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S7E2 - Crawl by Childish Gambino


<p>We continue our season-long examination of Because The Internet with the album’s opening song “Crawl.” Here we meet the album’s protagonist The Boy - a Black, rich internet troll who lives in a glass-walled mansion on top of a hill.</p>

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Four Spotify. This is dissect one form the call analysis broken into short digestible upset. I'm here. Caucus today we began our sea relies analysis of because the internet by childish gambino. asked Episode Research The wide variety of art forms like Phil Riding design, perform its art, amusing, Donald, never used to construct this trans media world by weed. Together: physical sonic, visual and online Material Glover World, a web of art to catch, are invested attention encouraging exploration conversation. Nextion people trying to make you be like no live with this like now, you got to build a bigger world, I'm not going to make an album going to make it
I'm going to make the roll out dope I'm gonna make the movie with doping gonna, make everything don't make a world because the thing is they album. It doesn't mean anything. Music doesn't mean it means as much as you put into it have time to put anything into it. So horrible, like I, don't see a different pieces used to build this world Glover wove bits of reality and fictional camp, and its together blurring the distinction between the identities of Donald Glover, childish, Gambino and the boy, the protagonists of, because the internet's narrative As we discussed last episode, this narrative begins at the end of camp Gambino. Twenty eleven album there the narrator recounted being on the bus home from summer camp and telling the only friend he made there that he had feelings for her, only to be betrayed and humiliated this: he learned to be open and honest with every one. Instead of hiding parts of himself, however,
admitted that he still had grown up and moved on from that experience. There is no place in my life for you or someone like you cuz. It's that sure was so sad, as I chose wish. I could say, was the story about how I got on the bus that boy got off a man, more cynical harden in the church? Cuz, that's not true. The truth is I got on the bus, a boy and I never got off the bus. I still haven't the tier getting off the bus home from summer camp that because the internet story begins in the style of a play, the track, because the internet are separated into five acts. The scenes with any jacked her indicated by in numerals that precede certain song titles and, like we discuss last episode. There's a screen play that accompanies the album. The music is
tended to score specific scenes, the albums opening track titled. The library marks the first act and propels us into the world of because the internet likely playing on old, dial up internet connections. The library provides the effect of logging on and entering a new world Glover touched on the intended effect of opening the apple, but this five second sound clip end as just like a quick Andrew its then they kind of like logging on you, don't like log on the computer like connection, can anything here for Glover the key concept to the sound was connection, perhaps the most prominent theme of because the internet. Of course, we are connected to the internet
and on the internet. We connect with other people, but is this connection real and by extension, is who we are on the internet real. As will see, this kind of interrogation of the idea of connection in the age of the internet is at the heart of BT naming the short connection. Sound. The library encourages further exploration of what it might mean: labour, is our institutions are freely accessible information for the public, historically library, are a representation of power civilizations would build them up to gather knowledge, promote education, modern libraries offer reservoirs of data as well as access to the internet, but these fish Go spaces fade under the shadow of the internet as a more universal library. The internet is now the default home of information, but have we considered the consequences of such a seismic shift? With this context in mind, we can listen to the tracking.
