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We continue our serialized analysis of Beyoncé’s Lemonade by dissecting its ninth chapter “Resurrection,” which features the song “Forward.” Having restored her relationship, Beyoncé turns her attention to social action and communal healing, beginning with a moving portrait of the Mothers of the Movement.

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This episode of dissect is dedicated to George Floyd Brianna Taylor, Ahmad Aubrey and the countless other black lives have been lost over hundreds of years. The hands of racism in America. We will to you to say your names and not let the loss of your lives being vain and our continued fight for justice and true freedom. If you're looking for a way to contribute, there are links in the show description with resources to support the movement as we push forward from but if I studios this is dissect mourn for physical analysis broken into short digestible episodes, I'm cooking!
and I'm tv show here today. We continue our civilised analysis of lemonade by beyond said on our land, episode. We dissected the chapter forgiveness, which included the on seven castles set inside an intimate apartment. We heard beyond the most vulnerable as she reunited with her husband. Tears and scars for evidence of his remorse. Accountability, improved that he too, under one own self reflective journey, with both I'm doing the necessary work to hew as individuals beyond safer gave her husband and they came together to begin feeling ass. A couple
having resolved her relationship beyond say, will now look around more broadly in order to share her restorative model of healing with others. This leads. Directly into lemonade next chapter, the subject of our episode today resurrect Jim forward faster First just wait resurrection begins with an outdoor seen shot in black and white. We see a large beautiful tree covered in spanish moss. This tree is located. The dust her hand, Sugar Plantation, in Louisiana, Assent. Previously seen eliminates opening chapter Destr handprint, Asian, was the site for the trial of the eighteen eleven german coast uprising, one of them are just slave revolt. In U S history, it was here that field. Workers, Charles, does London. Let an army of enslave men and women with the intention of confronting the
governor of Louisiana and demanding that he outlaw slavery. As they move to New Orleans between two hundred Five hundred and slave people from various plantations joined. The revolt was later defeat, by white militia woman, the enslave men and women fled the rest were on trial at the desperate plantation at this trial,. Insurrectionists, were sentenced to death. Their heads were severed and put on splay for forty miles along the road leading to New Orleans. This savage It was meant to ward off any further rebellions. It is you're Destr Hand, a site that holds this memory Both communal resistance and horrific violence that a title card introduces the name of the chapter as resurrection, the action of rising from debt two new life within here of what
seven unidentified black woman in conversation, I never seen in my life many young women they take. I won't be a fairly making further him. You were so how we spoke to leave our children to the future. What do we do? How do we given all of the hurt betrayal and injustice we seen inflicted on both bianti in the black women throughout the film this one and wonders how the black community should respond to the intrinsic racism so pervasive in american society. She ass, sir, How are we supposed to lead our children into the future? In other words, how do black mothers raise their children to find, self worth in a society hostile to their blackness. How do black mothers ensure a better future for their children as she acts this week?
to the image of a young black woman with an afro wearing a long black dress. This is actress and political activists and DEN Berg known for her roles. Hunger games, everything everything and the hate you give at the time lemonade was film. Sternberg gain additional fame for her two thousand fifteen viral video dont cash crops on my corn rose in it Sternberg called out why artists, who appropriate black culture but fail to address the racism that accompanies black identity? What would America be like, as they loved black peoples? We love black culture. Stem work has served as a powerful voice of Genji black girls with beyond, they herself telling her that she hoped her daughter blue, would be like her one day in lemonade. Stem sets up an old fashioned, accordion box camera on a tripod and directs a group of two dozen or so young black women to post. Photo these young women stand in the midst of the slave cabins of dust, hand, plantation
The older woman ass. How do we lead our children into the future? young women smile and talk amongst one another. It appears that wild Remember the pain of their past. They don't allow it to rob them of their joy or hence of community as they look to the future. What do we do? How do we leave them? Love we learn. How do you think I just love the law and I'll yeah, I'm siren, I loved alone. I felt like that when you back against the wall and you all again, she back, will you call? Will you call who you come, you gotta call you gotta call you gotta call them that a kind of a growing godmother. The woman's first answer is to lead the children forth with love love for oneself for one's body for one another
to love in such a way can be deemed almost radical under the weight of systemic racism that continually instills messages of unworthiness for black people. However, like generations before her. She will stand up to it treat that has threatened to break the bonds of black love through slavery, segregation, violence, stereotypes, mass incarceration and police brutality. This, of course, is no easy feet. The love. This woman turns to is divine love rooted in our christian faith and Jesus like Jenny patients of black christian women before her. This woman turned Jesus for support, strength and guidance in moments were all hope, seems lost. She looks to g as the one who corner on makes a way out of no way as he was able to overcome the torture and brutal violence of his crucifixion. By resurrecting three days later as a woman's voice fades out. We transition.
