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S7E1 - Childish Gambino: Because The Internet


<p>Our season-long analysis of Because The Internet by Childish Gambino begins with a brief overview of Donald Glover’s rise to fame and his debut album Camp. Then we cover some of the main ancillary components of the transmedia world of Because The Internet before dissecting the connection between the end of Camp and the beginning of BTI.</p>

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This episode is brought to you by racist, puff cereal start your day off with the pair that packs a punch with recent puff cereal you'll, get a unique teeth. That's crazy, with a punch get that peanut butter in chocolate flavour in a bowl of races of cereal. That you will favour this block history month beyond target is investing in blood creators and brands, building a legacy of success from artists, entrepreneurs to students and investors. We can join them. Ernie on their year round storytelling platform, target dot com, slash black beyond measure from First, primitive, grunts and symbols carved into stone. Human beings have continually sought out ways to connect ways to bear understand each other. These early efforts to communicate eventually evolved in a full blown, complex languages,
fast forward a few hundred thousand years and we're distributing these languages. The printing press then the telegraph telephone and the phonograph video in tv and the personal computer with each innovation. The world became a little bit smaller. I got a little bit closer a little more connected and then the late twentieth century. This yeah like every watershed moment, human history. There is a world. for the internet in a world after couple with rapidly evolving computer technology. The internet completely transform the way we connect Suddenly, hundreds of thousands of years of technological advancement consolidated into the palm of your hand, we can face time with relative,
make friends around the globe on social media, browser library of human history, on a search engine and swipe you're a gallery, a potential sexual partners on an app. We are now all closer than ever connected with everyone everywhere, all the time, the question now is: is this a good thing? Numerous studies have shown us that social media contributes to higher levels of stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness smartphones. It turns out, are more like slot machines. Conduits, for of the same Neuro chemicals produced by addictive drugs. Online com boards are cesspools of contentious debate poet. oh poor is at an all time. Statistical high and studies show that, despite being connected everywhere, all the time, many of us they feel lonely and isolated. We ve all become each is bad roommates stuck together, entangled the world wide web. Perhaps history will prove that
about the digital revolution to be counter intuitive, that as the internet, acknowledging brings us closer and closer together, we simultaneously grow further and further part eyes, everybody pretending like like everything's, ok, everything's, not ok like we like we. This is, we are more connected than we have ever been feel more alone than other been like. No one should ever this stance on Instagram. Nobody stands out there. Nobody shows, like their bodies funeral and the early twenty two, The ramifications of the internet wait heavy on the mind of Donald Glover, The internet is how Donald Glover gotta start. He was one of the very first stars on Youtube and law. It is now a multi faceted career which includes writing acting stand of comedy and music under the name childish, Gambino Glover was one of them. His voices on twitter in its infancy. His website function more like a personal blog. distributing mixed tapes exclusively on mine. In those early days,
or understood the internet more than most, he was, after all, the product of it, because the internet, I'm here. The only reason I got here was because they didn't like the internet is everything it's a world now, but then in early two thousand and thirteen. Glover mysteriously disappeared from the internet. He stopped drawing on social media altogether and deleted Doll and of old posts until its accounts were completely wiped clean to reduce, it is wrong to hit tv show community and rumour had it. He was planning to leave for good his disappearance even inspired a time magazine article entitled. Where is Donald, Clever the multi, did entertainer once a powerful on my presence has all vanished from the internet? So what happened Why did the darling child of the internet suddenly turned his back on it?. turns out. Glover was at something like an existential crossroads experiencing loss
