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S6E11 - All Night by Beyoncé


We continue our serialized analysis of Beyoncé’s Lemonade by dissecting its eleventh and final chapter “Redemption,” which features the song “All Night.” Beyoncé marks the conclusion of her personal journey and the redemption of her marriage. She has triumphed over the curse that plagued her and her family throughout the film, and she celebrates having turned lemons into lemonade.

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greater or just a fan of one check out patriarch dot com today and change the way art is value from Spotify Stewed is this is dissect long for is analysis, broken into short, digestible episodes, I'm cool cushions and I should these today we continue our cereal eyes, examination of lemonade by the USA on our land. Episode. We dissected the chapter hope which featured the Sun Freedom there we saw Bianti perform honestly plantation stage in front of a gathering of black women, she's them, and employees and anthem of resistance, strength and collective impairment.
Freedom commemorate beyond sees newfound liberation, after defeating the curse that played her throughout the film she performs this at them. The multi generational gathering, a black women to inspire hope and celebrate their excellence, and it's this field. Celebration that continues into the Alps next chapter, the subject of an episode today, redemption To begin with, the front doorway of the maid would Plantation House opening we peer over the vast law to the white Pick events gate that surrounds the mansion. Three young black girls run through the open your and onto the massive lawn, a title card, formerly
to do so. The name of the chapter redemption defined here as the action of saving live ring or restoring a person or thing we seem beyond say worked towards this restoration and deliverance, threw out the film in songs like love, drought and sand castles? She restored her relationship through a process of empathy, vulnerability, accountability and forgiveness. This same future generations from the curse. That's plagued her family, now here in the chapter redemption, we'll see beyond sais vision of a world redeemed, take one pint of water, add half a pound of sugar, the juice of a lemon and possessed of half poor, the water from one junk, then into the other several times strain through a clean napkin.
The meaning of the albums title is introduced here in the form of a simple recipe, as will come to see just as a mother or grandmother, would pass down a family recipe. They also passed out, but instructions for surviving and flourishing in the midst of challenging circumstances, while beyond say sites. This recipe receive is images of black women freely strolling through the grounds of dust, her hand plantation the site, or their ancestors were enslaved is reclaimed and re imagined as a safe space for these women. Next, we transition to a quiet seen on the front porch of a slave Cabinet Destr head,
here beyond, say, sit silently in a rocking chair wearing a lazy white dress. She gazes outward with her hands folded in her lap as if reflecting on the word she speaks and the journey that's broader here, gland man, the alchemist use fine old out on this high life conjured beauty from the things left behind healing where it did not live, discovered the antidote in your kitchen, fuck. The curse with here, too and beyond, say, addresses her grandmother, saying grandmother the alchemist. You spun goal that of this hard life conjured beauty from the things left behind She grants her grandmother the title of an alchemist which were
scientists of the middle ages who work to transform worthless metals into gold. The alchemist, held a scientific and spiritual world view aiming to not only. Great medicines, an elixir is, but you also purify the human spirit. Just The alchemist pursued these impossible feats, her grandmother created a life of meaning value, despite the impossible circumstances of racism and sexism, she offered a recipe for triumph and resilience that she passes down to future generations beyond, say also where's that she conjures beauty from the things left behind com. Is the name for african american magical religious traditions. These should She emerged as enslaved Africans preserve their own spiritual practices and adapted them to their new lives in the Americas. Practitioners of conjure who do en route work, invoke spiritual power for healing or self protection.
