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We continue our serialized analysis of Beyoncé’s Lemonade by dissecting its seventh chapter “Reformation,” which features the song “Love Drought.” Beyoncé extends an olive branch to her husband, expresses the potential of the love they share, and entertains the idea of reconciliation.

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should the song daddy lesson there. He also reflected on her upbringing in to examine the roots of the Kirsty inherited specifically, she looked at her relationship with her father, whose depicted as a hard nosed cowboy command beyond, say to shoot men like him, and had not daddy. Lessons beyond say discovers that her father had been socialized as many men are to be a strong, powerful protector. Shows no sign of weakness beyond, say herself had adopted some of these care? Risks as lessons her father, passed down to her through displays of strength mass doing posturing and stoicism. We saw her demand justice from her cheating partner, the just ass, she saw was retribution. She wanted her part.
To feel the same pain he inflicted upon her as a punishment for his crimes that desire for provision manifested in anger as beyond, say threatened to it. Or in the favour of his infidelity in apathy, Bianti relish ability to lie about her whereabouts and make her partner wonder where she was for a change. I don't feel that it is exactly what you get these examples: it'd, be aunties impulse for a partner to get a taste of his own medicine, her sense of rich beauty of justice seem to have been an inheritance from her father who encouraged to shoot men who are like him, however, over the two chapters Biagi has undergone a shift from this desire to make them pay too. Genuine desire to repair the damage that has been done. While she
still demand justice for a husband infidelity. She has shifted from Russia, Beauty of justice to restorative justice. Story of justice is not centred on the punishment for a crime, but rather on repairing the harm done to a victim as a practice involves allowing a victim and offender to come face to face giving the VIC the opportunity to express their hurt and their needs? forward. It also involves allowing the offender to express their side of the story, while accepting responsibility for their actions each party is treated with empathy and, while Conciliation is not necessarily the goal of restorative justice. It is possible outcome, I will see throughout the chapter. This is them while Bianti embodies moving forward Does she not only expresses her own painful truth, but also offer your partner, the ability to make amends and its with this new justice model that lemonade progresses into its next chapter. The subject of episode today reformation
he bathes me until I fucked the names and faces as reformation begins. We are met with a wide shot. Inside of the Mercedes, Benz Superdome home The New Orleans Saints NFL Football team, the stadium appeal, to be deserted. We come to a close up. I'd say who lies in the feed opposition on the green turf of the football field. She's wearing a white dress, He rests her head on her elbow, visibly despondent, clutching her stomach. It's from this vulnerable position that we hear more power, we adapted from Warsaw Shire. She says he bade me until I forget their names and faces this opening line recalls lemonade. Second chapter denial. There we heard me
they ask for dominion at our partners feet as if he was a god to be worshiped here in reformation, the power dynamic is reversed, as he now humbles himself by bathing her cleansing her of the pain of his infidelity until she forgets the names and faces of the women he cheated with immediately following this line, we flashed back to pivotal scene. We saw in the chapter anger. It was here that we saw beyond they take off and throw her wedding ring directly into the camera. However, here now and reformation. This shot is played in reverse and the ring returns to her hand, this seems to indicate that her partners, accountability, humility and atonement may reverse the course of their separation I ask him to look me in the eye when I come biopsies pregnant pause after the World CUP
creates a new window as initially it appear. She asked him to look her in the eyes when they have sex once again. This demonstrates a reversal in their relationship dynamic and refer some of the language we heard in accountability. There Dante, asked her mother, a series of questions about her father, an attempt to understand the generational curse, a broken relationships and her family He convince you here, the guide. Did you get on your knees daily. Do his eyes closed, like doors Are you a slave to the back of his head? This line of question I indicated that our mothers relationship was characterized by submission to our partners. Will this she was embodied in their sex life ass. She gets on her knees daily Adele on Tonga indicating a worship of her husband will sign. Painlessly, performing oral sex in contrast, b,
they now demands her partner. Look her in the eyes tat, forming their sexual acts for men, stations of their dysfunctional power, dynamic into moments of intimacy and respect. After this innuendo, she finishes her sentence, making the full line. I ask him: look me in the eyes when I come home in this sense she makes it could. That emotional intimacy, honesty and respect, or the conditions that hurry her depends on. Also having just seen the reverse image a beyond say, throwing her ring off after anger. This. Appears to reverse or question? She asked him at the onset of that chapter? Why can't you see me now she makes it clear he can no longer close his eyes like doors and slow feebly shudder out of his inner world. He will see her. Allow me to see him in the spirit of New found, commitment to honesty in their relationship beyond say, asked partner a series of questions to reach the heart of the issues that have been driving them. Apart. Why d?
