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S6E14 - Coda: 4:44 & Everything Is Love


We follow up our season long analysis of Lemonade by examining Jay-Z’s 4:44 and The Carter’s Everything is Love. With 4:44, Jay-Z offers his perspective on the couple’s marriage crisis while Everything is Love celebrates the restoration of their marriage. When taken in totality, the three albums create a narrative trilogy, an extremely unique musical offering.

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From Spotify Studios, this is dissect long form The call analysis broken into short, digestible episodes. I'm coercion- and I think this idea throughout our seas and long analysis of lemonade. We follow beyond these journey the betrayal in her marriage to the eventual reconciliation with her husband S, told through her eyes, confronting system, genes of her husbands. Infidelity Bianti released a torrent array as she reasserted her worth and commanded his respect as her journey progressed. She engaged in a process of forgiveness with her partner, intention upon his own accountability and the reformation of his actions their moment
Reconciliation occurs in the chapter forgiveness here, answer song sand castles and was finally reunited with her real life partner Jazzy, who gazed into her eyes, and caressed her face They have a bad way. He was this wordless apology, the presence of one of the most powerful artist on the planet hobbling himself before his wife, the captured Jaycees response to the conflict in their marriage, his own journey of accountability and reformation, its implied, and it appears tenderly remained silent in the film allowing beyond say to reveal her side of the story, as J shared in this two thousand seventeen interview with the New York Times. It made sense to the couple that beyond say would give her perspective. First,
it actually started out. We were working on material together and, in the end it became lemonade. You know she did. She went off indeed her her thing, and it was, I just felt like should go first and she should share her how troops with the world, so J remained silent on the state of their marriage in the weeks following lemon AIDS Release, with his first public acknowledgement coming on the remit of fat Joe. Two thousand sixteen hit all the way up no one is Bangemann has made it is worthy of the name. Is the plan to maintain its survival? It amazes me here, J, happily seller it their marriage and his wife's massive success with lemonade at the time it that he might not divulge any further than beyond. They already had with her deeply personal album that is until June.
Released his next album two thousand seventeenth for four four before for the public was finally able to hear about the infidelity and it's aftermath from Jay's perspective directly. The album isn't exclusively a response to lemonade, as it also addresses a host of theme, such as financial freedom, and black entrepreneurship as a means for black impairment, but for our purposes the scope of this episode will be limited to Jaycees personal journey of accountability, beginning with the Alps. Opening track, kill, J C. This track is an emphatic, no holds barred of reckoning and serves as a systematic destruction of Sean Carter's ego in the jail. He persona he created to survive as a hustler in Brooklyn Marcy projects.
You're crazy. We're never you'll never be enough to keep me real, chasing folk tac. I mean you shut your. Rather, how could we know what we can to try to change things, and you know better than I do know you gotta do better boy, you always had no Mamma. You know you got a democratic way These opening mines were here. J speak about his true identity, Sean Carter. In an effort to destroy his public persona, J C, he wraps they'll, never love you you'll, never be enough. Just keep it real J fuck Jay, I mean you shot your brother. How can we know we can trust jazzy, this references, how jazzy shy his older brother, when he was twelve years old for stealing one of his rings J previously discussed this. August. One thousand it's ninety. Ninety seven saw you must love me
money can buy, drove me, so the devil when you are you're more disclosed, my young is dominated by opening with a reference to this deeply. Personal intermarried incident Jason reckon textual a piece of his past as a glaring example of his flaws, it seems that in this reflection he rebukes his younger self for endangering his brothers life. He questions whether J he can be trusted because, if he's capable of early killing his own brother over material goods and damage pride. His ego may stop at nothing to preserve itself. Now he That is the way his persona may still affect his family today, telling himself, you know better nigger. I know you do, but you gotta do, better boy. You owe it to blue. You had no five you had no armor, but you gotta daughter, gotta get softer he talks down to himself dismissing his ego as a boy, a product of his harden chow,
heard. The mechanism that enabled him to survive on the streets of the Marcy projects, however, having grown, and entered another phase of life fatherhood. He holds himself a cannibal demanding himself to replace this rough exterior with a more vulnerable side that required to raise. Daughter better. Of course, this of accountability, parallels the accountability, chapter of beyond, say lemonade. It was here that be ass. He remembered the lessons learned from her own father, who was also and by life as a black man in America, will be I'd say, learn survival mechanisms from her father, Jaycees, father his family when he was just eleven causing him too on armor in multiple senses. On the one hand he was forced to put on armor enter the battleground of the crack cocaine seen providing for his family and the most expedient and profitable way possible. However, he also took this armor emotionally as the pet