in witnessing death and his personal life Glover became preoccupied with the unavoidable fact that he was going to die. He would wake screaming at a fear that he wasn't doing anything meaningful and went through a break up with a partner. He intended to marry not seeing the point anymore. Glover attempted suicide and lay twenty twelve. Afterwards Glover looked to people, he could trust he gathered friends and family and retreated to an enormous, LOS Angeles mansion? They dubbed the temple was a free space for honest expression in creation? Were Glover processed his ex periods and explored what it all meant by creating an expanse of world of art after announcing a fourth coming album Glover finally return to the internet, not with a funny meme or clever tweet. Rather, he did something radical. He was honest
I got really lost lands afraid of future. I'm afraid I'm here for nothing, scared, I'll, never reach my potential and afraid I hate who I really am. I hate caring. What other people think, I'm afraid I'll regret this. Glover posted a series of hand, written notes on Instagram that confessed his deepest spheres and insecurities the notes immediately went viral and he became concerned about lovers, mental health, but the notes were so much a crime for help. As a worse a version of the pressure to project perfection on social media, he was seeking authentic connection by expressing the ship feelings we all have, but are scared to admit he was hacking the internet. By being honest, I think a lot of people want answers and people want to tie things up. Why do I feel, like he's not having a crisis are like he's he's. That means the present, like people want to label things, and it was like, maybe is the lie, and that's how I feel
so and we all feel this way, so why are we both sitting? I just want to be honest. I think people afraid be honest cover concluded. Is speaking directly about its new album, an album would capture many of the thoughts and feelings expressed in the notes quote. I wanted to me something that says no matter how bout you fuck up or mistakes, made during the year. Your life, your eternity you're, always loud to be better you're, always to grow up. If you want it this message in out, though it connect with an entire generation raised on the internet, It was an album about feeling disconnected despite an infinite options, to connect Was an album about fear about feeling stuck about whether
any of this means anything at all. It was childish. Gambie NOS twenty thirteen album because the internet, because the internet, this is sincere attempt to find meaningful connection in the age of the internet through if centred around a protagonist named the boy. The album is a holistic examination of the with grapples the underlying existential loneliness inherit to human existence. Songs like world STAR, target the reciprocal relationship between violence, Enviro moments and how we often come commodified in our pursuit of internet faint more than a cop. What it might cause is not one that strategy dropped from a block got up.
Meanwhile, songs like Telegraph, Avenue, find Gambino searching for love and genuine connection amidst is existential crisis, but to call because the internet, just now than a simple election of songs with severely undermined the project's ambitious scope, Because the internet is an expansive, interconnected, Trans media world, active songs, film performance, art, music, videos, web content, public gatherings, installation are social, media apps and my performance there's even a corresponding scr. play. That's meant to be read as you listen to the other and interact between the two tells a five act. Narrative that's at the centre of the world
I don't believe in albums. I don't. I really don't, and I know that sounds like really lame, but I don't want to do album, especially now. If you're going to put out a body of work, it should be like an experience. I want to make like world stories that people can live in for like years if they wanted to so examination the season we're going to live in sighed the world, because the internet will there can be no, as he tries to construct a meaningful life in a complex web of the digital age, by the end of our analysis. Will come to understand that because the internet is actually about the internet after all, because the internet is just an extension of what we ve always been since those The primitive grunts in cave paintings, web of connections Intergroup the individuals whose actions affect the whole. If that's the case before stuck here together, will need to
with those connections between us, as our purpose will need to help each other. If we ever want to move forward, we ever want to grow up, and so with that without further ado, let's dissect Donald, the keenly Gilbert Junior was born on September, twenty fifth nineteen, eighty three, his mother, really Rana Daycare from their home and Stone Mouth Georgia and his Father Donald Senior was in the air force and later opposed to worker Don was raised in accordance with his parents, faith as Jehovah's witnesses, which came with certain guidelines rules, for instance, they didn't a birthdays are holidays. They weren't allowed to watch movies tv. This family and overzealous about this, though, has Donalds Father took it