In this time noticing that it does kind of sound like a digital recreation of flipping pages. In a book for landing on or connecting with the page. You were looking for in BT eyes, prelude, film clapping for the wrong reasons. We saw that Glover and his team recorded music in the library room of the Temple. The enormous man Glover rented to create pti- and this hyper specific says the library is there. A reference to the Alvis place of creation is so from the start. Glover used as a recognizable pillar of society, the library as a foundation for his narrative. This is an
during a multiple perspectives, as we could choose to read it with the idea of libraries, historical significance and gather acknowledge a room in the boys mansion or in the specific sense as the alms origin point, this multiplicity mirrors lovers world building and is just another technique used to encourage exploration action. As we begin, the screenplay picking up were camped left off the first of the script. Reads quote you can't live your life on a bus directive of live. Your life has existential implication, it's a command that we assume agency over our decisions, rather and seating control, to something else to live your life. You must act, you must drive, you can't just go along for the ride, Grip continues by detailing the stories protagonist name, simply the boy getting off the bus from summer camp
He gets into a limousine with his father, who is cast to be played by Wrapper Rick Ross they sit in silence, for quote what feels like eight hours, we're having a small conversation. The boys other ass. If he made any friends at camp despite having befriended the girl the boy lies and says no and his father shakes his head as if both disappointed and unsurprising as they arrive home the description their mansion, establishes the central setting up the narrative quote an infinity pool line sir HORIZON in the back yard. A spiral staircase fades up the wall and into the master bedroom. Upstairs you can see all this from the fire. which has a large buddhist statue in the centre of it unquote Now inside the mansion, the Father receives a call from the Caliph FACTS: collection agency, the father, quickly hangs up the phone. The boy grab, some popcorn heads to his room, where he treats as things a little carelessly,
he immediately log onto his laptop the background picture of his desktop is mother holding him when he was younger. He has new email from his friend fans, who has cast to be played by Pham Aruji, a member of lovers, creative team, guilty? The email reads: this is you and attached is very of a woman performing oral sex on a horse. After watching the video for longer than he should. The boy goes on hot new hip, hop doc. and sees that wrapper. Rich homey Kwan has released. A new training saw the boy pauses types fuck, you and words into the comments. Section takes a bite of it. The moors popped up and then rebels in the stream of reactionary comments telling him off the last comment: misidentify, The boys, racial identity, saying Ella Mafia crackers, be crazy. the boy smiles at a screen before the script becomes a title card, formerly
reducing because the internet as the title of the screenplay with this brief seen, were introduced to the boy, a rich, lonely internet troll. We get the sense that things art what they appear to be from the outside, his father's mansion and well is immediately undermined by call from a collection agency the same one that calls twice and clapping for the wrong reasons. The boy leaves a comment that resembles nothing of how he behaves in real life. He doesn't connect with his father. His mother is dead and fam. His only friend trolls him. Additionally, the boy's father is cast as Rick Ross a curious by very calculated choice when we understand a little bit more about Ross as past born. William Leonard Roberts. The second Rick Ross was correctional officer before embarking on a music career
His original stage name was teflon to dawn, but eventually changed it to Rick ROS, inspired by the nineteen eighties drug King pin of the same name as Rick ROS, William Roberts achieve musical success by painting a picture of lavish living, even though it was in his real life Ross. As persona was at first and act, a fabricated existence, a material gains, the captured attention by typified the sort of luxury many desire. His act eventually became blurred with reality. After he became successful and casting Ross Glover emphasizes the idea that we all construct characters.