Often this involves communication with ancestral spirits and the use of natural objects, such as herbs, minerals or animal bones, According to the scholar you VON Shiro, quote, for its part, conjure spoke directly to slaves, perception of powerlessness and danger by providing alternative. But thirdly, symbolic means addressing suffering. The conjuring tradition allowed practitioners to defend themselves from harm to cure their elements, and achieve some conceptual measure of control over personal adversity, unquote by placing grandmother in the tradition of alchemists and conjuring women, Bianti acknowledges Ancestors profound spiritual resources for thriving in the midst of hardship, finding healing where did not live Following these lines we cut to the master. Sure, but the maid would plantation. We last saw this bedroom during the chapter. Accountability when beyond say recited the poem? How to wear your mother's Lipstick
here, that we saw three black girls playing an aspiring to attain their mothers beauty answer now sits at the foot of the bed with one of these girls who has blonde tightly coiled curly hair beyond. These hair is also coiled and they run their feet. You're through one another's hair, smiling and appears Bianti takes on maternal rule for this young girl passing not only beauty tips but also instilling Her with a sense of confidence and pride Bianti continues to address her grandmother, saying discovered. The antidote in your own kitchen broke the curse with your own two hands Her grandmother finds an antidote to the poison. We know to be the legacy of slavery, racism, white supremacy and massage. In America. This poison has, scented itself throughout the film has inherited and internalized messages, of unworthiness for black people, whether it be the result, of racial eyes, beauty standards or the killing of unarmed black Americans. Her Graham
Their looks within herself, her own kitchen and discovers the added to this pervasive poison, love, dignity, beauty, strength and worthiness from her in a domestic and familial space, she breaks the curse with our own two hands, as one would break bread at the table to pass on to members of her family in place of this curse. She offers nourishment wisdom community to the next generation of women as the anti disk this process. The visuals on scream further embody her grandmothers actions. First, we assume on a close up of an elderly woman's wrinkled hands the hands that broke the curse in the next shot. It's reveal that these are the hands of Leah Chase. Who we first saw in the chapter. Accountability were call that Leah Chase the queen of Creole cuisine, who owned the legendary New Orleans restaurant Ducky chases. She quite well really found the antidote in her kitchen, creating so
food and feeding the freedom writers who sparked the civil rights movement. We pay now to see Leah Chase seated in the maid. Would mansion parlor, alongside the young black girl, with blonde hair Bianca? stands behind, Miss Chase, rushing her hair and an act of reverence the three general friends of women's smile as they engage in conversation with one another. This as well as the spoken interlude as a whole, speak to the connecting this and love that
Mine's generations of women Bianti discuss this connection in her two thousand. Thirteen documentary life is but a dream. I don't know why I'm so fortunate, so blest, and I know that my mom always told me that my grandmother was in a church, lighten candles and transfer and as a result of my group of his prayers and whether praise for me all the time and I pray for my daughter. All the time in God is real and got lives is heard of me and I thought of
while her grandmother, passed away before beyond, say was born. She suggests that her love and prayers have provided her with blessings in this life. It's with this same gratitude that, beyond it completes the poetic tribute to her grandmother. You past these instructions down to your daughter who then passed down to her daughter. Beyond say, sits on the porch chair, looking outward having become a other herself. If now her turn to pass along the wisdom from our grand further to the next generation. Next, we see again the three girls. You ran out the plantation house. As the chapter began. Now they have sprinted halfway across the front line. Make their way to the maid. Would mansion white, picket fence gate recall that we saw a glimpse this gate and the chapter reformation as Bianti asked her partner. Why do you deny yourself? Have
We saw this same white, picket fence gate with bright white clouds behind it. This seem to evoke the pearly gates or the entrance into Heaven. However, that very same image that evoked Heaven revealed itself to be the entrance to the maid would plantation a place were black people words lived beyond saved in asked her partner. Why do deny yourself Heaven? Why are you afraid of love the answer to these questions? seem to be the internalized messages of racism that her partner must shed in order the love himself and fine freedom, the gate itself, to represent both the Heaven denied or partner, as well as the promise of a better future. Now here and redemption, the curse has been broken was beyond say, passes on the wisdom of her grandmother. We see the young girls sprint toward the heavenly gate and away from the plantation the legacy of slavery. Heaven
no longer be denied to this future generation, as they know themselves to be deserving of love and joy. They are free to play, laugh, run and grow unburden as they move forward. The black and white image of running girls, transitions into color home video footage we a wooden dance floor. Illuminated with spotlights that spell out had he's ninetieth birthday. This birthday party was to celebrate Hattie White Guy, these maternal grandmother amongst a full crowd of party goers Bianca, daughter, blue ivy and a little boy watch grandma. Had he give a speech of the crowd that has gathered in her honor Instagram This is a message of triumph and possibly the defining