out of school to see star wars and theatres would play an eclectic range of music throughout the house. We are not my dad is. I guess that regional blackened machines like when we were kids they all you do- is blast prince and craft work, and Failing that was so like I would. I would love that Donald would and have to rely on his imagination first attainment- sometimes he would say, can audio recording of the Simpsons episode or record as Oda an audio movies and tv shows on his talk for quarter. Highschool Glover became heavily involved in theater and in two thousand to continued. His artistic pursued that can why use to school apart it was during this that he would adopt the childish, Gambino moniker verse musical up the name was it is using a booting name, generator website agenda it's, a random, polluting, inspired and see moniker based on a user's birthnight during this time clever,
also use the name M C dj for a slew of remixes and be tapes. He created with entire projects dedicated to re, mixing, Sophia Stevens and Fiona Apple during this time it and why you never was a part of their company. One of the first sketch comedy groups to create a presence on a brand new website, called you to stand still then you won't forget you gotta get out, isn't very eyes began to run up, RO. I think you did you. Did you poor, ass, vice brands? Delta can covers work with both their comedy and improper performances at New York. Comedy clubs got him note. by Tina Faith and two thousand six, while still an adviser at the dorms it, and why you face higher Glover to write for em
sees new sitcom. Thirty Rock, like Mozart, you'll like TAT God I was always jealous of Malta salutary no thank. You are ready, eight Glover would go on to winning Emmy as part of thirty rocks team. It was at this time. Clever pursue formal stand of comedy pursuit that peat with a half hour, especial uncommonly central, as well as a full. Our special weirdo the work was like Spiderman only towards the next Spiderman lover's Lane Peter Parker, and they are to have a look after working on thirty rock. For three years, lover quit and quickly picked up a role on the embassy sitcom community as Troy Barnes and two thousand nine, and I don't know has borne eighty nine. Then you were born twenty one years ago, which would make me twenty, because everyone is, for two years. this with great, is really hard for every one. More many lives that I've been living amidst all his accent,
the tv industry Glover continued to create music leasing, a string of four mix tapes between two thousand and two thousand ten. These early mix tapes full of double entente dressing, clever, humor, oftentime sampling, any ban again Vinos, wraps dialogues, reflected the head, influence of artists like little way Eminem and Kanye West Smith we may be facing in the summer of two thousand, Campaigner release the mix, tape, cul de sac and an early twenty eleven. He followed up with a five track e p that end in this first notable single freaks and gave me So what you think is up in its appointed, as happened in having just wasn't up sloppy dropped. Stay with me. My clicks, cancel freaks engage can be no continued, a constant tour inquiry while juggling his acting on community. He released his first
opera studio album camp on November, fifteenth two thousand Levin conceptually. Album explores the notion of a black boy at summer camp trying to find himself amongst new peers. The lyrics include references to lovers childhood and his struggle with the air. Have not fitting in these same emotions also applied to lovers place and the hip hop community at the time that it wasn't me Thirdly, seen as a legitimate wrapper campaign, synthesized the feeling of being excluded from both black and white communities. On the song Ford you down, I would make this gap in the night blackened search, Colchis, shocking, barbershop, precise enough. We all cats blackish Mary, it's like a series of black. My experience is no one here after the release of Camp Glover can He knew his busy work schedule throughout twenty twelve. He set off on a tour broke his foot performing
uses. Few weeks, arrest to work on a mix tape went back onto her unrecorded episodes of community has mixed. A royalty was released on July. Fourth, two thousand twelve and included collaboration with artists, like schoolboy Q Hame Bambi and best police authorities towards the end of twenty twelve, and be no took some rare time off. It was during this that he mysteriously disappeared from the internet vanishing from the public. Until the summer of twenty thirteen. Although he now declines to comment on this period, it was clearly a dark time for Glover Do it later tell noise in media quote after I came up to her. We went to Australia. I was just super depressed. I mean I tried to kill myself. I was really fucked up after that, because I had this girl that I thought I was Mary and we broke up. I feel like I knew what I was doing. I wasn't living up