You deny yourself Heaven Do you consider yourself undeserving? Why are you afraid of love? You think it's not possible for someone like you But you are the love of my life. Of up to this point. Albums narrative beyond has done the necessary work of reasserting herself in claiming her worth, not only in her relationship, but in the face. Of societal racism. She endures as a black woman. She channel the Goddess ocean embodied the egyptian queen, never tv like in herself to Malcolm X and reclaim the maid would. Cantation House, by dancing alongside Serena Williams, have regained. Her sense of self worth beyond, say here, doesn't ask her part why he heard her, but instead ask why he's hurting himself.
She asked him why he denies himself Heaven why he blew He's he's unworthy, indicating the sheep now understands is cheating was not due to any inadequacy on her part or in At last on his rather, it has to do with deeper. Underlying issue that make him believe he does not deserve love. As can't say asked him: why do you do by yourself Heaven we peered, through a window across a vast law, to see a tall white, picket fence gate with bright white clouds behind it by coupling this image. With the word Heaven, it seems this gate could represent the entrance into Heaven often referred to as the pearly gates. However, this is action. The gate that surrounds the maid would plantation House the very same image that evokes Heaven and the promise of redemption reveals itself to be the entrance into a place where black people were enslaved the image also calls to mind the white picket fence that has become synonymous with the american dream. By displaying this white picket fence around a plantation, we
call the way. White society has acted as gatekeepers, often shutting black Americans out of the wealth and opportunities the american dream promises as story is centred on beyond, say and her experience. As a black woman, we haven't received any indication of our partners, interior feelings or motivations. However, given the pervasive, measures of the legacy of slavery and racism we see here and throughout the film. It seems that, like beyond, say her partner must undergo his own process of dismantling any inherited beliefs of unworthiness that stem from an oppressive culture So while she asked him, why you deny yourself Heaven. We understand this question: isn't a cast blame on him for his infidelity but to open a general income? into the ways. The internalized messages of racism keep him from accepting love. This is seemingly confirmed by GC himself in the outcome of the Carter's two thousand eighteen collaboration. Seven one three
was that what I was told that babies there's no job protested Amerika. So what should I shoot ourselves down? We don't jeweller black, we rescue, Daisy, wraps America is a mother fucker to us. Lock us up shoot US shoe self esteem down we don't deserve. True love. He makes it explicitly clear systematic. Racism can and does infiltrate the psyche, the disproportionate imprisonment of black people, as well as the prevalent shooting of unarmed black men, sends a message that White America does not value their lives. Naturally, it would fall I know that some of these racist messages become internalized, causing her partner to question. Isn't here dignity and worthiness. Bianca finishes this spoken. Interlude saying you are the love of my life, repeating it for emphasis as if she is trying to get this message through to him,
She seems to reassure him that, despite his internal barriers to love, she's willing to confront these issues with him and put in the work sorry to revive their relationship as beyond, say. Is this to him returned to the Superdome beyond? still lying down mid field in all white illuminated by the Stadium lies behind her, while the Superdome holds personal significance to Bianti as the sight of her first superbowl performance, its inclusion, reformation seems to be used more for its cultural significance to the city of New Orleans itself. The Superdome was in the early nineteenth seventies and serve. Not only is the home of saints football, but also this of numerous superboss final for college. Ask a ball games concerts and even Nineteen. Eighty seven visit from the Pope was a staple of the city, a sore for both entertainment and community in August, two thousand five. The super