made of lemonade as a whole come from a ninety year old grandmother, its with a gentle modesty that she describes her life as one of ups and downs This is coming from a woman whose childhood was characterized by the great depression and young adulthood shaped by world war. Two a woman who raise seven kids under one roof earning only twenty dollars a week. It's a testament to not only her individual strength but to the generations of black women who transform pain into beauty and lemons into lemonade ordinary women who nonetheless led extraordinary lives. While Bianti me be the heroine of this story. She attributes her healing to the wisdom passed down from her grandmother, her husband's grandmother and the countless ancestral spirits that offer wisdom for breaking the curse as the applause phase, how'd. He speech we return to a black and white scene of a coastal beach, This is the same beach. Bianti was baptized reborn in the chapter reformation here beyond
once again wears her hair down and die the floor length, sheer white gown, stands on a wooden log staring directly the camera, as she shares the wisdom, her grandmother passed down to her my grandma said nothing real can be threatened. True love brought salvation back into me with every TIA came redemption Torture became my remedy in the words of her grandmother. Fiance declares nothing real can be threatened. True love brought salvation back into me, This phrase has been used multiple times by both beyond say an jazzy, both in songs and tweets. He traced back to Helen Shuck means nineteen. Seventy six spiritual psychotherapy book a course in miracles, which folk
says on the process of relinquishing fear to accept a way of life grounded in love in its entirety. The phrase reads: nothing real can be threaten nothing. Unreal exists. Herein lies the piece of God. G see actually quotes the four phrase and its two thousand sixteen collapse track with Pusher t drug dealers anonymous. Of course, the marrow, because what does she not an embryo can be nothing pale expressed. Therein lies the pace, it always does The idea behind this phrase is that we are all one and that the spiritual path involves shedding illusions that create fear and replacing them with the truth that, We are all united in love. It is this love beyond, say and J have tapped into in order to survive the floods that threaten their relationship and rebuild their foundation, honesty, vulnerability and empathy. Fiance then continues with every tier came redemption,
her Healy was the result of a strenuous process of self reflection and honest communication of her pain by allowing herself to feel and processor emotions fully. She was able to eventually find redemption. Restore her sense of self worth, which then allow or to restore her relationship. The final I did this interlude. My torturer became my remedy, lends itself multiple interpretations on the surface. It would seem that her torturer is her husband, the one who betrayed her the one Biagi transforms and heels through her own forgiveness may Also be that her torturer was herself recall on second chapter denial: it's a underwent, many forms of self denial and eraser in order to appease her husband demands of society as a whole. However, just as a grandmother found the antidote in her own kitchen. We saw Bianca tap into her own source of spiritual power to gain confidence and he'll herself, finally
it may be that her torturer is the past itself. The pass that holds pain of racism and slavery. By looking to the past, she uncovers is pain. But also discovers the generational wisdom of our ancestors, is through this but she found her remedy the recipe for transcending what circumstances and offering hope for a better future. As a film continues, we see a close upshot of bees, and say make up less face staring directly into the camera. A bright light creates a halo of light behind her she closed her eyes, and we hear this We compare now to the sounds of pray, you catch me that began the album. this son
callback seems to signal that beyond safe journey has come full circle. She sings. I love to affirm the remedy that transformed her and provided the healing she and her husband require when Bianti opens her eyes. We come back to the desperate hand, plantation garden it is no longer shot in black and white, but has now seen and vibrant vivid color will impact this setting along with the rest of the chapter right after the break. Every fan has a favorite creator, whether it's a pot, castor, musician, writer or Youtube, but within the currency great, aren't fairly compensated for their work, a financial crisis
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and total shutdown of live events globally. Make it even harder to build sustainable careers picture on is hoping to change them with patron graders can develop strong, recurring revenue strings by offering monthly memberships to their most passionate fans. They gain industry independence, while their fans get special access, exclusive content and the chance to become active participants in the creative process, no matter what a creative is in their career. Patriarch helps them live off their work while building a meaningful connection with their audience. So, whether your creator or one of their fans check out patriarch dot com and change the way art is valued. Welcome back to dissect before the break,
hard Beyonce share the wisdom of resilient. She inherited from her grandmother, Jay Z's grandmother and the countless ancestors before her as redemption continues. We return to the Destrehan Plantation Garden, and we hear these words so we're going to hell we're going to start again you ve brought the orchestra synchronized swimmers you're, the magician me back together again. The way you cut me in make the woman in doubt disappear beyond, say, declares so we're gonna he'll we're gonna start. Then it would seem. This decisive statement applies to both her relationship as well as a community of law and she surrounded herself with here, He too women, harvesting vegetables, placing them