of losing his father caused him to build walls to protect himself from getting her once again in an interview with Oprah day discuss how this made it difficult for him to let others in what I was saying. We show your father's like heroes like a superhero to you, so that someone that was, you know in love with you, don't I was my world one to be like him. I want to walk like him and talk like himself but had to be removed. You know from my house or for my life, you not. I left therefore huge void in my life and also made me put a wars, because I never want to feel that feel it again. I never wanted any once again that close to So I can feel that again, so I definitely got it for you know it. My entire life kill, Jay Z is a necessary groundwork for tearing down the walls Jay built, which enables him to open up and freely express on the rest of the album
He himself stated that the purpose of the song was quote, so we can have this conversation in a place of vulnerability and honesty, J C, the public persona couldn't have this conversation. He has to be eliminated. He has to be moved. So it's really Sean Carter. Speaking to J C me ass. The light convince him to move aside unquote with his no now put to the side Jacob proceed, to put words to the pain that he holds and examined the ways its influence is like decisions. You gotta dot, advantages that J C the Saint back in the days. You don't need a alibi. Jays de La Jesse, we note a pain, is real, can't Hale, which never prevail here. J continues to assure himself that he no longer needs the same survival. Mechanisms that he did earlier in his life does not need to find an alibi, an explanation for his behaviour. That would account for wrong doings and let him off the hook. He can now faces actions and admit to them.
Molly he encourages himself to trade is armor for authenticity and vulnerability, wrapping cry Jesse. We know the pain is real, but you can't he'll what you never reveal of courses echoes beyond these words to him throughout lemonade, specifically in the second half of the album beyond. They asked him to consider why he feels undeserving of true love. Why do you deny yourself having? Why do you consider yourself undeserving? Why are you afraid of love you think it's not possible for someone like you, but you are the love of my life of mother and sand castles beyond they made a direct. Request for him to show his scars, implying that its key to their healing process.
Is finally in all night told J that true love never has to hide need your eyes has to, as evidenced in four four for J took beyond these words to heart dismantling his ego, so we can open himself up like never before the most pointed eggs Apples of this openness are expressed in the title track of the album for four four
like all the four four for the title track is these by it features heavy use of the song Late Knights and hard break by Hannah Williams and affirmations Do a fine is so hard to late night and hot breaks is a song about infidelity as William sings about continually cheating on her partner, despite loving him, its assent, of admission and self examination featuring such lyrics as why do I find it so hard to love you when I know in my heart that I want to I've been peace, you down when you aren't around I'm late. You down every day. I've been
messing around when you're out of town. Why do I keep running away, according to know I d he strategically how to sample this song to implore J, to confess his infidelity on wax? He told rolling stone quote that whole piece of music was created with me, knowing I'm gone make you say it on this song, and the song will be the only song you need to say it on, so it wouldn't turn into a full lemonade response album. I boxed all of them parts in and said here. What are you gonna do with this? I remember him just looking at me: sighing. Ok, I'm Goin home, true story at four forty four he wakes up in the morning and rights. This song uncle J confirms this or in conversation with Elliot Smith, and beat up Miller on the rat radar. Podcast Looking at me, the staircase, What what would you say talking
a pretty nice beaten, I'm going home do you want to hear and he wants when he wants me, I'm like no worry, I'm going home, and then I woke up like this Learning like offered start in open invoiced knows issue J recorded what he wrote he it's all alone inside his home, using beyond sais microphone and, as you heard, he wrote the song at four forty four in the morning, a symbolic number that signifies many things relating to J and beyond, say relationship beyond Sais birthday is September. Fourth and Jesus December forth their way anniversary is April. Fourth for four, and they got matching tattoos of the roman numeral for on their ring fingers for forty four may also have ties to the infamous elevator incident as the second
address of the standard hotel where, where the incident occurred, is for forty four was thirteen street. The song itself begins with an extended intro Jake only enters after nearly a minute. We get the feed, that he's mustering the emotional strength needed to begin. What is his most revealing and vulnerable song today, how much I'll be J B with an immediate, straightforward confession and apology to his wife, confirming the rumours of his womanizing and infidelity, while Mary to beyond, say he offers no excuse for his behavior. Received in this direct repentant manner. He says took for my child to be born, see through a woman's eyes. He implies a by becoming a father to blue ivy and raising her. He gained more empathy towards women and the pain they experience, especially