The grassy field surrounding the ruins of former, come the civil war relic from the opening sequence of the film it's here ruins of fort com that we see a black and white portrait photo lying upside down in the grass. This is the image of Booker T Washington, the prominent black educator of the late nineteenth and early twentieth sent Greece born into slavery. Washington was freed, follow civil war. He then open and became principle of the tissue institute were newly freed. Black man can receive an education during the reconstruction era. Booker to Washington was a powerful force of hope and a symbol of black success in an era dominated by the threat of brutal lynchings we pan over this photograph of Washington to see there are more black and white photos of black men and women strewn across the grass leading us into the inner depths of the Fort B
say is quite literally being led by her ancestors into the for a symbol of the history she must confront now inside the fort We see there are candles and more pictures of ancestors lining the stone walls as if these ruins have been converted into a vigil you, a terrifying and strange and beautiful, beyond, say recites, adapted final line of Warsaw Shires Poem for women who are difficult to love in its original context, the poem addresses a powerful woman in a broken relationship with a man who attempts to control her Bianca had previously adopted. This poem in that
after denial. I tried to change closed. My mouth tried to be soft prettier less. Away in our analysis of these lines. We took them to represent not only the ways beyond say was subjugated within her relationship, but also the ways black women code switch and downplay their emotions in response to stereotypes such as the angry black woman. Throughout the film we witness, b As I said, these internalized messages of racism and powerfully reassert herself now She says you are terrifying and strange and beautiful, rather than attempting to
softer prettier and less awake. She encourages her audience of black women to unapologetically own their complex humanity, perhaps terrifying to oppressors who reduce them to a palatable submissive role beyond. They urged them to challenge this oppression and affirm their. Beauty, has biotic complete this line of poetry. We see her inside form a comb gazing into an old photograph after a long pause. She, ops a photo. She sorting into a large trunk and rubs her huh and together as if wiping them clean, but like the young women who pose for a picture outside Destr Hand, Plantation Bianca, must decide what aspects of the past to remember, but also what to let go of She does here literally. This is Last time will see Bianchi in this chapter as she disappeared. Into the ruins of former. Come we hear that opening moments of the song forward,
forward forward is written. Use by James Blake and beyond, say just as Bianti disappears from a film. So too does our presence in the music and said James Blake sings the majority of forward becoming a kind of thing person narrator a voice First to advance a story will often lending in into the motivations or feelings of the characters, the song, Emphasis on Ford motion suggests that beyond say, and the women that accompany her already to transform their pain into forward movement into the future, forward faster first waiter times Now we ve been
Blake big ends with the singular word forward, which shall repeat more time throughout the song, his son We're tone suggests that this movement is not taken lightly but is rather a strenuous efforts. Motion Blake, continues best foot forward, Justin is when we made our way till now, it's time to listen, it's time to fight stage beyond days journey. She and her husband have reconciled, and she is ready to put her best foot for third cautiously, moving to face a formidable challenge together, despite the difficulty that lies ahead, As we heard a sand castles, this will involve vulnerability, constant communication and it contains will fight to preserve their relationship. Blake continues now we're going to hold doors open for a while. Now we can be open for awhile forward here