in a basket and carrying them to the kitchen, this plantation once the sight of enslavement and violence has been transferred, into a safe haven where these women can cultivate the earth and stage one another beyond say continues by directly addressing our partner, saying you ve brought the orchestra synchronized swimmers recalled film, open with beyond, say, kneeling alone on a theatre stage. Now in the fields conclusion, we have ourselves a try, I've been extravagant end number with her husband bring. An orchestra and synchronize swimmers as they celebrate the renewed life together beyond, say than tells her partner. You are the magician. This is another call back to the films for chapter there. She compared her husband's infidelity and dishonesty tv Albert illusions, of a stage magician saying you remind me of my father, a magician able to exist in two places at once. Now she tells him pull me back to
there again. The way you saw me in half make the woman in doubt disappear this. A common magic trick where a magician splits his female assistant and two or makes her disappear They rooted their relationship and more authentic, real love. Her resolutions solutions have been replaced with a genuine power to put her back together, eradicate or doubt and make her whole once again. Make the woman in doubt disappear. Sorry, the sorrow from between my legs like silk. Not after night after night, the beyond say instructs are, Now pull this off from between my legs like silk, not after not after not this again alludes to a magic trick where magician p an endless rope of cholera handkerchief from his pocket as it is between her legs b
It's a sorrow is intimately tied to her experiences as a woman, but likening the sorrow to colorful silk. She has taken her power back and require. Rises her pain as something resplendent. This recalls the ways grandmother conjured beauty from things left behind with our partners. Assistance. Bianca not only rids herself of sorrow, but also births, a new and glorious future. This future belongs not only to be out in her partner alone, but also to the collector black community ass, she There's these lines. We see one of the most iconic shouts shots of the entire film. Beyond, say in a squad of young women, sit unsmiling on a set of wooden front. Porch steps staring straight into the camera. These men are actresses. India comment in a mandolin stunned, singer, Chloe in highly and LISA caned ideas and Naomi D ass of the afro french Cuban do obey these.
Teenage women are represented here as torchbearers for the next generation of powerful black artists and activists while this group of unsmiling young woman exude an aura of power and grace, we discover even further significant when we consider their setting the front porch of a slave cabin historically for Porches have served as important communal spaces in the south and particularly for black communities from porches some, I called to stoop are the intersection of public and private a safe place for friends. Family and neighbours to gather to tell stories and pass on history. Brunton mock writes about the political significance of this front, porch image in his article The answer is simple, but radical front, porch politics mock points out that following Hurricane Katrina V this new Orleans neighborhoods had actually place restrictions on ports dwelling lives.
The number of residents who could assemble on a porch, according to my quote, that's what makes beyond sees Portugal Portrait scenes, oh riveting, despite its lack of animation beyond these girls seem to be projecting their own empowered gaze back at the audience. They sit still collected, adjusted something nothing in their body, language that might seem threatening to prying eyes. It's only when you vote on their faces as the camera zooms towards them that you get the message that they are actually not sitting here, anyone's entertainment. This is beyond me, pose when the male gaze, the white gaze and the pop gazed don't matter, which is why this the comet of lemonade. Scenes is also one of its most brazen and defiant. It's a radical gesture that says this which is four bianti in her girls and nobody's going to victim from it. Unquote, as she's done throughout the film
Anthony infuses. This radical gesture with even further significance when we consider that this front porch belong to the ancestor that were enslaved at Destr hand. Not only do the young women here Just a brazen defiance of the white gaze. They also were claims is that belong to their ancestors as their own. Following this port seen recur, to the image of sunlight peeking through a grove of trees. This serene beautiful setting serves as the backdrop for the final spoken word line of the film. The audience applies, but we can't hear them while the audience applause collective. We of the films. Many characters are not concerned with validation or public image. Instead, they revel and their redeemed love and communal family. After this final line of the poem, the screen cuts to black
And we hear the opening moments of the song all night. As the doubt, strokes of a guitar strummed were transported back to the brick ruins of former com the civil war site that has served as a recurring setting throughout the film. It was that beyond say. First conveyed her suspicions of our partners, infidelity wearing a hooded black, sweat She sang directly to her husband. You, such as So what are you nuts and constant now that her journey has come full circle. Beyond these black hoodie has been replaced with Annabel style, gown, complete with a full skirt. And puffy Lego button sleeves this year
He in style, dress is decorated, with a beautiful multi, colored dutch wax print fabric, emblematic of West Africa. She wears her natural hair pulled up in an elegant, victorian style, as if it were a crown She is no longer the woman in doubt the woman who has been cut in half. She is whole again in the apprehension of her first visit to format, com has been replaced with self assurance and serenity as beyond, say begin singing a flock of birds fly. Overhead, as the sun, rises to a new day over the grassy horizon I need your eyes it has to asked