from men in their lives, commonly men talk about raising daughters as an experience that causes them to rethink behaviour stored women as they come to understand it. Woman, as someone's daughter deserving all the love and respect that they have for their own child. He continues took for these natural twins to believe in miracles. Review. That he and Bianti twin children, roomy and Sir Carter were conceived naturally, despite the infertility issues alluded to in lemonade recall that in emanate beyond, say subtly depicted infertility as one of the manifestations of the curse plaguing their family and she was unable to conceive a child with her partner, However, as the narrative progressed in the curse was broken, we heard I want to discuss the birth of twitter ice girl emerges from a slit in my stomach, the sky heels into a smile, the man I love paused stretches out with his finger now
We leave lacks searches curling on the side of the bad. I wake as the second girl crawls head. First applied wrote a flower blossoming, out of the hole in my face in our episode on freedom. We understood this poem to represent the healing of generations of pain and the hope of a new future as they discarded black sutures and allowed Bianti scars to heal the form of a smile on her stomach, coincidentally, and as James said. Miraculously Bianti gave birth to the real life twins a little over a year after the release of lemonade beyond say, actually spoke on the birth of her twins. As representative of the healing and her family telling vote magazine quote, I come from a lineage, a broken male female relationships, abuse of power and mistrust
Only when I saw that clearly was able to resolve those conflicts and my own relationship connecting to the past and knowing our history makes us both bruised and beautiful. I now believe it's why. God bless me with my twins: male and female energy was able to coexist and grow, and my boy for the first time? Unquote, Jesse echoes the sentiments when he calls the natural birth of roomy and sir miraculous. The miracle seems to be Both the unlikely birth of the twins themselves, as well as us. EL, the urging of his marriage with the twins representing the blessing that came from overcoming that struggle, Jane he continued the track. Wrapping took me to lie. For this song I don't deserve. You he's regret. That he hadn't risen to this level of self awareness and emotional honesty earlier in life and is appreciative of his wife's pay. Since, in waiting for him to come to terms with his mistakes and account for them, saying I don't deserve, you seems to comment on.
Compassion. She showed him despite the hurt he inflicted on her. However, He may also say I don't deserve you to express the under. I believe of unworthiness that may have led him to stray his marriage in the first place, the the sentiment that was present in lemonade chapter reformation. It was there be they asked her partner a series of questions to understand the route of his transgressions. Why do you consider yourself undeserving? Why are you afraid of love while beyond say poses this question to her partner lemonade. His answer is not heard directly rather does imply. Adding a film to be a result of the damaging effects of the legacy of slavery and present day racism in America, o J statement I don't deserve. You may refer to both his current apologetic state and the
feelings of inadequacy that may have led him to infidelity in the first place as a sort of self fulfilling prophecy. As the verse continues, we hear Jazzy look back on their feet, together. Starting with the moments it appeared, their relationship may be over some rash. While we have these come after you make it home. Please don't evacuees stating that money for you. What your message me, I wasn't ready. While you were seen an innocent leave, you are you planning to job losses. That was your body. Cheesy claims to have harass Bianchi in Paris, a city that holds personal significance for the couple as the place they got gauged Unconceived their first child
but here it seems our union has dissolved, with Jesse likely attempting to win her back after an argument. This powerlessness continues in the following lines: come back to Rome, you make it home Rome, ITALY served as the centre of the roman empire by asking his wife to return to Rome to make it home. It seems. J. Like it's, a two them as leaders of an empire as they hold unparalleled success and massive influence in the world. However, by telling her you make it home He seems to me that all of success and influence is meaningless without her in his life, the sun, It is similar to one Bianti expressed when she said quote. I have a law the wards and have a lot
these things, that are amazing and I work my ass off. I worked harder than probably everybody. I know to get those things, but nothing feels like my child saying mommy. Nothing feels like what I look. My husband in the eyes and quote J continues. We talked for hours when you are on tour. Please pick up the phone pick up the phone, the telephone centres as an important means of communication for the two of them as air. Frequently apart from one another while touring this calls back to the early days the relationship which began as a friendship over the phone. How is he helped you on so many levels? You know we were friends Forest for a year and a half before we went on any date on the farm for a year and a half and that foundation is so
point in relationship and just to have someone that you, just like you know, is so important as someone that is honest rather than using the phone to stay in touch or express their love for one. Another J repeatedly calls her she ignores him mirroring beyond safe, words and lemonade's. Fourth track sorry, now I don't feel bad about it. Exactly what you kids them just as beyond say the song. Sorry, by leaving a note in their hallway and leaving her husband, it would appear that from Jays perspective, he was now certain whether or not their relationship would whether this setback, while J ponders the rest the state of his relationship. He does not confine his apologies to his infidelity, but rather takes ownership of his actions to out the entirety of there.