my standard, I was living up to other people standards and I just said I don't see the point. Unquote lovers. Existential crisis was prompted by a general disconnect loss of cells, and a lack of purpose was also during this time that Glover left community law, unknowing media outlets to question if he was leaving to pursue rap full time. I didn't wanna do community more. I asked to leave because my really wasn't in it. I just know a job anymore. I want my boss do that anymore. Like I feel like me, you know if I stay there be doing my life into service? Not because that show is bad debt and show in committee is like. I think, one of the best shown on television. But it's not mine, we'll Gambino is declining comment much more in the specifics of his struggles during this time he was motive to make a change? I may I love fun,
I'm in tourism like that, but I just feel like last year was like a little crazy. So I was me my friends rented a house, those Chris Bosses mansion. Stay there and we all live there and images aid smaller than like maim size is that, like the actually, cover rented out. Imagine owned by MBA player correspond in the Pacific, Palisades Neighbourhood of LOS Angeles, who is here can't be Gambino, invited a team of friends and collaborators to live and work with him. This creative team would adopt moniker royalty which, at the time, included family aruji, Jamal Swank, Lorry Chad, Taylor, Eber, ok and his brother, Stephen Glover producers, lewd, vigorous in and Stephan Ponds
also live in the mansion. What artist like chance, the rapper flying Lotus and Trinidad James, would stop by it was kind of like all the Temple, the House cuz, there's a big Buddha statue like in the front like boy or would you come in, and I got this like engraved wooden plaque, a big black and it was at five rules on it and was like you know. No instagram email, twitter work starts at ten. A dot m, don't invite anybody unless, like we were approved, and then we just. I just wanted to set up in space where people like really had to deal with themselves to work created in the Temple by Donald Glover and the royalty team will become because the intern not simply an album. This project would express Glover's newfound belief that in the modern age you need to build a world people trying to make you be like no live with it's like not. You got to build a bigger world, I'm not going to make an album going to make like album going to make the rollout dope I'm going to make the movie with it. Though, I'm going to make everything don't make a world cuz. The thing is like album,
mean anything. Music doesn't mean it means as much as you put into it, and we don't have time for anything into it, the form of because the internet is press best described as a Trans media, world and artistic vision expressed across bottle forms of media that create a world in which audience can spend time and explore lovers: trends media world, because the internet integrates music, film, scripts performance, art, music, videos, web content, public gatherings, installation, art, social media, apps and life performance expense seeing every single part of this trans media world isn't necessarily essential as audiences are free to enjoy and explore all the parts they desire, but for those willing to give more of their time, energy and thought to the world. The experience grows as to his room
words. I don't want to make our ones anymore anyway, because I feel it is this kind of silly to make albums leg adjust albums just now and you gotta make worlds and lives like we have the technology to make things way. Realer and like I that's why I wrote a screenplay. That's why the live show, doesn't make sense without that. That's why it is so many things I want to make round, because I feel like trying to get people to dislike, invest in the album is kind of like trying to make people pay for just the smell of your bakery. Like I don't believe in it, a more likely glycolic keep on to this music in like try and sell it. I'm just like not out there now, like that's just how music is consumed now, so I try and connect with my fans or just like people do other stuff. Too. We'll begin exploring this world that Gulliver created right after the break. This episode is brought to you by races, puff cereal start your day off with the pair that packs a punch, you'll get a unique taste, that's creamy with crunch it cereal, but it's not boring. Its
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the USA dot com will come back to dissect before the break. We heard Glover explained his belief that musicians today must create worlds to explore, not just albums the remainder of today's episode will be dedicated to outlining the most prominent components of lovers world, because the internet or bt, and though spend the majority of our time. The season on the music and accompanying screenplay we ve dedicated us should on our website, dissect podcast. I've come to extended exploration of BT eyes, ancillary material. We suggest you headed, before or after an episode for additional content and analysis. Okay. So, let's start with the music as an album, because he entered it consists of nineteen tracks separated into five acts. Song then each act or assign a scene number in line with gloves training and dramatic writing, these songs earned into interact and score and accompanying screenplay, which is also title because the internet, this script details the life of a protocol.