Ourselves, especially in the age of the internet. Will we then have to figure out is whether we are those characters we build up or if we even have a true identity. As author Kurt Vonnegut, who will be cited by name later, said in his book mother night quote, we are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be unquote after this port. of the young boy. The script suddenly flashes forward an entire fifteen years. We see the boy is now somewhere in his late twenties. It's at this point that the screenplay directs us to begin playing the Alps next track. The first seen
act. One crop crawlers produced by the dual Christian, rich and childish Gambino Glover once described the mood of the song quote. It feels uncomfortable. It something amazing but terrifying, unquote, not unlike the internet itself. This juxtaposition between amazement and tear, is in large part, created by the South cord progression, which is first heard on what sounds like an imitation choir patch on a vintage melodrama key
The majority of the chords of his progression are, what's known as major chords, the most common chord in all of music. Here's, the first quarter of the progression of b flat major on its own. It sounds bright and happy. This is what major chords are known for. The ii chord is also a major chord, a b major again on its own bright and happy, and the third chord also major, and so we have to ask ourselves: why does cross cord progression, sound so ominous so uncomfortable despite being made up of these happy cords. While this comes from the strange unorthodox away, the courts are used. The distance between the first and second cord
is what is known as a minor second interval. This is the smallest distance between two notes and the most dissonant interval and all of music. this dissonant interval of a minor second is commonly used in horror films to create a sense of terror and danger. For example, the famous theme from Jaws is constructed from this interval. as is the infamous shower, seem from the movie psycho. The second half of cross court progression oscillates back and forth between two courts, a minor second apart give
an eerie feeling similar to the horror movie examples we just heard and this is what makes the progression so hunting is made up of major or happy cords, but the way their use create. A unique feeling of unease This is kind of like smiling with a gun to your head. We also recognize a possible connection between this cord progression and the song title crawl. Like a mentioned, the courts are extremely. Height knit moving up and down using the smallest possible musical increment. There is severe trying to compose the musical equivalent to crawling. The certainly would be a fitting way to do so as the cords crawl from one
the next, the chaotic unsettling nature of the production is accentuated by vocals from the wrapper mystical best known first, two thousand Neptune produced hit shake. Your ass mystical vocal style very obviously draws from Rick James. Interestingly, the majority of the additives we hear, mystical perform on crawl can be traced back to a life performance by Rick. James of his son, Mary Jane dad Now here's a recreation of the Arabs and nah using just samples from the rich James record we compare
to MR goes vocals on crawl, pretty similar right. What we can say for sure we might speculate that the rig James samples were use first in the socks, production and mystical was brought in later, unrecorded them plus added his own original additives. In any case, the progressive aggressiveness of miracles, domineering, vocals, layered atop, the ominous core progression- creates a world of chaos and
danger out of this vortex singer, Kai performs the sunset casings, where we were kind of thing: Betcher, crawl alone, this for invented, refrain, establishes a vague abstract, setting, obscured and desolate darkness and mystery. The ambiguity of this refrain, combined with the context of the screen, play the narrative and gloves on personal life, demand that we explore multiple interpretations of possible, meaning in terms of the BT narrative. The boy had just returned home from summer camp newly rejected by the girl. His father is distant and unhelpful, and his mother is dead,
in this context, but your crawl, all alone sung by a female voice, seems a comment on our protagonists. State of loneliness and isolation crawling likely implies adolescents and lack of maturity, and his crawling on the world wide web to see connection, albeit through trolling, and, to this point the refrains emphasis on infancy combined with the menacing world of its terrorizing. Production could also referred to the dangers of the internet itself in interviews. Glover would often use a baby as part of a metaphor about the internet quote at this point with the internet. It feels like we're just giving a handgun to an infant and going don't shoot yourself unquote. We also think of Donald Glover himself in the period between camp and because the internet had just left.
community. He got off the bus, so to speak in order to create its own work. This was paired with a real life existential crisis, resulting in an apparent suicide attempts and the hotel notes, especially realm went to this discussion of cross refrain and being all alone are these lines from the hotel notes quote. I didn't leave community to wrap. I dont want Arap. I wanted to be on my own. I've been sick this year, I've seen a bunch of people die this year. This is the first time I've felt helpless, but I'm not on that kept. Looking for something to be in with follow someone's blue But you have to be on your own unquote and so, like the title, the library, this opening refrain, contains a multitude of possible meanings depending on the lens. You view through the boy, childish, Gambino or Donald Glover fittingly after the refrain. Gambino appears for the first time,