became the designated current quote: shelter of last resort for up to thirty thousand people during Hurricane Katrina, The storm raged against the building ripping off peace, at the roof, allowing Tor of water to pour in when the levies broke in the city, flooded the Superman became surrounded by water. Tens if thou the New Orleans who sought refuge the stadium we're trapped there for days with very little food, water or information from the government on how long they be required to stay. The course soon became nearly unlivable as the crowded did in a sweltering heat amidst an unbearable stench of overflowing toilets. There were reports of rape within the dome, as well as three confirmed deaths over the course of days. Katrina, survivor and poet. Shelton Alexander, gave his first hand account
super dumps conditions in an interview with history. A lot of different things happen. You know and saw the dark ages got real crazy. You know to smell was really really terrific. You talk and I gather that affair data taught us was already back that and that Heaven you know can water, not all all that other stuff is just kind of like real, real bad. I watch a lot of people suffer. I seen people like unattended elders, like just sitting in place for like days at a time, not moving The storm ravage Superdome became a defining image of Katrina. News coverage, A symbol of not only the city's destruction but also governmental negligence of the poor, mostly black citizens who are trapped there It was a sight of collective suffering despair trauma and was seen by many as the country's abandonment of the citizens. It was meant to protect and. Is following the storm, Reverend Jesse James then voiced his belief that race was a major factor in the government's response to Katrina. He
Old CNN quote. Today. I saw five now An african Americans on the item, causeway desperate perishing, dehydrated babies dying, it looks Africans in the whole of a slave ship. It was ugly and so obvious heavy miss this Qatar your fee because of indifference and ineptitude or the combination of both and serve. I think the issue you have raised as a factor will not go away from this equation. We have great tolerance for black suffering and marginalization, unquote, as Bianti, alluded to with the question. Why do Consider yourself undeserving. It seems answer partially lies in the way America treats his black citizens, whether a man incarceration killings of unarmed black people or in its response to her King Katrina and these thence in many others, America's What's the message to its black citizens that they are under serving of love or basic respect in the year following Katrina. Many believe that
Superdome would never returned to its full glory and that the Saints Football team eventually relocate. However, through a concerted effort by the city and the team itself. The stadium was rebuilt and reopen following an fell season, and thus this Freedom was transformed from a reminder of Katrina and its whores into a symbol of New Orleans resilience and resurrection dressed. Now why Bianti to prepare for the rebirth of her relationship, given all of the pain characterized her story throughout the film, the infidelity, the miscarriage and the generational trauma slavery. We return to twenty nine In an interview with AL quote, I began for deeper meaning when life began. To teach me lessons I didn't know, I needed success, looks different to me now. I learned all pain and loss is in fact a gift having miscarriages
me that I had to mother myself before I could be a mother to some one else. Then I had blue and the quest for my purpose became so much deeper I died and was reborn in my relationship and the quest for self became even stronger uncle. It seems, b, and say, begins reformation, not only to honour the collective suffering and despair of the people of New Orleans during Katrina, but to emulate the community's rebirth in this Turning point in her narrative would be they still on the turf of the Superdome. The opening moments of love. Drought in love drowned was written by Might Dean Ingrid Burly beyond, say it's worth. Most emotionally revealing sides of the album eccentric, did by a lush, serene sounds gape one pact. This sound scape.