further indicates the new resolve in their relationship to hold doors open for awhile, rather than become closed off. It is through this humble gesture that they will create openings for one another moving forward, however, beyond, say also move forward in the sense that she shifts lemonade, focus from personal concerns to broader, Mural concerns throughout this chapter. This is indicated by both her up since from the visuals and her limited vocal presence in the song. Although Bianti and her husband have resolved there, interpersonal conflict, the lingering societal injustices she's alluded to throughout the film, remain. Therefore, beyond, say, sings. It's time to listen, it's time to fight its import. Not only listen to those experiencing injustice but to fight the structures that create these conditions in the first place, as Blake's first verse can the news we move from the ruins of Fort MC calm to the interior of the maid. When Mansion Plantation House, young actress revenge, Nay Wallace, stairs directly into the camera. Staring stew
into our eyes, holding a portrait of a smiling moustached black man. He looks old enough to be her father or even grandfather. We get the impression that this man is passed away. And she holds up his image as a reminder of his life and legacy. We then shifted. The image a regal dignified black woman. Seated in a chair likely Nay Wallace she gazing, the camera with soft eyes, holding a photo portrait. However, this is not. Image of an unknown man, but rather the instantly recognisable travel. Martin, the and holding his photo is his mother, Sabrina, Fulton by Martin was just seventeen years old when he was shot and killed by an arm. Neighbourhood, Watchmen, George them in February of two thousand twelve trade. I had gone to seven eleven to buy skittles and iced tea and on his way home
he was followed by summer, who deemed him suspicious. This led to a confrontation in which Zimmermann shot and killed travel on his death ignited outrage, shock and heartache across the country. As it came to represent the life threatening nature of existing while black in America. These feelings were only exacerbate. By George Zimmermann's subsequent acquittal. The pain of travel loss became coupled with a sense of powerlessness against a justice system that often let those who killed unarmed black man walk free with no. Repercussions, Zimmermann's acquittal, incited protests across the country, catalyzing the black lives matter, movement, black Americans band together on social media and in the streets to protest institutional racism trail on Martin and the I hoodie. He won the day of his death became symbols of this resistance and many like Americans identified with his story,
like protesters tuning I am travelling Martin drawing attention to one of the most troubling aspects of his death. This could happen to any black person at any time. President Barack Obama said both quote If I had a son he'd, look like DR on Unquote. End quote: driven could have been me thirty five years ago, on quote, However, before tray became a symbol of resistance and before his every tweet was scrutinised by media outlets, travel was regular. Seventy zero kid. He was a son, a brother, a friend, his mother, Sabrina Fulton, described her favorite memories of travel in a two thousand fifteen interview with insight, work, he was a very, very affectionate teenager, and so are you
whole gauleiter. He liked the kiss, and you know he didn't care that people would think that he's a month's boy. He didn't care. You know he was just one of those kids He had to do everything for me in the midst of the ineffable tragedy of losing trade, Sabrina Fault, has child her pain into action for the movement she created the travel Martin Foundation in her sons, memory focusing on imports in youth and ending gun violence. She also created this glove mothers Group, which brings together mothers who have lost children, a gun, violence for the purpose of healing and community building. She opened up about her decision to become an activist in a two thousand eighteen interview with Gale king and I've heard you say if it was up to none of us would know your name. None of us would know tray bonds, name so heavy reconcile that now everybody knows you ever
But he knows your story. I chose to leave number one. I chose to move to my next chapter because if my son, and I had died. Also when I was just walk around or not, anything that I will be there to buy, live for her son and making positive change in his name, Sabrina Fulton both honours her grief and transforms it making a way out of no and inviting others to do the same. yes Blake sings. The word forward for a third time we cut to an older black woman. Wearing a golden shawl seated in an antique, victorian chair, Where is a solemn expression on her face ass, she stairs the camera holding a photo.