The album and ass the direct question about identity readily I'm through muffled distortion, Gambino cries. Who am I as his first appearance on the album? The question? Is certainly emphasised this timeless philosophical question of who am? I will loom over the entire album its deep Should the album seeks to answer in the age of the internet. The age were constructed, Rick Ross, like online identities, so often conch. Asked what the real life versions of ourselves HU. We are as more blurred than perhaps any other time in history. We and even wonder if the electronic distortion put on Gambino voice when he asked this question is supposed to reflect how technology distorts herself
Kennedy, adding another layer of complexity to an already complex question after this brief, but significant intro Gambino continues with the songs first verse averse will dissect right after the break. Welcome back to dissect before the break we discuss the existential question. Gambino opens the album with who am- I is directly after This question that he delivers crawls first birth readily. I'm hanging about Dhabi string like a broken off and he still put it down at the family dog. A motorcycle, some out of wired explain it, but we gotta think his name or less on cut a white girl with the same black lives on their websites with money left no money, don't get Bina wraps reckless ain't pained ball, you'll be string like a broken tar, and I still put it down like the family dog. He first asserts a fun common
bring lack of commitment to the game which we assume to be the music industry. The use of the shortened wreck refers to recreational league known for lower intensity of competition and cheaper costs, and also as for wreck as an Gambino destroying his peers wreck, could also be short for recording, as in the recording industry. Establishing the topic of the verse. Gambino then criticizes others as be string, meaning the backup players on a team, as well as the beast ring on that. are the highest string on the guitar, is an eastern and is the one most likely to break exposing the second highest during the beast ring. This is then the broke, a guitar Gambino beast during competition place with meanwhile he's putting it down like the family, dog or killing.
Game Gambino continues. This sinister talk wrapping yeah, I murder some murder, one explain it all Ferguson, while today are first thought about this line, might be the twenty fourteen black lives matter, protests in Ferguson Missouri because the internet was released well before this event, Instead, the line alludes to Ferguson Darling, the annoying younger brother and Nickelodeon nineteen nineties, hit show Clarissa explained at all Gambino then move on from the nostalgic past
being we ain't got a seeing the same old love songs. This broad reference to old love song seems to be a nod to the recurrent notion of past loss. Gambino or the narrator doesn't want to feel old memories and stay away from the songs that might trigger those past emotions, whether the love be romantic like the girl in the bus or familial like his deceased mother. Having strung together multiple musical images throughout the verse so far, Gambino continues with what is most apparently a drug reference cut. A white girl with the same black gloves on the term white girl and drug vernacular means, cocaine and the process of cutting or mixing in preparing the drug requires handlers to wear gloves Thus Glover makes a clear connection between the previous musical touchdowns and the distribution of drugs, a metaphor bond that he'll continue to employ throughout the album tying into the nineties reference just a few moments ago. This line
also leads to the trial of Oj Simpson and the murder of his Ex wife, the Cool Brown Simpson, the trial and cited Rachel tension throughout America. One thousand nine hundred and ninety five and at the time was the most talked about scandal in the nation. The key piece of evidence in the trial was a black glove found at the scene of the crime. Considering that Nicole Brown Simpson, a white woman was stabbed to death by someone the black love. The sign seems to clearly contain a reading centred on racial tension and ninetys nostalgia. A third reading the line avails. Yet another plausible interpretation of magicians iconic trick of cutting their assistant in half illusion commonly involves a woman assistant wearing black gloves lying in a box and apparently being cut in half by the magician Thus, in one line we have three different perspectives or ideas, given that Gambino next line is yeah. What you say to it seems at his third question of this asked us, a figure out which interpretation or connection makes sense to us. The same black,
of which saves money left, no money, don't do it megaphone around and they may like to do away with a bad. Looking at a taboo ass. Now one of my biggest my black amount that we acted out. Gambino chinese wrapping old money, look no money, don't do it make him around in there lay like a Huey pointing out the action or inaction of different social classes. He then claims that he can make them change or turn around even in their own lanes or careers. Unlike those who had changed course under the influence of others, Gambino claims, I'm looking back, if I'm looking at her booty, this is followed by a melodic interpretation of our Kelly's two thousand track feeling on your booty, Britain Gambino continues crawl, asking what's the rationale. This poses the existential question that will reverberate throughout because the internet, which is why