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the notes and accord played individually one after the other Finally, a distorted away punches the base notes in each court adding a touch her in an otherwise shimmering sounds game later in the song. A proper aid away, drumbeat enters accompanied by the tracks. Wavering centrality screen during the opening moments of love drop the scene
gifts from the massive empty Superdome to a quiet, marshy beach at sunset. It's here on this coastal shore that beyond say once again addresses her partner tens of millions and millions of care in kind of a permanent, a mouse love and not giving goes unnoticed found in my life beyond say, begins first. In the same way, she had throughout the first half of the album by calling her partner out for lying. She, emphasizes the seemingly unending pattern saying tent I'm at a nine. I know you're lying. However, perhaps as a result of her process of taking accountability in the previous chapter, she then shifts to a more compassion
sentiment saying but nine times out of ten, I know you're trying, so I'm trying to be fair and you're trying to be there and took care Bianchi repeats the word trying three times in this first indicating that for both of them, this is a difficult an ongoing effort, repairing the damage in their relationship requires constant effort and commitment from both parties for beyond, say this. In striving to understand his pain and empathize with him. In return, her husband commits to being fully present to his wife and family, rather than us keeping his own suffering and insecurity through an affair she continued sang and you're caught up in Europe. Many emotions, all the loving I've been giving goes unnoticed. It's just floating in the air looky. Their bianti repeats the sentiment of opening palm that her partner expire it's internal barriers that keep him from receiving the love she gives until he is able to love himself. Her level continue to flow in the air present, but on it now
My life trying to kill me wasn't me still fail me. I was thirsty camp at the side of things like that, but the only way to always up to be also tells her partner that he is her lifeline, the rule used to rescue someone who's drowning under all the pressure she's outlined throughout the film? She looks too, as a means of salvation. However, his reject of her by cheating, had only powdered, the pressure she already felt ass. She prepared herself to Becky with the good hair and other subjects. Biotic continues. If I wasn't me, would you still feel May we recall that in hold up beyond, say that she would love him, regardless of his success and blindness.
I'd, chicks are only interested in his fame and success magic moment that you never made a name, your noble master, where they had to be labelled as a game, never made it at the gates to lead them a winning the mysteries of ahead, the bad as woman in a game of being algae need aid with every down. Now they used to have rung but now, in contrast to this confident, even barking tone of hold up here, love, drought beyond, say, damn streets, her own fear of exactly the situation wondering if you leave her if she herself was famous and successful. She completely lets her guard down meaning that, despite our ocean like power, she still Hold your own insecurities she then reassure him that she doesn't care about the lights or the beams. Again reiterating that she loves him for who he is rather than for a success. However, again. She does so in a more emotionally revealing way. She amidst she would corn quote, live in the dark or region.
Her power, fame and money. If it meant they could see The relationship she completes reverse singing only way to go is up skin thick too tough one have hit rock bottom in their marriage. Bianti admits here. The only way to go is up rejecting the possibility of separation, as we saw in the previous chapter in vote. Ability and an emphasis on toughness where some of the characteristics led to their broken marriage, whoever after bearing her soul, admit her mistakes. Bianti says skin thick too tough, perhaps it trusting that they could still use the toughness tape developed but channel it towards saving their marriage other than building emotional walls, as beyond. Say things. This opening verse, we pan up from the beach shore to see a group of nine black women waiting into the waters, each woman, sport, a distinct hairstyle from braids to bonds to a pompadour foe hawk, however,