then you'll be the answer. In singing, found the truth. Neither lies and true love, never has to hide recall that beyond say began. Her any asking her husband. What are you hiding? It turns out that it was pain and feelings of unworthiness that was beneath his lies. Having uncovered these truths, they move forward together with honesty and openness beyond, say, then tells her has I'll trader, broken wings for mine throughout her journey she's become empowered, confident and strong. The face of denigrating racism and sexism, along with one thousand girls who raised their arms. She has taken spiritual flight and found freedom from psychological bonded
now beyond, say, is able to encourage others on their own journey to healing and self acceptance, starting with her husband by trading has broken wings for her own. She offered him a glimpse at the freedom that comes through the process of introspection, vulnerability and self love. Bianca concludes I've. Seen your scars and kissed your crimes. This calls back to wine and sand. Castles show me your scars, and I won't walk away in an act of vulnerability partner has shown her his wounds and internal struggles. The flaws and pain that to his belief that he didn't deserve love rather than walking away. She kissed his crimes, heal the wounds that catalyzed his infidelity maybe, but as a sign of such as you know, the robot I've been rubber sums that I trust you, I'm gonna number of Roma
the recourse of all night recalls that quota unquote, poppers in the corner she called out and sorry. These are the people who to exploit her husband for their own selfish gains. She tells her huh that they're just trying to touch her or use him, but Ottoman have no concern for his emotional. Well being that said The answer is no longer concerned with these women ass. She and her husband have reconciled and proven that nothing real can be threatened. She tells him that act. Some time to rebuild trust she kiss up and run up and feel up on him Well, this is the same language. She just used to describe shady women. It takes an entirely different meaning coming from her in the context of the relationship. These actions communicate the trust that was rebuilt, the love that has been renewed, the happiness that they now enjoy
Leon, say things of the love she and her partners share as they finally overcome the obstacles that have kept them apart. The bitter pain of infidelity has been transformed and purified as sweet love. She affirmed love singing all I wanna No other. We together. I remember this week, Division of romantic love is made all the more apparent by the visuals onscreen. We the grainy home videos of real couples of various races orientations and ages. Walking around New Orleans Aladdin next couple: hugs behind the counter of a convenience, store A young black man last as his girlfriend jokingly, pushes him away and then kisses him. A middle aged black coupled dance in front of their rule home a tall black woman spends her growth, as if their dancing and they embrace as they stroll down bourbon street. Despite their differences in age, color and sexual orient,
nation they are, all united as human beings tapping into the universal love. We all have access to This is real. Love no longer threatened by curse is radiating unfettered joy, Then you the mule that can only be beyond say begin. The second verse singing our love. Stronger than your pride, the implication hears that pride kept her husband from being vulnerable, and showing his scars
Jesse himself acknowledged the ways pride has kept him from displays of vulnerability in its two thousand one hit song crime within the same aside, it uncle Michel gotta make jaded plays a traditionally masculine approach to his pain. Physical tee this would be seen as a sign of weakness. We channels his pain in his lyrics Jesse Gus. This idea, and a two thousand eighteen interview with the New York Times have Lou, I did so Sancho Song Cry and the idea of the hut never seen coming down my eyes, but I gotta meet the song cry. It tells you right there. What I was. I was hiding this thing. A man can do s cry to exposure failures, vulnerable unfunded were dashed real strength. You know, if you like, you got. It
it is God person it's not real, is fake. According to J to remain guarded and hide. Your emotions is to be a real crying. Being boy herbal exposing your feelings. These are the workers of truth, strength and authenticity. This is why the says true never has to hide and beyond your darkness. I'm your light while will, hold darkness in pain within ourselves, love illuminates the darkness and brings balance to the pain it allows us to continue on bruised and beautiful beyond then. That concludes diverse, singing baptize, your team. And dry your eyes, just as she did Bianti courage is her husband to let his tears, cleanse and purify him as a form of baptism. In this process of naming the pain and recasting it as something our full and sacred that transformation can occur, then they can dry their eyes and move forward together, renewed with a fresh start. This new
getting is emphasised with footage of beyond, say and Jaycees wedding reception wearing a strap, white wedding, dress, Bianca feeds crazy, some wedding cake and they smile at one another. Before sharing a kiss, it seems it. Images included to once again demonstrate their commitment to one another during this second verse. We also see footage from Tina, Knolls marriage to actor, Richard Lawson, Tina and smile and look into each other's eyes, as they share their first dance. It's here we were called throughout lemonade, Bianti referenced her parents relationship, which we know ended in divorce. The juxtaposition These two scenes both be answers: ring in her mothers. New marriage demonstrate the healing the has taken place across generations and her family, albeit in different ways, The circumstances of beyond sees relationship allowed her to find healing with her husband, her specific isn't necessarily the only route to healing. Not every relationship can be salvaged.