The smiling young black men in a suit untie. This woman is Gwen car displaying a portrait of herself Eric gardener in his senior year of high school. Eric gardener known to his friends as a gentle giant and a family man who worked hard to bear I'd for his children, Gwen card scribe summer favorite moments of her son and a twenty eighteen interview, BT black Coffee, yes, where he had a human qualities. He always was like a peacemaker. That's why revised with their day when he was, but he was breaking up a fight that day that you know with more nervous murder. He would this little boy. It was a low to wipe away there. He brought home from school one day. He says my he's going to dinner with us. The kid was picking on him in class today. You know, and I brought him home with this and the kids just loved him. So much garner was forty three when he was killed by a police officer who arrested
M for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes on a New York Street corner several witnesses at the scene say that Garner was known to sell loose cigarettes. In that moment, he was doing so. Rather, he had just broken up a fight between two men: who was taking a moment to recollect himself when officers approached him Garner, told the offer Is he a mining, his business and attend to resist their arrest. It was then that Sir Daniel Penta LEO put garner in it chokehold and pushed him. The ground, while other officers assisted Garner, pleaded. I can't breathe Eleven times the officers not relent and garner ass consciousness, he was pronounced dead an hour later much like trade on Martin Eric garners death grip, the nation a video of the incident when viral and many sought as undisputed evidence of the abuse of black people at the hands of law enforcement. How just as in the case of travel, Martin Guard,
killer was not indicted by a grand jury prompting further protests across the country, like Sabrina fourteen garners mother, Gwen car was devastated at her sons, death and the lack of action. By the justice system she has said, devoted her life's work to keeping her sons memory alive and advocating for change. Prevent other mothers from experiencing the pain of losing a child to violence. She's an active member of the National Action network, a civil rights organization founded by Al Shopton in an inner you with the New York Times car disgust. Their devastation from losing Eric and her desire to pursue justice on his behalf, the day that I found out that Eric Pass was the most horrific day I had ever experienced. I remember trying to kick the Winkie allow Irene
I'm trying to open the door and run on the highway NATO, when I found out that the police had choked him, they have taken my son's voice away by his mother still has a voice and I'm gonna use. It is long as I have a voice Gwen car, continues to use her voice to testify to her sons, life and hold unjust systems accountable. She displays the photo of her son James Blake, he used to sing the moving words forward. Yes, next MIKE. I love you more than this job. Please don't work for me, slight evokes. A line from love, drought or Bianti had
your partner, I don't care about the lights in the beams, spend my life in the dark for the sake of you and me, both It suggests that while Beyonce and Jays massive stardom and pressure field careers may complicate the nation ship. They cannot allow too clips their love for one another beyond than joins Blake and singing go back to sleep in your favorite spot. Just next to me, it's as if the two are soothing, a partner who had just woken up from a bad dream and turn Of a relationship it seems fiance, comfort, your partner, who still carries the guilt of his past, telling him he can read. Easy by her side, but once again the vision add another layer of meaning to the words the moment Blake raises voice to sing Ford. We cut to the image of a woman was or red hair wearing a black Shaw This is Leslie Mix, spat in holding a portrait of her son. Michael Brown, with Michael's portrait in her hands mix, spat in looks directly into the camera. Shaking her
back and forth then she closed her eyes. Finally, letting a tier rolled down her cheek Michael Brown was killed in August in Missouri, in the summer of twenty fourteen brown in his an Dorian Johnson were walking down a residential street when officer dare Wilson told them to move to the sidewalk door and John and other eye witnesses claim that Wilson then pulled his police car in front of them and forcefully opened his door, leading to an altercation Some witnesses contend that Brown assaulted Wilson in his police car reaching for his gun, Dorian John in other eye witnesses deny this saying there was no struggle for the weapon and instead Wilson tried to pull brown into the car. Brown then ran away from the police car and turned back around them Wilson claims Brown charged at him, but other say he turned around to surrender. Michael Brown was then shot multiple times and kill his body, remained in the street for four hours after his death. Much of the media,
covered surrounding Michael Browns. Killing was centred around questions of Browns culpability he was maligned as a criminal for his apparent involvement in a shoplifting case, at a nearby convenience store and as a drug. For his marijuana use. This covers suddenly sent the message that brown sense death could somehow be justified as of Brown himself was on trial rather than the officer who killed him. Despite the negative covered surrounding her son Leslie
Sparrin, was determined to not only bring about justice from Michael, but to advocate for who he was in an interview with Steve Harvey shortly after her sons, dead mixed bag and offered a testament to her sons, character. My first first boy he's the later back for my two daughters and so make tables. Humble it was tat he was mad He loved dogs, people love anything a life in anything, a point in this way. I understand why they have to matter.