They are unified, as a group in matching white collar dresses, with black trim with contemplate of expressions in their hands folded in front of them. They follow beyond say into the water as if in a slow, prayerful procession, while the lyrics at the first primarily convey her willingness to resolve her marriage. This image of the press, son of women reminds us that beyond say also sets out to engender communal healing for black women beyond seems to lead these women into the water as a form of baptism, which is a ritual? negotiation into the christian church. Traditionally, those who partaken baptism, wear white to signify purity or a fresh start and the priest or preacher submerged water when they emerged from the water they are. Rebel to a new life of devotion to God. In this sense, beyond things to take on a role of priestess ushering these women for it to be born again into a life of healing from the pain of racial injustice that was outlined in the first half of the film just a
christian right of baptism initiate one into the church, it seems these women have it is a community of their own. It suggests that healing is communal and happens in relationship with one another rather than in isolation, but this procession hold significance beyond Even the ritual Camille healing throughout lemonade images that The legacy of slavery has permeated the film from the civil war ruins of former com to this Mr Rehn, hallway that resembled the door of no return to the sugar plants. Visions of Louisiana Similarly, writer Michael a Una, observed that this procession of women waiting in water alludes to one of the most significant stories of resistance to slavery. The story Ebay, landing in eighteen, o, three A group of enslaved Nigerians from the Ebro tribe arrived in Savannah. Georgia, after enduring the middle passage voyage, they were into slavery and transported by ship to an island off the coast of Georgia. While the historical details of what
heard next are disputed. Its widely believed around seventy five evil people seized control of the ship. Rather than said, mid to a life of slavery. They marched directly into the matters of a near by creek singing praises their God Chiku as they drowned the story of of all evil landing took on a mythological component as in subsidy. Retelling the Africans, marched into the waters were said to have, locked on water all the way home and other versions they took flight back to Africa. These retailing portrayed, not only the Spirit of resistance that took place, but also for an image of hope for freedom. Beyond the literal death that occurred. This quota quotes or of the flying Africans has been reference throughout african american media and literature, most the Bali and Tony Morrison's Nobel Prize winning novel song of Solomon, the late Tony Worse discuss this bottle in an interview regarding her novel.
Did you say about a myth, status of truth in the matter, how bizarre they may see and one that had always heard that seem like distant childs wish was one about black slaves who came to United States and under certain circumstances they would fly back to ever was for issue instead of just being a child or a sort of naive escape story is about flight. It really is about fly. A flight comes up a lot and spiritual. Flyaway Jesus flower, which ensure the boy understand. So what is there about that? That's probably is it's all so the move away from earth into things that were more spiritual
it has a lot of connotation. So I'm thinking how can I make a contemporary story about a black man, young black men who learns to fly or who makes his escape? Not geographical escaped back the Africa that another mine said. Yes, how does he escaped the the prison, the cultural prison that he found himself as Morrison asserts myths carry truth, while the history Google account of resistance that Ebay landing holds power. In and of itself its bid. The logic retelling abuse this moment with an even deeper meaning, whether or not people literally flew back to their home, the evil people and all those who hold. Their story demonstrate the ability to transform their resistance of slavery and to an enduring symbol of hope, a flight and freedom like milkman
The protagonists of Morrison Song of Solomon Beyond, say too must look to the past. Not only to your stand inherited generational wounds of slavery, but also to recover this ability to transform pain into flight into freedom. She must, as Morrison puts it, escaped the cultural prison she finds self in beyond, say signifies is hope for freedom and loved droughts. Chorus, reflecting both on our relationship with her husband, and her relationship to the women of the water.