Legend ship. Thus, in the following lines, J continues said: don't embarrassed me instead of be mine. That was my proposal for us to go study. This acknowledges that for the very beginning of their relationship. He was image conscious and not able to fully express is true feelings for her. He highlights this immaturity by referring to this as his proposal to go, see Eddie, an antiquated term, usually describing teenage relationships. J points out. The irony twelve years older than her answer, maturity level was far superior, even at a young age of twenty one. However, spite noting her youth and wisdom beyond her years. He also admits that throughout their relationship he's the innocents leave her eyes as the heartbreak of his infidelity, caused her to abandon idealized notions of love. Jazzy states that he mourned the day
though this innocence then uses it to pivot. To the couple struggle with infertility, he says I apologize for all the still bourns, because I wasn't present your body wooden accepted here. Jazzy implies that, because he was not present in their marriage, her body rejected the opportunity for pregnancy, while J assumes blame for these tragedies, it appears that both beyond say an J c C. The resolve of their relationship as a form of divine intervention that later bless them with the birth of their twins as J continues, the verse he widens the scope and appalling I to all the women he hurt, that's right after the break. Welcome back to dissect before the break, we heard j apologise for that. Stillborn see feels is emotional unavailability contributed to. As for four four continues, he expanses sky
and addresses the women of his past knowledge, ass women, who saw the two almost exactly. Are you set your best? You would love because fall short of what I say about me that your body wants housing and you stand like the industry's think it all the time wasted it or not, is crazy shit, so G wrapped, I apologize all the women who I toyed with your emotions, because I was motionless with these lines: Jason, Mr? Having used women in the past and playing with their emotions, his own amusement. He makes this point clear in its two thousand track big pimping. Map handling the magic loaded. I know not tell us and is displayed here and big pimp. It is a point of pride for jeez,
we as it enables him to have sex with numerous women without getting attached or losing his player status, however, seventeen years after big pimpin release J appears to reflect on these years with regret and shows, new found understanding that to be a motionless is to be called on feeling and even exploitative towards others in it biography. Jazzy maiden America, Michael Eric Dyson Rights, quote Motionless and men turns out to be a euphemism, or rather a mistake, mrs of sorts. It after refers to a very specific kind of emotional intelligence that many men code as feminine expressions of vulnerable, The shame and says it as it may. Sound love must be erased or contained unlike J and for four four Some men claim an emotional is profile as a badge of honor. Unquote and is twenty seven. An interview with the New York Times, J himself, reflected on the ways that the difficult circumstances of his upbringing
Put him in survival mode that affected his ability to connect. Emotionally, you have to survive, so you're going to survival mile and when you go into a by what we have been shut down right, you should now all emotions, so even with women You got shut down emotionally, so you can't connect internet. All things happen from their will Hence depicting jazzy as emotionless are then immediately contrasted with a description of beyond, say, saying. I apologize Cosette your best. You are love. It fall short of what I say I m all about, if Jason at his worst is the lack of feeling than his wife, at her best Is love incarnate this line so begins and extended reference to the Isley brothers. Nineteen, seventy six ballad at your best. You are love an arm, be classic that would later be covered by the likes of a Leah and free
ocean. What I say by quota This tender, Isley Brothers Classic J, puts himself in the place of work. Iceland, the song, admitting that he can have difficulty pressing himself, but reassuring his partner that she gives him motivation to change. He continues the Isley Brothers reference, your eyes leave with the sole your body once house, with eyes, leave being homer phone for Isley, this be one more reference to their catalogue. This time to their song all my lovers eyes here, Ronald Island about wanting to be the best version of himself as reflected in his partners eyes