Beyond, say, mother story, while only suddenly alluded to hear offers an alternative path to healing Reconciliation is impossible by ending the relationship that we serving her Tina. Knolls was able to leave the old behind and start anew follow. These wedding scenes. We see images of beyond, say and J C playing with their daughter, blue ivy in the Superdome in episode on reformation. We noted that the Superdome was the city shelter of last resort during Hurricane Katrina, while the state became a symbol of collective trauma. The city's efforts to He opened the Superdome, also demonstrated New Orleans resilience and rebirth in the aftermath of the hurricane. When we learn saw beyond saying in the Superdome she wore. All white dress and was lying down mid field as she prepared for her own rebirth. Now that rebirth is complete and her, Emily is restored. We returned to the stadium and zone as Jesse,
and blue ivy fall into the turf, as if celebrating a touchdown, then Jazzy gets up to chase blue Ivy down the field in a moment of pure fun and familial joy second generation of the songs hook, a horn section enters and ads. The songs, triumphant celebratory feel the riff, though whence play is an interpretation of outcast nineteen. Ninety eight track spotty odd, Doc malicious without cast hailing from Atlanta. Interpretation joins the numerous nor to the southern icons we ve, seen and heard throughout lemonade, but this
itself also seems to have relevance to the Alps narrative and its second birth. Big boy tells the story of meeting a sexually attractive woman and a nightclub he's hypnotized. By her beauty, charisma, smarts, thinking there and count. Would just be a one night stand its revealed midway through the vote. That the two had a child together to be one moment when the booty next Bobby, he was somebody down already I'll. Tell you that as the people back disappear up your game of man and of the handle Realitas suggests that he can't camp. They will be going to bribes are raising their child is a beautiful thing, because demand up or made the necessary sacrifices to do so with integrity. The sink who did ceasing to engage in quarter quote street activities such doing and selling drugs and going to clubs to see casual sex within the car ex of lemonade, big boys. Or it can be viewed as relating to Jaycees perspective,
J, wasn't initially willing to sacrifice his own life and habits for beef I'd say or a child sake, but as implied, in the film and confirmed with his album for four for events, he came to understand the sacrifices required to support and participate in a healthy relationship and family. He came to understand like big boy, that commitment and being a part of a loving family is abused, we'll thing they say through the greatest weapon, no let's have read, damn hands Sue me on three things: they
a true loves, the greatest weapon to end the war caused by pain beyond, say, is used. Of war. Imagery evokes her relationship with her father in the chapter lessons she expressed how Father, made her a soldier and taught her the most important weapon is her gun. We understood used to be metaphors for the ways in which her father passed down survival tactics that he himself needed to adapt to endure a racist society. However, through her process of healing, she replaced her gun, her rough, exterior and masculine posturing with an even stronger weapon love as beyond, say has reiterated throughout the chapter. Love is the south that he'll pain and allows us to forgive to be authentic to ourselves and to new, this future generations. This line also echo the words of doktor. Luther King Jr, who frequently referred to the weapon of love in his preaching better
when we write about the level of You don't, when you arrive at the level of love, our you sit on it the theory was system You haven't been caught up in that system. You love, but you see in this one thousand nine hundred and fifty seven sermon, titled loving your enemies. King suggests that love is a powerful creative life, sustaining force that seeks goodwill for all as will see, play out in lemonade final chapter beyond seas, for herself her partner in our community naturally extends toward standing up against unjust systems as she seeks to end the war caused by pain as a chapter approaches, its conclusion We see beyond, say once again walking around the exterior a former come with a camera. Level received
I would say, is now walking above the stone while tunnel. We first saw back the films opening chapter recall that these stonewall tunnels seem to allude to the dungeons of the west african slave castles, this tunnel and former come more generally. Served as a recurring symbol of the curse born from the legacy of slavery as we the final moments of all night beyond, say walks across the top of the tunnel. Simultaneously, the camera pushes forward, as if we, the viewing audience, are stepping into the darkness of the tunnel, we urge from the pitch black of the tunnel and see Flash a bright light on the other side We then see another home video shot, a bianti smiling and dancing care free in our own back yard. Then the camera pans left, reveal her daughter, blue ivy dancing.