why be alive, Glover, actually Kido Syn on the existential quality of the world of BT before it was released. He often mentioned. The philosopher, soaring Kircher Guard and interviews and openly carried the book. Dostoevsky Kircher Guard Meta and Kafka by William Husband with surveyed the life and ideas of these pioneers and existential thought like the question who am I posed at the beginning of the year. He asked the existential question of what's the rationale openly making clear that this album and world seeks to address it Minos, immediate response to the question: is they want to smoke and words like they blackened mild, so we acted out blackened miles or a popular pipe tobacco cigar. So the use of smoke refers. Both to the cigar, an actor border with gunfire. Gambino makes it clear that his response to what's the rationale is heavily influenced by dangerous. He faces at the blackmail Even when he's mild or docile, he threatened
So why not act out after a repetition of the songs hook, Gambino delivers first Adrian, but of all kinds on both sides. State aid has to exclude lightly plus eighteen, I e by and say what about. No rightly right now, not a cow me. June's law can be those voices heavily process with echo, as he wraps blue dream by the bouquet till I blew faced on a Tuesday. Blue dream, as a hybrid strand of marijuana and Gambino Disk smoking, an excessive amount of the flower, a bouquet until his blue faced or nearly out of breath. This intoxication is reflected in the gloves, distorted go and stuttering Tuesday, day day, underlies warping sense of time, Gambino continues. Can I have some and words be like put a plus eighteen on Ebay
he starts by mimicking someone asking for his weed, and this means that, with the hashtag, the user of the popular Twitter Hashtag Edwards be like alludes to the way racial stereotype spread like wildfire online as hashtag is a literal label that attempts to assign race to certain behaviors. As we saw in the screenplay. The boys engage in this type of meaning and trolling, and the next sign put a plus eighteen on an Ebay foreshadows. The coming party in the screenplay, give Gambino than doubles down wrapping, and I said what I felt no rewrite nor they can't hold me sighed, the simple gnawed Gambino pass lyrical content. This might be a reference the hotel knows that Glover poster Instagram, as we discussed in our last episode, these notes made headlines for their extreme vulnerability
leaving many to wonder if Glover was suicidal or why he posted them at all. Given the public cycle analysis Glover received as a result of his letters, the following mine, nor they can't hold me rejects the attempts of outside forces trying to control him. It also speaks to agenda freedom that defies limitation. Rejecting the labels and scrutiny Glover has received throughout his career non tell me Jones Land Grab, some, not double. Dare you bought some of us courts? Will make itself Bonica son got away, I nobody gets better. Nobody dares to chase buggy. Both gangs offering you complete, seasonal, take over Gambino wraps June July, drop something I double. Dare you? I mark summers, referencing the release, dates of his musical projects, such as camp royalty and because the there can be no name jobs. Mark summers hosted the nineteen nineties Nick
body and game show doubled their use, his name as a double on tundra for marking or killing summers. He then wraps, I scorch winters. I burn autumn's got Edwards so Kurt Vaughan. Thy name checks: the famous american author, Kurt Vonnegut, while the line clever evokes an image of violence, especially rep. Havana gets fame Slaughterhouse five. The influence of Vonnegut work is essential The Trans media world of pity I, for instance, many of Kurt Vonnegut novels, appear on the book shelves of the boys room. A physical exhibit Glover created that people could visit and walk around. It Donna gets books were known for their irony, dark humor and exploring the absurd in relation to existential dilemma. All things Glover him awful, utilise and explore in BT. Vonnegut often expire. It did with nonlinear story structures. Glover actually mean Is this not linear technique? By putting gut the last
global advocates name at the start of the line got Edward, so Kurt Bond. So, given the violent surrounding this line, the way Vonnegut Last name is cut off. Reflex, dismemberment, Gambino, literally rip the guts out of Vonnegut Gambino continues. Wrapping L Varner got a crush honor at the time singer. L Varner was dating MBA player. A modest number Gambino laments this admitting. I gotta wait line for that. A nobody got time for that as the internet enables instant gratification. Nobody, one away or spend time making connections when the next hook up as a swipe away ain't. Nobody got time, for that is also reference to a viral. Two thousand twelve news report of a woman named Sweet Brown detailing her experience of an apartment fire. Now I woke up the goat gave me a coal power they knocked off. Somebody was be cool, said: o Lord Jesus is a fine
they re now adding grab no shoes and none Jesus for my life and then small. Get me a gap, bronchitis, robot, again time today, We Brown became a viral sensation. Inspiring countless internet means adding two lovers: collection of internet references on the track. Gambino commends the truth of sweet brows adage wrapping too true, like it's to change blue blood, like he's both guy things? On the surface to true as a nod to Atlanta Rapporteur chains and his famous ad lib, we I consider that to true alludes to the idea that there are multiple truth and that will contain a multitude of identities in terms of to change. This might lead to his previous wrapper named titty boy, much like Rick Ross and his name change both of these wrappers created multiple dynamic identities and found success with the persona they created.