while the references Isley Brothers track seems clear. J uses the reference to describe Beyonce's eyes, leaving her soul, her body once how's to return to the previous image, in leaving behind these eyes, both when he cheated on her, and she suffered a miscarriage in this way, the All her body wants. How's refers to the soul of her unborn child as a result beyond is left with nothing but negative thoughts as J describes. Her staring blankly into space regretting the time she's lost on this basic shit. It's here at the end of the first, that
Lowering his voice in apologises for the fifth and final pilot job was to say contained a remote expansiveness dialogue matches up what I backed we supposed it takes about back with a cloth laughed again in space would adopt stuff. Like love like the way J once again begins his first with an apology saying I apologize, our love was one for the ages and I contained us all this ratchet shit and we more expansive J believes that their love is meant to be limitless and freeing, lasting through the ages unvanquished by external pressures or internal upset. However rather than living in this freedom. He amidst said contained their love, placing constraints on it through his own
emotional, was an unwillingness to openly communicate his pain in order to heal it. It. Is this fear of letting his guard down that could lead to a life of loveliness, even while in the midst of a seemingly picturesque life. He continues not meant to try and die alone in these mansions or sleep with our backs turned this image functions, literally as they face away from one another in bed in an effort to distance themselves and embody. Of the loneliness expressed in the previous line. It of the idea of turning their backs on one another or to give up on their release chip as something on salvageable J continues. We're supposed to vacate. Tell our backs burn we're supposed to laugh till our hard stop. And then me in a space where the dark stop and let love light. The way this beautiful image evokes an eternal love everlasting, as J imagines me
Beyonce after their death and allowing their love to light the way through the unknown darkness of the afterlife. Like the way you like them in before me, I cut off my nose to spite my face. I never wanted another woman to know something about me that you didn't know. I promise I cried. I couldn't hold I suck at love. I think I need a do over. I will be emotionally available. He cut off his nose, despite his face an idiot meaning to worsen and existing problem for oneself, often not a pride. This put him in the same category as men before him, which may refer to a pattern of men who risk their relationships in order to pursue extramarital affairs more specifically the men before and may also speak to the previous generations of men. That beyond say refers to an lemonade. The generator of men in her family who come home at three I am and lie to their wives. J makes us
on pain, worse by cheating on her, because whatever hurt caused, seek an affair outside his relationship would only be exacerbated by the consequences of this indiscretion, namely the potential loss of his wife and children. This echoes the warning we heard beyond say, given the chapter anger where she sang. If you hurt me It self J then continues ever wanted another woman to know something about me. You didn't know implying that at the core of his betrayal is notion of letting another woman see a part of him that had been hidden from his wife. His betrayal hurts not only because of any physical. She should be had with another woman, also a mostly as well as he had a sort of intimacy reserved for his marriage with someone outside of it after the chorus Jason, levers, third and final worse in a hush time and a much know out even know what
look at me the same, I will probably die with all the shame you did. What with who? What good is a menage e trois when you have a soulmate, you risk that for glue. If I wasn't a superhero on your face, my heart breaks for the day, I have to explain my mistakes and Dumbass goes away and Santa Claus is fake and you go online and see for Bluetooth. The tooth fairy didn't pay worth considering the shame that has yet to come, when it's children grow older and discover his infidelities. He imagines their line of questioning wrapping. You did what, with what good is a menagerie Twa when you have a soulmate, his children recognise one saw me, is worth more than two women meaningless sex doesn't equate to the divine. He then ass. You risk that were blue this