Despite their insecure, cities and the obstacles in their way beyond, say a test when unwavering believed that their love can overcome their pain to heal their marriage. They hold the power to move mountains calm their internal wars and summoned the reins to replenish the relationship and grow something beautiful, paradoxically,
their path to summoning this power first lies in revealing their weaknesses to one another, acknowledging their pay and fears and then working together. Overcome them. Once again, the view tools accompanying the lyrics indicate that this power lies not only between beyond, say and her husband, but also her community again see the group of women in white waiting in the water. They ve now stop to creep a horizontal line facing outward toward the ocean, just as Nancy sings. You and me move a mountain. They join hands and raise them above their heads in unity. It seems that together these Women are the ones who can move mountains, com wars and bring healing waters while they pay homage to there evil, predecessors who resisted slavery and a mass suicide. The end of their story coincides with the more hopeful ending depicted in folklore. They raise their arms as if to take flight. Recalling myths of the Africans who flew home
And so well beyond, say and her husband's love can create miraculous healing just as important to heal, in reformation is solidarity with the women who experienced similar struggles, it turns out that anomaly Hillman tell me all I did. I led the question has been a movement always been committed, Falcon, always paid attention to bow to tell me what they do already asked, which we recall. That beyond say, began the first verse focusing on her husband behaviour, singing nine times out of nine. I know you're lying but nine times out of ten. I know you're trying now, the second verse she reverses. The structure and pivots to a self reflection? She sings? Ninety, out of ten, I'm in my feelings, but ten times out of nine I'm only human
Although she is committed to moving forward in our relationship, she still struck with the same insecurities were seen throughout the film just as she said and hold up. I'm not too perfect to ever. Field is worthless here She points out that she's only human, despite all the work she has done to empower and reassert herself, it can be easy get caught up in a cycle of self doubt and blame Blackfellow professor and author, Brittany Cooper spoke about this notion of doubt in conversation with Miss Magazine quote, you could do everything right. You could be a church girl get a degree you could not have many sexual partners, or by contrast, you could be avoided, in and enjoy yourself. You can do all these things in it Still doesn't work out so then, How do you build a life for yourself? The story doesn't go the way you think it well unquote, while beyond taken. Sitters how she was betrayed. Despite doing everything right continually recommence herself to moving forward for her building a new life for herself me,
letting go of self doubt and any additional she's, received to believe she's, not good enough. Half my life and tat comes out of this affirmation of self and commitment to creating a new life is made in the last line of the verse once again, Bianchi asserts that the only way to go up and then too, the final shot at the Becky's and whack bitches, with whom her husband cheated. However, the film version of lemonade does contained a second birth, but instead cuts to a drum outright here we could. Black and white. Close up closer appliances face she's adorned
white marking, similar to those painted on the women inside the bus. During the chapter apathy, white dots line, her brow, a horizontal line street blower eyes like tears as the drugs play. The shot rotates clockwise three: hundred and sixty degrees, as if her head is, in a circle when returned to her eye level. She maintains I contact with the camera and then looks upward to the sky three sixty degree motion of the camera suggests journey has come full circle and she's ready to move forward as her eyes upwards to the sky, she's this shift or focused more spiritual matters, something will see through the following chapters as reformation concludes we returned to a now black and white, shot of the same beach shores that weave inhabited throughout the chapter. No longer
sunset, we ve entered a new day as the title card. Reading forgiveness appears as we look out over the ocean. Baptized me. Now. The reconciliation is possible if we're gonna hear. Let it be glorious every step Her journey has led her here, insert vital tar process. She's expressed her anger at the injustices, she's endured not only from her husband but from America, writ large she's descent into a state of emptiness, only to look to the past Stan her family history demanded an ability and work to change. Our relationship for the better off These stages culminated in the vulnerable exchange with her husband and the display of healing solidarity with the black women who have accompanied heard throughout her journey. She is
Now able to declare that reconciliation is possible. She's done the difficult work of only bearing her insecurities, but all reasserting her sense of power and worth in a society that undermines her. It's from this enlightened state that she declares if we're gonna he'll, let it be glorious, indicating a hope that they may be able to transform their pain into some. Divinely beautiful conclusions. Then reformation beyond has offered her husband, an olive branch replay, think her desire for retribution with the hope of restoration this process involved the difficult work of voicing her insecurities and self doubt as well asking the same of a partner with all their laid out on the table beyond. Affirmed her commitment to working towards forgiveness and her relationship. She was eight in her journey by a procession of black women who are also, if
by the legacy of slavery and racial injustices that a permeated the film they honour their past. Raise their arms as if they take flight from this inherited cultural prison. Together they have created the condition that make glorious healing possible. That's not that the road to redemption before her will be easy. On the contrary, some of our most difficult moments lie ahead as she. Finally, France or partner face to face never mind how bad This is the song San castles from lemonade next chapter forgiveness, a chapter.
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