Blue blood, like he. Both gangs obviously refers to the two most famous american gangs, the blood and the crypts, who are off and associated with the colors red and blue respectably. This continuous a threat multiple identities and Gambino points out that we contain this deep inside ourselves in our blood. Blue blood, is also a name for a person of noble birth. Perhaps a sly nod to gloves creative team name royalty fittingly this, and triggers an abrupt change in its fermentation. A cello enters abusing the track with nobility and haunting grander gangs, bats, why
beautiful rendition of the hook as then juxtaposed against a terrorizing frenzied bridge. One of many times in this album Glover will set beauty and chaos and close proxy well with current MR girls. Do where expresses both emotional physical danger, providing an unsettling soundtrack for the scenes of the screenplay that are meant to be read as crop Ways like we mentioned earlier, there's a flash forward. Fifteen me from the opening scene in which the boy came home from summer camp. The boy is or of a man now somewhere in his late twenty
still living in the huge mansion he wakes up in his bedroom, which is described as an elegant mass trash laundry, pile up on ornate furniture, a flash drive in his vaporize or sit next to his computer. The closet is full of the noise, white, tee shirts, floral shirts and sterling coat the same work. Glover Warren. All interviews during the pity I roll out the boy headset The mansion spiral, staircase pass the Buddhist statue glass walls in the kitchen, there's a mess of old. Some more is making an empty beer bottles. Microwaves popped are still in its foil wrapper, but he's too growth and his phone to notice. He eaters popped art breakfast on a little island in the middle of his infinity, pull the script notes that the house is so high up that there are literally above the clouds Pham the same friend who emailed the boy, the beast reality video fifteen years ago, text the boy with a plan for their crew to go surfing
When Pham arrives in his beat up car, he presses the boy to let them use. One of the sports cars and his garage, the boy resists, Pham Ass repeatedly and on board in the script. Why do you even care? They end up taking a silver porch, nine eleven Pham drives with a boy checks is twitter, his account name. Is you unimportant at the gold Mueller, and he spent his time online, trolling celebrities and posting videos of homeless people and fights as schools through his feed. Thinking about how people say dumb things all the time he comes across a tweet that reads: Roscoe's wetsuit any wonders: what's that quick. Google of what is Roscoe's wetsuit only results in the response. Roscoe's wetsuit the boy S Pham, but he doesn't know either the crew heads to the beach as they get changed into wetsuit. They bigger about the lack of women only to notice that there is actually woman already out on the surf. The crew go to flirt with the girl
the boy stays on the shore alone, the girls. A saucer, an Australian, Sperience surfer, the crew tell Sasha that only go surfing because it's a good cover to smoke we'd. They invite her to a party that night at the boys mansion. She, Sir back to shore and asked the boy why he put on his wetsuit. If he wasn't going into the water the boy thinks of Roscoe's wetsuit again, it says he put it What suit on? Because everyone else did then give Sasha his number and address for the party that night and the scene end. These opening moments that accompany the song crawl established at the boy now and his late twenties
is still a boy. He still trolling online still eating popped arts still, hang you with the same friends still living in luxury but clearly lethargic to it all his father. Doesn't seem to be around and it doesn't seem to connect with his friends in any significant way. We get the impression that nothing has really changed in fifteen years, like the mansion spiral staircase that he walked up and down every day the boys and trapped in a repetitive, meaningless cycle Pham who assume, as the boys best friend, seems to be using him for his wealth signified by his insistence that they take one of his sports cars when the boy pushes back Pham, ask them repeatedly in bold text. Why do you even care this, as did the existential questions that were posed and crawl? Who am I and what's the rush now at this point? The boy has no significant response to these questions: planting the seeds for the existential crisis to come
