayer and protest will be combined as Kenny This path eventually leads him to prophesy against America. However, at this point in Damn, Kenny continues to run away from his calling, just like the prophet Jonah ran away from his calling and boarded a headed in the opposite direction. God sent a powerful storm that halted the ship's progress, the storm Thre
the destroy the ship causing the sailors to pray to their own gods. Meanwhile, owner slept in the hold of the ship and remain completely unaware that everyone around him was praying fine, One of the soldiers found Jonah and the need to know what God Jonah on his loyalty too much like Jonah's journey, these emotional state has suddenly become stormy. Like Jonah the yes, we see in Kenny's life is a direct result. Kenny choosing to live in opposition to God's commandments like Jonah Kenny. Remains unaware that there are plenty of people praying for him if Kenny's narrative continues to mirror. Jonas, we should expect Kenny will soon have to state whether he's ultimately loyal to himself or to God, Lanty Lanty Lanty, Lanty, Lanty Lanty will Co. Can you respond to this question
when we examine the track loyalty. Note by note line by line next time- and I say Dissect is produced by me modify studios. Today's episode was written by Femi Olu today in me, song recreations, by Andrew Atwood, audio editing by Eric Bass and me original theme, music by bureaucratic. Can now stream all the original dissect themes composed by bureaucratic on Spotify just click, the link in the show notes? if you enjoy dissect, please tell telephone. About the show and be sure to
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