goes. His previous fears he expressed of losing custody over his daughter in his two thousand thirteen track, Jason, my daddy, maybe you just give you one basic announced there were nine, a brilliant man, things coming in my life tat. I needed soy right. Jake continues for four four by switching perspectives talking directly to his children. He says if I wasn't a superhero in your face and then briefly trails off, seemingly unable to finish his sentence and put the grief of thing: is children down into words? J imagines that to his children he's inherently a superhero someone, strong protective, who shows no sign of weakness or makes mistakes a man of honour and, inter
ready. J himself used the same term in numerous interviews described aberration. He had for his own father telling Jijiu magazine quote my dad was such a good dad that when he left, he left a huge scar. He was my superhero unquote when J finally continues, he wraps my heart breaks. For the day I had to explain my mistakes and the mass goes away. Santa Claus is fake, just as J mourns in the leaving beyond today's eyes. He fear the day when he sees the same loss of innocence and disillusionment and his children. When a superhero mass goes away, it will be as
appointing as a young child finding out that Santa Claus doesn't exist. However, despite the pain this moment will cause us, children is precisely by taking his own mask off and revealing has flaws and accepting full responsibility that he actually saved his marriage and preserves as family jaded completes the song by playing off bluetooth technology. He wraps and he go online and safer whose tooth the tooth fairy didn't pay. He imagines blue ivy discovering the marriage scandal which is old enough to surf the internet again, comparing the innocent, lost in that moment to realising the tooth fairy. Isn't real after this emotional final verse for four four continues, with its continues with an extended instrumental outro This seems to be a very calculated decision, as it fittingly brow the total running time of the track to four minutes and forty four seconds as an album for for forest.
So much a response to lemonade, but more the flip side of the same coin. There very real experience of their marital crisis. As seen through Jays eyes. He doesn't attempt to justify its actions instead, he, To destroy his ego and masculine posturing so that he can reflect admit, feel guilt. Philip Morris work to understand apologize forgive himself, so he can work to rebuild and like beyond, say doing this in a public space offers a blueprint. For other men to do the same yeah works, universe, works and takes my her fine, myself, Stephen occurs one year after four slash four release beyond in Jersey, shocked the world what their long rumoured album everything is love released under the unified moniker, the Carter's as a title. Everything is love reassures fans that it's all love between beyond
play J C and there's no lingering resentment between the two of them. However, the title also recalls one of the main messages of lemonade, namely the power of love and its ability to transform painful experiences into beauty. The Carter celebrate this love and victory over the difficulties that threaten their marriage most clearly in the tracks that book and the album summer and love happy summer actually appears up we're lemon AIDS. All night left off a hopeful owed to the reconciliation and made a great honour and agenda you here we returned to the aid of their emotional and physical reunion,
time on the Sandy Beach shores in the summer in sand, castles beyond they like? foundation of their relationship to San castles that washed away with the rising tide. Having now I can sowed summer finds the card is returning to this beach imagery with a vision, much closer to what Jazzy described in four four for when he said vacate till our backs burn The place that was once a metaphor for their crumbling relationship is now the sight of their love, renewed and made even stronger this falls in line with lemonade emphasis on finding healing where the wound was made and its use. Water as a recurring symbol for the duality of destruction and rebirth found in a single source. Bianti continue some are singing. I want to drown in the depths of you evoking her two thousand thirteen song Rocky up and man
away with this Jeff swimming in the depths of her partner, not only shows their renewed intimacy, but also the fulfilment of her wish to end their love. Drought that she sings about in lemonade by replacing imagery from previous albums and songs. The Carter's further illustrate the law that has been restored in the full destruction of the curses play. Beyond say in lemonade and the personal demons Daisy Conference and for four for the Carter's Ray. Oh right, this in love happy wherein beyond safer.