Three months after his death, Saint Louis County special prosecutor, Bob Mccullough announced that no criminal charges will be brought against Erin Wilson swelled in the city of Ferguson and protests, broke out the phrase hands up. Shoot became a rallying cry in the Saint Louis suburb were two thirds of its citizens are black but the police force primarily white? However, this aim Her dismay hurt and frustration extended beyond the Ferguson Community for millions, cross. The? U S! The decision once again represented the all too familiar message that black lives do not matter in this country. This message was reiterated by Browns death and compounded by the subsequent deaths of Liquid Mcdonald to mere Rice, Freddy Gray, Sandra Bland out and sterling the Lando, Castillo and others since her sons, death, Leslie Mixed bag and had advocated for police reform. She,
founded the Michael O D Brown Foundation, as well as the group rainbow of mothers, which is divine. To allowing mothers of children killed by racial lies, gun violent, the chance to heal with one another ass. She looks the camera lemonade tears coming down her face. It is with this context that we understand not only her immense grief, but also her resolve to change our community for the better beyond has alluded to the enduring legacy of slavery throughout the film through her visuals. However, here in the chapter resurrection, we are confronted with a report cushions of this legacy directly in the unspeakable grief on the faces of Sabrina, Fulton Glencore, and Leslie mix Baden as they hold up photos of their slain sons. Their presence makes clear, that not only does America's desecration of black people devalue their humanity if threaten their very lives. Iraq,
jobs mothers of their children and children of their futures, however, The regal presence and willingness to testify to their sons. Lives also reveals a bravery and resilience in the face of tragedy connecting two generations of black women before them as Yolanda Pierce rights, inner peace, black women and the sacred quote beyond these work forces us to see these women not only as grieving mothers, but so much more, they are tied to the lake see a black women on plantations who nurtured do. They knew would be sold at auction. They are connected to black women who preached in there leering, knowing they would never be welcome in someone's pulpit their connected to the black women who practise the healing arts when the doors of the hospital were closed. Coloured people, all the black women in lemonade or connect, to a long line of women who conjured a life when the fourth of racism, and sexism insisted that they weren't worthy of living, unquote, Sabrina Fulton, Gwen Car and Leslie Mix Baden
body this ability to conjure life against the seemingly insurmountable forces of racism and sexism. They become activists for change, advocating for gun, control, criminal justice reform and improve police training. These acts of resistance and reformation have earned them. Hidell the mothers of the movement nickname they share with the mothers of Sandra Bland dont? Your Hamilton Orton Davis and had DIA Pendleton, the since these women also connects them to the lineage, a women that Yolanda Pierce speaks of. Specifically, we were called memory of Mammy till mostly the mother of Emma to Emma till weather, fourteen year old boy that was tortured and lynched in Mississippi in nineteen. Fifty five, just as the deaths of Martin Garner and Brown ignited the black lives matter. Movement tills death is considered an early catalyst for the civil rights movement. Largely due to his mother's ability to bring attention to the case. May me tell me,
ugly, famously held an open casket funeral for her son display his mutilated body, in order to draw attention to the racist actions of his murderers. My first reaction was So let the world see what is happening in the United States of America I wanted the world to see, and I knew that I could not tell anybody, but I have seen it was just too far till nobly devoted the rest of her life to civil rights, activism and keeping the memory of her son alive as the camera cut between mix, Baden, Fulton and car, they to hold up images of their sons for the world to see, as they continue their own activism against racial any Quality through the parallel struggles of the mothers of the movement to the women of the past. Like maybe till mostly, we can see a connection between the brutality of the Jim Crow era and the present day.
At the same time by including their images beyond say, also calls attention to the strength of generations of black mothers, who endure the loss of their children to rationalize violence As we near the end of the chapter, we start to your stand more about the chapters title resurrection, a word inextricably tied to Christianity. We recall how the chapter began with the unidentified black woman proclaiming her love for Jesus, thus The juxtaposition of the mothers and their slain sons with the title resurrection seems to suggest a canoe and between these black men and Jesus. In his book, the cross and the lynching tree black Theo James cone, writes about how black people could historic we identify with Jesus, is suffering on the cross during the horrific lynching era, and how is resolved? she was used as a symbol of hope. Cone states quote in the mist, We have gods revelation black Christians. Believe
just knowing that Jesus went through an experience of suffering in a manner similar to theirs, gave them faith that God was with them. Even suffering on lynching trees, just as God was present, with Jesus and suffering on the cross uncle so while the lynching tree was a symbol of suffering and death, Jesus ass was a symbol of solidarity with those suffering black Chris. Of the lunching era could understand that their God did not identify with the violent wider oppressors rather's. And solidarity with the marginalized. By framing this chow, Dress resurrection. It seems I'd say in our creative team urges Consider the ways Jesus can identify with travel, Martin, Eric Gardener, Michael Brown and others who have their lives to gun violence. Which, in many ways serves as a modern form of lynching when viewing these others holding up the images of their sons. It can be difficult to read saw the lost even have with the idea. Erection arising the dead to new life. However, the inclusion