And to this point the boy doesn't even dr his own car pham. Does we recall the scripts opening line? You can't live your life on a bus. Despite him getting off the summer camp US, the boy is still being driven around still has No real agency in his life he's directionless just going with the flow simply doing what others do. Fittingly the boy his friends go surfing as in surfing, internet to ride away, is to understand powerlessness to allow some greater forced to return to safety. Much like writing the bus on camp. The boy only put on his wetsuit, because his friends did and his friends admittedly only go surfing, because it's a good covered smoke, we'd a source of mindless entertainment, the seems to reflect their experience with the internet as well, despite the internet being a modern day library full of information, they use it to troll, mock others and stir trouble with
he's opening scenes. We also get the introduction of Roscoe's wetsuit, which the boy cease first, as a mysterious, tweet and then later alluded to with the crew putting on wet seats at the beach. Thus, the seeds have been planted for what will become one of the central recurring motifs throughout BT. At this point, the narrative we like the boy simply after wonder what Roscoe's wetsuit possibly mean the same could be said about the mysterious sound that ends the song crawl, which, like Roscoe's wetsuit, will also recur a few times throughout the album. Conclusions after law gone with the library, because the inner its first seen crawl presences protagonist as a child in the age of the internet with his.
they're dead and his father absent the boys toss warmly and the tumultuous white water of the web he's been surfing for some fifteen years. Still on the metaphor: bus directionless, thus the song title crawl and the hooks Lyric Betcher Crawl, all alone conveys the boys current state, a relative, infancy, loneliness and lack of development. It also alludes to Donald Lovers, characterisation of our use of the internet today as being an infant with a handgun like surfing and oceans wave. The internet is a place of both entertainment and danger and its early to fully no the repercussions, as we have lived long enough with the internet, to find them out we're all in a sense crawling infants with iphones, and it appears that the story of the boy will, at least in part, attempt to examine some of the complications of being raised by and with
internet already Glover is established. Two of these complications, connection and identity. The internet connects us all in a way that unprecedented Yet there is also a feeling that were all more disconnected than ever before. This is reflected in the boys, nihilistic trolling, his general malaise in detachment, the disconnect between him and his friends in real life. Meanwhile, existential questions about identity have been present in both the lyrics and the script. Who am I or Gambino? First words on the album he ass? What's the rationale and the first verse and Pham continue, presses the boy asking. Why do you even care? Yet, despite the allusions to these larger questions? Gambino lyrical content on crawl generally presents a cocky, immature narrator much like the boy. Meanwhile, the songs production provides a hunting soundtrack to the boy Life, perhaps alluding to the invisible danger he's in and to the dangers of the
more generally as because the internet continues, those dangers will become all to real and the boy will be forest reckon with them directly Tommy a guy like that I'll die. Girls are more than a cop. What it like it is not one that strategy dropped from a guy got up. Let me how will the boy react to a murder that takes place right in front of him? a murder he witnesses and records through the screen of a cell phone, we'll find out on bail the internet's next track. World start a song. Examined note by no line by line next time.
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