Even a centrally summarizes this trajectory, the rapid three outcome may be planted with beyond, to celebrate, Sir love as deeper than her husband's pain, the source fortress nation and change of his actions. She wants to get returns to the imagery of lemonade, where she saying about their flaws being the source of their perfection Let's have read them
kill me love happy is the final celebration of the fruits of their labour, the hard work it took. The salvager marriage and the breaking of the generational curses disgusted lemonade its with this amidst sense of I am that beyond say things that closing words of love. Have the Carter's party words are we came and we saw and be conquered at all. This is a loose trade. Malaysian Roman General Julius Caesar Latin phrase. Veni, Viti, Vichy
which he allegedly said to the Roman Senate after a swift victory in the battle of Zella and forty seven b c, the Carter's not only declare victory over their marital difficulties but like in themselves to an empire highlighting their black excellence. This kind of show of strength as a big theme that permeates the album and its clearly expressed in the lead single ape ship that at this moment, I am watching with eight shit. The Carter's offer up flax after Flex, be their accumulation of wealth and influence or their command of a stadium full of fans when beyond say says. I can't believe we made it. It seems to
not only to their save marriage, but also to the fact that they both were able to become the global Bein, arms and billionaires they are today. However, just as in lemonade. It's likely the Carter's, meaning here, extends beyond the personal into the political realm, especially when we contextual eyes their words with the visuals of apes sheet music video It was shot in the loop in Paris, a museum representing all the institutions that have historically excluded or diminish the many contributions to art history by black artists. The loop contained some of the most icon, pieces of are in the world, including the famous Venus De Milo Statue, the great sphinx of tennis and, of course, Leonardo Da Vinci's, Mona LISA Portrait, which the Carter's pose directly in front of to begin. The video
as beyond, say in a line of black female dancers, hip role in front of Jacques Louis David's, painting the coronation of Napoleon, we see beyond, say standing directly beneath the image of Napoleon wife, Josephine being Crown Empress of the french Empire, likening herself to an empress Bianca appears to claim the Louvre as a blacks. Is just ass. She reclaim the plantation setting threw out lemonade this display of regal black pride and excellence permeates the rest of the album as the Carter's discuss their wealth as a means to empower the black community most directly and albums penultimate track black effect, stop light spike Lee Fabian at my neck, you can tell him: Trayvon is coming next, the SEC, the FBI order, are your breasts. I pass the alphabet boys, like the Ipad, hear Jay Z, raps, about Kalief Browder, a black teenager who was in prison
three years without being convicted of a crime, he tragically committed suicide. After the abuse he received in confinement in two thousand Seventeen Jazzy produced a six part documentary Series titled time the Khalifa broader story in the following line: Jazzy promises, travel, coming next referencing his two thousand team documentary rest in power. The tray on Martin story regarding documentaries, Jason, the New York Times quote. There are a lot of. Things going on that led to the sort of films, these thoughts, I'm creating now it's more of an education, because it's so egregious that people dont believe it. People have to really see there, they have to see it again and they have to see it with facts and details, because people don't really believe it until the world, leaves it, and everyone gets involved. It's going to be a black problem. Unquote, and so just like lemonade. Everything is love, finds the Carter's using their platform.
To not only celebrate the beauty of the culture but also draw attention to the injustices. The black community faces. Having found personal healing They turn their attention outward towards society wielding their artistry money influence an empire in ways that are meant to uplift, not only themselves in their family but the black community. At large, conclusions. While lemonade and for four four are distinct self contained albums twenty Game, release of everything is love further tie the two albums together, creating a unique trilogy effect amongst all three lemonade and four hundred and forty four gave perspective to Beyonce and Jay Z's. Individual stories has a to navigated a crisis of their marriage. Each of them were forced to confront
generational curses eventually attesting to the vulnerability, honesty and strength through weakness that enabled them to heal the wounds both individually and as a couple with everything is low. We see and Jay Jazzy a vote, this unity by releasing music under one name, the Carter's as they celebrate their marriage and curses Dave overcome. This is an unprecedented project as no other musical partnership of their caliber has attempted such an interconnected narrative of betrayal and reunion, spanning across three albums doing so. They leverage that are enormous platforms to celebrate in power, the black community. They lead both by example and through their art and have blossom into one of the most respected. Intelligent and influential families in recent
american history. Dissect is the production of Spotify studios where this season of dissect police telephone about the shell or share on social media. You can follow us at dissect, podcast, and be sure to check out our limited season, six merchandise on dissect podcast, our car. Today's episode was written by Maggie Lacey. Are you by Eric pass me see music by bureaucratic thanks. Everyone party mixed up.
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