these. Mothers is precisely what forces us to envision resurrection through honouring the lives at these men rather than their death. In this way, resin action becomes an event made possible by members of the black community, taking action on earth Waiting to woman is Theologian Kelly Brown Douglas quote. If the crucified Jesus is see, in the face of travel dead on a Florida sidewalk than the rest did Jesus is seen in the faces of his parents, testify to the meaning of travel life beyond his crucifying death. Unquote. In order for these there's two resurrect their sons. They must reach Door meaning to their lives, which they do through to find to their sons, humanity as well, through social action to bring about justice. They ve got and narratives that try to reduce their sons to their death and they ve created commute He's of healing and social action as Gwen com rights in a memoir. This stops today quote. I started doing it for him for his memory and for his spirit,
because it fed my soul and gave me a reason to get up in the morning after a full day. Marching and sharing stories about Eric and tell my voice was raw. I would down in bed. Satisfied that I have done my best that day then, before I went to sleep, I would promise Eric that I was going. Do that same thing tomorrow and the next day and the next I knew it was too late for Eric, but I realize that I had to try to do everything I could to save other people, especially children. I had change my morning into movement, my pain into purpose and my sorrow and a strategy unquote
As the music fades out, we translate into the dining room of the mansion where chandelier hangs over a table prepared for a candle lit dinner. Although the places are set for a feast, the table is empty: We follow a woman wearing a white feathered head dress in a matching suit, a white plumage as she stepped into the dining room, her answer but is a door and with an intricate beat a design and her face bears white marking similar to the sacred ardor, the order we saw painted on dances and apathy. This woman is, could g for and also known ass, queen yeah yeah of the Washington nation, a new Orleans Marty grow indian tribe. The Marty brought Indians, make up a historic black subculture in New Orleans. They trace their history back the seventeen hundreds when escapes I sought refuge from slaveowners by turning to the native american tribes, for protection in homage to Native Americans, who aided them Marty got Indians, blended aspects of indigenous culture with there
on west african heritage, creating elaborate beat. It suits with feathered headdresses too, you're on both Marty, grow in Saint Joseph stay. There brightly coloured handsome suits bear intricate. Beaded patterns often imbued with personal and political meaning. After a year of painstaking work they debut their regalia on Marty, grow where they engage in friendly competitions with fellow tribes every year they donned their suits as a symbol of pride. They preserve their culture that was born from resistance to slavery and rebelled against the White Marty Gruffest it that black, nor a lenient were historically excluded from here at the end of resurrection, yeah yeah slowly circles the empty table playing a timber
in a slow rhythm. This empty table seems to call attention to the deaths of the men we ve seen throughout the chapter as the dining room too bullshit symbolise a place. A family and community with these man's lives cut tragically short, their death leave an empty space. In their families and communities that can never be truly filled. However, just as their mothers attest to their lives and resurrect them through their activism? This ceremony that Queen ya ya, perform seems to heal this space and resurrect their spirits conclusions forward going. Car begins
chapter in a member from a quote from author Alice Walker Healing begins where the wound was made we ve seen this healing take place over the last two chapters of lemonade and sand. Castles Bianti tells her partner show me your scars by being vulnerable. But the ones they been endured and inflicted on one another. They were able to reconcile break the generational curse, a broken male female relationships within Bianti Family and resurrection. We see the mothers of the movement displaying the wounds they have endured as black mothers who lost her son to racial violence, their pain be erased and their scars remain and yet they create away out of Norway. Resurrection from death and gather can. You re together in order to create social change in the words of Gwen car, they find a way to transform this morning into movement and pain, and a purpose and its with this shared sense of purpose that beyond they will gather her own community of women together to inspire the
necessary to sustain their fight for freedom this is the same, Freedom from lemonade next chapter hope. A chapter will examine nope. I know seen by seen next time on dissect they sectors of production of Spotify studios. Remember you could find visual guys for each episode, dissect pot cast, which are includes links to any article cited on today's episode by or their mission
to check out our limited season, six merchandise be sure to follow us on social media at Dissect podcast today, episode was written by Maggie lazy me. Additional analysis by Michael Bundle. Tv show dear additional research by Gale Acosta Audio editor by Eric fastened me song. Recreation I ain't rattling de music by bureaucratic, ok, thanks. Everyone talk to you next week.
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