Side, her mimicking her moves, blue We then smiles directly into the camera, with flour and her hair as Bianti and J hold hands in front of her this year. The once again recall what beyond say told Vogue quote. I come from a linear, a broken male female relationships, abuse of power and mistrust only when I saw that clearly was able to reach all those conflict. In my own relationship connecting to the asked and knowing our history makes us both bruised and beautiful. I pray that I able to break the generational curses in my family and that my children, we have less complicated lives. Unquote, this fund image beyond, say and J holding hands in front of a smiling glue. Ivy captures the It is because he has set out to accomplish. She has broken the curse. Resolving complex and a relationship and paving the way, for a happy, less complicated life for her daughter Mauritania solely through the public tell of her story beyond, say
sit down a hopeful recipe for millions, people around the world who might be facing similar struggles. Conclusion that need is redemption, serves as a triumphant combination of beyond sais efforts throughout the film to mend her broken relationship, reaffirm her dignity and worth and pass on wisdom of her ancestors to offer her children a better future in the spring of her ancestors. She has conjured beauty, kissed crimes and spun gold and in the process has been made a whole again through the love that brought salvation back into her it's. This love that allows her to honour her imperfections and complexity that makes forgiveness possible and binds her to the generations of her family past present and future and it's this love. That is the main ingredient in her recipe of turning lemons into lemonade wire
may be sweet, it's also her greatest weapon and against a society shaped by the curse of slavery and racism, now armed with love for herself, her partner, her daughter and her sister had of black women beyond embodies the message of Doktor Martin Luther King Jr and uses her love to unite her community while calling for social action in demanding justice may some nice yoga says, lemonade final track formation, a song examined line by line seen by seen next time
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your credit. Okay thanks. Everyone will talk to you next. Tv or their yeah. I'm here to hear me. The gear keener me yeah, I can hear you were I mean I hope this works. Well, we can't record in the same room, so we have to figure this out. Let us try our let's do it pay our tv. And the key and we're back
that right dope lads is coming back for semester three on Thursday June, twenty fifth cecy. How would you describe dope lamps for someone who's? Never listen. I think they'll blouses black serving piping hot, see in a bigger. Yes, I will just past headed straight into your method, hidden aided in each episode of dope lapse. We take washed trending online, remembering in special gas exports to help us to unpack the science behind it. So we're bringing you all the pop culture and all the science is. Mr three is no exception. So much has happened since our last episode. Twenty twenty had been crazy. Somebody needs to put it in rice control, delete
blown the cartridge I don't just when we thought we had the corona virus under control. Like I know where my mask, I figured out my groceries. Pollen murder, Hornets Terror Keynes. These it is that we have a lot to unpack, but nothing is awful image because, like we always say, science is in everything and scientists for everybody, and, as always, we want to hear from you. Let us know your ideas, relax this semester closer to our two five six, seven, seven zero to eight and leave a message or you can send us a message on twitter or Instagram Antidote livestock has our right. So less recap, because I know somebody album listening dope LAB semester. Three starts Thursday June twenty bit new episode every other week. Are you all right now? I hope so. Listen for free on spot of by or wherever you get. Your pack asked visa to. Listen to you soon smell you later,
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