this simply identified as the boy, a lonely, rich young blackmail who spends most of his time trolling strangers on the internet. The screenplay could be found online at the now defunct website, because the enter dot net, as well as in a physical booklet that came with the Bt Vinyl the line script came with instructions and embedded video clips, which can now be viewed on our website. The scripts instructions tell us when the play each song on the album so that it interacts and score specific scenes in the script. The embedded video clips in the script do not contain audio, as the intention was for the songs to play in coordination with the videos at the very start of the script. Is the following statement quote note to reader the prelude to the screenplay. clapping for the wrong reasons, is available on the website, Youtube for free consumption and may or may not give context to this work. Your reading unquote this prelude clapping for the run
reasons. As a surreal short film directed by here, MRI, which seemingly captures the feeling of life and work in the Temple, there are actually two versions of the film. The first was the internet version lasting just fifty seconds. In this, a rapid sequence of images is underscored by the constant sounds of a ringing telephone, Glover Dribbling, a basketball up a spiral staircase and key bit of dialogue that allude to the kinds of existential questions he often raises patterns. this version of clapping for the wrong reasons was released on July. Thirty is two thousand thirteen. Without any prior announcement, two weeks later, Gambino released the directors cut as a continuously playing loop online. It was later move to Youtube were now exists in a twenty four minute for
The film captures a mysterious surreal vibe created by combining real and fictional elements. For instance, there's footage of Glover and producer lewd big warrants in recording tracks for the album, but then we'll see Glover painfully pulling a golden mould out of his nose by a string chance, the wrapper shows up and loses a push up contest with clever and adult actress. Abyla Anderson Rome's around but Glover doesn't know. Her, and neither does any one else in the house being for the wrong reasons, captures the surreal qualities of lovers world and observation of reality in fiction that our purposefully indistinguishable from one another audiences are left. During who they saw what happened and what was real or not and like. We were you know, let's make it was like make a film didn't decide on your own, like what stuff is real and what stuff is not. As far as like real to me, the character or, like things, I'm afraid of the things, I'm
by fusing together reality and artistic contract throughout the Trans media world. A pity I Glover crew. needed a surreal experience for audiences to investigate one that encourages exploration, questioning and, ultimately so active analysis of what it means to you to add to this real quality glove, cast celebrities and figures from his real life and clapping their arms music videos and the film clips embedded in the screenplay While the assumed stories protagonist, the boy is played by Glover himself wrapper Rick Ross as cast as the boys father chance. The wrapper appears both as himself and the boys friend. Marcus singer DNA, I echo, plays Naomi the boys final love interest. These labour Figures are injections of reality into lovers, constructed fictional world, likewise Glover and his team created in use social media profiles for the fictional characters in the script Another surreal technique that blends reality and fiction beyond these social profile
Gambino and his team created a plethora of online content, including full websites me generators. Blogs humorous web clips photos Video game, trailer chat rooms and password protected music videos and files motivated. lovers, encouragement that they should learn to code fans hacked into the website, revealing hidden music Gambino. Also orchestrated a string of performance is to create experiential dimensions of the because the internet world bringing audiences into combined physical and digital spaces included in these for once it was a set of shows that took place in mansion set up to look like the Boys House, Glover also collapse, waited with designer Brian voting or to create a physical exhibit of the boys room. There's a bunch of little things like you'll, be able to visit the cared
His bedroom will be in New York leg you'll be able to visit it in a rough trade. New York you can actually gone visiting. You can actually go inside like there's a there's, a bedroom set up in the in the store and music store, and you can go in and see it. Glover extended. This performance are to live, shows on his tour, which included, dynamic, interactive graphic backdrops. An integrated use of an audiences downloaded the deep web tour up using it to interact with the stage during the show fans can engage in a crowd. Source chat, contribute your whiteboard displayed on stage or vote and pull about how certain songs made them feel in real time. The implement station of technology through the show blurred lies between being online and in real life, exploring the way people interact in these spaces. In the importance of connecting in all public appearances during the autumn,
Roll out Donald Glover wore the same outfit as the boy and the screenplay, and he stated that quote my clothes right now are me bonding his outfit with a fabrication of identity, think of it like a cartoon character. Wearing the same thing, every episode. It establishes consistent characterisation, lovers, commitment to his costume, led to speculation. That is public exist at the time was really an extended piece of performance, art which clever all but confirmed by retweeting an article discussing the theory and doing so Glover pushed the boundaries. What was perceived as reality and art blurring their distinctions. during the roll out, Gambino also stop doing traditional media interviews and began hosting public appearances to connect with fans and parks across North America. He explained quote: I want he's listening parties to happen in the real world to have people there, so they can feel rather than getting at curated through a tumbler, unquote, Glover
Fifthly, announced because the internet's forthcoming release with a song entitled Yoffe, yet Kyoto, which debuted October eighth, two thousand thirteen Long was accompanied by a provocative video that found lovers, body floating lifeless and pool rabbit made on one rabbit. I have so many like one rapporteur have been well my web browser like a few weeks after Jaaffier voters release Gambino appeal: on the radio show sway in the morning his freestyle. Over Drake beat went viral as he slipped in and out of conversation bid, verse blurring the lines between wrap in discussion with abacha within it. shades, may mean timely millions. There may may, can reclaim millions of ours. In my feelings, you know like They peoples that money is not everything way: money You need money to do what you want. Fooling monies power honest these powers with this work
never level than at the same time You, like you, may not more important than the really Are you gotta get outta here Then. Maybe you already noted away on drop in new shit. I'm not a planet. Every night I thought at the moment Perhaps the most intriguing subject addressed in this freestyle was the hand written note said he opposed to Non Instagram a week prior has been noted at the top of the episode these also went viral. written on Marianna Hotel, no paper? The notes were a vulnerable, expression of fear and emotion, with Glover speaking on intimately personal details, some of his confessions included, quote I'm afraid, I'm here for nothing, I'm afraid. I regret this I'm afraid this doesn't matter at all, I'm afraid Dan Harmon hates me and I've been sick. This year, I've seen a bunch of people die this year. The personal nature of lovers handwriting the lonely, displace quality of these notes being written on hotel stationary and the focus on fears
doubts that most people don't exposed on social media made. This outpouring one that connected with people in garnered attention. We, MRS we are more connected than we ve ever been but I feel more alone, and that have been like. No one sure everybody stance on Instagram. Nobody stands out. Nobody so like that but his funeral. I know myself, I feel vulnerable. Nobody wants to be vulnerable. People thought I was crazy because I was honest. That was it here. Glover emphasis is that what was so different about the notes with that? He was being honest. The idea that honesty stands out on mine is yet another instance of Glover, exploring the boundaries of reality and construct, especially as a by the internet and are constructed social media identities. Glover concluded the notes by writing quote I got really lost last year, but I can't be lonely, though, because we're all here raw stuck here. I wanted to make something that says no matter how bad you fuck up or mistakes were made during the year your life, your eternity you're, always allowed to be better. You're always allowed to grow up. If you want
This conclusion asserts two key ideas that are prominent within the world. The BT I first were all stuck here: a state of our shared struggles as human beings and our inherit connection facing contemporary dilemmas, both social and existential. Second, that changing growth are always possible. No matter what's happy, in the past. This idea resonates in the age of the internet when people are afraid of missteps being preserved online and endangering their future, Glover touched on this with our Senor Hall after being asked why he cares what people think it's always important to care. What other people think growl people cause like? That's what connects sesame like I wanna, do the best thing I can, but sometimes late it stops like you know, I'm insecure feel weird about a bunch of stuff like I'm awkward boss, but I just you know. I wish I didn't feel that way so much that it stop me from doing what I really love doing is everybody's afraid
everybody so afraid now of like offending and being misunderstood, and that's gonna happen with glimmer comments here. The internet age has people afraid of Miss eggs with social media. The means of expressing yourself are greater than ever before, but this leaves people between a rock and a hard place any swell mistakes are preserved on the internet forever, and the list of people have lost their careers at the hands of web. Justice is long. On the other hand, the web also pushes a desire for constructing an image of the perfect self. Whether this is out of denial or attempts to boost their standing in the eyes of others. A means people don't want to post anything that is imperfect, which is, of course impossible and unrealistic clever warns against here is not the means of accountability, that's rising what the internet! Instead, he critiques ideas
one being frozen in time, viewed by others or even themselves, only as their mistakes or shortcomings. He feels this phenomenon keeps people from trying being vulnerable and putting themselves out there. people aren't allowed to be imperfect than they won't be allowed to be at all as a large part of internet culture and having come to fame through the Glover is in a unique position to recognize the way the internet can work. The way we see people the way we see ourselves. I think that's. The thing I get most out to you about is like people think they know everything about me. They have no idea like like how I grew up or the experiences I've had like. I remember my boy fan came to like my house in Atlanta, and he was like. I can't believe you grew up like this my people, I think people like Ngos like some sort of rich kid or something, and I and I can get there- I understand they, probably from the music or just like the persona or just like what I've gone to bed people think they know me, especially since they cannot have grown up.
with me. I've been on the internet since I was eighteen while Glover identifies these different factors as misunderstandings, saying that people don't know him, he quickly concedes that they kind of do as an artist as a public good. His identity become something the audiences can protect upon their understanding Glover and his work are built upon an array of influences and situational factors that ultimately revealed the subjectivity of interpretation and truth. The idea, the truth, this objective is something Glover will explore through his world to Glover on city is a means of reaching freedom. While honesty and expand of self mainly to mistakes and failures. If we can recognise those and accept them, we can move forward, but at life were nine general, like how to like fail. I just want to be like free. I just want to be as honest and free cuz like I really do right now is like that's a struggle. The power of honesty and making effective connections and achieving progress is at the very heart of beak.
the internet as the world uses the internet to construct exploitative versions of our identities pushes sensationalize, entertainment and allows for information to spread like wildfire lover will assert that honest expression is a counter defence against these forces and paves the way for true. direct connection. His hotel notes are a prime example of this, of using honesty to break through the facade of the digital screen and connect with his audience human to human, vulnerable, imperfect lonely and lost in the world together. Hey C but you don't even veto, argue that they are
emanation, because the internet begins with page one of the project screenplay. It reads: you can't live your life on a bus. This is actually a director France to Gambino previous album camp, thus here is that we must go back and revisit this album to fully under and how's narrative continues into the start of beauty. I specifically, we can turn to camps final track that power. This is out of us back I'm thirteen, and so are you before I left for camp. I imagine it would be me and three or four out of dude I haven't met yet running around all summer, getting into trouble gotta be just ass. You get Pino, closes the arm with a piece of spoken word. Poetry here here soon the perspective of a young boy at the end of summer camp trying to express his unspoken love for a girl. He befriended there when they're on the bus headed home the merry you're. Finally works up the courage to tell the girl: how do you feel suppression on it, and I think this happened.
Point I'm just talkin to lengthen the time where we live in a world where you haven't said yes or no yet, and regrettably, I end up using the word: Destiny It doesn't matter for long, I'm out of stuff to say, and you smile and say: okay after the girl says: okay in a non committal but positive tone. The boy takes a nap when he wakes up the girl is gone while he slept she told all the other people on the bus. what he said. They use this knowledge to humiliate him. His honest attempt at expressing himself only left him hurt. Gambino then explained The boy learn from this experience
This isn't a story about how girls are evil or how love is bad story about how I learned something. I'm not saying this thing is true or not. I'm just saying it's what I learned. I told you something, and it was just for you and you told everybody, so I learned cut out the middleman, make it all for everybody. Always everybody can't turn around and tell everybody everybody already knows. I told them This means there is no place in my life for you or someone like you cuz. It's that sure was the saddest. I chose who, as it considers the story about how I got on the bus, a boy and got off a man, more cynical, Arden, amateurish That's not true. Patriotism was a boy and I never got off the boss. I still haven't, I think the boy is discouraged or regretful after being humiliated and betrayed. Instead in oil spires him to be more committed to honesty, expression and connection. The narrator tried to keep his truth confined and control.
outcome of his honesty, since he wanted to share his truth with only this girl, but he understands it this was a mistake, one that he learns from the and he's learning is to quote, make it all for everyone. Always this conveys the importance of expressing truth universally to everyone is the idea that being honest and open is means for connecting with others, understanding that the reactions cannot be controlled reminded here. Glimmers, hotel notes, We seem to be a real life expression of this idea. In terms of the album camp and its connection to BT. We have to consider what the bus itself represents, after an album full of Gambino, trying to express himself while feeling isolated the one connection he thought he was able to make a spoiled summer. Camp is also traditionally a place of youthful independence and learning. If schools, when kids, try to learn academic material summer Camp is often seen as a place of learning. Life skills
the bus coming home is then a returning journey or protagonist should be able to come. I'm having learned, groaned and make connections but Gambino, reveals that he's failed. He still on that bus scared to move forward scared to try out this new knowledge scared. To be honest- and this is how we arrive at the existential fraught opening line of BT screenplay- you can't live your life on a bus. Donald Glover has to get off first to assume control of himself of his life to begin exe. I is his and living alive, guided by honesty, wisely scared to do this scared to get off the bus. Well, because the war this kind of scary, this is crawl. The in his entrance into the world, and because the internet world will continue examined no by no line by line next time. When I say
today's episode dissect was written by Camden Ostrander and me remit You can go deeper into the world because the internet, through the supplementary guides on our website, dissect podcast outcome there and find the original BT screenplay, including all the original embedded Phillips. We should check out our limited season, seven merchandise and follow us on social media at dissect podcast. Today's episode edited by Eric Bass and meet the seas Intra with scored by so widely song. Recur. since by interact with the music. I'd, be regretted I think that everyone talking next time.
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